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Robert Sparks Walker's Journal

This journal was transcribed and submitted by:  Andra Walker Clark Moskowitz

Below is a little explanation message she included with the file:
<This is a month-long journal of my grandfather, Robert Sparks
Walker, written in 1897 when he was 17 & on his first visit via train to
Hawkins Co., meeting kin, (on both Moores & Walkers side). As a young boy
had fallen while skating on ice & broken off his 2 front teeth, hence the
false teeth reference.The little handwritten booklet contains so many
& their relationship to these families, as well as other names who were
friends & neighbors, that I think it might be of interest to many
researchers. I have starred those I could positively identify.>

Robert Sparks Walker's Journal - staying at Otes, Tenn. Oct. 5, 1897
Copyrighted All Rights Reserved. Free for researching purposes only.

Left Chattanooga Sat. morn at 8:30 A.M.  Arrived at Rogersville at 1:30
reached White Horn at 3:30 P.M.
Sat. (eve.?) Oct. 2, 1897 - Spent the evening at Cousin Nelse Walkers  -
Cousin Jim Woods and I went over to *********Mr. Joe Grigsby's Sat. night.
Spent the same night at Cousin Nelse's --- Awoke early next morning about 8
o'clock, prepared and went to Sunday School at Pleasant Hill. There I met
several people , among these were many "pretty" girls.
After S.S. *Cousin Virdie and I went to ********Uncle Campbell Grigsby for
About three o'clock P.M. *Virgie and I rode on horse back to *****Uncle
John's - met many people on our way - The whole family was surprised; none
them knew me excepting **Cousin Nora after an awful scrutiny she detected
false teeth which betrayed me. And then and there I received a sweet kiss
from **Nora - the very charm of my visit. We had a lively chat with Miss
(Postrum?) and many more -
After another "charm" we started for Pleasant Hill where we was to attend
Prayer Meeting. After Prayer Meeting I went to spend the night at Uncle
Campbell's. On Monday morning, Charlie G.(Grigsby) and I started for
Hill School House. I remained there until 1 o'clock P.M. from where I went
cousin Nelse's where I spent an hour or so. I then returned to White Horn;
from there I went to Otes.
Arrived at Otes about sunset. I walked to ***Grandpa's about dusk; found
almost alone - Alger Spitser, a little boy of seven summers, was his
companion then only.
Alger prepared my supper, within a few moments ****Uncle Press entered the
room, but did not stay very long.
Oct. 5 - Staid half a day with ***Grandpa; hauled corn in the afternoon and
spent the night at ****Uncle Press'.
Oct. 6 - I left Otes early in the A.M. reached White Horn very soon, went
over to Pleasant Hill & took dinner at ********Uncle Campbell's. In the
afternoon I walked over to Uncle Jim Rader's where I spent the evening. I
went to Uncle Sam Moore's to spend the night.
"near Greene Co. I am writing this over an old rail fence." (added along
of page. Uncertain of which relative it means.)
Oct. 7 - Walter Moore and I went almost to Rogersville (Jc.?), this A.M.
about 9 o'clock I returned. I kept up my walking until about 10 o'clock,
going towards the orient. I halted at a country school house in Greene,
I was invited by all the boys to partake in a baseball game, which I did. I
could see hills piled on hills in every direction - a lovely scene.
Took dinner at Uncle Sam Moore's. Spent part of the evening at Pleasant
*Cousin Virdie and I spent the night at Cousin Lillie Hutsell's.
Oct. 8 - paid a hasty visit to Uncle Sam Moore's. Took dinner at cousin
Walker's, in the afternoon Cousin Jennie and I went to Pleasant Hill. After
school closed, cousin *Virdie and I started for *****Uncle John's, where I
spent the night.
Sat. Oct. 9th - staid all day and night at *****Uncle John's. Went to a
spelling match at Walker's Schoolhouse Sat. night.
Sun. Oct. 10 - staid all day at *****Uncle John's. ******Cousin Ira,
*******Geo. (George) and my (going?) into business, by putting up a
pole - resulted in disaster. On Sun. night cousin *Virdie, *******Geo. Miss
Tillie Wylie and myself attended Prayer meeting at Pleasant hill. *Cousin
Virdie and I spent the night at *********Mr. Joe Grigsby's.
Oct. 11 - I went to meeting at Beckner's schoolhouse, visited Celia - and
with many kinfolks. Took dinner at ********Uncle Campbell's .
G. (George?) and I spent the night at Uncle John Rader's.
Oct. 12 - Took dinner at Mr. Jack White's, went to Pleasant Hill in the
afternoon, *Cousin Virdie and I went over to Cousin Eta Moore's for supper.
After supper we went to Cousin Nelse Walker's to a singing. After singing,
went home with Cousin Elbert Moore.
Oct. 13 - Ate dinner at cousin Elbert Moore's. Went to Pleasant Hill in the
afternoon, From here I went to Mr. Thos. Walker's, then to a corn husking
Mr. C. Grigsby's.
After the husking I went to ********Uncle Campbell's, where I spent the
Oct. 14 - Started out early for Rogersville accp'd (accompanied) by Mr.
G.G.(Geo. Grigsby), C.G.(Charles G. Grigsby), W.G. and W.C.G. (Grigsbys)
Spent the night at Cousin Nelse Walker's.
Oct. 15 - Cousin Nelse, Jim and I took a horseback ride as far as Mrs.
Mooney's (?) - returned via ****Uncle John's. In the evening Cousin Jim and
went to White Horn via of Pleasant Hill -  our resting place. After school
closed I went home with Cousin Nora Guthrie where I spent the night. I had
delightful time.
Oct. 16 - Cousin Nora Guthrie and I went to Cousin Ida Belle's for dinner.
the afternoon, I went to ********Uncle Campbell's and spent a few minutes.
took supper at *********Mr. Joe Grigsby's. After supper Mr. Grigsby and
Richard Walker took me over to ****Uncle John's where I spent the night.
Sunday Oct. 17 - ******Cousin Ira and I went out to Walker's Schoolhouse to
preaching. Took dinner at *****Uncle John's. Early in the evening Ira and I
left for Cousin Nelse Walker's to attend a singing, from there we went over
to Pleasant Hill to Prayer Meeting. We then went to **********Uncle Gabe W.
Greene Co. - about 3 mi. below Bull's Gap. We spent the night at Mr.
Oct. 18 - Early in the morning ******Ira and I went to **********Uncle Gabe
Walker's, I spent part of the afternoon there at *****Ira's school, then
dinner at **********Uncle Gabe's. In the evening I started back towards
Horn. I stopped a short while at Cousin Lewis Guthrie's and spent the night
at Mr. Jake Shepherd's.
Oct. 19 - Took dinner at Cousin Nelse Walker's and spent the night at Uncle
Frank Berry's.
Oct. 20 - Spent the day at Aunt Katy Berry's - Aunt Sallie Logan was
Spent the night at ****Uncle Pres's.
Oct. 21 - Spent half the day at ****Uncle Pres's. Took dinner there and
up to ***Grandpa's after dinner. Spent the night at ***Grandpa's.
Oct. 22 - Left ***Grandpa's early this A.M. Stopped at Cousin Nelse's a
this A.M. Went to the S.S.(Sunday School) Convention at Pleasant Hill. May
Thompson and I took dinner at Mr. Geo. Grigsby's. After dinner we went to
Pleasant Hill. Cousin Nora Guthrie and I took supper at Cousin Eta Moore's.
After supper we went to Pleasant Hill. ******Ira and I spent the night at
Cousin Nelse Walker's.
Oct. 23 - Spent the day at Pleasant Hill S.S.C. Mr. Walter Headrick and I
took dinner at Mr. Will Dodson's. After the convention, Miss Tillie,
Virdie, May Thompson, ******Ira and I went over to *****Uncle John's.
Oct. 24 - Spent the day at *****Uncle John's. **Cousin Nora and I went over
to see Mrs. Headrick. Took dinner at *****Uncle John's. Spent the evening
all night here.
Oct. 25 - I left early this A.M. for Cousin Nelse Walker's where I spent a
few minutes. Miss Tillie Wylie, Cousin Jennie and I walked over to White
Horn, via Pleasant Hill School. Left here at 9 o'clock for Nashville.
at Nashville at 10 o'clock P.M. Spent the night at 107 N. High St.
Oct. 26 - Spent the day and half the night in the Exposition Ground.
Oct. 27 - Visited the Cumberland River Bridge, State Capitol, State
Penitentiary, The Vanderbilt University, Customs House and Blind Asylum.
Oct. 28 - Took a buggy ride with a farmer from Trenton Farms. Revisited
Vanderbilt University and State Capitol. Spent half the night in the
Exposition Ground - spent theremainder of the night at 107 N. High St.
Oct. 29 - Left Nashville at 7:30 A.M. Arrived at Chattanooga at 4 o'clock
P.M. ******Ira and I visited the Times Building, County Bridge(?Bldg.?) and
Court House. *****Uncle John and ******Ira left for Rogersville Jc.(?-
Junction?) at 9:30 P.M. I reached home at 12 o'clock that night.
Finis R.S.W.
*Virgina(Virgie, Virdie) Walker, dau. of Lt. John Walker,Baptist preacher
**Elnora (Nora) Walker, dau. of Lt. John Walker, Baptist preacher
***"Grandpa" Edward Walker of Otes, father of Lt. John & Preston Walker
****"Uncle Press" Preston Clay Walker, son of Edward (above), brother of
John Walker
*****"Uncle John" Lt. John Walker, Baptist preacher
******"Ira" nickname for James Edward Walker, son of Lt. John Walker, Bap.
*******George Walker, became a doctor, son of Lt. John Walker, Bap.
********"Uncle Campbell" Grigsby, md. to Sylvesta Moore. Owned store in
        Horn w/ brother Joe Grigsby.
*********Joe Grigsby, brother of Campbell Grigsby, owned store in White
**********"Uncle Gabe" Gabriel Walker, son of Edward Walker of Otes,
bro.            of Lt. John & Preston

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