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This is an on-going project being transcribed by the following volunteers: Audrae Mathis; Gary Fletcher; Betty Mize; Diana Arney; Karen Negron; Kathy Welder, Candy Worner, Kimberli Buffaloe, Linda Caldwell, Mary Lyn Limbert, Alvin F. Barker. Many thanks to these people. Wills will be added as they are transcribed, so check back often.

The original will books of the county were destroyed about 1863, but the County court clerk, sometime after the Civil War, copied the wills from the surviving loose papers that he was able to read. Most of the originals are preserved in the Hawkins County Court House, Rogersville, Tennessee. Some of the standard religious preambles were omitted or shortened for the saving of space on our server. In such instance they have been marked with ".....". 

Deborah Alexander
William Altom
Charles D. Alvis
Haynes Amis
Lucy Amis
Thomas Amis
William Amis
Isaac Amyx
Aaron Anderson
David Anderson
Jonathan Anderson
John Armstrong
Seth Armstrong
William Armstrong
William Armstrong
William Armstrong
William Armstrong, Sr.
John K. Arnold
William M. Arnolt
Michael Bacon
William Bailey
Nicholas Baldwin
Thomas K. Baldwin
William Baldwin
Moses Ball
Wesley Ball
Alexander Ballard, Sr.
John Barnett
Peter Barr
Hugh Barrett
Thomas Barrett
William N. Barrett
Burwell Bassett
Nathaniel Bassett
Mordecai Bean
Joseph D. Beckner
John Beeil
William Berry
David Blackwell
Daniel Bloomer
John Bolin
Jacob Bowman
Joel Boyles
Orville Bradley
William Bradley
Thomas Bramhall
Henry Bray
James Breeden
Ebenezer Brooks
William D. Brooks
Hugh Brown
Henry Bruthinton
Samuel Bryant
John Burchell
Henry Burem
Mary M. Burns
Rebecca Burton
Benjamin L. Bussell
Richard Byrd
James Caldwell
Joseph W. Carden
Daniel Carey
Cornelius Carmack
William Carmack
A. Carmichael
Daniel Carmichael
Yelberton Carpenter
Allen Carter
Hamilton J. Carter
Daniel Chambers
Etheldridge Charles
Sarah Charles
Jacob Charlton
Samuel Chesnutt
John Chester
George S. Childress
John Christian
Lewis Christian
William L. Christian
Henry Church
John C. Church
Lewis Click
Michael Click
Joel Cobb
Pharoah Cobb
Wiley Cobb
Thomas Cocke
John Cockreham
Benoni Coldwell
Thomas Coldwell
John Cole
Sally Coley
Simeon Collins
Elizabeth Cooper
John Cooper
Benjamin Cox
Eliakenn Cox
Jacob Cox
James M. Cox
John Cox
John Cox
Tabitha Cox
Rebecca Craft
William Crawford
Ruben Craycraft
Collin Crilly
Susannah Critz
George Crobarger
Casander Crosier
John Croson
Edward Cross
John Crozier
Samuel Curry
Samuel Currey
Francis Dalzell
Asa Davis
Larkin Davis
Daniel Delp
William S. Dickson
Robert Dobson
John Dodson
John Dodson
Martha Dodson
Raleigh Dodson, Sr.
Rebecca Dodson
Thomas Dodson
Edward Dowdall
John Dykes
William Dykes
William Eidson, Sr.
John Ellis
Thomas Ellison
Joseph Epperson
William Epperson
Edward Erwin
Chrisley Everhart
Polly Everhart
John H. Fain
Nicholas Fain
Henry Felcknor
George Felknor
James Finley
John Fletcher
Thomas A. Fletcher
Daniel Flora
Daniel Flora
Andrew Forgey
Andrew Forgey
James Forgey
James R. Forgey
Margaret Forgey
Rachael Forgey
Rachael Forgey
James Francisco
Robert Frost
James L. Fulkerson
James T. Gaines
Andrew Galbraith, Sr.
Arthur Galbraith
John Galbraith
Joseph Galbraith
John Gibbons
Thomas Gibbons
Shepard Gibson
James Gideons
Mary Gillenwaters
Thomas Gillenwaters Sr.
William Gillenwaters
Levin Gladson
Francis Goddard
William Going
Alexander Grant
John Grigsby
Nathaniel Grigsby
William Grigsby, Free Colored
Philadelphia Grills
Chrisley Grose
William Gross
Elizabeth Grove
Jacob B. Groves
Lazarus Gully
James G. Guthrie
James Hagan
James Hagood
Arthur Hale
Ogdon Hale
Hezekiah Hamblen
Robert Hamilton, Sr.
Daniel Hamlen
John Harlan
Thomas Harlin
Benony Harris
Abraham Haun
Christopher Haynes
Frances Haynes
John Headrick
John B. Headrick
Samuel Henderson
John Henson
John Herrel
John S. Hill
Nancy Hord
John Howel
Goodleff Huffmaster
Jordan Hundley
Benjamin Hutchisson
Jacob Isenberg
Thomas Jackson
James Johnson
James Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Thomas Johnson
Robert Johnson
Acquilla Jones
George Karnes Sr.
William Keele
Judith Kenner
Judith Kenner
Malinda Kenner
Elijah Kincheloe
Andrew King
Barbary King
William King
John Kirkpatrick
Jacob Kline
Robert Kyle
Jacob Manas
Jesse Manis
John Manis
William Manis
Thomas Martin
William Martin
George A. Mathes
Joel Mathis
George Maxwell
Rheubin Mayo
John McBroom
William McCarver
Henry McCollough
William McCollough
Gabriel McCraw
Thompson McGee
Joseph McMinn
John McWilliams
Martha McWilliams
Christian Messer
Joseph Middlecoff
Jacob Miller
Oliver C. Miller
Tabitha C. Miller
William Miller
Solomon Mitchell
David Molsbee
William Molsbee
William Molsbey
Samuel Mooney
Sarah Mooney
Cleon Moore
Elizabeth Moore
James Moore
Zadock Moore
Mary Morrisette
Samuel Neill, Sr.
William Nelson
Edward North
Mary Nothern
Eli Overton
Milla Overton
William Owen
Christian Pearson
Henry Pearson
Gabriel Phillips
Joshua Phipps
William Phipps
John Pilant
Thomas Poindexter
Bartholimew Reason
Cornelious Regan
Horace Rice
John Rice, Sr.
John Riggs
Michael Roark
Jonathan Roberts
Thomas Roberts
William Roberts
Richard Robertson
Robert Robinson
Ellen Rogers
Emiline Rogers
George Rogers, Sr.
Robert Rogers
Thomas Rogers
James Rose
Nancy Rouse
Joseph Russell
James Sanders
John Saunders
David Sensabaugh
Christian Shanks
David Shanks
John Shanks
William Shanks
William Skelton(could be Shelton)
Samuel Smith
William Smith
Sarah Tarter
Thomas Taylor
Nottley Thomas
Dickinson Thurman
Jesse Trent
William Tucker, Sr.
Allen Vaughan
James Vaughan
John Vaughan
John Vaughan
John M. Vaughan
Abraham Vernon
Harlen Vernon
Nathan Vernon
Jonadab Wade
Francis H. Walker
John Walker
Fanny Walters
Soloman Walters
Theorderic Webb
James Webster
Reuben Webster
Elizabeth Welch
Nathan Wells
Randolph Dulaney Wells
James West
Joseph White
William White
Batson Whitehurst
Christopher Wilfle
George Williams
John Williams
Robert Williams
Larkin Willis
Reuben Windham
Andrew Winegar
Andrew Winegar
Francis Winstead
Charles Wolfe
George Wolfe, Sr.
John Young
Robert Young

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