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Lee Family

submitted by Alan

1. John Washington Lee (1790) married Elizabeth Hawkins. Their children were: Sarah Ann Lee, William Lee, George Washington Lee, John Lee, Elizabeth Lee, Calvin Summers Lee (1820), Mary Lee, James Sanford Lee (1830), and Margaret Lee.

Children of John Washington Lee and Elizabeth Hawkins: Sarah Ann Lee married Petus Pegram; William Lee married Dollie Milam; George Washington Lee married Margaret Billips; John Lee died young; Elizabeth Lee married Bird Boone; Calvin Summers Lee married Harriet Broome; Mary Lee married Henry Allsbrooks; Margaret Lee married Robert Wingo.

2. James Sanford Lee married Sarah Catherine Richardson. Their children were Harrison Clemmons Lee (1857), George Ella Lee (1859), Minnie Herman Lee (1862), James Sanford Lee, Jr. (1865), Alma Lee (1869), Robert Edmond Lee (1871), Harry C. Lee (1876), and Sarah Catherine Lee (Klyt) (1878).

Children of James Sanford Lee, Sr. and Sarah Catherine Richardson: George Ella Lee married William R. Wilson; Minnie Herman Lee married Edward Rauscher; Alma Lee married Yancy Quitman Caldwell; Robert Edmond Lee married Jeannette (Nettie) Cress; Sarah Catherine Lee married Clay Kerr.

3. James Sanford Lee married Marcia Eudora Sizemore. Their children were Clarice Lee (1887), Olive Lee (1890), Annie Lee (my mother) (1893), and Lona Lee (1897).

Children of James Sanford Lee, Sr. and Marcia Eudora Sizemore: Clarice Lee married Benjamin Littleton, Olive Lee married Theodore Speiden, Annie Lee married James Collier, Lona Lee married Elon Moore.

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