Tennessee Society Children of the American Revolution

The Isaac Anderson Society is a local chapter of the Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.), the oldest patriotic organization for youth in our country.

We are dedicated to training young people to be exemplary citizens with "hands on" learning experiences, and ongoing investigations into the history of our great country.

Family members are welcome at all our events and meetings - come and join the fun!

What is the Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.)?

Who was Isaac Anderson?

How can I join?

What does the Isaac Anderson Society do? Take a look at some of our past and future events.

Our National Project

"A Patriot's Legacy":
George Washington

The National President's Project is the reprinting of the activity book, "Mount Vernon Hands-On History: A Discovery of 18th Century Life at the Home of George Washington." Once completed, this publication will be made available to visitors and school libraries across the United States - and our local societies across the country have been hard at work to make this goal a reality.

National Society Children of the American Revolution

Our State Project

"A Tennessee Patriot's Legacy"
James K. Polk

Our State President's Project is the restoration of two important artifacts associated with President James K. Polk. The first item is a silk memorial hand bill, a tribute to the memory of the departed president. The second item is Sarah Polk's black lace mittens, worn in her period of mourning for her dear, departed husband. Through the generosity of our fellow Tennesseans, DAR Chapters, and C.A.R. Societies, these artifacts will be preserved for generations to come.

Even the youngest American is still a citizen of our beloved country, and it is never too early to start participating in the community. These efforts show everyone how wonderful things can happen when children take an active role in remembering the history and importance of our National treasures, don't you agree?.

Wants You

to join us, of course!

Contact us and make plans to attend one of our meetings, where you can meet new friends and learn more about membership.

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