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Johnson County, TN Churches

From Goodspeed's History of Johnson County:

The first church organized in the county was known as Roane Creek Baptist Church, constituted on April 20, 1794. Benjamin Brown was chosen moderator, William Jackson clerk and George Brown elder. At the next meeting in May George Brown, Stephen Wheeler, Benjamin Brown, Joseph Gentry, John Grimes, John Asher and William Jackson were also appointed to sit, as the church, at Mr. Loyd's, to receive members, on the second Saturday in June. Among the first members mentioned were Benjamin Cuthbert, Reuben and John Asher, Jacob Perkins, John and William Brown, Stephen Gentry, Joseph Tompkins, William Clark, William Pembleton, James Parsons, John Mullins, John Smith, Benjamin Sewell, Hezekiah Boone, Samuel Cole, Thomas Thornton and Joseph and John Jackson. To them should be added about thirty-five names of female members belonging to the families of the above men, making an aggregate membership of about sixty-five. This church then included all the Baptists in Johnson County, and some from the contiguous territory. In 1797 it was decided to build three houses of worship-one on Lower Roane Creek, another on Upper Roane Creek, and the third on Little Doe. Whether these buildings were erected could not be ascertained, but it is probable that they were not built, but services were held at private residences in the three settlements in turn. The first pastor was James Tompkins, installed in 1797.

In 1801 the members on Cobb Creek were constituted a new church, and at the same time a new society was formed and given the name of Meadow Church. It was first represented in the association in 1803 by George and William Brown. In 1844 Little Doe Church was admitted to the association, and the next year Pleasant Grove. The delegates from the former were D. M. Stout and John Sheffield, and from the latter W. A. Gamble, D. Wagner and N. Stout.

The Methodist Church began its work in the county during its earliest settlement, but it was not until many years after that any house of worship was built. One of the first was at what is known as Deep Spring, built some time prior to 1833.

The Presbyterians have had but very few members in the county, and no organization has been successfully maintained. The Christian Church has formed several societies, and has a considerable membership, but it is not well supplied with ministerial services.

After the establishment of the town the society of Baptists known as Roane Creek Church who had worshiped at or near Shown's Cross Roads, removed to Taylorsville, and about 1858 completed the present brick house. This work was largely effected through the efforts of M. M. Wagner and Rufus Moore, the latter of whom has been clerk of the church for more than half a century.

Soon after the completion of the courthouse the Methodists began holding services there, and continued until about 1858, when a small brick church was erected. A few years after time war this building was sold for debt, and was purchased by members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Mr. A. Murphy' furnishing the greater part of time funds.

Church Name Location Misc.
Ackerson Creek Christian Church Mountain City
Ackerson Creek Church Of Christ Mountain City
Antioch Baptist Church Mountain City
Atchison Church  Laurel Bloomery   
Baker Gap Baptist Church Mountain City  
Berea Church Mountain City  
Bethany Baptist Church Mountain City
Bethel Baptist Church Mountain City  
Bethel Church Grayson historical
Butler Baptist Church Watauga Dam/Mountain City
Calvary Baptist Church Mountain City
Center View Church Sherwood  
Central Church Shady Valley historical
Clinton Presbyterian Church Mountain City
Cobbs Creek Baptist Church Butler
Community Church Mountain City Non-Denominational
Corinth Baptist Church Laurel Bloomery
Crandull Church of Christ Shady Valley
Damascus Doe  
Dewey Christian Church Mountain City
Doe Valley Church Doe  
Dowe Chapel Laurel Bloomery 
Dyson Grove Church Butler (I have also listed this as Doe. 
Earls Chapel Mountain City  
Evergreen Church Mountain City/Trade?  
Faith Gospel Baptist Church Laurel Bloomery
First Assembly of God Mountain City
First Baptist Church Mountain City Oldest congregation in Johnson County, Tennessee. (Founded on April 20, 1794)
First Christian Church Mountain City
First Free Will Baptist Church Mountain City
First Methodist Church Mountain City Established about 1818.
Gods Country Church Mountain City Non-Denominational
Gospel Way Missionary Baptist Church Butler
Hammons Chapel Baldwin Gap /Mountain City? 
Harmon Chapel Christian Church Shady Valley
Heavenly Light Baptist Church Mountain City
Johnson Chapel Mountain City  
Johnson County Fundamental Baptist Mountain City
Laurel Springs Community Church Baldwin Gap/Mountain City? Non-Denominational
Liberty Church Mountain City  
Little Doe Doe/Butler?  
Locust Gap Freewill Baptist Church Mountain City
Meadow View Church Butler  
Midway Missionary Baptist Church Elk Mills/Butler ?
Mount Carmel Church Doe  
Mount Vernon Church Mountain City historical
Mountain City Church Of Christ Mountain City
Mountain City First Baptist Church Mountain City  
Mountain City Presbyterian Church Mountain City
Mountain City United Methodist-Circuit Mountain City
Mountain View Church Butler  
Nelsons Chapel Baptist Church Mountain City
New Creations Church Mountain City Non-Denominational
New Hope Baptist Church Mountain City
Open Door Baptist Church Mountain City
Pine Grove Church Mountain City  
Pleasant Grove Church Mountain City 
Pleasant Hill Church Baldwin Gap  
Pleasant Home Church Laurel Bloomery  
Pleasant View Church Mountain City  
Rainbow Baptist Church Mountian City
Roan Creek Church Mountain City  
Rock Church Shady Valley  
Rock Springs Baptist Church Butler
Saw Mill Creek Church of Christ Mountain City
Seventh Day Adventist Church Mountain City
Shady Valley Church of Christ Shady Valley  
Shady Valley Presbyterian Church Shady Valley
Shouns United Methodist Church Mountain City
Sink Valley Church Elk Mills/Butler?  
Snyder Chapel Baldwin Gap historical
Son Shine Church of Christ Butler
ST. Anthony's Catholic Church Mountain City
St. John United Methodist Church Laurel Bloomery
State Line Church Grayson/Laurel Bloomery? 
Sugar Grove Church Elk Mills/Butler?  
Sutherland Community Baptist Church Shady Valley
Valley View Church Mountain City 
Vaughts Gap Baptist Church Mountain City
Walnut Grove Baptist Church Mountain City  
Wesley Chapel Laurel Bloomery  
Woods Hill Church Mountain City  

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Churches & institutions of Hamblen, Johnson, Cocke & Greene counties, TN. Milligan College, the college, 1994. 161 pp.


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