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The drop down menu on the left provides links to one query page for each Tennessee county. There are more places out there. Many individual research sites have their own query boards as do Rootsweb and the TnGenWeb.

Visit the TnGenWeb State Query Page.
The TnGenWeb query page lists all the counties in Tennessee, Special Projects and Unknown.

Visit Rootsweb's Tennessee Query Page.
The Rootsweb query page has query boards for ever county in these categories:
Queries ~ Bibles ~ Bios ~ Deeds ~ Obits ~ Pensions ~ Wills

Visit Rootsweb's Surname Query Page.
The Rootsweb Surname Queries aren't just about Tennessee, but you can find your family associations there and possibly others who are researching your same Tennessee Roots.

Submitting a Good Query

Submitting queries is the number one way of researching your roots on the Internet. Some things will help in this such as not abreviating to such an extent that readers can't tell what you mean. Be concise, don't write everything you know in a query. Don't type in all capitols, this is considered rude on the Internet. Be sure your query is where it needs to be as far as the right county or city website. If you have no idea, be sure to submit your query to the state's "unknown" board.

We thank Rootsweb for their support. These pages link to the UsGenWeb, TnGenWeb and ALHN. We do not claim to be part of these projects. Please click their links to visit their homepages.