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Kingsport Yearbook Project

Yearbooks Of The Greater Kingsport, Tennessee Area

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Contribution and Contact Information

Faculty & Senior Class Photos with some special groups.

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The presentations of the yearbooks may vary due to the quality, age and layout of each individual yearbook.  All effort is made to make this presentation as high quality as possible to make your viewing experience enjoyable.
If you have suggestions for improvements, questions or just wonder what's going on, drop me a note at the link below or sign the guestbook on the home page.



If you have a yearbook, photo, etc. you would like to contribute for posting, you may do so by several ways.

First, you may scan your yearbook, burn this file to a CD and mail to me or contact me to make arrangements for pick up.  If you choose this route, be sure to scan the front and back cover of the yearbook.  Your scans can include any pages you choose but should include the following:
Administration, Faculty, Senior Class, Band, Cheerleaders, Athletic Teams and any other 
special events or photos of your choice.

Second, you may loan your yearbook for scanning by me.  If you choose this route, contact me to make arrangements.

Third, if you have yearbooks you no longer want or need, you may donate these yearbooks for scanning and donating to the appropriate archives for preservation.



Webmaster Contact Information

Kenny Stallard
348 Packinghouse Road
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