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Transcription of Family Bible of
Washington Alexander Gilbert and Sarah Elizabeth (Oliver) Gilbert
of Lincoln Co., TN--
Dates 1811-1964

Note: Washington A. Gilbert (1811-1894), who was born and died in Lincoln Co., TN, was the son of the Rev. John Gilbert and his wife, Sarah (possibly Bourland) Gil bert, who were both born in N.C. and later settled in Bedford/Lincoln Co., TN. W.A. and his wife, Sarah (Oliver) , were married in Rodgersville, AL in 1842. Her parents were William and Sarah Oliver. W.A. and Sarah Gilbert ha d seven children, including one set of twin boys. Two of their sons, Dr. James Washington Gilbert and Albert Ale xander Gilbert served in the Confederate Army. This Bible record follow the family of another son, Henry Clay Gilbert a nd his wife Lucy H. Pride. Please note that W.A. Gilbert's brother, D.A. "Doc" Gilbert (1821-1902), also of Lincoln Co. , TN, had a son named Washington A. Gilbert (1839-1865), who married Margaret T. Sorrells. This second W.A. Gilbert was also a lifelong resident of Lincoln Co., TN.

A photocopy of these register pages was sent to me by Maurice Hughston (Mrs. Ric hard L.), now deceased, of Midland, Texas in 1990, great-granddaughter of W.A. and Sarah (Oliver) Gilbert.

Vertabim transcription:
First register page

Certificate--This Certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony was Celebrated betwe en
W.A. Gilbert of Tennessee
and S.E. Oliver of Alabama
on 13th Jan 1842 at Rodgersville
by Rev. Jesse Seal
Witness: Albert Oliver and Jas D. Cannon

Second register page

Washington Alexander Gilbert Son of John and Sallie
Gilbert; Born A.D. Sept 28, 1811.

Sarah Elizabeth Gilbert, Daughter of William and Sarah
Oliver; Born Feb'y 2d, A.D. 1823.

William Bourland Gilbert Son of Washing-
ton A. and Sarah E. Born 30th Jan. A.D. 1843.
James Washington Gilbert Son of Washington A.
& Sarah E. Born 9th July A.D. 1845.
Albert Alexander, Son of W.A. and
S.E. Gilbert, Born 28th Sept 1847.
A. Judson Son of W. A. and S.E. Gilbert
Born 8th Dec. 1849.
Joseph Eaton, Son of W.A. Gilbert and
S.E. Gilbert, Born A.D. 25th Dec 1854.
Daniel Webster & Henry Clay, Twin
Sons of W.A. & S.E. Gilbert, Born A.D.
Dec. 13th 1857.

Third register page

Dr. J.W. Gilbert to miss Laura Harris (dec'd) to
Miss Naomi Harris his first wife's sister (now
dec'd) and to Miss Ella Anthony
A. J. Gilbert to Miss Alice Hayley
J.E. Gilbert to Miss Maggie Warren
H.C. Gilbert to Miss Lucy H. Pride 12-13-'83 [number written as superscript afte r Pride]
D.W. Gilbert to Miss Lucy Chapman
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------[ line drawn]
# Births to H.C. & L. C. Gilbert # [underscored in original]
Oct. 27th A.D. 1884, Hermann Harper Gilbert.
Apr. 30, A.D. 1887, Sarah Pride Gilbert.
Sept. 30, A.D. 1889, James Barrett Gilbert.
Nov. 22, A.D. 1895, Henry Morgan Gilbert.
Dec. 17, A.D. 1899, Lucy Harper Gilbert.
Marriages [underscored in original]
June 7, 1916, Sarah P. Gilbert to M.D. Ingram
Oct. 12, 1920, Henry Morgan Gilbert to Eva Orr
Apr. 22, 1922, James B. Gilbert to Lucille Taylor, Died 4/--/1942
Apr. 20, 1926 Lucy Harper Gilbert to Roy A. Wagstaff
Nov. 14-1952 James B. Gilbert to Martha Ashcroft
Newspaper clipping at bottom of page:
Gilbert-Sholars [heading]
Mrs. Armene Tweedy Sholars and Mr. James Barnett Gilbert announce
their marriage on Saturday, June 5, 1943, Birmingham, Ala.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert are at home.

Fourth register page:

William Bourland Gilbert died 15 Dec 18__
Albert Alexander Gilbert died 3rd Nov. 1874
Sarah E. Gilbert died 22nd Oct. 1878
Washington A. Gilbert died 30 Aug. 1894
James Washington Gilbert died 19" Jan'y 1926
A. Judson Gilbert died 2nd Apr 1926
Joseph Eaton Gilbert died 13th July 1943
Daniel Webster Gilbert died 30th June 1947
Henry Clay Gilbert - Feb 21-1944
line skipped
#Deaths--H.C. & L. C. Gilbert--& Theirs [heading underlined in original]
Herman Harper Gilbert died Nov. 9, 1893.
Mrs. Lucy Pride Gilbert died January 2, 1938
Mrs. Lucile Taylor Gilbert died April 3-1942 born Decr. 14, 189_
Henry Clay Gilbert died Dec.2, 1951
Martha Ashcroft Gilbert died June 29, 1962
Armene Tweedy Gilbert-died June 20, 1962
Henry Morgan Gilbert Nov 26-1964
James B. Gilbert [no date]

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