This file is designed to explain the 1820 Lincoln Co TN annotated census which is uploaded to the Rootsweb Worldconnect Project at:
The original source of this file is the book version of the 1820 census which was published by my other in 1970. I typed that book into an Excel spreadsheet about 1990 and annotated each individual, as best I could, using other Lincoln Co TN resources.
Once Rootsweb created the Worldconnect system, it became a priority for me to convert the excel spreadsheet to a GEDCOM file for uploading to the web. They key to the conversion may be found in the excellent work by Ted Pack located at:
The Gedcom

ID: this number is also the number of the individual in census order.
Name: the name of the individul
Sex: M or F
Change Date: date information changed, if at all
Birth: date and place of birth, if known
Death: ditto for death
Census: as an example 38:61:1673 means p. 38 of the original census, page 61 in my mother's book, and #1673 in census order.
F: is foreigners
A: is agriculturists
C: is commerce
M: is manufacturers
S: is slaves
FC: is free persons of color
O: is other
Note: here are the notes I added to the census. P6:45 means Lincoln County TN Pioneers (a journal) v.6, p.45. M: means Marsh's Cemetery records, 1972 edition.
Immigration: shows the approx date the individual arrived in LCT.
Please feel free to add "Post'em"s to the database and feel free to download the gedcom for your own use.
George Waller
11 May 2004

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