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Lincoln County, Tennessee Genealogy



Important Dates

1540-41 DeSoto camps in Indian village here during the winter (local legend)Goodspeed, 767.
1784Land explorers pass through this section.Goodspeed, 767.
1793North Carolina land grants issued here.Goodspeed, 767.
Spring 1806Tennessee surveying party passes through.Goodspeed, 767.
Fall 1806Ezekiel Norris probably first permanent white settler.Goodspeed, 768.
1809-10Davy Crockett lives on West Branch of Mulberry Creek.Goodspeed, 768.
1809County established effective 1 Jan 1810. Militia form the 39th Regiment attached to the 5th Brigade.Goodspeed, 775.
1810First County Jail erected.Goodspeed, 775.
1811First permanent Court House erected. Goodspeed, 775.
1812?2,000 troops rendevouz in Fayetteville and march off to war.Goodspeed, 775.
1820Federal census: population is 14,963.Waller, 1820 census.
1826Poor Farm established and Poor House erected.Goodspeed, 772.
1830Mulberry Academy established.Goodspeed, 780.
1835County divided into 25 Civil Districts.Waller, 1840 census, 109.
1836One company forms and marches off to war.Goodspeed, 775.
1840Federal census: population is 21,497.Waller, 1840 census, 108.
1846One company of 83 men (the Lincoln Guard) enlist. Several members killed at the Battle of Monterey.Goodspeed, 775.
1850Fayetteville Observer (newspaper) established.Goodspeed, 779.
1858Fayetteville connected to Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad by branch line to Decherd.Goodspeed, 772.
1861450 foot stone arch bridge built over the Elk River.Goodspeed, 772.
18612,892 vote for separation, 0 for no separation.Goodspeed, 775.
1861Four companies join Turney's 1st Tennessee RegimentGoodspeed, 775.
1861Four companies join Fulton's 8th Tennessee RegimentGoodspeed, 776.
1861Two companies join the 32nd Tennessee RegimentGoodspeed, 776.
1861Four companies join Farquharson's 41st Tennessee RegimentGoodspeed, 776.
1861Four companies join McDaniel's 44th Tennessee RegimentGoodspeed, 776.
1861One company joins the 55th Tennessee RegimentGoodspeed, 777.
1862One company joins a Kentucky RegimentGoodspeed, 777.
1862One company formed by J.L. Moore as last full company to enter war.Goodspeed, 777.
1862Freeman's Battery, part of Hardin's Artillery receives 50 county men.Goodspeed, 777.
1862Majority of Forrest's escort are county men.Goodspeed, 777.
1862Federals occupy Fayetteville April 9th, withdrawing within two months.Goodspeed, 777.
1863Federals re-occupy Fayetteville remaining until 1865 (some county records destroyed).Goodspeed, 777.
1864?Sherman's Army marches through Fayetteville.Goodspeed, 777.
1868New Jail House erected.Goodspeed, 772.
1873Original Court House torn down and replaced.Goodspeed, 772.
1882Narrow guage railroad built from Columbia to Fayetteville.Goodspeed, 772.

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