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Lincoln County Tennessee Pioneers
Volume XXVII, No. 3
July 1998
George Waller, Editor
Jane Warren Waller, dec'd, Founding Publisher and Editor

Originally published: 31 Jul 1998      Latest revision: 1 Aug 1998

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Foreword: this is the first new year of electronic publication of Pioneers.  I am proud to continue what my mother began over 25 years ago.

Dwight Winsett, the tireless transcriber, has brought to us the indexes to both marriages and deaths in the Fayetteville Observer from 1910-1919 thus extending his earlier work of indexing the 1893-1909 editions. What a wonderful person he is and deserves all our thanks!!

Melissa Edwards has started a webpage in honor of her grandparents Tim and Helen Marsh.

The 1820 census (copied by my late mother Jane W. Waller) is now on the web.

See later in this issue for details on where to find these resources.

Table of Contents

Genealogy of Benjamin and Rebecca (Mason) Oliver.
         by George Waller.
Tennessee Land Grants
by Sherry Finchum
Gleanings from the Fayetteville Observer  (series)
         by George Waller
New Research Materials in the USGenWeb Archives for Lincoln County
New Researchers/Progenitors
New resources
LCT Genealogical Society News (none this issue)
New queries

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 Tennessee Land Grants
Date sent: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 20:06:02 -0400
From: Mark & Sherry Finchum
Subject: Re: Tennessee Land Grants

Okay, I'll try this one out. I just attended a workshop today in Knoxville
on this specific topic.

Some of the grants from NC where given in TN for military service, and will
state that specifically in the grant. Don't automatically make that

Many from the Middle or West TN areas were for military service in NC.

East TN grants were mostly the purchase grants.

There was also Bounty Grants given to surveyors in the Davidson County, TN
area to pay for services in
helping to survey the territory.

Others were grants that could be purchased through the TN state government
or from specific wealthy land owners who bought them from the state. This
was one way to develop the state in the beginning and gave folks
opportunities to purchase land at a low price.

As I understood it a person could go into the Southwest territory and plot
out an area of land and then submit an application for the grant, request a
survey, and a warrant.

Elements of a Grant:

1. Entry: vacant land laid off and marked for a grant.

2. Warrant: order to county surveyor authorizing (warranting) him to
measure off the tract in precise terms.

3. Plat or Survey: small map or diagram (plat) of the survey, based on
written description of the "metes and bounds" or call, angles of line, and
distance of each line to the next point.

4. Grant or Patent: official document of ownership issued by the state,
signed by the governor and the secretary of state, recorded in patent or
grant book, with original documents kept on file. Also required to be
recorded after 1777 in county deed book where the grant lay.

5. Deed Book: recorded deed in the county deed book for the actual land
from the grant.

All grants in TN before 1803 were made by NC.
All grants after 1806 were made by TN.
No USA grants were made in TN.

The above 1-5 and 3 tag sentences are from the handout today from Steve
Cotham at the McClung Collection Library. He is quite an authority on this

At the TN State Archives Library in Nashville, there are cards filed in the
card catalog by counties that give the reference information for each TN
Land Grant. Many grants were filed in the original county seat at the time
of the grants, so look at the background history on the county of residence
for your ancestor.

There is also a map of the plats available, but this something I just heard
about today. Don't know if that is something in the TN State Archives
Library, or in the individual county of origin.

Grants could be transferred from one person to another without a deed of
transfer. The grant warrant was simply endorsed on the back (much like a
check) so when copying the grant warrant be sure to check the backs.
Usually on the microfilm the back, if endorsed, will be copied.

Good luck!!

I'm no authority, so anyone feel free to correct me.


Gleanings from the Fayetteville Observer (series)
My mother published death records from 1850-28 Apr 1881. My plan is to continue and include
more than just the deaths. Unless noted otherwise, the articles are copied exactly as they appeared.
The use of ellipses (three dots ...) or comments in brackets will indicate editorial (my) changes to
the original.

Here are some commonly used phrases used in the newspaper:

"In this county" -- obviously means in Lincoln County.
"In this place" or "Here" -- means Fayetteville.
"ult." -- means "ultimate" or "ultimo" which is Latin for "last." Usually means "last month."
"inst." -- "instant" which usually means "this month."

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 14, 1881 p.3 col.1
There has been but one marriage license issued week-H.N. Pettis and
Henrietta A. Brewer.

The pleadings in the Short will case ended yesterday. Only one other
case has had a hearing up to yesterday. John Holland, gaming,
submitted and fined $1.

A cutting affray occurred on the classic stream of Gimlet at noon on
Wednesday, 6th, at the residence of "Tobe" Ashby, in which Mr. Groce,
son-in-law of Mr. Alex. Waggoner, was stabbed "not loud but deep" in
the back by a knife in the hand of one Sullivan, a young man of 20
years. Groce is doing well.

FEARFUL DEATH-Robert H. Rawls, a native of this county, but late
of Nashville, met with a most horrible death in that ciry on last
Thursday night. He and his wife occupied rooms in the third story of
the Allen block on Church street. [Details of falling off balcony while
sleep walking omitted]. The deceased was the father of no children
and leaves only a wife, an aged mother, Mrs. Sally Rawls, sisters, Mrs.
Leatherwood and McAnn, and brothers, John and Dr. Frank, of
Blanche, and Jas. W. and Brown, of Molino, live in this county. Mr.
Jas. W. Rawls went to Nashville Saturday to attend the funeral, the
remains were interred there. We offer the bereaved relatives our
earnest sympathy.

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 14, 1881 p.3 col.3

Personal Points

Charlie F. McKinney is sick with malarial fever.
Miss Sallie Bruce, of Millville, is in town to see her friends.
Miss Millie Brown, of Huntsville, is the guest of Miss Mattie Woods.
Miss Susie Thomison leaves this morning for Decatur, Ala., to see
G.F. Smith, jun., of Louisville, is out on a visit to his father's family.
Miss Nettie Philips, of Columbia, is visiting relatives at Kelso Stattion.
Mrs. Mary Stevens of Culleoka, is visiting her brother Mr. T.C.
Mr. Joe. Hall, wife and daughter, of Nashville, are visiting kin at
Miss Lou Solomon, of Cold Water, Miss., is visiting relatives at
Mrs. F.R. Morehead and Miss Blanche Morgan are visiting relatives at
Miss Mary Robinson, of Murfreesboro, is visiting Miss Jessie Franklin
near town.
Mr. T.C. Whitfield returned last week from Texas. He is at his father's
at Norris Creek.
Mrs. Nannie Solomon and nephew, Frank James, of Cold Water, Miss.,
are at Mulberry visiting relatives.
Mrs. Smith who has been visiting her son Mark L. Smith, in this
vicinity, since March, left for her home in East Tennessee Tuesday.

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 14, 1881 p.3, c.3

...Jackson Lodge, No. 68, Free and Accepted Masons...Fayetteville...
21 June 1881... [death of our brother] S.S. Alexander.

...Macedonia Lodge, No.459, Free and Accepted Masons... [death of]
Wm. W. Hailey who departed this life June 28th, 1881-aged 76 years.

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 14, 1881 p.3, c.6
L.L. Cole, Esq., is still improving in health and general condition, and
his friends have hope of his final recovery.
Miss M.E. Green has improved visibly within the last fortnight, and her
friends have high hopes at present of her ultimate recovery.
Mr. Joe. Dicky, while working on a house roof on Friday last, was
sunstricken and had to be helped down from the building. He is
Dick Hobbs, near Perkins' Mill, lost a fine mare on Friday...[dropped
dead from heat]
J.W. Rawls, Esq., returned from Nashville on yesterday, after attending
the funeral of his brother R.H. Rawls.... Leaves a wife, but no children,
we believe. His many relatives here... his aged mother.

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 14, 1881 p.3, c.7

W.L. Thomas, adm., to J.M. & N.C. Harris and John Ward, half
interest in 74 1/3 acres in 9th dis, $594.65.
W.L. Thomas to A.H. Hatchre [sic], 47 1/3 acres in 11th dis, $946.
Henry Turney to Mrs. Martha A. Moore, 90 acres in 14th dis, $947.
J.W. Bonner, J.D. Tillman and Ed. Cooper, extrs., to W.B. Lamb, 15
acres in 7th dis, $90.
Milton Smith to E.L. Hall, third interest in 262 acres in 17th dis, $1,700.

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 21, 1881 p.3 col.1

Mr. Campbell G. Key's children found a double peach and insisted that
it should be sent to the OBSERVER. It is a curiosity.

But one transfer of real estate made since our last report-W.H.
Hughes and wife to W.R. Noah, 21 1/4 acres in 14th dis, $287.

C.C. McKinney, Esq. [big tomato]
Mr. J.W. Jean [cottom blooms]
Mr. J.W. Lemond [of Marshall Co?]

The lad, Andy Smart, of Swan creek, who cut himself in the thigh in
April, is about to die from the wound. The knife on which he fell
wounded an artery, which has refused to heal and blood flowed freely
of late. He is 7 years old, and a sprightly lad.

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 21, 1881 p.3 col.2


Mr. And Mrs. J.B. Bright, of Decatur, are in town.
Rev. W.G. Templeton is at Elkton, Giles county.
Walter L. Vaughn is teaching school on the ridge.
Mr. D.M. Mims, of Flintville, was in to see us last week.
Mrs. Wm. H. Blakemore, of Hunstville, is visitng relatives.
Messrs. Sol. Heyman and J.B. Hill went to Tracy City Monday.
Miss Fannie Ramsey made a flying visit to Lynchburg Tuesday.
W.D. Parrill is sick with cholera morbus at his mother's.
Miss Fammie Neil Lamb returned from Mont Eagle Tuesday.
Miss Fannie Whitaker, of Mulberry, is visiting Miss Grace Kelso.
Mr. Hu C. Moore, of Brentwood, Marshall county, is attending court.
Miss Carrie Sharp, of Shelbyville, is visiting her sister, Mrs. A.D. Ruth.
Ed. Sanders is conducting our train during Capt. Haynes' absence in
Mr. Geo. F. Smith, jr., started for Pine Bluff, Ark., his future home, last
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Waggoner went to Lynchburg Monday to visit his
Rev. W.H. Groves preached at the First Presyterian church, Nashville,
last Sunday.
John L. Fleming, who went to Texas from Norris Creek, twelve years
ago, is back on a visit.
Col. Jas. B. Lamb and two daughers Mamie and Lizzie left for Mont
Eagle Springs Saturday.
Mrs. John K. Breast and Miss Emma Lesueur, of Nashville, are the
guest of Mrs. Geo. B. Boyles.
The little daugher of S.W. Carmack, was in a critical condition
Monday, with congestion. She is now better.
Mr. W.S. Murphy, of the vicinity of Flyntville, gave us a pleasant visit
on Saturday. He is engaged in the manufacture of brooms, and
comtemplates offering some of his production for sale here.
Miss Lena Parks, of Decherd, has charge of the telegraph office in this
place, the regular operator, James E. Rodes, having gone to Paint Rock,
Ala., to relieve his brother Thomas.

The regular term began July the 13th, Wednesday, at 2 p.m., with the
following juries, good men and true:
GRAND-E.D. Hicks, foreman, T.M. Harper, W.S. Buchanan, Joel
Parks, T.M. Harkins, P.B. March, Hardy Carpenter, J.R. Leonard, W.G.
Gilham, E.S. Bearden, W.A. Patton, P.C. Askins, J.W. Solomon.
TRAVERSE-J.T. McCauley, J.R. Woodard, G.F. Engleman, Charles,
Jones, H.C. Gault, R.M. Koonce, J.E.. Brown, R.T. Shofner, W.A.
Carter, A. Fitch, J.T. Curtis, W.J. Landis.

The following State cases have been heard and decided-
John Holland, gaming, submitted, fined $1.
Morgan Webb, carrying pistol, submitted, fined $50-fine remitted.
D.C. Young, betting on election, continued by defendant.
James McClain and Mat Haney, lewdness, fined $2.50.
S.D. Wells, carrying pistol, fined $50.
Bud Wells, assault and battery, continued by State.
G.W. Beasly, carrying pistol, continued by defendant.
Newt. Pearson, malicious shooting, continued by defendant.
Andy Thomison, malicious shooting, contined by defendant.
O.P. Bruce, carrying pistol, compromised.
Goodloe Woods, jr., carrying pistol, submitted, fined $50; in default
thirty days imprisonment. Half the fine remitted.
James Dunman, counterfeiting, nolle.
Abe Linberger, retailing on Sunday, fined $2.50.
Allen Harrison and Millie Harrison, col., malicious mischief-Allen
acquitted, Millie fined $5.
Charles McClelland, col., stole an umbrella, guilty, 2 years in
Willis Hines, col., stole a ham, guilty, 18 months in penitentiary.
James Cox, kidnapping child, not guilty.
Josie Wadkins, col., lewdness, submitted, fined $2.50.
S.D. Wells, malicious shooting, guilty, fined $50.
Lit Dangerfield, malicious stabbing, on trial.
The road case of H.C. Moore... continued...

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 21, 1881 p.3 col.4

Marriages: white-A.M. Bray and Lavinia F. Moyers. Colored-Wm.
Neece and Arena Eddins.

In this county, Thursday, 14th inst., of cholera morbus, an infant son of
Richard Anderson, aged 10 months.
At Simpson's Mill, White county, Tenn., Monday, 18th inst., of
consumption, Mr. John W. Young. In 1874-5 he was a citizen of this
place, as clerk and partner in the firm, Shackleford & Young. ...
brother of Mrs. Geo. Morgan of this place.
In this place, Wednesday, 20th inst., of consumption, Mrs. Julia C., wife
of J.W. Barnett, aged 31 years 6 months and 21 days. [no family details
but death described]

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 21, 1881 p.3 col.6

Mrs. I.T. Fuller [teacher]
There has been a man on a chase several months in this vicinity, and on
Sunday, the 10th he succeeded in securing his game at the Allsup school
house. They were joined in matrimony by Rev. Jas. Nelson, of the
Richland church. We wish Dick and his most estimable lady all earthly
Mr. W.T. Gunter has had a new lathe made on which to make pipes. It
was made by J.H. Hapton, of the Big Hungry neighborhood.
B.G. Allsup and his family started to Texas Monday, the 18th, to be
gone a month to visit her father. Mr. T.H. Kennedy, his partner in the
stock trade, hates to lose his help in driving.
Mr. J.T. Hardin and family were made happy a few days since by the
arrival of a fine boy at their house....
There has been born to W.C. Cathcart a fine boy.

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 21, 1881 p.3 col.7

July 18, 1881-Health here remains very good. Miss Green still
lingers with symptoms not discouraging, and L.L. Cole, Esq, is said to
be improving. Mrs. Jasper Dickey is also convalescent from her hurt.

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 28, 1881 p.2 col.1

Isham Davis, a colored lamplighter and policeman of Huntsville, was
stabbed in the back on Saturday night, while in the discharge of his
duty, by two colored rowdies, who were arrest-[sic] and are now in the
lock-up. Davis is a quiet, orderly man, well thought of by all citizens.
York C. Davis, of Fayetteville, is his son.

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 28, 1881 p.2, c.2
Plano, July 16th, 1881.
....We have both eyes skinned now, looking for T.D. Griffis and wife,
of Blanche. J.A. Leatherwood and wife after a sojourn of a month or
so in Arkansas and Texas left the 4th inst. For their native hearth.

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 28, 1881 p.2, c.4
Miss Green is no better-Mattie Askins is sick with intermittent fever.

A young negro man, named Andrew Olds, was drowned on Thursday
last in Elk river, near Bass' Ford, while in bathing in company with a
white man named Cox, who swam across the river in advance of Olds,
it seems, and as the latter neared the middle of the stream he screamed
for help and sank; but his companioncould render him no aid, and he
was drowned almost instantly drowned [sic]. He was 20 years old.
During your correspondent's stay in your town last week a rather novel
wedding took place in our cozy little village. The parties to this happy
affair were Thomas Pitts and Miss Sallie Bryan, daughter of Mr.
Newton Bryan, of Smith's Chapel neighborhood. [parents objected].
Miss B. was visiting her sister, Mrs. J.W. Rawls at Molino... Esq. R.H.
Askins... Mr. Wiley Caughran...Porter Caughran... elder S.W.
Bruce...Mr. Henry Beach... Thos. J. Pitts and Miss Sallie Bryan were
made one flesh, by parson Bruce.

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 28, 1881 p.3. c.1.
A mower run by Mr. Giles in a field of the Joel M. Harris farm, a few
days ago, cut off the head and tail of a pole cat at one swoop.
Little Twyman, son of Capt. I.T. Rodes, had his left hip dislocated last
Thursday by a gate falling on him. We are glad to note his recovery.
A negro man was drowned while bathing in the river, near Bass' ford,
about six miles west of this place, on Thursday. He went in the river
while he was hot and cramped.
Mr. J.M. Wilson, our Mayor...
First opened cotton boll... Mr. Dick Simmons, who lives on the Robt.
Hairston place, two miles from town....

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 28, 1881 p.3.c.2

H.K. Bryson is in Shelbyville.
Miss Lizzie Bruce left for hom at Hunt's Station Tuesday.
Mrs. Dr. W.J. Miller returned home from Hurrican springs last
Dr. M.H. and Misses Lizzie and Blanche Bonner went to Murfreesboro
Mr. Harvey De Haven arrived in town Tuesday from Belvidere with his
lovely bride.
Miss Susie Bright, daugher of Hom Jno. M. Bright, arrived at
Fayetteville last week.
Mrs. Emma McKinney, of Columbia, is visiting her brother, Mr. A.S.
Thomas, of this place.
Col. And Mrs. J.B. Lamb and daughter, Lizze, returned from
Monteagle Springs Monday.
Prof. R.S. Bradshaw and family and Henry Caldwell returned from
Bedford county last week.
Wm. Parr and his daugher, Miss Jennie, of Miss. , are visiting Mr.
Cullen Bailey at Mulberry.
Our old friend Sandy Henderson, of Lincoln....
Prof. Alex. De Anquino returned to Fayetteville Friday in company
with his wife and two charming daughters.
Mr. Raphael Levi, of Nashville, left for home on Monday, after a
pleasant few days' visit to Mr. H. Nassauer's family.
Mr. J.R. Hall, wife and daugher, of Nashville, and Mr. Wm. Ashby,
daughter and sister called at the Observer office Tuesday.
Dr. Isam Bailey and his daughters, Misses Emma and Birdie, of Little
Rock, Ark., are visiting his brother, Mr. Cullen Bailey, at Mulberry.
Miss Mary Coldwell, a model young lady of Fayetteville, is visiting the
family of Judge A.M. Hughes, near Columbia. - Columbia Herald.

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 28, 1881 p.3., c.2

Willis Hines, colored, of Fayetteville... stole bacon.
Dr. Murray, aged about sixty years, was found Friday morning on the
west side of the square leaning on the court-yard fence near the gate,
dead..... during his stay in town, he is is [sic] said to have drank
heavily. His body was taken, after preparation for burial, on Friday, to
his home near Medium, in the north-western part of the county, where
he leaves a family.

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 28, 1881 p.3, c.5
George Palmer, col., convicted... of robbery... sentenced... for ten
years... escaped.

We learn that a young man named I.J. Hall was shot near Lincoln, in
this county, last Saturday evening by Wm. Williams, constable of the
3rd district....

Fayetteville (TN) Observer, Thursday, July 28, 1881 p.3, c.7

In this county, at the residence of the bride's mother, Thursday
morning, by Rev. S.W. Bruce, Mr. Andrew J. Griffis and Miss Mattie
A. York. [details omitted]
In this county, at Molino, at the residence of Mr. R.H. Askins, on
Friday morning, by Rev. S.W. Bruce, Mr. Thos. P. Pitts, son of Mrs.
Elvira Pitts, to Miss Sallie Bryant, daugher of Mr. A.N. Bryant.

Licenses: white, W.A. Sullinger and Eliza Cashion. John McGee and
A.R.P.S. Weigart. John Panter and Jane Tucker. William Stevenson
and Flora E. Moore.

In this place, Friday, 22 inst., of cholera infantum, Buford, son of
M.P.G. and Mary H. Allen, aged 1 year 2 months and 9 days.
In this county, on the 21 inst., son of John Sullivan, aged about 1 year.
In this county, near Shady Grove, on the 16th inst. Of dropsy, William
Siisk, aged about 83 years. He has been a consistent member of M.E.
church for a long while, and was greatly respected in his section.
About two hundred attended his burial.
In this county, on the 25th inst., at his son-in-law's, Wm. E. Bryant,
near Shady Grove, John Taylor, aged about 103 years. He served in
the war of 1812 and was on the Government pension list. He ate a
hearty supper and after complained of palpitation of the heart and in
less than half an hour died.

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