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Feature Name ID Class County State Latitude Longitude Map Ele(ft) BGN Entry Date
Abd Bridge 1275417 Bridge Lincoln TN 350830N 0863412W Fayetteville 656 19-May-80
Abernathy Cemetery 1645160 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350218N 0864449W Taft 902 1-Feb-90
Albright Hollow 1275526 Valley Lincoln TN 351822N 0864024W Petersburg 745 19-May-80
Alexander Cemetery 1304791 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351250N 0863215W Fayetteville 794 19-May-80
Allsup Cemetery 1645161 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351201N 0864901W Frankewing 748 1-Feb-90
Anderson Cemetery 1645162 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350304N 0864922W Dellrose 892 1-Feb-90
Antioch Church 1275796 Church Lincoln TN 350909N 0864208W Boonshill 682 19-May-80
Armstrong Cemetery 1645163 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351701N 0863457W Belleville 919 1-Feb-90
Armstrong-Cole Cemetery 1645164 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351621N 0863440W Belleville 850 1-Feb-90
Arnold Cemetery 1645165 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350709N 0862217W Huntland 906 1-Feb-90
Arnold Hollow 1647463 Valley Franklin TN 350541N 0861854W Huntland 774 1-Sep-89
Ashby Cemetery 1275937 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351044N 0863158W Fayetteville 801 19-May-80
Ashby Cemetery 1275938 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351358N 0863116W Fayetteville 797 19-May-80
Ashby Cemetery 1304883 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351130N 0863239W Fayetteville 735 19-May-80
Ashby Cemetery 1645166 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351614N 0863028W Belleville 1007 1-Feb-90
Ashby Cemetery 1645354 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351612N 0863026W Belleville 1001 1-Feb-90
Ashby Hollow 1304884 Valley Lincoln TN 351616N 0863323W Belleville 791 19-May-80
Ashby School (historical) 1316174 School Lincoln TN 351141N 0863235W Fayetteville 722 1-Aug-89
Ashby-Warden-Groce Cemetery 1645167 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351640N 0863035W Belleville 899 1-Feb-90
Austin Cemetery 1275996 Cemetery Lincoln TN 345942N 0865008W Ardmore 915 19-May-80
Backbone Ridge 1276058 Ridge Lincoln TN 351305N 0864927W Frankewing 823 19-May-80
Baggerly Cemetery 1645168 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350204N 0864205W Taft 925 1-Feb-90
Bailey Branch 1276090 Stream Lincoln TN 351621N 0862749W Lynchburg West 735 19-May-80
Ballard Hollow 1276241 Valley Lincoln TN 350246N 0864111W Taft 692 19-May-80
Bane Hill 1276262 Summit Lincoln TN 350551N 0863101W Lincoln 889 19-May-80
Barham Branch 1276299 Stream Lincoln TN 351946N 0863435W Belleville 787 19-May-80
Barnes Cemetery 1276344 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351127N 0864250W Boonshill 699 19-May-80
Barnes Hollow 1276353 Valley Lincoln TN 350732N 0864626W Frankewing 663 19-May-80
Barnes Hollow 1647311 Valley Lincoln TN 351125N 0864307W Boonshill 643 1-Aug-89
Bates Cemetery 1645169 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350437N 0863801W Taft 965 1-Feb-90
Baxter Cemetery 1645170 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350018N 0862550W Flintville 843 1-Feb-90
Beard Cemetery 1645171 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350652N 0863404W Lincoln 745 1-Feb-90
Beard Hollow 1276640 Valley Lincoln TN 350630N 0863605W Lincoln 715 19-May-80
Bearden Cemetery 1645172 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350208N 0863908W Taft 961 1-Feb-90
Beardens Post Office (historical) 1650308 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Beasley Cemetery 1645173 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351455N 0864502W Frankewing 823 1-Feb-90
Beavers Cemetery 1645175 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350128N 0862917W Flintville 873 1-Feb-90
Beech Grove Church 1276826 Church Lincoln TN 351232N 0864141W Boonshill 705 19-May-80
Beech Grove Church 1276827 Church Lincoln TN 351243N 0863119W Fayetteville 732 19-May-80
Beech Hollow 1276846 Valley Lincoln TN 350716N 0863714W Lincoln 673 19-May-80
Belleview 1276962 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350243N 0863549W Lincoln 896 19-May-80
Belleville 1305090 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351622N 0863314W Belleville 787 19-May-80
Bellview School (historical) 1316175 School Lincoln TN 350240N 0863549W Lincoln 889 1-Aug-89
Bellville Post Office (historical) 1650309 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Bellville School (historical) 1316176 School Lincoln TN 351633N 0863311W Belleville 823 1-Aug-89
Benson Cemetery 1645176 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350606N 0862548W Flintville 1037 1-Feb-90
Benson Cemetery 1645177 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350626N 0862551W Flintville 1027 1-Feb-90
Benson School (historical) 1316177 School Lincoln TN 350545N 0862541W Flintville 1030 1-Aug-89
Bethel Cemetery 1277104 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351012N 0864048W Boonshill 761 19-May-80
Bethel School (historical) 1316178 School Lincoln TN 351017N 0864047W Boonshill 791 1-Aug-89
Beverly Cemetery 1645174 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350106N 0863118W Lincoln 837 1-Feb-90
Bidwell 1314676 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351631N 0863742W Petersburg 755 19-May-80
Bidwell Post Office (historical) 1650310 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Big Huckleberry Creek 1277330 Stream Lincoln TN 350244N 0862545W Flintville 846 19-May-80
Big Hungry Branch 1277331 Stream Lincoln TN 351400N 0863105W Fayetteville 758 19-May-80
Birch Creek 1312896 Stream Lincoln TN 350704N 0864227W Taft 623 1-Feb-90
Black Bottom School (historical) 1316179 School Lincoln TN 351652N 0862736W Lynchburg West 748 1-Aug-89
Blair Cemetery 1277637 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350302N 0864039W Taft 774 19-May-80
Blair Hollow 1277645 Valley Lincoln TN 350441N 0864127W Taft 722 19-May-80
Blake Cemetery 1645178 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351637N 0863748W Petersburg 755 1-Feb-90
Blakeville 1314693 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351534N 0864031W Petersburg 771 19-May-80
Blanche 1305285 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350235N 0864516W Dellrose 906 19-May-80
Blanche Cemetery 1645355 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350718N 0864535W Dellrose 787 1-Feb-90
Blanche Chapel School 1277657 School Lincoln TN 350346N 0864536W Dellrose 971 19-May-80
Blanche Post Office (historical) 1650311 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Blanche School 1316180 School Lincoln TN 350217N 0864529W Dellrose 919 1-Aug-89
Blankenship Hollow 1305287 Valley Lincoln TN 350727N 0863609W Lincoln 666 19-May-80
Bledsoe 1314694 Populated Place Lincoln TN 352008N 0863441W Belleville 797 19-May-80
Bledsoe Cemetery 1277678 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350222N 0864929W Dellrose 771 19-May-80
Bledsoe Cemetery 1277679 Cemetery Lincoln TN 352040N 0863440W Belleville 843 19-May-80
Bledsoe Hollow 1277682 Valley Lincoln TN 350308N 0864851W Dellrose 679 19-May-80
Blindman Hollow 1277695 Valley Lincoln TN 350237N 0864630W Dellrose 758 19-May-80
Bonner Hollow 1277955 Valley Lincoln TN 350335N 864400W Taft 679 19-May-80
Boone Falls 1277980 Falls Lincoln TN 350544N 0863548W Lincoln 925 19-May-80
Booneville 1277985 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351627N 0862752W Lynchburg West 738 19-May-80
Booneville Cemetery 1645179 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351637N 0862739W Lynchburg West 764 1-Feb-90
Booneville Post Office (historical) 1650312 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Boonshill 1305351 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351245N 0864431W Boonshill 709 19-May-80
Boonshill Cemetery 1645180 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351241N 0864435W Boonshill 725 1-Feb-90
Boonshill Church 1277986 Church Lincoln TN 351259N 0864503W Frankewing 709 19-May-80
Boonshill Church (historical) 1323285 Church Lincoln TN 351255N 0864453W Boonshill 738 1-Feb-90
Boonshill Elementary School 1316181 School Lincoln TN 351242N 0864431W Boonshill 712 1-Aug-89
Boonshill Post Office (historical) 1650313 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Boonshill School 1277987 School Lincoln TN 351355N 0864337W Boonshill 866 19-May-80
Bostick Cemetery 1278009 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350631N 0862243W Flintville 761 19-May-80
Bowden Gap 1278040 Gap Lincoln TN 351206N 0864648W Frankewing 850 19-May-80
Bradshaw Creek 1278199 Stream Lincoln TN 350548N 0864834W Dellrose 600 19-May-80
Brady Cemetery 1645181 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350740N 0862905W Mulberry 761 1-Feb-90
Brady Cemetery 1645182 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351238N 0862422W Mulberry 830 1-Feb-90
Bray Cemetery 1645183 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350325N 0862846W Flintville 879 1-Feb-90
Brier Fork Flint River 114913 Stream Madison AL 344924N 0862902W Maysville 646 4-Sep-80
Brighton 1278390 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350448N 0862621W Flintville 951 19-May-80
Brighton Post Office (historical) 1650314 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Brogan Street Baptist Church 1805958 Church Lincoln TN 350906N 0863453W Fayetteville 728 11-Feb-99
Browns Temple Church 1305467 Church Lincoln TN 350758N 0863911W Boonshill 679 19-May-80
Bruce Cemetery 1645184 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350643N 0864841W Dellrose 640 1-Feb-90
Bryant Cemetery 1305483 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350541N 0864234W Taft 745 19-May-80
Bryant Hollow 1278748 Valley Lincoln TN 350210N 0864331W Taft 758 19-May-80
Bryant Hollow 1278749 Valley Lincoln TN 350643N 0864339W Taft 633 19-May-80
Buchanan Cemetery 1278772 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351319N 0863642W Fayetteville 751 19-May-80
Buchanan Cemetery 1278773 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351550N 0864022W Petersburg 814 19-May-80
Buchanan Cemetery 1645185 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351131N 0863543W Fayetteville 892 1-Feb-90
Buchanan Cemetery 1645186 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350913N 0862950W Mulberry 751 1-Feb-90
Buchanan Creek 1278781 Stream Lincoln TN 350932N 0863627W Fayetteville 653 19-May-80
Buchanan Crossing 1314756 Locale Lincoln TN 350942N 863100W Fayetteville 735 19-May-80
Buckeye Church 1278849 Church Lincoln TN 351053N 0863237W Fayetteville 699 19-May-80
Buckeye Creek 1278853 Stream Lincoln TN 350738N 0862430W Mulberry 696 19-May-80
Buckeye Creek 1278854 Stream Lincoln TN 351445N 0862719W Mulberry 718 19-May-80
Bucks Mill 1314761 Populated Place Lincoln TN 345928N 0863121W Fisk 758 19-May-80
Buffalo Hill 1278912 Summit Lincoln TN 351334N 0864717W Frankewing 971 19-May-80
Bugger Hollow 1278932 Valley Lincoln TN 350457N 0863135W Lincoln 725 19-May-80
Bugtussle Hollow 1278935 Valley Lincoln TN 350843N 864500W Frankewing 669 19-May-80
Buntley Cemeteries 1279014 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351435N 0863224W Fayetteville 843 19-May-80
Burns Cemetery 1279085 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351052N 0862556W Mulberry 817 19-May-80
Butler Cemetery 1279172 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350503N 0864354W Taft 682 19-May-80
Caldwell Cemetery 1645187 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351458N 0864431W Boonshill 820 1-Feb-90
Caldwell United Methodist Church 1316182 Church Lincoln TN 351910N 0863807W Petersburg 745 1-Aug-89
California Hollow 1279327 Valley Lincoln TN 351748N 0863924W Petersburg 728 19-May-80
Calvary Church 1305603 Church Lincoln TN 350737N 0863541W Fayetteville 748 19-May-80
Camargo 1279351 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350456N 0863809W Taft 1001 19-May-80
Camargo Church 1279352 Church Lincoln TN 350441N 0863812W Taft 981 19-May-80
Camargo Post Office (historical) 1650315 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Camargo School 1279353 School Lincoln TN 350509N 0863803W Taft 1001 19-May-80
Camp Dunroamin 1279386 Locale Lincoln TN 350651N 0863412W Lincoln 797 19-May-80
Campbell Cemetery 1279423 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350408N 0862838W Flintville 883 19-May-80
Campbell Cemetery 1645188 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351331N 0862823W Mulberry 751 1-Feb-90
Campers Branch 1305647 Stream Lincoln TN 350014N 0863450W Lincoln 794 19-May-80
Cane Creek 1305661 Stream Lincoln TN 350906N 0863634W Fayetteville 643 19-May-80
Carmel Church (historical) 1316183 Church Lincoln TN 351356N 0864623W Frankewing 738 1-Aug-89
Carpenter Branch 1279701 Stream Lincoln TN 350241N 0864346W Taft 718 19-May-80
Carpenter Cemetery 1645189 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350313N 0864406W Taft 715 1-Feb-90
Carpenter Cemetery 1645190 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350200N 0864409W Taft 912 1-Feb-90
Carpenter Hollow 1279707 Valley Lincoln TN 350257N 0864410W Taft 722 19-May-80
Carr Creek 1305696 Stream Lincoln TN 350646N 0864351W Taft 614 19-May-80
Carter Cemetery 1279784 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350458N 0862658W Flintville 984 19-May-80
Carter Lake 1301520 Reservoir Lincoln TN 350312N 0864130W Taft 748 1-Aug-91
Carter Lake Dam 1301521 Dam Lincoln TN 350312N 0864130W Taft 748 1-Aug-91
Cary Cemetery 1645191 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351052N 0863933W Boonshill 846 1-Feb-90
Cash Point 1279848 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350105N 0864819W Dellrose 899 19-May-80
Cash Point Baptist Church 1643955 Church Lincoln TN 350102N 0864818W Dellrose 899 1-Aug-89
Cash Point Post Office (historical) 1650316 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Cash Point School (historical) 1316184 School Lincoln TN 350058N 0864815W Dellrose 902 1-Aug-89
Cathcart Hill 1279889 Summit Lincoln TN 351104N 0864624W Frankewing 1040 19-May-80
Cathey Cemetery 1279890 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351319N 0864329W Boonshill 791 19-May-80
Cave Spring 1279941 Spring Lincoln TN 350022N 0862138W Huntland 922 19-May-80
Center Point Cemetery 1280137 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351530N 0863917W Petersburg 751 19-May-80
Center Ridge School 1280147 School Lincoln TN 350938N 0864647W Frankewing 961 19-May-80
Central High School 1305823 School Lincoln TN 350839N 0863422W Fayetteville 676 19-May-80
Champ 1314816 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350919N 0862307W Mulberry 774 19-May-80
Champ Post Office (historical) 1650317 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Chapman Cemetery 1280258 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351705N 0863915W Petersburg 764 19-May-80
Charles Bagley School 1305862 School Lincoln TN 350952N 0863451W Fayetteville 712 19-May-80
Cheatham Bend 1280303 Bend Lincoln TN 350619N 0864616W Dellrose 633 19-May-80
Chennault Ford 1314824 Crossing Lincoln TN 350855N 0863042W Fayetteville 666 19-May-80
Chestnut Ridge 1280407 Ridge Moore TN 351950N 0863205W Belleville 1171 19-May-80
Chestnut Ridge 1314831 Populated Place Lincoln TN 352005N 0863218W Belleville 1142 19-May-80
Chestnut Ridge Church 1280420 Church Moore TN 351937N 0863203W Belleville 1171 19-May-80
Chestnutridge Post Office (historical) 1650318 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Chicken Creek 1280440 Stream Lincoln TN 350929N 0864911W Frankewing 630 19-May-80
Childress Cemetery 1280453 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351207N 0864316W Boonshill 725 19-May-80
Childress Lake 1301483 Reservoir Lincoln TN 350130N 0863448W Lincoln 889 1-Aug-91
Childress Lake Dam 1301482 Dam Lincoln TN 350130N 0863448W Lincoln 889 1-Aug-91
Childs Cemetery 1645192 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351319N 0864010W Boonshill 804 1-Feb-90
Christian Church 1701066 Church Lincoln TN 345942N 0863429W Fisk 810 22-Nov-96
Church of Christ 1805959 Church Lincoln TN 350912N 0863404W Fayetteville 725 11-Feb-99
Circle H Ranch Lake 1310339 Reservoir Lincoln TN 350129N 0863450W Lincoln 889 1-Aug-89
Civilian Conservatino Corps Camp TVA Number 33 (historical) 1316185 Locale Lincoln TN 350957N 863300W Fayetteville 686 1-Aug-89
Clarke Cemetery 1645193 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351349N 0864229W Boonshill 764 1-Feb-90
Clarke Cemetery 1645194 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351219N 0864117W Boonshill 827 1-Feb-90
Clarks Ferry (historical) 1310340 Crossing Lincoln TN 350803N 0863222W Fayetteville 659 1-Aug-89
Clarks Ford 1310341 Crossing Lincoln TN 350804N 0863222W Fayetteville 653 1-Aug-89
Cold Spring Hollow 1280901 Valley Lincoln TN 351825N 0863554W Belleville 774 19-May-80
Coldwater 1306030 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350504N 0864401W Taft 627 19-May-80
Coldwater Creek 1280913 Stream Lincoln TN 350542N 0864440W Taft 610 19-May-80
Coldwater Post Office (historical) 1650319 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Coldwater School 1280914 School Lincoln TN 350453N 0864427W Taft 646 19-May-80
Cole Cemetery 1280919 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350106N 0864127W Taft 925 19-May-80
Cole Cemetery 1645195 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350322N 0863732W Taft 928 1-Feb-90
Collier Cemetery 1280973 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351651N 0863854W Petersburg 715 19-May-80
Colter Cemetery 1645196 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351509N 0863032W Belleville 919 1-Feb-90
Commons Branch 1281045 Stream Lincoln TN 350502N 0864404W Taft 617 19-May-80
Commons Cemetery 1281046 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351114N 0863857W Boonshill 712 19-May-80
Concord Cemetery 1645197 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351708N 0863224W Belleville 846 1-Feb-90
Concord Church 1281063 Church Lincoln TN 351324N 0863706W Fayetteville 705 19-May-80
Concord Church 1306062 Church Lincoln TN 351658N 0863221W Belleville 873 19-May-80
Concord Church (historical) 1316186 Church Lincoln TN 350707N 0863647W Lincoln 758 1-Aug-89
Conger Cemetery 1281084 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351309N 0863046W Fayetteville 784 19-May-80
Conner Cemetery 1316187 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351408N 0863057W Fayetteville 814 1-Aug-89
Conwell Cemetery 1306076 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351605N 0863428W Belleville 856 19-May-80
Cooper Branch 1281181 Stream Lincoln TN 351138N 0862709W Mulberry 689 19-May-80
Copeland Cemetery 1281239 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350936N 0862239W Mulberry 755 19-May-80
Copeland Creek 116608 Stream Madison AL 345453N 0863624W Fisk 751 4-Sep-80
Copeland Creek 1269491 Stream Lincoln TN 345453N 0863624W Toney 751 1932 19-May-80
Copperas Hill 1281273 Summit Lincoln TN 351610N 0864047W Petersburg 1155 19-May-80
Corder Crossroads 1306110 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350508N 0862824W Flintville 896 19-May-80
Corder Spring Branch 1281297 Stream Lincoln TN 350434N 0862813W Flintville 873 19-May-80
Corder-McCullock Cemetery 1645198 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350518N 0863024W Lincoln 965 1-Feb-90
Corders Crossroads School (historical) 1316188 School Lincoln TN 350511N 0862825W Flintville 896 1-Aug-89
Corpier Cemetery 1281328 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350129N 0864926W Dellrose 902 19-May-80
Cotton Mill Branch 1281363 Stream Lincoln TN 350930N 0863328W Fayetteville 656 19-May-80
Cottrell Spring 1281370 Spring Lincoln TN 350223N 0863217W Lincoln 883 19-May-80
Cottrell Spring Branch 1269497 Stream Lincoln TN 345949N 0863104W Fisk 768 19-May-80
Cowen Cemetery 1645199 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351007N 0863550W Fayetteville 738 1-Feb-90
Cowley Bridge 1281473 Bridge Lincoln TN 350818N 0862807W Mulberry 673 19-May-80
Cowley Hollow 1281474 Valley Lincoln TN 350627N 0863031W Lincoln 732 19-May-80
Crabtree Cemetery 1645200 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351714N 0864140W Petersburg 961 1-Feb-90
Crabtree Hollow 1281530 Valley Lincoln TN 351629N 0864147W Petersburg 787 19-May-80
Craighead Creek 1281551 Stream Lincoln TN 351248N 863800W Boonshill 669 19-May-80
Crane Cemetery 1281556 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351754N 0863345W Belleville 1181 19-May-80
Crawford Cemetery 1281575 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351227N 0863728W Fayetteville 689 19-May-80
Crawford Cemetery 1281576 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351314N 0863756W Boonshill 722 19-May-80
Creson 1281601 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351007N 0863305W Fayetteville 718 19-May-80
Creson Hollow 1281602 Valley Lincoln TN 351608N 0863003W Belleville 817 19-May-80
Cross Cemetery 1306190 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350150N 0864636W Dellrose 912 19-May-80
Crowley Island 1310342 Island Lincoln TN 350522N 0864914W Dellrose 600 1-Aug-89
Crystal Ridge 1281782 Ridge Lincoln TN 351116N 0862427W Mulberry 1050 19-May-80
Crystal Ridge School (historical) 1316189 School Lincoln TN 351135N 0862411W Mulberry 1083 1-Aug-89
Crystal Springs 1281786 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350427N 0862739W Flintville 938 19-May-80
Crystal Springs Branch 1281787 Stream Lincoln TN 350341N 0862852W Flintville 833 19-May-80
Cumberland Cemetery 1645201 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351907N 0863814W Petersburg 761 1-Feb-90
Cumberland Church 1281822 Church Lincoln TN 350456N 0864450W Taft 728 19-May-80
Cumberland Church (historical) 1316190 Church Lincoln TN 351144N 0863914W Boonshill 755 1-Aug-89
Cunningham Branch 1281860 Stream Lincoln TN 350238N 0862629W Flintville 833 19-May-80
Cunningham Branch 1281862 Stream Lincoln TN 350748N 0864447W Boonshill 636 19-May-80
Cunningham Cemetery 1281864 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351109N 0864406W Boonshill 722 19-May-80
Cunningham Cemetery 1645202 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350856N 0863104W Fayetteville 722 1-Feb-90
Cunningham Cemetery 1645203 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351020N 0863307W Fayetteville 741 1-Feb-90
Cunningham Hollow 1647312 Valley Lincoln TN 350806N 0864435W Boonshill 659 1-Aug-89
Cyruston Church of Christ 1283326 Church Lincoln TN 350931N 0864328W Boonshill 643 19-May-80
Cyruston Post Office (historical) 1650320 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Damron Cemetery 1306258 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350047N 0861928W Huntland 988 19-May-80
Daniel Cemetery 1645204 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351633N 0864130W Petersburg 843 1-Feb-90
Dave Cemetery 1306268 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351204N 0863355W Fayetteville 748 19-May-80
Dave Hollow 1306269 Valley Lincoln TN 351159N 0863523W Fayetteville 725 19-May-80
Davis Branch 117105 Stream Limestone AL 345819N 0864826W Ardmore 820 4-Sep-80
Davis Branch 1269517 Stream Lincoln TN 345819N 0864826W Ardmore 820 19-May-80
Davis Cemetery 1282135 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351525N 0864721W Cornersville 781 19-May-80
Davis Cemetery 1645205 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350219N 0863515W Lincoln 886 1-Feb-90
Davis Cemetery 1645206 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350019N 0863045W Lincoln 807 1-Feb-90
Davis Cemetery 1645207 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351425N 0864608W Frankewing 810 1-Feb-90
Deford Post Office (historical) 1650321 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Dellrose 1306325 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350647N 0864805W Dellrose 673 19-May-80
Dellrose Post Office 1650322 Post Office Lincoln TN 350633N 0864834W Dellrose 636 1-Aug-89
Dellrose School 1282322 School Lincoln TN 350701N 0864737W Dellrose 892 19-May-80
Derrick Bend 1282362 Bend Lincoln TN 350824N 0862110W Lois 732 19-May-80
Derrick Cemetery 1645208 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351341N 0863731W Boonshill 709 1-Feb-90
Dickey Bridge 1282440 Bridge Lincoln TN 350822N 0862653W Mulberry 689 19-May-80
Dickey Cemetery 1645209 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350938N 0863820W Boonshill 686 1-Feb-90
Dickey Hollow 1306341 Valley Lincoln TN 351004N 0862638W Mulberry 758 19-May-80
Dickey Island 1282445 Island Lincoln TN 350751N 0862614W Mulberry 692 19-May-80
Dolan Hollow 1282618 Valley Lincoln TN 350316N 0864339W Taft 696 19-May-80
Dollar Spring 1282625 Spring Lincoln TN 350655N 0864738W Dellrose 814 19-May-80
Donalson Hospital (historical) 1805960 Hospital Lincoln TN 350906N 0863434W Fayetteville 718 11-Feb-99
Donneby Branch 117375 Stream Madison AL 350058N 0863005W Lincoln 781 4-Sep-80
Donneby Branch 1269532 Stream Lincoln TN 350058N 0863005W Lincoln 781 19-May-80
Douglas 1314971 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350854N 0862927W Mulberry 735 19-May-80
Dry Creek 1282901 Stream Lincoln TN 350339N 0864256W Taft 646 19-May-80
Dry Creek 1282930 Stream Lincoln TN 350750N 0863943W Boonshill 636 19-May-80
Duckworth Hollow 1283055 Valley Lincoln TN 351401N 0864550W Frankewing 764 19-May-80
Dukes Creek 1283119 Stream Lincoln TN 350817N 0862805W Mulberry 676 19-May-80
Dunlap Cemetery 1645210 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350619N 0864439W Taft 653 1-Feb-90
Dunns Store (historical) 1316191 Locale Lincoln TN 350516N 0863134W Lincoln 715 1-Aug-89
Dyer Branch 1283254 Stream Lincoln TN 351540N 0864334W Petersburg 738 19-May-80
East Cyruston 1314995 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350925N 0864255W Boonshill 646 19-May-80
East Cyruston Cemetery 1283325 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350907N 0864248W Boonshill 699 19-May-80
East Fork Bradshaw Creek 1269554 Stream Giles TN 351402N 0865031W Frankewing 689 19-May-80
East Fork Leatherwood Creek 1283350 Stream Lincoln TN 350927N 0864813W Frankewing 673 19-May-80
East Fork Mulberry Creek 1303446 Stream Lincoln TN 351127N 0862755W Mulberry 679 19-May-80
Eastwood Estates 1310343 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350050N 0863324W Lincoln 883 1-Aug-89
Ebenezer Hollow 1283484 Valley Marshall TN 351520N 0864728W Cornersville 758 19-May-80
Egam 1315007 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351114N 0863850W Boonshill 696 19-May-80
Egam School (historical) 1316192 School Lincoln TN 351108N 0863759W Boonshill 682 1-Aug-89
Ego Post Office (historical) 1650323 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Eighth District Elementary School 1648317 School Lincoln TN 350832N 0863431W Fayetteville 699 1-Aug-91
Eldad Bridge 1283597 Bridge Lincoln TN 350804N 0863222W Fayetteville 653 19-May-80
Elizabeth Training School (historical) 1316193 School Lincoln TN 351857N 0863813W Petersburg 771 1-Aug-89
Elk Mill Village 1283639 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350944N 863400W Fayetteville 705 19-May-80
Elk River 117929 Stream Lauderdale AL 344541N 0871556W Rogersville 558 4-Sep-80
Elk Valley Church (historical) 1316194 Church Lincoln TN 350829N 0863910W Boonshill 646 1-Aug-89
Elmwood Terrace 1805961 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350858N 0863457W Fayetteville 722 11-Feb-99
Elora 1283729 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350048N 0862121W Huntland 928 19-May-80
Elora Cemetery 1645211 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350107N 0862146W Huntland 925 1-Feb-90
Elora Post Office 1650324 Post Office Lincoln TN 350049N 0862125W Huntland 925 1-Aug-89
Elora School (historical) 1316195 School Lincoln TN 350113N 0862137W Huntland 942 1-Aug-89
Epps Hollow 1283835 Valley Lincoln TN 351213N 0864048W Boonshill 738 19-May-80
Epps Hollow 1283836 Valley Lincoln TN 351550N 0863346W Belleville 778 19-May-80
Eslick Branch 1283852 Stream Lincoln TN 350854N 0862305W Mulberry 715 19-May-80
Ewing Cemetery 1645212 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350303N 0864749W Dellrose 810 1-Feb-90
Fairmount School (historical) 1323286 School Lincoln TN 351015N 0862745W Mulberry 988 1-Feb-90
Fanning Cemetery 1284120 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350847N 0862424W Mulberry 764 19-May-80
Fanning Cemetery 1645213 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350607N 0862706W Flintville 771 1-Feb-90
Fanning Hollow 1284122 Valley Lincoln TN 350853N 0862317W Mulberry 722 19-May-80
Farrar Cemetery 1645214 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350702N 0864552W Dellrose 673 1-Feb-90
Fayetteville 1647829 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350907N 0863414W Fayetteville 705 19-May-80
Fayetteville Cemetery 1645215 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351119N 0863625W Fayetteville 728 1-Feb-90
Fayetteville City Hall 1316196 Building Lincoln TN 350906N 0863405W Fayetteville 705 1-Aug-89
Fayetteville Elementary School 1805962 School Lincoln TN 350904N 0863427W Fayetteville 696 11-Feb-99
Fayetteville First Baptist Church 1643956 Church Lincoln TN 350913N 0863409W Fayetteville 722 1-Aug-89
Fayetteville Golf and Country Club 1284175 Locale Lincoln TN 351025N 0863503W Fayetteville 692 19-May-80
Fayetteville Junior High School 1316197 School Lincoln TN 350815N 0863510W Fayetteville 663 1-Aug-89
Fayetteville Municipal Airport 1301298 Airport Lincoln TN 350334N 0863350W Lincoln 971 1-Aug-91
Fayetteville Post Office 1650325 Post Office Lincoln TN 350908N 0863405W Fayetteville 712 1-Aug-89
Fayetteville Pumping Station 1284176 Locale Lincoln TN 350656N 0862811W Flintville 748 19-May-80
Fayetteville Pumping Station 1284177 Building Lincoln TN 350549N 0863439W Lincoln 804 19-May-80
Ferguson-Thornton Cemetery 1645216 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351638N 0863307W Belleville 817 1-Feb-90
Fife Cemetery 1284249 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350555N 0863808W Taft 968 19-May-80
First Assembly of God Church 1805963 Church Lincoln TN 350921N 0863406W Fayetteville 778 11-Feb-99
First Baptist Church 1316198 Church Lincoln TN 351913N 0863818W Petersburg 755 1-Aug-89
First Presbyterian Church 1316199 Church Lincoln TN 351913N 0863820W Petersburg 755 1-Aug-89
First Presbyterian Church 1316200 Church Lincoln TN 350907N 0863358W Fayetteville 705 1-Aug-89
First United Methodist Church 1805964 Church Lincoln TN 350912N 0863410W Fayetteville 718 11-Feb-99
Flint River 118436 Stream Madison AL 343009N 0863146W Farley 558 4-Sep-80
Flintville 1284492 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350345N 0862511W Flintville 902 19-May-80
Flintville Cemetery 1645217 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350345N 0862508W Flintville 896 1-Feb-90
Flintville Cemetery 1645218 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350402N 862500W Flintville 922 1-Feb-90
Flintville Elementary School 1316201 School Lincoln TN 350337N 0862449W Flintville 932 1-Aug-89
Flintville First Baptist Church 1643957 Church Lincoln TN 350344N 0862506W Flintville 892 1-Aug-89
Flintville Junior High School 1316202 School Lincoln TN 350334N 0862450W Flintville 928 1-Aug-89
Flintville Post Office 1650326 Post Office Lincoln TN 350343N 0862515W Flintville 906 1-Aug-89
Flynn Branch 1284537 Stream Lincoln TN 350307N 0863948W Taft 735 19-May-80
Ford Cemetery 1645219 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350748N 0864213W Boonshill 702 1-Feb-90
Foster Cemetery 1284692 Cemetery Lincoln TN 352110N 0863346W Belleville 902 19-May-80
Fowler Creek 149961 Stream Madison AL 345754N 0863420W Fisk 745 4-Sep-80
Franklin Cemetery 1284818 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350015N 0864812W Dellrose 883 19-May-80
Franklin Hollow 1284831 Valley Lincoln TN 350833N 0862638W Mulberry 696 19-May-80
Freeman Cemetery 1284884 Cemetery Lincoln TN 352034N 0863259W Belleville 883 19-May-80
Freeman Cemetery 1645220 Cemetery Lincoln TN 352048N 0863318W Belleville 1089 1-Feb-90
Friendship Church of Christ 1284929 Church Lincoln TN 351502N 0864020W Petersburg 748 19-May-80
Friendship State Line Church 1284951 Church Lincoln TN 345934N 0864321W Toney 892 19-May-80
Fullerton Cemetery 1645221 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350853N 0863733W Boonshill 682 1-Feb-90
Fuss Hollow 1285052 Valley Lincoln TN 351625N 0864141W Petersburg 804 19-May-80
Gains Cemetery 1285072 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351224N 0863603W Fayetteville 820 19-May-80
Gase Cemetery 1645222 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351612N 0862622W Lynchburg West 781 1-Feb-90
Gatlin Cemetery 1285245 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350047N 0864818W Dellrose 892 19-May-80
Gattis Cemetery 1285251 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351225N 0862339W Mulberry 886 19-May-80
Gattistown 1315103 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351229N 0862345W Mulberry 820 19-May-80
Gattistown Branch 1285253 Stream Lincoln TN 351318N 0862502W Mulberry 728 19-May-80
Gaunt Hill 1285257 Summit Lincoln TN 351904N 0863824W Petersburg 919 19-May-80
George Cemetery 1285290 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350601N 0864748W Dellrose 646 19-May-80
George Cemetery 1285291 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350833N 0864820W Frankewing 925 19-May-80
George Cemetery 1285292 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351409N 0863139W Fayetteville 840 19-May-80
George Cemetery 1285293 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351543N 0863358W Belleville 843 19-May-80
Gethsemane (historical) 1310344 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351007N 0863028W Fayetteville 751 1-Aug-89
Gethsemane Church (historical) 1316203 Church Lincoln TN 351007N 0863024W Fayetteville 764 1-Aug-89
Gibson Cemetery 1285340 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351245N 0863713W Fayetteville 751 19-May-80
Gibson Cemetery 1285342 Cemetery Lincoln TN 352127N 0863514W Belleville 883 19-May-80
Gilbert Cemetery 1645223 Cemetery Lincoln TN 352002N 0863358W Belleville 879 1-Feb-90
Giles Cemetery 1285379 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351416N 0863434W Fayetteville 830 19-May-80
Giles Hollow 1285387 Valley Lincoln TN 351357N 863400W Fayetteville 738 19-May-80
Gill Cemetery 1285389 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351012N 0864655W Frankewing 883 19-May-80
Gimlet Creek 1285438 Stream Lincoln TN 351313N 0862748W Mulberry 699 19-May-80
Gin Hollow 1285446 Valley Lincoln TN 350658N 0862445W Flintville 738 19-May-80
Gingerbread Creek 1269593 Stream Lincoln TN 351517N 0863739W Petersburg 686 19-May-80
Goat Island 1285544 Island Lincoln TN 350725N 0861934W Huntland 718 19-May-80
Golden Cemetery 1645225 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350555N 0862646W Flintville 817 1-Feb-90
Good Hollow 1285613 Valley Lincoln TN 350345N 0863925W Taft 774 19-May-80
Goshen (historical) 1643958 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350230N 0863425W Lincoln 942 1-Aug-89
Goshen Hollow 1285721 Valley Marshall TN 351611N 0864343W Petersburg 741 19-May-80
Goshen Post Office (historical) 1650327 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Gould Hill 1285753 Summit Lincoln TN 351712N 0864024W Petersburg 1175 19-May-80
Gray Cemetery 1645226 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350625N 0862341W Flintville 981 1-Feb-90
Green Cemetery 1286073 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350806N 0863222W Fayetteville 673 19-May-80
Greenwood Estates 1310345 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350244N 0863406W Lincoln 958 1-Aug-89
Greer Cemetery 1286212 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351913N 0863518W Belleville 853 19-May-80
Gregory Cemetery 1645227 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350754N 0862919W Mulberry 705 1-Feb-90
Gregory Chapel 1286242 Church Lincoln TN 351658N 0864129W Petersburg 833 19-May-80
Grider Hollow 1286258 Valley Lincoln TN 350257N 0863930W Taft 755 19-May-80
Grills Cemetery 1645228 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350500N 0863037W Lincoln 948 1-Feb-90
Groce Cemetery 1645229 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351519N 0863004W Belleville 817 1-Feb-90
Gum Spring 1286415 Spring Lincoln TN 350620N 0864905W Dellrose 620 19-May-80
Gum Spring 1310346 Spring Lincoln TN 350521N 0862430W Flintville 948 1-Aug-89
Gum Springs 1286426 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350519N 0862432W Flintville 942 19-May-80
Gum Springs Branch 1286427 Stream Lincoln TN 350425N 0862428W Flintville 922 19-May-80
Gum Springs Cemetery 1316204 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350519N 0862413W Flintville 984 1-Aug-89
Gum Springs Church 1286429 Church Lincoln TN 350529N 0862409W Flintville 971 19-May-80
Gunner Hollow 1647313 Valley Lincoln TN 351020N 0864315W Boonshill 633 1-Aug-89
Gunter Cemetery 1645230 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351152N 0864758W Frankewing 771 1-Feb-90
Hairston Cemetery 1645236 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350716N 0863707W Lincoln 712 1-Feb-90
Halbert Cemetery 1286507 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350948N 0864329W Boonshill 663 19-May-80
Hall Cemetery 1286559 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351611N 0863720W Belleville 738 19-May-80
Hames Hollow 1286642 Valley Lincoln TN 350851N 0864849W Frankewing 653 19-May-80
Hamestring Branch 1286643 Stream Lincoln TN 351256N 0863109W Fayetteville 728 19-May-80
Hamilton Cemetery 1645231 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351003N 0863856W Boonshill 696 1-Feb-90
Hamilton Cemetery 1645232 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351029N 0863853W Boonshill 702 1-Feb-90
Hamilton Mill 1315183 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350631N 0864644W Dellrose 689 19-May-80
Hampton Hollow 1286705 Valley Lincoln TN 351506N 0864146W Petersburg 761 19-May-80
Hancock Branch 1286715 Stream Lincoln TN 350033N 0863512W Lincoln 797 19-May-80
Hancock Cemetery 1645233 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350055N 0863521W Lincoln 833 1-Feb-90
Hancock Cemetery 1645234 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350103N 0863529W Lincoln 840 1-Feb-90
Hanks Cemetery 1645235 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350535N 0863545W Lincoln 997 1-Feb-90
Hannah Gap Branch 1312897 Stream Lincoln TN 351847N 0863454W Belleville 764 1-Feb-90
Hannah Gap Church 1286744 Church Lincoln TN 352118N 0863506W Belleville 873 19-May-80
Happy Ridge 1286775 Ridge Lincoln TN 350650N 0862139W Huntland 961 19-May-80
Harbin Branch 1269622 Stream Lincoln TN 350120N 0862953W Flintville 791 19-May-80
Harkins Cemetery 1286874 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351906N 0863315W Belleville 846 19-May-80
Harms 1286904 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350917N 0863903W Boonshill 656 19-May-80
Harms Mill Hydroelectric Station 1326739 Building Lincoln TN 350828N 0862855W Mulberry 696 1-Jan-93
Harms Post Office (historical) 1650328 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Harms School (historical) 1316205 School Lincoln TN 350918N 0863905W Boonshill 663 1-Aug-89
Harper Branch 1286911 Stream Lincoln TN 350315N 0863629W Lincoln 873 19-May-80
Harris Cemetery 1286950 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350546N 0863531W Lincoln 1007 19-May-80
Harris Cemetery 1286955 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351347N 0863626W Fayetteville 791 19-May-80
Harris Cemetery 1645237 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350545N 0862558W Flintville 919 1-Feb-90
Harris-Jean Cemetery 1645238 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350516N 0862618W Flintville 988 1-Feb-90
Harrison Hollow 1287023 Valley Lincoln TN 350736N 0864836W Frankewing 653 19-May-80
Hastings Cemetery 1287096 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350714N 0864150W Taft 653 19-May-80
Hayes Branch 1287212 Stream Lincoln TN 351108N 0863727W Fayetteville 659 19-May-80
Hayes Cemetery 1287213 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351527N 0864742W Cornersville 883 19-May-80
Haysland Church 1287249 Church Lincoln TN 351321N 0863701W Fayetteville 705 19-May-80
Hazeland School 1287262 School Lincoln TN 351448N 0863923W Boonshill 810 19-May-80
Hazelwood Hill 1287268 Summit Lincoln TN 351649N 0863632W Belleville 1135 19-May-80
Hedgpeth Cemetery 1287325 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351052N 0864542W Frankewing 810 19-May-80
Helton Hollow 1287353 Valley Lincoln TN 352038N 0863306W Belleville 869 19-May-80
Henderson Branch 1287380 Stream Lincoln TN 350535N 0864449W Taft 610 19-May-80
Henderson Cemetery 1645239 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350112N 0863536W Lincoln 853 1-Feb-90
Hendersons Subdivision 1310347 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350514N 0863606W Lincoln 981 1-Aug-89
Henry Bend 1287433 Bend Lincoln TN 350729N 0863303W Lincoln 696 19-May-80
Hereford Cemetery 1287486 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350848N 0864927W Frankewing 673 19-May-80
Hester Branch 1287517 Stream Lincoln TN 350239N 0862903W Flintville 817 19-May-80
Hester Cemetery 1287518 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350256N 0862941W Flintville 899 19-May-80
Hester Cemetery 1287519 Cemetery Lincoln TN 352004N 0863546W Belleville 912 19-May-80
Hester Creek 120009 Stream Madison AL 345437N 0862614W New Market 705 4-Sep-80
Hickory Hill Church 1306565 Church Lincoln TN 352116N 0863143W Belleville 1243 19-May-80
Hickory Ridge 1647314 Ridge Lincoln TN 350852N 0864150W Boonshill 817 1-Aug-89
Higgins Cemetery 1287686 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351251N 0863401W Fayetteville 755 19-May-80
High Point Subdivision 1310348 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350232N 0863420W Lincoln 942 1-Aug-89
Highland Rim 1310349 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350502N 0863552W Lincoln 981 1-Aug-89
Highland Rim Elementary School 1316206 School Lincoln TN 350355N 0863533W Lincoln 945 1-Aug-89
Highland Rim Falls Subdivision 1310350 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350455N 0863450W Lincoln 1001 1-Aug-89
Hilldale Estates 1310351 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350217N 0863404W Lincoln 965 1-Aug-89
Hobbs Bridge 1287934 Bridge Lincoln TN 350556N 0864432W Taft 620 19-May-80
Hog Branch 1287973 Stream Lincoln TN 350234N 0863226W Lincoln 896 19-May-80
Hog Hollow 1287982 Valley Lincoln TN 350641N 0862243W Flintville 738 19-May-80
Holman Cemetery 1316207 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350655N 0862153W Huntland 965 1-Aug-89
Holman Cemetery 1645240 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351441N 0862704W Mulberry 755 1-Feb-90
Holman Chapel (historical) 1316208 Church Lincoln TN 350415N 0862208W Huntland 978 1-Aug-89
Holman Chapel School 1288126 School Lincoln TN 350417N 0862207W Huntland 978 19-May-80
Honey Branch 1288194 Stream Lincoln TN 351020N 0862257W Mulberry 755 19-May-80
Hopkins-Eastland Cemetery 1645241 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350229N 0862917W Flintville 827 1-Feb-90
Hopper Hollow 1647315 Valley Lincoln TN 351250N 0863513W Fayetteville 774 1-Aug-89
Hornet Hollow 1288374 Valley Lincoln TN 350606N 0863449W Lincoln 804 19-May-80
Horton Post Office (historical) 1650329 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Hovis Bend 1288519 Bend Lincoln TN 350755N 0864317W Boonshill 656 19-May-80
Hovis-Gregory Cemetery 1645242 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351018N 0864553W Frankewing 833 1-Feb-90
Howard Cemetery 1645243 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351121N 0862740W Mulberry 718 1-Feb-90
Howard Cemetery 1645244 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351016N 0862238W Mulberry 781 1-Feb-90
Howards Mill (historical) 1316209 Locale Lincoln TN 351138N 0862710W Mulberry 689 1-Aug-89
Howell 1288552 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351348N 0863640W Fayetteville 748 19-May-80
Howell First Baptist Church 1643959 Church Lincoln TN 351356N 0863641W Fayetteville 741 1-Aug-89
Howell Hill 1288560 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350343N 0863104W Lincoln 938 19-May-80
Howell Hill 1288561 Summit Lincoln TN 351040N 0864629W Frankewing 1047 19-May-80
Howell Hill Baptist Church 1643960 Church Lincoln TN 350342N 0863104W Lincoln 938 1-Aug-89
Howell Hill School (historical) 1316210 School Lincoln TN 350340N 0863103W Lincoln 938 1-Aug-89
Howell Post Office (historical) 1650330 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Howell School (historical) 1316211 School Lincoln TN 351357N 0863634W Fayetteville 771 1-Aug-89
Howell School (historical) 1316212 School Lincoln TN 351322N 0863704W Fayetteville 699 1-Aug-89
Huckleberry Branch 120503 Stream Madison AL 345750N 0864001W Toney 827 4-Sep-80
Huckleberry Branch 1288586 Stream Lincoln TN 345751N 0864001W Toney 827 19-May-80
Huckleberry Branch 1288587 Stream Lincoln TN 350213N 863200W Lincoln 866 19-May-80
Hudson Cemetery 1645245 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351501N 0864348W Petersburg 751 1-Feb-90
Hughey 1288683 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351229N 0864134W Boonshill 718 19-May-80
Hughey Post Office (historical) 1650331 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Hulsey Cemetery 1288692 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351030N 0863105W Fayetteville 804 19-May-80
Hunter Cemetery 1645246 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351251N 0863334W Fayetteville 833 1-Feb-90
Hunter Cemetery 1645247 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350702N 0862441W Flintville 761 1-Feb-90
Hutchinson Hollow 1288865 Valley Lincoln TN 350712N 0863724W Lincoln 673 19-May-80
Icy Bank Ridge 1288896 Ridge Lincoln TN 351450N 0863533W Fayetteville 1122 19-May-80
Icy Bank School (historical) 1316213 School Lincoln TN 351454N 0863517W Fayetteville 1096 1-Aug-89
Isom Cemetery 1289106 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351247N 0863104W Fayetteville 758 19-May-80
Isom Cemetery 1645248 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351650N 0864114W Petersburg 889 1-Feb-90
Jackson Cemetery 1645249 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351703N 0863002W Belleville 863 1-Feb-90
Jared Cemetery 1289301 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351109N 0862509W Mulberry 886 19-May-80
Jean Cemetery 1645250 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350527N 0862616W Flintville 984 1-Feb-90
Jenny River 1269690 Stream Lincoln TN 345914N 0862628W New Market 801 19-May-80
Jerusalem 1315298 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351436N 0864704W Frankewing 965 19-May-80
John Moore Hollow 1289487 Valley Lincoln TN 351145N 0862651W Mulberry 709 19-May-80
Johnson Branch 1289537 Stream Lincoln TN 345954N 0864848W Ardmore 856 19-May-80
Johnson Branch 1289538 Stream Lincoln TN 351110N 0864440W Boonshill 640 19-May-80
Johnson Cemetery 1289545 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351344N 0863115W Fayetteville 791 19-May-80
Johnson Cemetery 1645251 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351054N 0864534W Frankewing 732 1-Feb-90
Johnson School (historical) 1316214 School Lincoln TN 350425N 0863541W Lincoln 961 1-Aug-89
Johnston Cemetery 1645252 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351547N 0862846W Lynchburg West 827 1-Feb-90
Jones Branch 1289691 Stream Lincoln TN 350019N 0864348W Taft 886 19-May-80
Kate Hollow 1312898 Valley Lincoln TN 351150N 0863048W Fayetteville 801 1-Feb-90
Keith Cemetery 1289974 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351446N 0863102W Fayetteville 912 19-May-80
Keith Hollow 1289978 Valley Lincoln TN 350605N 0861819W Huntland 768 19-May-80
Keith Spring 1289980 Spring Lincoln TN 350643N 0863610W Lincoln 718 19-May-80
Kelly Creek 1290030 Stream Giles TN 350456N 0865135W Dellrose 600 19-May-80
Kelly Creek Church 1290033 Church Lincoln TN 350117N 0864616W Dellrose 951 19-May-80
Kelly Creek Church 1290034 Church Lincoln TN 350337N 0864912W Dellrose 702 19-May-80
Kelso 1290051 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350733N 0862807W Mulberry 751 19-May-80
Kelso Cemetery 1645253 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350741N 0862812W Mulberry 732 1-Feb-90
Kelso Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1316215 Church Lincoln TN 350736N 0862807W Mulberry 741 1-Aug-89
Kelso Post Office 1650332 Post Office Lincoln TN 350737N 0862804W Mulberry 735 1-Aug-89
Kelso School (historical) 1316216 School Lincoln TN 350738N 0862743W Mulberry 709 1-Aug-89
Kelso Spring 1310352 Spring Lincoln TN 350655N 0862814W Flintville 784 1-Aug-89
Kent Cemetery 1645254 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351209N 0863855W Boonshill 981 1-Feb-90
Kent Hollow 1290091 Valley Lincoln TN 350742N 0863525W Fayetteville 696 19-May-80
Kilpatrick Cemetery 1645255 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350252N 0862649W Flintville 873 1-Feb-90
Kilpatrick Cemetery 1645256 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350208N 0862440W Flintville 886 1-Feb-90
Kimes Cemetery 1645257 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351440N 0863557W Fayetteville 807 1-Feb-90
King Cemetery 1290196 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351903N 0863314W Belleville 833 19-May-80
Kirkland 1290298 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350344N 0863745W Taft 938 19-May-80
Kirkland Chapel 1290300 Church Lincoln TN 350345N 0863757W Taft 961 19-May-80
Kirkland Chapel Cemetery 1645258 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350347N 0863758W Taft 958 1-Feb-90
Lady Jane Airport 1301308 Airport Lincoln TN 351000N 863600W Fayetteville 705 1-Aug-91
Lamarsons Plantation (historical) 1316217 Locale Lincoln TN 350700N 0863310W Lincoln 712 1-Aug-89
Land Cemetery 1290580 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350314N 0863057W Lincoln 919 19-May-80
Landess Cemetery 1645259 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351743N 0863210W Belleville 915 1-Feb-90
Lane Branch 1290594 Stream Lincoln TN 351400N 0863104W Fayetteville 761 19-May-80
Lane Cemetery 1645260 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351618N 0863122W Belleville 1083 1-Feb-90
Lay Cemetery 1645261 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350912N 0864121W Boonshill 778 1-Feb-90
Leatherwood Creek 1290887 Stream Lincoln TN 350843N 0864914W Frankewing 623 19-May-80
Lebanon Cemetery 1645262 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350752N 0863914W Boonshill 696 1-Feb-90
Lebanon Church 1290906 Church Lincoln TN 350752N 0863918W Boonshill 682 19-May-80
Lee Cemetery 1645263 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351130N 0864844W Frankewing 748 1-Feb-90
Lees Creek 1290979 Stream Lincoln TN 350725N 0863213W Lincoln 666 19-May-80
Lewter Chapel 1291098 Church Lincoln TN 345939N 0865009W Ardmore 909 19-May-80
Liberty 1291104 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350643N 0863231W Lincoln 712 19-May-80
Liberty Church (historical) 1316218 Church Lincoln TN 350040N 0861950W Huntland 971 1-Aug-89
Liberty School (historical) 1316219 School Lincoln TN 350642N 0863234W Lincoln 715 1-Aug-89
Limestone Creek 121648 Stream Limestone AL 343441N 0865314W Decatur 558 4-Sep-80
Lincoln 1291303 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350054N 0863027W Lincoln 820 19-May-80
Lincoln Baptist Church 1643962 Church Lincoln TN 350051N 0863026W Lincoln 823 1-Aug-89
Lincoln Cemetery 1645264 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350053N 0863023W Lincoln 820 1-Feb-90
Lincoln County 1639766 Civil Lincoln TN 350900N 863600W Fayetteville 659 1-Aug-91
Lincoln County Courthouse 1316220 Building Lincoln TN 350906N 0863412W Fayetteville 709 1-Aug-89
Lincoln County Fairgrounds 1316221 Locale Lincoln TN 350845N 0863437W Fayetteville 676 1-Aug-89
Lincoln County Farm (historical) 1326878 Locale Lincoln TN 350400N 0864046W Taft 774 1-Aug-89
Lincoln County High School 1316222 School Lincoln TN 350807N 0863406W Fayetteville 699 1-Aug-89
Lincoln County Hospital 1291304 Hospital Lincoln TN 350857N 0863448W Fayetteville 764 19-May-80
Lincoln Lake 1291306 Reservoir Lincoln TN 350710N 0862334W Flintville 728 19-May-80
Lincoln Lake Dam 1307059 Dam Lincoln TN 350710N 0862334W Flintville 728 1-Aug-91
Lincoln Post Office (historical) 1650333 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Lincoln School (historical) 1316223 School Lincoln TN 350058N 0863028W Lincoln 840 1-Aug-89
Lindsay Valley School 1291319 School Lincoln TN 350747N 0863815W Boonshill 705 19-May-80
Little Cane Creek 1291411 Stream Lincoln TN 351810N 0863744W Petersburg 722 19-May-80
Little Huckleberry Creek 1291533 Stream Lincoln TN 350226N 0862315W Flintville 889 19-May-80
Little Limestone Creek 121813 Stream Limestone AL 345355N 0864703W Ardmore 732 4-Sep-80
Little Norris Creek 1291597 Stream Lincoln TN 351056N 0863235W Fayetteville 682 19-May-80
Little Swan Creek 1291683 Stream Lincoln TN 351020N 0864324W Boonshill 627 19-May-80
Locke Swamp 1291768 Swamp Lincoln TN 350027N 0863822W Taft 879 19-May-80
Locker Hill 1291770 Summit Lincoln TN 350645N 0863506W Lincoln 863 19-May-80
Locker Spring 1291771 Spring Lincoln TN 350456N 0863302W Lincoln 830 19-May-80
Lockes Mill 1315423 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351259N 0862640W Mulberry 709 19-May-80
Logan Cemetery 1645265 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351533N 0862716W Lynchburg West 804 1-Feb-90
Long Hollow 1291947 Valley Lincoln TN 351234N 0863335W Fayetteville 741 19-May-80
Long Hollow 1291950 Valley Lincoln TN 351558N 0864107W Petersburg 827 19-May-80
Louis Lake 1301549 Reservoir Lincoln TN 350448N 864300W Taft 653 1-Aug-91
Louis Lake Dam 1301548 Dam Lincoln TN 350448N 864300W Taft 653 1-Aug-91
Louse Creek 1292112 Stream Lincoln TN 351342N 0862431W Mulberry 732 19-May-80
Lovett Cemetery 1292157 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351303N 0864816W Frankewing 791 19-May-80
Loyd Cemetery 1292245 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351114N 0862536W Mulberry 840 19-May-80
Loyd Chapel 1292248 Church Lincoln TN 351004N 0862647W Mulberry 761 19-May-80
Lucinda Bend 1292258 Bend Lincoln TN 350810N 0863039W Fayetteville 682 19-May-80
Lucy Memorial Church 1292265 Church Lincoln TN 350646N 862900W Flintville 938 19-May-80
Luna Hollow 1292282 Valley Lincoln TN 351159N 0864720W Frankewing 728 19-May-80
Macedonia Cemetery 1645266 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350118N 0863535W Lincoln 866 1-Feb-90
Macedonia Church 1292407 Church Lincoln TN 350118N 0863532W Lincoln 863 19-May-80
Madden Homes 1805965 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350853N 0863428W Fayetteville 676 11-Feb-99
Maddox Branch 1292471 Stream Lincoln TN 350528N 0864623W Dellrose 600 19-May-80
Major Cemetery 1292519 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350446N 0864817W Dellrose 656 19-May-80
Malone Cemetery 1292536 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350206N 0864935W Dellrose 942 19-May-80
Mansfield Cemetery 1645267 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351715N 0863040W Belleville 1152 1-Feb-90
Mansfield Hill 1292600 Summit Lincoln TN 350744N 0864731W Frankewing 961 19-May-80
Marches Zion Church 1292673 Church Lincoln TN 350939N 0863705W Fayetteville 709 19-May-80
Marsh Cemetery 1645268 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351850N 0863820W Petersburg 764 1-Feb-90
Marshall Bend 1292754 Bend Lincoln TN 350837N 0863617W Fayetteville 659 19-May-80
Martin Hollow 1292836 Valley Lincoln TN 350258N 0864357W Taft 692 19-May-80
Martin Hollow 1292839 Valley Lincoln TN 351637N 0862801W Lynchburg West 748 19-May-80
Martin Hollow 1292844 Valley Lincoln TN 350738N 0863027W Fayetteville 735 19-May-80
Martin-Chitwood Cemetery 1645269 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351231N 0863907W Boonshill 725 1-Feb-90
Mary Chapel 1316224 Church Lincoln TN 350958N 0863735W Boonshill 715 1-Aug-89
Mary Chapel School 1292859 School Lincoln TN 350958N 0863734W Boonshill 715 19-May-80
Marys Grove 1310353 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350320N 0863845W Taft 958 1-Aug-89
Marys Grove Cemetery 1645270 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350318N 0863828W Taft 958 1-Feb-90
Marys Grove School 1292867 School Lincoln TN 350321N 0863842W Taft 961 19-May-80
Mason Branch 1292879 Stream Lincoln TN 345948N 0863120W Fisk 761 19-May-80
Mayberry Courts 1805966 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350857N 0863438W Fayetteville 699 11-Feb-99
Mays Chapel 1293033 Church Lincoln TN 350941N 0863711W Fayetteville 689 19-May-80
McAdam Cemetery 1293061 Cemetery Lincoln TN 352102N 863500W Belleville 866 19-May-80
McAfee Creek 1293068 Stream Lincoln TN 351151N 0864503W Frankewing 650 19-May-80
McBurg 1293091 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351105N 0864848W Frankewing 676 19-May-80
McBurg Cemetery 1645271 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351113N 0864843W Frankewing 725 1-Feb-90
McBurg Church of Christ 1316225 Church Lincoln TN 351112N 0864842W Frankewing 722 1-Aug-89
McBurg Community Center 1316226 Building Lincoln TN 351108N 0864848W Frankewing 673 1-Aug-89
McBurg Post Office (historical) 1650334 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
McBurg United Methodist Church 1316227 Church Lincoln TN 351106N 0864854W Frankewing 679 1-Aug-89
McClellan Cemetery 1645272 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350712N 0862830W Flintville 951 1-Feb-90
McClure Cemetery 1645273 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351037N 0862309W Mulberry 771 1-Feb-90
McCollum Cemetery 1293171 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351342N 0863719W Fayetteville 728 19-May-80
McCracken School (historical) 1316228 School Lincoln TN 350013N 0862520W Flintville 863 1-Aug-89
McCrady Hill 1293211 Summit Lincoln TN 351745N 0863825W Petersburg 1086 19-May-80
McDaniel Cemetery 1645274 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351408N 0864328W Boonshill 823 1-Feb-90
McDaniel Cemetery 1645275 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350158N 0863643W Lincoln 899 1-Feb-90
McDaniel Cemetery 1645276 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351012N 0863043W Fayetteville 745 1-Feb-90
McDaniel Cemetery 1645277 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351009N 0863026W Fayetteville 764 1-Feb-90
McDaniel-Parks Cemetery 1645278 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351030N 0862946W Mulberry 781 1-Feb-90
McDill Hollow 1293248 Valley Lincoln TN 350617N 0863944W Taft 699 19-May-80
McDowells Mill Post Office (historical) 1650335 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
McEwen Cemetery 1645279 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351813N 0863737W Petersburg 745 1-Feb-90
McFerrin Cemetery 1293292 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350503N 0863854W Taft 961 19-May-80
McGee Cemetery 1293299 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351431N 0862807W Mulberry 801 19-May-80
McGee Hollow 1293303 Valley Lincoln TN 351350N 0862733W Mulberry 718 19-May-80
McGee-McCartney Cemetery 1645280 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350522N 0863138W Lincoln 725 1-Feb-90
McGee-Waggoner Cemetery 1645281 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351555N 0863004W Belleville 807 1-Feb-90
McKinney Hollow 1293381 Valley Lincoln TN 350332N 0864906W Dellrose 666 19-May-80
McLean Cemetery 1645282 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351210N 0864107W Boonshill 804 1-Feb-90
McNeal Cemetery 1645283 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350214N 0862757W Flintville 827 1-Feb-90
McNeece Hollow 1293439 Valley Lincoln TN 351139N 0862649W Mulberry 705 19-May-80
Mead Cemetery 1645284 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351125N 0862921W Mulberry 807 1-Feb-90
Medium Cemetery 1293530 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351531N 0864425W Petersburg 791 19-May-80
Medium School 1293531 School Lincoln TN 351551N 0864405W Petersburg 758 19-May-80
Medium School (historical) 1316229 School Lincoln TN 351549N 0864408W Petersburg 761 1-Aug-89
Medium United Methodist Church 1643963 Church Lincoln TN 351548N 0864410W Petersburg 761 1-Aug-89
Meetinghouse Hill 1293544 Summit Lincoln TN 350501N 0864844W Dellrose 712 19-May-80
Melton Cemetery 1293564 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351219N 0864931W Frankewing 978 19-May-80
Merrell Cemetery 1293625 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350248N 0864716W Dellrose 784 19-May-80
Merrett Cemetery 1293626 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351825N 0864038W Petersburg 771 19-May-80
Merrill Branch 1293627 Stream Lincoln TN 350144N 0862932W Flintville 801 19-May-80
Metcalf Cemetery 1645285 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350728N 0864618W Dellrose 745 1-Feb-90
Milam Cemetery 1293764 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350147N 0864042W Taft 945 19-May-80
Millville 1315518 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350736N 0864847W Frankewing 633 19-May-80
Millville Hollow 1312899 Valley Lincoln TN 350705N 0864814W Dellrose 643 1-Feb-90
Millville Post Office (historical) 1650336 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Milners Switch 1294011 Locale Lincoln TN 350215N 0862320W Flintville 892 19-May-80
Mimosa 1315519 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351313N 0863109W Fayetteville 738 19-May-80
Mimosa School (historical) 1316230 School Lincoln TN 351331N 0863113W Fayetteville 755 1-Aug-89
Mire Branch 1294075 Stream Lincoln TN 350235N 0863227W Lincoln 896 19-May-80
Mitchel Hollow 1294091 Valley Lincoln TN 350828N 0864754W Frankewing 755 19-May-80
Mitchell Bend 1294092 Bend Lincoln TN 350544N 0864618W Dellrose 617 19-May-80
Molino 1294151 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350626N 0864029W Taft 679 19-May-80
Molino Creek 1294152 Stream Lincoln TN 350706N 0864224W Taft 620 19-May-80
Molino Post Office (historical) 1650337 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Molino School (historical) 1316231 School Lincoln TN 350633N 0864021W Taft 673 1-Aug-89
Moore Cemetery 1294254 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351437N 0863355W Fayetteville 843 19-May-80
Moore Cemetery 1645286 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351315N 0862739W Mulberry 732 1-Feb-90
Moore Cemetery 1645287 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351505N 0862955W Lynchburg West 827 1-Feb-90
Moore Chapel (historical) 1316232 Church Lincoln TN 350832N 0862652W Mulberry 761 1-Aug-89
Moore Cove 123009 Valley Madison AL 345838N 0861947W King Cove 915 4-Sep-80
Moore Cove 1269814 Valley Lincoln TN 345839N 0861949W King Cove 922 19-May-80
Moorehead Cemetery 1645289 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350959N 0862521W Mulberry 846 1-Feb-90
Moores Chapel Cemetery 1645288 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350831N 0862650W Mulberry 738 1-Feb-90
Moores Chapel School (historical) 1316233 School Lincoln TN 350832N 0862652W Mulberry 761 1-Aug-89
Moorhead Hollow 1294326 Valley Lincoln TN 350827N 0862650W Mulberry 696 19-May-80
Morgan Bend 1294346 Bend Lincoln TN 350754N 0863632W Fayetteville 682 19-May-80
Morgan Cemetery 1294355 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350155N 0862233W Flintville 922 19-May-80
Morgan Cemetery 1645290 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351206N 0862819W Mulberry 705 1-Feb-90
Morton Branch 1294465 Stream Lincoln TN 351336N 0864259W Boonshill 689 19-May-80
Mount Hebron Church 1294625 Church Lincoln TN 351608N 0863322W Belleville 778 19-May-80
Mount Moriah Cemetery 1294670 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351432N 0862659W Mulberry 771 19-May-80
Mount Moriah Church 1294675 Church Lincoln TN 351506N 0862737W Lynchburg West 728 19-May-80
Mount Olivet Church 1294723 Church Lincoln TN 351714N 0863902W Petersburg 709 19-May-80
Mount Zion Baptist Church 1805967 Church Lincoln TN 350900N 0863426W Fayetteville 679 11-Feb-99
Mountain Fork 152549 Stream Madison AL 345227N 0862828W Maysville 679 4-Sep-80
Mountain Fork 1269822 Stream Lincoln TN 345227N 0862828W King Cove 679 19-May-80
Moyers Cemetery 1645291 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350332N 0863817W Taft 948 1-Feb-90
Mud Spring 1295018 Spring Lincoln TN 350151N 0864446W Taft 899 19-May-80
Mud Spring Branch 1295019 Stream Lincoln TN 350114N 0864411W Taft 889 19-May-80
Mulberry 1295054 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351238N 0862737W Mulberry 745 19-May-80
Mulberry Bridge 1295056 Bridge Lincoln TN 350923N 0862807W Mulberry 669 19-May-80
Mulberry Cemetery 1295057 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351320N 0862641W Mulberry 748 19-May-80
Mulberry Creek 1295058 Stream Lincoln TN 350947N 0862828W Mulberry 679 19-May-80
Mulberry First Baptist Church 1643964 Church Lincoln TN 351238N 0862739W Mulberry 741 1-Aug-89
Mulberry Post Office 1650338 Post Office Lincoln TN 351239N 0862736W Mulberry 751 1-Aug-89
Mulberry School (historical) 1316234 School Lincoln TN 351244N 0862730W Mulberry 804 1-Aug-89
Mulberry-Washington-Lincoln Historic District 1326740 Park Lincoln TN 350908N 0863414W Fayetteville 705 1-Jan-93
Mulepen Creek 1295071 Stream Lincoln TN 350308N 0862521W Flintville 856 19-May-80
Mullins Hollow 1295090 Valley Lincoln TN 350301N 0864413W Taft 732 19-May-80
Muse Cemetery 1295163 Cemetery Lincoln TN 352018N 0863425W Belleville 853 19-May-80
Neal Hollow 1295284 Valley Moore TN 351422N 0862429W Mulberry 745 19-May-80
Neeley Cemetery 1295317 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350127N 0864010W Taft 919 19-May-80
New Dellrose 1295471 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350634N 0864833W Dellrose 623 19-May-80
New Grove Cemetery 1645292 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350353N 0864643W Dellrose 948 1-Feb-90
New Grove Church 1295486 Church Lincoln TN 350356N 0864640W Dellrose 955 19-May-80
New Hope 1295502 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350217N 0862927W Flintville 820 19-May-80
New Hope Baptist Church 1643965 Church Lincoln TN 350217N 0862929W Flintville 820 1-Aug-89
Nichols Cemetery 1295721 Cemetery Lincoln TN 352056N 0863457W Belleville 860 19-May-80
Nixon Spring 1295778 Spring Lincoln TN 350709N 0862247W Flintville 778 19-May-80
Noles Cemetery 1295809 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351143N 0862552W Mulberry 801 19-May-80
Norris Cemetery 1645293 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350853N 0863414W Fayetteville 705 1-Feb-90
Norris Creek 1295836 Stream Lincoln TN 350838N 0863403W Fayetteville 656 19-May-80
Norris Creek Post Office (historical) 1650339 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Northside Church 1295969 Church Lincoln TN 350955N 0863349W Fayetteville 745 19-May-80
O'Neal Branch 1296040 Stream Lincoln TN 350513N 0864917W Dellrose 600 19-May-80
Oak Grove Baptist Church 1296080 Church Lincoln TN 350632N 0861940W Huntland 968 19-May-80
Oak Hill Church 1296143 Church Lincoln TN 351625N 0863319W Belleville 840 19-May-80
Oakwood Acres Lake 1296209 Reservoir Lincoln TN 350728N 0863203W Lincoln 669 19-May-80
Old City Cemetery 1645294 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350904N 0863358W Fayetteville 696 1-Feb-90
Old Dam Ford 1296296 Crossing Lincoln TN 350726N 0861958W Huntland 712 19-May-80
Old Orchard Cemetery 1296345 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351859N 0863737W Petersburg 761 19-May-80
Olds Cemetery 1323287 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351939N 0863455W Belleville 833 1-Feb-90
Oliver Spring 1296422 Spring Lincoln TN 350643N 0864722W Dellrose 771 19-May-80
Oliver Spring Branch 1296423 Stream Lincoln TN 350618N 0864816W Dellrose 607 19-May-80
Omohundro Hollow 1296433 Valley Lincoln TN 350540N 0861854W Huntland 781 19-May-80
Oregon Post Office (historical) 1650340 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Pack Hollow 1296641 Valley Marshall TN 351921N 0863746W Petersburg 745 19-May-80
Paint Hollow 1296659 Valley Lincoln TN 351436N 0863237W Fayetteville 856 19-May-80
Pamplin Cemetery 1296707 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351002N 0863131W Fayetteville 738 19-May-80
Pamplin Cemetery 1296708 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351324N 0863120W Fayetteville 794 19-May-80
Pamplin Cemetery 1296709 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351337N 0863139W Fayetteville 840 19-May-80
Park Cemetery 1645295 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351453N 0864711W Frankewing 787 1-Feb-90
Park City 1310354 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350455N 0863416W Lincoln 1001 1-Aug-89
Park City Heights 1310355 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350459N 0863432W Lincoln 1004 1-Aug-89
Park City Shopping Center 1316235 Locale Lincoln TN 350431N 0863415W Lincoln 968 1-Aug-89
Parker Cemetery 1296800 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351331N 0863256W Fayetteville 922 19-May-80
Parks Cemetery 1296848 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351150N 0863029W Fayetteville 814 19-May-80
Parks City Baptist Church 1643966 Church Lincoln TN 350408N 0863424W Lincoln 961 1-Aug-89
Patterson Branch 1296923 Stream Lincoln TN 350538N 0864738W Dellrose 600 19-May-80
Patterson Cemetery 1296935 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350533N 0864728W Dellrose 666 19-May-80
Patterson Cemetery 1645296 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350040N 0862841W Flintville 869 1-Feb-90
Patton Cemetery 1296973 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351524N 0863525W Belleville 820 19-May-80
Patton Hollow 1296981 Valley Lincoln TN 351534N 0863612W Belleville 725 19-May-80
Pea Ridge 1269846 Ridge Lincoln TN 350217N 0863403W Lincoln 968 19-May-80
Pearl City 1297071 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350812N 0864148W Boonshill 630 19-May-80
Peddlers Hill 1297102 Summit Lincoln TN 350010N 0862043W Huntland 1047 19-May-80
Percy Hollow 1297177 Valley Lincoln TN 350552N 0863147W Lincoln 702 19-May-80
Persimmon Pond Branch 1297233 Stream Franklin TN 350312N 0861820W Huntland 915 19-May-80
Petersburg 1297255 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351911N 0863815W Petersburg 755 19-May-80
Petersburg Church of Christ 1316236 Church Lincoln TN 351905N 0863814W Petersburg 771 1-Aug-89
Petersburg Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1316237 Church Lincoln TN 351908N 0863814W Petersburg 758 1-Aug-89
Petersburg Elementary School (historical) 1316238 School Lincoln TN 351857N 0863813W Petersburg 771 1-Aug-89
Petersburg Historic District 1326741 Park Lincoln TN 351911N 0863815W Petersburg 755 1-Jan-93
Petersburg Post Office 1650341 Post Office Lincoln TN 351910N 0863815W Petersburg 755 1-Aug-89
Phagan Cemetery 1297293 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350732N 0864019W Boonshill 702 19-May-80
Phillips Cemetery 1645297 Cemetery Lincoln TN 352016N 0863216W Belleville 1207 1-Feb-90
Pigg Cemetery 1297449 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351519N 0864023W Petersburg 781 19-May-80
Pigg Cemetery 1297450 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351520N 0864142W Petersburg 804 19-May-80
Pigg Cemetery 1645298 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351507N 0864031W Petersburg 810 1-Feb-90
Pigg Hollow 1297452 Valley Lincoln TN 351640N 0863949W Petersburg 758 19-May-80
Pinhook Branch 1297663 Stream Lincoln TN 351517N 0863739W Petersburg 686 19-May-80
Pinnel Creek 1297684 Stream Lincoln TN 350419N 0864325W Taft 630 19-May-80
Pisgah Hollow 1297723 Valley Lincoln TN 350405N 0864215W Taft 669 19-May-80
Pitt Cemetery 1297739 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351448N 0863242W Fayetteville 889 19-May-80
Pitt Hollow 1312900 Valley Lincoln TN 351145N 0863032W Fayetteville 778 1-Feb-90
Pitts Bend 1297750 Bend Lincoln TN 350748N 0862703W Mulberry 702 19-May-80
Pitts Bend 1297751 Bend Lincoln TN 350826N 0863808W Boonshill 676 19-May-80
Pitts Cemetery 1297755 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350446N 0864006W Taft 961 19-May-80
Pitts Cemetery 1297756 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350548N 0864109W Taft 718 19-May-80
Pitts Cemetery 1297757 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350548N 0864141W Taft 1001 19-May-80
Pitts Cemetery 1297758 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350716N 0864125W Taft 722 19-May-80
Pitts Cemetery 1645299 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350601N 0863953W Taft 715 1-Feb-90
Plada Heights 1310356 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350417N 0863410W Lincoln 981 1-Aug-89
Plainfield Subdivision 1310357 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350420N 0863357W Lincoln 965 1-Aug-89
Pleasant Grove 1315730 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350333N 0863616W Lincoln 909 19-May-80
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 1645300 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350329N 0863612W Lincoln 909 1-Feb-90
Pleasant Grove Church 1297809 Church Lincoln TN 350505N 0862948W Flintville 958 19-May-80
Pleasant Grove Church 1316239 Church Lincoln TN 350332N 0863610W Lincoln 912 1-Aug-89
Pleasant Grove Subdivision 1310358 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350408N 0863548W Lincoln 961 1-Aug-89
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 1645301 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350037N 0862622W Flintville 879 1-Feb-90
Pleasant Hill Church 1297859 Church Lincoln TN 350041N 0862621W Flintville 886 19-May-80
Pleasant Valley 1297932 Valley Marshall TN 351758N 0863953W Petersburg 735 19-May-80
Pleasant Valley Creek 1297941 Stream Lincoln TN 351637N 0863845W Petersburg 699 19-May-80
Pleasant View Cemetery 1297946 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350853N 0863513W Fayetteville 722 19-May-80
Polecat Hollow 1298043 Valley Moore TN 351739N 0862745W Lynchburg West 764 19-May-80
Poorhouse Hollow 1298155 Valley Lincoln TN 350344N 0864246W Taft 656 19-May-80
Porch Cemetery 1645302 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351155N 0864213W Boonshill 745 1-Feb-90
Porter Hollow 1298263 Valley Lincoln TN 350638N 0863215W Lincoln 682 19-May-80
Possum Hollow 1298296 Valley Lincoln TN 351234N 0863212W Fayetteville 751 19-May-80
Potato Hill 1298328 Summit Lincoln TN 350242N 0864037W Taft 830 19-May-80
Prospect 1298570 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350450N 0863347W Lincoln 1007 19-May-80
Prospect Baptist Church 1643967 Church Lincoln TN 350454N 0863357W Lincoln 1001 1-Aug-89
Prospect Cemetery 1645303 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350452N 0863358W Lincoln 1001 1-Feb-90
Prospect School (historical) 1316240 School Lincoln TN 350454N 0863358W Lincoln 1001 1-Aug-89
Prosperity Cemetery 1645304 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350422N 0864013W Taft 948 1-Feb-90
Prosperity Church 1298590 Church Lincoln TN 350425N 0864009W Taft 932 19-May-80
Providence Church (historical) 1316241 Church Lincoln TN 351011N 0863112W Fayetteville 741 1-Aug-89
Pryor Cemetery 1645305 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350052N 0863039W Lincoln 840 1-Feb-90
Pryor Cemetery 1645306 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350536N 0862642W Flintville 840 1-Feb-90
Puncheon Camp Branch 1298690 Stream Lincoln TN 350010N 862600W Flintville 820 19-May-80
Pylant Cemetery 1645307 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351738N 0863442W Belleville 935 1-Feb-90
Quick School (historical) 1316242 School Lincoln TN 350001N 0863438W Lincoln 823 1-Aug-89
Rambo Cemetery 1645308 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351108N 0864906W Frankewing 758 1-Feb-90
Rambo Lake 1301582 Reservoir Lincoln TN 350730N 0863206W Fayetteville 669 1-Aug-91
Rambo Lake Dam 1301583 Dam Lincoln TN 350730N 0863206W Fayetteville 669 1-Aug-91
Ramsey Cemetery 1645309 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351200N 0864051W Boonshill 804 1-Feb-90
Ratlief Cemetery 1298934 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350931N 862600W Mulberry 787 19-May-80
Rawls Cemetery 1298978 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350619N 0864017W Taft 692 19-May-80
Rebecca Lake 1299023 Reservoir Lincoln TN 350412N 0863645W Lincoln 909 19-May-80
Rebecca Lake Dam 1307051 Dam Lincoln TN 350412N 0863645W Lincoln 909 1-Aug-91
Red Hill 1299051 Summit Lincoln TN 350507N 0864008W Taft 817 19-May-80
Red Oak 1315794 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351438N 0864832W Frankewing 728 19-May-80
Redd Cemetery 1299091 Cemetery Lincoln TN 352136N 0863405W Belleville 942 19-May-80
Redd Hollow 1299093 Valley Lincoln TN 351451N 0863052W Fayetteville 794 19-May-80
Reed Branch 1299117 Stream Lincoln TN 350321N 0864845W Dellrose 666 19-May-80
Reed Hollow 1299148 Valley Lincoln TN 351236N 0864529W Frankewing 666 19-May-80
Reed Hollow 1310359 Valley Lincoln TN 351158N 0864732W Frankewing 732 1-Aug-89
Reed Hollow 1647413 Valley Lincoln TN 351608N 862800W Lynchburg West 735 1-Aug-89
Reed Hollow Branch 1269888 Stream Lincoln TN 351236N 0864529W Frankewing 666 19-May-80
Rees Cemetery 1299175 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351805N 0862927W Lynchburg West 928 19-May-80
Renegar Cemetery 1299212 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351150N 0862847W Mulberry 715 19-May-80
Renegar Cemetery 1645310 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351135N 0862516W Mulberry 958 1-Feb-90
Renegar Post Office (historical) 1650342 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Renfro Cemetery 1299215 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351717N 0863510W Belleville 932 19-May-80
Renfrows Station Post Office (historical) 1650343 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Rhea Cemetery 1645311 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350953N 0863228W Fayetteville 692 1-Feb-90
Richmond Ridge 1299375 Ridge Bedford TN 352134N 0863223W Belleville 1260 19-May-80
Riverview Cemetery 1299531 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350819N 0863444W Fayetteville 705 19-May-80
Robert E Lee School 1299606 School Lincoln TN 350928N 0863424W Fayetteville 725 19-May-80
Robertson Cemetery 1299662 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350031N 0862002W Huntland 981 19-May-80
Robertson Hollow 1647316 Valley Lincoln TN 350836N 0864511W Frankewing 673 1-Aug-89
Robinson Cemetery 1645312 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351209N 0864720W Frankewing 899 1-Feb-90
Robinson Cemetery 1645313 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350211N 0864135W Taft 718 1-Feb-90
Robinson Creek 1299702 Stream Franklin TN 350526N 0861618W Huntland 787 19-May-80
Robinson Hollow 1299708 Valley Lincoln TN 350249N 0864135W Taft 686 19-May-80
Rocky Springs Cemetery 1299932 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350014N 0862140W Huntland 984 19-May-80
Roden Cemetery 1645314 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351459N 0864724W Frankewing 797 1-Feb-90
Roe Hollow 1299969 Valley Lincoln TN 351503N 0862936W Lynchburg West 791 19-May-80
Rogers Cemetery 1299983 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350124N 0863550W Lincoln 840 19-May-80
Rogers Hill 1300017 Summit Lincoln TN 350241N 0864941W Dellrose 850 19-May-80
Roland Hill Church (historical) 1316243 Church Lincoln TN 350417N 0863257W Lincoln 961 1-Aug-89
Rolling Hills 1310360 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350457N 0863354W Lincoln 1001 1-Aug-89
Roper Cemetery 1645356 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350116N 0864614W Dellrose 951 1-Feb-90
Roper Ferry (historical) 1310361 Crossing Lincoln TN 350857N 0863043W Fayetteville 659 1-Aug-89
Roper Spring 1300055 Spring Lincoln TN 350045N 0864738W Dellrose 902 19-May-80
Roperton Post Office (historical) 1650344 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Rose Hill Cemetery 1300074 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350915N 0863437W Fayetteville 738 19-May-80
Routt Branch 1310362 Stream Lincoln TN 350623N 0863034W Lincoln 722 1-Aug-89
Routt-Wells Cemetery 1645315 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350637N 0863355W Lincoln 689 1-Feb-90
Rowe Branch 1300196 Stream Lincoln TN 350610N 0864824W Dellrose 604 19-May-80
Rowland Hill Cemetery 1645317 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350438N 0863302W Lincoln 981 1-Feb-90
Rozells Mill 1300218 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350109N 0863131W Lincoln 817 19-May-80
Russell Cemetery 1645318 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350913N 0864938W Frankewing 692 1-Feb-90
Rutledge Cemetery 1645319 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351730N 0862941W Lynchburg West 1125 1-Feb-90
Saint Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church 1805968 Church Lincoln TN 350914N 0863409W Fayetteville 722 11-Feb-99
Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church 1805969 Church Lincoln TN 350912N 0863439W Fayetteville 732 11-Feb-99
Sand Spring 1300679 Spring Lincoln TN 350008N 0864337W Taft 883 19-May-80
Sandlin Cemetery 1300722 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350539N 0863745W Taft 997 19-May-80
Sandlin Cemetery 1645320 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350511N 0863836W Taft 978 1-Feb-90
Sawyer Hollow 1300851 Valley Lincoln TN 351130N 0864443W Boonshill 656 19-May-80
Scott Branch 1300921 Stream Lincoln TN 351821N 0863650W Belleville 735 19-May-80
Scott Cemetery 1300929 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351022N 0862452W Mulberry 840 19-May-80
Scott Hill 1300953 Summit Lincoln TN 351459N 0863611W Fayetteville 1106 19-May-80
Shady Grove 1315900 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350615N 0862007W Huntland 958 19-May-80
Shady Grove Cemetery 1301161 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350632N 0862011W Huntland 984 19-May-80
Shady Grove School (historical) 1316244 School Lincoln TN 350625N 0862021W Huntland 965 1-Aug-89
Sharp Cemetery 1301252 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351208N 0863353W Fayetteville 745 19-May-80
Sheep HIll School (historical) 1316245 School Lincoln TN 351142N 0863909W Boonshill 755 1-Aug-89
Sheep Hollow 1269958 Valley Lincoln TN 350841N 0862214W Lois 696 19-May-80
Sheffield Hollow 1269978 Valley Lincoln TN 350611N 0863947W Taft 692 19-May-80
Shelton Cemetery 1270014 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351007N 0862637W Mulberry 768 19-May-80
Shelton Creek 1303560 Stream Lincoln TN 350741N 0862426W Mulberry 696 19-May-80
Sherrill Branch 1270046 Stream Lincoln TN 345954N 0864848W Ardmore 856 19-May-80
Shields Gin (historical) 1316246 Locale Lincoln TN 350335N 0863745W Taft 935 1-Aug-89
Shiloh Bridge 1270074 Bridge Lincoln TN 350818N 862300W Mulberry 699 19-May-80
Shiloh Cemetery 1270084 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350728N 0864639W Dellrose 663 19-May-80
Shiloh Cemetery 1645321 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350733N 0864636W Frankewing 722 1-Feb-90
Shiloh Church 1270085 Church Lincoln TN 350733N 0864640W Frankewing 715 19-May-80
Shingle Hollow 1270102 Valley Lincoln TN 350604N 0863454W Lincoln 787 19-May-80
Shofner Cemetery 1270151 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351507N 0862745W Lynchburg West 784 19-May-80
Short Branch 1270176 Stream Lincoln TN 351629N 0863849W Petersburg 699 19-May-80
Short Creek 1270192 Stream Lincoln TN 350635N 0864634W Dellrose 607 19-May-80
Shull Cemetery 1270237 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351322N 0863408W Fayetteville 781 19-May-80
Silvester Cemetery 1270286 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350726N 0864818W Dellrose 787 19-May-80
Simmons Chapel 1270312 Church Lincoln TN 350106N 0862152W Huntland 919 19-May-80
Simmons Chapel School 1270313 School Lincoln TN 350016N 0862216W Huntland 928 19-May-80
Simms Cemetery 1303632 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350102N 0863155W Lincoln 879 19-May-80
Simms Cemetery 1645322 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350131N 0862904W Flintville 856 1-Feb-90
Sinking Creek 1270381 Stream Giles TN 350128N 0865305W Elkton 581 19-May-80
Skeet Ridge 1270423 Ridge Lincoln TN 350658N 0861913W Huntland 948 19-May-80
Skinem 1270438 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350526N 0863519W Lincoln 1001 19-May-80
Slate Rock Branch 126956 Stream Madison AL 345841N 0863230W Fisk 748 4-Sep-80
Slater Cemetery 1645323 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350858N 0863403W Fayetteville 669 1-Feb-90
Slip Hill 1270524 Summit Lincoln TN 351224N 0863103W Fayetteville 1047 19-May-80
Smith Branch 126996 Stream Limestone AL 345852N 0864836W Ardmore 830 4-Sep-80
Smith Cemetery 1270579 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350216N 0865004W Dellrose 925 19-May-80
Smith Cemetery 1270582 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350530N 0863510W Lincoln 1004 19-May-80
Smith Cemetery 1270587 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351042N 0864914W Frankewing 725 19-May-80
Smith Cemetery 1270593 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351434N 0864820W Frankewing 781 19-May-80
Smith Cemetery 1645324 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350611N 0863406W Lincoln 722 1-Feb-90
Smith Cemetery 1645325 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350706N 0862339W Flintville 751 1-Feb-90
Smith Chapel 1270656 Church Lincoln TN 350516N 0864313W Taft 653 19-May-80
Smith Hollow 1270675 Valley Lincoln TN 350257N 0864742W Dellrose 718 19-May-80
Smith Hollow 1270679 Valley Lincoln TN 351612N 0863544W Belleville 748 19-May-80
Smithland 1270710 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350718N 0862308W Flintville 797 19-May-80
Smithland Post Office (historical) 1650345 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Snoddy Cemetery 1645326 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350647N 0862633W Flintville 797 1-Feb-90
Snow Hollow 1270786 Valley Lincoln TN 350245N 0864651W Dellrose 738 19-May-80
Solomon Cemetery 1270808 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350926N 0863225W Fayetteville 778 19-May-80
Solomon Cemetery 1645327 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351045N 0862945W Mulberry 768 1-Feb-90
Sorghum Hollow 1270825 Valley Lincoln TN 350902N 0864036W Boonshill 636 19-May-80
South Elk Street Historic District 1326742 Park Lincoln TN 350858N 0863408W Fayetteville 679 1-Jan-93
South Fork Indian Creek 1270871 Stream Lincoln TN 350536N 0861837W Huntland 768 19-May-80
Southcrest Subdivision 1310364 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350433N 0863405W Lincoln 984 1-Aug-89
Southgate Subdivision 1310365 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350522N 0863357W Lincoln 1001 1-Aug-89
Southworth Cemetery 1645328 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350250N 0862852W Flintville 837 1-Feb-90
Spout Spring 1271026 Spring Lincoln TN 350517N 0864006W Taft 774 19-May-80
Spurlock Hollow 1271174 Valley Lincoln TN 350621N 0864355W Taft 636 19-May-80
Stamp Gap 1271209 Gap Lincoln TN 352111N 863600W Belleville 994 19-May-80
Stamp Hill 1310363 Summit Lincoln TN 352122N 0863553W Belleville 1224 1-Aug-89
State Line 1271271 Locale Lincoln TN 345928N 0863419W Fisk 823 19-May-80
State of Tennessee 1325873 Civil Rutherford TN 354501N 0861501W Dillton 1066 1954 1-May-90
Steam Mill Hollow 1271293 Valley Lincoln TN 350602N 0863436W Lincoln 748 19-May-80
Steelman Lake 1301528 Reservoir Lincoln TN 350330N 0862724W Flintville 938 1-Aug-91
Steelman Lake Dam 1301529 Dam Lincoln TN 350330N 0862724W Flintville 938 1-Aug-91
Stephens Cemetery 1645330 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350738N 0864115W Boonshill 676 1-Feb-90
Stephens Creek 1303824 Stream Lincoln TN 350829N 0862729W Mulberry 679 19-May-80
Stephens-Carter Cemetery 1645329 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351025N 0862638W Mulberry 869 1-Feb-90
Stevenson Hollow 1271353 Valley Lincoln TN 350538N 0864737W Dellrose 600 19-May-80
Stewart Cemetery 1303833 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350503N 0863249W Lincoln 840 19-May-80
Stewart Chapel 1303835 Church Lincoln TN 350228N 0862556W Flintville 883 19-May-80
Stewart Creek 1271369 Stream Lincoln TN 350716N 0863236W Lincoln 663 19-May-80
Stiles Cemetery 1271381 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350807N 0862514W Mulberry 751 19-May-80
Stiles Cemetery 1303843 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350654N 0862144W Huntland 961 19-May-80
Stiles Creek 1271382 Stream Lincoln TN 350325N 0862521W Flintville 866 19-May-80
Stiles Ford 1314338 Crossing Moore TN 350822N 0862209W Lois 696 19-May-80
Stillhouse Hollow 1271407 Valley Lincoln TN 350150N 0864124W Taft 758 19-May-80
Stone Bluff Bridge 1271470 Bridge Lincoln TN 350555N 0864649W Dellrose 600 19-May-80
Stone Cemetery 1271476 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350609N 0864637W Dellrose 699 19-May-80
Stone Cemetery 1271478 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351324N 0863359W Fayetteville 745 19-May-80
Stone Cemetery 1271479 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351412N 0863231W Fayetteville 1129 19-May-80
Stone Dye Hills 1271491 Ridge Lincoln TN 350505N 0861935W Huntland 965 19-May-80
Stoneborough Hollow 1271502 Valley Lincoln TN 351748N 0863159W Belleville 889 19-May-80
Stonesboro Post Office (historical) 1650346 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Stony Point Church 1271524 Church Lincoln TN 351603N 0863004W Belleville 837 19-May-80
Sugg Cemetery 1271735 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350928N 0864322W Boonshill 679 19-May-80
Sugg Hill 1271736 Summit Lincoln TN 350919N 0864344W Boonshill 856 19-May-80
Suggs Bend 1271737 Bend Lincoln TN 350815N 0863706W Fayetteville 669 19-May-80
Suggs Church 1271740 Church Lincoln TN 350624N 0864902W Dellrose 669 19-May-80
Suggs Church (historical) 1323288 Church Lincoln TN 350658N 0864738W Dellrose 886 1-Feb-90
Sullivan Cemetery 1271750 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351137N 0864116W Boonshill 866 19-May-80
Sullivan Cemetery 1271751 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351358N 0862944W Mulberry 869 19-May-80
Sulphur Spring Branch 1271800 Stream Lincoln TN 351302N 0863830W Boonshill 676 19-May-80
Sulphur Springs 1314356 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351305N 0864016W Boonshill 784 19-May-80
Sulser Cemetery 1645331 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350150N 0864319W Taft 886 1-Feb-90
Sumner Cemetery 1645332 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351506N 0864647W Cornersville 814 1-Feb-90
Sumners Bend 1271854 Bend Lincoln TN 350725N 0864237W Taft 646 19-May-80
Sumners Bridge 1271855 Bridge Lincoln TN 350722N 0864301W Taft 617 19-May-80
Swan Creek 1271938 Stream Lincoln TN 350831N 0864305W Boonshill 617 19-May-80
Swan Creek Church 1271940 Church Lincoln TN 351106N 0864419W Boonshill 646 19-May-80
Swinebroad Cemetery 1271992 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351307N 0864528W Frankewing 787 19-May-80
Sycamore Swamp 1314372 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350438N 0862335W Flintville 955 19-May-80
Taft 1272039 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350114N 0864305W Taft 899 19-May-80
Taft Branch 1272040 Stream Lincoln TN 350103N 0864412W Taft 886 19-May-80
Taft Post Office 1650347 Post Office Lincoln TN 350117N 0864306W Taft 899 1-Aug-89
Taft School 1316247 School Lincoln TN 350125N 0864254W Taft 912 1-Aug-89
Talley Hill 1272059 Summit Lincoln TN 351839N 0863927W Petersburg 1184 19-May-80
Tanyard Branch 1272097 Stream Lincoln TN 350849N 0863408W Fayetteville 656 19-May-80
Taylor Cemetery 1272191 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350723N 0862243W Flintville 768 19-May-80
Taylor Cemetery 1645333 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350615N 0862908W Flintville 961 1-Feb-90
Taylor Hill 1272234 Summit Lincoln TN 351532N 0864323W Petersburg 984 19-May-80
Taylor Hollow 1272235 Valley Lincoln TN 351146N 0862812W Mulberry 692 19-May-80
Taylor-Gray Cemetery 1645334 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350706N 0862755W Flintville 755 1-Feb-90
Taylortown 1272256 Populated Place Lincoln TN 351157N 0864516W Frankewing 679 19-May-80
Teal Hollow 1272264 Valley Lincoln TN 350711N 0862805W Flintville 738 19-May-80
Teal Hollow Creek 1312901 Stream Lincoln TN 350726N 0862728W Flintville 712 1-Feb-90
Templeton Branch 1272291 Stream Lincoln TN 350730N 0862006W Huntland 722 19-May-80
Templeton Hollow 1272293 Valley Lincoln TN 350608N 0863956W Taft 692 19-May-80
Terrapin Hollow 1272326 Valley Lincoln TN 351431N 0863233W Fayetteville 873 19-May-80
The Barrens 1272365 Flat Lincoln TN 350357N 0862047W Huntland 961 19-May-80
The Narrows 1272427 Ridge Lincoln TN 351600N 0863458W Belleville 1125 19-May-80
The Quarter 1272433 Bend Lincoln TN 350927N 0862832W Mulberry 699 19-May-80
Thomas Cemetery 1272472 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351604N 0863543W Belleville 761 19-May-80
Thomas Hollow 1272490 Valley Lincoln TN 351414N 0863804W Boonshill 696 19-May-80
Thomison Cemetery 1304075 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351133N 0863357W Fayetteville 741 19-May-80
Thomison Cemetery 1645335 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350655N 0863015W Lincoln 873 1-Feb-90
Thompson Branch 1312902 Stream Lincoln TN 350300N 0864357W Taft 689 1-Feb-90
Thompson Hollow 1272545 Valley Lincoln TN 350322N 0864349W Taft 676 19-May-80
Thorpe Cemetery 1645336 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351010N 0864848W Frankewing 682 1-Feb-90
Three Oaks 1314400 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350212N 0863228W Lincoln 925 19-May-80
Three Oaks (historical) 1316248 Locale Lincoln TN 350215N 0863240W Lincoln 948 1-Aug-89
Tilda Hole 1272637 Spring Lincoln TN 350251N 0862259W Flintville 896 19-May-80
Timber Lake 1301593 Reservoir Lincoln TN 350812N 0863306W Fayetteville 696 1-Aug-91
Timber Lake Dam 1301594 Dam Lincoln TN 350812N 0863306W Fayetteville 696 1-Aug-91
Tipps Cemetery 1272675 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351157N 0862450W Mulberry 968 19-May-80
Tonie Stone Ridge 1272767 Ridge Lincoln TN 351346N 0863242W Fayetteville 1142 19-May-80
Towry Cemetery 1645337 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350217N 0863043W Lincoln 863 1-Feb-90
Towry Cemetery 1645338 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350242N 0863517W Lincoln 889 1-Feb-90
Towry Post Office (historical) 1650348 Post Office Lincoln TN Unknown Unknown Unknown 1-Aug-89
Travis Cemetery 1645339 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350034N 0863118W Lincoln 853 1-Feb-90
Trotters Branch 1304176 Stream Lincoln TN 350157N 0862925W Flintville 801 19-May-80
Tucker Creek 1304182 Stream Lincoln TN 350815N 0862351W Mulberry 696 19-May-80
Tucker Pond (historical) 1310366 Lake Lincoln TN 350317N 0864103W Taft 817 1-Aug-89
Tuley Cemetery 1272961 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351622N 0864257W Petersburg 810 19-May-80
Tuley Hill 1272962 Summit Lincoln TN 351553N 0864259W Petersburg 1024 19-May-80
Turney Branch 1273092 Stream Lincoln TN 351429N 0864319W Boonshill 692 19-May-80
Turney Cemetery 1273093 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351127N 864300W Boonshill 689 19-May-80
Turney-Jacob Cemetery 1645340 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351530N 0864233W Petersburg 840 1-Feb-90
Twin Springs 1273126 Spring Lincoln TN 351522N 0863919W Petersburg 755 19-May-80
Twitty Hollow 1273129 Valley Lincoln TN 350442N 0864133W Taft 728 19-May-80
Tyrone Creek 128242 Stream Limestone AL 345413N 0864722W Ardmore 735 4-Sep-80
Union Branch 1273178 Stream Lincoln TN 351527N 0863351W Belleville 758 19-May-80
Union Camp Ground Branch 1273180 Stream Lincoln TN 350919N 0863836W Boonshill 623 19-May-80
Union Hollow 1273243 Valley Lincoln TN 351530N 0863357W Belleville 764 19-May-80
Unity Cemetery 1273268 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351439N 0863610W Fayetteville 794 19-May-80
Unity Church 1273269 Church Lincoln TN 350038N 0864007W Taft 906 19-May-80
Unity Church (historical) 1316249 Church Lincoln TN 351440N 0863611W Fayetteville 801 1-Aug-89
Vann School 1273379 School Lincoln TN 350104N 0862715W Flintville 932 19-May-80
Vanntown 1273382 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350032N 0862722W Flintville 925 19-May-80
Vinsons Mill Springs 1310367 Spring Lincoln TN 350458N 0862232W Flintville 856 1-Aug-89
WEKR-AM (Fayetteville) 1639822 Tower Lincoln TN 350928N 0863525W Fayetteville 702 1-Aug-91
WIXC-AM (Fayetteville) 1639821 Tower Lincoln TN 350858N 0863340W Fayetteville 666 1-Aug-91
WYTM-FM (Fayetteville) 1640013 Tower Lincoln TN 350737N 0863447W Fayetteville 873 1-Aug-91
Wabash Creek 1273507 Stream Lincoln TN 351306N 0862639W Mulberry 699 19-May-80
Wade Cemetery 1273515 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351813N 0863156W Belleville 932 19-May-80
Wade Cemetery 1304315 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351332N 0863538W Fayetteville 850 19-May-80
Waggart Hollow 1304318 Valley Lincoln TN 351126N 0863226W Fayetteville 692 19-May-80
Wagoner Hill 1273537 Summit Lincoln TN 351633N 0862924W Lynchburg West 1070 19-May-80
Wakefield Cemetery 1645357 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351701N 0864234W Petersburg 869 1-Feb-90
Walker Branch 1273559 Stream Lincoln TN 350128N 0863556W Lincoln 823 19-May-80
Walker Cemetery 1273580 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350152N 0863557W Lincoln 879 19-May-80
Walker Cemetery 1273583 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351130N 0863056W Fayetteville 774 19-May-80
Walker Creek 1304336 Stream Madison AL 345735N 0863416W Fisk 19-May-80
Ward Cemetery 1304370 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350924N 0862248W Mulberry 741 19-May-80
Ward-Ashby Cemetery 1645341 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351456N 0862914W Mulberry 837 1-Feb-90
Warren Cemetery 1273822 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350517N 0862237W Flintville 817 19-May-80
Warren Cemetery 1304380 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351028N 0862821W Mulberry 722 19-May-80
Warren Hollow 1273834 Valley Lincoln TN 350635N 0862244W Flintville 745 19-May-80
Washburn Branch 1273857 Stream Lincoln TN 350159N 0863607W Lincoln 830 19-May-80
Washburn Cemetery 1304393 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351834N 0863225W Belleville 1165 19-May-80
Washington Temple 1273869 Church Lincoln TN 350635N 0864903W Dellrose 735 19-May-80
Webb Cemetery 1645342 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350857N 0862834W Mulberry 699 1-Feb-90
Welch Cemetery 1274066 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351818N 0864047W Petersburg 781 19-May-80
Wells Cemetery 1645343 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351234N 0864508W Frankewing 791 1-Feb-90
Wells Creek 1274109 Stream Lincoln TN 350707N 0863328W Lincoln 656 19-May-80
Wells Hill (historical) 1643970 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350610N 863400W Lincoln 728 1-Aug-89
Wells Hill Cemetery 1274111 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350523N 0863531W Lincoln 1004 19-May-80
Wells Hollow 1274112 Valley Lincoln TN 351839N 0863643W Belleville 751 19-May-80
Wells Hollow 1274115 Valley Lincoln TN 351428N 0863153W Fayetteville 810 19-May-80
West Cyruston 1274147 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350809N 0864503W Frankewing 656 19-May-80
West End Baptist Church 1316250 Church Lincoln TN 350916N 0863453W Fayetteville 764 1-Aug-89
West End High School 1274151 School Lincoln TN 350911N 0863522W Fayetteville 712 19-May-80
West Fork Indian Creek 1274177 Stream Lincoln TN 350536N 0861836W Huntland 768 19-May-80
West Fork Leatherwood Creek 1274179 Stream Lincoln TN 350927N 0864814W Frankewing 669 19-May-80
West Fork Mulberry Creek 1274183 Stream Lincoln TN 351127N 0862755W Mulberry 679 19-May-80
Westbrook 1310368 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350336N 0863550W Lincoln 922 1-Aug-89
Whitaker Bluff 1274319 Cliff Lincoln TN 350752N 0864352W Boonshill 722 19-May-80
Whitaker Cemetery 1274321 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351216N 0862922W Mulberry 771 19-May-80
Whitaker Cemetery 1304515 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351345N 0863347W Fayetteville 784 19-May-80
Whitaker Cemetery 1645344 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350928N 0863625W Fayetteville 682 1-Feb-90
Whitaker Cemetery 1645345 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351311N 0862522W Mulberry 738 1-Feb-90
Whitaker Cemetery 1645346 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351330N 0862749W Mulberry 735 1-Feb-90
Whitaker Cemetery 1645347 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350855N 0864355W Boonshill 804 1-Feb-90
Whitaker Lake 1301552 Reservoir Lincoln TN 350500N 0864248W Taft 718 1-Aug-91
Whitaker Lake Dam 1301553 Dam Lincoln TN 350500N 0864248W Taft 718 1-Aug-91
White Cemetery 1274336 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350043N 0864849W Dellrose 879 19-May-80
White Cemetery 1274338 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351052N 0862610W Mulberry 846 19-May-80
Whiteoak Swamp 1274444 Swamp Lincoln TN 350123N 0863840W Taft 912 19-May-80
Whitt Hill 1274496 Summit Lincoln TN 350429N 0864947W Dellrose 837 19-May-80
Whitworth Cemetery 1645348 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350335N 0862840W Flintville 863 1-Feb-90
Wicks Cemetery 1274511 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350227N 0862815W Flintville 856 19-May-80
Wiles Cemetery 1645349 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351726N 0862919W Lynchburg West 984 1-Feb-90
Wilks Airport (historical) 1317441 Airport Lincoln TN 351052N 0863509W Fayetteville 692 1-Aug-89
Williams Branch 1274624 Stream Lincoln TN 350028N 0863149W Lincoln 791 19-May-80
Wilson Branch 1274787 Stream Giles TN 350517N 0865057W Dellrose 600 19-May-80
Wilson Cemetery 1274797 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351025N 0864231W Boonshill 686 19-May-80
Wilson Cemetery 1274798 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351108N 0864520W Frankewing 722 19-May-80
Wilson Cemetery 1274799 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351237N 0864541W Frankewing 692 19-May-80
Winford Hollow 1274870 Valley Lincoln TN 350306N 0864216W Taft 676 19-May-80
Wise Hollow 1274899 Valley Marshall TN 351531N 0864924W Cornersville 735 19-May-80
Woodard Branch 1304662 Stream Lincoln TN 350645N 0864609W Dellrose 610 19-May-80
Woodlawn Subdivision 1310369 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350225N 0863435W Lincoln 932 1-Aug-89
Woodroof Cemetery 1645350 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350830N 0863101W Fayetteville 761 1-Feb-90
Wright Cemetery 1304686 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351158N 864600W Frankewing 705 19-May-80
Wyatt Creek 1275198 Stream Lincoln TN 351008N 0864322W Boonshill 627 19-May-80
Wylie Cemetery 1304693 Cemetery Lincoln TN 351641N 0863332W Belleville 886 19-May-80
Young Cemetery 1275319 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350518N 0864946W Dellrose 643 19-May-80
Yukon 1314553 Populated Place Lincoln TN 350429N 0863957W Taft 971 19-May-80
Zimmerman Cemetery 1275355 Cemetery Lincoln TN 350853N 0864414W Boonshill 715 19-May-80