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District 1

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace
Adams, Joe abt 1892 Tennessee
Almany, Willy abt 1888 Tennessee
Anderson, Aaron abt 1875 Tennessee
Anderson, Jachugh abt 1876 Tennessee
Anderson, Jake abt 1859 Tennessee
Arnette, J L abt 1891 Tennessee
Atherton, John abt 1890 Kentucky
Bone, W K abt 1883 Tennessee
Box, W W abt 1865 Tennessee
Boyd, Clyde abt 1886 Tennessee
Brown, George abt 1898 Tennessee
Brown, Hattie abt 1881 Tennessee
Brown, Isaac abt 1851 Tennessee
Brown, S L abt 1861 Tennessee
Bryant, Aaron abt 1852 Tennessee
Bryant, Arther abt 1885 Tennessee
Burns, John abt 1881 Tennessee
Burns, Sam abt 1853 Tennessee
Carrick, Baxter abt 1897 Tennessee
Chalmers, L L abt 1876 Tennessee
Chell, Marion abt 1883 Tennessee
Colwell, Fate abt 1866 Tennessee
Colwell, Wm abt 1858 South Carolina
Condra, Homer abt 1889 Tennessee
Cope, Annie abt 1869 Tennessee
Coppenger, Nan abt 1894 Tennessee
Crenshaw, W F abt 1870 USA
Crisp, Thomas abt 1889 Tennessee
Crow, Tom abt 1868 Georgia
Cully, Maro abt 1901 Tennessee
Curtis, Ande abt 1848 Tennessee
Curtis, Arthur abt 1905 Tennessee
Curtis, D abt 1896 Tennessee
Curtis, Will abt 1889 Tennessee
Davis, Grady G abt 1897 Georgia
Davis, Thomas abt 1864 Tennessee
Dewit, G W abt 1868 Georgia
Dickeson, A abt 1849 Tennessee
Dobbins, Bessie C abt 1901 Tennessee
Dykes, Audie abt 1898 Tennessee
Dykes, C H abt 1843 Tennessee
Dykes, C M abt 1890 Tennessee
Dykes, Mark abt 1870 Tennessee
Fate, Farrel abt 1858 Tennessee
Floyd, G C abt 1872 Tennessee
Floyd, G W abt 1874 Tennessee
Floyd, Jeff abt 1898 Tennessee
Floyd, John T abt 1869 Tennessee
Floyd, Lizzie abt 1876 Tennessee
Floyd, Willie J abt 1893 Tennessee
Foster, Benton abt 1900 Tennessee
Foster, Robt abt 1894 Tennessee
Foster, Ruth abt 1897 Tennessee
Fults, Jackson abt 1886 Tennessee
Gipson, W F abt 1872 Tennessee
Green, Dock abt 1868 Tennessee
Green, J A Cr abt 1873 Tennessee
Green, James A abt 1896 Tennessee
Green, R F abt 1878 Tennessee
Green, Shed C abt 1868 Tennessee
Green, William L H abt 1892 Tennessee
Griffith, Albert L abt 1891 Tennessee
Griffith, George abt 1897 Tennessee
Griffith, George C abt 1886 Tennessee
Griffith, Harris L abt 1841 Tennessee
Griffith, John R abt 1877 Tennessee
Griffith, Mary J abt 1861 Tennessee
Griffith, Tishie abt 1912 Tennessee
Griffith, W W abt 1881 Tennessee
Gruer, D W abt 1872 Tennessee
Grun, Will abt 1895 Tennessee
Gunby, J M abt 1866 Tennessee
Haggins, G A abt 1871 Tennessee
Hall, M L abt 1884 Tennessee
Hall, Sam abt 1880 Tennessee
Harris, Albert abt 1886 Tennessee
Harris, B C W abt 1856 Tennessee
Harrison, Thomas abt 1858 England
Heggins, J D abt 1881 Tennessee
Heggins, John A abt 1870 Tennessee
Henly, John abt 1850 Tennessee
Hicks, Bearl F abt 1868 Tennessee
Hill, C D abt 1866 Iowa
Hogner, Henry abt 1889 Tennessee
Housely, A J abt 1880 Tennessee
Hudson, B K abt 1872 Tennessee
Jaco, A W abt 1857 Missouri
Johnson, Barnie abt 1898 Tennessee
Johnson, J W abt 1874 Tennessee
Jorn, Dugand M abt 1895 Tennessee
Killgore, Barnie abt 1878 Tennessee
Killgore, C L abt 1883 Tennessee
Killgore, G M abt 1854 Tennessee
Killgore, John abt 1874 Tennessee
Killgore, K D abt 1895 Tennessee
Killgore, Osey abt 1896 Tennessee
Killgore, R J abt 1863 Tennessee
Killgore, Roy abt 1900 Tennessee
Killgore, Shadie abt 1900 Tennessee
Killgore, W E abt 1879 Tennessee
Killgore, Wash abt 1895 Tennessee
Lang, H A abt 1862 South Carolina
Lawson, M L abt 1879 Tennessee
Layne, Abe abt 1868 Tennessee
Layne, Alex abt 1879 Tennessee
Layne, Alison abt 1852 Tennessee
Layne, Charle abt 1844 Tennessee
Layne, Cynthia T abt 1867 Tennessee
Layne, Dave abt 1848 Tennessee
Layne, Early abt 1900 Tennessee
Layne, Fate abt 1890 Tennessee
Layne, Fernald abt 1908 Tennessee
Layne, Foster abt 1884 Tennessee
Layne, Frank abt 1893 Tennessee
Layne, George abt 1888 Tennessee
Layne, Hiram abt 1867 Tennessee
Layne, Isaac abt 1881 Tennessee
Layne, Jackson abt 1840 Tennessee
Layne, Joe abt 1887 Tennessee
Layne, John abt 1878 Tennessee
Layne, John abt 1878 Tennessee
Layne, Marion abt 1868 Tennessee
Layne, Mark abt 1875 Tennessee
Layne, Robert abt 1897 Tennessee
Layne, Sim abt 1867 Tennessee
Layne, Tom abt 1881 Tennessee
Layne, W A abt 1882 Tennessee
Layne, W M abt 1865 Tennessee
Levan, Charlie abt 1884 Tennessee
Lockhart, M D abt 1879 Tennessee
Long, G W abt 1886 Tennessee
Lusk, J T abt 1872 Tennessee
Manly, Simond abt 1898 Tennessee
Marrison, D W abt 1886 Tennessee
Marrison, F J abt 1881 Tennessee
Mccollough, Albert abt 1885 Tennessee
Mccollum, E abt 1844 Tennessee
Mccoy, Sam abt 1870 Tennessee
Mccoy, W A abt 1868 Tennessee
Meeks, W B abt 1898 Tennessee
Micks, Willie abt 1900 Tennessee
Millgan, E abt 1870 Indiana
Morgan, A L abt 1889 West Virginia
Morgan, M A abt 1873 Tennessee
Morgan, W B abt 1895 West Virginia
Morrison, G W abt 1857 Tennessee
Morrison, Myrtle abt 1902 Tennessee
Morrison, T A abt 1886 Tennessee
Newby, Ed abt 1881 Tennessee
Nolen, Fred abt 1887 Tennessee
Nolen, James abt 1879 Tennessee
Nunley, Lawson abt 1866 Tennessee
Nunly, Munroe abt 1856 Tennessee
Nunlz, Clihugh abt 1853 Tennessee
Nunlz, Frank abt 1884 Tennessee
Nunlz, Robert abt 1892 Tennessee
Panter, Alfred L abt 1869 Tennessee
Parmley, T N abt 1885 Tennessee
Passmore, Dave abt 1845 USA
Phipps, Clarence abt 1900 Tennessee
Pressnell, John E abt 1870 Tennessee
Rich, Rosa abt 1841 Alabama
Rick, J E abt 1877 Michigan
Robertson, Lawrence abt 1897 Tennessee
Romay, Ike abt 1887 Tennessee
Russell, L L abt 1884 Tennessee
Rust, Ester abt 1907 Tennessee
Shadrick, Sady abt 1899 Tennessee
Shrum, John abt 1884 Tennessee
Shrum, L abt 1900 Tennessee
Shrum, Maude abt 1908 Tennessee
Shunn, Francis abt 1872 Tennessee
Shunn, Joe abt 1882 Tennessee
Sitz, Albert abt 1871 Tennessee
Slatton, John abt 1864 Tennessee
Slatton, Lecie ? Tennessee
Sloan, Clarence abt 1896 Tennessee
Smart, Frank abt 1903 Tennessee
Smith, Joe R abt 1877 Tennessee
Smith, Noah abt 1875 Tennessee
Stump, Jessie abt 1902 Tennessee
Stump, S E abt 1872 Tennessee
Stump, W M abt 1860 Tennessee
Sykes, A E abt 1867 Tennessee
Tate, Marvin abt 1895 Tennessee
Tate, Preston abt 1862 Tennessee
Tate, W T abt 1888 Tennessee
Tate, Will abt 1894 Tennessee
Thompson, Zeb abt 1881 Tennessee
Turtle, Henry abt 1900 Tennessee
Turtle, Oscar abt 1896 Tennessee
Vaughn, W D abt 1893 Tennessee
Weaver, Robert abt 1863 Tennessee
White, John abt 1886 Tennessee
Williams, R abt 1894 Tennessee
Yarworth, Ed abt 1875 Tennessee

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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June 3, 2005