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District 10

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace
Adams, John H abt 1866 Tennessee
Anderson, Alfred D abt 1875 Tennessee
Anderson, Jasper abt 1861 Tennessee
Anderson, Jasper D abt 1892 Tennessee
Anderson, John W abt 1857 Tennessee
Anderson, Kate abt 1894 Tennessee
Anderson, Leonard abt 1884 Tennessee
Anderson, Peter abt 1861 Tennessee
Anderson, Samuel E abt 1878 Tennessee
Anderson, Sarah abt 1883 Tennessee
Anderson, Spencer abt 1852 Tennessee
Anderson, Thomas J abt 1883 Tennessee
Anderson, Thomas W abt 1858 Tennessee
Anderson, William R abt 1883 Tennessee
Anderson, Willie abt 1910 Tennessee
Bable, George C abt 1880 Tennessee
Baller, Walter D abt 1882 Tennessee
Belle, Christophe C abt 1864 Tennessee
Belle, Philip R abt 1893 Tennessee
Bergseth, Walter R abt 1877 Tennessee
Bille, George Boise abt 1883 Tennessee
Bille, James M abt 1859 Tennessee
Bille, Jefferson J abt 1857 Tennessee
Bille, John A abt 1856 Tennessee
Birdwell, Charley D abt 1852 Tennessee
Birdwell, George W abt 1881 Tennessee
Blount, Thomas K abt 1880 Tennessee
Bogaert, B abt 1871 Tennessee
Borden, Isaac A abt 1854 Tennessee
Boyd, Dan D abt 1860 Tennessee
Boyd, Daniel F abt 1891 Tennessee
Boyson, Roy abt 1903 Tennessee
Braden, Henry G abt 1889 Tennessee
Braden, James M abt 1863 Tennessee
Bryson, Rachel A abt 1834 Tennessee
Caird, Mary abt 1883 Georgia
Castle, Callandie C abt 1859 Georgia
Castleman, Thomas A abt 1874 Tennessee
Chard, James H abt 1893 Tennessee
Coffelt, Almedia abt 1862 Tennessee
Coffelt, George Rice abt 1858 Tennessee
Coffelt, Isaac abt 1874 Tennessee
Coffelt, John R abt 1890 Tennessee
Coffelt, Westly abt 1890 Tennessee
Cox, Robert abt 1862 Tennessee
Crow, Lizzie abt 1872 Tennessee
Crow, T Vander abt 1858 Georgia
Culpepper, Elbert abt 1882 Tennessee
Culpepper, Mary R abt 1874 Tennessee
Deckard, William abt 1872 Tennessee
Denny, James abt 1844 Tennessee
Donne, George W abt 1884 Tennessee
Dye, Nancy Jone abt 1852 Tennessee
Eldridge, Jessie abt 1870 Tennessee
Ellis, Charles abt 1885 Tennessee
Ellis, Don abt 1888 Tennessee
Ellis, Nathaniel abt 1851 Tennessee
Evan, Frankie abt 1890 Tennessee
Gaines, James L abt 1894 Tennessee
Gaines, John C abt 1899 Tennessee
Gaines, Larry Ann abt 1858 Georgia
Gaines, Thomas L abt 1853 Tennessee
Games, David abt 1886 Tennessee
Gates, Thomas abt 1836 Tennessee
Gavis, Janes A abt 1887 Tennessee
Gibson, John abt 1849 Tennessee
Gilliam, John L abt 1876 Tennessee
Gilliam, Joseph D abt 1884 Tennessee
Gilliam, Rufus H abt 1852 Tennessee
Gilliam, Virginia J abt 1875 Tennessee
Gillison, Haniche R abt 1862 Tennessee
Graham, James abt 1890 Tennessee
Graham, James abt 1884 Tennessee
Gudger, James G abt 1866 Tennessee
Gudger, Samuel B abt 1872 Tennessee
Handy, Mary abt 1865 Tennessee
Hargis, Abe B abt 1875 Tennessee
Hargis, Abraham abt 1885 Tennessee
Hargis, Jessie J abt 1898 Tennessee
Hargis, John abt 1884 Tennessee
Hargis, Martha M abt 1867 Tennessee
Harkins, Ransom H abt 1891 Tennessee
Harris, Bugg abt 1862 Tennessee
Harris, David C abt 1857 Tennessee
Harris, Harry Isaac abt 1894 Tennessee
Harris, John C abt 1840 Tennessee
Harris, Noah C abt 1871 Tennessee
Head, John N abt 1878 Tennessee
Head, Lona abt 1907 Tennessee
Head, William abt 1892 Tennessee
Heiges, William F abt 1892 Tennessee
Hendrie, Joseph abt 1858 Tennessee
Henly, Isaac H abt 1854 Tennessee
Henly, James H abt 1896 Tennessee
Hill, Linda abt 1872 Tennessee
Hulander, Carl abt 1885 Sweden
Hutchins, E R abt 1897 Tennessee
Jackson, George W abt 1875 Tennessee
Jackson, Joseph A abt 1871 Tennessee
Jackson, Robert L abt 1892 Tennessee
Johnson, Minda abt 1842 Tennessee
Johnson, Robert abt 1859 Georgia
Johnson, Worth abt 1883 Tennessee
Kassay, Almer abt 1917 Tennessee
Kassay, Wm L abt 1888 Tennessee
Keel, James B abt 1867 Tennessee
Kelly, Hugh B abt 1895 Tennessee
Kelly, James W abt 1874 Tennessee
Ladd, Biase abt 1888 Tennessee
Ladd, Isaac abt 1868 Tennessee
Ladd, Rufus abt 1852 Tennessee
Lappin, H G abt 1867 Ohio
Leak, Samuel abt 1874 Tennessee
Long, Lee abt 1862 Tennessee
Mackell, Tilmon C abt 1876 Virginia
Martin, Edward C abt 1880 Tennessee
Martin, Elisha D abt 1883 Tennessee
Martin, Thomas B abt 1887 Tennessee
Martin, Thornton H abt 1863 Tennessee
Martin, William H abt 1878 Tennessee
Mc Bee, Abe abt 1894 Tennessee
Mc Bee, Church abt 1863 Tennessee
Mc Bee, Ellen abt 1919 Tennessee
Mc Bee, Hillary abt 1890 Tennessee
Mc Bee, Robert L abt 1861 Tennessee
Mc Bee, Rollie abt 1897 Tennessee
Mc Bee, Silas abt 1863 Tennessee
Mc Bee, Wiley abt 1896 Tennessee
Mc Bee, Will D abt 1853 Tennessee
Mc Connell, William J abt 1876 Michigan
Mc Connell, James abt 1847 Indiana
Mc Cormick, Winfield abt 1887 Tennessee
Murray, David W abt 1894 Tennessee
Murray, Thomas M abt 1853 Tennessee
Murray, Thomas N abt 1890 Tennessee
Norman, W T abt 1875 Ohio
Norwood, Henry abt 1875 Tennessee
Owen, Charles abt 1898 Tennessee
Owen, J Brook abt 1874 Tennessee
Owen, James H abt 1893 Tennessee
Owen, James R abt 1876 Tennessee
Payne, S Newton abt 1887 Tennessee
Plummer, Susan abt 1864 Tennessee
Pressly, Thomas abt 1899 Tennessee
Pryne, John abt 1894 Tennessee
Pyburn, W Riley abt 1850 Tennessee
Rawling, Laurine abt 1860 Tennessee
Rawlings, James abt 1892 Tennessee
Rawlston, Samuel H abt 1871 Tennessee
Reth, William A abt 1895 Tennessee
Roberts, Adolphus L abt 1863 Tennessee
Roberts, Amey Wiley abt 1858 Georgia
Roberts, James A abt 1884 Tennessee
Roberts, John abt 1865 Georgia
Robison, Mat abt 1857 Tennessee
Rogers, William S abt 1850 Tennessee
Romines, Walter A abt 1889 Tennessee
Sargent, Samuel A abt 1877 Tennessee
Schmith, Sarah Ann abt 1857 Tennessee
Shavers, George W abt 1843 Alabama
Silmon, Hamp abt 1865 Tennessee
Smith, Carrie abt 1890 Tennessee
Smith, David A abt 1871 Tennessee
Smith, Edward N abt 1888 Tennessee
Smith, Gee W abt 1857 Tennessee
Smith, George W abt 1866 Tennessee
Smith, Isaac abt 1852 Tennessee
Smith, Isaac abt 1852 Tennessee
Smith, James B abt 1857 Tennessee
Smith, John W abt 1883 Tennessee
Smith, Robert abt 1867 Tennessee
Smith, Robert ? Tennessee
Smith, Robert A abt 1888 Tennessee
Smith, Robert L abt 1885 Tennessee
Smith, Thomas J abt 1849 Tennessee
Smith, Thomas J abt 1860 Tennessee
Smith, William A abt 1881 Tennessee
Smith, William H abt 1866 Tennessee
Smith, William L abt 1895 Tennessee
Smith, William R abt 1866 Tennessee
Speegle, Alfred N abt 1881 Tennessee
Statone, John abt 1855 Tennessee
Stetson, Lennie abt 1878 Tennessee
Strickland, William H abt 1875 Georgia
Suffelt, Susan abt 1840 Tennessee
Sullivan, J Sam abt 1870 Tennessee
Tanner, James R abt 1857 Tennessee
Tappin, J M abt 1853 Ohio
Tate, Austin A abt 1880 Tennessee
Tate, David W abt 1887 Tennessee
Tate, E D abt 1878 Tennessee
Tate, E Raymon abt 1872 Tennessee
Tate, John Franklin abt 1886 Tennessee
Tate, Rallie H abt 1892 USA
Tate, W Gee M abt 1895 Tennessee
Tate, William abt 1888 Tennessee
Taylor, Manuel H abt 1874 Tennessee
Templeton, Charles abt 1876 Georgia
Templeton, Henry W abt 1867 Tennessee
Templeton, Walter abt 1892 Tennessee
Tharp, Bose abt 1858 Tennessee
Tharp, Lewis C abt 1890 Tennessee
Thompson, George abt 1891 Tennessee
Thompson, Sam C abt 1892 Tennessee
Thorp, James abt 1861 Tennessee
Tompson, Ruth E abt 1850 Tennessee
Toyne, Elisha abt 1896 Tennessee
Tray, William J abt 1875 Tennessee
Troy, David R abt 1875 Tennessee
Trussel, A Jack abt 1848 Tennessee
Underwood, John J abt 1863 Alabama
Walker, John J abt 1859 Tennessee
Webb, Collis A abt 1870 Tennessee
White, Letha abt 1906 Tennessee
White, Ruth abt 1907 Tennessee
Wileman, Mack C abt 1867 Tennessee
Wise, Isaac N abt 1879 Tennessee
Withers, Seba abt 1896 Georgia
Witt, Ross H abt 1894 Tennessee
Woodard, Henry abt 1889 Tennessee
Yokely, D A abt 1872 Tennessee
Yokely, James abt 1898 Tennessee
Yokely, William abt 1894 Tennessee

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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June 3, 2005