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District 11

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace
Alder, James T abt 1879 Tennessee
Amos, Mattie abt 1848 Alabama
Amos, William V abt 1873 Alabama
Anderson, Jim abt 1858 Tennessee
Anderson, John abt 1884 Tennessee
Anderson, Silas abt 1880 Tennessee
Bass, Robert abt 1908 Tennessee
Beder, Burton abt 1902 Tennessee
Boatright, Bill abt 1876 Tennessee
Bradford, Burl abt 1893 Tennessee
Breiner, Tom abt 1875 Tennessee
Brewer, Albert abt 1882 Tennessee
Brewer, Fannie abt 1906 Tennessee
Brewer, Ruth abt 1908 Tennessee
Brewington, C P abt 1878 Tennessee
Brittian, Alvie abt 1908 Tennessee
Brown, Angeline abt 1866 Tennessee
Brown, Dick abt 1881 Alabama
Brown, J W abt 1858 Tennessee
Brown, Leroy abt 1868 Illinois
Brown, Lillie abt 1856 Kentucky
Brown, Nora abt 1858 Tennessee
Brown, R A abt 1885 Tennessee
Brown, Will abt 1882 Tennessee
Brown, William abt 1855 Tennessee
Brown, William abt 1893 Tennessee
Campbell, Charlie abt 1882 Tennessee
Cantrell, Pete abt 1865 Tennessee
Carter, J B abt 1884 Tennessee
Colston, Will abt 1875 Tennessee
Crawford, Mary abt 1832 Tennessee
Cureton, W A abt 1884 Tennessee
Daffron, Daisy abt 1890 Tennessee
Daffron, M H abt 1866 Tennessee
Dame, John W abt 1853 Tennessee
Dass, J C abt 1858 Tennessee
Davis, E D abt 1873 Tennessee
Durham, Alex abt 1889 Tennessee
Echoles, D F abt 1879 Tennessee
Ellis, J B abt 1881 Tennessee
Farmer, John abt 1893 Tennessee
Frances, J W abt 1895 Tennessee
Frances, W M abt 1863 Tennessee
Fryer, Joe abt 1879 Tennessee
Gallagher, Dan abt 1874 Tennessee
Glau, Byron abt 1903 Tennessee
Goins, Calvin abt 1868 Tennessee
Goins, Repps abt 1896 Tennessee
Gowie, Thomas abt 1872 Tennessee
Griffith, John abt 1868 Tennessee
Hale, Bessie abt 1899 Tennessee
Hale, Rebecca abt 1846 Tennessee
Haley, James abt 1877 Tennessee
Hancock, Alfred abt 1871 Wisconsin
Hancock, Allie abt 1884 Tennessee
Hancock, Andrew abt 1897 Wisconsin
Hancock, Calvin E abt 1867 Wisconsin
Haney, Lettie abt 1901 Tennessee
Hardy, J H abt 1881 Tennessee
Harned, Elias abt 1840 New York
Hartman, Kelly abt 1880 Tennessee
Hibbs, Jim abt 1862 Tennessee
Hibbs, Katie abt 1876 Alabama
Hicks, George abt 1883 Tennessee
Hicks, Jim abt 1876 Tennessee
Hicks, John abt 1866 Tennessee
Hicks, Katie abt 1870 Tennessee
Hicks, Marvin abt 1881 Tennessee
Hicks, Rachel abt 1881 Tennessee
Hoge, J H abt 1840 Tennessee
Hoge, James O abt 1878 Tennessee
Hoge, Jno A abt 1858 Tennessee
Hoge, Robert J abt 1885 Tennessee
Holland, Minerva abt 1887 Arkansas
Holland, Rose abt 1911 Arkansas
Holland, Sallie abt 1875 Tennessee
Howard, Nan abt 1875 Tennessee
Hudson, Ann abt 1875 Tennessee
Hudson, Will E abt 1887 Tennessee
Hughes, Bob abt 1878 Tennessee
Hunter, Brown abt 1860 Tennessee
Hunter, J R abt 1883 Tennessee
Ingle, James abt 1879 Tennessee
Janney, James R abt 1877 Georgia
Janney, Will abt 1898 Tennessee
Jones, George D abt 1890 Tennessee
Jones, Jessie abt 1900 Tennessee
Jones, Joe abt 1873 Tennessee
Jones, Nannie abt 1866 Tennessee
Jones, Riley abt 1875 Tennessee
Jones, W Riley abt 1886 Tennessee
Kelly, D C abt 1853 Tennessee
Kelly, Fred abt 1912 Tennessee
Kelly, Georgia abt 1847 Tennessee
Lambert, Ike C abt 1880 Tennessee
Lambert, John R abt 1877 Tennessee
Lambert, Rev J C abt 1849 North Carolina
Lane, James abt 1871 Tennessee
Lane, James abt 1848 Tennessee
Lane, Roe abt 1880 Tennessee
Langster, Jack abt 1875 USA
Langston, Emma Ada abt 1915 Tennessee
Lawson, Nancy abt 1871 Tennessee
Lawson, Tom abt 1871 Tennessee
Lay, John D abt 1872 Tennessee
Lerner, Will abt 1856 Tennessee
Lewis, Matt ? Tennessee
Livingston, John abt 1899 Tennessee
Long, Anderson abt 1879 Tennessee
Long, George abt 1868 Tennessee
Long, Sam abt 1875 Tennessee
Lowman, Ben J abt 1846 Georgia
Lusk, James abt 1900 Tennessee
Lusk, John abt 1870 Tennessee
Martin, Perry ? Tennessee
Mc Bee, Henrietta abt 1854 Tennessee
Mc Bee, Samuel C abt 1847 Tennessee
Mc Guise, Frank abt 1856 Tennessee
Mc Nabb, Dave abt 1880 Tennessee
Mc Nabb, Fines abt 1883 Tennessee
Mc Nabb, George abt 1885 Tennessee
Mc Nabb, Silas abt 1874 Tennessee
Mc Nabb, Tom abt 1887 Tennessee
Mc Nabb, William abt 1846 Tennessee
Mc Nabb, Wm T abt 1871 Tennessee
Miller, Frank B abt 1891 Tennessee
Mincher, E C abt 1891 Tennessee
Mitchell, Narciso abt 1845 Tennessee
Moseley, Jane abt 1855 Tennessee
Newsom, Jim abt 1883 Tennessee
Newson, Nellie abt 1855 Tennessee
Owen, James abt 1885 Tennessee
Payne, Harriet abt 1850 USA
Peabody, Earl abt 1909 Tennessee
Pemberton, L abt 1865 Tennessee
Pendergrass, Rawley abt 1878 Tennessee
Pitman, W M abt 1860 Tennessee
Poe, Henry abt 1893 Tennessee
Poe, Jim abt 1870 Tennessee
Powers, Silas abt 1874 Tennessee
Powers, W M abt 1868 Tennessee
Pratt, Henry Clay abt 1845 Virginia
Presley, Brownlow abt 1889 Tennessee
Pryor, Alfred abt 1875 Tennessee
Pryor, Edwin A abt 1878 Tennessee
Pryor, Munroe abt 1841 Tennessee
Pryor, Sam abt 1850 Tennessee
Quarles, Addie abt 1837 Tennessee
Quarles, George H abt 1864 Tennessee
Raulston, James abt 1897 Tennessee
Raulston, W M abt 1863 North Carolina
Raunsvills, Polly abt 1832 Tennessee
Rawlings, Lennie abt 1885 USA
Rawnsville, Miles A abt 1874 Tennessee
Rector, Horace R abt 1897 Tennessee
Rector, J E abt 1855 Tennessee
Richie, Alex abt 1850 Tennessee
Richie, Bob abt 1862 Tennessee
Richie, Henry abt 1899 Tennessee
Richie, John T abt 1873 Tennessee
Richie, Mary abt 1873 Tennessee
Ridge, J D abt 1871 Tennessee
Rogers, A A abt 1860 Tennessee
Rogers, Henry abt 1905 Tennessee
Rogers, J Ben abt 1882 Tennessee
Rogers, Walter J abt 1883 Tennessee
Ross, Bill abt 1884 Tennessee
Saines, Jim abt 1880 Tennessee
Saylor, James abt 1874 Tennessee
Saylors, George abt 1885 Tennessee
Shumake, George abt 1895 Alabama
Shumake, John abt 1887 Tennessee
Simmon, Eddie abt 1891 Tennessee
Smith, Marvin abt 1898 Tennessee
Snyder, John abt 1899 Tennessee
Spangler, W G abt 1865 Georgia
Spangler, Wiley abt 1885 Arkansas
Spears, Alvin abt 1886 Tennessee
Stout, ?? abt 1904 Tennessee
Teague, Clarence abt 1890 Tennessee
Teige, Frank abt 1873 Tennessee
Thomes, N F abt 1846 Georgia
Ward, Bill abt 1870 Georgia
Webb, Clarence abt 1894 Tennessee
Webb, George abt 1898 Tennessee
Webb, J C abt 1873 Tennessee
Webb, J Harbert abt 1873 Tennessee
Webb, Mell C abt 1884 Tennessee
Webb, Sam abt 1852 Tennessee
Wells, S Henry abt 1853 Tennessee
White, Dave abt 1881 Tennessee
White, Taylor abt 1853 Tennessee
Wilson, Ben abt 1870 Tennessee
Wyatt, Will ? Tennessee
Wyman, W E abt 1888 Tennessee
Young, Edward abt 1911 Tennessee

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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June 3, 2005