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District 3

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace
Abner, John abt 1869 Tennessee
Adams, Susie abt 1875 Alabama
Adams, William abt 1893 Tennessee
Alder, Calvin abt 1858 Tennessee
Anderson, Alfred W abt 1890 Tennessee
Anderson, Nancy abt 1845 Georgia
Anderson, Sam abt 1865 Georgia
Anderson, Sam A abt 1877 Tennessee
Austin, Alex abt 1884 Tennessee
Austin, Emma abt 1875 Alabama
Bach, John C abt 1888 Alabama
Back, James abt 1868 Tennessee
Bailey, Henry abt 1868 Tennessee
Bailey, John C abt 1863 Tennessee
Ballard, Grover abt 1885 Tennessee
Barker, George abt 1853 Georgia
Barnes, Newt abt 1850 Tennessee
Becham, Thomas abt 1900 Tennessee
Bedford, Robert abt 1899 Kentucky
Beene, James abt 1878 Tennessee
Beene, William abt 1900 Alabama
Bell, William B abt 1892 Tennessee
Berner, Henry W abt 1881 Tennessee
Beshara, Joe abt 1899 Alabama
Bester, Ernest abt 1884 Tennessee
Bille, William abt 1882 Tennessee
Blevins, Arnold abt 1883 Alabama
Blevins, Burl abt 1896 Georgia
Borgelt, Wiley W abt 1866 Alabama
Bostain, William J abt 1849 Georgia
Brown, Annie abt 1915 Tennessee
Brumley, Seph abt 1853 Tennessee
Brunswick, Floyd abt 1880 Tennessee
Brymer, Dennis abt 1883 Tennessee
Busby, John abt 1855 Alabama
Cabe, Earl abt 1891 Tennessee
Cargile, William abt 1875 Alabama
Castleman, Robert C abt 1888 Tennessee
Christian, George abt 1890 New York
Clauss, James E abt 1874 Tennessee
Clayton, Andy abt 1855 Tennessee
Clayton, Andy abt 1856 Tennessee
Clinton, Sam abt 1881 Tennessee
Cobbe, Levi B abt 1882 Tennessee
Colston, George abt 1874 Pennsylvania
Condra, Abe abt 1893 Tennessee
Cowan, Conie abt 1899 Georgia
Crass, Ella abt 1861 Tennessee
Crouch, Edward abt 1896 Indiana
Cuzzort, Dock abt 1889 Alabama
Cuzzort, Gaines F abt 1887 Indiana
Cyphers, Maurice abt 1879 Tennessee
Daffron, Francis abt 1888 Tennessee
Daffron, James abt 1889 Tennessee
Daffron, Rachele E abt 1845 Georgia
Daffron, Robert abt 1875 Tennessee
Dagnan, Bolden abt 1900 Tennessee
Dagnan, Charley abt 1874 Tennessee
Dagnan, Pierce abt 1894 Tennessee
Dagnan, Rosemond abt 1900 Tennessee
Dagnan, Roy abt 1898 Tennessee
Dagnan, Thomas abt 1869 Tennessee
Dagnan, Thomas E abt 1902 Alabama
Dano, James abt 1898 Georgia
Dass, Harry abt 1898 Tennessee
Dass, James F abt 1874 Tennessee
Davis, Burton abt 1887 Georgia
Davis, Charley abt 1886 Tennessee
Davis, Vance abt 1885 Alabama
Davis, William J abt 1868 Tennessee
Dickerson, Nancy abt 1868 Tennessee
Doering, Frank abt 1886 England
Doyle, Add abt 1893 Georgia
Doyle, Cooper abt 1852 Tennessee
Drew, Thomas abt 1896 Georgia
Drew, William M abt 1860 Ohio
Dykes, Riley abt 1888 Georgia
Eastland, Van abt 1887 Tennessee
Elders, Andrew abt 1898 Tennessee
Elders, Andrew abt 1900 Tennessee
Ellis, James abt 1873 Tennessee
Elrod, E Carley abt 1886 Tennessee
Estep, Lena abt 1879 Tennessee
Evans, Fanny abt 1890 Tennessee
Evans, Hugh abt 1908 Georgia
Fester, Eliza abt 1882 Tennessee
Ford, Charley D abt 1893 Tennessee
Ford, Columbus abt 1900 Tennessee
Ford, Willie M abt 1887 Tennessee
Forde, James F abt 1883 Georgia
Forde, Tesse K abt 1851 Georgia
Foster, Jesse E abt 1856 Tennessee
Freeman, Auther abt 1897 Tennessee
Fultz, Easter abt 1882 Georgia
Fultz, Grace abt 1896 Tennessee
Gains, Claude abt 1896 Tennessee
Gains, Granville abt 1870 Tennessee
Gauger, Henry abt 1872 Georgia
Geider, John abt 1886 Tennessee
Gibson, Dock abt 1882 Tennessee
Gibson, Nancy abt 1850 Alabama
Ginn, William T abt 1853 Georgia
Godsey, Thomas abt 1894 Tennessee
Goff, Walter abt 1873 Tennessee
Gouger, Albert abt 1883 Georgia
Green, Anders abt 1886 Tennessee
Green, John abt 1859 Tennessee
Green, M John abt 1874 Alabama
Grimes, John abt 1885 Tennessee
Grimes, William abt 1867 Tennessee
Guy, Lenard abt 1896 Tennessee
Hale, Alex abt 1867 Tennessee
Hale, David F abt 1882 Georgia
Hale, Gussie abt 1898 Tennessee
Hale, Harry abt 1895 Tennessee
Hale, John abt 1883 Tennessee
Hale, Webster abt 1897 Tennessee
Hall, William abt 1916 Georgia
Halt, Ron abt 1875 Georgia
Hardin, James W abt 1883 Tennessee
Hardin, Thomas abt 1892 South Carolina
Harris, Frank abt 1893 Georgia
Hartbarger, Willian F abt 1880 Tennessee
Henderson, Clarence abt 1888 Georgia
Henderson, Jas abt 1878 Georgia
Hester, Thomas abt 1872 Tennessee
Hicks, Charley abt 1887 Tennessee
Hicks, Claude abt 1903 Georgia
Hicks, James D abt 1894 Tennessee
Higdon, Bonnie abt 1908 Georgia
Higdon, John W abt 1850 Tennessee
Higdon, Ralph abt 1910 Tennessee
Higdon, William J abt 1873 Alabama
Hinks, Walker abt 1866 Tennessee
Hollands, Jesse abt 1874 Alabama
Hook, Mandy abt 1852 Georgia
Hrabe, Walter abt 1905 Tennessee
Huckabee, Edward abt 1901 Alabama
Huckabee, James H abt 1875 Tennessee
Hufstetler, Mary abt 1891 Tennessee
Jackson, Laura abt 1853 North Carolina
Janin, William abt 1858 Tennessee
Jeffrey, Geane abt 1880 Tennessee
Jenkins, Viola abt 1857 Georgia
Johnson, James abt 1881 Tennessee
Johnson, Sam abt 1888 Kentucky
Jones, Jesse abt 1901 Tennessee
Keefe, Fred abt 1900 Tennessee
Keefe, Lewis abt 1875 Tennessee
Keith, Thomas abt 1889 Tennessee
Kelley, Julia abt 1887 Tennessee
Kennedy, Ceph abt 1871 Georgia
Kennedy, Edward abt 1891 Georgia
Kennedy, Grover abt 1892 Georgia
Kennedy, Jae abt 1894 Georgia
Kennedy, Vernia abt 1886 Georgia
Kennedy, Willie abt 1909 Georgia
Kersey, Joe abt 1871 Alabama
Ketner, Joshua E abt 1859 Tennessee
King, James abt 1889 Tennessee
Kramer, Frank abt 1873 New York
Lancaster, Adam abt 1891 Tennessee
Lancaster, Rufus C abt 1877 Tennessee
Landron, Lee abt 1855 North Carolina
Layne, Dan B abt 1846 Tennessee
Layne, George abt 1871 Tennessee
Layne, Thomas H abt 1897 Tennessee
Leen, Sam abt 1849 England
Leiderman, William abt 1868 Alabama
Leis, Sam abt 1870 England
Lewis, Edgar R abt 1881 Tennessee
Lewis, Jack abt 1895 Georgia
Lofty, James H abt 1879 Tennessee
Lofty, Martha abt 1861 Tennessee
Lofty, Tony abt 1884 Tennessee
Lofty, Wesley abt 1903 Tennessee
Long, David S abt 1888 Tennessee
Long, Henry abt 1898 Tennessee
Looney, Jack abt 1895 Tennessee
Lowery, Albert abt 1887 Arkansas
Lowery, James abt 1875 Alabama
Luffman, James abt 1883 Tennessee
Marchand, Jeffry abt 1896 Georgia
Martin, Edward abt 1904 Tennessee
Mates, Robert abt 1891 Tennessee
Mathews, Robert abt 1885 Alabama
Mcbee, Nettie abt 1900 Tennessee
Mccallum, William abt 1882 Tennessee
Mccombs, George abt 1863 Tennessee
Mcfalls, Lee abt 1899 North Carolina
Mcfarland, Melton abt 1904 Tennessee
Mckinney, Jane abt 1841 Georgia
Mcnabb, Curry abt 1870 Georgia
Mcnabb, Danie abt 1900 Georgia
Mcnabb, George abt 1867 Tennessee
Meaiers, Robert abt 1877 Tennessee
Melton, Mamye abt 1902 Tennessee
Mergen, Derris abt 1884 Tennessee
Mergen, Harvey abt 1892 Tennessee
Mesiera, Duzler abt 1889 Tennessee
Mesiers, Rachel abt 1849 Tennessee
Mesina, Thad abt 1882 Tennessee
Messer, James W abt 1878 Tennessee
Miller, Gurley abt 1882 Tennessee
Miller, Mary abt 1871 Alabama
Miller, Sam abt 1869 Tennessee
Montgomery, Maynard abt 1898 Tennessee
Morgan, Charley abt 1895 Tennessee
Morgan, Perry abt 1893 Kentucky
Morgan, Robert abt 1846 Tennessee
Morgan, William abt 1854 North Carolina
Morgan, William J abt 1881 Alabama
Morgans, Thomas abt 1890 Tennessee
Morgans, William abt 1878 Alabama
Morrey, Mary abt 1841 Tennessee
Murry, Armindy abt 1844 Alabama
Murry, J R abt 1908 Alabama
Murry, Reese abt 1885 Georgia
Myers, Charley abt 1885 Tennessee
Myers, George abt 1880 Tennessee
Myers, Harrison abt 1891 Tennessee
Myers, James abt 1847 Tennessee
Nichols, Charley abt 1883 Georgia
Nichols, Sam abt 1857 Georgia
Olivere, John H abt 1863 Georgia
Oneal, Henry abt 1880 Georgia
Pach, Thomas P abt 1891 Tennessee
Panky, Wash abt 1889 Tennessee
Parker, Grier abt 1848 Tennessee
Parker, Thomas abt 1886 Texas
Parker, William abt 1890 Tennessee
Pasker, Russell abt 1896 Tennessee
Pauly, George abt 1863 Tennessee
Peardon, Jesse abt 1880 Tennessee
Peardon, Thomas abt 1870 Tennessee
Peardon, William abt 1876 Tennessee
Pennington, Elisha abt 1892 Tennessee
Perham, Mattie abt 1862 Georgia
Pickle, Van abt 1895 Tennessee
Poff, Charley abt 1886 Alabama
Porter, Frank abt 1880 Alabama
Powells, Horace abt 1880 Georgia
Presswood, Austin abt 1898 Tennessee
Presswood, William abt 1897 Tennessee
Presswood, William abt 1863 Tennessee
Prince, Horace B abt 1878 Georgia
Prince, Martin V abt 1874 Georgia
Prince, William abt 1893 Georgia
Prise, Mary abt 1873 Alabama
Puckett, Willliam T abt 1863 Tennessee
Pursley, Wesley abt 1871 Georgia
Pursley, William M abt 1873 Georgia
Rainer, Lewis abt 1888 Tennessee
Rainer, Lewis S abt 1878 Tennessee
Rankin, Sallie abt 1882 Tennessee
Ransom, Harry B abt 1884 Tennessee
Reel, Minnie abt 1899 Tennessee
Riggle, James abt 1836 Tennessee
Rise, John abt 1878 Georgia
Robinson, Mose abt 1878 Tennessee
Roddy, Jack abt 1901 South Carolina
Roddy, William abt 1886 South Carolina
Roope, Jack abt 1888 Tennessee
Roope, James abt 1848 Virginia
Roope, Raymond abt 1889 Tennessee
Russell, Emerson E abt 1895 Tennessee
Ruth, Marshall abt 1873 Tennessee
Sanden, Worth B abt 1871 Tennessee
Sanders, Burton abt 1897 Georgia
Sanders, Charley abt 1888 Georgia
Sanders, Clarence abt 1887 Georgia
Scalf, Wesley W abt 1866 Georgia
Seba, Lee abt 1871 Tennessee
Seeton, Thomas abt 1879 Tennessee
Shaver, George abt 1888 Alabama
Sick, Emma abt 1860 Alabama
Simmons, Dennie W abt 1876 Tennessee
Sitton, May abt 1880 Tennessee
Slama, Thomas abt 1870 Tennessee
Smedley, Columbus C abt 1859 Tennessee
Smedley, Henry abt 1880 Tennessee
Smedley, William H abt 1842 Tennessee
Smith, James abt 1904 Tennessee
Smith, James abt 1864 Tennessee
Smith, Mary abt 1850 Georgia
Smith, Maurie abt 1858 Georgia
Smith, Monroe abt 1876 Tennessee
Soltan, Edwards abt 1886 Tennessee
Souden, Frank abt 1858 North Carolina
Sours, Henry abt 1874 Georgia
Stines, Burnett abt 1892 North Carolina
Tapp, Lee abt 1891 Georgia
Taylor, Martha E abt 1871 Tennessee
Thomas, A D abt 1853 Tennessee
Tittle, Richard F abt 1860 Georgia
Trimmer, James abt 1862 Alabama
Turner, Rufus abt 1892 Tennessee
Tuton, Len abt 1872 Tennessee
Vickers, Charley abt 1887 Tennessee
Waden, George abt 1892 South Carolina
Walker, Sam abt 1893 Tennessee
Waltz, Robert C abt 1887 North Carolina
Warren, John T abt 1875 Tennessee
Watkins, Luciel abt 1910 Tennessee
Webb, Bell abt 1900 Ohio
Weddle, Amor abt 1901 Tennessee
Weddle, Walter abt 1895 Tennessee
Weddle, William abt 1886 Tennessee
Wells, James abt 1893 Tennessee
Westmoreland, Verdis abt 1880 Alabama
White, Robert abt 1886 Tennessee
Wilcox, Reece abt 1891 Tennessee
Williams, George S abt 1873 Tennessee
Willie, Thomas abt 1880 Tennessee
Wills, John abt 1863 Tennessee
Wilson, Amanda abt 1850 Tennessee
Wilson, Charley abt 1919 Tennessee
Wilson, Charley H abt 1839 Germany
Wilson, Francis abt 1891 Georgia
Wilson, George W abt 1893 Georgia
Wilson, Melina abt 1897 Alabama
Wilson, William A abt 1883 Tennessee
Wofford, Emry abt 1890 Georgia
Woodard, Charley abt 1895 Georgia
Wright, George abt 1867 Tennessee
Wright, Jack abt 1893 Tennessee
Young, James A abt 1870 Alabama
Young, John abt 1898 Tennessee

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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June 3, 2005