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District 4

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace
Adams, Charles abt 1899 Tennessee
Allen, John Quincy abt 1858 Georgia
Allen, Nettie abt 1895 Tennessee
Allen, W W abt 1880 Georgia
Allison, Thomas B abt 1880 Alabama
Anderson, Tom abt 1891 Tennessee
Bates, Alice abt 1906 Tennessee
Bates, Bee abt 1880 Tennessee
Beene, Alexander abt 1858 Tennessee
Bixby, Thomas abt 1889 Tennessee
Bolter, Wheeler abt 1870 Tennessee
Bolton, Chan abt 1846 Tennessee
Boyd, Ben abt 1884 Tennessee
Boyd, Brone abt 1882 Tennessee
Bradshaw, Mary N abt 1853 Georgia
Bryan, Felix P abt 1887 Tennessee
Coffer, Pink S abt 1865 Georgia
Cogle, Holton abt 1900 Tennessee
Conder, James abt 1878 Tennessee
Condra, John abt 1868 Tennessee
Condra, Walter abt 1890 Tennessee
Deakins, Rhoda abt 1910 Tennessee
Donohoe, Will abt 1890 Tennessee
Dore, George abt 1861 Tennessee
Doss, Van abt 1858 Tennessee
Edwards, Jone abt 1875 Tennessee
Featherstone, Dayton abt 1878 North Carolina
Forte, John abt 1857 Tennessee
Fowler, Jane abt 1845 Tennessee
Ganns, George abt 1869 Alabama
Garner, W I abt 1871 Tennessee
Graham, Earley abt 1887 Tennessee
Graham, Jane abt 1894 Tennessee
Green, Dovie abt 1911 Tennessee
Green, William H abt 1891 Tennessee
Grimes, John abt 1862 Tennessee
Grohman, Lee abt 1882 Tennessee
Hadaway, James D abt 1863 Alabama
Hanner, George abt 1895 Tennessee
Hendrix, George abt 1868 Canada
Hevdelston, Henry abt 1882 Tennessee
Holland, Tom abt 1865 Tennessee
Hooky, Harmon abt 1886 Tennessee
Howerton, Jim H abt 1899 Tennessee
Howerton, Rich abt 1879 Tennessee
Hudson, Laur abt 1886 Tennessee
Hudson, Mary abt 1906 Tennessee
Hunter, Andy abt 1845 Tennessee
Jines, John abt 1860 Tennessee
Johnston, Daisy abt 1890 Tennessee
Layne, Jim A abt 1889 Tennessee
Layne, May abt 1896 Tennessee
Layne, William abt 1858 Tennessee
Marter, Bob abt 1895 Tennessee
Mason, R F abt 1858 Tennessee
Moat, L E abt 1899 Tennessee
Morgan, R T abt 1843 Tennessee
Morter, Roy abt 1892 Tennessee
Morter, Thomas abt 1878 Tennessee
Musone, William abt 1911 Tennessee
Nelson, C A abt 1878 Tennessee
Nelson, Fate abt 1879 Tennessee
Patton, Reece B abt 1860 Tennessee
Payne, Bob abt 1875 Tennessee
Payne, Will abt 1896 Tennessee
Peng, Will abt 1900 Ohio
Petter, Sam F abt 1880 Tennessee
Pruitt, Melinda abt 1841 Tennessee
Ramsey, Mary Jane abt 1876 Germany
Richardson, Jake abt 1850 Ohio
Roberts, J B abt 1865 Tennessee
Sample, Louis abt 1885 Alabama
Senpbs, Riley abt 1896 Tennessee
Slaughter, Lee abt 1868 Alabama
Smith, Andy abt 1880 Tennessee
Smith, Jock abt 1877 Tennessee
Smith, Laura A abt 1879 Tennessee
Smith, Roxie abt 1906 Tennessee
Tanner, Crit abt 1864 Tennessee
Tanner, Jeff abt 1869 Tennessee
Thach, Dan T abt 1859 Tennessee
Thach, J J abt 1857 Tennessee
Thach, Millard F abt 1856 Tennessee
Thacker, Will abt 1887 Tennessee
Toomer, John abt 1862 Tennessee
Tunis, Henrietta abt 1903 Tennessee
Turner, John abt 1882 Tennessee
Vinson, Clarence abt 1881 Tennessee
Watley, Elizabeth abt 1892 Tennessee
Wells, Lon abt 1874 Tennessee
Wilkens, Hugh abt 1894 Tennessee
Wilkins, Mancy abt 1867 Tennessee

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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June 3, 2005