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District 5

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace
Ables, Jerry L abt 1881 Tennessee
Adams, Ambrose abt 1852 Tennessee
Alder, Barney B abt 1869 Tennessee
Alder, Edgar B abt 1880 Tennessee
Alder, Freda E abt 1907 Tennessee
Alder, George A abt 1871 Tennessee
Alder, Margretta R abt 1911 Tennessee
Alder, Marth abt 1855 Tennessee
Alder, Nancy T abt 1839 Tennessee
Alder, Terell R abt 1871 Tennessee
Alder, Virgina A abt 1916 Tennessee
Alder, William A abt 1849 Tennessee
Alder, William B abt 1886 Tennessee
Alder, William J abt 1884 Tennessee
Arledge, Easter abt 1844 Tennessee
Ashburn, Flavious L abt 1875 Tennessee
Austin, Dasie W abt 1880 Tennessee
Bailey, Kelly A abt 1873 Tennessee
Ball, John R abt 1897 Tennessee
Ball, Thellie E abt 1902 Tennessee
Balton, Frank C abt 1872 Tennessee
Balton, William L abt 1874 Tennessee
Barnett, Ray abt 1884 Tennessee
Bass, Bettie E abt 1868 Tennessee
Baston, Willie abt 1918 Tennessee
Batley, Walter abt 1909 Tennessee
Beck, Albert abt 1886 Tennessee
Bible, Earnest C abt 1889 Missouri
Bible, Willie H abt 1894 Missouri
Billingsley, Edley L abt 1886 Tennessee
Billingsley, James S abt 1898 Tennessee
Billingsley, John T abt 1864 Tennessee
Billingsley, Sam G abt 1867 Tennessee
Billingsley, William A abt 1888 Tennessee
Boudrie, Abner abt 1843 Tennessee
Brown, Nancy abt 1841 Tennessee
Bryant, David M N abt 1872 Tennessee
Bryar, Alice abt 1909 Tennessee
Bryson, Ben F abt 1850 Tennessee
Bryson, George W abt 1861 Tennessee
Bulleth, Minnie abt 1898 Tennessee
Burke, Maree M abt 1868 Tennessee
Burklin, Clarence M abt 1899 Tennessee
Burklin, Eliga abt 1870 Tennessee
Caldwell, Joe abt 1873 Tennessee
Cannon, Fred abt 1897 Tennessee
Cantrell, John abt 1874 Tennessee
Carlisle, Horone W abt 1869 Tennessee
Carlton, Peyton A abt 1871 Tennessee
Cates, Ben H abt 1890 Tennessee
Cates, John abt 1861 Tennessee
Cates, Roy D L abt 1881 Tennessee
Catt, Thomas C abt 1894 Tennessee
Cawson, Spencer abt 1867 Tennessee
Conatser, James H abt 1862 Tennessee
Crass, Elbert abt 1845 Ohio
Dame, Jacob R abt 1893 Tennessee
Dass, Robert R abt 1852 Tennessee
Davies, Dennis F abt 1876 Tennessee
Davis, Benjamine T abt 1889 Tennessee
Davis, Joe P abt 1884 Tennessee
Davis, Lewey E abt 1891 Tennessee
Davis, Nancy K abt 1862 Tennessee
Dietz, James S abt 1859 Indiana
Douglas, Levi abt 1870 Tennessee
Ellis, Clark abt 1863 Tennessee
Ellis, Nathan N abt 1893 Tennessee
Ellis, Sarah A abt 1857 Tennessee
Enters, Edward abt 1882 Tennessee
Evans, Arthur J abt 1892 Alabama
Evans, Bessie abt 1899 Tennessee
Evans, Wildred abt 1915 Tennessee
Finch, Walford abt 1883 Georgia
Floyd, Ames W abt 1858 Tennessee
Floyd, Robert abt 1892 Tennessee
Foster, James abt 1873 Tennessee
Francis, Hugh abt 1891 Tennessee
Frank, Louie abt 1850 Poland
Friend, Clement W abt 1869 England
Fuget, Len abt 1875 Tennessee
Gatt, Albert abt 1898 Tennessee
Gatt, Estell P abt 1880 Tennessee
Gatt, May abt 1909 Tennessee
Gordon, Scott abt 1839 Tennessee
Gordon, Will abt 1872 Tennessee
Gott, Frank B abt 1891 Tennessee
Gott, Lenod C abt 1882 Tennessee
Gott, Mark abt 1862 Tennessee
Gott, Susan J abt 1853 Tennessee
Grayson, Charly abt 1898 Tennessee
Grayson, Eliza abt 1880 Tennessee
Grayson, Henry C abt 1862 Tennessee
Grayson, Leonbe V abt 1904 Alabama
Grayson, William P abt 1882 Tennessee
Green, Arthur J abt 1872 Tennessee
Green, John C abt 1870 Tennessee
Griffitt, David M abt 1860 Tennessee
Grimes, Ben abt 1895 Tennessee
Grimes, George abt 1853 Tennessee
Hale, John abt 1870 Tennessee
Hale, William abt 1853 Tennessee
Hall, Hellen L abt 1875 Tennessee
Hallaway, Jim abt 1886 Tennessee
Hallaway, Sallie W abt 1869 Alabama
Hallaway, Willie abt 1901 Tennessee
Hamilton, Henry abt 1880 Tennessee
Hamilton, John L abt 1879 Tennessee
Hamilton, Ollis B abt 1859 Tennessee
Hamilton, Sarah abt 1858 Tennessee
Hardy, John abt 1858 Alabama
Harris, Ellen K abt 1877 Tennessee
Harris, Henry C abt 1891 Tennessee
Harris, Marsbell G abt 1875 Tennessee
Harris, Millard F abt 1857 Georgia
Hatchell, Annie abt 1863 Tennessee
Hatfield, John A abt 1873 Tennessee
Hayworth, Arthur abt 1876 Tennessee
Hicks, Ella R abt 1859 Tennessee
Hoback, Earl abt 1887 Texas
Hoge, Audy abt 1836 Tennessee
Hoge, Temperance C abt 1838 Tennessee
Huax, Goldie E abt 1883 Pennsylvania
Hundley, John G abt 1864 Tennessee
Hutchinson, Flavious N abt 1892 Tennessee
Hutton, William abt 1857 Tennessee
Jackson, A F abt 1858 Tennessee
Jackson, Foster abt 1898 Tennessee
Jackson, Watrick H abt 1859 Tennessee
Jardon, William H abt 1858 Ohio
Johnston, Mandy abt 1874 Tennessee
Jones, James abt 1851 Tennessee
Jones, Lindsey J abt 1886 Tennessee
Jones, Maloy abt 1865 Tennessee
Jones, Moses J abt 1849 Alabama
Ketner, Al K abt 1880 Tennessee
Ketner, Eugene M abt 1880 Tennessee
Ketner, Sidney L abt 1875 Tennessee
Kettner, Kathleen abt 1857 Tennessee
Kilgore, ??
Kilgore, Barbary A abt 1882 Tennessee
Kilgore, Charlie L abt 1870 Tennessee
Kilgore, David abt 1867 Tennessee
Kilgore, George abt 1886 Tennessee
Kilgore, George E abt 1865 Tennessee
Kilgore, Howell G abt 1881 Tennessee
Kilgore, Lawrence abt 1900 Tennessee
Kilgore, Lige abt 1877 Tennessee
Kilgore, Mack abt 1869 Tennessee
Kilgore, Marion abt 1877 Tennessee
Kilgore, Nancy abt 1863 Tennessee
Kilgore, Richard abt 1898 Tennessee
Kilgore, Riley abt 1859 Tennessee
Kilgore, Riley abt 1863 Tennessee
Kilgore, Tammie abt 1858 Tennessee
Kilgore, Toy abt 1898 Tennessee
Kilgore, Walter abt 1895 Tennessee
Kilgus, George W abt 1873 Tennessee
King, Jessie S abt 1859 Tennessee
Lay, George C abt 1877 Tennessee
Layne, Andy J abt 1868 Tennessee
Layne, Bethel abt 1902 Tennessee
Layne, Bill abt 1871 Tennessee
Layne, David E abt 1866 Tennessee
Layne, Edna H abt 1909 Tennessee
Layne, Eeph abt 1875 Tennessee
Layne, John abt 1843 Tennessee
Layne, John E abt 1885 Tennessee
Layne, Ruby M abt 1917 Tennessee
Layne, Walker abt 1845 Tennessee
Levon, Callie abt 1885 Tennessee
Lewis, Dennis D abt 1861 Tennessee
Lewis, Jeff D abt 1863 Tennessee
Lewis, Mary E abt 1862 Tennessee
Lewis, Serene P abt 1850 Tennessee
Loggins, Delana A abt 1878 Tennessee
Long, Balaone abt 1857 Tennessee
Long, James abt 1871 Tennessee
Long, Nash abt 1870 Tennessee
Long, William abt 1882 Tennessee
Long, William H M abt 1881 Tennessee
Malear, Edna L abt 1906 Illinois
Marrison, Doctor F abt 1858 Tennessee
Marrison, Thomas M abt 1852 Tennessee
Masingale, Sarah abt 1865 Tennessee
Maxwell, Oscar abt 1915 Tennessee
Maxwell, William abt 1869 Tennessee
Mc Barnett, Robert H abt 1898 Tennessee
Mc Webb, John W abt 1857 Tennessee
Mccurry, Gilbert abt 1892 Tennessee
Mccurry, Henry N abt 1855 Tennessee
Mccurry, John abt 1866 Tennessee
Mccurry, John Wesley abt 1887 Tennessee
Mccurry, Joseph abt 1897 Tennessee
Mccurry, Joseph A abt 1890 Tennessee
Mccurry, Lan M abt 1880 Tennessee
Mccurry, Lidia abt 1896 Tennessee
Mcentyre, Lawrence abt 1878 Tennessee
Mcnabb, Burd H abt 1864 Tennessee
Mcnabb, John C abt 1867 Tennessee
Mcnabb, Silas abt 1841 Tennessee
Mcwilliam, Gracie abt 1909 Tennessee
Merritt, Miles abt 1870 Tennessee
Miller, John W abt 1872 Tennessee
Minar, Malinda abt 1875 Tennessee
Mitchell, Ben S abt 1860 Tennessee
Mitchell, J F abt 1856 Tennessee
Monegheffer, Ransom abt 1867 Indiana
Monser, James abt 1867 Tennessee
Moore, Calvin abt 1883 Tennessee
Moore, Will abt 1869 Tennessee
Morre, William M abt 1887 Tennessee
Morrison, Jessie abt 1882 Tennessee
Mosely, Charles abt 1881 Tennessee
Myres, John L abt 1865 Tennessee
Neal, Frank abt 1870 Tennessee
Pape, James M abt 1851 Tennessee
Pape, Thomas abt 1858 Tennessee
Parker, Ben abt 1879 Tennessee
Peck, Henry A abt 1858 Tennessee
Pickett, Burl F abt 1919 Tennessee
Pickett, Georg abt 1896 Tennessee
Pickett, Ida abt 1866 Tennessee
Pickett, Jim L abt 1875 Tennessee
Pitman, Daniel abt 1847 Tennessee
Pittman, Albert C abt 1882 Tennessee
Pittman, David abt 1855 Tennessee
Pittman, Epsie D abt 1881 Tennessee
Pittman, James abt 1863 Tennessee
Pittman, James W abt 1870 Tennessee
Pittman, Jasper F abt 1894 Tennessee
Powell, Dave abt 1904 Tennessee
Powell, John C abt 1872 Tennessee
Powell, Marshell abt 1900 Tennessee
Prigmore, Darthula J abt 1837 Tennessee
Prigmore, Ephriam W abt 1851 Tennessee
Prigmore, James T abt 1890 Tennessee
Prigmore, William A abt 1894 Tennessee
Prigmore, William M abt 1883 Tennessee
Privett, James H abt 1869 Tennessee
Pryor, Bennet A abt 1889 Tennessee
Pryor, Ralph A abt 1856 Tennessee
Putman, Keneth abt 1900 Tennessee
Ragsdale, Darrens A abt 1857 Tennessee
Rass, America abt 1864 Tennessee
Rass, John D abt 1887 Tennessee
Redmond, Thelma abt 1911 Tennessee
Reed, Nannie R abt 1902 Tennessee
Richards, Leonard W abt 1883 Tennessee
Richards, Robert C abt 1854 Tennessee
Richards, Warrick abt 1852 Tennessee
Richardson, Ellis B abt 1907 Tennessee
Richardson, General S abt 1893 Tennessee
Richardson, George W abt 1846 Tennessee
Richardson, James abt 1884 Tennessee
Rigney, George abt 1884 Alabama
Roberson, Antha abt 1890 Tennessee
Roberson, Elberta abt 1918 Tennessee
Roberson, Estell abt 1915 Tennessee
Roberson, Hayes L abt 1912 Tennessee
Robertson, Bernice abt 1893 Tennessee
Rogers, Matlord F abt 1891 Tennessee
Rogers, Richard H abt 1889 Tennessee
Rogers, Sarah E abt 1849 Tennessee
Ross, John S abt 1891 Tennessee
Ross, Louie abt 1894 Tennessee
Ruth, John L abt 1868 Georgia
Sayner, Will abt 1897 Tennessee
Sayner, William L abt 1877 Tennessee
Sexton, George W abt 1872 Tennessee
Shelton, Charlie abt 1858 Tennessee
Shelton, Frank abt 1840 Tennessee
Shelton, James M abt 1869 Tennessee
Shelton, Mary abt 1906 Tennessee
Shelton, Sarah abt 1869 Tennessee
Shelton, Walter abt 1888 Tennessee
Shelton, William F abt 1863 Tennessee
Shields, Queenie abt 1897 Tennessee
Skiver, Samuel abt 1908 Tennessee
Slatton, Samuel D abt 1876 Tennessee
Smith, George abt 1870 Tennessee
Smith, George W abt 1857 Alabama
Smith, Henry L abt 1885 Tennessee
Smith, Leonard abt 1885 Tennessee
Smith, Martha E abt 1845 Tennessee
Smith, Rena E abt 1909 Tennessee
Smith, William F abt 1845 Alabama
Sortore, Thomas J abt 1876 Tennessee
Spamer, Church abt 1871 Tennessee
Spangler, Easter abt 1875 Tennessee
Springs, Dane abt 1864 Tennessee
Springs, Love abt 1880 Tennessee
Springs, Peachin abt 1881 Tennessee
Steward, Scott abt 1882 Tennessee
Steward, Willie M abt 1913 Tennessee
Stiles, Harley abt 1912 Tennessee
Suttle, Sarah abt 1851 Georgia
Talley, Cas H abt 1880 Tennessee
Tanner, Tilden L abt 1881 Tennessee
Tate, Henry Bennett abt 1876 Tennessee
Tatum, Edd abt 1886 Tennessee
Tatum, Oliver abt 1860 Tennessee
Taylor, Willie H abt 1874 Tennessee
Tennes, Washington abt 1870 Tennessee
Thomas, James M abt 1863 Alabama
Thomas, Marebell J abt 1879 Tennessee
Thompson, Alma B abt 1890 Tennessee
Thompson, Enna abt 1907 Tennessee
Thompson, Jasper L abt 1849 Georgia
Tumer, Marion R abt 1865 Florida
Tuton, Jake abt 1896 Tennessee
Vincent, John H abt 1851 Tennessee
Wagley, Audy abt 1896 Tennessee
Webb, David abt 1878 Tennessee
Webb, Pearl abt 1900 Tennessee
Wells, James abt 1867 Tennessee
Werb, Louise abt 1917 Tennessee
Whitte, William H abt 1876 Tennessee
Williams, James abt 1896 Tennessee
Willis, Everett T abt 1896 Tennessee

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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June 3, 2005