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District 6

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace
Ables, Lucious P abt 1875 Tennessee
Anderson, Willian abt 1867 Tennessee
Arendale, Robert abt 1848 Alabama
Bailey, Beulah abt 1853 Tennessee
Barnell, Joe abt 1868 North Carolina
Barnes, Eva abt 1908 Tennessee
Barnes, Wash abt 1862 Tennessee
Baumgartner, Nicholas abt 1866 Switzerland
Beeler, Fred abt 1895 Tennessee
Beems, Alex abt 1894 Tennessee
Beene, John abt 1859 Tennessee
Bell, Vina abt 1845 Tennessee
Blessing, Sallie abt 1859 Tennessee
Bomer, Anne abt 1840 Tennessee
Bomer, Elsie abt 1881 Tennessee
Bomer, James abt 1890 Tennessee
Bomer, Sophia abt 1881 Tennessee
Bomer, Wash abt 1841 Tennessee
Bowers, David abt 1864 Tennessee
Bowers, Marion abt 1898 Tennessee
Bowers, Myrtle abt 1903 Tennessee
Boyd, Janes abt 1893 Tennessee
Brakefield, Jasper W abt 1856 Tennessee
Breuer, Samuel abt 1845 Tennessee
Bridwell, Charlie abt 1867 Tennessee
Bridwell, Edd abt 1873 Tennessee
Brown, Albert abt 1887 Tennessee
Brown, J Frederick abt 1893 Tennessee
Bryat, Arthur abt 1909 Tennessee
Bryson, Will abt 1892 Tennessee
Bunin, Charles abt 1872 Alabama
Buns, Walter abt 1912 Tennessee
Byrd, Clayton abt 1888 Tennessee
Cahoon, Joe abt 1882 Tennessee
Cameron, Bessie abt 1890 Tennessee
Carrol, Richard abt 1889 Tennessee
Cartwright, Frank abt 1907 Tennessee
Catron, Walter E abt 1879 Virginia
Cerniglia, Ollie abt 1885 Tennessee
Chandler, James abt 1868 Georgia
Cheek, Arthur abt 1906 Tennessee
Childs, Harley abt 1866 Tennessee
Clark, Elnora abt 1877 South Carolina
Clay, Harvey abt 1889 Tennessee
Coffelt, Bill abt 1908 Tennessee
Coffelt, John abt 1871 Tennessee
Collens, Sam abt 1871 Tennessee
Collier, Booker abt 1881 Alabama
Collins, Hugh abt 1901 Tennessee
Comer, John B abt 1889 Tennessee
Comes, Allen abt 1867 Georgia
Cook, John abt 1894 Tennessee
Cooley, Marshal abt 1900 Tennessee
Coppinger, Joe abt 1875 Tennessee
Cotman, James M abt 1848 Alabama
Cox, George abt 1868 Tennessee
Cox, Helen abt 1902 Alabama
Cox, W Bronis abt 1895 Tennessee
Crutchfield, Austine abt 1890 Tennessee
Cunnings, Hal abt 1882 Tennessee
Curenton, Geroge abt 1897 Tennessee
Daffron, Paul abt 1897 Tennessee
Damoldson, Low abt 1850 Georgia
Davis, Emil abt 1891 Tennessee
Demis, Clyde abt 1895 Tennessee
Demis, Collie abt 1874 Tennessee
Demis, Sam abt 1897 Tennessee
Dennis, Edd abt 1885 Virginia
Domaldson, Edd abt 1881 Tennessee
Domaldson, Margrete abt 1914 Tennessee
Drewer, Laura abt 1879 Tennessee
Ecke, Eliza abt 1870 Tennessee
Ectye, Will abt 1868 Tennessee
Elliot, John abt 1885 Alabama
Elliot, Sarah abt 1867 Alabama
Ellis, Henry abt 1900 Alabama
Ellis, Jack abt 1854 Tennessee
Ellis, Thomas abt 1881 Tennessee
Etter, Gussie abt 1891 Tennessee
Farmer, Epprihan abt 1872 Tennessee
Farner, Myrtle abt 1894 Tennessee
Ferguson, Hanora abt 1865 Virginia
Fitzgerald, James T abt 1897 Tennessee
Fletcher, Joe abt 1865 Alabama
Flippo, William abt 1872 Tennessee
Flowers, Charles abt 1894 Tennessee
Ford, Queen E abt 1903 Tennessee
Fote, Albert abt 1893 Tennessee
Froman, Charles abt 1893 Tennessee
Fultz, Henry abt 1873 Tennessee
Gaines, May abt 1876 Alabama
Gains, Edward abt 1881 Tennessee
Gains, John abt 1857 Tennessee
Gains, Lorenzo abt 1859 Tennessee
Gains, Nathan abt 1888 Tennessee
Garland, Thomas abt 1891 Tennessee
Garner, Marion abt 1873 Tennessee
Gibson, Henry I abt 1854 Alabama
Gibson, Richard abt 1894 Tennessee
Gilliam, Cora abt 1890 Tennessee
Gillian, William abt 1835 Tennessee
Glasscock, Peyton abt 1892 Alabama
Haley, Charlie abt 1881 Texas
Haley, John abt 1891 Tennessee
Haley, Mell abt 1893 Tennessee
Hanis, Milton abt 1865 Alabama
Hanis, Willia abt 1870 Alabama
Hargis, Leonard abt 1895 Tennessee
Harris, Ema abt 1855 Tennessee
Harris, Williams abt 1854 Georgia
Hartwell, Susan abt 1899 Tennessee
Hemley, Jim abt 1852 Tennessee
Henderson, Janes abt 1894 Tennessee
Henderson, Janes B abt 1857 North Carolina
Henderson, Sollie abt 1874 Tennessee
Henderson, Wesley abt 1881 Tennessee
Hennelly, Nino abt 1887 Alabama
Hennessy, Man abt 1864 Tennessee
Hill, Francie abt 1865 Tennessee
Hill, John abt 1854 Alabama
Hill, John P abt 1871 Georgia
Hill, Lora abt 1896 Tennessee
Hill, Willam abt 1896 Tennessee
Hoder, Daisey abt 1905 Tennessee
Hoger, Claude abt 1873 Tennessee
Hohn, George abt 1842 Germany
Holey, Mary abt 1860 Georgia
Holloway, Harley abt 1913 Tennessee
Hookey, Bertha abt 1853 Austria
Hooper, Allan abt 1908 Tennessee
Houchins, Thomas abt 1861 Tennessee
Houk, Thomas abt 1913 Tennessee
Hovis, Henry abt 1888 Tennessee
Hyatt, Guss abt 1854 Georgia
Hyatt, Rans abt 1882 Tennessee
Hyatt, Rases abt 1880 Tennessee
Ickard, Charles G abt 1886 Tennessee
Isham, Lucile abt 1902 Tennessee
Jackson, Edward abt 1879 Tennessee
Jackson, Jonah abt 1855 Tennessee
Jacobs, Jennie abt 1885 Tennessee
James, Arthur S abt 1870 Tennessee
James, Fate abt 1855 Tennessee
James, George abt 1909 Tennessee
James, John abt 1885 Alabama
James, Porter abt 1902 Tennessee
James, Will abt 1885 Tennessee
Jameway, Arthur abt 1886 Georgia
Jetton, James abt 1880 South Carolina
Johnson, Henry abt 1862 Tennessee
Johnson, Louis abt 1893 Alabama
Johnson, Martha abt 1871 Alabama
Johnson, Willie abt 1900 Alabama
Jones, Howard abt 1896 Georgia
Joyner, James abt 1891 Tennessee
Kighteson, Malissa abt 1870 Tennessee
King, Hettie abt 1900 Tennessee
Knoll, Carl abt 1871 Germany
Layme, Willian R abt 1884 Tennessee
Layne, Charles R abt 1898 Tennessee
Layne, John abt 1864 Georgia
Layne, Sallie abt 1864 Alabama
Lee, John abt 1857 Tennessee
Levan, Henia abt 1865 Tennessee
Lightfoot, Charles abt 1860 Tennessee
Link, Elizabeth abt 1868 Georgia
Little, Demis abt 1885 Alabama
Lofty, Enna abt 1903 Tennessee
Lonstreet, Russell C abt 1878 Virginia
Lose, Willaim abt 1862 Tennessee
Lou, Fred abt 1890 Alabama
Loveday, Mattie abt 1871 Tennessee
Marbury, Edward abt 1871 Tennessee
Marrinan, Hamer abt 1890 Alabama
Martin, John abt 1877 Alabama
Massengale, Armondo abt 1855 Alabama
Mayan, Virgie abt 1895 Tennessee
Mccanless, Clehw abt 1882 Tennessee
Mcclanahan, Ona abt 1885 Tennessee
Mcmillon, Terry abt 1873 South Carolina
Mcqure, William abt 1896 Tennessee
Mcreynolds, Will abt 1880 Tennessee
Medlock, Walter abt 1895 Tennessee
Merriman, Lee Anne abt 1866 Tennessee
Mick, Israel abt 1901 Tennessee
Miller, Erving abt 1886 Tennessee
Miller, Mattie abt 1880 Alabama
Miller, Rosa abt 1827 South Carolina
Miller, Will abt 1871 Tennessee
Millis, Willie abt 1899 Tennessee
Mobley, John abt 1884 Georgia
Moore, Levi abt 1883 Kentucky
Moson, Lawrence abt 1898 Tennessee
Motton, Robert abt 1856 Tennessee
Nelson, Britton abt 1873 Tennessee
Nelson, James abt 1861 Tennessee
Nelson, John H abt 1892 Tennessee
Nicholds, Charlie abt 1902 Tennessee
Olean, John abt 1882 Tennessee
Oneal, Bertha abt 1894 Tennessee
Osborne, Jae abt 1861 Tennessee
Parker, Moe abt 1900 Tennessee
Parkes, John abt 1841 Georgia
Patton, Jack abt 1896 Alabama
Payne, George W abt 1854 Tennessee
Pendergrast, Jin abt 1867 Tennessee
Polk, James abt 1851 Alabama
Pruett, Samuel abt 1886 Tennessee
Purdy, Robert A abt 1872 Tennessee
Quarles, Ethel abt 1901 Tennessee
Ramsey, Lewis abt 1896 Tennessee
Raulston, William abt 1868 Tennessee
Reed, Willie abt 1868 Tennessee
Robison, Henry abt 1889 Alabama
Robison, Will abt 1866 Alabama
Robson, Lucile abt 1909 Tennessee
Rohan, Alena abt 1899 Alabama
Rollins, Jefferson abt 1873 Tennessee
Samples, Frank abt 1873 Tennessee
Sandifer, Henry abt 1915 Alabama
Scharer, Annie abt 1856 Switzerland
Schwahn, Peter N abt 1888 Tennessee
Scott, Amelia abt 1906 Tennessee
Scott, Tom abt 1897 Tennessee
Serles, Robert abt 1881 Tennessee
Shabaz, Groed abt 1889 Alabama
Sheppard, Enna abt 1894 Kentucky
Sheridan, Daisy abt 1888 Tennessee
Sherman, Willaim abt 1900 Tennessee
Shiles, Maggie abt 1864 Tennessee
Singleton, Will abt 1875 Tennessee
Sins, Thomas abt 1834 Tennessee
Smith, Amie abt 1880 Tennessee
Smith, Ella abt 1898 Tennessee
Smith, Laura abt 1886 Tennessee
Smith, Lizzie abt 1874 Tennessee
Smith, Mary abt 1878 Tennessee
Smith, Mary abt 1890 Tennessee
Smith, Sam abt 1885 Tennessee
Southers, Mat abt 1845 Tennessee
Stapler, Alexander abt 1871 Alabama
Stephen, Sylvester abt 1890 Tennessee
Stevens, Byron abt 1867 Alabama
Streeter, Charls abt 1887 Tennessee
Stryley, Enna abt 1863 Tennessee
Swick, Clarence abt 1878 Tennessee
Tamer, Joe abt 1892 Tennessee
Tamer, Rebecca abt 1842 Tennessee
Tamer, Tilda abt 1884 Tennessee
Tate, Willis abt 1830 Alabama
Templeton, Wash abt 1868 Georgia
Thomas, Charles abt 1892 Tennessee
Thomas, Jane abt 1902 Tennessee
Thomas, Joshua F abt 1862 Tennessee
Thomas, Mable abt 1897 Tennessee
Thomas, Mancel abt 1910 Alabama
Thompson, Anderson abt 1902 Alabama
Thompson, Mary abt 1851 Tennessee
Thompson, William abt 1873 Tennessee
Toney, Pate G abt 1849 Georgia
Troutman, Marton L abt 1881 North Carolina
Troutner, Low abt 1868 North Carolina
Turner, John abt 1874 Tennessee
Turner, Sam abt 1870 Alabama
Turner, Will abt 1893 Tennessee
Van Alman, Andy abt 1888 Tennessee
Vaughn, Will abt 1879 Georgia
Webb, Low abt 1874 Tennessee
Webb, Ruben abt 1864 Tennessee
Whitacre, Jack abt 1895 Tennessee
White, Melvine abt 1896 Tennessee
White, Venice abt 1901 Tennessee
Wicks, Lee abt 1887 North Carolina
Williamson, Howard abt 1883 Arkansas
Windham, Luther D abt 1889 Tennessee
Wright, W R abt 1870 Maryland
Wyatt, Arthur abt 1883 Alabama
Yarbro, Sam abt 1874 Tennessee
Young, Lee Anie abt 1861 Tennessee
Young, Mary abt 1851 Virginia
Young, Walter abt 1891 Tennessee
Zwald, Bernectict abt 1855 Switzerland

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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June 3, 2005