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District 7

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace
Alexander, Billie abt 1881 Tennessee
Alison, Jae abt 1860 Tennessee
Alles, Berthea abt 1861 Tennessee
Anderson, Allen abt 1871 Tennessee
Anderson, J M abt 1848 Tennessee
Anderson, Mary abt 1876 Tennessee
Balk, Arthur abt 1887 Tennessee
Barlow, Ella abt 1856 Tennessee
Barnett, Arthur abt 1886 Tennessee
Barnett, B H abt 1871 Tennessee
Barnett, Brownlow abt 1893 Tennessee
Barnette, Sherman abt 1882 Tennessee
Barratt, Jim abt 1890 Tennessee
Bath, John ? ?
Beck, Will abt 1880 Tennessee
Belk, James abt 1842 Georgia
Belk, John abt 1870 Georgia
Below, Daniel abt 1836 Tennessee
Bennett, L B abt 1832 North Carolina
Bennett, W E abt 1857 Tennessee
Berryhill, Ada G abt 1888 Tennessee
Billingsley, Arch abt 1890 Tennessee
Blevens, Thomas abt 1877 Tennessee
Blevins, Arthur abt 1895 Tennessee
Blevins, Early abt 1848 Alabama
Blevins, Ernest abt 1895 Tennessee
Blevins, Joe B abt 1894 Tennessee
Blevins, John A abt 1886 Georgia
Blevins, L W abt 1874 Tennessee
Bonteham, Clarence abt 1840 Tennessee
Borjon, Leslie abt 1878 Tennessee
Bormuth, Luther L abt 1890 Tennessee
Bowns, J T abt 1879 Alabama
Brewer, Erle abt 1888 Tennessee
Brewer, Mark D abt 1859 Tennessee
Brewer, Martha abt 1855 Alabama
Brewer, Walter abt 1895 Tennessee
Brice, Marcus D abt 1896 Tennessee
Brochin, Levi abt 1864 Tennessee
Broom, Kirk abt 1895 Georgia
Brown, Clarence abt 1889 Tennessee
Brown, John W abt 1868 Tennessee
Brown, W T abt 1866 Mississippi
Brunner, J M abt 1856 Tennessee
Bungard, Alie abt 1886 Tennessee
Burchett, Sallie abt 1861 Tennessee
Burnett, Dee abt 1899 Tennessee
Burnett, Tallie abt 1874 Tennessee
Burnett, Will abt 1876 Tennessee
Byrd, Hugh B abt 1888 Tennessee
Byrd, Martha abt 1857 Tennessee
Candra, W T abt 1867 Tennessee
Canton, J B abt 1873 USA
Carles, Joseph abt 1880 Tennessee
Carter, Charlie L abt 1889 Tennessee
Castile, Sam abt 1865 Tennessee
Chadwick, Earla abt 1898 Alabama
Chart, C C abt 1886 Tennessee
Chaudoin, Sam G abt 1866 Indiana
Chest, Myrtle abt 1892 Georgia
Choat, A S abt 1849 Tennessee
Choat, Thomas abt 1857 Tennessee
Choat, Thomas M abt 1867 Tennessee
Christ, E P abt 1867 Tennessee
Clark, Cynthia abt 1855 Tennessee
Clemmens, William abt 1890 Georgia
Cloude, G B abt 1857 Tennessee
Colston, Clint abt 1865 Tennessee
Colston, W E abt 1890 Tennessee
Condon, Frank abt 1872 Tennessee
Condon, Reed abt 1854 Tennessee
Condra, John H abt 1862 Tennessee
Coppinger, Brazellia abt 1842 Tennessee
Coppinger, Jenn abt 1859 Tennessee
Coppinger, Orphia abt 1866 Tennessee
Coppinger, William abt 1870 Tennessee
Cordon, George abt 1880 Tennessee
Craton, Thomas abt 1873 Alabama
Crutchfield, Maryetta abt 1879 Tennessee
Curtis, Angeline abt 1858 Tennessee
Curtis, Charlie abt 1879 Tennessee
Curtis, Ed abt 1887 Tennessee
Dauray, George abt 1886 Tennessee
Dawson, James D abt 1860 Georgia
De Cable, Ernest abt 1863 Tennessee
De Sable, Thomas abt 1892 Tennessee
Deakins, James D abt 1844 Tennessee
Deakins, James S abt 1853 Tennessee
Derham, S W abt 1855 Tennessee
Dishman, Katherine abt 1874 Tennessee
Dixon, Irven abt 1882 Tennessee
Dobbins, Joe H abt 1886 Alabama
Dorgan, William T abt 1848 Tennessee
Dugan, Amelia abt 1854 Georgia
Duncain, R S abt 1860 Tennessee
Dunkum, Durham abt 1886 Tennessee
Dunkum, M P abt 1877 Tennessee
Durham, Charley abt 1892 Tennessee
Durham, Ely abt 1884 Tennessee
Durham, R W abt 1882 Tennessee
Durham, Thomas abt 1892 Tennessee
Dyker, William abt 1878 Tennessee
Early, Mary abt 1869 Tennessee
Ellis, Alvis J abt 1895 Tennessee
Elrod, William abt 1868 North Carolina
Epperson, F J abt 1879 Tennessee
Ervin, Floyd abt 1883 Tennessee
Eunice, John abt 1870 Tennessee
Fargason, Ulpiano abt 1882 Tennessee
Ferguson, Arta abt 1875 Tennessee
Ferguson, Lennie abt 1881 Tennessee
Ford, Mat abt 1868 Tennessee
Ford, William abt 1869 Tennessee
Forester, Oscar E abt 1882 Tennessee
Francis, W S abt 1891 Tennessee
Frandls abt 1889 Tennessee
Franklin, Charle abt 1899 Tennessee
Fulfer, Jerry abt 1878 Tennessee
Fulfer, Sam abt 1878 Tennessee
Fults, Ellen abt 1864 Tennessee
Gains, Benton abt 1856 Tennessee
Gains, Birdie abt 1895 Tennessee
Gains, J N abt 1881 Tennessee
Gains, Lina abt 1871 Tennessee
Gains, W M abt 1853 Tennessee
Ganis, France abt 1858 Tennessee
Garforth, Will abt 1867 Georgia
Gates, James abt 1875 Georgia
Gaynor, W S abt 1886 Tennessee
Geary, Joseph S abt 1879 Tennessee
Geene, Mary Ann abt 1887 Tennessee
Gholston, John abt 1885 Tennessee
Gill, Wayman abt 1880 Tennessee
Goodier, Maggie abt 1862 Tennessee
Goodier, Richard C abt 1885 Texas
Graham, Alex abt 1892 Tennessee
Graham, Elizabeth abt 1860 Tennessee
Graham, George abt 1880 Tennessee
Graham, Joseph L abt 1883 Tennessee
Graham, Oscar abt 1895 Tennessee
Gray, Joe abt 1887 Tennessee
Gray, John abt 1864 Tennessee
Grayham, J H abt 1888 Alabama
Greer, Henry abt 1846 Tennessee
Griffith, Carol C abt 1877 Tennessee
Griffith, Rebecca abt 1857 Tennessee
Gruer, Alfred abt 1857 Tennessee
Hail, Parlee abt 1862 Tennessee
Hall, Thomas abt 1841 Tennessee
Hamley, Albert abt 1880 Alabama
Hammock, Wallace abt 1905 Tennessee
Hammond, George abt 1879 Alabama
Hancock, Henry H abt 1877 Wisconsin
Hannah, James D abt 1873 North Carolina
Harris, Jessie C abt 1884 Tennessee
Harris, Margaret abt 1853 Alabama
Harris, Robert abt 1882 Tennessee
Harris, William J abt 1875 Tennessee
Harte, Minwon abt 1886 Tennessee
Hatzell, William R abt 1872 Alabama
Hayner, William D abt 1881 Tennessee
Haynes, Eschol abt 1847 Tennessee
Haynie, Ephraim abt 1873 Tennessee
Hegan, J P abt 1883 Tennessee
Helton, Meredith abt 1884 Alabama
Henderson, George abt 1869 Georgia
Henderson, Gordan abt 1882 Tennessee
Hicks, Adam abt 1879 Tennessee
Hicks, Robert abt 1869 Tennessee
Hicks, W H abt 1870 Tennessee
Higgins, Mary abt 1856 Kentucky
Hill, Sam abt 1880 Tennessee
Hill, Thomas abt 1867 Alabama
Hill, Thomas W abt 1895 Tennessee
Hill, William C abt 1871 Maine
Hinch, W R abt 1853 Tennessee
Hoadley, William abt 1893 Tennessee
Hoback, Steven S abt 1852 Virginia
Hogan, Charley V abt 1886 Tennessee
Hoge, Maude abt 1893 Tennessee
Hoge, W Edgar abt 1860 Tennessee
Hoggard, Frank abt 1887 Tennessee
Holland, Lee A abt 1874 Tennessee
Hornsby, Thomas W abt 1882 Tennessee
Housley, Henry abt 1862 Tennessee
Housley, J W abt 1835 Tennessee
Houts, ??ie M abt 1871 Tennessee
Howard, Curly abt 1849 Alabama
Howard, Frank abt 1872 Tennessee
Howard, John abt 1893 Georgia
Howard, John P abt 1869 Alabama
Howard, Pearl abt 1886 Alabama
Howard, W S abt 1878 Georgia
Huckaby, Ellis abt 1896 Tennessee
Huckaby, Richard abt 1868 Tennessee
Huckaby, Robert abt 1891 Tennessee
Huckaby, Thomas abt 1900 Tennessee
Hudson, J H abt 1866 Tennessee
Hurley, Howard abt 1919 Tennessee
Hynes, John P abt 1871 Illinois
James, C M abt 1883 Tennessee
Janes, James abt 1868 Georgia
Johnson, Robert M abt 1841 Tennessee
Jones, James abt 1871 Tennessee
Jones, Lester abt 1891 Georgia
Kelly, Byron abt 1895 Tennessee
Kennemore, S L abt 1889 Alabama
King, C M abt 1879 Tennessee
Kinneman, Alice abt 1884 Tennessee
Lasater, Artist abt 1885 Tennessee
Lasater, Burrell B abt 1850 Tennessee
Lasater, Lawrence abt 1880 Tennessee
Lasater, Samuel L ? Tennessee
Lasater, Thomas B abt 1859 Tennessee
Laue, Camelia abt 1857 Tennessee
Lawson, David abt 1867 Tennessee
Lawson, Jay abt 1875 Tennessee
Lawson, John abt 1883 Tennessee
Lay, William abt 1890 Tennessee
Lee, William abt 1866 Tennessee
Leek, Vane abt 1880 Tennessee
Leland, Fred W abt 1863 Connecticut
Lewis, Arthur abt 1889 Tennessee
Lewis, David abt 1886 Tennessee
Lewis, George H abt 1870 Tennessee
Lewis, Hugh abt 1887 Tennessee
Lewis, James abt 1859 Tennessee
Lewis, James A abt 1894 Tennessee
Lewis, John abt 1855 Mississippi
Lewis, John F abt 1854 Tennessee
Lewis, William J abt 1868 Tennessee
Lofty, Alex H abt 1885 Tennessee
Lofty, Thomas abt 1867 Tennessee
Lusk, William H abt 1849 Tennessee
Marlin, William E abt 1861 Tennessee
Martens, Jack C abt 1865 Tennessee
Massengale, John abt 1863 Tennessee
May, Charlie abt 1887 Georgia
Maye, Ben abt 1873 Tennessee
Mc Amacher, Frank abt 1874 Tennessee
Mc Bee, George abt 1867 Tennessee
Mc Bee, W R abt 1858 Tennessee
Mc Culley, M C abt 1865 Tennessee
Mc Cullough, Alonza abt 1870 Tennessee
Mc Cullough, Fronia abt 1868 Tennessee
Mc Gahn, James M abt 1865 Tennessee
Mc Geha, Will abt 1888 Tennessee
Mc Man, Cannie abt 1902 Tennessee
Mc Man, J T abt 1875 Tennessee
Mc Pherson, Isaak abt 1873 Tennessee
Mc Reynolds, Bob abt 1892 Tennessee
Mc Reynolds, Bunn abt 1855 Tennessee
Mc Reynolds, Tobe abt 1887 Tennessee
Mc Vay, Dova abt 1906 Tennessee
Mccain, J W abt 1875 Alabama
Mcreynolds, H G abt 1874 Tennessee
Miller, Jim abt 1912 Tennessee
Miller, Tommie abt 1914 Tennessee
Minster, Lizzie abt 1855 Tennessee
Minten, S G abt 1875 Tennessee
Moats, G abt 1864 Georgia
Moats, Rubin abt 1850 Georgia
Monigan, David abt 1893 Tennessee
Monton, A Cy abt 1884 Tennessee
Moore, Emma abt 1872 Tennessee
Moore, I A abt 1854 Tennessee
Moore, James H abt 1878 Tennessee
Moore, John abt 1879 Tennessee
Moore, William abt 1878 Tennessee
Morgan, S D abt 1855 Alabama
Morison, T S abt 1848 Tennessee
Moss, Joseph S E abt 1879 Georgia
Moyers, Walter E abt 1874 Tennessee
Myers, Dave abt 1901 Tennessee
Mynar, Ford L abt 1872 Ohio
New, William abt 1885 Illinois
Nute, Henny abt 1895 Wisconsin
Oliver, Jim abt 1872 Tennessee
Oneil, Gomer abt 1872 Tennessee
Paine, Lon abt 1882 Tennessee
Panken, Elsia J abt 1858 Tennessee
Panken, Jae abt 1878 Tennessee
Parker, Beatrice abt 1912 Oklahoma
Parker, Lucinda abt 1845 Alabama
Parkson, William abt 1868 Tennessee
Patten, John abt 1890 Tennessee
Pawson, W S abt 1869 Tennessee
Payen, Jeff abt 1878 Tennessee
Pellegrine, W L abt 1867 Georgia
Peoples, Mary N abt 1870 Georgia
Peoples, Randolph abt 1896 Tennessee
Peoples, William abt 1882 Tennessee
Perry, John abt 1872 Tennessee
Phillips, Brown abt 1870 Alabama
Phillips, Della abt 1881 Tennessee
Phillips, Joseph abt 1858 Georgia
Phillips, Susie abt 1897 Tennessee
Pittman, Charlie abt 1896 Tennessee
Porter, Erchiel abt 1884 Alabama
Porter, Pierce abt 1856 Alabama
Price, W C abt 1872 Tennessee
Price, Will A abt 1880 Tennessee
Pryor, Fannie L abt 1874 Tennessee
Quarles, Dave abt 1882 Tennessee
Ray, Halbert C abt 1875 Tennessee
Reed, Lula abt 1877 Virginia
Reeves, George abt 1873 Alabama
Reynolds, Iverson abt 1853 Alabama
Rhodes, E D abt 1889 Alabama
Rivers, James A abt 1855 Alabama
Robbins, Silas abt 1852 Tennessee
Roberson, Eldrige abt 1883 Tennessee
Roberson, Emily abt 1848 Tennessee
Roberson, S E abt 1852 Georgia
Rogers, Brown abt 1864 Tennessee
Rogers, John R abt 1846 North Carolina
Romines, J H abt 1864 Tennessee
Romines, Romines R S abt 1901 Alabama
Russell, James abt 1874 Alabama
Russell, James M abt 1857 Tennessee
Saphir, Milt abt 1890 Tennessee
Saylor, William abt 1851 Tennessee
Sayne, W B abt 1865 Tennessee
Scarborough, Ewing abt 1893 Tennessee
Scofield, Joseph W abt 1866 Minnesota
Settle, Bettie abt 1890 Tennessee
Shadrick, Anderson abt 1890 Tennessee
Shadrick, Ben abt 1889 Tennessee
Shadrick, Charlie abt 1864 Tennessee
Shane, Nellie B abt 1897 Tennessee
Sharp, Etta abt 1886 Tennessee
Shaw, Albert abt 1874 Canada
Sherman, Glenroy abt 1863 Pennsylvania
Shoemaker, Frank abt 1892 Tennessee
Shoemaker, George abt 1855 Tennessee
Simpson, John W abt 1907 Tennessee
Simpson, Rebecca abt 1883 Georgia
Sims, Tom abt 1883 Alabama
Skeens, Buel W abt 1878 Tennessee
Smith, Andrew J abt 1866 Tennessee
Smith, Clyde abt 1894 Tennessee
Smith, James abt 1871 Tennessee
Smith, Sylvina abt 1855 Tennessee
Snapp, Beach abt 1900 Tennessee
Soloman, Toney abt 1862 Tennessee
Spangler, Oscar abt 1888 Arkansas
Spaughs, Joe abt 1884 Tennessee
Speare, Mollie abt 1865 Alabama
Spears, Gaither abt 1890 Tennessee
Spears, Horace abt 1894 Tennessee
Spears, Taylor abt 1854 Tennessee
Springs, Lauretta abt 1862 Tennessee
Stan, Ruth abt 1890 Tennessee
Strein, James abt 1866 Tennessee
Sutton, Frank abt 1892 Tennessee
Swafford, John abt 1894 Tennessee
Swafford, Ulyses abt 1887 Tennessee
Swope, A E abt 1881 Tennessee
Tannen, John abt 1882 Tennessee
Tate, William abt 1866 Tennessee
Tatham, John abt 1872 Tennessee
Teeters, Fannie abt 1866 Tennessee
Templeton, Will abt 1889 Tennessee
Terry, Jane abt 1890 Tennessee
Thomas, G C abt 1881 Tennessee
Thomas, George abt 1871 Tennessee
Thomas, Newton A abt 1881 Tennessee
Thomas, Will E abt 1874 Alabama
Thomas, William abt 1862 Tennessee
Thornton, William abt 1868 Tennessee
Turner, Eph abt 1862 Tennessee
Turner, Rayma abt 1890 Tennessee
Vanpool, Ida abt 1885 Tennessee
Varnell, W W abt 1872 Tennessee
Vergis, Morgan abt 1895 Tennessee
Walker, Amos N abt 1890 Tennessee
Walker, Isaiah abt 1879 Tennessee
Walker, Lenn abt 1894 Tennessee
Warren, Barry abt 1905 Georgia
Warrender, B A abt 1885 Tennessee
Watter, Louisa abt 1837 Tennessee
Wells, Josep L abt 1855 Tennessee
West, J A abt 1885 Tennessee
Westmorland, John abt 1860 Georgia
Wheland, Ben abt 1870 Tennessee
White, W C abt 1853 Alabama
Whitehorn, Roll abt 1870 Alabama
Whiteman, Jame abt 1855 Tennessee
Williford, George abt 1882 Tennessee
Wills, Bura abt 1870 Tennessee
Wilson, Will S abt 1861 Tennessee
Wimpee, C S abt 1891 Tennessee
Wolf, Alfred abt 1831 Virginia
Wolf, Pryor H abt 1868 Tennessee
Wood, Thomas S abt 1878 Tennessee
Wooton, Jesse Lizy abt 1879 Tennessee
Wyman, Sina J abt 1854 USA
Wynns, John M abt 1884 Tennessee
Wyrsch, Mallie R abt 1861 Tennessee

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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June 3, 2005