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District 8

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace
Adams, Mamie abt 1895 Tennessee
Adams, Wootin A abt 1894 Tennessee
Alexander, William abt 1887 Scotland
Allen, Mary V abt 1908 Tennessee
Baker, Arch abt 1890 Tennessee
Barnes, David abt 1886 Tennessee
Beel, Walter P abt 1867 Kentucky
Bennett, Anna B abt 1879 Tennessee
Bennett, George W abt 1859 Tennessee
Blackwell, Minnie L abt 1906 Tennessee
Campbell, Norris M abt 1881 Tennessee
Clark, Eldean H abt 1847 Ohio
Condra, George W abt 1858 Tennessee
Cox, James A abt 1844 Georgia
Cox, William R abt 1861 Tennessee
Curtis, Augusta W abt 1866 South Carolina
Custer, Charles A abt 1867 Tennessee
Edwards, Rebecca J abt 1850 Tennessee
Farmer, Sally Ida abt 1885 Tennessee
Fewell, Jay abt 1869 Ohio
Gamer, Mabel C abt 1919 Tennessee
Gelow, Elmer B abt 1908 Tennessee
Gilliam, John A abt 1879 Tennessee
Gipson, James A abt 1880 Tennessee
Gorley, Theodosia abt 1892 Tennessee
Gradisher, Emit abt 1848 Switzerland
Green, Joseph abt 1895 Tennessee
Green, Thomas J abt 1866 Tennessee
Harris, Pearl I abt 1906 Tennessee
Holcombe, Egbert W abt 1848 New York
Holcombe, Virgil I abt 1879 Kansas
Jackson, William A abt 1864 Maryland
Johnson, Dallas abt 1885 Tennessee
Kennedy, John R abt 1881 Tennessee
Kennedy, Magdalina abt 1850 Switzerland
Kilgore, Franklin T abt 1894 Tennessee
Kilgore, Lennie abt 1865 Tennessee
King, George abt 1879 Tennessee
Ladd, John W abt 1881 Tennessee
Ladd, William abt 1846 Tennessee
Lappin, Halbert B abt 1857 Ohio
Lawson, Andrew J abt 1856 Tennessee
Layne, Preston F abt 1859 Tennessee
Long, Haney abt 1899 Tennessee
Long, Horace abt 1899 Tennessee
Long, James abt 1870 Tennessee
Lowe, Ernest M abt 1875 Tennessee
Lynch, Ona abt 1881 Tennessee
Mc Henley, Jane C abt 1852 Tennessee
Mcfarland, Haney E abt 1885 Tennessee
Mcfarland, Lawrence L abt 1895 Tennessee
Metcalfe, John A abt 1880 Tennessee
Norwood, Charles P abt 1878 Tennessee
Norwood, Cova E abt 1904 Tennessee
Parker, Cohen abt 1868 Tennessee
Parker, Ether H abt 1893 Tennessee
Parker, Henry C abt 1856 Tennessee
Parker, James P abt 1880 Tennessee
Parson, Isaac H abt 1866 Tennessee
Partin, Benjamin F abt 1852 Tennessee
Pirtle, George J abt 1847 Tennessee
Pirtle, Green M abt 1860 Tennessee
Pirtle, Rienzza G abt 1888 Tennessee
Pirtle, William L abt 1890 Tennessee
Raid, Elisha E abt 1886 Tennessee
Rathburn, Ernest R abt 1862 Michigan
Reid, Isaac E abt 1867 Tennessee
Resser, Rena I abt 1879 Texas
Richmond, Baxter P abt 1887 Tennessee
Richmond, James A abt 1897 Tennessee
Ridge, Martena A abt 1860 Alabama
Roberts, Isaac W abt 1855 Tennessee
Rollings, Mathew T abt 1877 Tennessee
Sampley, William J abt 1861 Tennessee
Sanders, Ezella V abt 1896 Tennessee
Schaerer, Godley H abt 1861 Switzerland
Schaerer, Sarah E abt 1866 Tennessee
Schultz, Willie abt 1889 Tennessee
Scott, Franklin C abt 1902 Tennessee
Scruggs, William abt 1851 Georgia
Seely, George F abt 1856 New York
Shetter, James H abt 1880 Tennessee
Shetter, Pearl A abt 1903 Tennessee
Smith, John D abt 1842 Scotland
Stanley, Thoma E abt 1875 Illinois
Stephens, Ladora T abt 1848 Tennessee
Thomas, David B abt 1898 Tennessee
Thomas, Lila C abt 1854 South Carolina
Thomas, William F abt 1860 Tennessee
Tinnell, Andrew J abt 1871 Tennessee
Tobitt, Harald S abt 1872 England
Trussell, Andrew J abt 1852 Tennessee
Tucker, David T abt 1852 Tennessee
Tucker, Fred abt 1885 Tennessee
Tucker, John H abt 1892 Tennessee
Turner, May S abt 1897 Tennessee
Wells, Andrew J abt 1882 Tennessee
White, Lucile abt 1903 Alabama
Woolford, Harold abt 1916 Tennessee
Wootton, Benjamin F abt 1867 Tennessee

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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June 3, 2005