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District 9

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace
Adams, Claude abt 1840 Tennessee
Alder, John abt 1876 Tennessee
Ament, Edd abt 1868 Tennessee
Ament, Ernest abt 1898 Tennessee
Beene, Roy abt 1908 Tennessee
Besse, Will abt 1898 Tennessee
Brome, Charles P abt 1864 Tennessee
Bryson, James abt 1866 Alabama
Callins, Samuel D abt 1851 Tennessee
Champlin, Janes C abt 1856 Tennessee
Christmon, Berry abt 1860 Tennessee
Cofelt, Jon abt 1886 Tennessee
Collins, Dudley B abt 1896 Tennessee
Collins, Herbert C abt 1895 Tennessee
Collins, Maner N abt 1876 Tennessee
Coppinger, Turner abt 1888 Tennessee
Cunningham, Frank abt 1879 Ohio
Dalton, Isac abt 1897 Tennessee
Dalton, J M abt 1866 Tennessee
Dalton, James C abt 1895 Tennessee
Dalton, Lee abt 1900 Tennessee
Davis, Lee abt 1906 Tennessee
Deakins, Bob abt 1881 Tennessee
Deakins, Hill abt 1882 Tennessee
Elledge, Aron abt 1876 Alabama
Ellis, Nathaniel abt 1856 Tennessee
Ellis, Oscar W abt 1893 Tennessee
Fox, Wash abt 1855 Tennessee
Gains, Gracy abt 1889 Tennessee
Gains, San abt 1893 Tennessee
Gains, Wash abt 1878 Tennessee
Garland, F Gerd abt 1879 Tennessee
Garland, O Mannie abt 1873 Tennessee
Gery, Charles abt 1829 Tennessee
Gillam, Sallie abt 1891 Tennessee
Gilliam, Bryson abt 1876 Tennessee
Gilliam, Charlie abt 1874 Tennessee
Gilliam, Clyde abt 1877 Tennessee
Gillins, Smith abt 1879 Tennessee
Goodman, John abt 1874 Tennessee
Goolsby, Sam abt 1862 Tennessee
Grey, Beckie abt 1841 Tennessee
Haggard, William R abt 1892 Tennessee
Hampton, Robert abt 1852 Tennessee
Hanner, Ellen abt 1870 Tennessee
Harris, Pleas abt 1893 Tennessee
Havener, James abt 1866 Tennessee
Havener, John abt 1882 Tennessee
Hayward, Otto abt 1898 Tennessee
Hixon, John abt 1867 Tennessee
Holder, John abt 1885 Tennessee
Holder, William abt 1880 Tennessee
Holder, Wofford abt 1883 Tennessee
Hopkins, Martha abt 1850 Tennessee
Hughes, Joseph A abt 1870 Tennessee
Janes, Willis abt 1899 Tennessee
Johnson, Bill abt 1890 Tennessee
Johnson, Sue abt 1890 Tennessee
Jones, Joe abt 1863 Tennessee
Jones, Lucy abt 1900 Tennessee
Lancaster, Albert abt 1875 Tennessee
Lasseter, Charles B abt 1886 Tennessee
Lasseter, John C abt 1860 Tennessee
Lasseter, Robbert abt 1887 Tennessee
Lee Johnson, Bob abt 1905 Tennessee
Loyme, W Reed abt 1865 Tennessee
Marlowe, James R abt 1872 Tennessee
Mc Coy, Charlie abt 1882 Tennessee
Mccoy, John abt 1876 Tennessee
Parker, John abt 1874 Tennessee
Payne, Daniel D abt 1867 Tennessee
Payne, John E abt 1878 Tennessee
Paynel, Pless abt 1869 Tennessee
Paynes, Jay abt 1871 Tennessee
Pendergast, Charley abt 1870 Tennessee
Potts, Sarah abt 1896 Tennessee
Raulston, Hughie abt 1871 Tennessee
Raulston, Riley abt 1855 Tennessee
Raulston, Walter H abt 1882 Tennessee
Rector, Jno abt 1859 Tennessee
Reed, Al abt 1902 Tennessee
Reed, George abt 1862 Tennessee
Resto, Walter abt 1881 Tennessee
Reston, Bill abt 1876 Tennessee
Rice, William A abt 1863 Tennessee
Rilley, Albert S abt 1875 Tennessee
Robison, Simon abt 1883 Tennessee
Rolison, Henery abt 1898 Tennessee
Rollins, Frank abt 1880 Tennessee
Romires, Walter A abt 1885 Tennessee
Roulston, Burl B abt 1867 Tennessee
Roulston, Henry abt 1888 Tennessee
Roulston, J Crit abt 1862 Tennessee
Roulston, Low abt 1890 Tennessee
Roulston, Maysel abt 1892 Tennessee
Roulston, Robert abt 1854 Tennessee
Rutar, Mae abt 1879 Tennessee
Shields, Elmira abt 1883 Tennessee
Smith, Bert abt 1882 Tennessee
Smith, Henry abt 1880 Tennessee
Smith, Jack abt 1884 Tennessee
Smith, Jens abt 1859 Tennessee
Smith, John C abt 1861 Tennessee
Smith, Latha abt 1882 Tennessee
Smith, Maggie abt 1873 Tennessee
Smith, Robt L abt 1883 Tennessee
Tamer, Harter abt 1878 Tennessee
Werner, Fred abt 1860 Ohio
White, John abt 1876 Tennessee
Wilkerson, John H abt 1895 Tennessee
Williams, Jerry abt 1866 Alabama
Williams, John abt 1863 Tennessee

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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June 3, 2005