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Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace
Alley, George E abt 1875 Tennessee
Ament, Shelba abt 1871 Kentucky
Anderson, Charlie abt 1895 Tennessee
Anderson, Jim abt 1861 USA
Andrews, Lee abt 1891 Tennessee
Bales, Lewis H abt 1891 Tennessee
Bennett, Samuel abt 1847 Tennessee
Bennett, Steve H abt 1860 Tennessee
Berry, William abt 1887 Georgia
Bever, George abt 1892 Tennessee
Bibles, Jacob C abt 1883 Tennessee
Boyd, Dallis abt 1885 Tennessee
Brewer, George W abt 1847 Tennessee
Brewer, Lewis P abt 1876 Alabama
Bridgman, Jim abt 1873 Tennessee
Brower, Charles B abt 1851 Tennessee
Brown, Ara B abt 1884 Alabama
Brown, Jessie abt 1882 Tennessee
Brown, Normand abt 1889 Alabama
Buchanan, David C abt 1893 Tennessee
Burn, Jamie abt 1885 Tennessee
Byrnes, Willie abt 1881 Tennessee
Cargile, Ella abt 1880 Tennessee
Carlton, Jim abt 1877 Tennessee
Closson, William abt 1879 Tennessee
Collins, Charles C abt 1891 Tennessee
Collins, Jim W abt 1873 Tennessee
Colston, Tom J abt 1873 Tennessee
Condra, Amanda abt 1882 Tennessee
Cooper, Will abt 1888 Tennessee
Coppinger abt 1860 Tennessee
Cowman, Ruah abt 1906 Tennessee
Craighead, Henry abt 1859 Tennessee
Crow, Martha abt 1899 Tennessee
Curley, Hermann abt 1898 Tennessee
Daffron, Bob abt 1894 Tennessee
Dans, Bloobidra abt 1885 Tennessee
Danson, Werner abt 1896 Tennessee
Darks, Charles abt 1871 Tennessee
Darr, Leslie R abt 1887 Tennessee
Davis, Flonnie abt 1877 Tennessee
Davis, Mattie abt 1875 Indiana
Dawson, Tom G abt 1860 Georgia
Dickins, Sam G abt 1885 Tennessee
Duarte, Caroline abt 1843 Tennessee
Duarte, William P abt 1846 Alabama
Forester, John G abt 1871 North Carolina
Forester, Mary A abt 1864 North Carolina
Forester, Tom L abt 1880 Tennessee
Garbers, Meredith abt 1882 Tennessee
Gardiner, Mitchell abt 1865 Virginia
Gardiner, Stewart Frank abt 1874 Indiana
Gardner, Silas abt 1875 Tennessee
Germer, Richard abt 1873 Tennessee
Gibson, Minnie abt 1890 Tennessee
Goodman, William abt 1892 Tennessee
Graham, Byron abt 1890 Tennessee
Graham, Thomas abt 1872 Tennessee
Griffith, Rettie abt 1855 Virginia
Guffey, William abt 1860 Georgia
Hable, Clara abt 1880 Illinois
Hackworth, Sam A abt 1868 Alabama
Hackworth, Thomas R abt 1862 Alabama
Hagan, Mary F abt 1916 Tennessee
Halker, Earn E abt 1882 Tennessee
Hall, Auston R abt 1872 Tennessee
Halo, Marion T abt 1879 Tennessee
Hampton, Maude abt 1872 Kentucky
Hancock, Reuben abt 1891 Wisconsin
Harkins, Steve B abt 1912 Tennessee
Harrin, Roderic abt 1883 Tennessee
Harris, Alvin abt 1891 Tennessee
Hawkins, John W abt 1867 Kentucky
Hemstreet, Littie abt 1888 Tennessee
Henegar, Marvene A abt 1847 Tennessee
Higgins, Susannah abt 1837 North Carolina
Hill, Hazel abt 1898 Tennessee
Hoge, Gladys L abt 1895 Tennessee
Hoge, Mary abt 1855 Tennessee
Hoge, William J J abt 1863 Tennessee
Holloway, Almarine abt 1888 Georgia
Holloway, Jerry abt 1851 Georgia
Holloway, Lewis abt 1896 Tennessee
Hott, Bessie abt 1898 Tennessee
Hudson, William H abt 1864 Tennessee
Huggins, John J abt 1862 Alabama
Hughes, Sam abt 1877 Tennessee
Irish, William B abt 1872 Tennessee
Jackson, Maggie B abt 1909 Alabama
Jenkins, Burma abt 1904 Tennessee
Jetton, Gracie A abt 1916 Tennessee
Johnson, Sam abt 1868 Tennessee
Johnson, William abt 1843 Tennessee
Johnson, William L abt 1877 Tennessee
Jones, Miex abt 1890 Alabama
Keigher, J Corit abt 1844 Kentucky
Kelly, Foster A abt 1870 Tennessee
Kelly, Jim abt 1893 Tennessee
Kelly, Lulla abt 1896 Tennessee
Kelly, Mack abt 1855 Tennessee
Kelly, Settie abt 1880 Tennessee
Langston, Norlah abt 1914 Tennessee
Lantis, Ben F abt 1864 Tennessee
Laukaitis, Joe G abt 1839 Ohio
Lawson, Carlie E abt 1877 Tennessee
Lawson, David abt 1866 Tennessee
Legg, John abt 1889 Alabama
Lewis, Albert abt 1877 Tennessee
Lewis, Annie V abt 1870 Tennessee
Lewis, Calvin abt 1874 Kentucky
Lewis, John M abt 1883 Tennessee
Lewis, Will abt 1875 Tennessee
Lofty, George abt 1898 Tennessee
Lowis, Jeff abt 1870 Tennessee
Lusk, Alvin abt 1881 Tennessee
Maxwell, Janie abt 1850 Tennessee
Mc Cobe, Travis abt 1912 Tennessee
Mc Elander, Fred R abt 1878 Alabama
Mc Griest, John abt 1846 Tennessee
Mc Nabb, David P abt 1876 Tennessee
Mc Reynolds, Bronson abt 1884 Tennessee
Mc Reynolds, George abt 1884 Tennessee
Miller, Walter abt 1887 Tennessee
Mitchell, Ned abt 1854 Tennessee
Morgan, Victor B abt 1877 Alabama
Morrison, James W abt 1866 Missouri
Myers, John abt 1843 Tennessee
Narron, Malloin abt 1910 Tennessee
Nute, Ray abt 1896 Wisconsin
Ouarhe, William abt 1887 Tennessee
Pape, Virginia B abt 1866 Tennessee
Pattob, Mary A abt 1845 Tennessee
Patton, Frank T abt 1895 Tennessee
Phenix, Arthur F abt 1885 Alabama
Phillips, Gideon W abt 1886 Alabama
Phillips, John W abt 1870 Tennessee
Price, John A abt 1887 Tennessee
Price, Robert abt 1844 Tennessee
Pryor, Andy R abt 1895 Tennessee
Pryor, William abt 1871 Tennessee
Pye, Walter D abt 1890 Alabama
Rankins, America abt 1887 Tennessee
Raulston, Barbara abt 1828 Tennessee
Raulston, John A abt 1859 Tennessee
Rengers, Leonard abt 1883 Tennessee
Roberson, Alexander L abt 1872 Tennessee
Roberson, Bob abt 1871 Tennessee
Roberson, Louis A abt 1850 Tennessee
Roberson, Will abt 1874 Tennessee
Rogers, Ben F abt 1846 North Carolina
Rogers, Lawrence abt 1894 Tennessee
Schickey, Fred K abt 1874 Tennessee
Seavers, Henry abt 1890 Tennessee
Servais, Mariah abt 1870 Tennessee
Sharp, John abt 1852 Tennessee
Shingles, Ida abt 1884 Tennessee
Simpson, Hyatt abt 1877 Tennessee
Simpson, John W abt 1876 Tennessee
Simpson, John W abt 1847 Virginia
Simpson, Sam T abt 1854 Tennessee
Sligh, Arthur abt 1876 Tennessee
Smith, Arthur J abt 1862 Tennessee
Smith, Eliza A abt 1898 Tennessee
Smith, Fred S abt 1881 Tennessee
Smith, George M abt 1897 Tennessee
Smith, Ned D abt 1883 South Carolina
Smith, Ransom abt 1875 Tennessee
Smith, Son abt 1898 Tennessee
Songer, Wesley abt 1864 Illinois
Spears, Ella M abt 1905 Tennessee
Spears, Louanna abt 1881 Tennessee
Spore, Joseph M abt 1842 Georgia
Steager, John W abt 1893 Kentucky
Tatum, Lillie abt 1890 Tennessee
Teague, Love abt 1863 Tennessee
Templeton, Albert abt 1886 Tennessee
Templeton, Brack O abt 1872 Tennessee
Terry, Mary K abt 1897 Tennessee
Thatch, Griffith O abt 1883 Tennessee
Thatch, Julia abt 1873 Tennessee
Thompson, Ada abt 1895 Tennessee
Thurmon, Ross abt 1873 Tennessee
Tonner, Waymon W abt 1894 Tennessee
Toves, Amanda D abt 1884 Tennessee
Towers, Bill abt 1873 Alabama
Tudore, Nancy abt 1865 Tennessee
Turner, James T abt 1863 Tennessee
Turner, Laura abt 1866 Tennessee
Turner, Tom S abt 1872 Tennessee
Vann, Charles H abt 1882 Tennessee
Vinsant, Lon A abt 1845 Tennessee
Walker, Francis C abt 1889 Tennessee
Walker, Hackiee abt 1898 Tennessee
Walker, Jerry A abt 1888 Tennessee
Walker, Mia E abt 1854 Tennessee
Warren, Joe abt 1877 Tennessee
Warren, Lot abt 1848 Georgia
Webb, Biddie abt 1899 Tennessee
Webb, Levi abt 1851 Tennessee
Webb, Willie K abt 1886 Tennessee
Wells, Eliza abt 1900 South Carolina
West, Amanda abt 1853 North Carolina
West, Ben abt 1880 Tennessee
Whisnant, Mose abt 1835 Alabama
Whitfield, Phorby abt 1830 Tennessee
Wilkerson, Bessie C abt 1856 Tennessee
Willie, Thomas A abt 1868 Alabama
Willis, Edgar W abt 1870 Alabama
Woelffer, Will abt 1872 Georgia
Woodke, Brown abt 1881 Tennessee
Wright, Amin abt 1861 Virginia

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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June 3, 2005