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Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace
Adam, William H abt 1857 USA
Adams, Myrth abt 1886 Alabama
Adams, Truman abt 1911 Tennessee
Ake, Clinton abt 1888 Alabama
Albani, Jacob W abt 1896 Alabama
Anderson, Roy W abt 1894 Tennessee
Bailey, John abt 1906 Tennessee
Barnes, Harry abt 1877 Tennessee
Barnes, James abt 1872 Alabama
Barnes, John abt 1842 Tennessee
Barnes, Marcos abt 1894 Tennessee
Barnes, Marvin W abt 1898 Tennessee
Barnes, Mary J abt 1889 Alabama
Barnes, Thomas J abt 1887 Tennessee
Bates, Liller M abt 1909 Alabama
Benton, Frank abt 1869 Georgia
Blanset, Scott A abt 1881 Tennessee
Bollon, Mark D abt 1881 Tennessee
Brown, Frank W abt 1865 Kentucky
Burnes, Freeman K abt 1885 Tennessee
Caffall, D L abt 1873 Tennessee
Cain, George abt 1890 Tennessee
Cappell, Leo E abt 1899 Tennessee
Carpenter, Elinor abt 1915 Tennessee
Carter, John T abt 1866 Tennessee
Cleveland, Charlie abt 1881 Tennessee
Cluck, George H abt 1851 USA
Cluxton, J C abt 1875 Tennessee
Coffman, Robert abt 1899 Alabama
Conner, Will A abt 1901 Alabama
Crownover, William J abt 1890 Alabama
Cureton, James M abt 1878 Tennessee
Davis, Susan abt 1885 Tennessee
Dawson, Ed R abt 1897 Georgia
Dawson, Taylor C abt 1856 Alabama
Day, Frank abt 1855 Tennessee
Denne, Elizah abt 1857 Tennessee
Dye, William R abt 1864 Tennessee
Ellison, Lee W abt 1889 Georgia
Evans, William A abt 1896 Tennessee
Fant, James R abt 1895 Tennessee
Ferguson, William F abt 1854 Alabama
Frass, Esper C abt 1861 Tennessee
Freeman, Daniel W abt 1880 Georgia
Freeman, Gordon abt 1893 Nova Scotia
Freeman, John C abt 1896 North Carolina
Garner, David W abt 1864 Tennessee
Geer, Henry C abt 1892 Tennessee
Gibson, Miller abt 1838 Tennessee
Gilliam, Lon E abt 1898 Tennessee
Godbehere, James H abt 1885 Tennessee
Goff, Mary E abt 1867 Tennessee
Hagwood, Jerre Jo abt 1899 Alabama
Hall, W W abt 1850 Kentucky
Hanegan, John M abt 1862 Alabama
Hawk, Albie abt 1868 Tennessee
Hawkins, B abt 1893 Tennessee
Hawkins, Joe H abt 1867 USA
Hegwood, Walter abt 1900 Alabama
Henegar, Thomas R abt 1880 Tennessee
Hibbs, Harris abt 1889 Tennessee
Hilliard, Weslie B abt 1887 Tennessee
Hobbs, Arville abt 1902 Tennessee
Hobbs, Gilbert abt 1877 Tennessee
Hobbs, Herschell abt 1888 Tennessee
Hogwood, Grover E abt 1891 Alabama
Hogwood, Robb Z abt 1893 Tennessee
Hughes, George abt 1885 Tennessee
Hughues, Sarah abt 1890 Arkansas
Irvin, Lowery M abt 1881 Tennessee
Jackson, Amos S abt 1896 Tennessee
Jackson, George W abt 1866 Tennessee
Jenkins, Benjamin F abt 1876 Missouri
Jenkins, James M abt 1875 Tennessee
Kilgore, John W abt 1884 Tennessee
Kilgore, Leward abt 1899 Tennessee
Kilgore, William A abt 1893 Tennessee
Lawhorn, John B abt 1888 Alabama
Lewis, Ben abt 1893 Tennessee
Luck, Edwin abt 1901 Tennessee
Martin, Jack abt 1880 Tennessee
Mccay, Abner B abt 1884 Alabama
Moore, Thomas R abt 1854 Tennessee
Mount, Chas C abt 1870 Georgia
Muecke, John E abt 1856 Tennessee
Nichols, Ames W abt 1870 Georgia
Nichols, Amos W abt 1911 Tennessee
Nichols, Elie M abt 1908 Tennessee
Nichols, Hugh C abt 1893 Alabama
Nichols, Ludella abt 1902 Tennessee
Nichols, Minerva E abt 1874 Georgia
Nichols, Walter abt 1904 Tennessee
Nunley, Brack abt 1899 Tennessee
Nunley, David K abt 1871 Tennessee
Nunley, Genoa abt 1884 USA
Nunley, Henry abt 1901 Tennessee
Nunley, John abt 1896 Tennessee
Oartis, John A abt 1891 Tennessee
Ogden, Fulaie L abt 1895 Tennessee
Oneel, Andrew E abt 1874 USA
Parker, Andrew J abt 1877 Tennessee
Parry, Mitchell abt 1897 Tennessee
Patrick, Oscar abt 1894 Georgia
Patrick, Thomas F abt 1887 Georgia
Patterson, Berry abt 1870 Tennessee
Payne, Adam T abt 1882 Tennessee
Payne, George D abt 1891 Tennessee
Payne, John O abt 1897 Tennessee
Payne, Joseph B abt 1872 Tennessee
Payne, L D abt 1850 Alabama
Payne, Saml L abt 1894 Tennessee
Payner, William D abt 1873 Tennessee
Paynes, Joseph T abt 1862 Tennessee
Perry, William M abt 1885 Tennessee
Phillips, Albert E abt 1892 Alabama
Pickett, William A abt 1884 Tennessee
Porter, Minnis F abt 1885 Tennessee
Ray, George A abt 1879 Ohio
Rice, Chas W abt 1883 Tennessee
Rich, Andrew abt 1890 Tennessee
Rich, John abt 1890 Tennessee
Rich, Marion abt 1892 Tennessee
Richardson, H M abt 1858 Denmark
Rollen, James H abt 1892 Tennessee
Rollins, Francis M abt 1867 Tennessee
Rollins, Jackson C abt 1880 Tennessee
Rollins, James F abt 1890 Tennessee
Rowe, William H abt 1881 England
Sampler, Sam abt 1893 Alabama
Samples, L P abt 1853 Alabama
Samples, Lowry D abt 1902 Alabama
Sampley, George abt 1899 Alabama
Scott, Mary L abt 1868 Tennessee
Shadrach, Morgan abt 1900 Tennessee
Smith, Percy B abt 1898 Alabama
Smith, Thomas T abt 1881 Tennessee
Spangler, Dock abt 1894 Alabama
Spangler, Hugh abt 1891 USA
Stephens, John A abt 1868 Georgia
Stephens, Mary abt 1871 Tennessee
Stepp, Lynelis E abt 1867 Tennessee
Stevens, J C abt 1890 Alabama
Sullivan, Frank L abt 1891 Tennessee
Sullivan, John abt 1886 Tennessee
Sullivan, John abt 1855 Tennessee
Talley, Thomas R abt 1901 Alabama
Taylor, Geo W abt 1868 Tennessee
Thomas, Andy J abt 1902 Alabama
Thomas, William W abt 1897 Alabama
Thompson, Frederick P abt 1873 New Hampshire
Tortora, Fred abt 1882 Tennessee
Trudell, Arma B abt 1868 Tennessee
Vaughn, Chas abt 1890 Tennessee
Vittetoe, Jake M abt 1902 Georgia
Vittetoe, James abt 1899 Georgia
Walker, George S abt 1871 Alabama
Webb, John F abt 1865 Tennessee
Webb, John W abt 1897 Tennessee
Welch, Frank abt 1893 Tennessee
Wetch, Clay abt 1891 Alabama
Wilkerson, Gena T abt 1896 Alabama
Wilkerson, Lean C abt 1903 Tennessee
Wilkinson, James M abt 1852 Missouri
Williams, Zollie H abt 1884 Tennessee
Yokeley, William H abt 1882 Tennessee
Young, Asa C abt 1867 Alabama
Young, William H abt 1892 Tennessee

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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June 3, 2005