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Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace
Adams, J Tom abt 1880 Tennessee
Ambuster, Osbert abt 1885 Tennessee;USA
Anderson, Charles abt 1856 Tennessee
Andregg, Henry abt 1879 Tennessee
Ashburn, Joe abt 1899 Tennessee
Ashburn, Lucy abt 1875 Tennessee
Athentore, Robert abt 1862 England
Aulton, Estell abt 1905 Tennessee
Aumack, Dave abt 1896 Tennessee
Bagget, James abt 1867 Tennessee
Baile, Dick abt 1898 Tennessee
Bailey, Andrew J abt 1882 Tennessee
Bailey, John D abt 1879 Tennessee
Bailey, Molly abt 1862 Tennessee
Baines, Forest abt 1891 Tennessee
Ballard, Charles abt 1891 Tennessee
Balliand, Mark abt 1887 Tennessee
Bankes, Jacob H abt 1878 Tennessee
Barket, Eliga H abt 1868 Tennessee
Barner, Luke abt 1890 Tennessee;USA
Barnes, J H abt 1864 Tennessee
Barnett, Henvison abt 1882 Tennessee
Basket, Willian L abt 1862 Tennessee
Beasley, Heather abt 1900 Georgia
Bennett, Alex abt 1873 Tennessee
Bennett, J S abt 1857 Tennessee
Bennett, Joe abt 1875 Tennessee
Billiard, John H abt 1859 Tennessee
Blanchard, Jim abt 1892 Tennessee;USA
Boman, Chris abt 1890 Tennessee
Bomm, Joe abt 1880 Tennessee;USA
Boyd, Bradford abt 1898 Tennessee;USA
Boyd, Jervey abt 1892 Tennessee
Bradfield, George A abt 1874 Tennessee
Brewer, William L abt 1849 Tennessee
Bridges, Ira E abt 1884 Tennessee
Brill, Ed E abt 1868 Tennessee
Brooke, Saddie abt 1904 Tennessee
Broom, David H abt 1852 Tennessee
Brown, Jane abt 1916 Tennessee
Bryson, Herbert abt 1890 Tennessee
Burgers, Robert abt 1875 England
Burnette, Eliga A abt 1850 Tennessee
Buthe, Thomas J abt 1845 Tennessee
Calisens, Barney abt 1869 Tennessee
Calwell, Ethel abt 1901 Tennessee
Campbell, Jessie abt 1900 Tennessee
Candia, Maggie L abt 1885 Tennessee
Cantrell, William A abt 1880 Tennessee
Cappell, Froney abt 1913 Tennessee
Carsun, Ardrist J abt 1862 Tennessee
Cartwright, Henry abt 1889 Tennessee
Cassem, Arthur abt 1892 Tennessee
Casson, John abt 1887 Tennessee
Cate, Will T abt 1882 Tennessee;USA
Causon, Fred abt 1898 Tennessee
Cawthorn, Jervis abt 1848 Tennessee
Chastain, O W abt 1853 Mississippi
Childress, Charlie abt 1881 Tennessee
Childress, Joe abt 1890 Tennessee
Christine, Will abt 1860 Tennessee;USA
Chritian, John W abt 1868 Tennessee;USA
Cline, John W abt 1885 Tennessee
Cline, Mattie abt 1881 Tennessee
Coggins, William A abt 1865 Georgia
Colck, Vance abt 1855 Tennessee
Condra, Joe A abt 1881 Tennessee
Copelan, Charles M abt 1878 Tennessee
Copeland, Annie abt 1846 Tennessee
Corck, Bell abt 1866 ?
Correll, Betsy abt 1890 Georgia
Cottson, John abt 1862 Tennessee;USA
Courtwright, Lige abt 1892 Tennessee
Cowan, Benjamin F abt 1843 Tennessee
Cowan, Joseph T abt 1868 Tennessee;USA
Cowart, John abt 1873 Tennessee
Cox, Tabe abt 1866 Tennessee
Crabb, Banks abt 1882 Alabama
Craft, Crave abt 1872 Tennessee
Daffron, Carl abt 1881 Tennessee
Daniel, Nim abt 1884 Tennessee;USA
Dass, George abt 1858 Tennessee
Dawson, Bok abt 1895 Tennessee
Deakins, Patrick C abt 1871 Tennessee
Deary, Hassell abt 1887 Tennessee
Debard, Fred abt 1895 Tennessee
Denham, Frank abt 1869 Tennessee
Deskins, R O abt 1893 Tennessee
Dewar, Lung L abt 1851 Tennessee
Dignon, Pat abt 1898 Tennessee;USA
Dingman, Joseph L abt 1852 Tennessee
Divine, John abt 1866 Georgia;USA
Dixon, Robert A abt 1872 Tennessee;USA
Dorwning, Alix abt 1894 Tennessee
Doss, Joe abt 1864 Georgia
Dube, Mattie abt 1848 Tennessee
Duke, Joe K abt 1849 Tennessee
Duke, Richard T abt 1874 Tennessee
Dunne, Annie abt 1902 Alabama
Dyke, Jackeway abt 1854 Tennessee
Dykes, Fann J abt 1870 Tennessee
Dykes, John J abt 1864 Tennessee
Dykes, Willie abt 1898 Tennessee
Dyns, Liore abt 1897 Tennessee;USA
Dyson, Rubin abt 1906 Tennessee
Eaken, Will abt 1889 Tennessee
Eggert, Glenege abt 1892 Tennessee;USA
Eggert, John abt 1897 Tennessee;USA
Farley, Thomas H abt 1856 Tennessee
Farunt, David abt 1869 Tennessee
Flemons, Luther L abt 1876 Tennessee
Ford, Sherman abt 1897 Alabama
Foster, William F abt 1890 Tennessee
Frayser, William R abt 1859 Tennessee
French, Pleas J abt 1887 Alabama
Froid, Martin W abt 1889 Tennessee
Frye, Olivet J abt 1860 Tennessee
Gaar, Will H abt 1882 Tennessee
Gertman, Cullom abt 1909 Georgia
Gihams, Albert F abt 1870 Tennessee
Gilbreath, Walter W abt 1889 Tennessee
Giles, John abt 1881 Tennessee;USA
Graham, Susan abt 1851 Virginia
Graham, William M abt 1852 Alabama
Grant, John H abt 1851 Tennessee
Gravit, John L abt 1902 Tennessee
Gray, Nancy A abt 1848 Tennessee
Grayham, Wick abt 1886 Tennessee
Grayson, Lawrence H abt 1872 Tennessee
Grayson, Rosa abt 1900 Tennessee
Green, Mary abt 1914 Georgia
Green, Mary abt 1902 Tennessee
Griffith, Easy abt 1906 Tennessee
Griffith, Etter abt 1866 Tennessee
Griffith, Jessie abt 1892 Georgia
Griffith, Joe abt 1866 Tennessee
Griffith, Joe A abt 1881 Tennessee
Griffith, John abt 1887 Tennessee
Griffith, Lavania abt 1876 Tennessee
Griffith, Mat J abt 1866 Tennessee
Griffith, Walter abt 1891 Tennessee
Grimes, Joe abt 1897 Tennessee;USA
Grimes, John abt 1860 Tennessee
Guest, Sam abt 1870 Pennsylvania
Hallaway, Ary G abt 1879 Tennessee
Hallaway, David H abt 1867 Tennessee
Hallaway, Henry abt 1893 Tennessee
Hallaway, Hugh abt 1864 Tennessee
Hallaway, John abt 1886 Texas
Halloway, Walter abt 1890 Tennessee
Hamilton, Bub abt 1882 Tennessee
Hamrick, Elizah abt 1866 Georgia
Hamrick, Jessee B abt 1892 Georgia
Hardy, John R abt 1887 Tennessee
Harris, Charles W abt 1879 Tennessee
Harris, George W abt 1852 Georgia
Harris, Olivia abt 1911 Tennessee
Harrison, Dan abt 1888 Georgia
Harrison, Henry abt 1872 Tennessee
Hart, Will abt 1890 Tennessee
Hartman, Herbert T abt 1892 Tennessee
Hartman, Will A abt 1874 Tennessee
Harwood, Jeff abt 1891 Tennessee
Hatfield, C D abt 1870 Tennessee
Hatfield, Law S abt 1881 Tennessee
Havron, Samuel L abt 1870 Tennessee
Hebbert, John J abt 1916 Kentucky
Hembury, Fred abt 1883 Tennessee;USA
Henley, George abt 1862 Tennessee
Henry, Albert abt 1889 Tennessee
Henry, Clay abt 1897 Tennessee
Henry, Emma abt 1867 Tennessee
Henry, George W abt 1876 Tennessee
Henry, William abt 1887 Tennessee
Heoper, Fred T abt 1888 Tennessee
Herden, Mat abt 1867 Tennessee
Hewetson, Lee abt 1890 Tennessee
Hickie, Sallie abt 1866 Tennessee
Higdon, Bill abt 1896 Tennessee;USA
Higdon, Joe abt 1888 Tennessee;USA
Higdon, Virgil F abt 1900 Tennessee;USA
Higham, Mary L abt 1865 Tennessee
Hixon, John abt 1869 Tennessee
Hixson, Gaydet A abt 1888 Tennessee
Hochman, Anderson abt 1897 Tennessee;USA
Hohlt, Grant C abt 1889 Tennessee;USA
Holland, Albert abt 1908 Tennessee
Holland, Victor abt 1908 Tennessee
Hollaway, Frank abt 1893 Tennessee;USA
Hollond, George W abt 1885 Tennessee;USA
Holoway, Clay abt 1899 Tennessee
Holoway, Ida abt 1873 Tennessee
Holtkamp, Fred abt 1891 Tennessee;USA
Holtkamp, Orvel abt 1898 Tennessee;USA
Holtkmap, Thomas J abt 1870 Tennessee;USA
Hooper, Ida abt 1886 Tennessee
Houpt, Jim S abt 1865 Tennessee
Houston, Robert abt 1880 Tennessee
Hudlow, Edwin abt 1883 Tennessee
Hudlow, James L abt 1876 Tennessee
Hudson, Ann abt 1843 Tennessee
Hudson, Edget abt 1895 Tennessee
Hudson, Hugh L abt 1887 Tennessee
Hundley, Lella abt 1910 Tennessee
Hurts, Earl abt 1886 Tennessee;USA
Hutt, Rollie abt 1891 Tennessee;USA
Jandron, Roy abt 1897 Tennessee;USA
Johnson, Ed abt 1884 Tennessee;USA
Jones, Houseton abt 1898 Tennessee;USA
Jordan, George W abt 1865 Georgia
Jordan, Isaac R abt 1871 Kentucky
Kelley, Albert A abt 1869 Tennessee
Kelly, Allen abt 1878 Tennessee
Kelly, Benjamin abt 1906 Tennessee
Kelly, Early abt 1879 Tennessee
Kelly, Jordan E abt 1914 Tennessee
Killen, Camellia abt 1905 Tennessee
Killgore, Cour abt 1882 Tennessee;USA
Killgore, Fate abt 1890 Tennessee
Killgore, Henry abt 1875 Tennessee
Killgore, John E abt 1887 Tennessee
Killgore, Nancy abt 1856 Tennessee
Killgore, Wash abt 1868 Tennessee;USA
Kiner, Herbert abt 1898 Tennessee
King, Lam abt 1867 Georgia
Kness, John abt 1865 Tennessee
Knox, Fred abt 1906 Tennessee
Lack, Hasel W abt 1888 Ohio
Lackhart, Ike abt 1892 Tennessee
Lamb, Adolphus P abt 1866 Tennessee;USA
Latham, Shirley abt 1877 Georgia
Laughertk, David W abt 1894 Alabama;USA
Lay, T V abt 1884 Georgia
Layne, Asa abt 1893 Tennessee
Layne, Christen abt 1896 Tennessee
Layne, D T abt 1893 Tennessee
Layne, Eliza abt 1874 Tennessee
Layne, Eliza H abt 1882 Tennessee
Layne, Lyell abt 1891 Tennessee;USA
Lemons, Mack abt 1881 Tennessee
Lewellen, Vack abt 1867 Tennessee
Lewis, Callie abt 1884 Texas
Lewis, Thomas A abt 1872 Tennessee;USA
Linenstur, Janet abt 1880 Tennessee
Link, Fred abt 1894 Tennessee
Link, Julia abt 1901 Virginia
Linsey, William abt 1910 Tennessee
Long, Charley abt 1890 Tennessee
Loynes, Henry S abt 1866 Tennessee
Luck, Charles abt 1890 Tennessee
Luck, Joe abt 1869 ?
Lusk, Allinght abt 1888 Tennessee
Lutes, Sallie abt 1872 Tennessee
Marrison, Will abt 1845 Tennessee
Martin, Elizabeth abt 1869 Tennessee
Martin, Luther C abt 1898 Tennessee
Martin, Marthe abt 1903 Tennessee
Mason, Mattia abt 1862 New Hampshire
Massengale, Elbert abt 1889 Tennessee
Matheus, Will abt 1880 Tennessee
Mc Gabb, Osher F abt 1874 Tennessee
Mccoy, A B abt 1884 Alabama
Mccurry, W E abt 1875 Tennessee
Mccurvey, Ernest abt 1901 Tennessee
Mcdonnell, Ben abt 1892 Tennessee;USA
Mcentyre, Ed abt 1890 Tennessee
Mcentyre, Virgil abt 1876 Tennessee;USA
Mcgroan, Ed abt 1896 Tennessee;USA
Mcwilliams, Wille abt 1874 Tennessee
Meagher, William A abt 1879 Maryland
Mears, Jake abt 1880 Tennessee;USA
Melton, Arden abt 1881 Tennessee
Melton, William abt 1894 Georgia
Miller, Maggie abt 1865 Tennessee
Millet, Jone A abt 1875 Tennessee
Moore, Bert abt 1896 Tennessee
Moore, Hary S abt 1885 Tennessee
Moore, Henry J abt 1878 Tennessee;USA
Moore, Jess abt 1848 Tennessee;USA
Moore, Thomas abt 1888 Tennessee;USA
Moore, Vaden abt 1886 Tennessee;USA
Morga, Rchent J abt 1882 Tennessee
Morgan, Verda abt 1887 Tennessee
Morrison, Burt abt 1895 Tennessee;USA
Morrison, Lawrence abt 1885 Tennessee
Mosier, Sam abt 1894 Tennessee
Mosier, Will abt 1871 Tennessee
Moster, Wes abt 1869 Tennessee
Moyer, Dena B abt 1896 Tennessee
Murph, Essie abt 1905 Tennessee
Narmore, Bell abt 1901 Tennessee
Nell, Thomas abt 1874 Tennessee;USA
Newman, Sarah A abt 1863 Tennessee
Nicholls, Walter L abt 1878 Alabama
Nixon, James abt 1873 England
Nunley, Munroe abt 1892 Tennessee;USA
Nunley, Will abt 1890 Tennessee;USA
Palmer, Clarence W abt 1851 Indiana
Parker, Lizzy abt 1889 Tennessee
Parkins, Jim abt 1898 Tennessee
Patten, Maud abt 1899 Tennessee
Payne, Tom abt 1873 Tennessee;USA
Penington, James abt 1895 Tennessee
Pichette, Arthert abt 1885 Tennessee;USA
Pichette, Hamet abt 1908 Tennessee
Pickert, Wannie abt 1899 Tennessee
Pickett, Gertie abt 1903 Tennessee
Pickett, Jeff abt 1882 Tennessee
Pickett, John R abt 1864 Tennessee
Pickett, Mackey abt 1863 Tennessee
Pickett, Willie abt 1897 Tennessee
Pickitt, Christ abt 1899 Tennessee;USA
Powell, Charles abt 1882 Tennessee
Powell, Joe abt 1891 Tennessee
Powell, Robert L abt 1887 Tennessee
Powell, Will H abt 1890 Tennessee
Pregent, Kelly A abt 1855 Tennessee
Price, Alexander W abt 1865 Tennessee
Price, Arvis abt 1872 Tennessee
Price, Frank L abt 1863 Tennessee
Prichard, James H abt 1884 Virginia
Prigmore, Ercil abt 1893 Tennessee;USA
Privet, Albert abt 1887 Tennessee
Progar, Madison C abt 1849 Tennessee;USA
Pryor, Biddie abt 1854 Tennessee
Pryor, Fred H abt 1887 Tennessee
Pylman, George abt 1889 Tennessee
Quance, Attie abt 1905 Tennessee
Quisenberry, Fernand L abt 1880 Virginia
Rains, James T abt 1891 Tennessee
Randle, Charles abt 1885 Tennessee
Rankin, Hugh L abt 1887 Tennessee
Rapier, Thelma abt 1909 Tennessee
Rase, Josh F abt 1870 Tennessee
Reed, Charley abt 1883 Tennessee
Reeves, Mack C abt 1880 Tennessee;USA
Ridge, Charlie abt 1879 Tennessee
Ridge, Christ abt 1897 Tennessee
Ridge, Jim abt 1899 Tennessee
Rigley, Charles A abt 1870 England
Rilley, James F abt 1898 Tennessee;USA
Roberson, Ransom abt 1885 Tennessee;USA
Roberts, J M abt 1892 Tennessee
Rodgers, James abt 1860 Tennessee
Rodgers, Raymon abt 1903 Tennessee
Rodgers, W A abt 1885 Tennessee
Rodgers, Wilby abt 1888 Tennessee
Rogers, Anderson S abt 1878 Tennessee
Rogers, Ben H abt 1891 Tennessee
Rogers, Berry B abt 1857 Georgia
Rogers, Dan H abt 1878 Tennessee;USA
Rogers, John T abt 1873 Tennessee;USA
Rollans, Jake abt 1877 Tennessee
Ross, Henry abt 1888 Tennessee
Ross, Will S abt 1864 Tennessee
Ruder, Herbert H abt 1895 Tennessee
Saylor, Edward P abt 1872 Tennessee
Scruggs, J D abt 1867 Tennessee;USA
Senders, Hatten abt 1870 Tennessee
Sewal, Robert abt 1855 Alabama
Seyech, Mary abt 1900 Tennessee
Seymer, Raymon abt 1915 Tennessee
Sharp, Allen abt 1886 Tennessee
Sharp, William B abt 1847 Tennessee
Sharpe, Claude abt 1896 Tennessee
Shelton, Bill abt 1854 Tennessee
Shelton, Fred abt 1909 Tennessee
Shelton, Zoe abt 1895 Tennessee;USA
Shirley, Cristina C abt 1854 Tennessee
Shirley, John abt 1885 ?
Shumack, Will abt 1866 Tennessee
Siddons, Vanderbilt abt 1887 Tennessee;USA
Sitton, Charlie abt 1874 Georgia
Slatton, Lank abt 1879 Tennessee
Slatton, Lester abt 1904 Tennessee
Smick, Bud abt 1861 Tennessee;USA
Smith, George E abt 1855 Tennessee
Smith, Georgie T abt 1873 Tennessee;USA
Smith, Jack abt 1885 Tennessee;USA
Smith, Jessie L abt 1873 Tennessee
Smith, Jessie R abt 1900 Tennessee;USA
Smith, Joe A abt 1894 Tennessee
Smith, John W abt 1872 Tennessee
Smith, Lomas abt 1847 Georgia
Smith, Low H abt 1861 Alabama
Smith, Robert abt 1884 Tennessee
Smith, Sharron abt 1895 Tennessee
Smith, Tom B abt 1889 Tennessee;USA
Smith, Wallie H abt 1886 Tennessee
Smith, William T abt 1876 Tennessee
Soloway, Charles abt 1875 Tennessee
Soloway, Nancy abt 1842 Tennessee
Springs, Nanny abt 1883 Tennessee
Springs, Waller abt 1886 Tennessee;USA
Standifer, Charlie abt 1883 Tennessee
Stane, Will abt 1873 Georgia;USA
Starace, Windfield abt 1875 Tennessee;USA
Stillitano, Mary E abt 1826 Tennessee
Suck, James abt 1877 Tennessee
Tama, Claud H abt 1881 Tennessee;USA
Tase, Jack P abt 1889 Tennessee
Tate, Ada abt 1884 Tennessee
Tate, Ceciel abt 1899 Tennessee
Tate, James F abt 1899 Tennessee
Tate, Robert T abt 1873 Tennessee
Tatom, Leonard abt 1893 Tennessee;USA
Tatum, Dutch abt 1896 Tennessee;USA
Taylor, Marry abt 1876 Tennessee
Ternet, Jose abt 1892 Tennessee
Terry, Ashley abt 1865 Tennessee
Terry, Ransom abt 1888 Tennessee
Thacker, Charley abt 1866 Tennessee
Thacker, Isaac abt 1865 Tennessee;USA
Thacker, Joe abt 1869 Tennessee
Tharp, Margrett abt 1856 Tennessee
Thomas, Andy M abt 1863 Alabama
Thomas, Charie abt 1875 Tennessee
Thomas, Chloe abt 1870 Tennessee
Thomas, Graves abt 1884 Tennessee
Thomas, Jim abt 1889 Tennessee
Thomas, John B abt 1869 Georgia
Thomas, Mary E abt 1914 Tennessee
Thomas, Will E abt 1888 Tennessee
Thompson, Arthur abt 1906 Tennessee
Thompson, William L abt 1884 Tennessee;USA
Thorpe, Charlie abt 1888 Arkansas;USA
Thorup, James abt 1880 Tennessee
Tropp, George abt 1876 Tennessee
Tunnet, Will abt 1881 Alabama
Turmet, Jim abt 1867 Tennessee
Turner, Les abt 1875 Tennessee
Turnet, Joe abt 1893 Tennessee;USA
Turnet, John abt 1868 Tennessee;USA
Van Hennis, Jenn abt 1888 Tennessee
Wadden, Jess abt 1872 Tennessee;USA
Walker, Thomas M abt 1876 Tennessee
Wampler, George M abt 1894 Tennessee
Ware, Charlie abt 1891 Tennessee;USA
Warley, James A abt 1870 Tennessee
Warren, J C abt 1881 Tennessee
Waters, Bitha abt 1841 Tennessee
Webb, Sarah abt 1870 Tennessee
Westmoreland, Unice abt 1895 Georgia;USA
White, John abt 1870 Tennessee;USA
Whitener, J A abt 1860 Georgia
Wible, Authur abt 1893 Tennessee
Wilch, Andres J abt 1851 Tennessee
Willaims, Robert L abt 1881 Tennessee;USA
Williams, Tanner A abt 1861 Virginia
Willson, John E abt 1876 Tennessee
Wimberg, Joe abt 1866 Tennessee
Yanthent, James H abt 1859 Tennessee;USA
Yarbrough, Leonard abt 1900 Tennessee;USA
Yarbrough, Lucy abt 1852 Tennessee
Yarwood, Callie E abt 1871 Tennessee
Young, Jess abt 1884 Alabama
Young, Perry abt 1877 Tennessee

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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June 3, 2005