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District 1

Name Birth Year Birthplace Relationship
Henry Andregg abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Fannie Andregg abt 1884 Wife
William Andregg abt 1909 Son
Susie Andregg abt 1915 Daughter
Maggie Andregg abt 1918 Daughter
Henry J Andregg abt 1921 Son
Elizabeth Andregg abt 1924 Daughter
Louise Andregg abt 1913 Daughter-in-law
George E Lewis abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Lida P Lewis abt 1904 Sister
Belle Williams abt 1883 Tennessee Sister
Margaret Moriarty abt 1858 Tennessee Aunt
Jake Rollins abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Mary Rollins abt 1885 Wife
Earnest Rollins abt 1906 Son
Estell Rollins abt 1914 Daughter
Lena Rollins abt 1916 Daughter
James Rollins abt 1920 Son
Odell Rollins abt 1924 Daughter
Earl Rollins abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Amanda Rollins abt 1907 Wife
Mildred Rollins abt 1927 Daughter
Walter T Irwin abt 1894 Iowa Head
Nellie M Irwin abt 1897 Wife
Pauline Irwin abt 1916 Daughter
Dorothy Irwin abt 1919 Daughter
Kenneth Irwin abt 1923 Son
Morris Irwin abt 1926 Son
Lee Grimes abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Avolean Grimes abt 1903 Wife
Lee Grimes abt 1926 Son
Maggie Roger abt 1922 Tennessee Stepdaughter
Charles P Young abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Young abt 1886 Wife
Chester Young abt 1912 Son
Marie Young abt 1915 Daughter
Lola Campbell abt 1861 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Charles H Young abt 1908 Son
Cleo R Young abt 1911 Daughter-in-law
Leslie Dawson abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Naomi Dawson abt 1907 Wife
James Dawson abt 1925 Son
Kenneth Dawson abt 1927 Son
Vernon Dawson abt 1930 Son
Harriett M Coldwell abt 1855 South Carolina Head
Orbray C Coldwell abt 1888 Son
William David Coldwell abt 1895 Son
Bessie L H Coldwell abt 1905 Daughter
Jessie R Coldwell abt 1897 Son
Evia E Coldwell abt 1905 Daughter-in-law
Junior R Coldwell abt 1925 Grandson
Cathrine F Coldwell abt 1927 Granddaughter
Eva M Coldwell abt 1930 Granddaughter
Jeff D Floyd abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Lexie Floyd abt 1905 Wife
Columbus Floyd abt 1928 Son
Green C Floyd abt 1878 Father
James Floyd abt 1916 Brother
Frank Andregg abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Birta Andregg abt 1893 Wife
Henry Gravit abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Beaulah Gravit abt 1897 Wife
Herbert Gravit abt 1920 Son
Bobbie Gravit abt 1921 Son
Billie Gravit abt 1923 Son
Henrietta Gravit abt 1925 Daughter
Grady Griffeth abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Frannie Griffeth abt 1903 Wife
Hellen White abt 1924 Tennessee Daughter
Johnie R White abt 1926 Daughter
Thomas Harrison abt 1858 England Head
Sarah Harrison abt 1858 Wife
Thomas Harrison abt 1895 Son
John F Harrison abt 1896 Son
Maggie E Elliot abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Howard E Elliot abt 1917 Son
Jack L Elliot abt 1924 Son
Ralph Rankin abt 1915 Alabama Brother
Joe Terry abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Elva Terry abt 1909 Wife
Carl Terry abt 1926 Son
William Layne abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Sarah Layne abt 1863 Wife
Melay E Layne abt 1895 Son
Tula M Layne abt 1923 Granddaughter
Patin Kilgore abt 1871 Tennessee Boarder
Pina Kilgore abt 1910 Tennessee Boarder
Rufus B Shoemate abt 1855 Tennessee Head
Rufus B Shoemate abt 1914 Son
Charles H League abt 1898 China Boarder
Joseph E Hooper abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Ratter M Hooper abt 1900 Wife
Nettie M Hooper abt 1927 Daughter
George Pyburn abt 1888 Georgia Head
Ida Pyburn abt 1897 Wife
Allen Pyburn abt 1909 Son
Edith Pyburn abt 1915 Daughter
Burlie Pyburn abt 1918 Daughter
T L Pyburn abt 1924 Son
Cathrine Pyburn abt 1924 Daughter
Pauline Pyburn abt 1926 Daughter
Raymond Grimes abt 1915 Tennessee Son
Lettie Grimes abt 1917 Daughter
Hobart Myrick abt 1910 Alabama Head
Julia Myrick abt 1910 Wife
Cathrine Myrick abt 1929 Daughter
Arthur Carson abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Estelle Carson abt 1892 Wife
Gladys Carson abt 1909 Daughter
Thora L Carson abt 1913 Daughter
Calvine D Carson abt 1912 Son
Hershell P Carson abt 1918 Son
James R Carson abt 1920 Son
Dorthy M Carson abt 1923 Daughter
William H Carson abt 1925 Son
Fay E Carson abt 1928 Son
Erma J Carson abt 1930 Daughter
George R Condra abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Hettie M Condra abt 1891 Wife
Harold G Condra abt 1920 Son
John Brown abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Mary Brown abt 1902 Wife
Chester Brown abt 1919 Son
Maggie J Brown abt 1921 Daughter
John H Brown abt 1922 Son
Beulah M Brown abt 1924 Daughter
Samuel R Brown abt 1926 Son
Willis J Brown abt 1927 Daughter
James E Brown Son
James H Higgins abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Maggie Higgins abt 1872 Wife
Arthur E Bowlin abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Violet S Bowlin abt 1901 Wife
Frances E Bowlin abt 1924 Daughter
James H Bowlin abt 1928 Son
James H Northcut abt 1857 Tennessee Head
Sallie Northcut abt 1859 Wife
Sallie Cawthon abt 1845 Tennessee Sister-in-law
Criss Slatton abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Thelma J Slatton abt 1907 Wife
John R Slatton abt 1925 Son
James W Slatton abt 1927 Son
Isham J Dykes abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Josie I Dykes abt 1882 Wife
Paul M Dykes abt 1908 Son
Bessie L Dykes abt 1908 Daughter
George A Bradfield abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth J Bradfield abt 1878 Wife
Edward A Bradfield abt 1907 Son
Sarah Bradfield abt 1909 Daughter-in-law
James B Billins abt 1927 Tennessee Grandson
Early C Kelly abt 1873 Tennessee Brother-in-law
Ellen Smith abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Thomas B Smith abt 1888 Son
Crit E Smith abt 1916 Grandson
Charles E Smith abt 1918 Grandson
William T Smith abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Alma Smith abt 1890 Wife
Minnie V Smith abt 1912 Daughter
Edwina Smith abt 1924 Daughter
Pearl Cross abt 1902 Alabama Sister-in-law
Arlie Barger abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Grace P Barger abt 1892 Wife
Virginia Barger abt 1923 Daughter
Frances Barger abt 1927 Daughter
Bettie J Barger abt 1928 Daughter
Martha J Barger abt 1903 Sister
Samuel O Mcadoo abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Andrey M Mcadoo abt 1892 Wife
Bessie M Mcadoo abt 1916 Daughter
Carson Mackie abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Daniel T Layne abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Lula M Layne abt 1886 Wife
Daniel T Layne abt 1914 Son
Frances S Layne abt 1919 Daughter
Roberta L Layne abt 1921 Daughter
Alexander Van Hooser abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Maggie Van Hooser abt 1880 Wife
Edgar Van Hooser abt 1907 Son
Leonard Van Hooser abt 1909 Son
Lester Van Hooser abt 1912 Son
Isaac Van Hooser abt 1918 Son
Ethel Van Hooser abt 1921 Daughter
Lon Reeves abt 1883 Georgia Head
Jessie Reeves abt 1892 Wife
Willie Reeves abt 1912 Son
Lillian Reeves abt 1918 Daughter
Lonnie E Reeves abt 1927 Son
Bonnie P Reeves abt 1927 Daughter
Gordon Griffeth abt 1912 Tennessee Son
Dorothy L Griffeth abt 1916 Daughter
Neva Griffeth abt 1917 Daughter
Henry R Griffeth abt 1920 Son
Caroline D Bornes abt 1863 Tennessee Head
Lula Bornes abt 1892 Daughter
Chester A Massey abt 1902 Alabama Head
Lucile J Massey abt 1905 Wife
Clarance Hebb abt 1911 Alabama Brother-in-law
Albert E Kelly abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Lilla M Kelly abt 1904 Wife
Henry W Kelly abt 1925 Son
Ellen A Kelly abt 1878 Mother
Ray Massengale abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Lena Massengale abt 1900 Wife
Jeneva M Massengale abt 1925 Daughter
Lucy Ashburn abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Lawrence H Morrison abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Leota Morrison abt 1890 Wife
Marvin Morrison abt 1918 Son
Floyd Morrison abt 1924 Son
Loyd Morrison abt 1924 Son
Thomas Shoemate abt 1910 Tennessee Son-in-law
Allene Shoemate abt 1910 Daughter
Archie Goad abt 1909 Tennessee Lodger
Orville Wilson abt 1910 Tennessee Lodger
Nancy Gray abt 1848 Tennessee Head
Mattie Duke abt 1847 Tennessee Head
Sam Mosier abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Mannie Mosier abt 1885 Wife
Hanzel Mosier abt 1912 Son
Earnest Mosier abt 1919 Son
Carl Mosier abt 1910 Son
Mildred Mosier abt 1914 Daughter-in-law
Early Defur abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Katie Defur abt 1911 Wife
Nathen Mc Gowan abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Dalia Mc Gowan abt 1906 Wife
Woodard Mc Gowan abt 1925 Son
Oby O Mc Gowan abt 1929 Son
Jewel Mosier abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Bessie Mosier abt 1911 Wife
Joe Mosier abt 1929 Son
Charlie Rigby abt 1870 England Head
Jennie Rigby abt 1865 Wife
Lucile Rigby abt 1900 Daughter
Rowen Deskins abt 1892 Tennessee Sister-in-law
Laura Deskins abt 1894 Daughter
Charles Deskins abt 1919 Grandson
Myra J Deskins Granddaughter
William L Tate abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Lilla M Tate abt 1877 Wife
Morgan Tate abt 1905 Son
George Tate abt 1914 Son
Mary Tate abt 1919 Daughter
Ada Tate abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Sam O Swagerty abt 1896 Georgia Head
Lillie M Swagerty abt 1898 Wife
Leonard Swagerty abt 1917 Son
Clellan Swagerty abt 1920 Son
Ocie Swagerty abt 1923 Daughter
Tolvie Swagerty abt 1925 Daughter
Louise Swagerty abt 1927 Daughter
Dovie Swagerty abt 1913 Niece
Wash Kilgore abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Ollie Kilgore abt 1877 Wife
Winnie Campbell abt 1913 Tennessee Daughter-in-law
Hellen Campbell abt 1928 Granddaughter
Lee Moore abt 1912 Tennessee Nephew
Lee Pennington abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Amanda Pennington abt 1870 Wife
Robert L Powell abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Dora A Powell abt 1891 Wife
Gertrude Powell abt 1912 Daughter
Robert A Powell abt 1917 Son
Elijah H Layne abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Dollie Layne abt 1886 Wife
Meredith Layne abt 1910 Son
Leona Layne abt 1916 Daughter
Hillis Layne abt 1918 Son
Sethellis Layne abt 1922 Son
Juel Layne abt 1925 Son
Katie Lusk abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Cecil Lusk abt 1915 Son
Marie Lusk abt 1917 Daughter
Louise Lusk abt 1920 Daughter
James Lusk abt 1922 Son
Roy Lusk abt 1925 Son
William C Tarner abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Clara Tarner abt 1905 Wife
Naoma Tarner abt 1922 Daughter
Wilma G Tarner abt 1924 Daughter
Mary M Tarner abt 1926 Daughter
Emma L Tarner abt 1928 Daughter
Fred Ogilvie abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Alice Ogilvie abt 1889 Wife
Quennie Ogilvie abt 1906 Daughter
Etta Ogilvie abt 1910 Daughter
Lela Ogilvie abt 1913 Daughter
Frank Ogilvie abt 1915 Son
Dicie M Ogilvie abt 1921 Daughter
Ore L Ogilvie abt 1921 Daughter
Nannie M Ogilvie abt 1923 Daughter
Sala M Ogilvie abt 1928 Daughter
Ida Hooper abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Ollie M Hooper abt 1906 Daughter
James B Perkins abt 1891 Tennessee Boarder
James C Van Hoser abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Gertie Van Hoser abt 1886 Wife
Amanda Van Hoser abt 1912 Daughter
Cathrine Van Hoser abt 1914 Daughter
Edna Van Hoser abt 1916 Daughter
James H Van Hoser abt 1919 Son
Bettie S Van Hoser abt 1925 Daughter
Alfred F Koons abt 1861 Pennsylvania Head
Joe Griffeth abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Josephine Griffeth abt 1869 Wife
Charlie Tharp abt 1887 Arkansas Son-in-law
Icy L Tharp abt 1891 Daughter
Maybelle Tharp abt 1922 Granddaughter
Frank Putnam abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Mintie Putnam abt 1878 Wife
Earnest W Morrison abt 1891 Georgia Head
Rae Morrison abt 1895 Wife
J P Morrison abt 1924 Son
Roy Morrison abt 1925 Son
Ray Morrison abt 1926 Son
Hugh L Rankin abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Ida Rankin abt 1887 Wife
Cecil Rankin abt 1908 Son
Estell Rankin abt 1911 Son
John D Rankin abt 1918 Son
Hugh L Rankin abt 1920 Son
Violet Rankin abt 1921 Daughter
Mary Rankin abt 1922 Daughter
Leonard Rankin abt 1921 Son
Charles Rankin abt 1925 Son
Ida Holoway abt 1855 Tennessee Head
Clay Holoway abt 1898 Son
Louise Holoway abt 1916 Granddaughter
Pauline Holoway abt 1921 Granddaughter
James Holoway abt 1923 Grandson
James M Gibbs abt 1873 Alabama Head
Dona M Gibbs abt 1881 Wife
Floy L Gibbs abt 1908 Daughter
Paul Gibbs abt 1913 Son
Mary W Gibbs abt 1923 Daughter
Margaret J Gibbs abt 1925 Daughter
Elna Durham abt 1899 Alabama Daughter
Burnice Durham abt 1918 Granddaughter
Cathrine Durham abt 1921 Granddaughter
Mary E Durham abt 1923 Granddaughter
Floyd J Durham abt 1927 Granddaughter
John Marrison abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Kellie Marrison abt 1898 Wife
Johnnie Marrison abt 1927 Daughter
Paul Marrison abt 1928 Son
Eugene Basham abt 1917 Tennessee Son
Eunice Basham abt 1919 Daughter
Dorcas Basham abt 1921 Daughter
Minnie Cowan abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Ethel Smith abt 1912 Tennessee Niece
Eward H Minter abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Icy P Minter abt 1903 Wife
Harlie Minter abt 1915 Son
Frank Minter abt 1919 Son
Charles R Minter abt 1926 Son
Ruby M Minter abt 1928 Daughter
Andrew J Carson abt 1866 Tennessee Father
Walter C Green abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Alvin A Green abt 1901 Wife
Mary F Green abt 1922 Daughter
Walter C Green abt 1924 Son
Loyd G Green abt 1926 Son
David F Green abt 1929 Son
Hubert Grayson abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Flora E Grayson abt 1908 Wife
James E Roberson abt 1863 Alabama Head
May S Roberson abt 1883 Wife
Charlie A Roberson abt 1907 Son
Nancy L Roberson abt 1907 Daughter-in-law
Thomas E Roberson abt 1910 Son
Bertie M Roberson abt 1911 Daughter
Josephine Roberson abt 1915 Daughter
Woodrow W Roberson abt 1919 Son
Charles E Roberson abt 1926 Grandson
Mildred E Roberson abt 1928 Granddaughter
Jane Gilbreath abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Robert M Gilbreath abt 1905 Son
Gerald H Gilbreath abt 1920 Grandson
Robert Burgess abt 1875 England Head
Gertrude Burgess abt 1882 Wife
Mildred Mccourry abt 1918 Tennessee Niece
Amanda M Ashburn abt 1855 Tennessee Head
Iula Ashburn abt 1884 Daughter
Hazel Seay abt 1888 Tennessee Daughter
Jeptha Seay abt 1911 Grandson
James A Seay abt 1916 Grandson
Mary Ruth Seay abt 1918 Granddaughter
Robert V Huff abt 1873 Alabama Head
Mary E Huff abt 1885 Wife
Marion F Talbert abt 1905 Mississippi Nephew
Harry M Rutland abt 1901 South Carolina Head
Ella R Rutland abt 1909 Wife
Robert P Guthrie abt 1907 Alabama Head
Robert H Bowden abt 1906 Alabama Lodger
Joseph E Mc Clellan abt 1901 Tennessee Head
John W Smith abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Janie B Smith abt 1884 Wife
Raymond Smith abt 1908 Son
Claude Smith abt 1901 Son
William Coggins abt 1865 Georgia Boarder
Lawrence Jones abt 1908 Tennessee Boarder
Charlie Webb abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Clara Webb abt 1906 Wife
Charles P Webb abt 1929 Son
Earnest Webb abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Lillian Webb abt 1903 Wife
Ray H Webb abt 1922 Son
Jane E Webb abt 1928 Daughter
William R Kelly abt 1891 Alabama Head
Dott L Kelly abt 1893 Wife
William Kelly abt 1917 Son
Rose M Kelly abt 1918 Daughter
Rebecca L Kelly abt 1922 Daughter
Allene Kelly abt 1925 Daughter
Dorris L Kelly abt 1928 Daughter
Lillian E Kelly abt 1929 Daughter
William M Atterton abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Eva B Atterton abt 1905 Wife
Raymond L Atterton abt 1926 Son
William M Atterton abt 1929 Son
Sam Parkins abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Julia Parkins abt 1891 Wife
Sinda Parkins abt 1913 Daughter
Ralph Parkins abt 1915 Son
Allene Parkins abt 1918 Daughter
Opal Parkins abt 1919 Daughter
G W Parkins abt 1920 Son
Cathlene Parkins abt 1923 Daughter
Virginia Parkins abt 1925 Daughter
C H Parkins abt 1927 Son
Cary Daffron abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Jennie F Daffron abt 1888 Wife
Beulah Daffron abt 1913 Daughter
Sam Lusk abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Lusk abt 1909 Wife
Harley E Lusk abt 1926 Son
James N Lusk Son
William Griffeth abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Jane A Griffeth abt 1881 Wife
Josie Griffeth abt 1904 Daughter
Lula Griffeth abt 1906 Daughter
Esther Griffeth abt 1908 Daughter
Ruby Griffeth abt 1911 Daughter
Alice Griffeth abt 1913 Daughter
Joe Griffeth abt 1911 Son
Laura Shirley abt 1861 Tennessee Head
Henry L Tayse abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Ivy L Tayse abt 1868 Wife
Archibald W Meager abt 1884 Maryland Son-in-law
Winnie D Meager abt 1898 Daughter
Archibald Meager abt 1918 Grandson
Winnie L Meager abt 1921 Granddaughter
Charles F Meager abt 1925 Grandson
John E Wilson abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Mattie E Wilson abt 1879 Wife
William Wilson abt 1909 Son
Dorothy E Wilson abt 1915 Daughter
James B Treadaway abt 1885 Alabama Head
Emma Treadaway abt 1887 Wife
Ora Holtcamp  abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Alta Holtcamp abt 1900 Wife
Paul Holtcamp abt 1917 Son
Junior Holtcamp abt 1919 Son
Roland M Massey abt 1894 Alabama Head
Gussie L Massey abt 1897 Wife
Allene M Massey abt 1914 Daughter
Mildred J Massey abt 1916 Daughter
Margaret L Massey abt 1919 Daughter
Jasper A Massey abt 1921 Son
Merrell L Massey abt 1928 Daughter
Herbert Bryson abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Minnie Bryson abt 1890 Wife
James M Lockhart abt 1876 Kentucky Head
Emma C Lockhart abt 1884 Wife
Tyrus T Lockhart abt 1921 Son
Clay Henry abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Eva C Henry abt 1901 Wife
Edna Henry abt 1919 Daughter
Walter E Henry abt 1921 Son
Clarence Henry abt 1922 Son
Ruby Henry abt 1924 Daughter
Edward C Henry abt 1929 Son
George Holdcamp abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Josie Holdcamp abt 1895 Wife
Robert E Dixson abt 1908 Tennessee Son-in-law
Beulah L Dixson abt 1915 Daughter
James O Holdcamp abt 1919 Son
Pearl D Thomas abt 1911 Tennessee Sister-in-law
Henry Harrison abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Hilda Harrison abt 1908 Daughter
Mildred Harrison abt 1916 Daughter
Norma Harrison abt 1920 Daughter
Hellen Martin abt 1922 Tennessee Granddaughter
William Henry abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Ellen Henry abt 1896 Wife
Lionel Henry abt 1918 Son
Vivian Henry abt 1921 Daughter
Jacob Kemler abt 1877 Germany Boarder
Spurgeon T Smith abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Ida C Smith abt 1895 Wife
Paul E Smith abt 1918 Son
Jaso Smith abt 1923 Son
James T Rains abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Winnie Rains abt 1890 Wife
Herchel Rains abt 1914 Son
Edith B Rains abt 1917 Daughter
Mildred Rains abt 1919 Daughter
Mitchel Rains abt 1921 Son
Jennie M Rains abt 1925 Daughter
Edgar Hudson abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Gladys C Hudson abt 1896 Wife
Clarence E Hudson abt 1916 Son
Treva G Hudson abt 1918 Daughter
Mina M Hudson abt 1921 Daughter
Alma J Hudson abt 1924 Daughter
Jesse B Hamrick abt 1892 Georgia Head
Mary Hamrick abt 1902 Wife
Bertha L Hamrick abt 1923 Daughter
Ty Hamrick abt 1926 Son
Alford G Hamrick abt 1929 Son
Joe A Condra abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Laura E Condra abt 1880 Wife
Arnold Condra abt 1910 Son
Idell Condra abt 1912 Daughter
Russalinee Condra abt 1916 Daughter
Herbert Bryson abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Minnie Bryson abt 1891 Wife
Marvin V French abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Mildred J French abt 1912 Wife
James R French abt 1930 Son
Ranson Terry abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Nevan Terry abt 1917 Son
Ruby Terry abt 1922 Daughter
Nellir Terry abt 1924 Daughter
James H Terry abt 1926 Son
Augustus E Duke abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Duke abt 1887 Wife
Thora M Duke abt 1905 Daughter
Augustus E Duke abt 1913 Son
Sarold E Duke abt 1918 Daughter
Joe K Duke abt 1850 Relative
Alexander W Price abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Adaline Price abt 1870 Wife
Standifer S Price abt 1902 Son
Charlie M Price abt 1918 Son
Amos W Price abt 1914 Son
Rebecca Simpson abt 1881 Georgia Head
Elsie Simpson abt 1911 Daughter
William H Jaco abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Viola Jaco abt 1889 Wife
Garney Mchone abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Lilla M Mchone abt 1909 Wife
Mack Reeves abt 1880 Georgia Head
Kate Reeves abt 1887 Wife
Robert Reeves abt 1908 Son
William Reeves abt 1913 Son
Daisy L Reeves abt 1912 Daughter
Viola Reeves abt 1916 Daughter
Archie Reeves abt 1919 Son
Viana Reeves abt 1923 Daughter
Fredel Reeves abt 1925 Son
R B Reeves abt 1926 Son
Marshall Thomas abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Margie E Thomas abt 1883 Wife
Henry Thomas abt 1900 Son
Ruby Thomas abt 1911 Daughter
Gladys Thomas abt 1914 Daughter
Edith B Thomas abt 1915 Daughter
Ana D Thomas abt 1918 Daughter
Elsie Thomas abt 1921 Daughter
Roland Terry abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Gladys Terry abt 1910 Wife
Gennie V Terry abt 1929 Daughter
Fred Gravitt abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Essie Gravitt abt 1911 Wife
Freddie M Gravitt abt 1929 Daughter
Roscoe Gravitt abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Nannie Gravitt abt 1905 Wife
Albert Thomas abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Charlsie Thomas abt 1909 Wife
Eva J Thomas abt 1926 Daughter
Johnnie Hatfield abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Taylor Hatfield abt 1903 Son
Nora Hatfield abt 1906 Daughter
Clifford Hatfield abt 1925 Grandson
Hellen Hatfield abt 1927 Granddaughter
Joe Smith abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Susie Smith abt 1901 Wife
Ruby Smith abt 1919 Daughter
Georgia Smith abt 1921 Daughter
Ray Smith abt 1923 Son
Plumer Slatton abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Nellie Slatton abt 1910 Daughter
Billie Holland abt 1928 Tennessee Granddaughter
William Dyer abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Lena Dyer abt 1896 Wife
William Dyer abt 1918 Son
Robert B Dyer abt 1922 Son
Clifford E Dyer abt 1924 Son
James E Dyer abt 1926 Son
Lillie M Dyer abt 1928 Daughter
Arley White abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Ethel White abt 1906 Wife
George L White abt 1929 Son
Cline Baioman abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Kate Baioman abt 1900 Wife
Gladys Baioman abt 1912 Daughter
Walter Baioman abt 1918 Son
Eva Baioman abt 1920 Daughter
Hugh Smith abt 1915 Tennessee Boarder
Frank Griffeth abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Bertie Griffeth abt 1902 Wife
Margret L Griffeth abt 1921 Daughter
Joe B Griffeth abt 1923 Daughter
Carl Griffeth abt 1925 Son
Frankie R Griffeth abt 1928 Daughter
Ralph Griffeth abt 1930 Son
Albert Adames abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Eula Adames abt 1904 Wife
Charles Adames abt 1925 Son
Mary R Adames abt 1927 Daughter
Vera M Adames abt 1930 Daughter
Patric C Deakins abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Mary Deakins abt 1873 Wife
Vera Deakins abt 1906 Daughter
Gladys Deakins abt 1910 Daughter
Golda Deakins abt 1912 Son
Asa G Holoway abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Mary E Holoway abt 1881 Wife
Andrew J Thompson abt 1857 Tennessee Head
Mary E Thompson abt 1866 Wife
Earnest Franch abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Nellie Franch abt 1910 Wife
Elbert Franch abt 1926 Son
Elijah H Barker abt 1869 Tennessee Head
May Barker abt 1883 Wife
Lella Ballard abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Olan Ballard abt 1911 Son
Marie Ballard abt 1913 Daughter
Juanita Ballard abt 1915 Daughter
Charles Ballard abt 1918 Son
Harold Ballard abt 1923 Son
Joe E King abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Esther King abt 1880 Wife
Cardao King abt 1905 Son
Dovaine King abt 1906 Daughter
William B Sharp abt 1847 Tennessee Head
Barbara D Sharp abt 1852 Wife
Frank Henry abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Claud Henry abt 1896 Wife
Billie Sharp abt 1919 Tennessee Daughter
Barbara Henry abt 1926 Daughter
Jacob H Barker abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Ida Barker abt 1879 Wife
Hugh Barker abt 1906 Son
Homer Barker abt 1908 Son
Margaret Barker abt 1911 Daughter
Robert Sewell abt 1869 Alabama Head
Bessie Sewell abt 1891 Wife
Marjorie Sewell abt 1915 Daughter
Margaret Sewell abt 1917 Daughter
Irene Sewell abt 1921 Daughter
Thomas M Walker abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Willie M Walker abt 1882 Wife
Cecile M Walker abt 1909 Daughter
Thomas M Walker abt 1918 Son
William W Morrison abt 1849 Tennessee Head
Lee P Morrison abt 1850 Wife
Jim Young abt 1880 Georgia Son-in-law
Dora Young abt 1899 Granddaughter
Gladys Young abt 1921 Granddaughter
Dave Morrison abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Dora Morrison abt 1900 Wife
Pearl Morrison abt 1923 Daughter
Earl Morrison abt 1925 Son
Ray Morrison abt 1929 Son
Albert Privett abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Dora Privett abt 1895 Wife
Robert Privett abt 1916 Son
Luther Privett abt 1919 Son
Grover Privett abt 1927 Son
Robert Williams abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Eliza Williams abt 1876 Wife
Cordio Williams abt 1910 Son
Earl Williams abt 1911 Son
Nova Williams abt 1913 Daughter
Estell Williams abt 1921 Son
Dave Farmer abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Sallie Farmer abt 1876 Wife
Walter Farmer abt 1913 Son
Elsie Farmer abt 1918 Daughter
Bud Smith abt 1859 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Smith abt 1864 Wife
Jack Smith abt 1888 Son
Walter Griffeth abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Margaret Griffeth abt 1889 Wife
Turner Privett abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Kate Privett abt 1905 Wife
James Privett abt 1912 Brother
John H Moore abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Josie Moore abt 1881 Wife
Ruby Moore abt 1916 Daughter
Oscar Privett abt 1906 Tennessee Son-in-law
Lucile Privett abt 1910 Daughter
Thomas Holtcamp abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Lucy Holtcamp abt 1875 Wife
Frank Holtcamp abt 1908 Son
Velma Holtcamp abt 1908 Daughter-in-law
Louise Holtcamp abt 1916 Granddaughter
Martha E Brewer abt 1848 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Walter T Moore abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Mandie M Moore abt 1901 Wife
Sam D Moore abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Bertha Moore abt 1890 Wife
Doyle Moore abt 1909 Son
Eugene Moore abt 1912 Son
Herbert Moore abt 1916 Son
Art Moore abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Christene Moore abt 1902 Wife
Louise Wiggins abt 1922 Tennessee Daughter
Harold Wiggins abt 1925 Son
Lewis Stephenson abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Hazel Stephenson abt 1908 Wife
Marzell Stephenson abt 1922 Daughter
Opal Stephenson abt 1924 Daughter
James Stephenson abt 1925 Son
Adolphus P Lamb abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Fannie Lamb abt 1873 Wife
Robert R Holoway abt 1895 Tennessee Son-in-law
Violet Holoway abt 1901 Daughter
Roy Holoway abt 1922 Grandson
Ralph Holoway abt 1925 Grandson
Elvin Griffeth abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Griffeth abt 1906 Wife
Hershel Griffeth abt 1925 Son
Velma O Griffeth abt 1926 Daughter
Hoyt Griffeth abt 1928 Son
John Christian abt 1870 Tennessee Head
James Christian abt 1900 Son
Bettie Christian abt 1908 Daughter
John R Christian abt 1915 Son
James W Christian abt 1927 Grandson
Crave Kilgore abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Anna Kilgore abt 1893 Wife
Willie Kilgore abt 1908 Son
Elmer Kilgore abt 1911 Son
Louise Kilgore abt 1918 Daughter
Hubert Kilgore abt 1925 Son
Frank Kilgore abt 1924 Son
Dorothy Kilgore abt 1926 Daughter
Ray Kilgore abt 1929 Daughter
Ines Elder abt 1913 Tennessee Daughter
James Turner abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Susan Turner abt 1881 Wife
Rose Sullivan abt 1901 Georgia Head
Emma Sullivan abt 1901 Wife
Billie A Sullivan abt 1927 Daughter
Ray Martin abt 1904 Mississippi Head
Carlie Martin abt 1904 Wife
Kenneth L Martin abt 1926 Son
Fred L Carson abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Nellie Carson abt 1894 Wife
Clara E Carson abt 1922 Daughter
Mary L Thomas abt 1914 Tennessee Daughter
Charn Thomas abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Frank Thomas abt 1908 Son
Verna Thomas abt 1910 Daughter
Thomas Thomas abt 1853 Mother
Joe D Bales abt 1853 Tennessee Head
Maggie Bales abt 1886 Wife
Ed Mcintire abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Mcintire abt 1889 Wife
Milton Mcintire abt 1910 Son
Michel Mcintire abt 1912 Son
Edward Mcintire abt 1916 Son
James A Smith abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Alice Smith abt 1878 Wife
John T Farmer abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Ellen M Farmer abt 1881 Wife
Ralph B Farmer abt 1901 Son
Woodrow C Farmer abt 1919 Son
Kenneth W Farmer abt 1920 Son
Olin R Schlarfer abt 1927 Illinois Grandson
John Young abt 1881 Alabama Head
Retta Young abt 1910 Niece
Morris Young abt 1917 Nephew
Fred Holtcamp abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Laura B Holtcamp abt 1895 Wife
Nina Holtcamp abt 1918 Daughter
Ray Holtcamp abt 1922 Son
Billie Holtcamp abt 1926 Son
Jannie R Holtcamp abt 1928 Son
Bradford Boyd abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Margrete Boyd abt 1900 Wife
Bradford Boyd abt 1921 Son
Dorothy Boyd abt 1923 Daughter
Wilford E Boyd abt 1925 Son
Jinnie H Boyd abt 1929 Son
Joe Burnett abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Bertha Burnett abt 1881 Wife
Josie Burnett abt 1917 Daughter
Eula Knox abt 1911 Tennessee Daughter
Charlie Ware abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Ida Ware abt 1894 Wife
Walter H Ware abt 1910 Son
Mildred R Ware abt 1911 Daughter
Charlie G Ware abt 1914 Son
Roy C Ware abt 1916 Son
Mitche J Ware abt 1919 Son
Clara M Ware abt 1921 Daughter
Otis Adeside abt 1908 Georgia Head
Mary Adeside abt 1911 Wife
Charlie R Adeside abt 1927 Son
James L Adeside abt 1929 Son
James D Harris abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Mary L Harris abt 1909 Wife
Queen E Harris abt 1925 Daughter
Mary A Harris abt 1926 Daughter
William C Mc Williams abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Ada Mc Williams abt 1901 Wife
Jane Mc Williams abt 1914 Daughter
Lucile Mc Williams abt 1920 Daughter
Velton R Mc Williams abt 1922 Son
Lillian Mc Williams abt 1925 Daughter
Billie Mc Williams abt 1926 Son
Grace Mc Williams abt 1922 Daughter
Arthur Mc Williams abt 1911 Son
Levaniel Mc Williams abt 1926 Grandson
Mary A Mc Williams abt 1929 Granddaughter
James Swofford abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Malissa Swofford abt 1911 Wife
Franklin Swofford abt 1927 Son
James Swofford abt 1929 Son
Coy Bridgman abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Vera Bridgman abt 1914 Wife
Nathaniel Bridgman abt 1927 Son
Curnel Reynolds abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Ruby Reynolds abt 1912 Wife
Anna J Reynolds abt 1929 Daughter
Maggie Swofford abt 1870 Tennessee Mother
Clarence Earvin abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Louie Earvin abt 1896 Wife
Hubert Earvin abt 1918 Son
William L Earvin abt 1919 Son
Margaret Earvin abt 1922 Daughter
Catherine Earvin abt 1923 Daughter
James G Earvin abt 1926 Son
Edna M Earvin abt 1928 Daughter
Bud Reynolds abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Annie M Reynolds abt 1894 Wife
Hazel A Reynolds abt 1921 Daughter
Madge C Reynolds abt 1923 Daughter
Willie M Reynolds abt 1925 Daughter
Francis C Reynolds abt 1927 Daughter
Lucile Reynolds Daughter
Bulah L Paukey abt 1915 Tennessee Daughter
John Devine abt 1871 Georgia Head
Cordia Devine abt 1888 Wife
Mattie Devine abt 1906 Daughter
Robert Devine abt 1912 Son
Willie R Devine abt 1915 Daughter
Levitcher Devine abt 1917 Daughter
Maudie Devine abt 1920 Daughter
Meldrey J Devine abt 1922 Daughter
Junior M Devine abt 1924 Daughter
John R Devine abt 1929 Son
Taylor Morrison abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Rebecca Morrison abt 1872 Wife
Ellen Morrison abt 1864 Sister
Thomas Morrison abt 1884 Brother
Shedd Morrison abt 1916 Nephew
Lester Morrison abt 1919 Nephew
Timmie Morrison abt 1922 Daughter
Cleo Morrison abt 1924 Daughter
Chester Morrison abt 1926 Son
Henry Lew abt 1898 Tennessee Nephew
Thomas Yell abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Etta Yell abt 1882 Wife
Riley Yell abt 1910 Son
Ida Yell abt 1915 Daughter-in-law
James T Yell abt 1929 Grandson
John Turner abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Stacy Turner abt 1875 Wife
Albert Halland abt 1907 Tennessee Son
Mary Butler abt 1850 Tennessee Boarder
Maggie Morrison abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Hugh Morrison abt 1912 Grandson
Estell Putnam abt 1906 Tennessee Daughter
Virginia Coppinger abt 1926 Tennessee Granddaughter
Standifer Marrison abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Bertha Marrison abt 1913 Wife
Millie Marrison abt 1915 Sister
Ruby Marrison abt 1918 Sister
Henry Cartwright abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Addie Cartwright abt 1902 Wife
David Cartwright abt 1918 Son
Arthur Cartwright abt 1924 Son
Arine Cartwright abt 1925 Daughter
Henry Cartwright abt 1926 Son
George Halland abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Ebbie Halland abt 1886 Wife
Paul Halland abt 1917 Son
Cledeth Halland abt 1921 Daughter
Claud Halland abt 1923 Son
Elide Halland abt 1923 Son
Ruth Halland abt 1925 Daughter
Odel Halland abt 1928 Daughter
Clint Colston abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Charlotte Colston abt 1908 Wife
Edward Colston abt 1923 Son
Vernon Colston abt 1928 Son
Joe Bowman abt 1890 Georgia Head
Janie Bowman abt 1906 Wife
Luster Bowman abt 1912 Son
Newton Bowman abt 1914 Son
Jesse Bowman abt 1916 Daughter
Leonard Bowman abt 1921 Son
Millie Bowman abt 1923 Daughter
Reece Bowman abt 1925 Son
Flossie Bowman abt 1929 Daughter
Lester Kilgore abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Stella Kilgore abt 1909 Wife
Louise Kilgore abt 1925 Daughter
Robert H Basham abt 1855 Georgia Head
Eligia Basham abt 1872 Wife
Robert F Basham abt 1906 Son
John W Atterton abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Atterton abt 1893 Wife
Robert E Atterton abt 1914 Son
Dorothy Atterton abt 1921 Daughter
Jennie Atterton abt 1923 Daughter
Thomas Atterton abt 1925 Son
Jeraldisse Atterton abt 1929 Daughter
Donnie Presnell abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Fronie Presnell abt 1904 Wife
Benjamin F Foster abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Gertrude Foster abt 1903 Wife
Mavis Foster abt 1921 Daughter
Horris Foster abt 1926 Son
West Mosier abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Bertha Mosier abt 1908 Wife
Auda R Mosier abt 1928 Daughter
Jess Camel abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Fennie Camel abt 1902 Wife
Roy Rollins abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Sevis Rollins abt 1906 Wife
Ray J Rollins abt 1924 Son
Hazel Rollins abt 1926 Daughter
Joe Grimes abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Maggie Grimes abt 1901 Wife
May Grimes abt 1920 Daughter
Tommie Grimes abt 1921 Son
Mildred Grimes abt 1923 Daughter
Rachel Grimes abt 1926 Daughter
Hoyt Grimes abt 1927 Son
Bethel Grimes Daughter
Nellie Walden abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Annie E Walden abt 1909 Wife
Bettie R Walden abt 1927 Daughter
John A Walden abt 1911 Brother
Bruce Rollins abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Florence Rollins abt 1907 Wife
Inas J Rollins abt 1928 Daughter
Lizzie Rollins abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Ed Rollins abt 1906 Son
Alvin Young abt 1906 Tennessee Boarder
Charles Rollins abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Minnie Rollins abt 1903 Wife
William B Morrison abt 1893 Virginia Head
Myrtle Morrison abt 1895 Wife
Nellie Morrison abt 1913 Daughter
Eddie Morrison abt 1915 Son
James Morrison abt 1916 Son
Mildred Morrison abt 1919 Daughter
Grant Mcdonnel abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Barbara Mcdonnel abt 1902 Wife
Violet Mcdonnel abt 1919 Daughter
Ruth M Mcdonnel abt 1924 Daughter
Donnie Morrison abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Ethel Morrison abt 1911 Wife
James London abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Ruby London abt 1911 Wife
Jammie London abt 1929 Son
Edward Mc Gowan abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Willie Mc Gowan abt 1895 Wife
Clarence Mc Gowan abt 1913 Son
Arthur Mc Gowan abt 1914 Son
Pearl Mc Gowan abt 1917 Daughter
Lesley Mc Gowan abt 1919 Son
Verney Mc Gowan abt 1920 Son
Hiliard Mc Gowan abt 1923 Son
Naoma Mc Gowan abt 1925 Daughter
Robert C Mc Gowan abt 1929 Son
Pete Murphy abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Cora Murphy abt 1898 Wife
Evelyn Murphy abt 1920 Daughter
Ahvonell Murphy abt 1923 Daughter
Paul Murphy abt 1926 Son
Marlyn Murphy abt 1928 Daughter
Lawrence Murphy abt 1886 Brother
Lawrence Lemond abt 1914 Tennessee Niece
Louis Campbell abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Lula Campbell abt 1907 Wife
Howard Campbell abt 1925 Son
Tris Campbell abt 1927 Son
John L Campbell abt 1929 Son
Minerva Brown abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Benton Brown abt 1913 Son
Louis Atterton abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Florence Atterton abt 1903 Wife
Louise Atterton abt 1921 Daughter
Homer Atterton abt 1923 Daughter
Frank Atterton abt 1925 Son
Elbert Atterton abt 1929 Son
Ruben Gorene abt 1912 Tennessee Brother-in-law
John Young abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Mary Young abt 1900 Wife
Clara K Young abt 1921 Daughter
Oba J Young abt 1923 Daughter
Elsie O Young abt 1925 Daughter
Orlene J Young abt 1927 Daughter
James H Young abt 1929 Son
John Payne abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Mollie Payne abt 1886 Wife
Pluen Payne abt 1911 Daughter
Johnnie Payne abt 1918 Son
Joe Payne abt 1920 Son
Geneva Payne abt 1922 Daughter
William R Payne abt 1924 Son
Ray Payne abt 1926 Son
Isaac Mears abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Flora Mears abt 1885 Wife
Obert Mears abt 1912 Son
Ollie B Mears abt 1915 Son
Hubert Mears abt 1917 Son
Letha M Mears abt 1920 Daughter
Earnest P Mears abt 1927 Son
E J Mears abt 1909 Son
Barnie Colston abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Ben Colston abt 1890 Son
Walter Colston abt 1906 Son
Albright Lusk abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Belle Lusk abt 1888 Wife
May Lusk abt 1907 Daughter
Ralph Lusk abt 1918 Son
William Lusk abt 1917 Son
Paul Lusk abt 1922 Son
Donata Lusk abt 1925 Daughter
Dorena Lusk abt 1928 Daughter
Doya Pickett abt 1911 Tennessee Daughter
Joe Stephenson abt 1906 Tennessee Head
May Stephenson abt 1910 Wife
Junior Stephenson abt 1926 Son
John Stephenson abt 1928 Son
Lois Stephenson abt 1929 Daughter
Arthur E Hooper abt 1896 Texas Head
Ruth Hooper abt 1899 Wife
Harry J Hooper abt 1928 Son
Callie Norwood abt 1871 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Nettie Worsham abt 1861 Tennessee Boarder
Berry B Rogers abt 1857 Georgia Head
Sarah J Rogers abt 1874 Wife
Elner Livingston abt 1915 Tennessee Niece
Mary J Livingston abt 1916 Niece
John C Colston abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Edna Colston abt 1873 Wife
Tobe Cox abt 1876 Tennessee Boarder
Gearney Cox abt 1903 Tennessee Boarder
William A Rogers abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Amy A Rogers abt 1890 Wife
Belle Pryor abt 1861 Tennessee Head
Luther L Crambers abt 1875 Tennessee Brother
Joseph E Prigmore abt 1852 Tennessee Head
Termie J Prigmore abt 1860 Wife
John H Prigmore abt 1895 Son
Walter Prigmore abt 1897 Son
Rudolph Prigmore abt 1901 Son
James P French abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Mollie French abt 1891 Wife
Lewis French abt 1917 Son
Ellis F French abt 1923 Son
Maybelle French abt 1926 Daughter
Fern French abt 1930 Son
Grady H Hamrick abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Hazel Hamrick abt 1905 Wife
Rieta B Hamrick abt 1925 Daughter
Abigail Hamrick abt 1863 Georgia Head
Alton Hamrick abt 1896 Son
Letter Hamrick abt 1900 Daughter
Sam Hamrick abt 1907 Son
Paul Hamrick abt 1910 Son
John Hamrick abt 1904 Son
Stella Hamrick abt 1909 Daughter-in-law
Cathrine Hamrick abt 1927 Granddaughter
Herman H Hamrick abt 1929 Grandson
Harry W Myres abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Lora Myres abt 1903 Wife
Clyde E Martin abt 1907 Texas Head
Mortha J Martin abt 1870 Mother
Amanda Cobb abt 1892 Tennessee Cook
Ellis A Wingfield abt 1891 New Mexico Head
Ona Wingfield abt 1901 Wife
Flora M Wingfield abt 1921 Daughter
Laila Wingfield abt 1925 Daughter
Virginia Wingfield abt 1925 Daughter
Aaron Johnson abt 1873 North Carolina Servant
Andrew Long abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Anna Long abt 1911 Wife
Guy Doyle abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Alice Doyle abt 1902 Wife
George Jackson abt 1906 North Carolina Head
Maybelle Jackson abt 1910 Wife
Floyd Jackson Son
Edgar S Childers abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Alma L Childers abt 1901 Wife
Harold M Childers abt 1921 Son
Joe Childers abt 1868 Father
Virgil L Mcintire abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Etta Mcintire abt 1889 Wife
Ruby Mcintire abt 1909 Daughter
Cecil Mcintire abt 1911 Son
Howard Mcintire abt 1924 Son
Lem L Russell abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Nola Russell abt 1887 Wife
Houston Russell abt 1913 Son
Hatter Russell abt 1916 Daughter
Silas Russell abt 1917 Son
Mortha Russell abt 1920 Daughter
Maree Russell abt 1925 Daughter
James W Prise abt 1863 Tennessee Head
Anna B Prise abt 1864 Wife
Elmer Price abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Ada Price abt 1894 Wife
Headraya Price abt 1919 Son
Burl Smith abt 1865 Alabama Head
Mary Smith abt 1863 Sister
Jess Durner abt 1890 Alabama Head
Josie Durner abt 1891 Wife
Joe Durner abt 1911 Son
Brown Durner abt 1921 Son
Jessie L Durner abt 1923 Daughter
James L Jones abt 1854 Arkansas Head
Margaret Jones abt 1860 Wife
Eva G Jones abt 1898 Daughter
Sam A Hixson abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Sina A Hixson abt 1875 Wife
Foster G Hixson abt 1896 Son
Edgar Hixson abt 1904 Son
Esker Hixson abt 1907 Son
Howard Hixson abt 1909 Son
Lola S Hixson abt 1912 Son
Linden Hixson abt 1916 Son
James G Slatton abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Dixie Slatton abt 1886 Wife
Fred Slatton abt 1905 Son
Charlie Slatton abt 1908 Son
Brown Slatton abt 1911 Son
Anna Slatton abt 1913 Daughter
Maybell Slatton abt 1916 Daughter
John F Slatton abt 1923 Son
Scott Terry abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Fannie Terry abt 1882 Wife
Scott Terry abt 1911 Son
Maggie Terry abt 1913 Daughter
Rubbie Terry abt 1915 Daughter
Mattie Terry abt 1917 Daughter
Leon Terry abt 1920 Daughter
Hellen Terry abt 1921 Daughter
Ellen Terry abt 1926 Daughter
Retha M Terry abt 1929 Daughter
Siman Mercier abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Bertha Mercier abt 1905 Wife
Elizabeth Mercier abt 1926 Daughter
Bessie Mercier abt 1928 Daughter
Cathrine Mercier abt 1929 Daughter
Albert Higdon abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Lee Higdon abt 1909 Wife
Herbert Higdon abt 1928 Son
William Gravett abt 1880 Georgia Head
Dona Gravett abt 1882 Wife
Claude Gravett abt 1912 Son
Gladys Gravett abt 1914 Daughter
Willard Gravett abt 1918 Son
Jean Gravett abt 1924 Daughter
Joe Dykes abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Trucilla Dykes abt 1875 Wife
Tessie Dykes abt 1910 Daughter
Herman Dykes abt 1911 Son
Rebecca Dykes abt 1912 Daughter
Mildred G Dykes abt 1914 Daughter
Carl Dykes abt 1918 Son
Roy Mc Gowan abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Mamie Mc Gowan abt 1905 Wife
Richard Mc Gowan abt 1918 Son
Lester Mc Gowan abt 1922 Son
Leonard Mc Gowan abt 1923 Son
Mary Mc Gowan abt 1925 Daughter
Louise Mc Gowan abt 1926 Daughter
Orelia Mc Gowan abt 1928 Daughter
Adam Pickett abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Amanda Pickett abt 1887 Wife
Ovid Pickett abt 1911 Son
Hershel Pickett abt 1918 Son
Donald Pickett abt 1922 Son
Opal L Pickett abt 1929 Daughter
Napoleon B Moore abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Gladys Moore abt 1901 Wife
J P Moore abt 1928 Son
Nancy J Moore abt 1850 Tennessee Head
Edgar C Deakins abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Phyllis Deakins abt 1910 Wife
Bobby J Deakins abt 1928 Son
William H Bryant abt 1864 Tennessee Head
Lydia Bryant abt 1869 Wife
Isaac H Ashburn abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Fidelia C Ashburn abt 1919 Daughter
Herschel A Daffron abt 1908 Tennessee Son-in-law
Willie A Daffron abt 1906 Daughter
Andrew B Daffron abt 1929 Grandson
William H Perkins abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Alice Perkins abt 1889 Wife
Vivian Perkins abt 1913 Daughter
Laurie Perkins abt 1915 Son
Hoyt Perkins abt 1918 Son
Lorene Perkins abt 1920 Daughter
J W Perkins abt 1922 Son
J K Perkins abt 1925 Son
William L Higdon abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Pearl Higdon abt 1902 Wife
Lucile Higdon abt 1919 Daughter
Tom H Layne abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Julia Layne abt 1898 Wife
Pearlie Layne abt 1910 Daughter
George P Layne abt 1915 Son
Hester E Layne abt 1918 Daughter
Minnie L Layne abt 1920 Daughter
Jessie H Layne abt 1922 Son
Alford W Layne abt 1925 Son
Charlie Copeland abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Lila Copeland abt 1902 Wife
Raymond Copeland abt 1903 Son
John Copeland abt 1909 Son
Naoma Copeland abt 1916 Daughter
Howard Copeland abt 1919 Son
Florence Copeland abt 1922 Daughter
Dorothy Copeland abt 1925 Daughter
Marion Copeland abt 1926 Son
Charles Copeland abt 1928 Son
Barney Killgore abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Mary Killgore abt 1887 Wife
Minna Killgore abt 1911 Daughter
Emma Killgore abt 1917 Daughter
Alton Killgore abt 1921 Son
Irene Killgore abt 1923 Daughter
Richard Killgore abt 1926 Son
William Killgore abt 1929 Son
John Perkins abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Perkins abt 1896 Wife
Odell Perkins abt 1922 Daughter
Pauline Perkins abt 1923 Daughter
Corine Perkins abt 1925 Daughter
Alma Perkins abt 1927 Daughter
Calvin Moore abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Luvern Moore abt 1884 Wife
Lizzie Moore abt 1910 Daughter
Charlie Moore abt 1912 Son
Luther Moore abt 1915 Son
Ruthor Moore abt 1920 Son
Dora M Moore abt 1923 Daughter
Estell Moore abt 1925 Son
Calvin Moore abt 1928 Son
James Pickett abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Virgia Pickett abt 1897 Wife
Willis Pickett abt 1913 Son
Ollie M Pickett abt 1920 Daughter
Johnnie D Pickett abt 1922 Daughter
Jimmie D Pickett abt 1929 Daughter
Edward Shirley abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Dorothy Shirley abt 1912 Wife
James Grayson abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Annie Grayson abt 1874 Wife
Otto P Grayson abt 1906 Son
Clark Grayson abt 1912 Son
Haden Grayson abt 1913 Son
Frances J Grayson abt 1915 Daughter
Allen B Ross abt 1886 South Carolina Boarder
Ford H Paino abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Mortha A Paino abt 1890 Wife
Genora Paino abt 1913 Daughter
John W Paino abt 1916 Son
Jeraldine Paino abt 1922 Daughter
Katherine Paino abt 1925 Daughter
Lida Shirley abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Minnie B Shirley abt 1885 Wife
Violet Shirley abt 1908 Daughter
Hubert A Shirley abt 1912 Son
Fred Mchone abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Nora Mchone abt 1912 Wife
Russel F Ashburn abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Mary F Ashburn abt 1879 Wife
Trotwood Ashburn abt 1910 Son
Edna B Ashburn abt 1914 Daughter
George T Ashburn abt 1918 Son
Thompson A Andes abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Margarett C Andes abt 1892 Wife
John G Branson abt 1923 Tennessee Nephew
Comer C Andes abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Annie E Andes abt 1900 Wife
Veda A Andes abt 1917 Daughter
Joe C Andes abt 1920 Son
Myrtle I Andes abt 1923 Daughter
John Andes abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Oras Andes abt 1896 Son
Mae Andes abt 1901 Daughter-in-law
Lillian E Andes abt 1925 Granddaughter
Charles E Andes abt 1928 Grandson
Nancy L Andes abt 1852 Tennessee Head
Hallie Andes abt 1894 Daughter
Brown Andes abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Flora F Andes abt 1892 Wife
James A Wooley abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Fronie S Wooley abt 1883 Wife
Herman Wooley abt 1909 Son
Odell Wooley abt 1913 Daughter
Cleon Wooley abt 1916 Son
Earnest Foust abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Addie Foust abt 1889 Wife
Melvin Foust abt 1907 Son
Hallie Foust abt 1908 Daughter-in-law
Essell Foust abt 1926 Grandson
Ruth Foust abt 1929 Granddaughter
William Kilgore abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Martha Kilgore abt 1888 Wife
Lillie Kilgore abt 1912 Daughter
Lora Kilgore abt 1913 Daughter
Allie Kilgore abt 1917 Daughter
Spence Kilgore abt 1921 Son
Wash Kilgore abt 1924 Son
Ages Kilgore abt 1928 Daughter
Griffith abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Ethraim Griffith abt 1906 Son
Munroe Griffith abt 1909 Son
Arthur Griffith abt 1912 Son
Lila M Griffith abt 1914 Daughter
Laura Deakins abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Lee Deakins abt 1894 Son
Elizabeth Deakins abt 1908 Daughter
David Killgon abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Hester Killgon abt 1888 Wife
Lonnie Killgon abt 1909 Son
Pat Morrison abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Della Morrison abt 1883 Wife
Conley Morrison abt 1909 Son
Eva Morrison abt 1912 Daughter
Connie Morrison abt 1914 Daughter
Junita Morrison abt 1916 Daughter
Jack Morrison abt 1917 Son
Laura O Morrison abt 1919 Daughter
Dennis Morrison abt 1922 Son
Regenia Morrison abt 1924 Daughter
Lacy Condra abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Callie Condra abt 1888 Wife
Henry Condra abt 1910 Son
Virginia Condra abt 1912 Daughter
William Condra abt 1913 Son
Ruby Condra abt 1914 Daughter
Bonnie Condra abt 1917 Daughter
Max Condra abt 1919 Son
Cecil Condra abt 1921 Son
Watson Condra abt 1924 Son
Don Condra abt 1929 Son
James S Knight abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Sarah E Knight abt 1872 Wife
Guss Knight abt 1904 Son
James W Knight abt 1910 Son
J B Knight abt 1913 Son
Richard H Knight abt 1916 Son
Alton Fults abt 1909 Tennessee Son-in-law
Agnes Fults abt 1908 Daughter
George W Walters abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Mary Walters abt 1871 Wife
Bert Rogers abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Mildred Rogers abt 1904 Wife
Cecil E Rogers abt 1922 Son
Howard A Rogers abt 1924 Son
Opal J Rogers abt 1927 Daughter
Dennis H Rogers abt 1930 Son
Mary Higdon abt 1864 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Johnnie E Higdon abt 1907 Brother-in-law
William A Griffith abt 1851 Tennessee Head
Lou Griffith abt 1861 Wife
William E Smith abt 1878 Alabama Head
Florence Smith abt 1881 Wife
Ben Smith abt 1914 Son
Fred Smith abt 1916 Son
Johnie Smith abt 1919 Son
Ben T Smith abt 1851 Father
Lawrence L White abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Lillie B White abt 1877 Wife
Alvis White abt 1909 Daughter
Aw White abt 1911 Son
Catherine White abt 1914 Daughter
Clara White abt 1909 Daughter-in-law
Charlie B Smith abt 1879 Alabama Head
Nannie L Smith abt 1889 Wife
Eunice L Smith abt 1915 Daughter
Jenneta Smith abt 1918 Daughter
Beattrice Smith abt 1919 Daughter
Lucile Smith abt 1922 Daughter
James R White abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Beulah White abt 1897 Wife
Beulah M White abt 1920 Daughter
Wampler K White abt 1921 Son
Ola White abt 1922 Daughter
Nola White abt 1922 Daughter
William D White abt 1925 Son
Kattie E White abt 1929 Daughter
William H White abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Nona White abt 1878 Wife
Elbert White abt 1898 Son
Joe H White abt 1906 Son
Velma White abt 1911 Daughter
Willie M White abt 1914 Daughter
Cathlene White abt 1920 Daughter
Ervin Presnell abt 1899 Oklahoma Head
Gertrude Presnell abt 1901 Wife
Forest Presnell abt 1922 Son
Marie Presnell abt 1924 Daughter
Arthur C Green abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Icy Green abt 1902 Wife
John A Herron abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Sallie Herron abt 1890 Wife
Luella Herron abt 1909 Daughter
Ruby Herron abt 1911 Daughter
Ottis Herron abt 1913 Son
Cleopatra Herron abt 1915 Daughter
James Herron abt 1917 Son
John T Herron abt 1919 Son
Tenna Herron abt 1922 Daughter
Mary C Herron abt 1926 Daughter
Isabel Morrison abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Rosa Morrison abt 1905 Daughter
Richard Morrison abt 1909 Son
Howard Morrison abt 1911 Son
Luna Morrison abt 1915 Son
Clyde L Morrison abt 1918 Son
Dorothy Morrison abt 1920 Daughter
Martin L Ashburn abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Sarah E Ashburn abt 1875 Wife
Ollie Ashburn abt 1908 Daughter
Mary M Ashburn abt 1911 Daughter
John R Ashburn abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Edith Ashburn abt 1904 Wife
Meridith L Ashburn abt 1928 Daughter
Sarah A Ashburn abt 1929 Daughter
Charlie Long abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Violet Long abt 1901 Wife
Lora Long abt 1912 Daughter
Lizzie P Long abt 1927 Daughter
James H Long abt 1929 Son
Floyd E Mclain abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Hallie M Mclain abt 1906 Wife
William L Mclain abt 1926 Son
Ray E Mclain abt 1928 Son
Dorothy L Mclain abt 1929 Daughter
Brown Condra abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Rosa Condra abt 1887 Wife
Rachel L Condra abt 1918 Daughter
Carrie M Condra abt 1926 Daughter
Norris W Condra abt 1928 Son
Parham Mason abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Maggie Mason abt 1908 Wife
James Mason abt 1930 Son
Floyd Douglass abt 1907 Tennessee Boarder
Miles Parham abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Jessie Parham abt 1900 Wife
Wilburn L Parham abt 1918 Son
Roma Parham abt 1921 Daughter
Ramah Parham abt 1923 Daughter
Meloy Layne abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Ola Layne abt 1912 Wife
Dillard Layne abt 1915 Son
Phieres Layne abt 1911 Son
Norman Layne abt 1930 Son
Virgil Higdon abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Mamie Higdon abt 1903 Wife
Earnest R Higdon abt 1920 Son
Louise Higdon abt 1923 Daughter
Pauline Higdon abt 1926 Daughter
Hellen Higdon abt 1929 Daughter
Guilford Layne abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Ruby Layne abt 1908 Wife
Floyd Layne abt 1916 Son
Loyd S Layne abt 1918 Son
Mary Frances Layne abt 1921 Daughter
Ellen E Layne abt 1923 Daughter
Georgia M Layne abt 1925 Daughter
Maude J Layne abt 1929 Daughter
Sallie Layne abt 1885 Sister
Cleveland Welch abt 1927 Tennessee Stepson
Tem Smith abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Martha Smith abt 1896 Wife
Mirilda Smith abt 1915 Daughter
Lecil Smith abt 1917 Son
Ethel Smith abt 1921 Daughter
Elvira Smith abt 1923 Daughter
J Smith abt 1925 Son
Allene Smith abt 1927 Daughter
Milton Holiday abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Nannie Holiday abt 1895 Wife
Melvin Holiday abt 1920 Son
J L Holiday abt 1924 Son
Ruth Holiday abt 1925 Daughter
Elizabeth Holiday abt 1928 Daughter
Evans Griffeth abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Maud Griffeth abt 1906 Wife
Willie Dixon abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Georgia M Dixon abt 1898 Wife
George W Dixon abt 1913 Son
Jenneta Dixon abt 1918 Son
Willie P Dixon abt 1924 Son
Bagelia Doogan abt 1865 Tennessee Mother-in-law
William James abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Cora James abt 1903 Wife
Louise James abt 1923 Daughter
Odys James abt 1925 Son
Elizabeth James abt 1927 Daughter
Herman James abt 1929 Son
William O Frizzell abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Frizzell abt 1879 Wife
David H Frizzell abt 1909 Son
Lucile Frizzell abt 1911 Daughter
Walter Frizzell abt 1913 Son
Obey Frizzell abt 1916 Son
James A Frizzell abt 1920 Son
Stephen L Rogers abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Ruth P Rogers abt 1898 Wife
Stephen L Rogers abt 1925 Son
Emna L Rogers abt 1927 Daughter
Gerney Childers abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Estelle Childers abt 1903 Wife
Vernon Childers abt 1923 Son
Junior Childers abt 1924 Son
Dayle Childers abt 1928 Son
Edward C Smith abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Nina I Smith abt 1891 Wife
Preston Smith abt 1914 Son
Elizabeth Smith abt 1917 Daughter
James Smith abt 1919 Son
Lacy Smith abt 1921 Son
Stewart Smith abt 1924 Son
Ana L Smith abt 1929 Daughter
James R Mc Donough abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Jemima Mc Donough abt 1868 Wife
Creed R Mc Donough abt 1901 Son
Mary Mc Donough abt 1898 Daughter-in-law
Dorothy A Mc Donough abt 1925 Granddaughter
John N Mc Donough abt 1927 Grandson
James I Phelps abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Susan F Phelps abt 1870 Wife
Blanch Phelps abt 1904 Daughter
Lizzie Hudson abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Fannie Hudson abt 1916 Daughter
Claude A Mc Donough abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Emma I Mc Donough abt 1895 Wife
Irene Mc Donough abt 1916 Daughter
Louise Mc Donough abt 1918 Daughter
James D Mc Donough abt 1923 Son
Edward Marrison abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Martha J Marrison abt 1906 Wife
Edna M Marrison abt 1925 Daughter
Fred L Marrison abt 1929 Son
James M Bond abt 1860 Tennessee Head
John Bond abt 1882 Son
John F Slatton abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Dona Slatton abt 1884 Wife
Novella Slatton abt 1908 Daughter
Frank Slatton abt 1911 Son
Velma I Slatton abt 1916 Daughter
Ray Slatton abt 1921 Son
Teddie E Slatton abt 1925 Grandson
Phillip M Price abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Enma L Price abt 1877 Wife
Finley S Price abt 1910 Son
Paul D Price abt 1913 Son
Ben Condra abt 1855 Tennessee Head
Susan Condra abt 1870 Wife
Sarah Bredfild abt 1868 Tennessee Sister-in-law
Sallie Davidson abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Robert Davidson abt 1888 Son
Theodore Tate abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Eda Tate abt 1906 Wife
Everet R Tate abt 1926 Son
Norma C Tate abt 1929 Daughter
James A Griffith abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Roberta Griffith abt 1907 Wife
James A Condra abt 1860 Tennessee Head
Ella Condra abt 1866 Wife
Paul Condra abt 1901 Son
Pete Hackworth abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Berta J Hackworth abt 1890 Wife
Clifford S Hackworth abt 1907 Son
Waylen W Hackworth abt 1915 Son
Clayton Killgore abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Sallie Killgore abt 1893 Wife
Oscar Powell abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Hubert Powell abt 1920 Son
Lacy Powell abt 1924 Son
Porter Condra abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Vera Condra abt 1902 Wife
Ap Condra abt 1924 Son
Auburn Golston abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Ella Golston abt 1894 Wife
Floyd Henry abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Corie Henry abt 1890 Wife
Burl Henry abt 1926 Son
Laura Condra abt 1864 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Phelps abt 1896 Tennessee Daughter
Mollie H Condra abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Edna L Condra abt 1902 Daughter
Nellie P Condra abt 1907 Daughter
Luther E Thacker abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Edna Thacker abt 1911 Wife
Lester Thacker abt 1927 Son
Jack Mchone abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Mallie B Mchone abt 1879 Wife
John Mchone abt 1899 Son
Emma Mchone abt 1901 Daughter
Carry Mchone abt 1912 Daughter
Ottis Mchone abt 1918 Son
Joe Ashburn abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Seville J Ashburn abt 1925 Daughter
Lark Mchone abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Lillian Mchone abt 1913 Wife
James Mchone abt 1929 Son
John Gravett abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Jarive Gravett abt 1905 Wife
Leona Gravett abt 1920 Daughter
Theona Gravett abt 1926 Daughter
Edward Gravett abt 1927 Son
Ray Barnett abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Della Barnett abt 1877 Mother
Henry Barnett abt 1911 Brother
Thomas Barnett abt 1915 Brother
Vain Barnett abt 1919 Brother
John Nunley abt 1854 Tennessee Head
Nettie Nunley abt 1895 Wife
Earl Nunley abt 1910 Son
Della Nunley abt 1916 Daughter
Edward Nunley abt 1919 Son
Hassie Nunley abt 1923 Daughter
Pearilee Nunley abt 1927 Daughter
Pauline Nunley abt 1929 Daughter
Jessie Nunley abt 1898 Relative
Williams F Morrison abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Sarah Morrison abt 1883 Wife
Ethel Morrison abt 1914 Daughter
Houston Morrison abt 1918 Son
Warner Morrison abt 1921 Son
Oscar Morrison abt 1923 Son
Ray Morrison abt 1925 Son
Robert Turner abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Esther Turner abt 1902 Wife
Robert Turner abt 1921 Son
Millie Turner abt 1924 Daughter
Pallie Turner abt 1925 Daughter
Ressie Turner abt 1927 Daughter
Albert Allen abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Tressie Allen abt 1902 Wife
Eva Allen abt 1919 Daughter
Harold L Allen abt 1925 Son
Cathrine Allen abt 1927 Daughter
Emily Curvin abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Jessie Curvin abt 1915 Daughter
Mckinley Curvin abt 1919 Son
Crandel Curvin abt 1922 Son
Earney Mikells abt 1913 Tennessee Brother
Thomas D Skiles abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Hallie Skiles abt 1901 Wife
Thomas D Skiles abt 1921 Son
Jack B Skiles abt 1925 Son
John Grimes abt 1859 Tennessee Head
Ed Grimes abt 1889 Son
Robert Dixson abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Linda Dixson abt 1876 Wife
Ethel Dixson abt 1913 Daughter
Barney Mason abt 1897 Tennessee Boarder
Anderson Holoway abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Rose Holoway abt 1907 Wife
Freeda Holoway abt 1926 Daughter
Elane Holoway abt 1928 Daughter
George Eggert abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Ethel Eggert abt 1893 Wife
James Eggert abt 1909 Son
Maude Eggert abt 1912 Daughter
Annie Eggert abt 1914 Daughter
Luther Eggert abt 1916 Son
Ella Eggert abt 1918 Daughter
H B Eggert abt 1922 Son
George Eggert abt 1924 Son
Howard Eggert abt 1925 Son
J C Eggert abt 1927 Son
Hellen C Eggert abt 1929 Daughter
George W Merciers abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Mary Merciers abt 1897 Wife
Clarence Merciers abt 1910 Son
George Merciers abt 1912 Son
Oma A Merciers abt 1921 Daughter
James Merciers abt 1923 Son
Ruby Posey abt 1914 Tennessee Daughter
Isabel Posey abt 1916 Daughter
Sam Mc Coy abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Mc Coy abt 1878 Wife
Frank Mc Coy abt 1905 Son
Lula Mc Coy abt 1908 Daughter
Beulah Mc Coy abt 1912 Daughter
Malissie Mc Coy abt 1915 Daughter
Lestie Mc Coy abt 1918 Son
Fred Nunley abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Annie Nunley abt 1903 Wife
Maggie Nunley abt 1920 Daughter
Mose Nunley abt 1922 Son
Willie Nunley abt 1924 Son
Gernie Nunley abt 1927 Son
Claud Robison abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Lillie Robison abt 1901 Wife
Violet Robison abt 1919 Daughter
Luther Robison abt 1921 Son
Richard Robison abt 1923 Son
Myrtle Robison abt 1925 Daughter
Babe R Robison abt 1929 Son
Charlie Caldwell abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Nellie Caldwell abt 1900 Wife
Sallie Caldwell abt 1919 Daughter
Grady Caldwell abt 1920 Son
James Caldwell abt 1926 Son
Charles T Caldwell abt 1928 Son
Carl Caldwell abt 1930 Son
Donald Killgore abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Hannah M Killgore abt 1909 Wife
Paul J Killgore abt 1929 Son
John Leven abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Ethel Leven abt 1907 Wife
Henry Rollins abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Flore Rollins abt 1892 Wife
Stella L Rollins abt 1921 Daughter
Austin C Rutherford abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Rena Rutherford abt 1866 Wife
William J Higgins abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Malissie Higgins abt 1887 Wife
Mattie Higgins abt 1906 Daughter
William Higgins abt 1913 Son
Bessie Higgins abt 1917 Daughter
Robert Higgins abt 1924 Son
Frank Rollins abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Margrette Rollins abt 1908 Wife
Lucile Rollins abt 1925 Daughter
Joanna Rollins abt 1929 Daughter
Earl Killgore abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Almeda Killgore abt 1908 Wife
Dorthy Killgore abt 1924 Daughter
Elmer Killgore abt 1925 Son
Joe Killgore abt 1929 Son
Kirk Basham abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Jessie Basham abt 1904 Wife
Hellen Basham abt 1926 Daughter
Thomas Stephenson abt 1875 England Head
Minnie Stephenson abt 1881 Wife
George Stephenson abt 1901 Son
Howard Stephenson abt 1910 Son
Eddie Stephenson abt 1913 Son
Albert Stephenson abt 1914 Son
Edith Stephenson abt 1917 Daughter
Lucile Stephenson abt 1926 Granddaughter
William Rollins abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Florence Rollins abt 1895 Wife
Lizzie M Rollins abt 1911 Daughter
Leonard Rollins abt 1914 Son
Alton Rollins abt 1917 Son
Lilliam Rollins abt 1925 Son
William Morrison abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Morrison abt 1894 Wife
Jean Morrison abt 1919 Daughter
William Morrison abt 1911 Son
Carl Morrison abt 1924 Son
Melva R Morrison abt 1926 Daughter
Dorris H Morrison abt 1928 Daughter
Ash Rollins abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Sarah Rollins abt 1880 Wife
Viola Rollins abt 1907 Daughter
George Rollins abt 1909 Son
Lem Rollins abt 1911 Son
Ethel Rollins abt 1913 Daughter
Ash Rollins abt 1916 Son
Mary Rollins abt 1917 Daughter
Fred Rollins abt 1920 Son
Ed Rollins abt 1920 Son
Pat Rollins abt 1924 Son
Thomas Guffey abt 1885 Kentucky Head
Sallie Guffey abt 1887 Wife
Clyde Guffey abt 1911 Son
Clifton Guffey abt 1916 Son
Evelyn Guffey abt 1921 Daughter
Charlie Guffey abt 1925 Son
Earnest Higgins abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Mary Higgins abt 1906 Wife
Eugene Higgins abt 1924 Son
A Dene Higgins abt 1927 Daughter
Harve Higgins abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Lora Higgins abt 1908 Wife
Arnold Higgins abt 1924 Son
Mitchel Higgins abt 1926 Son
Gladys M Higgins abt 1929 Daughter
Alfred L Panter abt 1870 Georgia Head
Nancy C Panter abt 1874 Wife
Josie Panter abt 1903 Daughter
Timmie Panter abt 1912 Daughter
Louise Panter abt 1921 Granddaughter
Huke Green abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Grace Green abt 1894 Wife
Clara Layne abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Maggie Layne abt 1904 Wife
Odell Layne abt 1920 Daughter
Thomas Layne abt 1922 Son
John Layne abt 1924 Son
Pleas Layne abt 1925 Son
Belle Layne abt 1930 Daughter
Joe M Killgore abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Julia Killgore abt 1884 Wife
Dewitt Basham abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Maude Basham abt 1898 Wife
Robert Basham abt 1921 Son
Lois Basham abt 1923 Daughter
Edna Basham abt 1925 Daughter
Edward Basham abt 1927 Son
Buck Layne abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Lucy W Layne abt 1904 Wife
William M Layne abt 1924 Son
Johnnie C Layne abt 1926 Daughter
Ralph Layne abt 1928 Son
Alexander Layne abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Layne abt 1876 Wife
Alexander Layne abt 1903 Son
Jake Higgins abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Paralee Higgins abt 1882 Wife
Howard Higgins abt 1911 Son
John Higgins abt 1913 Son
Earl Chadwick abt 1910 Tennessee Stepfather
Beulah Chadwick abt 1914 Stepdaughter
Will Nunley abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Lore Nunley abt 1904 Wife
Clarence Nunley abt 1911 Son
Don Nunley abt 1917 Son
John Nunley abt 1922 Son
West Nunley abt 1923 Son
Leonard Nunley abt 1925 Son
Dora Nunley abt 1927 Daughter
Billie Nunley abt 1928 Son
Lee Nunley abt 1930 Son
John Hicks abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Hicks abt 1911 Wife
Albert Hicks abt 1930 Son
Munroe Nunley abt 1885 Tennessee Head
May Nunley abt 1890 Wife
James Nunley abt 1917 Son
Roy Nunley abt 1919 Son
Pearl Nunley abt 1921 Daughter
Gladys Nunley abt 1923 Daughter
Claude Nunley abt 1925 Son
Frank Nunley abt 1927 Son
Sam Slatton abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Delia Slatton abt 1882 Wife
Arthur Slatton abt 1911 Son
Oscar Slatton abt 1915 Son
Hershel Slatton abt 1916 Son
Maudie Slatton abt 1918 Daughter
Zebedee Slatton abt 1920 Son
Hellen Slatton abt 1924 Daughter
James E Slatton abt 1928 Son
Paul Brezzell abt 1890 Alabama Head
Chistial Brezzell abt 1905 Wife
Florence Brezzell abt 1926 Granddaughter
Oscar Oliver abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Florence Oliver abt 1910 Wife
Will Ramsey abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Minnie Ramsey abt 1900 Wife
Walter Ramsey abt 1921 Son
Leonard Ramsey abt 1924 Son
Homer Ramsey abt 1925 Son
Herbert Ramsey abt 1927 Son
Hubert Ramsey abt 1929 Son
Henry Long abt 1862 South Carolina Head
Ella Long abt 1865 Wife
Mauest Long abt 1907 Son
George W Morrison abt 1846 Tennessee Head
Ellen Morrison abt 1856 Wife
Clara Meeks abt 1917 Tennessee Servant
Orville Parker abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Pearlie Parker abt 1910 Wife
Stella Meeks abt 1920 Tennessee Niece
Alex Layne abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Alice Layne abt 1880 Wife
Fred Layne abt 1908 Son
Nettie Layne abt 1914 Daughter
Willie Meeks abt 1922 Tennessee Grandson
Frank Layne abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Manda Layne abt 1879 Mother
Pearlie Layne abt 1911 Sister
Hazel Layne abt 1916 Sister
William Layne abt 1918 Brother
Cecil Layne abt 1919 Brother
Maree Layne abt 1923 Sister
Leonard Layne abt 1927 Brother
Ben F Hicks abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Narrie Hicks abt 1875 Wife
James Hicks abt 1913 Son
Jennie Hicks abt 1915 Daughter
Golda Mikells abt 1919 Tennessee Granddaughter
William Mikells abt 1921 Grandson
Ben Tate abt 1920 Tennessee Grandson
Earnest Tate abt 1924 Grandson
Willie M Tate abt 1925 Granddaughter
William Meeks abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Nellie Meeks abt 1902 Wife
Alice Meeks abt 1918 Daughter
Thomas J Meeks abt 1927 Son
Kizzie Loes abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Sarah E Loes abt 1897 Daughter
Prince Nidey abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Emma Nidey abt 1898 Wife
Ama L Nidey abt 1917 Daughter
Annie Nidey abt 1919 Daughter
Leonard Nidey abt 1921 Son
Earl Nidey abt 1923 Son
Mattie Nidey abt 1925 Daughter
Agnes Nidey abt 1926 Daughter
Robert Atterton abt 1869 England Head
Laura Atterton abt 1881 Wife
Jennette Atterton abt 1917 Granddaughter
Earnest Atterton abt 1920 Grandson
Arch Moore abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Hallie M Moore abt 1900 Wife
Eligah Layne abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Viola T H Layne abt 1894 Wife
Charles J Layne abt 1928 Son
Florence Counts abt 1912 Tennessee Stepdaughter
Frank Holoway abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Nellie L Holoway abt 1908 Wife
Gertrude Holoway abt 1926 Daughter
George Holoway abt 1927 Son
Carl E Fry abt 1898 Tennessee Lodger
Allie Holoway abt 1913 Niece
Joe Holoway abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Eula Holoway abt 1906 Wife
Mary E Holoway abt 1928 Daughter
Helen Holoway abt 1929 Daughter
John Cantrell abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Roscoe Cantrell abt 1907 Son
Aeron Cantrell abt 1909 Son
Hearl Cantrell abt 1912 Son
Kealey Cantrell abt 1914 Son
Mary B Cantrell abt 1916 Daughter
Jim Cantrell abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Lilie Cantrell abt 1896 Wife
Pauline Cantrell abt 1915 Daughter
Maurine Cantrell abt 1917 Daughter
Alleine Cantrell abt 1920 Daughter
Avanelle Cantrell abt 1922 Daughter
Ocellia Cantrell abt 1924 Daughter
Jay H Cantrell abt 1928 Son
Mel Layne abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Joetta Layne abt 1892 Wife
Myrtle Layne abt 1914 Daughter
Franklin Layne abt 1916 Son
Robley Layne abt 1918 Daughter
Ralph Layne abt 1920 Son
James Layne abt 1925 Son
Lily Layne abt 1926 Daughter
Lotty Layne abt 1927 Son
Myrtle J Harkleroad abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Leila Harkleroad abt 1905 Daughter
Nannie Harkleroad abt 1909 Daughter
Berthold Harkleroad abt 1912 Son
Loften Harkleroad abt 1919 Son
Mabry Hixon abt 1894 Tennessee Daughter
Venova L Hixon abt 1925 Granddaughter
Looney L Janaway abt 1850 Tennessee Head
Mary J Janaway abt 1861 Wife
Mary A Trent abt 1853 Tennessee Head
Minnie Holoway abt 1895 Tennessee Daughter
John Griffith abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Gertrude Griffith abt 1892 Wife
Robert Griffith abt 1914 Son
Raymond Griffith abt 1917 Son
Pearley Griffith abt 1921 Son
Leland Janes abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Fannie Janes abt 1907 Wife
Gene Westmoreland abt 1893 Georgia Head
Sallie Westmoreland abt 1888 Wife
Charlie Westmoreland abt 1912 Son
Elizabeth Westmoreland abt 1915 Daughter
John Westmoreland abt 1917 Son
Jessie Westmoreland abt 1920 Daughter
Lattie M Westmoreland abt 1922 Daughter
Warren G Westmoreland abt 1924 Son
Elizabeth Westmoreland abt 1865 Mother
Luther Holoway abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Maud Holoway abt 1909 Wife
Dorothy Holoway abt 1927 Daughter
Harold Holoway abt 1928 Son
Ray Rogers abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Stella Rogers abt 1907 Wife
Dorothy Rogers abt 1925 Daughter
Margaret R Rogers abt 1927 Daughter
Orland W Chastain abt 1852 Mississippi Head
Prarie Chastain abt 1866 Wife
Maud Chastain abt 1885 Daughter
Eleanor Collins abt 1907 Tennessee Boarder
Hannah Roberta abt 1899 Tennessee Boarder
James Turner abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Ellen Turner abt 1886 Wife
Earnest Turner abt 1910 Son
Billie Turner abt 1913 Son
Fred Turner abt 1916 Son
Leonard Turner abt 1920 Son
Blanton Hill abt 1883 Alabama Head
Mary E Hill abt 1896 Wife
Robert S Hill abt 1920 Son
Mary E Hill abt 1921 Daughter
Lillian M Hill abt 1924 Daughter
Wince L Hill abt 1927 Son
Lottie A Hill abt 1928 Daughter
Eligah Cartright abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Grace Cartright abt 1908 Wife
Jane Cartright abt 1857 Mother
Jim Price abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Arrie Price abt 1871 Sister
Clara E Thomas abt 1869 Tennessee Sister
Lilie Gilbreath abt 1889 Tennessee Cook
Clarence Young abt 1879 Tennessee Boarder
Walter P Scott abt 1904 Tennessee Boarder
Sam Hanson abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Brack Hanson abt 1910 Son
Will S Hanson abt 1917 Son
Septenna Hanson abt 1915 Daughter
Andy D Thomas abt 1860 Tennessee Roomer
Caywood King abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Carrie King abt 1897 Wife
Herner King abt 1913 Son
Alfred King abt 1915 Son
Charles King abt 1918 Son
Larreta King abt 1920 Daughter
Lois C King abt 1923 Daughter
Harry Springs abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Savannah Springs abt 1888 Wife
John J Springs abt 1912 Adopted Son
Homer Grier abt 1906 Tennessee Lodger
John E Condra abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Nancy Condra abt 1868 Wife
Albert Condra abt 1909 Son
Cecil Condra abt 1907 Son
Lula Condra abt 1909 Daughter
Charley Condra abt 1891 Son
Claud Massengale abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Sarah J Massengale abt 1901 Wife
Christene Douglas abt 1927 Tennessee Niece
Julius Sayner abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Mary Sayner abt 1905 Wife
James E Sayner abt 1922 Son
Paul Sayner abt 1924 Son
Clifford Sayner abt 1926 Son
Margaret L Sayner abt 1929 Daughter
Walter Pickett abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Ethel Pickett abt 1901 Wife
Luther J Pickett abt 1923 Son
Paul B Pickett abt 1929 Son
John R Pickett abt 1862 Father
Lella Pickett abt 1908 Sister
Eula Pickett abt 1910 Sister
Walter Smith abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Callie Smith abt 1896 Wife
Loyd Smith abt 1918 Son
Sarah Massangale abt 1864 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Willie Holoway abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Grace Holoway abt 1905 Wife
Willhelen Holoway abt 1924 Daughter
Ralph Holoway abt 1928 Son
Arthur Webb abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Jenny Webb abt 1895 Wife
Carl Webb abt 1920 Son
Treva M Webb abt 1921 Daughter
Polly Webb abt 1922 Daughter
William Eakin abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Lassie Eakin abt 1894 Wife
Hubert Eakin abt 1911 Son
Treva M Eakin abt 1917 Daughter
Virginia Eakin abt 1921 Daughter
Billie Eakin abt 1924 Son
Dock T Graham abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Maggie Graham abt 1889 Wife
William Graham abt 1909 Son
James Graham abt 1913 Son
Ruth Graham abt 1920 Daughter
Dorothy J Graham abt 1925 Daughter
Floyd Graham abt 1875 Brother
Tom Smaw abt 1874 Alabama Head
Fannie Smaw abt 1879 Wife
Harrison Barnett abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Willie Barnett abt 1890 Wife
Ab Barnett abt 1917 Son
Harrison Barnett abt 1919 Son
Paul Barnett abt 1922 Son
Earnest Barnett abt 1909 Son
Thelma Barnett abt 1908 Daughter-in-law
Willie S Barnett abt 1927 Granddaughter
William J Perkins abt 1845 Alabama Head
Nancy Perkins abt 1861 Wife
Oscar Perkins abt 1901 Son
Pauline Perkins abt 1900 Daughter-in-law
William L Barber abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Emlie Barber abt 1867 Wife
James E Cook abt 1908 Georgia Roomer
John F Sulivan abt 1907 Virginia Roomer
John Cowan abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Dora Cowan abt 1883 Wife
Minerva Cowan abt 1921 Daughter
Andrew J Bailey abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Emily T Bailey abt 1883 Wife
Elsie A Bailey abt 1912 Daughter
Andrew J Bailey abt 1914 Son
Henry E Bailey abt 1916 Son
Robert E Bailey abt 1918 Son
Clarence R Bailey abt 1922 Son
Margaret R Bailey abt 1924 Daughter
Billie Bailey abt 1926 Son
Willie D Scruggs abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Ethel Scruggs abt 1904 Wife
Lena M Scruggs abt 1923 Daughter
Billie F Scruggs abt 1927 Daughter
Oat A Kelly abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Leonard C Gatt abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Della Gatt abt 1882 Wife
Alma Gatt abt 1910 Daughter
Mary Gatt abt 1914 Daughter
Stella S Gatt abt 1924 Daughter
Joe E Mc Clellan abt 1901 Tennessee Roomer
Isac R Jordan abt 1867 Kentucky Head
Lilie Jordan abt 1875 Wife
Baxter G Jordan abt 1905 Son
Lora J Jordan abt 1910 Daughter-in-law
Nathanel Snow abt 1900 Alabama Boarder
Jack Warren abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Kizzie B Warren abt 1887 Wife
Tabitha Waters abt 1842 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Robert Bailey abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Cora Bailey abt 1897 Wife
Leonora Bailey abt 1922 Daughter
Tom Higdon abt 1855 Tennessee Head
Harriet Higdon abt 1854 Wife
Myrtle Higdon abt 1893 Daughter
George W Dass abt 1857 Tennessee Head
Margaret Dass abt 1862 Wife
Callie Lewis abt 1885 Texas Daughter
Millie Tate abt 1909 Tennessee Granddaughter
James Tate abt 1929 Grandson
Tom J Adams abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Annie Adams abt 1885 Wife
Edward Adams abt 1911 Son
Lucile Adams abt 1914 Daughter
Mary Adams abt 1917 Daughter
Frances Adams abt 1923 Daughter
Mack Lemons abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Pearl Lemons abt 1884 Wife
Carl Lemons abt 1914 Son
Norman E Hudson abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Maud Hudson abt 1885 Wife
Lora S Hudson abt 1912 Daughter
Argie Hudson abt 1914 Daughter
Evalyn Hudson abt 1919 Daughter
Paul Hudson abt 1905 Son
May Hudson abt 1908 Daughter-in-law
Edward Hudson abt 1927 Grandson
Kenneth Hudson abt 1928 Grandson
Mary Grant abt 1859 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Grant abt 1895 Daughter
Bennett Tate abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Etta Tate abt 1885 Wife
Willie M Tate abt 1909 Daughter
Frankie Tate abt 1914 Daughter
Charles Tate abt 1923 Son
William Thompson abt 1876 West Virginia Head
Clay Thompson abt 1902 Son
Howard Thompson abt 1912 Son
Fred Thompson abt 1915 Son
Betty Thompson abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Josephine Thompson abt 1916 Daughter
Clair B Thompson abt 1919 Daughter
John Thompson abt 1921 Son
Louise Thompson abt 1924 Daughter
Christine Thompson abt 1926 Daughter
Eugene Thompson abt 1928 Son
Lucile Coulston abt 1914 Tennessee Niece
John N Dykes abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Margaret Dykes abt 1901 Wife
Margaret Bull abt 1868 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Diana Burwick abt 1867 England Head
George D Smith abt 1855 Tennessee Head
Kate Smith abt 1853 Wife
Hallie Smith abt 1879 Daughter
Enna Smith abt 1888 Daughter
John Ballard abt 1858 Tennessee Head
Barbra Ballard abt 1897 Daughter
Vance Creek abt 1855 Tennessee Brother-in-law
Jim Hooper abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Jane Hooper abt 1886 Wife
Minnie L Hooper abt 1894 Daughter
Guy W Hooper abt 1902 Son
Raymond Hooper abt 1904 Son
Grady Hooper abt 1908 Son
George M Ballard abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Montie Ballard abt 1887 Wife
Garwood Ballard abt 1912 Son
Louise Ballard abt 1909 Daughter
Ralph Ballard abt 1922 Son
George W Cross abt 1881 Alabama Head
Laura Cross abt 1891 Wife
George W Cross abt 1918 Son
Opal Cross abt 1920 Daughter
Jewel Cross abt 1922 Daughter
Nancy Cross abt 1924 Daughter
Alex Downing abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Zetta Downing abt 1898 Wife
Hazel Downing abt 1919 Daughter
Jame Downing abt 1924 Daughter
Daen Downing abt 1928 Daughter
Lon King abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Cora King abt 1889 Wife
Belle Moss abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Gordon Moss abt 1917 Grandson
Lena Moss abt 1917 Granddaughter
Johmy Moss abt 1919 Grandson
Loretta Moss abt 1922 Granddaughter
Dora B Moss abt 1923 Granddaughter
Flem Moss abt 1925 Grandson
Shirley Rogers abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Edith Rogers abt 1886 Wife
Maurine Rogers abt 1909 Daughter
Mary E Rogers abt 1911 Daughter
Charles Rogers abt 1922 Son
George Thorp abt 1876 Tennessee Head
A Renda Thorp abt 1875 Wife
Fred Thorp abt 1909 Son
Margaret Thorp abt 1911 Daughter
Josephine Thorp abt 1914 Daughter
Jack Thorp abt 1917 Son
Thomas Sharp abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Ben Sharp abt 1876 Brother
Margaret J Sharp abt 1856 Mother
Maggie Yell abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Katherine Yell abt 1913 Granddaughter
Ples Yell abt 1917 Stepson
Benjiman Yell abt 1922 Son
Golda Yell abt 1923 Daughter
Ollie M Yell abt 1925 Daughter
Mattie Yell abt 1928 Daughter
Eva Green abt 1906 Tennessee Stepdaughter
George Green abt 1926 Stepson
Ota K Green abt 1929 Granddaughter
Henry Kilgare abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Emma Kilgare abt 1880 Wife
Josephine Kilgare abt 1922 Daughter
Estel Mcnabb abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Maud Mcnabb abt 1908 Wife
Ira Bridges abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Florence Bridges abt 1881 Wife
Nova Bridges abt 1911 Daughter
John D Bridges abt 1919 Son
Fred Knox abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Pearl Knox abt 1905 Wife
Jenewa Knox abt 1926 Daughter
Loyd Knox abt 1928 Son
Ednry E Hudson abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Jamie Hudson abt 1885 Wife
William E Hudson abt 1914 Son
Henry E Hudson abt 1918 Son
James R Hudson abt 1920 Son
Thomas L Hudson abt 1923 Son
Elizabeth Mcnabb abt 1877 Tennessee Head
John T Mcnabb abt 1908 Son
Katherine Mcnabb abt 1910 Daughter
Nathan Mcnabb abt 1915 Son
Hershal Mcnabb abt 1917 Son
Amanda Martin abt 1864 Tennessee Sister
John P Thomas abt 1870 Alabama Head
Lizzie Thomas abt 1867 Wife
Earvin Grayson abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Josie Grayson abt 1853 Mother
Ellie Grayson abt 1876 Sister
Mina Dykes abt 1892 Tennessee Sister
Bobbie Dykes abt 1919 Niece
Joe Powell abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Lassie Powell abt 1901 Wife
Minnie L Powell abt 1919 Daughter
Hershel Powell abt 1921 Son
Willie Powell abt 1923 Son
France Powell abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Timmie Powell abt 1878 Wife
Viola Mason abt 1921 Tennessee Granddaughter
Charlie Powell abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Leona Powell abt 1880 Wife
Joetta Powell abt 1913 Daughter
Lella Powell abt 1915 Daughter
Edward Powell abt 1918 Son
George H Powell abt 1922 Son
Carlos Dempsy abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Charlsie Dempsy abt 1903 Wife
Dorothy Dempsy abt 1923 Daughter
John F Turner abt 1864 Tennessee Head
Angeline Turner abt 1862 Wife
Nettie Thomas abt 1905 Tennessee Daughter
Louis Thomas abt 1922 Granddaughter
Skep Thomas abt 1924 Grandson
Azeas Roberts abt 1860 Georgia Head
Molly Roberts abt 1870 Wife
Dewitt Cope abt 1890 Tennessee Stepson
Joe Piburn abt 1905 Tennessee Nephew
Tom Pickett abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Emma J Pickett abt 1863 Wife
John Perry abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Sallie Perry abt 1880 Wife
Richard Perry abt 1904 Son
Lola B Perry abt 1907 Daughter
Lillie Perry abt 1910 Daughter
Lewis Perry abt 1912 Son
Andy Perry abt 1914 Son
Lester Perry abt 1916 Son
Jimmy Perry abt 1918 Son
Henry Perry abt 1920 Son
Sallie Perry abt 1922 Daughter
Ben Perry abt 1926 Son
Sam Levan abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Mattie Levan abt 1891 Wife
Victor Levan abt 1910 Son
Odie Levan abt 1912 Son
Helen Levan abt 1919 Daughter
Joel D Levan abt 1922 Son
Opal Levan abt 1924 Daughter
Elsie Levan abt 1927 Daughter
Dave Griffith abt 1864 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Griffith abt 1883 Wife
Clara Griffith abt 1914 Daughter
Leona Griffith abt 1917 Daughter
Jim Griffith abt 1920 Son
Hugh L Hudson abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Nettie Hudson abt 1888 Wife
Cecil Hudson abt 1909 Son
Hershel Hudson abt 1911 Son
Leslie I Hudson abt 1916 Son
Gettie Hudson abt 1922 Son
Mildred Hudson abt 1925 Daughter
Mina Hudson abt 1928 Daughter
Floyd Tate abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Beatrice Tate abt 1902 Wife
Elizabeth Tate abt 1919 Daughter
Billie Tate abt 1926 Son
Leonard E Van Hoosier abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Lena Van Hoosier abt 1889 Wife
Irene Van Hoosier abt 1917 Daughter
John Allen abt 1857 Kentucky Head
Melvina Allen abt 1853 Wife
Lonny May abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Ida May abt 1910 Wife
Frances E May abt 1930 Daughter
Frank R Rines abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Mamie A Rines abt 1890 Wife
Frances E Rines abt 1919 Daughter
Vernon A Rines abt 1920 Son
Katherine Rines abt 1923 Daughter
Annie W Hudson abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Milton Hudson abt 1912 Son
Coralee Hudson abt 1914 Daughter
Nim Daniel abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Tim Daniel abt 1886 Wife
Iris Daniel abt 1927 Granddaughter
Nelse Van Harrier abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Callie Van Harrier abt 1883 Wife
Carl Smith abt 1913 Tennessee Grandson
Lawrence H Grayson abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Lilla Grayson abt 1871 Wife
Bennett Grayson abt 1908 Son
Lucile Grayson abt 1907 Wife of Son
Luther Farmer abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Mattie Farmer abt 1878 Wife
Reeta B Farmer abt 1904 Daughter
Gertrude Farmer abt 1908 Daughter
Richard Duke abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Ida Duke abt 1882 Wife
Lee R Duke abt 1909 Son
Bernard Duke abt 1915 Son
Ray Duke abt 1924 Son
Katie Garren abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Arinda Garren abt 1908 Daughter
Kate Rickett abt 1902 Tennessee Daughter
Charlie Rickett abt 1920 Grandson
Charles Tatum abt 1929 Tennessee Grandson
Robert Tate abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Minnie Tate abt 1881 Wife
Gladys Tate abt 1903 Daughter
Robert Tate abt 1909 Son
Helen Tate abt 1921 Daughter
John L Turnes abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Maud Turnes abt 1887 Wife
Clyde Turnes abt 1913 Son
Arkie Maud Turnes abt 1919 Daughter
Neil Turnes abt 1924 Son
Albert Henry abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Mabel Henry abt 1894 Wife
James Henry abt 1917 Son
Carl Henry abt 1920 Son
Opal Henry abt 1924 Daughter
Emma Henry abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Eligah Ridge abt 1890 Tennessee Son-in-law
Amie Ridge abt 1900 Daughter
Ray H Ridge abt 1927 Grandson
Oscar Henry abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Molly Henry abt 1905 Wife
Howard Henry abt 1923 Son
Herman Henry abt 1927 Son
Myrtle J Henry abt 1928 Daughter
Earl B Sargent abt 1885 Georgia Head
Jessie M Sargent abt 1892 Wife
Nellie E Sargent abt 1912 Daughter
Earl L Sargent abt 1914 Son
Margaret E Sargent abt 1916 Daughter
William K Sargent abt 1919 Son
Vivian C Sargent abt 1921 Daughter
Thelma R Sargent abt 1923 Daughter
Mary E Sargent abt 1925 Daughter
Cecil L Tate abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Maud M Tate abt 1889 Wife
Harold Tate abt 1919 Son
Dorothy J Tate abt 1921 Daughter
Margaret L Tate abt 1923 Daughter
Addiline Tate abt 1925 Daughter
Mildred M Tate abt 1927 Daughter
Lee Tate abt 1930 Son
Charlie Thacker abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Edd Thacker abt 1904 Son
Bonnie Thacker abt 1909 Daughter-in-law
Charles W Thacker abt 1927 Grandson
Frank Thacker abt 1911 Son
Bob Dawson abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Mamie Dawson abt 1904 Wife
Hershel Dawson abt 1922 Son
Frank Rich abt 1872 North Carolina Head
Ellen Rich abt 1880 Wife
Rosy Rich abt 1902 Daughter
Jenny Rich abt 1906 Daughter
Elizabeth Rich abt 1909 Daughter
Iva Rich abt 1913 Daughter
Louise Rich abt 1915 Daughter
Buster Rich abt 1920 Son
Welma Rich abt 1921 Granddaughter
Riley Pickett abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Minnie Pickett abt 1904 Wife
Cleo Pickett abt 1926 Daughter
Tula M Pickett abt 1928 Daughter
Lawrence Turner abt 1906 Tennessee Brother-in-law
Ray Powell abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Almeda Powell abt 1904 Wife
Jeff Pickett abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Ellen Pickett abt 1884 Wife
Sammie Pickett abt 1912 Son
Bennie Pickett abt 1914 Son
Delzina Pickett abt 1916 Daughter
Henry J Pickett abt 1923 Son
Lillian Pickett abt 1926 Daughter
Lilie Hudson abt 1906 Tennessee Niece
Bill Mosier abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Lena Mosier abt 1904 Wife
Bill Mosier abt 1924 Son
Milton Mosier abt 1927 Son
Lester Harwood abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Jerald Harwood abt 1900 Wife
Raymond Harwood abt 1920 Son
Thelma Harwood abt 1922 Daughter
Gordon Harwood abt 1925 Son
Lucile Harwood abt 1928 Daughter
Hubert Dempsy abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Jessie Dempsy abt 1906 Wife
Imogene Dempsy abt 1924 Daughter
Alliene Dempsy abt 1927 Daughter
Corrine Dempsy abt 1926 Daughter
Billie H Dempsy abt 1929 Son
James Pickett abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Clarice Pickett abt 1910 Wife
Billie J Pickett abt 1928 Daughter
Marcella J Pickett abt 1930 Daughter
Lawrence Griffeth abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Della Griffeth abt 1885 Wife
Sallie Griffeth abt 1895 Relative
Beatrice Griffeth abt 1907 Son
Oscar Griffeth abt 1929 Grandson
Hebert Griffeth abt 1912 Son
Sallie Pickett abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Elmer W Pickett abt 1920 Son
Christene Pickett abt 1923 Daughter
Frances Pickett abt 1925 Daughter
Levilla Pickett abt 1927 Daughter
Joe W Pickett abt 1929 Son
Millis Powell abt 1905 Tennessee Brother
Martha Pickett abt 1864 Mother-in-law
John Bailey abt 1875 Tennessee Head
May Bailey abt 1882 Wife
Herman Bailey abt 1912 Son
May B Bailey abt 1915 Daughter
Ike Pickett abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Bob Pickett abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Aster Pickett abt 1894 Wife
Robert Pickett abt 1920 Son
Fred Pickett abt 1924 Son
George Pickett abt 1926 Son
Harold Pickett abt 1928 Son
John White abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Dom White abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Hattie White abt 1914 Daughter
Cloyde Gilreath abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Dolly Gilreath abt 1896 Wife
Paul Gilreath abt 1918 Son
Rosy E Gilreath abt 1920 Daughter
Margie Gilreath abt 1923 Daughter
Ruth Gilreath abt 1929 Daughter
Martin A Gilreath abt 1855 Father
Burrel Terry abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Mattie Terry abt 1889 Wife
Ethel Terry abt 1913 Daughter
Gladys M Terry abt 1915 Daughter
Edward Terry abt 1918 Son
Bonny R Terry abt 1927 Daughter
Frances Terry abt 1929 Daughter
Green Terry abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Celia Terry abt 1874 Wife
Bolden Terry abt 1905 Son
Johnie Terry abt 1911 Son
Frank Terry abt 1913 Son
Audy Terry abt 1915 Son
Charlie Luck abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Icie Luck abt 1885 Wife
Edd Smith abt 1858 Alabama Head
Walter Smith abt 1898 Wife
Ab Shirley abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Ethel Shirley abt 1888 Wife
Verna Shirley abt 1907 Daughter
Otis Shirley abt 1910 Son
Homer Shirley abt 1916 Son
Dorothy Shirley abt 1920 Daughter
Omagean Shirley abt 1925 Daughter
Hestel H Shirley abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Florence Shirley abt 1908 Wife
Ralph M Shirley abt 1929 Son
Joe Thacker abt 1881 Tennessee Father-in-law
Henry Thacker abt 1912 Brother-in-law
Rosevelt Powell abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Atta Powell abt 1901 Wife
Rosevelt Powell abt 1927 Son
Lois Powell abt 1930 Daughter
Shuman Powell abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Cora Powell abt 1880 Wife
Earnest Powell abt 1912 Son
Sadis Powell abt 1914 Daughter
Fletcher Powell abt 1918 Son
Euins Powell abt 1923 Son
Heber Shirley abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Georgia Shirley abt 1903 Wife
Christina Shirley abt 1921 Daughter
John M Shirley abt 1922 Son
Ruth Shirley abt 1924 Daughter
James C Shirley abt 1926 Son
Avon Shirley abt 1928 Daughter
Donald Shirley abt 1929 Son
Byron Holoway abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Esther Holoway abt 1868 Wife
William Taylor abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Nancy Taylor abt 1884 Wife
Earnest Taylor abt 1918 Son
Irene Taylor abt 1913 Daughter
Clifford Taylor abt 1915 Son
Elmer Taylor abt 1917 Son
Leona Taylor abt 1919 Daughter
Callie Taylor abt 1921 Daughter
Mary Elle Taylor abt 1922 Daughter
John I Rogers abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Sarah Rogers abt 1886 Wife
Julia Rogers abt 1908 Daughter
Luther Rogers abt 1911 Son
Mary Green abt 1913 Tennessee Stepdaughter
Novella Green abt 1915 Stepdaughter
Bill Green abt 1918 Stepson
Ruby Rogers abt 1923 Daughter
Hugh E Rogers abt 1925 Son
Ray Rogers abt 1927 Son
Jimmie Graham abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Jane Graham abt 1877 Wife
Margaret Graham abt 1912 Daughter
Mildred Graham abt 1927 Granddaughter
James Graham abt 1929 Son
Jack R Philips abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Hester Philips abt 1874 Wife
Raymond Philips abt 1909 Son
Henry Pickett abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Josie Pickett abt 1887 Wife
Millie A Pickett abt 1914 Daughter
Jimmie Pickett abt 1922 Son
Viola Pickett abt 1924 Daughter
Julius Pickett abt 1925 Son
Marie Pickett abt 1928 Daughter
Dock Griffith abt 1854 Tennessee Father-in-law
Annie Pickett abt 1860 Mother
Olive Dempsy abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Peal Dempsy abt 1912 Wife
Edward Dempsy abt 1928 Son
Dorothy Dempsy abt 1929 Daughter
James W Williams abt 1870 Tennessee Uncle
Allen Dempsy abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Leona Dempsy abt 1912 Wife
Edley Dempsy abt 1928 Son
Jack Grayson abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Bertie Grayson abt 1890 Wife
Luther Grayson abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Lidie Grayson abt 1910 Wife
Robert Grayson abt 1926 Son
Looney Grayson abt 1928 Son
Millie Ridge abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Maggie Ridge abt 1895 Wife
Lester Ridge abt 1911 Son
Auerine Ridge abt 1915 Daughter
Lawrence Ridge abt 1917 Son
Joe H Grayson abt 1845 Missouri Head
Mary J Grayson abt 1853 Wife
Eligah Grayson abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Amanda Grayson abt 1875 Wife
Allie Grayson abt 1906 Son
Ollie Grayson abt 1912 Daughter
Rosy Grayson abt 1914 Daughter
Frank White abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Myrtle White abt 1902 Wife
Opal White abt 1912 Daughter
Doyl White abt 1914 Son
Earl White abt 1918 Son
Wayne White abt 1920 Son
Kelly White abt 1922 Son
Carl White abt 1924 Son
Lewis White abt 1927 Son
Fay White abt 1929 Daughter
Robert Pickett abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Pickett abt 1894 Wife
Alvin Pickett abt 1911 Son
Fletcher Pickett abt 1914 Son
Hallie Pickett abt 1926 Daughter
Jack Vandergriff abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Annie Vandergriff abt 1893 Wife
Spearman Vandergriff abt 1912 Son
Oliver Vandergriff abt 1914 Son
Nova Vandergriff abt 1916 Daughter
Jack C Vandergriff abt 1919 Son
Opal Vandergriff abt 1922 Daughter
Russel Vandergriff abt 1924 Son
Fred Vandergriff abt 1927 Son
Foster Millea abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Josie Millea abt 1901 Wife
Henry Millea abt 1918 Son
Annie R Millea abt 1921 Daughter
Alvina Millea abt 1923 Daughter
Julius C Millea abt 1925 Son
Mildred Millea abt 1930 Daughter
Willie White abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Kate White abt 1893 Wife
Lesley White abt 1912 Son
Evalene White abt 1914 Daughter
Irene White abt 1916 Daughter
Cecil White abt 1918 Son
Fred White abt 1920 Son
Otis White abt 1921 Son
Marie White abt 1924 Daughter
Dorothy White abt 1926 Daughter
Verdina White abt 1928 Daughter
George White abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Mary White abt 1867 Wife
Robert White abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Hestel White abt 1908 Wife
Frances White abt 1925 Daughter
Victor White abt 1929 Son
John Boman abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Millie Boman abt 1890 Wife
Raymond Boman abt 1913 Son
Ethel Boman abt 1916 Daughter
Herbert Boman abt 1918 Son
Myrtle Boman abt 1924 Daughter
John H Boman abt 1927 Son
Maggie Miller abt 1902 Tennessee Sister
Loyd Miller abt 1924 Nephew
Laura Grayson abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Raymond Grayson abt 1908 Son
Ada Grayson abt 1900 Daughter
Chester Grayson abt 1911 Son
Jinnie Grayson abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Esthel Grayson abt 1880 Wife
William Grayson abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Grayson abt 1904 Daughter
Pleasert Grayson abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Fernie Grayson abt 1879 Wife
Hella T Grayson abt 1904 Daughter-in-law
Ruby Grayson abt 1919 Daughter
Elmer Grayson abt 1902 Son
Veola Grayson abt 1914 Daughter
Joe Grayson abt 1861 Tennessee Head
Sarah Grayson abt 1866 Wife
Lilla Grayson abt 1901 Daughter
Lee Grayson abt 1889 Son
Carrie Grayson abt 1912 Daughter-in-law
Dan Boman abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Cora Boman abt 1891 Wife
Edna Boman abt 1924 Daughter
Earnest Boman abt 1927 Son
William White abt 1864 Tennessee Head
Molly White abt 1863 Wife
Looney Hollaway abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Cora Hollaway abt 1900 Wife
Katherine Hollaway abt 1923 Daughter
Sarah Grayson abt 1860 Tennessee Mother-in-law
John Laymon abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Caroline Laymon abt 1878 Wife
Joe Boman abt 1907 Tennessee Brother-in-law
Mary Boman abt 1907 Daughter
Dora Boman abt 1929 Granddaughter
Bsh Cantrell abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Rosa Cantrell abt 1880 Wife
Reese Cantrell abt 1911 Son
Virgil H Cantrell abt 1920 Son
Leiland Cantrell abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Nellie Cantrell abt 1904 Wife
Jimmie B Cantrell abt 1904 Son
Lawerence Barnett abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Alice Barnett abt 1905 Wife
Bob Barnett abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Margaret Barnett abt 1862 Wife
Charles Barnett abt 1924 Grandson
Lester Barnett abt 1926 Grandson
Frank Barnett abt 1929 Grandson
Robert Holoway abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Mary Holoway abt 1875 Wife
Jae M Coffelt abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Jeraldene Coffelt abt 1868 Wife
Crawford Thompson abt 1886 Tennessee Son-in-law
Mary E Thompson abt 1896 Daughter
Hubert King abt 1898 Tennessee Son-in-law
Clyde King abt 1902 Daughter
Joyce King abt 1919 Granddaughter
Herndon King abt 1921 Grandson
Ross F Margan abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Carrie Margan abt 1881 Wife
Albert Lyle abt 1908 Tennessee Stepson
Elbert Lyle abt 1908 Stepson
Enious Lyle abt 1911 Stepson
Henry Lyle abt 1913 Stepson
Bessie M Graham abt 1917 Alabama Stepdaughter
Ben Cantrell abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Callie Cantrell abt 1904 Wife
Louise Cantrell abt 1921 Daughter
Elsie M Cantrell abt 1924 Daughter
Fleoaine Cantrell abt 1926 Daughter
Verna L Cantrell abt 1929 Daughter
Sherman Nunley abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Emma Nunley abt 1896 Wife
Spencer Nunley abt 1915 Son
Warren Nunley abt 1921 Son
Daisy Nunley abt 1923 Daughter
Barney Nunley abt 1925 Son
Rosalee Nunley abt 1927 Daughter
Helen Nunley Daughter
William A Coffelt abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Coffelt abt 1898 Wife
Margie Coffelt abt 1925 Daughter
William Coffelt abt 1926 Son
Green Holoway abt 1879 Tennessee Head
May Holoway abt 1885 Wife
Amy Holoway abt 1847 Tennessee Head
Manerva Holoway abt 1840 Wife
Sam Gholston abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Ellen Gholston abt 1898 Wife
Mamie Gholston abt 1918 Daughter
Richard Gholston abt 1920 Son
Bluford Gholston abt 1922 Son
Dorothy Gholston abt 1924 Daughter
Katherine Gholston abt 1926 Daughter
Sam Gholston abt 1928 Son
Ellen Gholston abt 1929 Daughter
Tom G Gholston abt 1860 Father
Earnest Gholston abt 1908 Nephew
William F Foster abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Florence Foster abt 1889 Wife
Leofra Foster abt 1913 Daughter
Earnest Foster abt 1918 Son
Leena M Foster abt 1922 Daughter
Lula Foster abt 1924 Daughter
Clay Foster abt 1926 Son
Barney Melton abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Beulah Melton abt 1897 Wife
Comer Melton abt 1913 Son
Homer Melton abt 1915 Son
Dorothy Melton abt 1917 Daughter
James Melton abt 1919 Son
Ollie M Melton abt 1924 Daughter
William Melton abt 1925 Son
Allerline Melton abt 1929 Daughter
Lawerence Mcentyre abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Otsey Mcentyre abt 1893 Wife
James Mcentyre abt 1915 Son
Josiephine Mcentyre abt 1921 Daughter
James Pickett abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Amanda Pickett abt 1874 Wife
Oscar Thomas abt 1896 Tennessee Son-in-law
Myrtle Thomas abt 1903 Daughter
Creed D Thomas abt 1923 Grandson
Frank Holaway abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Bernice Holaway abt 1899 Wife
Hazel Holaway abt 1918 Daughter
Clarence Holaway abt 1924 Son
Lois Holaway abt 1928 Daughter
Will Boman abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Clarie Boman abt 1905 Wife
Cecil Boman abt 1926 Daughter
Mary Boman abt 1928 Daughter
Henry Smith abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Cora Smith abt 1892 Wife
Arley Smith abt 1909 Son
Hubert Smith abt 1911 Son
Mabel Smith abt 1915 Daughter
William H Smith abt 1922 Son
Bee Thomas abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Iva Thomas abt 1900 Wife
William J Thomas abt 1921 Son
Clifford R Thomas abt 1923 Son
Mary E Thomas abt 1924 Daughter
Lita S Thomas abt 1926 Daughter
Billie D Thomas abt 1927 Son
Doris M Thomas abt 1930 Daughter
Frances Keith abt 1900 Tennessee Cousin
Osey Kilgore abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Maud Kilgore abt 1900 Wife
Franklin Kilgore abt 1919 Son
Mildred Kilgore abt 1921 Daughter
Bill Layne abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Willie M Layne abt 1908 Wife
Alma Layne abt 1926 Daughter
Billie Layne abt 1928 Son
Herman Hall abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Marie Hall abt 1900 Wife
Billie Hall abt 1916 Son
Bobbie Hall abt 1919 Son
Margaret Richards abt 1853 Tennessee Head
Kizzie Richards abt 1885 Daughter
Charlie Standifer abt 1886 Tennessee Son-in-law
Dorcas Standifer abt 1889 Daughter
Leonard Richard abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Lula Richard abt 1890 Wife
Paul Richard abt 1911 Son
Clyde Richard abt 1913 Son
Helsbel Richard abt 1917 Son
Margaret Richard abt 1919 Daughter
Robert C Richards abt 1854 Tennessee Head
Mary Richards abt 1859 Wife
William D Richards abt 1846 Brother
Edd Smith abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Willie Smith abt 1889 Wife
Merritta Mc Gowan abt 1909 Tennessee Stepdaughter
James Baggett abt 1928 Tennessee Grandson
William Thomas abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Hattie Thomas abt 1890 Wife
Floyd Thomas abt 1913 Son
Hazel Thomas abt 1922 Daughter
Carl Thomas abt 1926 Son
John Lovelady abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Angie Lovelady abt 1885 Wife
Cressa Lovelady abt 1924 Daughter
Lillie Batla abt 1891 Georgia Head
Floyd Batla abt 1913 Son
Elmer Batla abt 1914 Son
Lorena Batla abt 1917 Daughter
Pauline Batla abt 1923 Daughter
Harvy Batla abt 1925 Son
Frances Batla abt 1927 Daughter
Marshall Harris abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Sallie Harris abt 1870 Wife
Jim Coffelt abt 1855 Mississippi Head
Nettie Coffelt abt 1865 Wife
Foster Powell abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Florence Powell abt 1888 Wife
Daniel Powell abt 1924 Son
Victor Powell abt 1926 Son
Forest Barnes abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Prudie Barnes abt 1894 Wife
Eva Barnes abt 1912 Daughter
John H Barnes abt 1919 Son
Sallie Rankin abt 1870 Virginia Servant
Raymond Basher abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Mabel Basher abt 1904 Wife
Mildred Basher abt 1923 Daughter
Hershel Basher abt 1925 Son
Ruth Basher abt 1927 Daughter
Billie Basher abt 1928 Son
Jo E Basher abt 1929 Son
Dawid Barker abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Belle Barker abt 1903 Wife
Ralph Barker abt 1923 Son
Margaret Barker abt 1925 Daughter
Ray Barker abt 1927 Son
Bennett Candra abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Katherine Candra abt 1908 Wife
Pauline Candra abt 1927 Daughter
Earl N Candra abt 1929 Son
Edley Condra abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Condra abt 1862 Mother
Fred Yochem abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Lillie B Yochem abt 1874 Wife
Joe Holoway abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Emma Holoway abt 1867 Wife
Lilla White abt 1892 Tennessee Daughter
Joe T Saynes abt 1913 Tennessee Grandson
Kay Hudson abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Cora Hudson abt 1899 Wife
Kay Hudson abt 1919 Son
Evelyn Hudson abt 1921 Daughter
Betty J Hudson abt 1925 Daughter
Johnie Hudson abt 1852 Tennessee Head
Josie Hudson abt 1864 Wife
Fletcher Hudson abt 1902 Son
Ruby Hudson abt 1909 Daughter-in-law
Harry N Hudson abt 1927 Grandson
Dallas Hatfield abt 1909 Tennessee Lodger
Alice Brimer abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Bonnie Brimer abt 1908 Daughter
Paul Brimer abt 1910 Son
Clyde Brimer abt 1915 Son
Frank Brimer abt 1917 Son
Emanuel Boston abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Cleo Boston abt 1909 Wife
Willard Boston abt 1929 Son
William Vandergriff abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Mary Vandergriff abt 1910 Wife
Lawrence Carey abt 1925 Alabama Nephew
David Dempey abt 1878 Georgia Head
Savannah Dempey abt 1880 Wife
Elbert Dempey abt 1921 Son
George Bailey abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Irene Bailey abt 1898 Wife
Raechel Bailey abt 1924 Daughter
Jimmie Bailey abt 1926 Son
Jim Roberts abt 1866 Tennessee Father-in-law
Jim Holoway abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Holoway abt 1889 Wife
Tannie Holoway abt 1913 Son
Allie Holoway abt 1913 Daughter
Albert Holoway abt 1916 Son
Margaret Holoway abt 1918 Daughter
Hubert Holoway abt 1923 Son
James Holoway abt 1928 Son
Minnie Saynes abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Raymond Saynes abt 1906 Son
Willie Saynes abt 1897 Son
Firl Saynes abt 1898 Daughter-in-law
Odell Saynes abt 1921 Daughter
Willie J Saynes abt 1923 Daughter
Minnie E Saynes abt 1926 Daughter
George Brock abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Nancy J Brock abt 1877 Sister
Willie F Barker abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Ada Barker abt 1884 Wife
Franke Barker abt 1910 Son
Amie R Barker abt 1912 Daughter
Jessie Barker abt 1915 Daughter
Geneva Barker abt 1917 Daughter
Joe Barker abt 1920 Son
Rebecca Barker abt 1843 Mother
Jinnie Eller abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Jennie Eller abt 1875 Wife
Edley Hudson abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Verna Hudson abt 1894 Wife
Jack Hudson abt 1925 Son
Harry Hudson abt 1926 Son
Joyce Hudson abt 1929 Daughter
Byron Hudson abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Esther Hudson abt 1864 Wife
Ella Hudson abt 1889 Daughter
Grady Hudson abt 1899 Son
Ruth Hudson abt 1901 Daughter-in-law
Vance Easterly abt 1914 Tennessee Granddaughter
Laurence Hudson abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Esther Hudson abt 1875 Wife
Mabel Hudson abt 1910 Daughter
John Neal abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Ida Neal abt 1889 Wife
Lester Neal abt 1910 Son
Luther Neal abt 1913 Son
Louise Neal abt 1923 Daughter
Charley Neal abt 1927 Son
John Baker abt 1883 Alabama Head
Callie Baker abt 1885 Wife
Theresa Baker abt 1915 Daughter
Hubert Grayson abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Mary Grayson abt 1909 Wife
Evelyn Grayson abt 1924 Daughter
Pauline Grayson abt 1926 Daughter
Herman Grayson abt 1927 Son
Albert Halland abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Dolly Halland abt 1875 Wife
Oca Halland abt 1909 Son
Willie Northcutt abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Esther Northcutt abt 1880 Wife
Robert Vandergriff abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Novella Vandergriff abt 1896 Wife
Hugh E Vandergriff abt 1928 Son
Louis Harris abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Zetta Harris abt 1906 Wife
Lewis Ross Harris abt 1927 Son
Samuel A Harris abt 1928 Son
Jim Ridge abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Sarah Ridge abt 1910 Wife
Frankie Bryant abt 1918 Tennessee Granddaughter
Dane Coffman abt 1903 Tennessee Stepson
Hugh Ridge abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Edna Ridge abt 1910 Wife
Ray Ridge abt 1926 Son
Howard Ridge abt 1929 Son
Henry R Griffith abt 1920 Tennessee Brother-in-law
George Vandergriff abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Edna Vandergriff abt 1898 Wife
Thelma Vandergriff abt 1917 Daughter
Gladys Vandergriff abt 1920 Daughter
Louise Vandergriff abt 1921 Daughter
Lula Vandergriff abt 1924 Daughter
Willie J Vandergriff abt 1926 Daughter
Bobbie L Vandergriff abt 1928 Daughter
Will Moore abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Lena Moore abt 1888 Wife
Jessee Moore abt 1905 Son
Claud Moore abt 1912 Son
Lawerence Moore abt 1916 Son
Bert Moore abt 1919 Son
Martha Moore abt 1925 Daughter
John Moore abt 1930 Son
John Dempsy abt 1875 Alabama Head
Prudie Dempsy abt 1900 Wife
Pauline Dempsy abt 1927 Daughter
Robert L Dempsy abt 1929 Son
John Lockhart abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Edith Lockhart abt 1873 Wife
William Mccarry abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Ellen Mccarry abt 1875 Wife
Will E Mccarry abt 1913 Daughter
Everett Mccarry abt 1915 Son
Jay Hudson abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Alice Hudson abt 1873 Wife
Thelma Hudson abt 1911 Daughter
Albert Hudson abt 1913 Son
Jim Anderson abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Ethel Anderson abt 1882 Wife
Pascal Anderson abt 1910 Son
Franklin Anderson abt 1917 Son
Forest Anderson abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Ruth Anderson abt 1906 Wife
Joe D Anderson abt 1928 Son
Jane Anderson abt 1930 Daughter
Oscar Burley abt 1910 Tennessee Roomer
William Sthat abt 1899 Arkansas Roomer
Andrew Martin abt 1868 Tennessee Roomer
Charlie Coffelt abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Nella J Coffelt abt 1892 Wife
Reva J Coffelt abt 1917 Daughter
Martha E Coffelt abt 1919 Daughter
Bobby Coffelt abt 1927 Daughter
Arnold Powell abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Alice Powell abt 1892 Wife
Luther White abt 1894 Tennessee Head
May White abt 1901 Wife
Mitchell White abt 1919 Son
Ralph White abt 1921 Son
Carl White abt 1927 Son
Albert White abt 1930 Son
Walter Frederick abt 1862 Ohio Father-in-law
William Keely abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Lassie Keely abt 1871 Wife
Thomas Keely abt 1901 Son
Paul Keely abt 1906 Son
Oran Keely abt 1915 Son
Dorcas R Smith abt 1858 Tennessee Sister-in-law
Mary Smith abt 1867 Sister-in-law
Raymond Kelly abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Edna Kelly abt 1900 Wife
James A Kelly abt 1927 Son
William Cantrell abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Lillie Cantrell abt 1890 Wife
William A Cantrell abt 1914 Son
Josephine Cantrell abt 1908 Daughter
Evalyn Cantrell abt 1927 Granddaughter
Jay Laughtermich abt 1878 Missouri Head
Mary Laughtermich abt 1878 Wife
Margerie Laughtermich abt 1900 Daughter
Rixey Kelly abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Edna Kelly abt 1903 Wife
Norwood Kelly abt 1927 Son
Annie Hix abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Hobert Pickett abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Ida Pickett abt 1897 Wife
Jeanette Pickett abt 1918 Daughter
Luther Pickett abt 1921 Son
George W Pickett abt 1855 Son
William Powell abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Dillie Powell abt 1893 Wife
Ruby Powell abt 1913 Daughter
Rankin Powell abt 1915 Son
Odell Powell abt 1917 Daughter
Frankie L Powell abt 1920 Daughter
Joyce J Powell abt 1923 Daughter
Virginia Powell abt 1926 Daughter
Helen Powell abt 1929 Daughter
Rankin Powell abt 1887 Cousin
Lettie Powell abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Alvin Powell abt 1900 Daughter
Lewis Powell abt 1901 Son
Kermit Powell abt 1909 Son
William Powell abt 1912 Son
George Powell abt 1916 Son
Erwin Fowell abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Alta Fowell abt 1909 Wife
Rebecca Fowell abt 1928 Daughter
Oliver Vandygriff abt 1913 Tennessee Brother-in-law
Chester Henry abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Era Henry abt 1902 Wife
Cleabousor Henry abt 1921 Son
Samuel Henry abt 1923 Son
Harold Henry abt 1928 Son
Allan Hamilton abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Bernice Hamilton abt 1898 Wife
Martha L Hamilton abt 1927 Daughter
Wilma D Hamilton abt 1928 Daughter
Lila G Hamilton abt 1929 Daughter
Bartie Powell abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Janie Powell abt 1895 Daughter
Early Powell abt 1892 Brother
Martha Powell abt 1850 Mother
Loka Powell abt 1919 Niece
William Levan abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Sallie Levan abt 1885 Wife
Marie Levan abt 1909 Daughter
Gladys Levan abt 1911 Daughter
Frank Levan abt 1912 Son
James Levan abt 1914 Son
Ruby Levan abt 1916 Daughter
J R Levan abt 1918 Son
Willie Levan abt 1920 Son
Fred Condra abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Marie Condra abt 1905 Wife
Ralph Condra abt 1927 Son
Margie Condra abt 1928 Daughter
Frank Condra abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Mae Condra abt 1905 Wife
Rayma Condra abt 1928 Daughter
Seorge Smith abt 1851 Tennessee Head
Albert Smith abt 1880 Son
Icie Smith abt 1903 Granddaughter
Gertrude Hamilton abt 1905 Tennessee Granddaughter
David Hamilton abt 1902 Father-in-law
Lem Hill abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Virginia Hill abt 1909 Wife
Mordecai Mc Clain abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Emma Mc Clain abt 1877 Wife
Ruby Mc Clain abt 1910 Daughter
Louise Mc Clain abt 1913 Daughter
Will Bridges abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Fannie Bridges abt 1872 Wife
Elizah Bridges abt 1908 Daughter
Ira Brarbeo abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Ida Brarbeo abt 1896 Wife
Mary W Brarbeo abt 1927 Daughter
Freda A Brarbeo abt 1929 Son
Jim Holoway abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Pallie Holoway abt 1871 Wife
Jeannette Holoway abt 1907 Granddaughter
Frankie Holoway abt 1921 Granddaughter
Mary I Holoway abt 1924 Granddaughter
Allan Holoway abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Hallie Holoway abt 1905 Wife
Jessie Holoway abt 1924 Son
Henry Holoway abt 1926 Son
Mildred Holoway abt 1929 Daughter
Lizzie Defur abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Willie Defur abt 1902 Son
Russell Defur abt 1905 Son
Robert Defur abt 1907 Son
Ellamae Defur abt 1910 Daughter
Arden Merton abt 1849 Tennessee Head
Edna Merton abt 1910 Daughter
Hubert Merton abt 1913 Son
Woodrow Merton abt 1916 Son
Henry Merton abt 1918 Son
Ray Merton abt 1925 Son
Loyie Teague abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Jo Teague abt 1904 Daughter
Mabel Teague abt 1907 Daughter
Edward Teague abt 1911 Son
Walter Grayson abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Ada Grayson abt 1911 Wife
Helen Grayson abt 1928 Daughter
James M Puac abt 1877 Tennessee Lodger
Hannah Roberts abt 1899 Tennessee Boarder

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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JULY 5, 2006