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District 3

Name Birth Year Birthplace Relationship
Rhoda Hoge abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Julia Hoge abt 1876 Sister
Will Hoge abt 1881 Brother
Wash Kilgore abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Hattie Kilgore abt 1905 Wife
Mable Kilgore abt 1924 Daughter
Joe Colston abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Colston abt 1901 Wife
Dorothy Colston abt 1920 Daughter
Kenneth Colston abt 1924 Son
June Colston abt 1926 Daughter
Betty J Colston abt 1928 Daughter
Arthur Lewis abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Mamie Lewis abt 1894 Wife
Harley Lewis abt 1910 Son
Ruth Lewis abt 1908 Daughter-in-law
Clyde Lewis abt 1913 Son
Manie L Lewis abt 1916 Daughter
Roy L Lewis abt 1918 Son
Dallie Lewis abt 1920 Daughter
Donald Lewis abt 1923 Son
Ava Lee Lewis abt 1925 Daughter
John Rounsville abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Fannie Rounsville abt 1902 Wife
Katherine Rounsville abt 1921 Daughter
John Rounsville abt 1925 Son
Alfred Honcock abt 1870 Wisconsin Father-in-law
Herbert Wells abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Lillie Wells abt 1906 Wife
David Wells abt 1926 Son
Huston Wells abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Grace Wells abt 1904 Wife
John H Wells abt 1918 Son
Mahalia Wells abt 1925 Daughter
J B Wells abt 1927 Son
Dovid Wells abt 1930 Son
Ed Wymon abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Mattie Wymon abt 1900 Wife
Nellie Wymon abt 1915 Daughter
Anna L Wymon abt 1917 Daughter
Mahalia Wells abt 1868 Alabama Mother-in-law
Willard Taylor abt 1903 Ohio Head
Margret Taylor abt 1907 Wife
Willard Taylor abt 1928 Son
William Motley abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Hattie Motley abt 1888 Wife
Ruth Motley abt 1925 Daughter
Edward Motley abt 1927 Son
Charles Motley abt 1913 Son
Raymond Motley abt 1916 Son
Velma Motley abt 1918 Daughter
William Webb abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Iva Webb abt 1902 Wife
Polly A Webb abt 1926 Daughter
John Lowman abt 1862 Georgia Head
Lucy Lowman abt 1873 Wife
Mamie Lowman abt 1840 Aunt
Andrew Hancock abt 1895 Wisconsin Head
Virgil Hancock abt 1885 Wife
Minnie Hancock abt 1920 Daughter
Rhoda Brewer abt 1915 Tennessee Stepdaughter
Lucile Anderson abt 1921 Tennessee Step Granddaughter
Benson Carter abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Fannie Carter abt 1884 Wife
Ray Carter abt 1914 Son
Hazel Carter abt 1916 Daughter
Milton L Carter abt 1924 Son
Ina J Carter abt 1927 Daughter
Jim Haley abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Lucy Haley abt 1875 Wife
Mattie Haley abt 1905 Relative
John Haley abt 1911 Relative
James Haley abt 1914 Relative
Mary Haley abt 1921 Relative
Mattie Amos abt 1849 Alabama Lodger
Frank Bolton abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Florence Bolton abt 1881 Wife
Luther Bolton abt 1913 Son
Caroh Bolton abt 1926 Son
Gilbert Mccurry abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Icie Mccurry abt 1891 Wife
Millie Mccurry abt 1916 Daughter
Clifford Mccurry abt 1922 Son
Freda Mccurry abt 1924 Daughter
J D Mccurry abt 1926 Son
Gilbert Mccurry abt 1928 Son
Robert Redmond abt 1913 Tennessee Stepson
Nellie Redmond abt 1918 Stepdaughter
Jim Pitman abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Martha Pitman abt 1883 Wife
Lettie Pitman abt 1910 Daughter
Daisy Daffron abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Corrie Daffron abt 1891 Wife
Haskell Burton abt 1923 Virginia Adopted Son
Harry Burton abt 1926 Adopted Son
Arvizine Daffron abt 1860 Mother
George Crutchfield abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Mattie Crutchfield abt 1877 Wife
Bettie Webb abt 1919 Tennessee Niece
Herschel Pitmon abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Cora Pitmon abt 1907 Wife
Meril Pitmon abt 1923 Daughter
Leon Pitmon abt 1925 Son
Herschel Pitmon abt 1926 Son
Charles Pitmon abt 1928 Son
Virgil Mcneece abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Edna Mcneece abt 1889 Wife
Leon Mcneece abt 1913 Son
Orell Mcneece abt 1916 Son
Dorothy Mcneece abt 1919 Daughter
Edsel Mcneece abt 1921 Son
Tom Mcneece abt 1925 Son
Ray Mcneece abt 1927 Son
James Hoge abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Emma Hoge abt 1888 Wife
Joe Hoge abt 1913 Son
Jim Layne abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Lula Layne abt 1880 Wife
Marvin Layne abt 1905 Son
Roaten Layne abt 1909 Son
Nora Rogus abt 1907 Tennessee Daughter
Jomes Rogus abt 1907 Son-in-law
Albert Cotes abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Dora Cotes abt 1902 Wife
Zona Cotes abt 1926 Daughter
Josh Ketner abt 1856 Tennessee Uncle
May Sitton abt 1875 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Harbet Webb abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Vicie Webb abt 1880 Wife
Herschel Webb abt 1907 Son
Turner Webb abt 1913 Son
Ethel Webb abt 1911 Daughter-in-law
Rose Webb abt 1915 Daughter-in-law
William Webb abt 1916 Son
Woodrow Webb abt 1919 Son
Dennis Webb abt 1922 Son
Mary J Webb abt 1929 Granddaughter
Robert Webb abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Annie Webb abt 1907 Wife
Bobbie Webb abt 1926 Son
Willard Webb abt 1929 Son
Joe Jones abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Mary Jones abt 1880 Wife
Bessie Jones abt 1894 Daughter
Estelle Jones abt 1913 Daughter
Mondy Jones abt 1916 Daughter
Bee Daffron abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Robbin Daffron abt 1901 Wife
Martha Daffron abt 1919 Daughter
Charles Daffron abt 1923 Son
Viola Daffron abt 1927 Daughter
Sam Pryer abt 1860 Tennessee Head
Phoebe Pryer abt 1865 Wife
Earl Rector abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Nellie Rector abt 1900 Wife
Mary F Rector abt 1922 Daughter
Earl Rector abt 1926 Son
Ernest Castile abt 1903 USA Head
Mary Castile abt 1905 Wife
Tomnie Castile abt 1921 Nephew
Nannie Castile abt 1925 Niece
Lawrance Long abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Georgia L Long abt 1921 Daughter
Roy Long abt 1922 Son
Pearl Long abt 1923 Daughter
John Boseman abt 1895 Tennessee Uncle
Judas Rector abt 1859 Georgia Head
Nannie Rector abt 1875 Wife
Cloy Moody abt 1911 Tennessee Boarder
Della Kelly abt 1867 Alabama Head
Dwight Kelly abt 1902 Son
Tom Kelly abt 1904 Son
Edwin Kelly abt 1909 Son
Elbert Rogus abt 1907 Georgia Head
Pearl Rogus abt 1912 Wife
James Rogus abt 1929 Son
Walter Rogus abt 1911 Brother
Levi Webb abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Rose Webb abt 1904 Wife
Howard Webb abt 1923 Son
Helen Webb abt 1925 Daughter
Billy Webb abt 1927 Son
Wylie Brozell abt 1866 Alabama Head
Ollie Brozell abt 1869 Wife
Burlise M Blevins abt 1895 Georgia Son-in-law
Bula Blevins abt 1899 Daughter
Walter Privett abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Gussie Privett abt 1906 Wife
Arnold Privett abt 1926 Son
Virginia Privett abt 1929 Daughter
John Spordwen abt 1911 Tennessee Boarder
Robert Hoge abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Lura Hoge abt 1890 Wife
Robert Hoge abt 1911 Son
Margaret Hoge abt 1915 Daughter
Billy Hoge abt 1916 Son
Eleanor Slaughter abt 1914 Alabama Servant
Alvin Spears abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Pearl Spears abt 1886 Wife
Evelyn Spears abt 1919 Daughter
Jackson Spears abt 1920 Son
Winnie Spears abt 1922 Daughter
Ike Lambert abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Pearl Lambert abt 1891 Wife
Lorena Lambert abt 1910 Daughter
Edna Lambert abt 1913 Daughter
Charles Lambert abt 1915 Son
Thomas Lambert abt 1917 Son
Louis Lambert abt 1919 Son
Dorothy Lambert abt 1922 Daughter
Ted Lambert abt 1925 Son
Jim Raulston abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Aliene Raulston abt 1906 Wife
Herbert Raulston abt 1922 Son
Leon Raulston abt 1925 Son
Overton Raulston abt 1927 Son
Bill Raulston abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Becky Raulston abt 1884 Wife
Charlie Raulston abt 1908 Son
Lorene Raulston abt 1912 Daughter-in-law
Roy Raulston abt 1914 Son
Irene Raulston abt 1916 Daughter
Willie Raulston abt 1924 Daughter
Arthur Brock abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Marvie Brock abt 1849 Wife
Wesley Brock abt 1908 Brother
Charles Brock abt 1929 Son
Charlie Jones abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Mollie Jones abt 1885 Wife
David Jones abt 1915 Son
Frances Jones abt 1918 Daughter
William Jones abt 1923 Son
Oscar King abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Maggie King abt 1878 Wife
Edwin King abt 1911 Son
Vilda Henderson abt 1921 Kentucky Niece
John D Brown abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Cornelia Brown abt 1869 Wife
Joyce Hoff abt 1923 Nebraska Granddaughter
Raymond Gerrell abt 1923 Oklahoma Grandson
Benjaman Brown abt 1900 Son
Dollie Brown abt 1901 Daughter-in-law
Benjaman Brown abt 1920 Grandson
Hollis Brown abt 1922 Grandson
Velma Brown abt 1924 Granddaughter
Betly L Brown abt 1927 Granddaughter
Lora L Brown abt 1929 Granddaughter
Minnie Failes abt 1907 Texas Daughter
Bonnie Failes abt 1926 Granddaughter
Leora L Failes abt 1929 Granddaughter
William Brown abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Brown abt 1896 Wife
D Austin Brown abt 1917 Son
Mary L Brown abt 1920 Daughter
William Brown abt 1922 Son
Cloude Brown abt 1925 Son
Susie Daffron abt 1875 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Marvin Smith abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Fannie Smith abt 1898 Wife
Laura M Smith abt 1920 Daughter
Sallie Smith abt 1922 Daughter
Anderson Long abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Georgie Long abt 1883 Wife
Joe Long abt 1911 Son
Verna Long abt 1915 Daughter
Lillie M Long abt 1918 Daughter
Billy Swofford abt 1852 Tennessee Head
Angeline Swofford abt 1868 Wife
Walter Disney abt 1908 Tennessee Boarder
Flossie Disney abt 1912 Tennessee Boarder
Will Chambers abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Pearl Chambers abt 1905 Wife
Mary B Chambers abt 1922 Daughter
Samuel Chambers abt 1925 Son
Tom Colston abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Colston abt 1880 Wife
George Long abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Jennie Long abt 1876 Wife
Frank Poe abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Ethel Poe abt 1905 Wife
George Poe abt 1925 Son
Hozie Poe abt 1927 Daughter
Earl Poe abt 1928 Son
Som Long abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Lula Long abt 1883 Wife
Dollie Long abt 1909 Daughter
Lillian Long abt 1915 Daughter
Leslie Long abt 1917 Son
Lee Long abt 1921 Son
Annie L Long abt 1921 Daughter
Lucile Long abt 1923 Daughter
Rallie Pendergrass abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Mary Pendergrass abt 1877 Wife
Sam Pendergrass abt 1913 Son
Annie Pendergrass abt 1915 Daughter
Pryor Pendergrass abt 1918 Son
Oscar Lynch abt 1874 Georgia Head
Millie Lynch abt 1879 Wife
Kate Hibbs abt 1876 Alabama Boarder
Pauline Beck abt 1909 Tennessee Stepdaughter
Tom Beck abt 1908 Son-in-law
Charlie Pitman abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Rebecca Pitman abt 1897 Wife
Jessie Pitman abt 1915 Daughter
James Pitman abt 1918 Son
Eugene Pitman abt 1920 Son
Howard Pitman abt 1922 Son
Paul Pitman abt 1924 Son
Katherine Pitman abt 1924 Daughter
Carl Pitman abt 1927 Son
Mary L Pitman abt 1929 Daughter
Leroy Brown abt 1867 Pennsylvania Head
Mattie Brown abt 1874 Wife
Tom Brown abt 1914 Son
Estelle Brown abt 1916 Daughter
Thomas L Bettes abt 1919 Georgia Grandson
Lillie M Bettes abt 1921 Granddaughter
Katherine Bettes abt 1923 Granddaughter
Will Colston abt 1876 Tennessee Brother-in-law
William Pitman abt 1860 Tennessee Head
Low Pitman abt 1871 Wife
Dan Pitman abt 1907 Son
Ida Pitman abt 1909 Daughter-in-law
Willie C Pitman abt 1913 Adopted Son
Walter Jones abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Sallie Jones abt 1909 Wife
Harry Jones abt 1926 Son
Fred Jones abt 1929 Son
Joe Howard abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Mary Howard abt 1883 Wife
Jinnie Howard abt 1912 Son
George Howard abt 1914 Son
Edward Howard abt 1917 Son
Walter Howard abt 1918 Son
Ellen Jones abt 1908 Tennessee Daughter
Harley Jones abt 1906 Son-in-law
John Lay abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Lodemia Lay abt 1876 Wife
Hestmen Lay abt 1910 Son
Edward Lay abt 1920 Son
David Lay abt 1908 Nephew
Ennie Goins abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Luines Goins abt 1918 Daughter
Bridie Goins abt 1920 Daughter
Dora K Goins abt 1922 Daughter
Alene Goins abt 1924 Daughter
Bill Sharp abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Ethel Sharp abt 1908 Wife
Hilton Sharp abt 1928 Son
Bill Rose abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Martha Rose abt 1875 Wife
Tonny Rose abt 1907 Son
Arthur Rose abt 1909 Son
Harold Rose abt 1918 Son
George Demay abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Minnie Demay abt 1888 Wife
Estelle Demay abt 1911 Daughter
Homer Demay abt 1913 Son
Tom Demay abt 1918 Son
Katherine Demay abt 1922 Daughter
Roy Demay abt 1923 Son
Charlie Hutton abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Liza Hutton abt 1891 Wife
Loyd Hutton abt 1911 Son
Annie M Hutton abt 1912 Daughter
Clara Hutton abt 1917 Daughter
Bee Hutton abt 1921 Son
Jack Hutton abt 1922 Son
David Lewis abt 1910 Tennessee Son-in-law
Annie Lewis abt 1914 Daughter
Enna Johnson abt 1916 Tennessee Daughter
Robert Johnson abt 1909 Son-in-law
Frank Mooney abt 1860 Mexico Head
Sallie Mooney abt 1860 Wife
Clennrie Mooney abt 1912 Daughter
Jess Warren abt 1888 Tennessee Boarder
Jess Phillips abt 1902 Alabama Head
Lillie Phillips abt 1901 Wife
Charles Phillips abt 1924 Son
James Phillips abt 1926 Son
Mabel Phillips abt 1930 Daughter
Dan Phillips abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Mortie Phillips abt 1896 Wife
Katherine Phillips abt 1929 Daughter
R E Carter abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Leo Carter abt 1875 Wife
Green Carter abt 1911 Son
Charlie Harris abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Ollie Harris abt 1886 Wife
Charlie Harris abt 1911 Son
Andy Harris abt 1916 Son
Hazel Harris abt 1918 Daughter
Lucy Harris abt 1921 Daughter
Bessie Harris abt 1923 Daughter
Charlsie Harris abt 1926 Daughter
Clarice Harris abt 1930 Daughter
Leo Carter abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Lillian Carter abt 1894 Wife
Juno Carter abt 1920 Son
Nella M Carter abt 1922 Daughter
Billy Carter abt 1924 Son
Mary S Carter abt 1926 Daughter
Betty E Carter abt 1929 Daughter
Pauline Castile abt 1907 Tennessee Sister-in-law
Frank Manley abt 1867 Georgia Head
Ira Manley abt 1876 Wife
George Manley abt 1908 Son
Jim Manley abt 1910 Son
Rena Manley abt 1912 Daughter
Raymond Manley abt 1915 Son
Lillian Manley abt 1920 Daughter
Pearl Manley abt 1925 Granddaughter
Joseph Carter abt 1863 Tennessee Head
Torrie Carter abt 1890 Daughter
Grant Carter abt 1895 Son
Albert Carter abt 1918 Grandson
Willard Rednour abt 1914 Tennessee Grandson
Paul Rednour abt 1916 Grandson
William Jones abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Millie Jones abt 1896 Wife
Melvin Jones abt 1920 Son
Troy Jones abt 1923 Son
Vernon Jones abt 1925 Son
Mary Jones abt 1926 Daughter
Issac Jones abt 1929 Son
Fay Jones abt 1920 Daughter
Clarence Dawson abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Mattie Dawson abt 1885 Wife
Eunice Dawson abt 1906 Daughter
John Dawson abt 1909 Son
Tom Dawson abt 1912 Son
Clyde Dawson abt 1914 Son
Jim Dawson abt 1916 Son
Allie Dawson abt 1919 Daughter
Oscar Dawson abt 1922 Son
Garland Dawson abt 1926 Son
Arch Billingsly abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Verda Billingsly abt 1896 Wife
Emma J Billingsly abt 1914 Daughter
Elbert Billingsly abt 1915 Son
Harold Billingsly abt 1917 Son
Lester Billingsly abt 1919 Son
Arnold Billingsly abt 1922 Son
Homer Billingsly abt 1924 Son
Hugh Myers abt 1904 Tennessee Boarder
George Harris abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Alice Harris abt 1909 Wife
Callie Harris abt 1928 Daughter
Riley Jones abt 1878 Tennessee Father-in-law
Nannie Jones abt 1881 Wife
Andy Jones abt 1912 Brother-in-law
Katy Jones abt 1915 Sister-in-law
Dorothy Jones abt 1919 Sister-in-law
Herschel Jones abt 1922 Brother-in-law
Roby Brown abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Ethel Brown abt 1887 Wife
J C Brown abt 1912 Son
Nat Brown abt 1914 Son
Jack Brown abt 1916 Son
Robert Brown abt 1922 Son
Gunter Thomas abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Etta Thomas abt 1885 Wife
Ted Thomas abt 1913 Son
Virginia Thomas abt 1914 Daughter
Evelyn Thomas abt 1916 Daughter
Glennie Thomas abt 1919 Daughter
Joseph Thomas abt 1923 Son
Josh Rose abt 1880 Tennessee Boarder
John Colston abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Nettie Colston abt 1889 Wife
Shella Colston abt 1918 Daughter
Charles Colston abt 1919 Son
Molly Wyrick abt 1861 Tennessee Head
Aylma Wyrick abt 1885 Son
Jinmy Jones abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Irene Jones abt 1908 Daughter
Kate Jones abt 1914 Daughter
James Strickland abt 1924 Tennessee Grandson
Joseph Strickland abt 1924 Grandson
Arthur Belk abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Polly Belk abt 1892 Wife
Ray Belk abt 1911 Son
Thelma Belk abt 1913 Daughter
Claude Belk abt 1915 Son
Edna Belk abt 1917 Daughter
Charles Belk abt 1920 Son
Raymond Belk abt 1921 Son
Orine Belk abt 1924 Daughter
Clinton Belk abt 1926 Son
Junetta Belk abt 1929 Daughter
Arnold Higdon abt 1915 Georgia Nephew
Clint Colston abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Enma Colston abt 1867 Wife
Thelma Belvin abt 1913 Tennessee Boarder
Robert Stewart abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Jessie Stewart abt 1896 Wife
Lora B Stewart abt 1916 Daughter
Tordon Stewart abt 1918 Son
Otis Stewart abt 1920 Son
Grady Stewart abt 1922 Son
Calvin Stewart abt 1925 Son
Louise Stewart abt 1927 Daughter
Fay Stewart abt 1929 Daughter
Roy Rheal abt 1908 Tennessee Son-in-law
Margie Rheal abt 1914 Daughter
Roy Stewart abt 1902 Brother
John Noel abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Noel abt 1904 Wife
Walter Robinson abt 1904 North Carolina Head
Nita Robinson abt 1901 Wife
Obe M Robinson abt 1924 Daughter
Bertha Robinson abt 1928 Daughter
Henry Romine abt 1864 Tennessee Head
Mary Romine abt 1860 Wife
Will Whitehead abt 1870 USA Servant
Elbert Roberson abt 1873 North Carolina Head
Katherine Roberson abt 1880 Wife
Grady Roberson abt 1913 Son
Pauline Roberson abt 1916 Daughter
Ida M Roberson abt 1919 Daughter
Roscoe Roberson abt 1909 Son
Netter Roberson abt 1908 Daughter
Jewel P Roberson abt 1929 Grandson
Robert Noll abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Lorena Noll abt 1906 Wife
Felice Noll abt 1927 Daughter
Robert Noll abt 1928 Son
Wesley Henderson abt 1909 Missouri Boarder
John Condra abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Mattie Condra Wife
Montague Condra abt 1911 Son
Claude Condra abt 1916 Son
William Moore abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Liza Moore abt 1873 Wife
William Moore abt 1909 Son
Mildred Moore abt 1908 Daughter-in-law
Billy S Moore abt 1925 Granddaughter
Charles O Moore abt 1925 Grandson
Lindsey Jones abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Edith Jones abt 1896 Wife
Edward Jones abt 1918 Son
Ernestine Jones abt 1921 Daughter
Magdalene Jones abt 1924 Daughter
Geraldine Jones abt 1926 Daughter
Frank Jones abt 1929 Son
Dexter Rheal abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Virgie Rheal abt 1909 Wife
Hubert Rheal abt 1927 Son
Abalee Rheal abt 1929 Daughter
David Curtis abt 1857 Tennessee Boarder
Lester Rheal abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Allie Rheal abt 1901 Wife
Beulah Rheal abt 1924 Daughter
Virginia Rheal abt 1926 Daughter
Vera Rheal abt 1929 Daughter
Thomas Hall abt 1841 Tennessee Head
Carrie Hall abt 1857 Sister
Robert Purdy abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Ida Purdy abt 1876 Wife
Lizzie Lawson abt 1904 Tennessee Daughter
Cleo Lawson abt 1929 Granddaughter
Floyd Purdy abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Lillie Purdy abt 1906 Wife
Clarence Brown abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Edith Brown abt 1899 Wife
Clarence Brown abt 1923 Son
Paul L Brown abt 1925 Son
Bonnie Brown abt 1928 Daughter
Vinie Purdy abt 1869 Tennessee Mother
Earl Howard abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Nannie Howard abt 1904 Wife
James Howard abt 1926 Son
Martha Howard abt 1928 Daughter
James Hudson abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Nancy Hudson abt 1870 Wife
John W Brown abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Mary Brown abt 1872 Wife
Elwin Brown abt 1910 Son
John Floyd abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Letha Floyd abt 1891 Wife
Albert Floyd abt 1909 Son
Mary Floyd abt 1911 Daughter-in-law
Nannie Floyd abt 1913 Daughter
Euphemie Floyd abt 1916 Daughter
David Floyd abt 1918 Son
Lorena Floyd abt 1920 Daughter
Lander Floyd abt 1922 Son
Amy R Floyd abt 1925 Daughter
Viva J Floyd abt 1927 Daughter
George Floyd abt 1930 Son
Bruce Hickmon abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Annie Hickmon abt 1899 Wife
Arnold Hickmon abt 1920 Son
Felix Hickmon abt 1922 Son
Olive Hickmon abt 1925 Daughter
Otis Hickmon abt 1927 Son
Homer Hickmon abt 1929 Son
Wesley James abt 1890 Arkansas Head
Theeredoy James abt 1899 Wife
Thomas James abt 1915 Son
Alfred James abt 1916 Son
Rosalie James abt 1918 Daughter
Louis James abt 1920 Son
Myrtle James abt 1924 Daughter
Johnie James abt 1925 Son
Herman James abt 1928 Son
Marvin Beek abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Mamie Beek abt 1906 Wife
Lois Beek abt 1925 Daughter
Dorothy Beek abt 1926 Daughter
Jim Matthews abt 1874 Alabama Head
Minnie Matthews abt 1879 Wife
Otis Matthews abt 1911 Son
Ralph Matthews abt 1916 Son
Richard Matthews abt 1918 Son
William Lyons abt 1861 Tennessee Head
Ella Lyons abt 1881 Wife
Homer Angle abt 1921 Alabama Grandson
Luther Angle abt 1922 Grandson
Glen Angle abt 1924 Grandson
Amy Angle abt 1926 Granddaughter
John Belk abt 1871 Georgia Head
Sally Belk abt 1875 Wife
Hugh Belk abt 1904 Son
Kate Belk abt 1909 Daughter
John Belk abt 1911 Son
Irene Belk abt 1915 Daughter
Frank Lewis abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Ethel Lewis abt 1898 Wife
Gertrude Lewis abt 1915 Daughter
Ruby Lewis abt 1917 Daughter
Benny Lewis abt 1920 Son
Maggie Lewis abt 1921 Daughter
Orville Lewis abt 1924 Son
John Parker abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Zona Parker abt 1904 Wife
Helen Parker abt 1921 Daughter
Eula M Parker abt 1923 Daughter
Gladys Parker abt 1925 Daughter
Rosetta Parker abt 1927 Daughter
John Parker abt 1929 Son
William Parker abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Nancy Parker abt 1877 Wife
William Parker abt 1898 Son
Hattie Parker abt 1905 Daughter
Thelma Parker abt 1908 Daughter
Lee Parker abt 1910 Son
Ray Parker abt 1913 Son
Dorothy Parker abt 1915 Daughter
Wilma Parker abt 1918 Daughter
Sam Hickmon abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Ellen Hickmon abt 1878 Wife
Beulah Hickmon abt 1914 Daughter
Frank Hickmon abt 1918 Son
Willie Webb abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Nora Webb abt 1904 Wife
David Webb abt 1925 Son
Lena Webb abt 1927 Daughter
Alma Webb abt 1929 Daughter
Lillie M Dykes abt 1920 Tennessee Daughter
Callie Dykes abt 1924 Daughter
Carl Newsom abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Nellie Newsom abt 1912 Wife
Will Sisk abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Jodie Sisk abt 1905 Wife
Edgar Sisk abt 1851 Son
Melvin Sisk abt 1913 Son
Raymond Sisk abt 1918 Son
Laooter Sisk abt 1925 Son
John Bolton abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Bolton abt 1900 Wife
Troy Bolton abt 1928 Son
Sam Piercy abt 1879 North Carolina Head
Ella Piercy abt 1884 Wife
Carol Piercy abt 1901 Son
Ralph Piercy abt 1907 Son
John Piercy abt 1913 Son
Wilson Piercy abt 1915 Son
Corter Piercy abt 1918 Son
Samuel Piercy abt 1920 Son
Ann Piercy abt 1922 Sister
Amy Piercy abt 1925 Sister
Nila Piercy abt 1910 Daughter-in-law
Henry Poe abt 1890 Tennessee Head
May Poe abt 1905 Wife
Mary Poe abt 1919 Daughter
Lucile Poe abt 1921 Daughter
James Poe abt 1922 Son
Eugene Poe abt 1925 Son
Retha Poe abt 1927 Daughter
Benny Poe abt 1930 Son
Samuel Morgan abt 1855 Alabama Head
Carrie Beller abt 1885 Alabama Daughter
Stella Beller abt 1917 Granddaughter
John Turner abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Sue Turner abt 1891 Wife
Mildred Turner abt 1914 Daughter
Everett Turner abt 1917 Son
Edwin Turner abt 1919 Son
Letty Turner abt 1921 Daughter
Leland Turner abt 1921 Son
Rex Turner abt 1925 Son
Roy Turner abt 1925 Son
Hugh Turner abt 1928 Son
Jess Harris abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Nell Harris abt 1900 Wife
Sara Harris abt 1919 Daughter
Lenon Harris abt 1920 Daughter
Elwin Harris abt 1922 Son
Ralph Harris abt 1924 Son
J C Harris abt 1925 Son
Lawrence Harris abt 1926 Son
Virginia Ellison abt 1929 Tennessee Daughter
Tonny Goins abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Sally Goins abt 1879 Wife
Millie Goins abt 1854 Mother
Nelson Lowe abt 1908 Tennessee Stepson
Hallie Lowe abt 1913 Stepdaughter
Milton Raylors abt 1858 Alabama Head
Lizzie Raylors abt 1862 Wife
John Raylors abt 1882 Son
Willie Raylors abt 1884 Son
Lemmie Raylors abt 1905 Son
Miet Raylors abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Fannie Raylors abt 1886 Wife
Stella Crutchfield abt 1905 Tennessee Boarder
Will Crutchfield abt 1902 Tennessee Boarder
Frank Miller abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Maude Miller abt 1880 Wife
Elma Miller abt 1916 Daughter
Fay Miller abt 1917 Daughter
Nell Miller abt 1920 Daughter
Mary Leayson abt 1858 Tennessee Head
Bud Leayson abt 1904 Son
Walter Webb abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Blanche Webb abt 1904 Wife
Walter Webb abt 1923 Son
Elizabeth Webb abt 1924 Daughter
Kenneth Webb abt 1926 Son
Edwin Webb abt 1929 Son
James Belk abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Edith Belk abt 1906 Wife
Odell Belk abt 1929 Daughter
Chris Belk abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Laura Belk abt 1885 Wife
Joe Belk abt 1911 Son
Katherine Belk abt 1915 Daughter
Charlie Belk abt 1918 Son
Annabelle Belk abt 1924 Daughter
Manson Higdon abt 1917 Tennessee Nephew
Benton Quarles abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Icie Quarles abt 1902 Wife
Carl Quarles abt 1925 Son
Austin Quarles abt 1926 Son
Leon Quarles abt 1928 Son
Jim Meller abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Daisy Meller abt 1891 Wife
Andrew Meller abt 1911 Son
Forest Meller abt 1915 Son
Rowena Meller abt 1922 Daughter
May Narramore abt 1913 Tennessee Daughter
Lodema Narramore abt 1928 Granddaughter
Leonard Narramore abt 1929 Grandson
Miles Rounsavill abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Seppie Rounsavill abt 1875 Wife
Aylma Rounsavill abt 1910 Son
Myrtle Rounsavill abt 1913 Daughter
Frank Rounsavill abt 1915 Son
Dick Brown abt 1878 Alabama Head
Molly Brown abt 1887 Wife
Jeff Brown abt 1912 Son
Lennie Brown abt 1915 Son
Henretta Brown abt 1917 Daughter
Charlie Brown abt 1919 Son
Ernest Brown abt 1921 Son
Luther Brown abt 1924 Son
David Rogers abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Mamie Rogers abt 1904 Wife
Jennie Rogers abt 1922 Daughter
Mary Rogers abt 1924 Daughter
Jess Coppenger abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Katherine Coppenger abt 1893 Wife
Austin Coppenger abt 1914 Son
Kenister Coppenger abt 1917 Son
Paul Coppenger abt 1919 Son
Howard Coppenger abt 1925 Son
David Coppenger abt 1927 Son
Joe Lambert abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Martha Lambert abt 1858 Mother
Dan Lambert abt 1882 Brother
Nancy Lambert abt 1888 Sister
Mary Lambert abt 1890 Sister
Kate Lambert abt 1897 Sister
Clarence Webb abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Easter Webb abt 1901 Wife
Harley Webb abt 1924 Son
Albert Brewer abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Phoebe Brewer abt 1898 Wife
William Brewer abt 1917 Son
Eunice Brewer abt 1921 Daughter
Mary Brewer abt 1924 Daughter
Joeseph Brewer abt 1928 Son
Ben Bailey abt 1893 Tennessee Head
America Bailey abt 1909 Wife
Amanda Doss abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Walter Doss abt 1889 Son
Eddie Simmons abt 1890 Tennessee Daughter
Chester Simmons abt 1915 Grandson
Horace Belk abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Minnie Belk abt 1888 Wife
Benton Belk abt 1913 Son
Erskine Belk abt 1918 Son
James Belk abt 1921 Son
Riley Jones abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Bonnie Jones abt 1890 Wife
Brownie Jones abt 1920 Adopted Son
Walter Christion abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Cora Christion abt 1890 Wife
Samuel Christion abt 1907 Son
James Christion abt 1911 Son
Dora Christion abt 1917 Daughter
Flora Christion abt 1920 Daughter
G W Christion abt 1922 Son
John Christion abt 1925 Son
Willie Christion abt 1928 Son
Mary Keys abt 1850 Tennessee Mother
Ed Tatum abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Jane Tatum abt 1888 Wife
Ralph Tatum abt 1916 Son
David Tatum abt 1921 Son
Delford Tatum abt 1923 Son
Florenzo Tatum abt 1924 Daughter
Jennie Tatum abt 1926 Daughter
Winston Tatum abt 1928 Son
Jion Tatum abt 1911 Nephew
Dan Gallagher abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Kate Gallagher abt 1862 Sister
Edward Thurman abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Harriet Thurman abt 1897 Wife
Cora Thurman abt 1918 Daughter
Roland Beck abt 1919 Tennessee Stepson
Herschel Minter abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Carrie Minter abt 1900 Wife
Hugh Minter abt 1917 Son
John Minter abt 1921 Son
Louise Minter abt 1927 Daughter
Robert Miller abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Katherine Miller abt 1897 Wife
Mary Miller abt 1913 Daughter
Corliss Miller abt 1916 Son
Lovada Miller abt 1919 Daughter
Dorothy Miller abt 1923 Daughter
Lois Miller abt 1929 Daughter
Wallace Miller abt 1927 Son
Willard Blankenship abt 1919 Tennessee Boarder
Cecil Goins abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Katie Goins abt 1877 Wife
Willard Masterson abt 1917 Tennessee Nephew
Frank Maguire abt 1858 Tennessee Head
Sarah Maguire abt 1880 Wife
George Jones abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Nannie Jones abt 1890 Wife
Beatrice Jones abt 1913 Daughter
Vernon Jones abt 1915 Son
Katherine Jones abt 1917 Daughter
Willie Jones abt 1919 Daughter
Tom Jones abt 1920 Son
Mildred Jones abt 1926 Daughter
Price Jones abt 1928 Son
Hodge Torbett abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Lucy Torbett abt 1876 Wife
Pete Cantrall abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Thursie Cantrall abt 1872 Wife
Edward Cantrall abt 1911 Son
Raymond Cantrall abt 1915 Son
Evelyn Cantrall abt 1917 Daughter
Pete Cantrall abt 1920 Son
Alx Brewer abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Mary Brewer abt 1906 Wife
James Brewer abt 1927 Son
Rose Poe abt 1880 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Birdie Poe abt 1914 Sister-in-law
Tom Poe abt 1908 Brother-in-law
John Lambert abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Sarah Lambert abt 1877 Wife
Beulah Lambert abt 1902 Daughter
Rufus Lambert abt 1906 Son
Edwin Lambert abt 1910 Son
William Lambert abt 1912 Son
Ross Thurman abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Cora Thurman abt 1879 Wife
Leslie Thurman abt 1919 Grandson
Sylus Gardun abt 1885 Tennessee Boarder
Lee Slaughter abt 1890 Alabama Head
Charlotte Slaughter abt 1895 Wife
Lizzie Slaughter abt 1912 Daughter
Roy Slaughter abt 1916 Son
Lula Slaughter abt 1917 Daughter
Homer Slaughter abt 1918 Son
Truly Slaughter abt 1920 Son
Henry Slaughter abt 1922 Son
Floyd Slaughter abt 1926 Son
Gladys Slaughter abt 1928 Daughter
Fondy Williams abt 1867 Alabama Uncle
James Saylors abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Molly Saylors abt 1876 Wife
Willie Saylors abt 1907 Son
Maude Saylors abt 1911 Daughter
John Saylors abt 1912 Son
Vanita Saylors abt 1914 Daughter
Charlie Saylors abt 1916 Son
Frank Hale abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Ada Hale abt 1892 Wife
Annie M Hale abt 1913 Daughter
Martha Hale abt 1916 Daughter
Frank Hale abt 1919 Son
Katherine Hale abt 1921 Daughter
Mitchell Hale abt 1925 Son
Ada Hale abt 1927 Daughter
Mel Dxon abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Dxon abt 1894 Wife
Mitchel Dxon abt 1912 Son
Estelle Dxon abt 1917 Daughter
John Dxon abt 1919 Son
Elizabeth Dxon abt 1921 Daughter
Bertha Dxon abt 1922 Daughter
Dorothy Dxon abt 1925 Daughter
Jim Janey abt 1876 Georgia Head
Nellie Janey abt 1878 Wife
Molly Mitchell abt 1870 Tennessee Boarder
Brown Pressly abt 1884 Tennessee Lodger
Will Janey abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Letha Janey abt 1896 Wife
J L Janey abt 1920 Son
Niel Janey abt 1921 Daughter
Ruth Janey abt 1924 Daughter
Helen Janey abt 1927 Daughter
Lois Janey abt 1929 Daughter
Joe Lovelady abt 1895 Georgia Head
Lizzie Lovelady abt 1900 Wife
Luther Lovelady abt 1918 Son
Louise Lovelady abt 1921 Daughter
A J Lovelady abt 1927 Son
Rithie Lovelady abt 1929 Daughter
Emmett Rounsaville abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Kate Rounsaville abt 1908 Wife
Fred Hall abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Whimie Hall abt 1896 Wife
Mary Hall abt 1927 Daughter
Ednola Hall abt 1930 Daughter
Leroy Arnold abt 1912 Tennessee Boarder
John Grimes abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Belle Grimes abt 1868 Wife
Gillif Grimes abt 1899 Son
Lillie Grimes abt 1905 Daughter-in-law
Ellen Kirk abt 1877 Alabama Head
Bruce Kirk abt 1912 Son
Arch Kirk abt 1914 Son
Marvin Kirk abt 1916 Son
Elmore Kirk abt 1918 Son
Ora Kirk abt 1907 Daughter-in-law
John Kirk abt 1906 Son
Virginia Kirk abt 1929 Granddaughter
Charlie Kirk abt 1907 Son
Pauline Kirk abt 1913 Daughter-in-law
Stanton Kirk abt 1902 Alabama Head
Bessie Kirk abt 1900 Wife
Thurmon Kirk abt 1922 Son
Raymond Kirk abt 1925 Son
Billy Kirk abt 1929 Son
Joe Tanner abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Mary Tanner abt 1876 Mother
Edna Tanner abt 1907 Wife
Carrie Tanner abt 1928 Daughter
Jack Tanner abt 1897 Brother
Celia Tanner abt 1906 Sister-in-law
John P Tanner abt 1928 Nephew
David Tanner abt 1915 Son
Martha Tanner abt 1919 Daughter
Jim Condra abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Nellie Condra abt 1897 Wife
Ernest Condra abt 1905 Son
Della Condra abt 1909 Daughter
John Condra abt 1911 Son
Dorothy Condra abt 1918 Daughter
Rossie Condra abt 1921 Son
William Thomas abt 1917 Tennessee Stepson
Carl Thomas abt 1920 Stepson
Carter Thomas abt 1923 Stepson
Alva Thomas abt 1925 Stepson
Sylva Thomas abt 1927 Stepdaughter
Nooh Graham abt 1878 Tennessee Brother-in-law
Fred Graham abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Lillie Graham abt 1910 Wife
Bertrice Graham abt 1928 Niece
George Downey abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Lena Downey abt 1907 Wife
Geneva Downey abt 1925 Daughter
James Downey abt 1928 Son
Alx Quarles abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Mack Quarles abt 1914 Son
Mattie Quarles abt 1915 Daughter
Green Layne abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Layne abt 1905 Wife
Roy Layne abt 1923 Son
Gladys Layne abt 1927 Daughter
Sanco Jones abt 1883 Kentucky Head
Leslie Jones abt 1907 Kentucky Boarder
Lucian Nance abt 1893 Kentucky Boarder
Bud Barkes abt 1896 Kentucky Boarder
Wesley Moore abt 1900 Kentucky Boarder
John Medcalf abt 1905 Kentucky Boarder
William Mccrery abt 1904 Kentucky Boarder
Tom Evans abt 1911 Tennessee Boarder
Mareilus Manning abt 1892 Kentucky Boarder
Charles Nelson abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Ada Nelson abt 1884 Wife
Arthur Nelson abt 1912 Son
Dena Nelson abt 1914 Daughter
Mary Nelson abt 1916 Daughter
Lizzie Nelson abt 1918 Daughter
William Cooley abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Ethel Cooley abt 1910 Wife
Lillian Cooley abt 1925 Daughter
James Cooley abt 1929 Son
Lee Graham abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Mary Graham abt 1887 Wife
Lola Graham abt 1915 Daughter
Aaron Graham abt 1918 Son
Donald Graham abt 1920 Son
Lee Graham abt 1923 Son
Robert Graham abt 1912 Son
Netter Graham abt 1912 Daughter-in-law
Reece Harris abt 1912 Tennessee Son-in-law
Cleo Harris abt 1913 Daughter
Frond Harris abt 1929 Grandson
Earley Graham abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Lonie Graham abt 1897 Wife
Lelia Graham abt 1911 Daughter
Lizzie Graham abt 1912 Daughter
Earl Graham abt 1917 Son
Herschel Graham abt 1918 Son
David Graham abt 1920 Son
Sherman Graham abt 1923 Son
J V Graham abt 1927 Son
Lizzie Roberts abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Maggie Roberts abt 1890 Sister
Minnie Roberts abt 1895 Sister
Joe Goff abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Bessie Goff abt 1910 Wife
George Graham abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Foster Graham abt 1915 Son
Esther Graham abt 1917 Daughter
John Graham abt 1919 Son
Issac Roberts abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Luer Roberts abt 1904 Wife
Lila M Roberts abt 1925 Daughter
J C Roberts abt 1926 Son
Lester Roberts abt 1929 Son
Marshel Nelson abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Sarah Nelson abt 1907 Wife
John Nelson abt 1926 Son
Mildred Nelson abt 1928 Daughter
Luther Nelson abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Alice Nelson abt 1913 Wife
Frank Condra abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Laura Condra abt 1885 Wife
Lilly Condra abt 1910 Daughter
Lawrence Condra abt 1916 Son
J B Condra abt 1918 Son
Mitchel Condra abt 1920 Son
Rosalie Condra abt 1927 Daughter
Bob Mcreynolds abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Mary Mcreynolds abt 1898 Wife
Willie Moore abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Mamie Moore abt 1902 Wife
Willie Moore abt 1926 Son
Betty Moore abt 1927 Daughter
Pauline Moore abt 1929 Daughter
Jake Bible abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Della Bible abt 1886 Wife
Hannah Bible abt 1908 Daughter
Bonnie Bible abt 1910 Daughter
Willie Bible abt 1912 Son
Gertrude Bible abt 1914 Daughter
Carl Bible abt 1916 Son
Kathryn Bible abt 1918 Daughter
William Spongler abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Ruth Spongler abt 1876 Wife
Will Lauson abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Pearl Lauson abt 1905 Wife
Sybel Lauson abt 1925 Daughter
Paul Lauson abt 1927 Son
Vestus Pryer abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Willie Pryer abt 1904 Wife
Willie C Pryer abt 1924 Daughter
Aliene Pryer abt 1926 Daughter
Virginia Pryer abt 1927 Daughter
Clara Pryer abt 1929 Daughter
Will Hoge abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Hoge abt 1882 Wife
Para Lee Hoge abt 1915 Daughter
Bertha Hoge abt 1920 Daughter
Clytie Ware abt 1912 Tennessee Daughter
Ruby Ware abt 1930 Granddaughter
Albert Pryor abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Jeannett Pryor abt 1875 Wife
Albert Pryor abt 1917 Son
Haskell Walker abt 1899 Tennessee Stepson
Robert Ford abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Hazel Ford abt 1900 Wife
Clim Williams abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Williams abt 1873 Wife
Lu Lasater abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Mary Lasater abt 1883 Wife
Florence Lasater abt 1908 Daughter
Milburn Lasater abt 1910 Son
Helen Lasater abt 1912 Daughter
Bernie Downy abt 1913 Tennessee Boarder
Marshal Pilgrim abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Hattie Pilgrim abt 1906 Wife
Marshal Pilgrim abt 1925 Son
Albert Pilgrim abt 1927 Son
William Pilgrim abt 1929 Son
William Hatfield abt 1872 Alabama Head
Frances Hatfield abt 1871 Wife
Mary Hatfield abt 1900 Daughter
Marshal Hatfield abt 1911 Son
Don Hatfield abt 1925 Grandson
Harvey Whitaker abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Nevie Whitaker abt 1880 Wife
Charles Whitaker abt 1915 Son
Bertram Whitaker abt 1917 Son
Will Cooper abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Lula Cooper abt 1878 Wife
Will Cooper abt 1905 Son
Annie Cooper abt 1918 Daughter
Andrew Cooper abt 1921 Son
Martha Maxwell abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Hermon Walker abt 1913 Tennessee Son
Alon Walker abt 1916 Son
Newton Thomas abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Jennie Thomas abt 1882 Wife
Jennie M Thomas abt 1914 Daughter
Orville Thomas abt 1917 Son
Josie Redge abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Mary Redge abt 1914 Daughter
Charles Redge abt 1916 Son
Robert Redge abt 1921 Son
Virginia Redge abt 1924 Daughter
Nadine Redge abt 1926 Daughter
Jane Tatum abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Willie Tatum abt 1904 Son
Richard Layne abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Retha Layne abt 1875 Wife
Leonard Layne abt 1911 Son
Need Layne abt 1912 Daughter-in-law
Herschel Layne abt 1914 Son
Richard Layne abt 1917 Son
Zona Layne abt 1915 Half Sister
Milt Goforth abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Millie Goforth abt 1881 Wife
Hubert Goforth abt 1901 Son
Muscie Goforth abt 1904 Daughter
Leslie Goforth abt 1910 Son
Spencer Goforth abt 1912 Son
Millie Goforth abt 1922 Daughter
Ben Callins abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Molly Callins abt 1907 Wife
Connie Callins abt 1927 Daughter
Tom Laseter abt 1858 Tennessee Head
Mariah Laseter abt 1867 Wife
Foster Laseter abt 1897 Son
Albert Laseter abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Rebecca Laseter abt 1899 Wife
Martha P Laseter abt 1919 Daughter
Marion Laseter abt 1923 Daughter
Albert Laseter abt 1924 Son
Betty Laseter abt 1929 Daughter
Julia Laseter abt 1852 Stepmother
William Prigmore abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Lou Prigmore abt 1894 Wife
William A Prigmore abt 1919 Son
Margaret Prigmore abt 1923 Daughter
Henry Harries abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Athel Harries abt 1899 Wife
Johnnie Harries abt 1917 Son
Carl Harries abt 1920 Son
Henry M Harries abt 1927 Son
Frank Lawson abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Martha Lawson abt 1900 Wife
Jennie Lawson abt 1923 Daughter
Scott Lawson abt 1924 Son
Bessie Lawson abt 1926 Daughter
Alice Lawson abt 1870 Mother
Sam Lasater abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Sallie Lasater abt 1899 Wife
Birdie Lasater abt 1926 Daughter
Jane Wilemon abt 1852 Tennessee Aunt
Will Martin abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Mildred Martin abt 1911 Wife
Jack Martin abt 1864 Tennessee Head
Rachel Martin abt 1876 Wife
Edward Martin abt 1910 Son
Margie Martin abt 1913 Daughter
Jack Teague abt 1913 Tennessee Boarder
Will Thornton abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Mary Thornton abt 1867 Wife
Bee Barnett abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Rada Barnett abt 1880 Wife
James Barnett abt 1910 Son
Callie Barnett abt 1917 Daughter
John Edmonds abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Estelle Edmonds abt 1903 Wife
Bertie Edmonds abt 1919 Daughter
Louise Edmonds abt 1923 Daughter
John Edmonds abt 1925 Son
Charlie Edmonds abt 1928 Son
Arthur Barnett abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Nancy Barnett abt 1885 Wife
Jessie Barnett abt 1910 Daughter
Carrie Barnett abt 1913 Daughter
Mary K Barnett abt 1923 Daughter
Alx Crutchfield abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Virgie Crutchfield abt 1902 Wife
Elizabeth Crutchfield abt 1919 Daughter
John J Crutchfield abt 1924 Son
Dorothy Crutchfield abt 1925 Daughter
Theodore Crutchfield abt 1928 Son
Edward Crutchfield abt 1928 Son
Oscar Goforth abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Jessie Goforth abt 1901 Wife
Vadell Goforth abt 1919 Son
William Goforth abt 1921 Son
Mary K Goforth abt 1923 Daughter
Joe Goforth abt 1925 Son
John Goforth abt 1927 Son
Paul Goforth abt 1930 Son
Ellen Fults abt 1863 Tennessee Head
Martha Fults abt 1893 Daughter
Grace Fults abt 1895 Daughter
Lawrence Fults abt 1899 Son
Ellen Fults abt 1904 Daughter
Jim Harris abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Will Harris abt 1875 Brother
Jennie Debner abt 1878 Tennessee Sister
Clay Marrison abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Virgie Marrison abt 1916 Daughter
Bessie Whiteside abt 1903 Tennessee Niece
H D Whiteside abt 1921 Nephew
Lillian Whiteside abt 1924 Niece
Thelma Whiteside abt 1925 Niece
Dorothy Whiteside abt 1927 Niece
Allen Anderson abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Dallie Anderson abt 1878 Wife
Jerry Fulfer abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Nellie Fulfer abt 1914 Daughter
Robert Barnett abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Barnett abt 1905 Wife
Anna L Barnett abt 1921 Daughter
Howard Barnett abt 1923 Son
Millard Harris abt 1857 Georgia Head
Margaret Harris abt 1857 Wife
Alva Harris abt 1888 Daughter
Susan Hignbothon abt 1875 Alabama Head
Maud Hignbothon abt 1913 Daughter
Homer Barnett abt 1910 Tennessee Son-in-law
Dorie Barnett abt 1911 Daughter
Marvin Wilkinson abt 1878 Georgia Head
Aspa Wilkinson abt 1888 Wife
Fred Minor abt 1872 Ohio Head
Lillian Minor abt 1873 Wife
Clark Minor abt 1910 Son
David Minor abt 1913 Son
Fred Pryor abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Roberta Pryor abt 1888 Wife
Clara B Pryor abt 1918 Daughter
Mary Pryor abt 1924 Daughter
William Coppinger abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Alice Coppinger abt 1879 Wife
Gilbert Coppinger abt 1898 Son
Irene Coppinger abt 1902 Daughter-in-law
Cleo Coppinger abt 1913 Daughter
Loyd Coppinger abt 1915 Son
Charles Coppinger abt 1918 Son
Gilbert Coppinger abt 1922 Grandson
Austin Crutchfield abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Mary Crutchfield abt 1892 Wife
Frank Crutchfield abt 1918 Son
George Crutchfield abt 1919 Son
William Thomas abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Katherine Thomas abt 1866 Wife
Charles Curtis abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Nancy Curtis abt 1893 Wife
Roy Curtis abt 1906 Son
Myrna Curtis abt 1914 Daughter
Lee Curtis abt 1916 Son
Thomas Curtis abt 1920 Son
Paul Curtis abt 1922 Son
Kathryn Curtis abt 1924 Daughter
John Curtis abt 1925 Son
James Curtis abt 1927 Son
Herbert Curtis abt 1929 Son
Carry Robinson abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Nannie Robinson abt 1893 Wife
Jess Coppinger abt 1858 Tennessee Father-in-law
Melina Coppinger abt 1866 Mother-in-law
Viola Coppinger abt 1891 Sister-in-law
Ernest De Sabea abt 1863 Tennessee Head
Florence De Sabea abt 1867 Wife
Ernest Anderson abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Bertha Anderson abt 1909 Wife
Murry Anderson abt 1874 Father
Sherman Barnett abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Molly Barnett abt 1884 Wife
Lisha Barnett abt 1914 Son
Troy Barnett abt 1918 Son
Morgan Barnett abt 1921 Son
Glennon Barnett abt 1928 Son
Sherman Burnett abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Nell Burnett abt 1908 Wife
Robert Burnett abt 1926 Son
Betty R Burnett abt 1928 Daughter
Eulala Griffith abt 1878 Alabama Head
Lena Griffith abt 1901 Daughter
Willard Griffith abt 1910 Son
Fanny K Griffith abt 1910 Daughter-in-law
Ralph Griffith abt 1913 Son
Idas Griffith abt 1920 Grandson
Geneva Griffith abt 1923 Granddaughter
Troy Griffith abt 1925 Grandson
Jewel Griffith abt 1928 Granddaughter
Eva L Griffith abt 1929 Granddaughter
Dee Burnett abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Birdie Burnett abt 1901 Wife
Katherine Burnett abt 1920 Daughter
Estill Burnett abt 1921 Son
Louise Burnett abt 1924 Daughter
John A Burnett abt 1927 Son
James Harding abt 1896 Tennessee Boarder
Juanita Harding abt 1901 Tennessee Boarder
Burris Wells abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Allie Wells abt 1876 Wife
Brace Tate abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Irene Tate abt 1907 Wife
Dillon Tate abt 1926 Son
John Tate abt 1930 Son
Mel Wells abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Jonie Wells abt 1905 Wife
Louis Wells abt 1927 Son
Lawrence Walls abt 1929 Son
Charlie Bird abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Martha Bird abt 1856 Mother
Eddridge Robinson abt 1882 Tennessee Brother-in-law
Emmie Robinson abt 1888 Sister
Bennett Robinson abt 1915 Nephew
Reno Robinson abt 1917 Nephew
Emma M Robinson abt 1921 Niece
Alf Lofty abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Nola Lofty abt 1887 Wife
Gurvs Lofty abt 1910 Son
Clifford Lofty abt 1912 Son
Coy Lofty abt 1914 Son
Geneva Lofty abt 1917 Daughter
Alex Lofty abt 1919 Son
Dorothy Lofty abt 1922 Daughter
Amy Lofty abt 1927 Daughter
John Moody abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Gurtha Moody abt 1908 Wife
Luther Moody abt 1901 Son
May Moody abt 1904 Daughter-in-law
Ada Moody abt 1917 Daughter
Lucile Moody abt 1922 Niece
Ralph Moody abt 1927 Son
Beatrice Moody abt 1927 Granddaughter
Ruth Moody abt 1929 Granddaughter
Lillie Brown abt 1910 Tennessee Boarder
Leonard Smith abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Martha Smith abt 1892 Wife
Ruby Smith abt 1913 Daughter
William Smith abt 1916 Son
Bonnie Smith abt 1920 Daughter
J L Smith abt 1925 Son
Tom Iesaabea abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Ruth Iesaabea abt 1893 Wife
Davis Iesaabea abt 1915 Son
Joe Iesaabea abt 1924 Son
Monia Lilond abt 1868 Kentucky Mother-in-law
Jimmie Russel abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Flora Russel abt 1885 Wife
Ernest Russel abt 1908 Son
Henry Russel abt 1910 Son
William Hill abt 1871 Massachusetts Head
Ruby Hill abt 1890 Wife
Mildred Hill abt 1910 Daughter
Louise Hill abt 1883 Sister
Alice Smith abt 1870 Alabama Head
Cynthia Minton abt 1893 Tennessee Daughter
Buford Minton abt 1924 Son
Clay Brewer abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Bertha Brewer abt 1901 Wife
Gregory Brewer abt 1920 Son
Andrey Brewer abt 1923 Daughter
Willie M Brewer abt 1927 Daughter
Carl Johnson abt 1902 Sweden Boarder
Ernest Johnson abt 1902 Pennsylvania Boarder
Ernie Swanson abt 1892 Sweden Boarder
Gus Solomon abt 1900 Montana Boarder
Walter Brewer abt 1892 Brother
Margaret Chadwick abt 1853 Tennessee Head
Edgar Chadwick abt 1874 Son
Ela Chadwick abt 1897 Granddaughter
John Lawson abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Delia Lawson abt 1889 Wife
Wilma Lawson abt 1912 Daughter
Pauline Lawson abt 1922 Daughter
William Ford abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Bridget Ford abt 1884 Aunt
Aage Foss abt 1879 Norway Head
Thelma Foss abt 1896 Wife
Christine Laub abt 1879 Illinois Boarder
Stephen Hoback abt 1850 Virginia Head
Nancy Hoback abt 1856 Wife
Earl Hoback abt 1887 North Carolina Head
Lizzie Hoback abt 1891 Wife
Marie Hoback abt 1912 Daughter
George Hoback abt 1914 Son
Donald Hoback abt 1916 Son
Doris Hoback abt 1925 Daughter
Bill Tate abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Mary Tate abt 1866 Wife
Arley Tate abt 1902 Son
Will Tate abt 1917 Grandson
Braxton Tate abt 1928 Grandson
Jimmy Russel abt 1856 Tennessee Head
Rachel Russel abt 1858 Wife
Lonnie Mcculloh abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Frankie Mcculloh abt 1908 Daughter
Lawrence Mcculloh abt 1909 Son
Avalee Mcculloh abt 1912 Daughter
Charlie May abt 1888 Georgia Head
Lawrence May abt 1911 Son
Rellen May abt 1920 Niece
Fonnie Teeters abt 1864 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Ewing Scarborough abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Maggie Scarborough abt 1893 Wife
Ellalee Scarborough abt 1922 Daughter
Ella Ballew abt 1855 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Gloney Sherman  abt 1863 Pennsylvania Head
Bertha Sherman abt 1874 Wife
Rufus Shewmake abt 1885 Alabama Head
Beulah Shewmake abt 1887 Wife
Eva P Shewmake abt 1914 Daughter
Helen Martin abt 1910 Ohio Servant
Thomas Hale abt 1910 Tennessee Boarder
Charley Shadrick abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Shadrick abt 1865 Stepmother
Leroy Shadrick abt 1908 Grandson
Gilbert Shadrick abt 1909 Grandson
Dillard Shadrick abt 1910 Grandson
Uepion Ferguson abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Julia Ferguson abt 1891 Wife
Jones Ferguson abt 1914 Son
Blaise Ferguson abt 1914 Son
Viola Ferguson abt 1916 Daughter
Spevur Ferguson abt 1919 Son
Henry Ferguson abt 1921 Son
Sam Ferguson abt 1923 Son
John Ferguson abt 1925 Son
Sally Ferguson abt 1927 Daughter
Selwyn Ferguson abt 1930 Son
Tobe Craighead abt 1860 Tennessee Head
Ellen Craighead abt 1863 Wife
John Rogus abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Bueshie Rogus abt 1892 Wife
Orin Vinsant abt 1911 Tennessee Stepson
Roland Vinsant abt 1914 Stepson
Isabelle Rogus abt 1855 Mother
Millard Rogus abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Zella Rogus abt 1900 Wife
Ross Rogus abt 1925 Son
John Rogus abt 1927 Son
Raymond Rogus abt 1930 Son
Linnie Mccurry abt 1888 Tennessee Servant
Ike Houts abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Rallie Houts abt 1875 Wife
Reynolds Houts abt 1910 Son
Martha Houts abt 1914 Daughter
Sarah Houts abt 1917 Daughter
Martha Rogers abt 1855 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Sam Rogers abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Mae Rogers abt 1886 Wife
Pearl Rogers abt 1913 Daughter
Milburn Shadrick abt 1903 Tennessee Son-in-law
Ethel Shadrick abt 1908 Daughter
Lou E Shadrick abt 1924 Granddaughter
Milburn Shadrick abt 1927 Grandson
Ephrim Hoynes abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Agnes Hoynes abt 1903 Daughter
Eula Hoynes abt 1905 Daughter
Marie Hoynes abt 1907 Daughter
Charles Hoynes abt 1911 Son
Wavan Hoynes abt 1924 Grandson
Robert Hoynes abt 1928 Grandson
Clyde Parker abt 1908 Tennessee Son-in-law
Hazel Parker abt 1908 Daughter
William C Parker abt 1928 Grandson
Artemus Ferguson abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Annie Ferguson abt 1875 Wife
Blanche Ferguson abt 1903 Daughter
Byron Ferguson abt 1908 Son
Carl Ferguson abt 1911 Son
Joseph Ferguson abt 1914 Son
John Young abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Abbott Young abt 1901 Wife
Kathleen Young abt 1925 Daughter
George Young abt 1927 Son
Frances Mc Cullough abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Ella Mc Cullough abt 1868 Wife
Nora Mc Cullough abt 1893 Daughter
Maggie Mc Cullough abt 1903 Daughter
Joe Mc Cullough abt 1915 Son
Will Price abt 1883 Tennessee Head
George Price abt 1855 Father
Lawrence Lewis abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Sarah Lewis abt 1874 Wife
Leay Lewis abt 1907 Son
Dorothy Lewis abt 1912 Daughter
Vivian Lewis abt 1914 Daughter
Robbie Lewis abt 1915 Daughter
James Williams abt 1886 South Carolina Head
Ollie Williams abt 1897 Wife
Ernest Bryant abt 1914 Tennessee Stepdaughter
Daniel Bryant abt 1918 Son
Eunice Bryant abt 1922 Daughter
Charlie Bryant abt 1924 Son
Ed Turner abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Mamie Turner abt 1907 Wife
Edward Turner abt 1915 Son
Frances Turner abt 1917 Son
Thomas Turner abt 1920 Son
Addie J Turner abt 1925 Daughter
Dave Lewis abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Edna Lewis abt 1892 Wife
Harold Lewis abt 1917 Son
Lone L Lewis abt 1919 Daughter
Mildred Lewis abt 1920 Daughter
William Lewis abt 1922 Son
Jennie Lewis abt 1924 Daughter
Dore Lewis abt 1927 Son
Johnnie Lewis abt 1929 Son
Ben May abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Betty May abt 1880 Wife
Harley May abt 1915 Son
John May abt 1917 Son
Guy Rowe abt 1907 Alabama Son-in-law
Geraldine Rowe abt 1910 Daughter
J D Rowe abt 1929 Grandson
Roy Lewis abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Charles Elrod abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Sallie Elrod abt 1885 Wife
Ethel Elrod abt 1905 Daughter
Elmer Elrod abt 1916 Son
Lewis Elrod abt 1919 Son
Inez Elrod abt 1924 Daughter
Nellie Elrod abt 1928 Granddaughter
Mitchel Lewis abt 1883 Tennessee Head
May Lewis abt 1887 Wife
Lillian Lewis abt 1916 Daughter
Addie Rogers abt 1863 Tennessee Head
Ada Berryhill abt 1886 Tennessee Daughter
Raymond Berryhill abt 1908 Grandson
Marnie Bailey abt 1905 Tennessee Granddaughter
Brown Bailey abt 1928 Grandson
Annie Hurd abt 1879 Tennessee Cousin
Hugh Lewis abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Rebecca Lewis abt 1892 Wife
Marie Lewis abt 1909 Daughter
Hubert Lewis abt 1913 Son
Billy Lewis abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Willie Lewis abt 1914 Son
John Lewis abt 1920 Son
Richard Goodier abt 1883 Texas Head
Grace Goodier abt 1889 Wife
Rutelia Goodier abt 1911 Daughter
Robert Goodier abt 1913 Son
Margaret Goodier abt 1915 Daughter
Tom Goodier abt 1918 Son
Mary Goodier abt 1920 Daughter
Pat Goodier abt 1924 Son
Margaret Goodier abt 1863 Tennessee Head
Sam Fulfer abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Frances Fulfer abt 1884 Wife
Pearl Fulfer abt 1910 Daughter
Irene Fulfer abt 1914 Daughter
Ophelia Fulfer abt 1921 Daughter
Jim Fulfer abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Hattie Fulfer abt 1910 Wife
Virginia Fulfer abt 1928 Daughter
James Fulfer abt 1929 Son
John Moree abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Mary Moree abt 1878 Wife
Minewa Moree abt 1909 Daughter
Gordon Moree abt 1913 Son
Zadie Moree abt 1915 Daughter
Bessie Parker abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Stella Parker abt 1919 Daughter
Thelma Parker abt 1922 Daughter
Roosevelt Parker abt 1925 Son
Herschel Parker abt 1927 Son
James Parker abt 1928 Son
Willis Whitener abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Willie Whitener abt 1897 Wife
Ledger Whitener abt 1912 Son
Edward Whitener abt 1915 Son
Anna M Whitener abt 1920 Daughter
Willis Whitener abt 1923 Son
Harold Whitener abt 1925 Son
Donald Whitener abt 1929 Son
May Chambers abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Wash Dixon abt 1854 Tennessee Head
Jone Dixon abt 1856 Wife
Jone Wyman abt 1855 Tennessee Head
John Pryor abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Mandy Pryor abt 1870 Wife
Isaiah Walker abt 1887 Tennessee Head
John Tatum abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Cecil Tatum abt 1915 Son
J L Tatum abt 1921 Son
George Higgins abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Martha Higgins abt 1875 Wife
Ted Higgins abt 1905 Son
Herbert Higgins abt 1911 Son
John Higgins abt 1912 Son
Don Higgins abt 1917 Son
Robert Harris abt 1896 Tennessee Son-in-law
Abbie Harris abt 1903 Daughter
Thomas Harris abt 1926 Grandson
Mary Harris abt 1929 Granddaughter
Joe Kilgore abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Jennie Kilgore abt 1888 Wife
Barney Kilgore abt 1911 Son
Walter Kilgore abt 1915 Son
Tilda Kilgore abt 1918 Daughter
Isham Dixon abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Nancy Dixon abt 1882 Wife
Don Dixon abt 1914 Son
Harlon Dixon abt 1916 Son
Rogers Dixon abt 1922 Son
Douglas Coppinger abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Mary Coppinger abt 1903 Wife
James Coppinger abt 1923 Son
Mary S Coppinger abt 1925 Daughter
Tom Dixon abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Ethel Dixon abt 1911 Wife
Frank Kilgore abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Huey Kilgore abt 1897 Wife
Hardy Kilgore abt 1918 Son
Harry Kilgore abt 1920 Son
Frordie Kilgore abt 1924 Daughter
Estelle Kilgore abt 1926 Daughter
Herschel Kilgore abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Minnie Kilgore abt 1904 Wife
George Caldwell abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Annie Caldwell abt 1894 Wife
Henry Caldwell abt 1911 Son
Leonard Caldwell abt 1916 Son
Elvie Caldwell abt 1918 Daughter
Chester Caldwell abt 1923 Son
Lonnie Caldwell abt 1926 Son
Rusne Caldwell abt 1928 Son
Henry Higgins abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Katie Higgins abt 1913 Wife
Fred Layne abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Mettie Layne abt 1895 Wife
Rose Layne abt 1914 Daughter
Clinton Layne abt 1920 Son
Oscar Layne abt 1922 Son
Virgil Layne abt 1924 Daughter
Kathleen Layne abt 1927 Daughter
Luther Bowlen abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Addie Bowlen abt 1904 Wife
Dorothy Bowlen abt 1924 Daughter
Mary Bowlen abt 1925 Daughter
Lois Bowlen abt 1927 Daughter
Nettie Bowlen abt 1873 Mother
Billy Moore abt 1924 Tennessee Nephew
Sam Mosier abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Mattie Mosier abt 1876 Wife
Austin Mosier abt 1896 Son
Edith Mosier abt 1906 Daughter-in-law
Eugenia Mosier abt 1912 Daughter
Faye Mosier abt 1920 Granddaughter
Ed Curtis abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Eula Curtis abt 1896 Wife
Irene Curtis abt 1914 Daughter
Ed Curtis abt 1916 Son
Elizabeth Curtis abt 1919 Daughter
Roy Curtis abt 1921 Son
Margaret Curtis abt 1924 Daughter
Dewitt Sharp abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Etta Sharp abt 1889 Wife
Clara Sharp abt 1917 Daughter
John Sharp abt 1920 Son
Joyce Sharp abt 1925 Daughter
Arthur Griffith abt 1900 Tennessee Son-in-law
Christine Griffith abt 1912 Daughter
Hugh Dixon abt 1903 Tennessee Boarder
Dock Curtis abt 1867 Tennessee Boarder
Hugh Puryear abt 1901 Georgia Head
Helen Puryear abt 1909 Wife
Howard Puryear abt 1927 Son
Billy Puryear abt 1929 Daughter
Jim Smith abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Margie Smith abt 1917 Daughter
Ruth Starr abt 1890 Tennessee Sister-in-law
Kathleen Starr abt 1913 Niece
Will Burnett abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Isabelle Burnett abt 1880 Wife
Charley Burnett abt 1907 Son
Mable Burnett abt 1913 Daughter
James Billingsly abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Hanrie Billingsly abt 1903 Wife
Mare Billingsly abt 1920 Daughter
Alan Billingsly abt 1922 Son
Edna Billingsly abt 1924 Daughter
Wilma Billingsly abt 1925 Daughter
Mona Billingsly abt 1928 Daughter
Ben Parker abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Lillie Parker abt 1893 Wife
Ruby Parker abt 1914 Daughter
Ben Parker abt 1916 Son
Katie Parker abt 1918 Daughter
Woodrow Parker abt 1920 Son
Charley Parker abt 1923 Son
Ellen Parker abt 1926 Daughter
Fleta Parker abt 1929 Daughter
Jim Williams abt 1885 Tennessee Head
May Williams abt 1906 Wife
Henry Williams abt 1917 Son
Mary Williams abt 1919 Daughter
Ruby Williams abt 1921 Daughter
Paul Williams abt 1924 Son
Hazel Williams abt 1928 Daughter
Ed Layne abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Bessie Layne abt 1907 Wife
Willie Layne abt 1923 Daughter
Dorothy Layne abt 1927 Daughter
Edna Layne abt 1929 Daughter
William Few abt 1882 Colorado Head
Grace Few abt 1898 Wife
Laura Few abt 1915 Daughter
Billy Few abt 1916 Son
Frances Few abt 1917 Daughter
Charley Robbins abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Carrie Robbins abt 1903 Wife
Odell Robbins abt 1925 Daughter
Ovan Robbins abt 1926 Son
Brownlow Barnett abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Sally Barnett abt 1896 Wife
Shelby Barnett abt 1919 Son
Joe Anderson abt 1846 Tennessee Head
Ellen Anderson abt 1885 Daughter
Sie Smith abt 1850 Tennessee Housekeeper
Horace Rector abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Birdie Rector abt 1906 Wife
Horace Rector abt 1918 Son
George Rector abt 1926 Son
Anna Rector abt 1928 Daughter
Willie Smith abt 1912 Tennessee Brother-in-law
William Mc Guffy abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Jim Johns abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Marion County Alms House
Harriet Payne abt 1865 Tennessee Head/Cook
Joe Self abt 1890 Georgia Inmate
Susie Moore abt 1885 Tennessee Inmate
Bessie Griffith abt 1912 Tennessee Inmate
Alfred Pryor abt 1880 Tennessee Inmate
Pal Wolff abt 1864 Tennessee Inmate
Will Martin abt 1887 Tennessee Inmate
Jack Linster abt 1880 Tennessee Inmate
Wess Woodward abt 1865 Tennessee Inmate
Sherman Melton abt 1870 Tennessee Inmate
Rolly Hix abt 1865 Tennessee Inmate
Vina Conatser abt 1875 Tennessee Inmate
Belle Howard abt 1885 Tennessee Inmate
Lee Lusk abt 1896 Tennessee Inmate
Irene Shoemake abt 1915 Tennessee Inmate
Grady Shoemake abt 1919 Tennessee Inmate
Vivian Shoemake abt 1921 Tennessee Inmate
John Shoemake abt 1925 Tennessee Inmate
Dorise Shoemake abt 1926 Tennessee Inmate
Lena Goff abt 1911 Tennessee Inmate
Lin Rollins abt 1900 Tennessee Inmate
Mary Ashburn abt 1857 Tennessee Inmate
Rosie Holland abt 1909 Arkansas Inmate
Minerva Layne abt 1875 Arkansas Inmate
Eliza Jinkins abt 1846 South Carolina Inmate
Betty Cagle abt 1855 Alabama Inmate
Henrett Magog abt 1870 Tennessee Inmate
Non Howard abt 1870 Tennessee Inmate
Willie Goff abt 1907 Tennessee Inmate

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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JULY 3, 2006