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District 4

Name Birth Year Birthplace Relationship
J A Harveston abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Margaret Harveston abt 1878 Wife
George W Harveston abt 1915 Son
John Moore abt 1903 Alabama Head
Amanda Moore abt 1901 Wife
Walter F Talley abt 1892 Alabama Head
Runa Talley abt 1892 Wife
Eather Q Talley abt 1910 Daughter
Howar Talley abt 1912 Son
Letter Talley abt 1916 Son
Charles Talley abt 1921 Son
Gladys Talley abt 1924 Daughter
Sam Gamble abt 1871 Arkansas Head
Oma H Gamble abt 1906 Daughter
Louis F Ramsey abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Leona H Ramsey abt 1900 Wife
William D Ramsey abt 1920 Son
Dora E Ramsey abt 1922 Daughter
Maggie Raunio abt 1873 Kentucky Head
Charlie Raunio abt 1912 Son
Jasper B Smith abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Elender Smith abt 1912 Wife
Jasper B Smith abt 1929 Son
Nettie M Allan abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Nell Allan abt 1898 Daughter
Hope Allan abt 1908 Daughter
Olia Allan abt 1913 Son
John R Allan abt 1910 Son
Henry S Allan abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Ruth C Allan abt 1897 Wife
James R Allan abt 1922 Son
Arthur S Allan abt 1924 Son
Henry K Allan abt 1926 Son
John Q Allan abt 1858 Georgia Head
Harvat A Allan abt 1869 Sister
Harry L Allan abt 1884 Brother
George Mcclendon abt 1904 Alabama Head
Dimple P Mcclendon abt 1906 Wife
George B Mcclendon abt 1925 Son
Billie F Mcclendon abt 1927 Son
Bettie K Mcclendon abt 1928 Daughter
Ford Mcclendon abt 1929 Son
Claude F Shirley abt 1908 Alabama Head
Mattie J Shirley abt 1909 Wife
Martha Thach abt 1856 Tennessee Head
Walter Potter abt 1899 Tennessee Roomer
Bertha L Potter abt 1904 Lodger Wife
Emma E Potter abt 1926 Lodger Daughter
Millard Thach abt 1855 Tennessee Head
Mary J Thach abt 1852 Wife
Byron L Boyd abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Pearl H Boyd abt 1881 Wife
Byron L Boyd abt 1918 Son
David L Boyd abt 1919 Son
Crit Tanner abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Hattie Tanner abt 1880 Wife
Lonnie Wills abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Jennie Wills abt 1885 Wife
Hugh Wilkins abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Loui Wilkins abt 1898 Wife
Edith Wilkins abt 1917 Daughter
Leonard Wilkins abt 1921 Son
Sarah Thach abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Annie Thach abt 1900 Daughter
George Roberts abt 1902 Tennessee Son-in-law
George Doss abt 1860 Tennessee Brother
Beul F Boyd abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Ethel M Boyd abt 1889 Wife
Myra N Boyd abt 1920 Daughter
Mary T Boyd abt 1921 Daughter
W T Garner abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Henry H Gibbs abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Sallie Gibbs abt 1895 Wife
Lloyd Gibbs abt 1921 Son
L I Gibbs abt 1925 Son
Henry Gibbs abt 1845 Father
William M Donohue abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Martha Donohue abt 1870 Wife
Joe Donohue abt 1905 Son
Tom Wilkins abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Charlie Moseley abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Mary Moseley abt 1892 Wife
Hugh Moseley abt 1910 Son
Herbert Moseley abt 1912 Son
William Moseley abt 1913 Son
Jack Moseley abt 1915 Son
Harley Moseley abt 1918 Son
Cecil Moseley abt 1920 Son
James Moseley abt 1922 Son
Earnest Moseley abt 1925 Son
Buford Moseley abt 1927 Son
Paul Moseley abt 1930 Son
Lonnie Smith abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Laura C Smith abt 1878 Wife
Beulah Smith abt 1902 Daughter
Elmer H Smith abt 1906 Son
Albert L Smith abt 1907 Son
Joe C Smith abt 1911 Son
Eather A Smith abt 1912 Daughter
John A Smith abt 1921 Son
John C Whiel abt 1892 Illinois Head
Julia Whiel abt 1895 Wife
John Allan Whiel abt 1911 Son
Alice C Whiel abt 1913 Daughter
Walter A Whiel abt 1915 Son
Davis M Whiel abt 1917 Daughter
Myrtle Whiel abt 1918 Daughter
Elmer Whiel abt 1920 Son
Norman C Davis abt 1887 Alabama Head
Josie L Davis abt 1895 Wife
N C Davis abt 1917 Son
Joe L Davis abt 1920 Son
Merrill G Davis abt 1923 Son
Ole G Davis abt 1925 Daughter
Joe M Davis abt 1927 Son
Bill Thacker abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Annis J Thacker abt 1875 Wife
Sarah L Thacker abt 1905 Daughter
Cornelia J Thacker abt 1909 Daughter
Fred M Thacker abt 1911 Son
Hoforst P Thacker abt 1922 Son
Wilma K Thacker abt 1929 Daughter
Flora C Shadrick abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Velma E Shadrick abt 1904 Daughter
Mary E Shadrick abt 1909 Daughter
Lila L Shadrick abt 1911 Daughter
Barbra Shadrick abt 1916 Daughter
Bradford E Shadrick abt 1920 Son
Hoit A Shadrick abt 1922 Son
Gilman E Shadrick abt 1924 Son
Charles F Pollins abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Mabel E Pollins abt 1908 Wife
Charles Pollins abt 1925 Son
Bildeie F Pollins abt 1927 Son
Sam Yokely abt 1912 Tennessee Brother-in-law
Lonzo Brashears abt 1892 Kentucky Head
Eva L Brashears abt 1891 Wife
Elizabeth L Brashears abt 1922 Daughter
Douglass K Brashears abt 1924 Son
George H Brashears abt 1926 Son
Auther G Doss abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Hattie J Doss abt 1898 Wife
Fela M Doss abt 1921 Daughter
Mary J Doss abt 1923 Daughter
George Hendrick abt 1866 Canada Head
Mollie Hendrick abt 1876 Wife
Bessie Hendrick abt 1910 Daughter
James Hendrick abt 1913 Son
Jay Fultz abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Gracie Fultz abt 1909 Wife
Louis Sparks abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Filde Sparks abt 1890 Wife
Therman Sparks abt 1905 Son
Nannie Sparks abt 1911 Daughter
Nora E Sparks abt 1914 Daughter
Ferna L Sparks abt 1919 Daughter
Charlie Way abt 1867 Michigan Head
Eliza Way abt 1873 Wife
Clarence B Way abt 1897 Son
Tom B Way abt 1906 Son
Blanche M Way abt 1910 Daughter
Lewis F Way abt 1916 Son
Ned P Way abt 1925 Son
Raymond Hindsley abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Gladys Hindsley abt 1912 Wife
Herschel Hindsley abt 1929 Son
Louis Nichols abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Annie Nichols abt 1912 Daughter
Robert Nichols abt 1915 Son
Alice Nichols abt 1916 Daughter
Mary Nichols abt 1918 Daughter
Arth White abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Mollie White abt 1906 Wife
Mary J White abt 1925 Daughter
Bonnie White abt 1922 Daughter
John White abt 1929 Son
Rubin Jordon abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Emma Jordon abt 1888 Wife
Rubin Jordon abt 1915 Son
Lear Jordon abt 1921 Daughter
Oscar Miller abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Vada Miller abt 1902 Wife
Dewy Miller abt 1923 Son
Fred Miller abt 1924 Son
Rubie J Miller abt 1927 Daughter
Unie Robrain abt 1877 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Riley Burns abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Annie Burns abt 1910 Wife
William R Burns abt 1929 Son
Alvis Sloan abt 1843 Alabama Head
Mattie Sloan abt 1904 Wife
Ferna Sloan abt 1926 Daughter
Myra Sloan abt 1928 Daughter
John D Tate abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Lethia Tate abt 1909 Wife
John D Tate abt 1927 Son
Isaac Ladd abt 1870 Tennessee Father-in-law
Eather Ladd abt 1871 Mother-in-law
Jim Lad abt 1903 Tennessee Brother-in-law
Tom Lad abt 1905 Brother-in-law
Harry F Ambrister abt 1907 Alabama Head
Lillie M Ambrister abt 1906 Wife
Billie H Ambrister abt 1925 Son
Virginia E Ambrister abt 1926 Daughter
Mother Ottie V J Ambrister abt 1887 Mother
Irene Ambrister abt 1904 Sister
Andrew Ambrister abt 1921 Nephew
Horace G Garland abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Rose A Garland abt 1885 Wife
Horrace N Garland abt 1905 Son
Georgia R Garland abt 1907 Daughter
Ellen I Garland abt 1909 Daughter
Wilbert H Garland abt 1919 Son
Anna M Garland abt 1918 Daughter
Harvey Charles E Garland abt 1907 Son-in-law
Charles H Garland abt 1927 Grandson
Walter A Anderson abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Girtie H Anderson abt 1891 Wife
Harley L Anderson abt 1911 Son
Goldie L Anderson abt 1913 Daughter
John C Anderson abt 1915 Son
Carl H Anderson abt 1918 Son
Sam A Anderson abt 1921 Son
Walter Price Anderson abt 1923 Son
Bulie Anderson abt 1925 Daughter
Willie P Anderson abt 1927 Daughter
Nancy Q Anderson abt 1869 Mother
John Condra abt 1869 Tennessee Father
Mack C Smith abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Ella Smith abt 1898 Wife
Girtie Smith abt 1917 Daughter
George E Smith abt 1920 Son
Mary Smith abt 1867 Mother
Oscar Link abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Emma Link abt 1896 Wife
Lloyd Q Link abt 1920 Son
Georgia J Link abt 1922 Daughter
Lilliam I Link abt 1927 Daughter
Anna B Link abt 1928 Daughter
Charles F Price abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Ruth G Price abt 1906 Wife
Ella G Price abt 1925 Daughter
Marguerite F Price abt 1928 Daughter
Edward Bowman abt 1912 Tennessee Brother-in-law
William B Alder abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Mary Alder abt 1905 Wife
Baney E Alder abt 1923 Son
Ollie Alder abt 1926 Daughter
Verna E Alder Daughter
Ruble E Alder abt 1929 Daughter
Charles E Smith abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Edna L Smith abt 1908 Wife
Charles D Cagle abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Flossie C Cagle abt 1899 Wife
Charles D Cagle abt 1921 Son
William H Cagle abt 1922 Son
Joe H Cagle abt 1926 Son
Bettie C Cagle abt 1928 Daughter
Owen Dunaway abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Emma Dunaway abt 1899 Wife
Willow D Dunaway abt 1921 Stepdaughter
Fannie Wd Dunaway abt 1866 Mother
Joe Dunaway abt 1886 Brother
Georges C Deskins abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Margaret C Deskins abt 1881 Wife
Leonard M Deskins abt 1906 Son
Mary E Deskins abt 1917 Daughter
Ruth H Deskins abt 1908 Daughter-in-law
Leonard C Deskins abt 1929 Grandson
William R Boyd abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Bessie B Boyd abt 1894 Wife
Ivalee Boyd abt 1918 Daughter
Mildred B Boyd abt 1920 Daughter
Paul J Boyd abt 1922 Son
William C Boyd abt 1924 Son
Virginia M Boyd abt 1926 Daughter
Dorris L Boyd abt 1928 Daughter
Anita F Boyd Daughter
Melba H Boyd abt 1914 Alabama Servant
James J Harris abt 1905 Tennessee Head
May L Harris abt 1905 Wife
Walter J Harris abt 1927 Son
Virginia G Harris abt 1929 Daughter
William D Haynes abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Lula E Haynes abt 1890 Wife
Harvey E Haynes abt 1907 Son
Dora May Haynes abt 1909 Daughter
William M Haynes abt 1911 Son
Mary K Haynes abt 1918 Daughter
Kathleen Haynes abt 1920 Daughter
James E Haynes abt 1924 Son
Walter C Haynes abt 1925 Son
Louia E Haynes abt 1928 Son
Collins Grady Haynes abt 1907 Son-in-law
Iva Joe Haynes abt 1928 Granddaughter
John W Condra abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Ida M Condra abt 1891 Wife
Thomas Condra abt 1921 Son
Jessie Condra abt 1923 Daughter
Nettie Condra abt 1925 Daughter
Earl Morris Baskern abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Luda Baskern abt 1898 Wife
Mildred Baskern abt 1916 Daughter
Clifford Baskern abt 1921 Son
Earline Baskern abt 1925 Daughter
Josephine Baskern abt 1928 Daughter
Kelly Grider abt 1910 Alabama Son-in-law
Edker P Ledbetter abt 1891 Alabama Head
Winnie A Ledbetter abt 1891 Wife
Lois Ledbetter abt 1916 Daughter
T A Ledbetter abt 1919 Son
Julia H Ledbetter abt 1920 Daughter
Bettie J Ledbetter abt 1927 Daughter
Pat M Layne abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Bonnie P Layne abt 1903 Wife
Pat M Layne abt 1923 Son
John P Layne abt 1925 Son
Jim Henderson abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Florence E Henderson abt 1899 Wife
Thelma Henderson abt 1917 Daughter
Clifford Henderson abt 1919 Son
James Henderson abt 1923 Son
Ruth Henderson abt 1925 Daughter
Milton Henderson abt 1913 Nephew
Geraldine Henderson abt 1916 Niece
Luther Henderson abt 1918 Nephew
Wash Templeton abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Bartta A Templeton abt 1872 Wife
Edd Templeton abt 1915 Son
Lawrence Masone abt 1896 Tennessee Son-in-law
Almeta E Masone abt 1898 Daughter-in-law
Charles L Masone abt 1918 Grandson
Matha E Masone abt 1921 Granddaughter
Jerry R Masone abt 1924 Grandson
Cecil J Wiggins abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Rosa Wiggins abt 1910 Wife
James W Wiggins abt 1926 Son
Margerite M Wiggins abt 1928 Daughter
Matilda Autrey Crocket abt 1875 Tennessee Grandmother
Charles Ikard abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Annie Ikard abt 1905 Wife
Joe Fletcher abt 1880 Alabama Head
Maggie Fletcher abt 1881 Wife
Rose Kathleen Fletcher abt 1924 Granddaughter
Harry Singleton abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Era M Singleton abt 1905 Wife
Charlie Birdwell abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Belton Birdwell abt 1905 Brother
Andrew Birdwell abt 1912 Brother
Paul Birdwell abt 1914 Brother
Arlina Joiner abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Carvel Joiner abt 1909 Son
Fred Joiner abt 1912 Son
Rubin Joiner abt 1914 Son
Tommie L Joiner abt 1912 Daughter-in-law
Malissie Hightower Joiner abt 1868 Mother
Will Singleton abt 1880 Alabama Head
Maria Singleton abt 1880 Wife
Wallace Singleton abt 1920 Nephew
Hersel Singleton abt 1921 Nephew
Harman Hookey abt 1887 New York Head
Ellen Hookey abt 1887 Wife
Janp Hookey abt 1912 Son
Viola Hookey abt 1915 Daughter
Alta Hookey abt 1919 Daughter
Teddy Hookey abt 1925 Son
Ruby Hookey abt 1928 Daughter
Ed Bridwell abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Ada Bridwell abt 1876 Wife
Jim Bridwell abt 1903 Son
Jennie Bridwell abt 1907 Daughter
Margurite Bridwell abt 1914 Daughter
Charles E Bridwell abt 1920 Son
Walter Mccaine abt 1898 Alabama Head
Rosa Mccaine abt 1904 Wife
Louise Mccaine abt 1918 Daughter
Willie D Mccaine abt 1921 Son
Jess C Mccaine abt 1923 Son
James E Mccaine abt 1925 Son
Alviner Jones Mccaine abt 1915 Tennessee Boarder
El Kennelly abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Vinnie Kennelly abt 1890 Wife
Hesscel Kennelly abt 1914 Son
Allie Kennelly abt 1916 Daughter
Leah Kennelly abt 1919 Daughter
Tulula Kennelly abt 1921 Daughter
Dahlia Kennelly abt 1925 Daughter
Lem J Payne abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Julia E Payne abt 1874 Wife
Earnest Payne abt 1897 Son
Lillian C Payne abt 1906 Daughter
Fannie Belle Payne abt 1908 Daughter
Bertie Payne abt 1915 Daughter
Vera Payne abt 1919 Daughter
Charles L Gillians abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Lucy Gillians abt 1884 Wife
William C Gillians abt 1910 Son
Martha H Gillians abt 1921 Daughter
James N Gillians abt 1922 Son
John J Gillians abt 1927 Son
Edgar Mason abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Ieldie Mason abt 1882 Wife
Dick Mason abt 1910 Son
Tom Mason abt 1912 Son
Charles Mason abt 1914 Son
Johnie Mason abt 1920 Son
George Mason abt 1922 Son
Jeff Mayfield abt 1895 Tennessee Son-in-law
Ada Mayfield abt 1898 Daughter
Fannie D Mayfield abt 1927 Granddaughter
Catherine Mayfield abt 1928 Granddaughter
William Layne abt 1856 Tennessee Head
Cynthia Layne abt 1867 Wife
Ellis S Bishop abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Ella S Bishop abt 1908 Wife
Herbert A Bishop abt 1927 Son
William F Nelson abt 1911 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth J Nelson abt 1911 Wife
Morris Garland abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Fannie Garland abt 1872 Wife
Ovin Garland abt 1903 Son
Morris Garland abt 1906 Son
Laura Garland abt 1908 Daughter
Leonard Garland abt 1912 Son
Joe Garland abt 1914 Son
Wesley Losty abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Ordell Losty abt 1905 Wife
Richard Losty abt 1929 Son
Robbie Losty abt 1930 Son
Albert Eakin abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Annie R Eakin abt 1905 Wife
Henry Shoemake abt 1874 Missouri Head
Wilma Shoemake abt 1899 Wife
Kenneth Carter Shoemake abt 1914 Stepson
Bonita Shoemake abt 1915 Stepdaughter
Henry Shoemake abt 1926 Son
Joe D Gray abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Letha Gray abt 1892 Wife
Virgia Gray abt 1909 Daughter
Lena M Gray abt 1911 Daughter
Gladys Gray abt 1913 Daughter
Lambert Gray abt 1915 Son
Willie Gray abt 1918 Daughter
Leonard Gray abt 1920 Son
Jennie Gray abt 1922 Daughter
Woodrow Gray abt 1924 Son
Wilson Gray abt 1925 Son
Ford Gray abt 1926 Son
Margene Gray abt 1929 Daughter
Rebecca Edward abt 1855 Tennessee Head
Jerry Bryson abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Mattie Bryson abt 1865 Wife
John Bryson abt 1880 Son
Emma Williams abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Oma Williams abt 1900 Daughter
Maggie Williams abt 1914 Daughter
Jack D Thompson abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Clara Thompson abt 1894 Wife
Hazel Thompson abt 1914 Daughter
Stansel Thompson abt 1917 Son
Hoyat Thompson abt 1919 Son
Vera Thompson abt 1921 Daughter
J D Thompson abt 1925 Son
Billie Thompson abt 1928 Son
John W Stonon abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Sallie Stonon abt 1880 Wife
Robert M Raulston abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Beulah B Raulston abt 1910 Wife
William H Stoker abt 1860 Tennessee Head
Arnetta T Stoker abt 1859 Wife
Walter S Stoker abt 1884 Son
Margaret V Stoker abt 1894 Daughter-in-law
Mary L Stoker abt 1930 Stepdaughter
John White abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Caroline White abt 1876 Wife
Edgar White abt 1912 Son
Elmer White abt 1915 Son
Charlie White abt 1904 Son
Bazzie White abt 1907 Daughter-in-law
Orville White abt 1927 Grandson
Virginia White abt 1929 Granddaughter
Russ White abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Alma White abt 1916 Wife
John Parkes abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Mary A Parkes abt 1913 Daughter
James Parkes abt 1918 Son
Hattie Parkes abt 1921 Daughter
Lee Hunter abt 1907 Alabama Son-in-law
Sarah Hunter abt 1907 Daughter
James S Hunter abt 1929 Grandson
Riley R Raughton abt 1855 Tennessee Head
Neva J Raughton abt 1861 Wife
Everet E Raughton abt 1905 Nephew
Mack Rector abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Ellar Rector abt 1880 Wife
George M Rector abt 1914 Son
Rose L Rector abt 1916 Daughter
Bonnie Rector abt 1918 Daughter Relative
Dorothy Rector abt 1921 Daughter Relative
Leonard Rector abt 1924 Son
Aron Elledge abt 1874 Alabama Head
Mollie Elledge abt 1883 Wife
Howard Elledge abt 1905 Son
Louella Elledge abt 1908 Daughter
Hershel Elledge abt 1913 Son
Willard Elledge abt 1918 Son
Jessie Bauer abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Allena Bauer abt 1905 Wife
Francis G Bauer abt 1923 Daughter
Clifford E Bauer abt 1926 Son
Claud Bauer abt 1928 Son
Hyatt Scot abt 1904 Tennessee Cousin
John Nelson abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Ona Nelson abt 1902 Wife
Hellen L Nelson abt 1922 Daughter
John Nelson abt 1925 Son
Virginia L Nelson abt 1928 Daughter
Dora Janeway abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Lucile Janeway abt 1910 Daughter
Robert Lytty Janeway abt 1911 Son-in-law
Will Mc Guire abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Katie Mc Guire abt 1897 Wife
Loyd Mc Guire abt 1921 Son
James Mc Guire abt 1922 Son
Sallie Terry Mc Guire abt 1850 Grandmother
Ross Payne abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Jane Payne abt 1906 Wife
George W Payne abt 1926 Son
Charles R Payne abt 1928 Son
Delbert Lowis abt 1901 Tennessee Roomer
Lewis Mary abt 1900 Tennessee Lodger
Mitchel Lofty abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Etta Lofty abt 1911 Wife
William T Condra abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Etta M Condra abt 1905 Wife
James W Condra abt 1925 Son
Jasper L Condra abt 1926 Son
Charlie Foreman abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Nannie Foreman abt 1891 Wife
Pearl E Foreman abt 1914 Son
Beulah Foreman abt 1916 Daughter
Louise Foreman abt 1918 Daughter
Robert A Smith abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Gertrude A Smith abt 1883 Wife
Mildred M Smith abt 1901 Daughter
James A Smith abt 1903 Son-in-law
Chap M Groald abt 1874 Pennsylvania Head
Lute Groald abt 1876 Wife
Francis B Sitz abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Martha F Sitz abt 1910 Wife
Harry C Payne abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Vera Payne abt 1904 Wife
Donald C Payne abt 1922 Son
John W Payne abt 1925 Son
Jerry E Payne abt 1927 Son
Tom Holland abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Margaret Holland abt 1871 Wife
William P Holland abt 1911 Nephew
James W Holland abt 1924 Nephew
Jim Floyd Holland abt 1885 Cousin
Rich Harveston abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Lula H Harveston abt 1889 Wife
Dona B Harveston abt 1910 Daughter
Hugh Harveston abt 1912 Tennessee Son
Albert H Harveston abt 1916 Son
Goarcie G Harveston abt 1919 Daughter
Fate Nelson abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Ellen Nelson abt 1902 Wife
Joyce Nelson abt 1918 Daughter
Lonard Nelson abt 1924 Son
Lou Ellen Nelson abt 1925 Daughter
Raymond Nelson abt 1927 Son
Majorie A Nelson abt 1928 Daughter
John Tanner abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Ida Tanner abt 1877 Wife
Carles Tanner abt 1904 Son
Melvin Tanner abt 1901 Son
Nettie M Wd Tanner abt 1911 Daughter
Myrtle Tanner abt 1910 Daughter-in-law
Virginia Tanner abt 1927 Granddaughter
Mary F Tanner abt 1928 Granddaughter
Alice Beene abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Annie Beene abt 1911 Daughter
Dan Beene abt 1913 Son
Harrison Beene abt 1915 Son
James Beene abt 1917 Son
Julian Beene abt 1920 Son
Gamet Beene abt 1923 Daughter
J C Beene abt 1927 Grandson
William W Allan abt 1860 Georgia Head
Louise V Allan abt 1862 Wife
Cora Allan abt 1882 Daughter
Arthur J Allan abt 1884 Son
Lillie Allan abt 1906 Daughter
Cristeen Allan abt 1894 Daughter
Edna Allan abt 1918 Granddaughter
Thomas Allan abt 1921 Grandson
John A Gilliam abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Sallie Gilliam abt 1881 Wife
Calvin B Callins abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Willie M Callins abt 1906 Wife
Bettie J Callins abt 1928 Daughter
Calvin B Callins abt 1929 Son
William E Freeman abt 1880 Alabama Head
Julia I Freeman abt 1890 Wife
James G Freeman abt 1916 Son
Willie L Freeman abt 1920 Son
Lillie M Freeman abt 1923 Daughter
Herman S Freeman abt 1929 Son
James Marlow abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Sabra E Marlow abt 1873 Wife
Ethel Marlow abt 1905 Daughter
Earnest Marlow abt 1912 Son
Calamay Marlow abt 1913 Daughter-in-law
George W Mc Coy abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Laura J Mc Coy abt 1877 Wife
Rob M Hampton abt 1852 Tennessee Uncle
William A Pine abt 1863 Tennessee Head
Sarah A Pine abt 1867 Wife
Sarah E Mary abt 1905 Tennessee Daughter
Thodors Alberta Mory abt 1928 Daughter
William C Mory abt 1929 Grandson
Thedore Williams abt 1905 Tennessee Son-in-law
Jack Smith abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Mabel E Smith abt 1891 Wife
Ed Skains abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Nora S Skains abt 1884 Wife
Albert E Skains abt 1908 Relative
Hiram B Moore Skains abt 1913 Cousin
William E Skains abt 1927 Cousin
Harry Bramel abt 1888 Tennessee Boarder
Nora B Raulston abt 1873 Tennessee Head
George R Kelly abt 1904 Tennessee Grandson
Binnie J Kelly abt 1905 Niece
Worth Johnson abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Francis Johnson abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Moore Addie abt 1906 Tennessee Servant
Trewhitt D Gilliam abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Thols A Gilliam abt 1906 Daughter
Gladys L Gilliam abt 1908 Daughter
Thelma P Gilliam abt 1911 Daughter
James F Gilliam abt 1914 Son
Mary A Gilliam abt 1917 Daughter
Robert C Gilliam abt 1920 Son
Martha D Gilliam abt 1922 Daughter
Richard W Gilliam abt 1928 Son
Ivin Gilliam abt 1912 Tennessee Head
Garrett Gilliam abt 1913 Brother
Doro Gilliam abt 1916 Brother
Jasper F Woodfin abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Amanda Woodfin abt 1882 Wife
Frank Woodfin abt 1903 Son
Jam Woodfin abt 1915 Daughter
Austin Woodfin abt 1918 Son
William R Woodfin abt 1925 Son
James Havner abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Bettie Havner abt 1887 Wife
Flora Havner abt 1908 Daughter
Lucy Havner abt 1914 Daughter
Leonard Havner abt 1921 Son
Agnes Havner abt 1924 Daughter
William E Ament abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Della Ament abt 1871 Wife
Dorris Ament abt 1906 Daughter
Callis Oliver Ament abt 1904 Son-in-law
Jauniata Ament abt 1926 Granddaughter
Earnest E Ament abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Edith Ament abt 1901 Wife
Genevra Ament abt 1920 Daughter
Calvin Ament abt 1922 Son
Myron Ament abt 1923 Son
Peggie J Ament abt 1924 Daughter
Jearadine Ament abt 1925 Daughter
Iva D Maberry abt 1870 North Carolina Head
Virgina Maberry abt 1871 Wife
Ida B Maberry abt 1896 Daughter
Frank Maberry abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Jenetta Maberry abt 1902 Wife
Edna Maberry abt 1920 Daughter
Retha Maberry abt 1922 Daughter
Virginia Maberry abt 1924 Daughter
Nola Maberry abt 1926 Daughter
Ola Maberry abt 1926 Daughter
Clarence H Collins abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Nellie M Collins abt 1901 Wife
Raymond C Collins abt 1919 Son
Leon C Collins abt 1921 Son
Mary L Collins abt 1926 Daughter
Lucy C Collins abt 1872 Mother
Dudley B Collins abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Bonnie C Collins abt 1898 Wife
Louis Collins abt 1919 Son
Jeanette Collins abt 1920 Daughter
D B Collins abt 1924 Son
Chester Roach abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Fung Roach abt 1912 Wife
James E Roach abt 1929 Son
Willie Hunte abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Viola Hunte abt 1906 Wife
Wash Gains abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Laura L Gains abt 1891 Wife
Ruby Gains abt 1913 Daughter
Millie Gains abt 1916 Daughter
Beatrice Gains abt 1918 Daughter
R Z Gains abt 1920 Son
Francis Gains abt 1922 Daughter
Willard Gains abt 1924 Daughter
Laster O Gains abt 1925 Son
Beulah Gains abt 1927 Daughter
Randolph W Gains abt 1929 Son
Marshal G Graham abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Loretta Graham abt 1906 Wife
Bessie L Graham abt 1925 Daughter
Marshall Graham abt 1926 Son
Albert Kelly abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Jane Kelly abt 1886 Wife
Albert A Kelly abt 1904 Son
Frank G Kelly abt 1909 Son
Margeret E Tate abt 1845 Tennessee Head
Annie A Dunwoody abt 1871 Tennessee Daughter
Samuel A Dunwoody abt 1903 Grandson
Annie Dunwoody abt 1908 Grand Daughter-in-law
James T Dunwoody abt 1913 Grandson
Brooks Owen abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Clarise Owen abt 1874 Wife
Johnie Dalton abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Daisy Dalton abt 1909 Wife
Hellen Dalton abt 1926 Daughter
Jessie W Dalton abt 1928 Son
Rosa Dalton abt 1929 Daughter
John W Daton abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Margaret A Daton abt 1876 Wife
Billie Daton abt 1911 Son
Nellie Daton abt 1893 Daughter-in-law
David C Daton abt 1894 Son
Edith D Daton abt 1917 Granddaughter
Girlie M Daton abt 1913 Relative
Simon Hughs abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Lucy Hughs abt 1872 Wife
La R Dalton abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Mary J Dalton abt 1895 Wife
Ruthie M Dalton abt 1919 Daughter
Oscar R Dalton abt 1920 Son
Thomas W Dalton abt 1922 Son
James L Dalton abt 1924 Son
Ruby Dalton abt 1926 Daughter
Mary T Dalton abt 1927 Daughter
Eve L Dalton abt 1929 Daughter
Carter Bennett abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Bradley R Talley abt 1895 Alabama Head
Stella Talley abt 1896 Wife
Grace L Talley abt 1917 Daughter
Bradley T Talley abt 1919 Son
Cricket P Talley abt 1924 Son
Bessie Nolen abt 1908 Alabama Servant
Simon Roberson abt 1880 Kentucky Head
Lissie Roberson abt 1879 Wife
Millard Roberson abt 1905 Son
Clarenc Roberson abt 1906 Half Brother
Marvin Rector abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Beulah Rector abt 1910 Wife
Inez Rector abt 1925 Daughter
Louise Rector abt 1928 Daughter
Henry Roberson abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Laura Roberson abt 1896 Wife
George Roberson abt 1919 Son
Lillie Roberson abt 1921 Daughter
Hobert Roberson abt 1923 Son
Ed Roberson abt 1924 Son
John Havner abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Lena Havner abt 1895 Wife
Nancy Havner abt 1912 Daughter
Tom Havner abt 1914 Son
Lawrence Havner abt 1917 Son
John H Havner abt 1919 Son
Burt Havner abt 1922 Son
Jim Rector abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Pearl Rector abt 1894 Wife
Pauline Rector abt 1914 Daughter
Hallie Rector abt 1917 Daughter
Ed Rector abt 1919 Son
Dudley Rector abt 1922 Son
Samuel L Rector abt 1925 Son
Vera Rector abt 1926 Daughter
Lucile Rector abt 1928 Daughter
Jessie L Havner abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Florence Havner abt 1911 Wife
John Ina Coy abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Margie Ina Coy abt 1880 Wife
Claude Ina Coy abt 1885 Brother
John C Raulston abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Sarah A Raulston abt 1866 Wife
James Fatum abt 1875 Georgia Head
John Hunnelly abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Etta Hunnelly abt 1877 Wife
Barney Hunnelly abt 1900 Son
Rachel Hunnelly abt 1912 Brother-in-law
Virgina M Hunnelly abt 1925 Daughter
Charlie Hunnelly abt 1911 Brother
Bettie Reynolds abt 1871 Tennessee Head
James Reynolds abt 1899 Son
Louie Reynolds abt 1897 Daughter-in-law
Henry Reynolds abt 1908 Son
Att Reynolds abt 1901 Son
Kate Reynolds abt 1912 Daughter-in-law
Jennie M Reynolds abt 1926 Granddaughter
Bertha M Reynolds abt 1929 Granddaughter
Dave Reynolds abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Bell Reynolds abt 1908 Wife
Bettie L Reynolds abt 1925 Daughter
Henry N Reynolds abt 1928 Son
Espa L Reynolds abt 1928 Daughter
Joe Jones abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Sallie Jones abt 1882 Wife
Alease Jones abt 1890 Brother-in-law
Rachel Jones abt 1911 Brother-in-law
Dave Jones abt 1928 Nephew
Harris Dane Jones abt 1855 Mother-in-law
Wallace Holder abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Katie Holder abt 1886 Wife
Frazier Holder abt 1917 Son
Howard Holder abt 1920 Son
Milburn Holder abt 1922 Son
Pad Holder abt 1926 Son
Vesta Holder abt 1928 Daughter
Ed Holder abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Mary E Holder abt 1892 Wife
Jackquetta Holder abt 1915 Daughter
Ruth Holder abt 1917 Daughter
Emma Holder abt 1863 Mother
Brice B Raulston abt 1864 Tennessee Head
Amand S Raulston abt 1865 Wife
George W Young abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Mennie Young abt 1917 Wife
Clarence Young abt 1917 Adopted Son
John S Payne abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Mary E Payne abt 1886 Wife
Mildred F Payne abt 1905 Daughter
Bonnie E Payne abt 1909 Daughter
Bertha M Payne abt 1915 Daughter
Daniel P Payne abt 1866 Tennessee Boarder
Lem Raulston abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Mary E Raulston abt 1895 Wife
Thelma J Raulston abt 1912 Daughter
Mary E Raulston abt 1926 Daughter
Sam J Woodin abt 1912 Tennessee Son-in-law
Henry H Raulston abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Ellen D Raulston abt 1897 Wife
Henry Raulston abt 1923 Son
Nathaniel Ellis abt 1855 Tennessee Head
Mary E Ellis abt 1883 Wife
Charles E Ellis abt 1911 Son
William E Smith abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Annie Smith abt 1900 Wife
Georgia B Smith abt 1922 Daughter
Edgar H Smith abt 1929 Son
Bob Havner abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Mae Havner abt 1912 Wife
Irene Havner abt 1928 Daughter
N Ellis Oscar abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Maud A Oscar abt 1897 Wife
John D Oscar abt 1915 Son
Luther N Oscar abt 1918 Son
Oscar L Oscar abt 1923 Son
John Alder abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Ella E Alder abt 1889 Wife
John B Alder abt 1912 Son
Louise Alder abt 1915 Daughter
George Alder abt 1921 Son
Emily Alder abt 1921 Daughter
Hughie M Raulsto abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Etta L Raulsto abt 1876 Wife
Melvin D Raulsto abt 1914 Son
Jennie Raulsto abt 1917 Daughter
Clyde Ganns abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Annie Ganns abt 1901 Wife
Sherman Ganns abt 1923 Son
Lena M Ganns abt 1925 Daughter
Lucy L Ganns abt 1930 Daughter
William H Martich abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Tennie J Martich abt 1882 Wife
Will D Martich abt 1911 Son
Mary G Martich abt 1913 Daughter
Amie L Martich abt 1916 Daughter
Sammie J Martich abt 1923 Daughter
Albert H Smith abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Ethel M Smith abt 1893 Wife
Dorothy Smith abt 1919 Daughter
Thomas I Smith abt 1921 Son
Hugh B Kelly abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Millie A Kelly abt 1889 Wife
William H R Smith abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Grant Smith abt 1896 Son
Myrtle Smith abt 1902 Grandson
Phillip Smith abt 1920 Grandson
Geneva Smith abt 1924 Granddaughter
Louie Smith abt 1879 Granddaughter
Jossie L Wootten abt 1912 Tennessee Head
Rubin Wootten abt 1910 Brother
Fannie A Kelly abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Nannie M Kelly abt 1911 Daughter
Martin D C Kelly abt 1903 Son-in-law
Ella B Kelly abt 1906 Daughter
David G Kelly abt 1925 Granddaughter
Henry Smith abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Maggie D Smith abt 1899 Wife
John E Smith abt 1922 Son
Lillian R Smith abt 1924 Daughter
Sarah M Smith abt 1926 Daughter
Bert Smith abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Allie L Smith abt 1886 Wife
Espy Smith abt 1908 Daughter
Melba M Smith abt 1911 Daughter
Irene Smith abt 1916 Daughter
Willian Mcdonnel abt 1877 Michigan Head
Ollie B Mcdonnel abt 1889 Wife
James Mcdonnel abt 1911 Son
Maud Mcdonnel abt 1913 Daughter
Dorothy Mcdonnel abt 1922 Niece
Alex Painter abt 1901 Tennessee Boarder
Amos Wd B Rippy abt 1890 Tennessee Roomer
Frankie B Hollen abt 1900 Tennessee Roomer
Lois Mcconnel abt 1854 Michigan Head
Claude Mcconnel abt 1901 Grandson
Clyde Mcconnel abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Ava Mcconnel abt 1910 Wife
Garfield Gains abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Zilphia Gains abt 1886 Wife
Wille Gains abt 1910 Daughter
Robert Gains abt 1912 Son
Glen Gains abt 1915 Son
Hubert Gains abt 1917 Son
Carrie B Gains abt 1920 Daughter
Raymond Gains abt 1922 Son
Hayward Gains abt 1924 Son
Franklin Gains abt 1928 Son
Walter Ballew abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Mathie Ballew abt 1885 Wife
Rubin Ballew abt 1917 Son
John E Ballew abt 1919 Son
Jeraldine Ballew abt 1927 Daughter
Earnest Ballew abt 1908 Son
Gladys Ballew abt 1908 Brother-in-law
Hobert Hookey abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Virgie Hookey abt 1908 Wife
Robert Smith abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Emma U Smith abt 1865 Wife
Elmer Reith abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Jame Reith abt 1872 Wife
David C Smith abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Mary Smith abt 1890 Wife
William Smith abt 1915 Stepson
Martha A Bible abt 1855 Tennessee Head
Phillip R Bible abt 1893 Son
Mary Bible abt 1889 Relative
Ruff Gillian abt 1851 Tennessee Head
Alia Gillian abt 1860 Wife
Thomas J Gillian abt 1892 Son
Paulius Gillian abt 1906 Son-in-law
Verna M Gillian abt 1926 Granddaughter
Bill Hargiss abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Sudie Hargiss abt 1892 Wife
Luther M Hargiss abt 1922 Son
Mary L Hargiss abt 1924 Daughter
George W Hargiss abt 1928 Son
Caroline Henly abt 1858 Tennessee Head
Rebecca Henly abt 1900 Daughter
Tone Anderson abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Abbie Anderson abt 1887 Wife
Lu Anderson abt 1911 Daughter
Ellen Anderson abt 1913 Daughter
James W Anderson abt 1914 Son
Willie Anderson abt 1918 Son
Myrtle Anderson abt 1922 Daughter
Alfred F Anderson abt 1924 Son
J L Anderson abt 1926 Son
Andy A Anderson abt 1929 Son
John I Adams abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Marry N Adams abt 1874 Wife
Samuel Adams abt 1904 Son
James C Henby abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Beatrie Henby abt 1893 Wife
John I Henby abt 1922 Son
Annie C Henby abt 1925 Daughter
Samuel C Henby abt 1926 Son
Ruth Henby abt 1928 Daughter
Will T Norman abt 1875 Ohio Head
Amanda C Norman abt 1877 Wife
Edith Norman abt 1897 Daughter
Katheryn Norman abt 1905 Daughter
Thomas Norman abt 1913 Son
George Norman abt 1917 Son
Anna K Norman abt 1928 Granddaughter
John Mccollough abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Jewel Mccollough abt 1907 Wife
Louise Mccollough abt 1928 Daughter
Bert Loggins abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Florence Loggins abt 1900 Wife
Pauline Loggins abt 1925 Daughter
Lonzier Statom abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Louie O Statom abt 1887 Wife
Alton Statom abt 1913 Son
Charlie Templeton abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Margaret V Templeton abt 1880 Wife
Mittie Templeton abt 1912 Daughter
William Templeton abt 1917 Son
Virginia Templeton abt 1925 Daughter
Nan Dye abt 1851 Tennessee Head
Jack Dye abt 1878 Son
Ralph Lada abt 1853 South Carolina Head
Daisy Lada abt 1891 Daughter
Collis A Webb abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Minnie Webb abt 1883 Wife
Alvie Webb abt 1907 Daughter
Allai?? Webb abt 1910 Son
Ella Webb abt 1912 Daughter
Hattie M Webb abt 1914 Daughter
Mira E Webb abt 1916 Daughter
Ida Webb abt 1919 Daughter
Tommie Webb abt 1922 Son
Sadie Webb abt 1924 Daughter
David Gains abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Vena Gains abt 1887 Wife
Howard Gains abt 1911 Son
William A Peardon abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Rosa Peardon abt 1900 Wife
Dorothy Peardon abt 1923 Daughter
William Peardon abt 1925 Son
Rachel N Smith abt 1865 Alabama Head
Ceil Smith abt 1907 Son
William S Roger abt 1849 Tennessee Brother
Henry Templeton abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Eulah Templeton abt 1883 Wife
Ellalee Templeton abt 1909 Daughter
Effie Templeton abt 1914 Daughter
Martha Ellis abt 1851 Alabama Head
Ellen Ellis abt 1881 Daughter
Charles Ellis abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Eather Ellis abt 1895 Wife
Morris Ellis abt 1921 Son
Eula M Ellis abt 1924 Daughter
Wesley Silmon abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Mary M Smith abt 1864 Alabama Head
Jim M Smith abt 1904 Son
Luther Smith abt 1877 Alabama Head
Matilda Smith abt 1879 Wife
Floyd Smith abt 1907 Son
Albertine Smith abt 1909 Daughter
L G Smith abt 1912 Son
Athene Smith Smith abt 1915 Daughter
Frankie J Smith abt 1918 Daughter
Jame R Southerland abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Wazir Southerland abt 1908 Wife
James R Southerland abt 1929 Son
John J Underwood abt 1868 Alabama Head
Maggie L Underwood abt 1873 Wife
Jim Gregery abt 1890 Tennessee Boarder
Charlie Howard abt 1890 Tennessee Boarder
John L Williams abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Fred D Williams abt 1909 Son
James L Gavins abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Brittie Gavins abt 1898 Wife
Herman J Gavins abt 1918 Son
Thelma Gavins abt 1920 Daughter
John A Gavins abt 1925 Son
Tom Champion abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Fannie Champion abt 1880 Wife
Richard H Rogers abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Ona L Rogers abt 1896 Wife
Virginia Rogers abt 1918 Daughter
Richard Rogers abt 1922 Son
Johnd Rogers abt 1925 Son
Bettie K Rogers abt 1928 Daughter
John M Hughes abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Lillie J Hughes abt 1889 Wife
Esther R Hughes abt 1911 Daughter
Herbert E Hughes abt 1921 Son
Edna G Hughes abt 1925 Daughter
Jessie M Hughes abt 1899 Sister-in-law
James Hughes abt 1917 Nephew
Burrel B Hughes abt 1919 Nephew
Neal H Miles abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Mary A Miles abt 1884 Wife
Samuel J Miles abt 1909 Son
Orva H Miles abt 1912 Son
Daisy L Miles abt 1915 Daughter
Cova B Miles abt 1916 Daughter
Ruby H Miles abt 1920 Daughter
Jess Colwin abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Martha Colwin abt 1893 Wife
Estell Colwin abt 1913 Son
Frank Colwin abt 1917 Son
Nettie Colwin abt 1915 Sister-in-law
Draton Featherston abt 1878 North Carolina Head
Sam F Featherston abt 1911 Son
Grace F Featherston abt 1913 Daughter
Kathryn L Featherston abt 1916 Daughter
Jane M Featherston abt 1919 Daughter
Horace S Featherston abt 1922 Son
John Coffelt abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Jennie Coffelt abt 1890 Wife
Bill Coffelt abt 1912 Son
J C Coffelt abt 1916 Son
John F Coffelt abt 1918 Son
Elbert Coffelt abt 1920 Son
Mabron Coffelt abt 1922 Son
Henry Coffelt abt 1925 Son
Nolan Coffelt abt 1928 Son
Frank Tate abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Jasper Tate abt 1907 Son
Bossie L Tate abt 1914 Daughter
Joseph Tate abt 1926 Son
George Petty abt 1886 Alabama Servant
Joe Coffelt abt 1905 Tennessee Lodger
Adelene Garner abt 1908 Tennessee Housekeeper
Emanuel Goodman abt 1904 Tennessee Boarder
Walter Murray abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Madge Murray abt 1902 Wife
Hubert Murray abt 1921 Son
Howard Murray abt 1923 Son
Lillie M Murray abt 1924 Daughter
Kathryn Murray abt 1925 Daughter
Earnest Murray abt 1927 Son
Joe E Murray abt 1929 Son
Rollie Tate abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Maggie Tate abt 1895 Wife
John P Tate abt 1912 Son
Lena Tate abt 1914 Daughter
Jim Tate abt 1916 Son
Bill Tate abt 1918 Son
Allie A Tate abt 1922 Daughter
Gerge Tate abt 1927 Son
Emma Tate abt 1855 Stepmother
Dave P Troy abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Maude Troy abt 1895 Wife
Thomas Troy abt 1918 Son
John Troy abt 1923 Son
John Goodman abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Laura Goodman abt 1878 Wife
Hutchins Sam Goodman abt 1924 Grandson
Ede Anderson abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Edward F Anderson abt 1905 Son
Phillip Anderson abt 1909 Son
Ruth Anderson abt 1912 Daughter
Martha M Anderson abt 1920 Daughter
Neste Trussell abt 1914 Tennessee Laborer
John J Walker abt 1859 Tennessee Head
Mollie Walker abt 1874 Wife
John G Walker abt 1907 Son
Rachel Braden abt 1855 Tennessee Head
Joe Braden abt 1885 Son
Minda Braden abt 1924 Granddaughter
Wash Anderson abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Ella Anderson abt 1910 Wife
Flora Anderson abt 1928 Daughter
Vane Coffelt abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Beas Coffelt abt 1885 Wife
Frank Coffelt abt 1914 Son
Maggie Coffelt abt 1916 Daughter
Kilbert Coffelt abt 1918 Daughter
Ressie Coffelt abt 1920 Daughter
Cora M Coffelt abt 1922 Daughter
Sarah B Coffelt abt 1924 Daughter
Abe Hargiss abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Jane Hargiss abt 1880 Wife
Lummie J Hargiss abt 1916 Daughter
John Hargiss abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Maggie Hargiss abt 1888 Wife
Abe Hargiss abt 1912 Son
Ruth Tompson Hargiss abt 1850 Mother
Williams Hargiss abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Lillie M Hargiss abt 1911 Wife
John Le Hargiss abt 1928 Son
Leonard Anderson abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Anderson abt 1891 Wife
Gussie Anderson abt 1913 Daughter
Rebecca Anderson abt 1918 Daughter
Flora Anderson abt 1919 Daughter
Novella Anderson abt 1924 Daughter
Jeff Rollins abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Birdie Rollins abt 1892 Wife
Archie Copeland abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Nova Copeland abt 1905 Wife
Oscar Copeland abt 1922 Son
Donald Copeland abt 1924 Son
Claudine Copeland abt 1926 Daughter
Vadice Copeland abt 1928 Son
Will Castts abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Clara Castts abt 1905 Wife
Louis Castts abt 1922 Son
Ellen Castts abt 1925 Daughter
Rebecca Castts abt 1929 Daughter
Alf Speegle abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Bessie Speegle abt 1888 Wife
Cleo Speegle abt 1923 Daughter
Florene Speegle abt 1925 Daughter
Lonnie Mathenie abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Lone Mathenie abt 1909 Wife
Billie F Mathenie abt 1929 Daughter
George W Smith abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Jane Smith abt 1873 Wife
Walter Smith abt 1888 Son
Nancy Smith abt 1913 Stepdaughter
John Dove abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Mary Dove abt 1908 Wife
Vina B Dove abt 1925 Daughter
Edward E Dove abt 1927 Son
Ethel K Dove abt 1929 Daughter
Abe Hargiss abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Martha Hargiss abt 1895 Wife
Bill D Hargiss abt 1914 Son
Luns Hargiss abt 1924 Son
Lydie M Hargiss abt 1922 Daughter
Tilda Hargiss abt 1868 Mother
Becca Hargiss abt 1885 Sister
Bert Cullpeper abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Mary Cullpeper abt 1885 Wife
Bob Cullpeper abt 1908 Son
Sarah Cullpeper abt 1912 Sister
Henry Harvis abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Bura Harvis abt 1890 Wife
Monroe Harvis abt 1916 Son
Clarence Harvis abt 1920 Son
Mary A Harvis abt 1921 Daughter
Sudie L Harvis abt 1927 Daughter
Buck Dove abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Bettie Dove abt 1880 Wife
Gladys Dove abt 1908 Daughter
Rosa Dove abt 1911 Daughter
Gilbert Dove abt 1916 Son
Jim Dover abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Vina Dover abt 1908 Wife
James Dover abt 1925 Son
Cladie Dover abt 1928 Son
Alise Dover Daughter
Van A Doss abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Mary L Doss abt 1902 Wife
George W Dams abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Abbie Dams abt 1889 Wife
Tom Dams abt 1909 Son
Sam D Dams abt 1912 Son
Jim R Dams abt 1915 Son
Virginia E Dams abt 1919 Daughter
Edward R Tate abt 1872 Tennessee Head
William J Tate abt 1900 Son
Willie Tate abt 1908 Daughter-in-law
George Taylor abt 1870 Tennessee Servant
Roy Argo abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Ruth Argo abt 1906 Wife
Henry Birdwell abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Beul Braden abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Cora Braden abt 1890 Wife
Francis Braden abt 1912 Son
Isom Braden abt 1914 Son
Vinie Braden abt 1923 Daughter
Isaac M Braden abt 1925 Son
Ranson Castle abt 1911 Tennessee Nephew
Elihu Fults abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Sarah Fults abt 1883 Wife
Paul Fults abt 1917 Son
Ray Hutchins abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Ellen Hutchins abt 1906 Wife
Charlie R Hutchins abt 1918 Son
John Hutchins abt 1926 Son
Martha J Hutchins abt 1927 Daughter
Claude Hutchins abt 1929 Son
Barbra Castle Hutchins abt 1915 Sister-in-law
Tennie Birdwell abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Novella Birdwell abt 1914 Daughter
Wash Birdwell abt 1916 Son
John Birdwell abt 1918 Son
Samuel Tompson abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Buelah C Tompson abt 1919 Daughter
Allie L Tompson abt 1922 Daughter
Mary L Tompson abt 1924 Daughter
George W Tompson abt 1926 Son
Gussie M Tompson abt 1929 Daughter
Myrtle Tompson abt 1895 Wife
Bob Keel abt 1855 Tennessee Head
Jake Keel abt 1902 Son
Nellie Keel abt 1904 Daughter
Raymond Keel abt 1924 Grandson
Adeline Keel abt 1928 Granddaughter
Witt Earl abt 1901 Tennessee Boarder
James H Henley abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Mary Henley abt 1902 Wife
Milburn Henley abt 1921 Son
Jimmie Henley abt 1923 Son
Roy Henley abt 1926 Son
Sam P Henley Son
Mary A Henley abt 1861 Mother-in-law
Henry Murray abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Allie Murray abt 1897 Wife
Henry T Murray abt 1923 Son
Bessie L Murray abt 1925 Daughter
Margie R Murray abt 1926 Daughter
Everett L Murray abt 1928 Son
John C Murray abt 1929 Son
John Murray abt 1918 Nephew
Tennie Bible abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Arnie Bible abt 1900 Daughter
Ava Bible abt 1906 Daughter
Ellen Bible abt 1902 Daughter
Higdon Carl Bible abt 1896 Son-in-law
Carl B Bible abt 1925 Grandson
Sam Gudger abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Oma Gudger abt 1885 Wife
Alma Gudger abt 1911 Daughter
James Gudger abt 1913 Son
Woodrow W Gudger abt 1918 Son
Robert L Gudger abt 1920 Son
Joseph L Gudger abt 1922 Son
Alman J Gudger abt 1926 Son
O Gudger James abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Tom W Murray abt 1854 Tennessee Head
Martha Murray abt 1880 Wife
Ed Murray abt 1900 Son
Cecil Murray abt 1910 Son
Willie Murray abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Fannie Murray abt 1893 Wife
Ola M Murray abt 1912 Daughter
Andrew Murray abt 1914 Son
Avie Murray abt 1916 Son
Almer Murray abt 1916 Daughter
Novella Murray abt 1925 Daughter
William Murray abt 1927 Son
Bill Murray abt 1929 Son
George Murray abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Flora Murray abt 1913 Wife
Brice Bible abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Nora Bible abt 1886 Wife
John B Bible abt 1913 Son
Mary R Bible abt 1915 Daughter
Ellen K Bible abt 1917 Daughter
Jhn E Smith abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Sadie Smith abt 1906 Wife
Dorothy Smith abt 1926 Daughter
Marvin Smith abt 1929 Son
Francis Mcadams abt 1852 Tennessee Grandmother
Emanuel H Taylor abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Sallie Lee Taylor abt 1880 Wife
Wesley Mae Taylor abt 1900 Son
Spencer Austinson abt 1853 Tennessee Head
Jennie Austinson abt 1875 Wife
Daisy L Austinson abt 1914 Daughter
Tom Coffelt abt 1909 Tennessee Lodger
Alf Anderson abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Lee Anderson abt 1880 Wife
Clyde Anderson abt 1901 Son
Austin A Tate abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Louse Tate abt 1880 Wife
Austin Tate abt 1913 Son
Mary I Tate abt 1908 Daughter
Martin Ranson Tate abt 1908 Son-in-law
Ann Mcbee abt 1860 Tennessee Head
Jim Mcbee abt 1881 Son
Willie Mcbee abt 1897 Son
Mamie Mcbee abt 1906 Daughter-in-law
William Mcbee abt 1929 Grandson
Charlie Mcbee abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Maude Mcbee abt 1894 Wife
Tom B Martin abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Kate Martin abt 1886 Wife
Tom A Martin abt 1909 Son
Lena B Martin abt 1910 Daughter-in-law
Anna C Martin abt 1866 Mother
Frank Myers abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Lydia Myers abt 1903 Wife
Frank Myers abt 1928 Son
Frank A Ellis abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Gene G Ellis abt 1917 Son
Daisy Lee Ellis abt 1914 Daughter
George King abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Casper King abt 1894 Wife
James King abt 1916 Son
Ethel King abt 1918 Daughter
Ida M King abt 1923 Daughter
Virginia King abt 1929 Daughter
John B Saylors abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Annie Saylors abt 1891 Wife
Lizzie Saylors abt 1908 Daughter
Eugene Saylors abt 1912 Son
Sillor Saylors abt 1920 Daughter
Geneva Saylors abt 1922 Daughter
Johnie M Saylors abt 1925 Daughter
Eliza Saylors abt 1926 Son
Cristino Saylors abt 1928 Daughter
Johnie T Saylors abt 1923 Grandson
James T Saylors abt 1926 Grandson
Clyde Trissell abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Ella M Trissell abt 1907 Wife
Irene Trissell abt 1926 Daughter
Evelyn Trissell abt 1929 Daughter
Nancy Brown Trissell abt 1888 Aunt
Elbert Mcfarling abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Viola Mcfarling abt 1912 Wife
Lindsey Mcfarling abt 1928 Son
Ella F Mcfarling abt 1929 Daughter
Shelby Grem abt 1906 Tennessee Boarder
Mack Denny abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Tennie Denny abt 1892 Wife
Charlie W Hudleston abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Annie Hudleston abt 1901 Wife
Annie M Hudleston abt 1927 Daughter
John W Hudleston abt 1930 Son
Clay V Huddleston abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Canio G Huddleston abt 1907 Daughter
Sam H Raulston abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Mattie W Crow abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Lee Crow abt 1908 Son
Elizabeth Crow abt 1914 Daughter
Abr Jackson abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Sybol B Jackson abt 1873 Wife
Bob Jackson abt 1890 Son
Buster Jackson abt 1919 Grandson
Lydia M Jackson abt 1922 Granddaughter
Alfred P Anderson abt 1863 Tennessee Head
Alise Anderson abt 1876 Wife
Lowe Anderson abt 1903 Daughter
Edward Anderson abt 1908 Son
Phillip Anderson abt 1913 Son
Martha Anderson abt 1915 Daughter
Ella Anderson abt 1919 Daughter
Noah Smith abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Rachel Smith abt 1890 Wife
Nancy Smith abt 1920 Daughter
Sallie Smith abt 1922 Daughter
Noah Smith abt 1924 Son
Jim Roberson abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Mattie Roberson abt 1898 Wife
Beulah Roberson abt 1915 Daughter
Herschel Roberson abt 1918 Son
Sumathy M Owens abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Charlie Owens abt 1915 Son
Oscar Owens abt 1918 Son
Dolph Roberts abt 1868 Georgia Head
Mary Roberts abt 1878 Sister
Amous Roberts abt 1856 Georgia Head
Mollie Roberts abt 1870 Wife
Robeson Bab Roberts abt 1900 Son-in-law
Bertha Roberts abt 1900 Daughter
James M Bible abt 1858 Tennessee Head
James M Braden abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Martha A Braden abt 1862 Wife
Katie I Braden abt 1896 Daughter
Minda Johnson Braden abt 1841 Aunt
Richard Coffets Braden abt 1927 Relative
Henry S West abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Mary West abt 1868 Wife
Joe D Gillian abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Effie I Gillian abt 1889 Wife
Sallie M Gillian abt 1918 Daughter
Emma J Gillian abt 1923 Daughter
Houston Gillian abt 1925 Son
William R Anderson abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Arminda J Anderson abt 1891 Wife
Ranson H Harken abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Gertie E Harken abt 1891 Wife
Frank N Harken abt 1911 Son
Jam M Harken abt 1913 Son
Willie E Harken abt 1916 Son
Annie M Harken abt 1919 Daughter
Joe A Harken abt 1922 Son
Sam T Harken abt 1925 Son
Earnest G Harken abt 1927 Son
Sarah A Harken abt 1856 Mother-in-law
William E Denny abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Edith Denny abt 1903 Wife
Allie M Denny abt 1928 Daughter
Lizzie Crow Denny abt 1872 Mother-in-law
Ellie Braderr abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Blake Braderr abt 1911 Wife
Lem Braderr abt 1907 Brother
Jim A Robrt abt 1870 Georgia Head
Amie Robrt abt 1894 Wife
James H Robrt abt 1914 Son
Clara E Robrt abt 1915 Daughter
Adolphus L Robrt abt 1916 Son
Beslia L Robrt abt 1918 Daughter
Willie M Robrt abt 1921 Daughter
Robrts abt 1923 Son
Walter Gains abt 1890 Tennessee Head
May Gains abt 1905 Wife
Walter Gains abt 1929 Son
Noah Hanis abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Mollie Hanis abt 1872 Wife
William H Hanis abt 1905 Son
Jessie Hanis abt 1907 Son
John Hanis abt 1908 Son
Maggie Hanis abt 1910 Daughter
Bertha Mc Hanis abt 1912 Daughter
Noah C Hanis abt 1914 Son
Milburn Hanis abt 1916 Son
Frank Hanis abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Rachel Hanis abt 1909 Wife
Sallie Hanis abt 1929 Daughter
Lige Gains abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Comfort Gains abt 1878 Sister
Mary Gains abt 1888 Sister
Charles Mcowen abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Jessie E Mcowen abt 1881 Wife
William G Mcowen abt 1911 Son
Phillip Mcowen abt 1913 Son
Mary E Mcowen abt 1917 Daughter
Charlie Thomas abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Nettie Thomas abt 1906 Wife
Carlton Thomas abt 1923 Son
Robert Thomas abt 1927 Son
David Thomas abt 1929 Son
Charline Thomas abt 1925 Daughter
Williams Alexander abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Alexander abt 1898 Wife
Ethiel Alexander abt 1920 Son
Mary Ane Alexander abt 1922 Daughter
William Alexander abt 1924 Son
Tennie Kilgore abt 1871 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Lloyd W Kilgore abt 1928 Grandson
Jonis R Mckee abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Mabel Mckee abt 1913 Wife
Gladys Mckee abt 1922 Daughter
James W Mckee abt 1925 Son
Joe Mckee abt 1905 Brother
Harvey Long abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Lester Long abt 1900 Wife
Kenneth Long abt 1921 Son
Evelyn R Long abt 1925 Daughter
Annie M Long abt 1927 Daughter
James P Parker abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Gertrude Parker abt 1882 Wife
Gertrude L Parker abt 1912 Daughter
Mary V Parker abt 1918 Daughter
Nellie Hunziker abt 1919 Tennessee Boarder
Charles Custer abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Josie Custer abt 1872 Wife
Silas Custer abt 1897 Son
Ford Tucker abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Tucker abt 1888 Wife
Frank Tucker abt 1914 Son
Carl Tucker abt 1916 Son
Mona Tucker abt 1918 Daughter
Freda Tucker abt 1921 Daughter
Marguerite Tucker abt 1923 Daughter
Edward L Nalls abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Sue M Nalls abt 1898 Wife
Howard P Nalls abt 1915 Son
Howard R Nalls abt 1919 Son
Donald Geymonat abt 1906 France Head
Myrtle G Geymonat abt 1911 Wife
Donald Geymonat abt 1930 Son
Dave Presley abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Nora Presley abt 1841 Wife
Zelphia Presley abt 1915 Daughter
Georgie Presley abt 1918 Daughter
James Presley abt 1920 Son
Harrold Presley abt 1923 Son
Leon Presley abt 1925 Son
Nancy Presley abt 1927 Daughter
James R Hodges abt 1859 Tennessee Head
Lee R Thomas abt 1907 Tennessee Grandson
Iola M Thomas abt 1912 Granddaughter
Charles E Thomas abt 1929 Grandson
Eliza C Shetters abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Martha F Shetters abt 1877 Wife
I D Lappin abt 1857 Ohio Head
Mary E Lappin abt 1857 Wife
Hanett L Lappin abt 1890 Daughter
Marshall Rothbrn Lappin abt 1914 Grandson
Jossie Mcgregor abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Maude Mcgregor abt 1892 Wife
Julia A Mcgregor abt 1922 Daughter
Jessie Mcgregor abt 1927 Son
Roth Mcgregor abt 1929 Daughter
George W Cox abt 1868 Georgia Head
Runa Rives Cox abt 1878 Sister
James A Cox abt 1843 Father
Parker Coker abt 1867 Tennessee Head
David H Bryan abt 1859 Tennessee Head
Martha E Bryan abt 1864 Wife
Robert A Francis abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Nannie M Francis abt 1894 Wife
Hazel A Francis abt 1916 Daughter
Thomas F Tucker abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Ellen Tucker abt 1860 Stepmother
George Tucker abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Ruth Tucker abt 1884 Wife
G W Tucker abt 1909 Son
Werdna Tucker abt 1915 Daughter
Joe J Tucker abt 1923 Son
Williams H Richmond abt 1864 Georgia Head
Amanda Richmond abt 1865 Wife
William Richmond abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Nora Richmond abt 1892 Wife
Ralph Richmond abt 1913 Son
Glen H Richmond abt 1916 Son
Grec Evelyn Richmond abt 1921 Daughter
Dalbert Lappin abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Lillian Lappin abt 1897 Wife
Delbert E Lappin abt 1925 Son
Carl Lappin abt 1928 Son
Jessie M Lappin abt 1853 Ohio Head
William Yokely abt 1896 Tennessee Son-in-law
Mattie E Yokely abt 1892 Daughter
Evlyn L Yokely abt 1917 Granddaughter
William M Yokely abt 1920 Grandson
Joseph D Yokely abt 1922 Grandson
Herman W Yokely abt 1925 Grandson
Pauline Yokely abt 1930 Daughter
Harry Pace abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Wene Pace abt 1904 Wife
Cecil Pace abt 1923 Stepson
Billie Pace abt 1925 Stepson
Francis Pace abt 1926 Daughter
Josie G Pace abt 1930 Daughter
Wiley Mcbee abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Nancy Mcbee abt 1888 Wife
Mattie Mcbee abt 1914 Daughter
Viola Mcbee abt 1916 Daughter
Florence Mcbee abt 1917 Daughter
Charl W Mcbee abt 1924 Son
Buford L Mcbee abt 1927 Son
Annie M Mcbee abt 1930 Daughter
Nell Smith abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Josie Smith abt 1880 Wife
Walter Smith abt 1907 Son
Sam Smith abt 1910 Son
Clate Smith abt 1913 Son
J D Smith abt 1914 Son
Lillie M Smith abt 1917 Daughter
Lee Smith abt 1885 Tennessee Head
May Smith abt 1885 Wife
Effie Smith abt 1904 Daughter
Robert Smith abt 1914 Son
Kathryn Smith abt 1917 Daughter
Francis Smith abt 1920 Daughter
John Smith abt 1923 Son
Ruby Smith abt 1925 Daughter
Frank Smith abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Daisy L Smith abt 1913 Wife
Ed Pack abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Nellie Pack abt 1902 Wife
Grace Pack abt 1913 Daughter
Earnest Pack abt 1915 Son
Wayne Pack abt 1918 Son
J D Pack abt 1917 Son
Clarence Pack abt 1922 Son
Earl Pack abt 1924 Son
Ernst Pack abt 1925 Son
Louise Pack abt 1929 Daughter
Lewis Pack abt 1929 Son
George Sargent abt 1901 Tennessee Head
May B Sargent abt 1911 Wife
Eva May Sargent abt 1929 Daughter
Silas Mcbee abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Lou Mcbee abt 1875 Wife
Clyde Mcbee abt 1907 Son
James Mcbee abt 1912 Son
Johnnie Mcbee abt 1914 Son
Flora Mcbee abt 1918 Daughter
Albert L Lappin abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Sudie Lappin abt 1895 Wife
Mary B Lappin abt 1920 Daughter
Alberta Lappin abt 1924 Daughter
William Lappin abt 1927 Son
I Gass abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Prassie Gass abt 1910 Wife
Gass abt 1930 Son
Albert Mcbee abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Lillie Mcbee abt 1894 Wife
Hubert Mcbee abt 1923 Son
Virginia Mcbee abt 1925 Daughter
Lawrence Mcbee abt 1921 Nephew
Robert L Mcbee abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Mcbee abt 1870 Wife
Rollie Burk abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Maggie Burk abt 1890 Wife
Robert Burk abt 1910 Son
Francis Burk abt 1912 Son
Thomas B Gass abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Florence Gass abt 1870 Wife
Fannie Gass abt 1910 Daughter
Nathan Gass abt 1914 Son
Dunk D Tate abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Mary K Tate abt 1885 Wife
Rachel Tate abt 1914 Daughter
Elsie Tate abt 1916 Daughter
E D Tate abt 1919 Son
Marvin K Tate abt 1923 Son
Elizabeth Tate abt 1921 Daughter
Mary K Tate abt 1927 Daughter
John Sampey abt 1908 Tennessee Boarder
Clone Smith abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Ellen Smith abt 1905 Wife
Tom Smith abt 1925 Son
Emme J Smith abt 1927 Daughter
Marie Smith abt 1928 Daughter
John D Smith abt 1929 Son
Charlie Greene abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Sallie Greene abt 1910 Wife
Columbus Greene abt 1930 Son
Arch Baker abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Annie Baker abt 1878 Wife
Annie L Baker abt 1911 Daughter
Hazel E Baker abt 1913 Daughter
Marshall Williams abt 1908 Tennessee Boarder
Charles Felts abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Katie G Felts abt 1900 Wife
Sarah E Felts abt 1925 Daughter
Francis R Felts abt 1927 Daughter
Preston F Layne abt 1852 Tennessee Head
James Layne abt 1915 Son
Simon P Layne abt 1922 Son
Eather Condra abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Layne Preston abt 1901 Tennessee Nephew
Julia Preston abt 1908 Niece
Oliver D Preston abt 1925 Nephew
Annie E Preston abt 1927 Niece
Ella Thomas abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Elon Thomas abt 1904 Granddaughter
William S Thomas abt 1919 Grandson
Ed Pearson Thomas abt 1905 Granddaughter
Howard B Thomas abt 1924 Grandson
Charles Norwood abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Jessie Norwood abt 1883 Wife
Carl P Norwood abt 1910 Son
Wilburn C Norwood abt 1913 Son
Loyd T Norwood abt 1916 Son
Gene Norwood abt 1921 Son
Ann Norwood abt 1925 Daughter
Samuel K Norwood abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Dorcas Norwood abt 1871 Wife
Bufeode C Norwood abt 1902 Son
James Norwood abt 1900 Son
Dora Norwood abt 1906 Daughter-in-law
Dewitt Norwood abt 1923 Grandson
John L Norwood abt 1925 Grandson
Bell Norwood abt 1919 Granddaughter
Ed B Norwood abt 1912 Nephew
Charlie Broun abt 1911 Oklahoma Boarder
John Broun abt 1913 Oklahoma Boarder
Walter Bell abt 1869 Kentucky Head
Kittie Bell abt 1870 Wife
John A Mitroff abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Sallie Mitroff abt 1880 Wife
Anna Mitroff abt 1910 Daughter
Louise Mitroff abt 1914 Daughter
Katherine Mitroff abt 1916 Daughter
Robert Mitroff abt 1919 Son
Cecil Mitroff abt 1922 Son
John Mitroff abt 1924 Son
Willie Caldwell abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Mary Caldwell abt 1901 Sister
Will Troy abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Woodford Troy abt 1913 Son
Thomas Murray abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Maud Murray abt 1895 Wife
Oather Murray abt 1912 Son
Walter Murray abt 1915 Son
Annie Murray abt 1917 Daughter
Louis Murray abt 1918 Son
Marthe Murray abt 1922 Daughter
Clara Murray abt 1924 Daughter
George E Murray abt 1927 Son
James T Murray abt 1929 Son
George Ladd abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Rosa L Ladd abt 1905 Wife
John H Ladd abt 1925 Son
Kenneth Ladd abt 1926 Son
Elizabeth Ladd abt 1928 Daughter
George Ladd abt 1929 Son
Wm Ladd abt 1910 Brother-in-law
Ella Ladd abt 1855 Tennessee Head
George Bennett abt 1856 Tennessee Head
Mary Bennett abt 1866 Wife
Mathie Rollins abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Katie Rollins abt 1882 Wife
George Rollins abt 1910 Son
Virgil Rollins abt 1912 Son
Marie Rollins abt 1915 Daughter
Ben Rollins abt 1921 Son
Bob Rollins abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Levesta Rollins abt 1906 Wife
Mary Rollins abt 1923 Daughter
Kathrine Rollins abt 1925 Daughter
Hampton Rollins abt 1926 Son
Paul Rollins abt 1929 Son
Paline Rollins abt 1928 Daughter
Elmer Gibson abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Dicie Gibson abt 1906 Wife
Jack Gibson abt 1925 Son
Charlie Gibson abt 1926 Son
Hollis Gibson abt 1927 Son
Martha Stevens abt 1850 Tennessee Head
Charles W Stevens abt 1920 Grandson
Guss F Brannon abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Verney Brannon abt 1876 Wife
Lonzo Brannon abt 1898 Son
Virgin Brannon abt 1911 Son
Clyde Brannon abt 1914 Son
Stergil Brannon abt 1917 Son
James T Scott abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Cleo Scott abt 1906 Wife
Margret Scott abt 1923 Stepdaughter
Charles A Scott abt 1925 Stepson
James E Scott abt 1927 Son
John Byers abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Ethel Byers abt 1894 Wife
Carl Byers abt 1916 Son
William Byers abt 1921 Son
Claudie Byers abt 1923 Son
Mary E Byers abt 1925 Daughter
Virginia Byers abt 1929 Daughter
Gray Davis abt 1896 Georgia Head
Jessie Davis abt 1898 Wife
Gracie Davis abt 1919 Daughter
Lois Davis abt 1920 Daughter
Henry Davis abt 1923 Son
Lewis Davis abt 1925 Son
Edna Davis abt 1926 Daughter
Mate Adams abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Lillie Adams abt 1885 Wife
Eliza J Pasker abt 1860 Tennessee Head
Cristine Ross abt 1883 New York Head
James L Francis abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Macie Francis abt 1902 Wife
Mary E Francis abt 1927 Daughter
John M Francis abt 1929 Son
Mary L Francis abt 1858 Mother
Herbert F Burnett abt 1902 Arkansas Head
Naoma Burnett abt 1906 Wife
Bobbie W Burnett abt 1925 Son
Clyde Bennett abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Roth Bennett abt 1908 Wife
Clyde Bennett abt 1929 Son
Fred W Bennett abt 1900 Brother
Sarah Bennett abt 1905 Sister-in-law
Patrick Bennett abt 1929 Nephew
John T Brannon abt 1861 Tennessee Head
Mary Brannon abt 1879 Wife
Kathryn Brannon abt 1918 Daughter
Herbert Brannon abt 1898 Son
Raymond Brannon abt 1913 Son
Tom C Stanley abt 1875 USA Head
James C Foutch abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Sarah E Foutch abt 1888 Wife
James G Foutch abt 1856 Son
John Roberts abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Ida Roberts abt 1885 Wife
John Roberts abt 1912 Son
Mary J Roberts abt 1917 Daughter
Alva T Suggs abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Myrtle R Suggs abt 1882 Wife
Ava E Suggs abt 1915 Daughter
John L Suggs abt 1924 Son
Mary K Suggs abt 1928 Granddaughter
William Sitz abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Clara E Sitz abt 1890 Wife
Hary S Sitz abt 1913 Son
Mescal E Sitz abt 1915 Daughter
William M Sitz abt 1917 Son
Rachel C Sitz abt 1920 Daughter
Ruth S Sitz abt 1922 Daughter
Edwin Sitz abt 1924 Son
Bernice Sitz abt 1926 Daughter
John H Thomas abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Carnie Thomas abt 1879 Wife
Charles H Thomas abt 1911 Son
George G Thomas abt 1913 Son
Louie H Thomas abt 1915 Daughter
Harvey D Thomas abt 1919 Son
Edward C Smith abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Beatrice Smith abt 1905 Wife
Edna G A Smith abt 1925 Daughter
Willie M Smith abt 1927 Daughter
Edward C Smith abt 1929 Son
Robert Layne abt 1911 Tennessee Head
Willie Layne abt 1910 Wife
Harvy R Layne abt 1928 Son
Bill Westfield abt 1882 Florida Head
Lee Westfield abt 1882 Wife
Charles Westfield abt 1920 Son
Homer E Mewimen abt 1874 Missouri Head
Blanche Mewimen abt 1881 Wife
Paul H Mewimen abt 1909 Son
John A Mewimen abt 1911 Son
Jean Mewimen abt 1914 Daughter
Will King abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Josie King abt 1885 Wife
Virginia King abt 1911 Daughter
Edward King abt 1914 Son
Clarence Scharver abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Irvine Scharver abt 1894 Wife
Clarence Scharver abt 1914 Son
Walter Scharver abt 1916 Son
Cecilia Scharver abt 1918 Daughter
Glennis Scharver abt 1924 Daughter
Addison Shetter abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Celia Shetter abt 1900 Wife
Dorothy E Shetter abt 1919 Daughter
Jane Shetter abt 1925 Daughter
James Long abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Mary Long abt 1878 Wife
Bruce Meeks abt 1907 Tennessee Son-in-law
Naomi Meeks abt 1909 Daughter
Carlene Meeks abt 1926 Daughter
Carl H Meeks abt 1928 Son
Nancy Gam Meeks abt 1845 Mother-in-law
Horace Long abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Long abt 1897 Wife
A J Long abt 1920 Son
Reno Long abt 1923 Son
Eula M Long abt 1926 Daughter
David V Long abt 1928 Son
Dave Smith abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Jennie Smith abt 1877 Wife
Lullie Smith abt 1910 Daughter
Bertha Smith abt 1912 Daughter
James D Smith abt 1915 Son
Evelyn Smith abt 1918 Daughter
James B Kerl abt 1865 USA Head
Ada Kerl abt 1892 Wife
Macy J Kerl abt 1927 Daughter
Woodrow W Kerl abt 1929 Son
Jane Hendley abt 1852 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Andrew J Trissell abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Rosa Trissell abt 1887 Wife
John G Trissell abt 1907 Son
Martha M Trissell abt 1912 Daughter
Cynthia M Trissell abt 1917 Daughter
Wanan J Trissell abt 1922 Son
Elmer Gipson abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Decie Gipson abt 1907 Wife
Jack Gipson abt 1923 Son
Charlie Gipson abt 1925 Son
Hollis R Gipson abt 1927 Son
Rosa Holder abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Dolphus Holder abt 1907 Son
Esthel Holder abt 1916 Daughter
Frank Holder abt 1920 Son
William M Fann abt 1856 Tennessee Head
Belmont Fann abt 1865 Wife
Sam Fann abt 1885 Son
Rom Fann abt 1905 Son
Polly Fann abt 1908 Daughter
D F Romine abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Minnis Romine abt 1889 Wife
George E Romine abt 1918 Daughter
Virginia Romine abt 1923 Daughter
John Roberson abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Bettie Roberson abt 1895 Wife
Thomas L Pyburn abt 1852 Alabama Head
M A Ridgie Pyburn abt 1860 Sister
Cilia Pyburn abt 1894 Niece
John Sampley abt 1864 Tennessee Head
Maggie Sampley abt 1888 Wife
John Sampley abt 1909 Son
James Sampley abt 1912 Son
William Sampley abt 1915 Son
Evans Sampley abt 1912 Son
Sarah M Sampley abt 1920 Daughter
E J Hall abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Jennie Hall abt 1872 Wife
Clara E Hall abt 1911 Granddaughter
Frank Hammock abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Annie Hammock abt 1912 Wife
Vaughn Frank abt 1899 Tennessee Boarder
Vaughan James abt 1915 Tennessee Boarder
Ella James abt 1900 Wife Boarder
Anto Boles abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Nannie Boles abt 1887 Wife
Samuel Boles abt 1908 Son
Emily J Boles abt 1910 Daughter
Bates Boles abt 1916 Daughter
Gladys Boles abt 1918 Daughter
Ruth Boles abt 1920 Daughter
Strgil Bramson abt 1913 Tennessee Boarder
Willis Bolce abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Ellie Bolce abt 1909 Wife
Arvil Bolce abt 1928 Son
Hattie R Bolce abt 1930 Daughter
Baxter Richmond abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Littie Richmond abt 1891 Wife
Albert Richmond abt 1912 Son
Mary L Richmond abt 1914 Daughter
Terrill Richmond abt 1917 Son
Alice Richmond abt 1926 Daughter
Frederick Richmond abt 1928 Son
Garnet King abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Willie K King abt 1908 Wife
James D King abt 1925 Son
Carl E King abt 1926 Son
Rebeca Castle abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Willie Castle abt 1909 Son
Pittman L Mitchel abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Sarah J Mitchel abt 1876 Wife
Elle M Mitchel abt 1905 Daughter
Charlie Mitchel abt 1908 Son
Martha Mitchel abt 1909 Daughter
Nannie Mitchel abt 1913 Daughter
Hazel R Mitchel abt 1918 Daughter
Balis Ladd abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Mattie Ladd abt 1890 Wife
Clarence Ladd abt 1911 Son
Carl Ladd abt 1913 Son
Claude Ladd abt 1917 Son
Willie J Ladd abt 1918 Son
Florence Ladd abt 1921 Daughter
Anna Ladd abt 1924 Daughter
Pauline Ladd abt 1926 Daughter
Paul Ladd abt 1926 Son
Ray Ladd abt 1929 Son
Ray Kilgore abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Mary B Kilgore abt 1902 Wife
Ellihn Kilgore abt 1923 Son
Ralph P Kilgore abt 1928 Son
Robert Rud abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Annie Rud abt 1902 Wife
Rubie Rud abt 1929 Daughter
Mary Rollins abt 1892 USA Head
Gertrude Rollins abt 1912 Daughter
Jessie J Rollins abt 1914 Son
Harvard Rollins abt 1915 Son
Harvey Rollins abt 1916 Son
Lula Rollins abt 1926 Daughter
Thomas Rollins abt 1921 Son
Mary I Rollins abt 1923 Daughter
Mancel Rollins abt 1925 Son
Bessie M Rollins abt 1926 Daughter
Brone E Rollins abt 1929 Son
Jose N Wise abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Mary Wise abt 1888 Wife
Ollie Wise abt 1908 Son
Flossie Wise abt 1912 Daughter
Ellene Wise abt 1915 Daughter
J C Wise abt 1918 Son
Dimple Wise abt 1924 Daughter
Mel Summerell abt 1868 USA Boarder
Haynie Buford abt 1904 Tennessee Boarder
Luther Ganner abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Susie Ganner abt 1893 Wife
Joseph L Ganner abt 1925 Son
John L Ganner abt 1928 Son
Della Rud abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Sam Rud abt 1909 Son
Flora Rud abt 1911 Daughter-in-law
Emma Rud abt 1911 Daughter
Walter Rud abt 1918 Son
C Templeton abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Vina Templeton abt 1900 Wife
Willie Templeton abt 1920 Son
Robert L Knott abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Dovie Knott abt 1898 Wife
Francis L Knott abt 1918 Son
Richard A Knott abt 1920 Son
James M Knott abt 1927 Son
Milford N Knott abt 1928 Daughter
Other Mayfield abt 1891 Alabama Head
Berthe E Mayfield abt 1896 Wife
Francis Mayfield abt 1915 Daughter
Gennie L Mayfield abt 1916 Daughter
James T Mayfield abt 1919 Son
Raymond Mayfield abt 1921 Son
Willie P Mayfield abt 1922 Daughter
Elbert Mayfield abt 1924 Son
John D Mayfield abt 1925 Son
Arthur Mayfield abt 1927 Son
Esther L Mayfield abt 1929 Daughter
Tamer Haywood abt 1854 Tennessee Lodger
Dave Tate abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Jennie Tate abt 1894 Wife
Charly Tate abt 1914 Son
Elertia Tate abt 1918 Son
Ruth Tate abt 1921 Daughter
Jimmie Tate abt 1923 Son
Irene Tate abt 1926 Daughter
Will Ladd abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Ellie Ladd abt 1891 Wife
John Ladd abt 1919 Son
Illima Ladd abt 1928 Daughter
Mack Willman abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Ella Willman abt 1891 Wife
Horace Willman abt 1911 Son
Rubie Willman abt 1912 Daughter
Dave Rich abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Annie Rich abt 1907 Wife
Charles Rich abt 1913 Son
Bena Rich abt 1919 Daughter
Hellen Rich abt 1921 Daughter
Dore Rich abt 1871 Mother
George Franck abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Anna M Franck abt 1891 Wife
Arlie Franck abt 1912 Son
Hellen Franck abt 1913 Daughter
Glen Franck abt 1917 Son
Mogene Franck abt 1920 Daughter
Georgia Franck abt 1922 Daughter
Johnie Franck abt 1924 Daughter
Georgia A Franck abt 1930 Daughter
Oliver Deck abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Zelma Deck abt 1908 Wife
Louis Sparks abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Tilda Sparks abt 1890 Wife
Therman Sparks abt 1905 Son
Nannie P Sparks abt 1911 Daughter
Nora E Sparks abt 1914 Daughter
Tresa L Sparks abt 1919 Daughter
Charles Way abt 1862 Michigan Head
Elize Way abt 1873 Wife
Clarence B Way abt 1897 Son
Tom B Way abt 1906 Son
Blanche M Way abt 1910 Daughter
Louis F Way abt 1916 Son
Ned P Way abt 1928 Grandson
Raymond Hensley abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Gladys Hensley abt 1912 Wife
Herschel N Hensley abt 1929 Son
Louis Nichols abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Annie Nichols abt 1912 Daughter
Robert Nichols abt 1915 Son
Alice Nichols abt 1926 Daughter
Maud Nichols abt 1918 Daughter
Anh White abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Mollie White abt 1906 Wife
Mary J White abt 1925 Daughter
Bonnie White abt 1927 Daughter
John T White abt 1928 Son
Rubin Jordon abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Emma Jordon abt 1888 Wife
Rubin Jordon abt 1920 Son
Lean Jordon abt 1921 Daughter
Aoca Miller abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Vada Miller abt 1902 Wife
Dewey Miller abt 1923 Son
Fred Miller abt 1924 Son
Rubie J Miller abt 1927 Daughter
Jenie Roberson abt 1877 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Ruby Owensby abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Amma Owensby abt 1910 Wife
William R Owensby abt 1929 Son
Alvia Sloan abt 1893 Alabama Head
Mathis Sloan abt 1904 Wife
Ray Sloan abt 1925 Son
Fina Sloan abt 1926 Daughter
Myax Sloan abt 1904 Daughter
John D Tate abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Lethia Tate abt 1909 Wife
Ladd Esher abt 1871 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Ladd Isaac abt 1870 Tennessee Father-in-law
John D Isaac abt 1927 Son
Jim Ladd abt 1902 Tennessee Brother-in-law
Rebecca Castle abt 1862 Tennessee Head
William Castle abt 1909 Son
Paul D Mitchel abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Lallie Mitchel abt 1876 Wife
Ella M Mitchel abt 1905 Daughter
Charlie Mitchel abt 1908 Son
Mary A Mitchel abt 1910 Daughter
Nannie Mitchel abt 1913 Daughter
Hazel R Mitchel abt 1918 Daughter
Dave Keel abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Haley Keel abt 1906 Wife
Hellen L Keel abt 1925 Daughter
Jessie J Hargiss abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Gertrude Hargiss abt 1898 Wife
Bertha M Hargiss abt 1921 Daughter
John Hargiss abt 1923 Son
Jessie L Hargiss abt 1925 Daughter
Novella Hargiss abt 1926 Daughter
James T Hargiss abt 1927 Son
Luther White abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Martha White abt 1914 Wife
Will White abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Lizzie White abt 1903 Wife
Gerrit White abt 1919 Son
J D White abt 1921 Son
Lewis White abt 1923 Son
William White abt 1925 Son
Alice White abt 1926 Daughter
Walter G Rictor abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Roda I Rictor abt 1885 Wife
James Rictor abt 1907 Son
Madie M Rictor abt 1913 Daughter
Annie L Rictor abt 1914 Daughter
Edward Rictor abt 1918 Son
Houston Rictor abt 1922 Son
Joe W Rictor abt 1924 Son
Josephine Rictor abt 1924 Daughter
Thelma Rictor abt 1927 Daughter
Henry L Acuff abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Oma Acuff abt 1889 Wife
Paul Acuff abt 1916 Son
Jim Acuff abt 1917 Son
Lexie Acuff abt 1919 Daughter
Tom B Acuff abt 1921 Son
Jess C Acuff abt 1923 Son
Hettie R Acuff abt 1925 Daughter
Ruby Acuff abt 1927 Daughter
Billie Acuff abt 1929 Son
Bonnie Acuff abt 1929 Daughter
Nancy Acuff abt 1862 Mother
Sam Tompson abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Maggie Tompson abt 1894 Wife
James Tompson abt 1916 Son
Julia Tompson abt 1918 Daughter
Henry Birdwell abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Jane W Birdwell abt 1903 Wife
John W Walker abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Evelyn Walker abt 1891 Wife
Beulah Walker abt 1912 Daughter
Julia Walker abt 1915 Daughter
John C Walker abt 1920 Son
Henry Harris abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Annie Harris abt 1900 Wife
Gene Harris abt 1920 Son
Silas L Custer abt 1892 Tennessee Head
George Tompson abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Hattie Tompson abt 1890 Wife
John Tompson abt 1915 Son
Jennie Tompson abt 1917 Daughter
Lem Tompson abt 1919 Son
Lucile Tompson abt 1921 Daughter
Thornton H Martin abt 1863 Tennessee Head
Beulah Martin abt 1893 Daughter
Anne Martin abt 1903 Daughter
Levi Webb abt 1898 Alabama Lodger
Churful Matheny abt 1909 Tennessee Boarder
Bill Martin abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Grace Martin abt 1900 Wife
Bill Martin abt 1920 Son
Anne Martin abt 1923 Daughter
Leona A Burns abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Paul D Burns abt 1910 Son
Sallie Mankin abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Bert L Loggins abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Floren C Loggins abt 1898 Wife
Paul Loggins abt 1925 Son
D L Loggins abt 1929 Son
Ed D Reid abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Emma Reid abt 1868 Wife
Clyde Reid abt 1901 Son
George Reid abt 1914 Son
Henry S West abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Mary West abt 1867 Wife
George King abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Ceaser King abt 1894 Wife
James King abt 1916 Son
Ethel King abt 1918 Daughter
Ida M King abt 1923 Daughter
Virginia King abt 1929 Daughter
Laura West abt 1852 Tennessee Mother
Tom C Greiwe abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Benton Greiwe abt 1905 Son
Pauline Greiwe abt 1914 Daughter
Colinbur F Green abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Sellie Green abt 1912 Wife
Chester T Green abt 1929 Son
John A Gilliam abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Sarah J Gilliam abt 1881 Wife
John Gilliam abt 1911 Son
Jessie J Hargiss abt 1859 Tennessee Head
Martha Hargiss abt 1870 Wife
William B Condra abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Della Condra abt 1894 Wife
John Hundley abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Allene Hundley abt 1898 Tennessee Wife
M Hargess Jess abt 1868 Tennessee Head

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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JULY 3, 2006