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District 6

Name Birth Year Birthplace Relationship
Frank Durham abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Cora Durham abt 1889 Wife
Lawrence Durham abt 1909 Son
William Durham abt 1911 Son
Ira B Durham abt 1914 Daughter
Reed Durham abt 1915 Son
Frankie Durham abt 1918 Daughter
Charlie Durham abt 1921 Son
Audrey L Durham abt 1923 Daughter
Lelia M Durham Daughter
Jane Choate abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Biley J Choate abt 1921 Son
Howard H Choate abt 1923 Son
Eusman Reines abt 1907 Alabama Head
Ida Reines abt 1905 Wife
Vernon Reines abt 1925 Son
Imogene Reines abt 1926 Daughter
Pauline Reines abt 1929 Daughter
Fritz Huckleby abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Martha Huckleby abt 1869 Wife
John Howard abt 1895 Georgia Head
Eva Howard abt 1895 Wife
Ruth Howard abt 1919 Daughter
Hugh Howard abt 1922 Son
Carrie Howard abt 1925 Daughter
Kathrine Howard abt 1927 Daughter
Preston Durham abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Geneva Durham abt 1912 Wife
Price Reynolds abt 1896 Alabama Head
Annie Reynolds abt 1909 Wife
Lizie Reynolds abt 1924 Daughter
Margarette Reynolds abt 1925 Daughter
Meardith P Reynolds abt 1929 Son
Dave Reynolds abt 1896 Alabama Head
Emma Reynolds abt 1908 Wife
Edward Reynolds abt 1923 Son
James C Reynolds abt 1924 Son
Alice C Reynolds abt 1926 Daughter
Opal I Reynolds abt 1928 Daughter
Robert V Durham abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Ellen Durham abt 1890 Wife
Mamie Durham abt 1909 Daughter
Millie Durham abt 1913 Daughter
Horace Durham abt 1915 Son
Russ Durham abt 1917 Son
Ruth Durham abt 1920 Daughter
Dorthy Durham abt 1922 Daughter
Ellis Huckleby abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Sinnie Huckleby abt 1898 Wife
Francis Huckleby abt 1918 Daughter
Cecil Huckleby abt 1921 Son
Dorthy Huckleby abt 1923 Daughter
Elree Huckleby abt 1925 Son
Elmer Huckleby abt 1928 Daughter
Margarette Harris abt 1855 Alabama Head
Hattie Harris abt 1878 Daughter
Joe Blevins abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Pearl Blevins abt 1898 Wife
John Blevins abt 1915 Son
Bertrice Blevins abt 1917 Daughter
Lee Blevins abt 1918 Son
Isabell Blevins abt 1920 Daughter
Lydie Blevins abt 1922 Daughter
Dorthy Blevins abt 1924 Daughter
Joseph Blevins abt 1925 Son
James C Blevins abt 1928 Son
William Massengale abt 1895 Alabama Head
Marie Massengale abt 1902 Wife
Frankis Massengale abt 1925 Daughter
Billie J Massengale abt 1927 Son
Marion Huckleby abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Rosie Huckleby abt 1906 Wife
Houston Huckleby abt 1927 Son
Willie Huckleby abt 1929 Daughter
Eli Durham abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Ida Durham abt 1888 Wife
Robert Durham abt 1912 Son
Pauline Durham abt 1913 Daughter
Allen Durham abt 1916 Son
John Durham abt 1918 Son
Gordon Durham abt 1921 Son
Stanley Durham abt 1924 Son
Minnie Henderson abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Henderson abt 1904 Daughter
Thomas Henderson abt 1913 Son
Eliza Henderson abt 1915 Son
Fannie M Henderson abt 1919 Daughter
Johnie L Henderson abt 1922 Son
Carl E Henderson abt 1925 Son
Imogene Henderson abt 1929 Daughter
Tom Leek abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Zara Leek abt 1884 Wife
Alton Leek abt 1912 Son
Clyde Leek abt 1913 Son
Beatrice Leek abt 1915 Daughter
James C Leek abt 1922 Son
Fred Leek abt 1925 Son
Frank Hughes abt 1873 Tennessee Head
William Hughes abt 1909 Son
Cleophs Hughes abt 1912 Son
Eda Hughes abt 1914 Daughter
Bertie Barley abt 1901 Tennessee Daughter
Edward Barley abt 1920 Grandson
Louise P Barley abt 1926 Granddaughter
Dorthy Barley abt 1928 Granddaughter
Claude Jones abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Dolly Jones abt 1904 Wife
George Reeves abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Charley Reeves abt 1912 Son
Tom Hill abt 1868 Alabama Head
Damie Hill abt 1873 Wife
George Hill abt 1903 Son
Printice Hill abt 1918 Son
Louis Hill abt 1923 Son
Damie Price abt 1907 Tennessee Niece
Christene Price abt 1927 Niece
Thomas Hill abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Martha Hill abt 1906 Wife
Roy Hill abt 1919 Son
Frankie M Hill abt 1920 Daughter
Silas Hill abt 1923 Son
Annie Hill abt 1929 Daughter
Louis Blevins abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Alma Blevins abt 1912 Wife
James E Blevins abt 1929 Son
Edward P Choate abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Martha Choate abt 1869 Wife
John A Blevins abt 1885 Georgia Head
Lizzie Blevins abt 1889 Wife
Riley Blevins abt 1910 Son
Wash Blevins abt 1913 Son
Herchel Blevins abt 1915 Son
Annie Blevins abt 1918 Daughter
Eli Blevins abt 1920 Son
R O Blevins abt 1926 Son
Jeff Peoples abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Violet Peoples abt 1907 Wife
Daniel Peoples abt 1929 Son
Ran Peoples abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Lee Peoples abt 1899 Wife
Willie Peoples abt 1918 Son
Rena Peoples abt 1920 Daughter
Mary F Peoples abt 1925 Daughter
Robert W Peoples abt 1929 Son
James Masengale abt 1903 Alabama Head
Larena Masengale abt 1906 Wife
Eliza Masengale abt 1910 Sister
John Masengale abt 1869 Father
Nannie Masengale abt 1872 Mother
John D Masengale abt 1929 Nephew
Arthur Blevins abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Edna Blevins abt 1900 Wife
Willie Blevins abt 1918 Son
Lilie M Blevins abt 1920 Daughter
Newton Blevins abt 1921 Son
Roy Blevins abt 1925 Son
Lala M Blevins abt 1927 Daughter
Lonie Peoples abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Amanda Peoples abt 1908 Wife
Gerldene Peoples abt 1925 Daughter
Mary K Peoples abt 1927 Daughter
Willie L Peoples abt 1929 Son
John Henderson abt 1902 Alabama Head
Lacy Henderson abt 1909 Wife
Vencel Raley abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Mary Raley abt 1861 Mother
David L Helton abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Nannie Helton abt 1873 Wife
Adam Helton abt 1895 Son
Mattie Helton abt 1906 Daughter
Lee Masengale abt 1894 Alabama Head
Kitty Masengale abt 1891 Wife
Trilby Masengale abt 1925 Daughter
Will Choat abt 1870 Tennessee Brother-in-law
Carry Choat abt 1886 Sister-in-law
Tom Blevins abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Julia Blevins abt 1871 Wife
Emma Blevins abt 1911 Daughter
Jae Blevins abt 1913 Son
George Shoemaker abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Mary Shoemaker abt 1905 Wife
Lila M Shoemaker abt 1928 Daughter
Tom Durham abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Lillie Durham abt 1898 Wife
Emma E Durham abt 1929 Daughter
Mary K Durham abt 1922 Niece
Ruthie Durham abt 1925 Niece
Pope Durham abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Charley Durham abt 1911 Son
Fannie Durham abt 1912 Daughter
Elsie Durham abt 1914 Daughter
Ennis Durham abt 1917 Son
Charley Durham abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Fanny Durham abt 1895 Wife
Lenard Durham abt 1917 Son
Roxie Durham abt 1919 Daughter
Estelle Durham abt 1920 Daughter
Christene Durham abt 1922 Daughter
Houston Durham abt 1925 Son
Elma Durham abt 1928 Daughter
Opal Durham abt 1929 Daughter
Will Housley abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Annie Housley abt 1885 Wife
M Low Housley abt 1905 Son
Minerva Housley abt 1910 Daughter
John H Housley abt 1913 Son
Ollie K Housley abt 1916 Daughter
Flora Housley abt 1919 Daughter
Ordra A Housley abt 1922 Son
Dorthy Housley abt 1923 Daughter
Lolieta Housley abt 1926 Daughter
Frank Raley abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Linnie Raley abt 1897 Wife
Lydia Raley abt 1915 Daughter
Francis Raley abt 1917 Daughter
John Raley abt 1920 Son
Willie Raley abt 1923 Son
Vence Raley abt 1925 Son
Wiley Raley abt 1926 Son
Jae Raley Son
Shirley Peoples abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Minerva Peoples abt 1912 Wife
Mary Peoples abt 1871 Mother
John Peoples abt 1892 Brother
Morris Peoples abt 1909 Brother
James Henderson abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Matildia Henderson abt 1897 Wife
Mattie Henderson abt 1921 Daughter
James Henderson abt 1924 Son
Alvin Henderson abt 1927 Son
Jim Bearden abt 1857 Tennessee Head
Lou Bearden abt 1857 Wife
Alice Price abt 1870 Alabama Sister-in-law
Fanny Bearden abt 1909 Daughter-in-law
Marcus Bearden abt 1929 Grandson
Will Price abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Price abt 1886 Wife
Caral Price abt 1903 Son
James Price abt 1910 Son
John Price abt 1912 Son
Clyde Blevins abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Della Blevins abt 1908 Wife
Raymond W Blevins abt 1924 Son
Whitten Choat abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Choat abt 1898 Wife
Thomas Choat abt 1917 Son
Forrest Choat abt 1925 Son
Sam H Nichols abt 1857 Georgia Head
Belle Nichols abt 1880 Wife
Louise W Duncan abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Ida Vanpool abt 1877 Tennessee Niece
Robert Duncan abt 1867 Brother
Lee Porter abt 1905 Alabama Head
Emma Porter abt 1881 Mother
Louise Porter abt 1907 Sister
Johnie Porter abt 1911 Sister
Ray Porter abt 1913 Brother
Will Porter abt 1916 Brother
Sallie Porter abt 1916 Sister
Ollie K Porter abt 1918 Sister
Willie Peoples abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Linnie Peoples abt 1895 Wife
Lyles Peoples abt 1915 Son
Lee Roy Peoples abt 1916 Son
Alice P Peoples abt 1917 Daughter
Allen Peoples abt 1921 Son
Lenard Peoples abt 1923 Son
George Peoples abt 1925 Son
Charley Peoples abt 1929 Son
Alice Kennemore abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Marvin Kennemore abt 1913 Son
Pearl Kennemore abt 1918 Daughter
Celie Kennemore abt 1919 Daughter
John Kennemore abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Paralee Kennemore abt 1912 Wife
John W Kennemore abt 1929 Son
Wash Blevins abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Betty Blevins abt 1876 Wife
Kate Blevins abt 1918 Daughter
John P Hogan abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Annie Hogan abt 1885 Wife
Kirstine Hogan abt 1909 Son
Berthie Hogan abt 1914 Daughter
Grace Hogan abt 1915 Daughter
John Hogan abt 1918 Son
Ruth Hogan abt 1920 Daughter
Paul Hogan abt 1924 Son
Sam Hogan abt 1873 Brother
Frank Shoemaker abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Gertie Shoemaker abt 1895 Wife
Maryola Shoemaker abt 1921 Daughter
Lorene Shoemaker abt 1922 Daughter
Alvin Shoemaker abt 1926 Son
Anna E Shoemaker abt 1929 Daughter
John Ervin abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Martha Ervin abt 1870 Wife
Bill Ervin abt 1914 Son
Major Housley abt 1908 Georgia Head
May Housley abt 1910 Wife
John Shoemaker abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Mary Jane Shoemaker abt 1870 Mother
George Thomas abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Rosie Thomas abt 1878 Wife
Charley Thomas abt 1907 Son
Lydia Thomas abt 1914 Daughter
Gladys Thomas abt 1916 Daughter
John Thomas abt 1919 Son
June Thomas abt 1923 Daughter
Pink Morgan abt 1864 Georgia Head
Nancy Morgan abt 1868 Wife
John Morgan abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Margie Morgan abt 1915 Wife
Ophelia Morgan abt 1927 Daughter
Lee Peppers abt 1898 Georgia Head
Esther Peppers abt 1903 Wife
Wilma Lee Peppers abt 1929 Daughter
Lester Jones abt 1891 Georgia Head
Jane Jones abt 1894 Wife
Oscar Jones abt 1914 Son
Mitchel Smith abt 1908 Alabama Head
Mary Smith abt 1908 Wife
Nellie S Smith abt 1928 Daughter
Greely Smith abt 1930 Son
John Graham abt 1887 Alabama Head
Minema Graham abt 1888 Wife
Louise Graham abt 1909 Daughter
Christene Graham abt 1913 Daughter
Wesley Graham abt 1916 Son
Joseph Graham abt 1919 Son
Paul Graham abt 1924 Son
Anna R Graham abt 1925 Daughter
Frank Howard abt 1873 Alabama Head
Hilda Howard abt 1857 Wife
Ladd Paralee abt 1866 Tennessee Sister-in-law
Albert Gouger abt 1883 Georgia Head
Dealia Gouger abt 1884 Wife
George Gouger abt 1911 Son
Frank Gouger abt 1913 Son
James Gouger abt 1916 Son
Annie Gouger abt 1918 Daughter
Azie Gouger abt 1921 Daughter
Carl Gouger abt 1923 Son
James Durham abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Velma Durham abt 1901 Wife
Hughes Smith abt 1875 Alabama Head
Nellie Smith abt 1878 Wife
Bulah Smith abt 1906 Daughter
Bessie Smith abt 1912 Daughter
Irene Smith abt 1914 Daughter
Woshow Smith abt 1916 Son
Wilson Smith abt 1916 Son
Van Leek abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Sam Leek abt 1913 Son
John Leek abt 1877 Brother
Jae Parker abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Parker abt 1900 Wife
Gertrude Parker abt 1916 Daughter
Estelle Parker abt 1918 Daughter
Laette Parker abt 1922 Daughter
Henry Housley abt 1863 Tennessee Father-in-law
Alex West abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Elva West abt 1887 Wife
Willie West abt 1910 Son
Joe West abt 1914 Son
Minerva West abt 1916 Daughter
Lou West abt 1919 Daughter
Flara West abt 1921 Daughter
Julia West abt 1924 Daughter
Minerva Turner abt 1845 Tennessee Mother
James Bowman abt 1876 Alabama Head
Ola Bowman abt 1881 Wife
Ollie Bowman abt 1910 Son
Leon Bowman abt 1914 Son
Leona Bowman abt 1914 Daughter
Bessie O Bowman abt 1919 Daughter
Perry Bowman abt 1901 Alabama Head
Jennie Bowman abt 1903 Wife
Emma Moore abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Flora Moore abt 1902 Daughter
Louise Moore abt 1904 Daughter
George Moore abt 1908 Son
Irene Moore abt 1911 Daughter
Ruth Moore abt 1914 Daughter
Hoyle Mcreynolds abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Ann Mcreynolds abt 1872 Wife
Pauline Bogart abt 1906 Alabama Niece
George Leners abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Leners abt 1872 Wife
Mamye Leners abt 1899 Daughter
Ray Leners abt 1909 Son
Melvin Leners abt 1914 Son
Claude Minter abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Ethel Minter abt 1874 Mother
Vara Minter abt 1908 Daughter
Samuel T Minter abt 1911 Son
Wesley Burnette abt 1856 Tennessee Head
Lydia A Burnette abt 1861 Wife
Allie C Burnette abt 1887 Daughter
John P Howard abt 1869 Georgia Head
Elizabeth J Howard abt 1877 Wife
George Dadson abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Essie Dadson abt 1887 Wife
Nettie Dadson abt 1917 Daughter
Offalie Dadson abt 1919 Daughter
Willie Dadson abt 1922 Son
John B Dadson abt 1926 Son
Laurine Ashley abt 1893 Illinois Head
Henry Epperson abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Mary Epperson abt 1885 Mother
Lee Epperson abt 1901 Brother
Ike Epperson abt 1904 Brother
Sam Epperson abt 1908 Brother
Addie Epperson abt 1911 Sister
Albert Epperson abt 1913 Brother
Frank Epperson abt 1915 Brother
Annie Epperson abt 1918 Sister
Gladys Epperson abt 1920 Sister
Lawrence Morrison abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Almeda Morrison abt 1901 Wife
Helena Morrison abt 1921 Daughter
Edwina Morrison abt 1923 Daughter
Willie Morrison abt 1925 Daughter
John Morrison abt 1927 Son
Jack Morrison abt 1929 Son
James Morrison abt 1888 Brother
Charley Morrison abt 1890 Brother
Ann Morrison abt 1842 Aunt
Thomas Morrison abt 1848 Father
Alex Hamilton abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Alice Hamilton abt 1880 Wife
Jim Hamilton abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Della Hamilton abt 1901 Wife
James Hamilton abt 1923 Son
Vangalean Hamilton abt 1924 Daughter
Alex Hamilton abt 1925 Son
Paul Hamilton abt 1928 Son
William Mcbee abt 1857 Tennessee Head
Minnie L Mcbee abt 1868 Wife
Luther B Mcbee abt 1910 Son
Mary Lofty abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Tom Lofty abt 1900 Son
William Jenkins abt 1885 Georgia Head
Virgie Jenkins abt 1893 Wife
Naomi Jenkins abt 1913 Daughter
Luther Jenkins abt 1916 Son
Edward Jenkins abt 1920 Son
Magdelene Jenkins abt 1923 Daughter
Robert Morgan abt 1914 Tennessee Stepson
Corine Morgan abt 1916 Stepdaughter
George Clouse abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Saphronia E Clouse abt 1858 Mother
William Hicks abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Susie Hicks abt 1874 Wife
Rachel Hicks abt 1907 Daughter
John Hicks abt 1894 Tennessee Head
John Hicks abt 1919 Son
Elbert Hicks abt 1921 Son
William Hicks abt 1922 Son
Joseph Hicks abt 1924 Son
Foley Hicks abt 1925 Daughter
Wilbur Hicks abt 1928 Son
Andrew Knight abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Ketty Knight abt 1885 Wife
Vera Knight abt 1905 Daughter
Sam Knight abt 1907 Son
Neil Knight abt 1909 Son
Hugh Knight abt 1911 Son
Benno Knight abt 1913 Daughter
Charles Knight abt 1915 Son
Max Knight abt 1918 Son
James C Knight abt 1920 Son
Irene Knight abt 1922 Daughter
Madge Knight abt 1924 Daughter
Lee Philips abt 1909 Alabama Head
Ethel Philips abt 1908 Wife
Martha Philips Daughter
George Breven abt 1879 Georgia Head
Myrtle Breven abt 1885 Wife
Hyram Breven abt 1910 Son
Grover Breven abt 1912 Son
Martha Breven abt 1914 Daughter
Jae Breven abt 1915 Son
Thomas Breven abt 1916 Son
Lila May Breven abt 1919 Daughter
George W Breven abt 1922 Son
Robert Breven abt 1925 Son
Mazell Breven abt 1927 Daughter
Dane Philips abt 1879 Alabama Head
Lou Philips abt 1892 Wife
Emma Philips abt 1911 Daughter
Mary E Philips abt 1920 Daughter
Billie Philips abt 1923 Son
Julia Philips abt 1926 Daughter
John A Philips abt 1929 Son
Maurice Cypher abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Arminta Cypher abt 1844 Mother
Fay Goff abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Harry Ranson abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Wilma Ranson abt 1891 Wife
Wilma Ranson abt 1917 Daughter
Granville Ranson abt 1917 Son
Carl Ranson abt 1919 Son
Harman Ranson abt 1920 Son
Ray Ranson abt 1922 Son
Paul Ranson abt 1928 Son
James Halloway abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Andrew Halloway abt 1903 Wife
Claude Halloway abt 1922 Son
Clyde Halloway abt 1922 Son
Opal Halloway abt 1924 Daughter
James Halloway abt 1924 Son
Billie M Halloway abt 1927 Son
Floyd Irwion abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Lena Goyns abt 1892 Tennessee Sister
Mildred Goyns abt 1912 Niece
Norman Goyns abt 1917 Nephew
William Irwin abt 1857 Tennessee Father
Frankie Irwin abt 1915 Daughter
Rankin Irwin abt 1918 Son
Arthur Goins abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Bertie Goins abt 1894 Wife
Dewitt Goins abt 1914 Son
Clarence Goins abt 1916 Son
Grant Goins abt 1918 Son
Arthur Goins abt 1919 Son
Lloyd I Goins abt 1922 Son
William P Goins abt 1928 Son
William Barber abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Mary Barber abt 1900 Wife
Wash Barber abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Leona Barber abt 1880 Wife
Lula Barber abt 1909 Daughter
Tula Barber abt 1911 Daughter
Eula Barber abt 1916 Daughter
Eunice Barber abt 1918 Daughter
Morice Westmoreland abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Bennie Higdon abt 1910 Tennessee Cousin
Leonard Higdon abt 1926 Cousin
Margie K Higdon abt 1928 Cousin
William Trimvar abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Fanny Trimvar abt 1876 Wife
Larene Trimvar abt 1907 Daughter
Leonard Trimvar abt 1912 Son
Ruby Trimvar abt 1914 Daughter
William Trimvar abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Janie Trimvar abt 1909 Wife
Laval Trimvar abt 1922 Son
Ella Trimvar Son
James Bryant abt 1905 Alabama Head
Roxie Bryant abt 1909 Wife
Margaret Bryant abt 1925 Daughter
James Bryant abt 1927 Son
Virginia Bryant abt 1929 Daughter
William Lofty abt 1884 Alabama Head
Sallie Lofty abt 1884 Wife
Melvin Lofty abt 1914 Son
Elva Lofty abt 1916 Daughter
Sam Lofty abt 1928 Son
Doc Gibson abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Bess Gibson abt 1886 Wife
John Gibson abt 1905 Son
Eda Gibson abt 1907 Daughter
Webster Gibson abt 1911 Son
Ada Gibson abt 1914 Daughter
Annie Gibson abt 1917 Daughter
Doc Gibson abt 1921 Son
Dan Wells abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Fred Smedley abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Glenil Smedley abt 1901 Wife
Charles Smedley abt 1922 Son
Clyde Smedley abt 1927 Son
Carl Smedley abt 1929 Son
Eugene Jeffrey abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Annie Jeffrey abt 1878 Wife
Andy Jeffrey abt 1909 Son
J P Jeffrey abt 1915 Son
Eler M Jeffrey abt 1917 Daughter
Carl Jeffrey abt 1908 Son
Nellie Jeffrey abt 1913 Daughter-in-law
Luther Rains abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Carry Rains abt 1880 Wife
Will Newsom abt 1867 Tennessee Boarder
Claude Grimes abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Goldy Grimes abt 1906 Wife
William Grimes abt 1924 Son
Thelma Grimes abt 1926 Daughter
Billie G Grimes abt 1928 Daughter
Virtual Newsom abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Ethel Newsom abt 1895 Wife
Silvester Newsom abt 1921 Son
Juanita Newsom abt 1925 Daughter
Lonnie Tuder abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Herman Tuder abt 1907 Wife
Daisy Tuder abt 1925 Daughter
Howard Tuder abt 1926 Son
Haney Tuder abt 1927 Son
Eugene Tuder abt 1929 Son
William Spangler abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Ethel Spangler abt 1895 Wife
Paul Spangler abt 1914 Son
Raymond Spangler abt 1920 Son
Walter Spangler abt 1922 Son
John B Spangler abt 1925 Son
Maxine Spangler abt 1928 Daughter
Robert Moats abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Mattie Moats abt 1907 Wife
James Moats abt 1880 Georgia Head
Ida Moats abt 1880 Wife
Sam Moats abt 1913 Son
Cara M Moats abt 1920 Daughter
George Moats abt 1854 North Carolina Head
Lou Moats abt 1863 Wife
Mattie Moats abt 1892 Daughter
George C Newman abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Maude Newman abt 1892 Wife
Kathrine Newman abt 1926 Daughter
Annie Newman abt 1928 Daughter
Velma Ward abt 1914 Tennessee Stepdaughter
William Leiderman abt 1865 Alabama Head
Martha Leiderman abt 1880 Wife
John A Leiderman abt 1909 Son
Homer M Leiderman abt 1912 Son
Jae Leiderman abt 1915 Son
Martin L Leiderman abt 1918 Son
Harley Leiderman abt 1920 Son
Bronce Owens abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Minnie Owens abt 1905 Wife
Charley Myers abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Blanche Myers abt 1903 Wife
Tom Myers abt 1918 Son
Ruby Myers abt 1921 Daughter
John R Gains abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Francis Gains abt 1857 Father
Alex Austin abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Nettie Austin abt 1894 Wife
Olla M Austin abt 1918 Daughter
Rosie L Austin abt 1920 Daughter
Charley Austin abt 1924 Son
Mildred Austin abt 1925 Daughter
Letha Austin abt 1929 Daughter
Lloyd Hutton abt 1911 Tennessee Boarder
Emily Hutton abt 1912 Tennessee Boarder
Robert Howard abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Mary Howard abt 1897 Wife
Sibyl Howard abt 1913 Daughter
James Howard abt 1917 Son
Allen Howard abt 1919 Son
Riley Howard abt 1923 Son
Arnold Howard abt 1925 Son
Willis Howard abt 1928 Son
Floyd Woffard abt 1913 Tennessee Head
Maude Woffard abt 1895 Mother
Ethel Dellinger abt 1905 Tennessee Cousin
Henry Lancaster abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Gerd Lancaster abt 1913 Sister
James Helton abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Maurine Helton abt 1910 Wife
James P Helton abt 1929 Son
Robert L Gibson abt 1883 Alabama Head
Eunice Gibson abt 1913 Daughter
Marvin Gibson abt 1918 Son
Adann Lancaster abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Lancaster abt 1891 Wife
May Lancaster abt 1912 Daughter
Maude Lancaster abt 1913 Daughter
Charley Lancaster abt 1916 Son
Jone Lancaster abt 1918 Son
Adam Lancaster abt 1920 Son
Boy D Lancaster abt 1923 Son
Mike Lancaster abt 1907 Brother
John Grider abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Ona Grider abt 1893 Wife
Annie M Grider abt 1915 Daughter
Raymond Grider abt 1919 Son
Zera L Grider abt 1923 Daughter
Christene Grider abt 1927 Daughter
Elva Davis abt 1896 Georgia Head
William Davis abt 1917 Son
Bill Brown abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Mossie Brown abt 1875 Wife
Dewitt Brown abt 1909 Son
Will Brown abt 1919 Son
Robert Getrson abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Martha Getrson abt 1912 Wife
Andrey Getrson abt 1921 Sister
Tom Cooper abt 1898 Alabama Head
Maude Cooper abt 1905 Wife
Geneva Cooper abt 1921 Daughter
Cordia Cooper abt 1924 Daughter
Dorthy Cooper abt 1926 Daughter
Shirley Barnes abt 1911 Tennessee Head
Bessie Barnes abt 1911 Wife
Henry Sims abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Bessie Sims abt 1901 Wife
Early B Sims abt 1925 Son
Pascal Sims abt 1927 Son
Robert Sims abt 1929 Son
Pat Gibson abt 1887 Alabama Head
Ara Gibson abt 1895 Wife
Ellen Gibson abt 1916 Daughter
William Gibson abt 1917 Son
Spirgon Gibson abt 1919 Son
Berton Gibson abt 1921 Son
Ader Gibson abt 1922 Daughter
John Gibson abt 1924 Son
Kelly Gibson abt 1926 Son
Jennie Gibson abt 1906 Sister-in-law
Ellen Gibson abt 1927 Niece
John Gibson abt 1928 Nephew
William Peardon abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Ella Peardon abt 1882 Wife
Manuel Peardon abt 1912 Son
Carl Peardon abt 1917 Son
Willie L Peardon abt 1920 Daughter
Alfred Lees abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Lees abt 1895 Wife
Barnie Lees abt 1908 Son
Raymond Lees abt 1911 Son
Ralph Lees abt 1915 Son
Samson Lees abt 1917 Son
John D Lees abt 1920 Son
Annie Lees abt 1928 Daughter
Jim Beene abt 1877 Alabama Head
Gertie Beene abt 1896 Wife
Bulah Beene abt 1917 Daughter
Earl Brown abt 1906 Texas Head
Lucile Brown abt 1910 Wife
Robert Daffron abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Francie Daffron abt 1880 Wife
Jessie Daffron abt 1907 Daughter
Johnie Gale abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Gale abt 1887 Wife
Ethel Gale abt 1917 Daughter
Johnie Gale abt 1917 Son
Edward Gale abt 1921 Son
Harvey Gale abt 1923 Son
Nellie Gale abt 1926 Daughter
Arthur Freeman abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Mattie Freeman abt 1896 Wife
Arthur Freeman abt 1921 Son
Grady Freeman abt 1924 Son
Floyd Freeman abt 1925 Son
John Raasch abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Louise Raasch abt 1910 Wife
John Grimes abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Lattie Grimes abt 1896 Wife
Annie Grimes abt 1914 Daughter
Gracy Grimes abt 1916 Daughter
Hazel Grimes abt 1919 Daughter
Dorthy Grimes abt 1921 Daughter
Bertha Grimes abt 1924 Daughter
Thelma Grimes abt 1927 Daughter
Mildred Grimes abt 1929 Daughter
John Warren abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Mimie Warren abt 1879 Wife
Charles Wilson abt 1919 Tennessee Grandson
Alvie Peardon abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Ada Peardon abt 1907 Wife
Thomas Peardon abt 1924 Son
Earnest Peardon abt 1926 Son
John Peardon abt 1928 Son
Jessie Jones abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Della Jones abt 1900 Wife
Bulah Jones abt 1920 Daughter
Jessie Jones abt 1921 Son
Rhoda Jones abt 1925 Daughter
Harley Jones abt 1927 Son
Meriten Jones abt 1929 Daughter
John Holloway abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Emma Holloway abt 1874 Wife
David Condra abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Mary L Condra abt 1901 Wife
Georgia Condra abt 1918 Daughter
David Condra abt 1921 Son
William Condra abt 1923 Son
Dorthy Condra abt 1925 Daughter
Tom Morgan abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Jennie Morgan abt 1890 Wife
Mable I Morgan abt 1915 Daughter
James Morgan abt 1918 Son
Wayne Stinnette abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Salina Stinnette abt 1901 Wife
Billie B Stinnette abt 1925 Daughter
Arthur Tanner abt 1908 Georgia Head
Jennie Tanner abt 1891 Mother
Thelma Tanner abt 1911 Daughter
Odell Tanner abt 1913 Daughter
James Tanner abt 1914 Son
Edward Tanner abt 1922 Son
Willis Ford abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Minnie Ford abt 1888 Wife
Charley Ford abt 1913 Son
Elsie Ford abt 1915 Daughter
Jessie Ford abt 1918 Daughter
Margie Ford abt 1923 Daughter
Elma Ford abt 1928 Daughter
Will Armstrong abt 1889 Georgia Head
Cara Armstrong abt 1890 Wife
Mariah Pankey abt 1865 Tennessee Mother
Annie Brown abt 1915 Tennessee Niece
William Bible abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Mary Bible abt 1876 Wife
Homer Bible abt 1908 Son
William J Bible abt 1912 Son
Lenice Bible abt 1914 Daughter
Lucile Bible abt 1916 Daughter
Henry Bible abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Lara Bible abt 1906 Wife
William Bible abt 1925 Son
Freda M Bible abt 1927 Daughter
Mary V Bible abt 1928 Daughter
Wash Bible abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Ruth Bible abt 1911 Wife
Bert Bible abt 1928 Son
Arthur Hale abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Maggie Hale abt 1910 Wife
Alex Hale abt 1869 Father
Marana Hale abt 1928 Daughter
James Hale abt 1929 Son
Mary Hale abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Pankey Hale abt 1907 Son
Carl Hale abt 1921 Grandchild
William Hale abt 1918 Grandchild
Harry Hale abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Pearl Hale abt 1904 Wife
Annie M Hale abt 1919 Daughter
Lorine Hale abt 1921 Daughter
Harry Hale abt 1923 Son
Marie Hale abt 1925 Daughter
Alexandria Hale abt 1927 Son
Frances Hale abt 1929 Daughter
Thadia Hicks abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Maggie Hicks abt 1900 Wife
Charles Hicks abt 1920 Son
Beatras Hicks abt 1924 Daughter
Gertie Hicks abt 1925 Daughter
Lored Hicks abt 1926 Son
Len Hicks abt 1926 Daughter
Walker Hicks abt 1928 Son
Bert Danis abt 1887 Georgia Head
Haley Danis abt 1892 Wife
Frank Danis abt 1913 Son
Irene Danis abt 1915 Daughter
Elisabeth Danis abt 1916 Daughter
Lina Danis abt 1923 Daughter
Albert Lawrey abt 1888 Arkansas Head
Ollie Lawrey abt 1899 Wife
Jack Lawrey abt 1919 Son
Christene Lawrey abt 1923 Daughter
Minnie Lawrey abt 1928 Daughter
Winnie Lawrey abt 1928 Daughter
Joe Lawrey abt 1929 Son
Will Beener abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Bertha Beener abt 1898 Wife
Will Beener abt 1921 Son
John P Beener abt 1925 Son
Herman Beener abt 1926 Son
Herbert H Beener abt 1928 Son
Lina Morgan abt 1860 Alabama Mother-in-law
Ralph Reeves abt 1898 Alabama Head
Sadie Reeves abt 1907 Wife
Mildred Reeves abt 1924 Daughter
Myrtle Reeves abt 1926 Daughter
Billie Reeves abt 1929 Daughter
William Morgan abt 1879 Tennessee Father-in-law
John W Harp abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Lou Harp abt 1889 Wife
Harley Harp abt 1913 Son
Beatrice Harp abt 1915 Daughter
Christina Harp abt 1919 Daughter
Lilian Harp abt 1921 Daughter
Opbelia Harp abt 1923 Daughter
Bertha Harp abt 1925 Daughter
Eugene Harp abt 1927 Son
Denis Brymer abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Jennie Brymer abt 1882 Wife
George Looney abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Mary Looney abt 1888 Wife
Roy Looney abt 1914 Son
Walter Looney abt 1915 Son
Cara Looney abt 1917 Daughter
Odell Looney abt 1919 Daughter
Geneva Looney abt 1925 Daughter
Granville Crabtree abt 1897 Alabama Head
Gladys Crabtree abt 1909 Wife
Margeret Crabtree abt 1927 Daughter
Granville Crabtree abt 1929 Son
Tom Conner abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Thelma Conner abt 1901 Wife
Martha L Conner abt 1921 Daughter
Jirldeen Conner abt 1925 Daughter
Tom Conner abt 1926 Son
William J Parker abt 1882 Georgia Head
Ida Parker abt 1887 Wife
Willie L Parker abt 1904 Georgia Head
Stella Parker abt 1907 Wife
Evelyn Parker abt 1925 Daughter
Norma G Parker abt 1926 Daughter
Coured Hamilton abt 1904 California Head
George Myers abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Mae Myers abt 1896 Wife
Anna N Myers abt 1917 Daughter
Frances Myers abt 1920 Daughter
Victor Emerson abt 1900 Alabama Head
Lucile Emerson abt 1905 Wife
Abb Deakin abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Hura Deakin abt 1905 Wife
Virginia Deakin abt 1925 Daughter
William Bennette abt 1908 North Carolina Head
Lucile Bennette abt 1913 Wife
Clarence Rutledge abt 1901 Georgia Head
Rebecca Rutledge abt 1911 Wife
Gilbert Johnson abt 1904 Alabama Head
Hixie Johnson abt 1914 Wife
Willie Donald abt 1888 Mississippi Head
Ema Donald abt 1881 Wife
Pauline Berry abt 1921 Alabama Granddaughter
Henry Reeves abt 1888 Georgia Head
Velda Reeves abt 1891 Wife
Pauline Reeves abt 1913 Daughter
Kathrine Reeves abt 1918 Daughter
Opal Reeves abt 1920 Daughter
Thelma Reeves abt 1922 Daughter
Joyce Reeves abt 1925 Daughter
Abe J Reeves abt 1927 Son
Deloras Reeves abt 1929 Daughter
Julia Reeves abt 1871 Alabama Head
Ollie K Reeves abt 1900 Daughter
Francis Higdon abt 1919 Tennessee Niece
Kenney Higdon abt 1922 Niece
Walker Hicks abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Nancy Hicks abt 1863 Wife
Hazel Hicks abt 1912 Granddaughter
Jessie M Hicks abt 1924 Granddaughter
Paul Hicks abt 1925 Grandson
Tone Lofty abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Ethel Lofty abt 1911 Wife
Raymond Lofty abt 1911 Son
Les Lee Lofty abt 1917 Son
William Grimes abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Mollie Grimes abt 1871 Wife
Annie Grimes abt 1893 Daughter
Jess Grimes abt 1911 Son
Roy Grimes abt 1913 Son
Earl Cabe abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Mary Cabe abt 1888 Wife
Willie Cabe abt 1916 Son
Gertie Cabe abt 1920 Daughter
Earl Cabe abt 1922 Son
Simmie Cabe abt 1925 Son
Charlie Cabe abt 1926 Son
Laura Cabe abt 1930 Daughter
Bertha Huffstutler abt 1911 Tennessee Stepdaughter
Louis Huffstutler abt 1915 Stepson
Jonnie Huffstutler abt 1919 Stepdaughter
John Tribble abt 1880 Georgia Head
Ethel Tribble abt 1888 Wife
Clifford Tribble abt 1910 Son
Hildon Tribble abt 1913 Son
Len Ferguson abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Ferguson abt 1885 Wife
Nellie Ferguson abt 1911 Daughter
Eugene Ferguson abt 1914 Son
Therman Smith abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Tressa Smith abt 1899 Wife
Allyne Smith abt 1920 Daughter
Ray Smith abt 1922 Son
Paul Smith abt 1925 Son
Jack Smith abt 1929 Son
Samuel Hall abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Mattie Hall abt 1894 Wife
William P Pursley abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Evelyn Pursley abt 1902 Wife
Carolyn Pursley abt 1928 Daughter
George Reel abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Minnie Reel abt 1898 Wife
James L Reel abt 1922 Son
Clifford Reel abt 1924 Son
Willard Reel abt 1928 Son
Madison Hammon abt 1900 Alabama Head
Shelly Hammon abt 1903 Wife
Mannly Hammon abt 1923 Son
Ila M Hammon abt 1925 Daughter
Jame C Hammon abt 1927 Son
Billie Hammon abt 1928 Son
Henry C Olsen abt 1885 New Jersey Head
Edith Olsen abt 1899 Wife
Harry Olsen abt 1920 Son
Edythe Olsen abt 1923 Daughter
Ellena Danielson abt 1874 Norway Mother-in-law
Gordon Crass abt 1905 Alabama Head
Ruby L Crass abt 1910 Wife
Krieger Henderson abt 1896 Ohio Head
Rylma Henderson abt 1900 Wife
Krieger Henderson abt 1924 Son
Georgia Price abt 1859 Georgia Mother-in-law
Charles Poff abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Sarah Poff abt 1892 Wife
Belle Webb abt 1901 Tennessee Sister-in-law
Claude Hale abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Julia Hale abt 1900 Wife
Marie Hale abt 1923 Daughter
Claude Hale abt 1926 Son
Mable Hale abt 1928 Daughter
Ara Layne abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Nettie Layne abt 1892 Wife
Nell Layne abt 1912 Daughter
Marion Layne abt 1915 Son
Clawrence Sanders abt 1886 Georgia Head
Annie Sanders abt 1898 Wife
Ilaree Sanders abt 1923 Daughter
Stanley Sanders abt 1928 Son
Tom Hardin abt 1891 South Carolina Head
Maud Hardin abt 1899 Wife
Frances Hardin abt 1923 Daughter
Joyce Hardin abt 1926 Daughter
Raliegh Pendergrass abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Effie Pendergrass abt 1898 Wife
Preston Pendergrass abt 1918 Son
Chester Pendergrass abt 1922 Son
Ruby Pendergrass abt 1926 Daughter
Billie Pendergrass abt 1928 Son
Lucile Pendergrass abt 1929 Daughter
Edna Dunn abt 1918 Tennessee Niece
Harry Dass abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Annie Dass abt 1898 Wife
Betty J Dass abt 1925 Daughter
Brown Jones abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Magalene Jones abt 1904 Wife
Bernice Jones abt 1925 Daughter
Louise Jones abt 1928 Daughter
Nancy J Jones abt 1866 Mother
Leonard Sexton abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Mamie Sexton abt 1906 Wife
Maxine Fields abt 1916 Georgia Sister-in-law
Edward Sexton abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Gerldine Sexton abt 1888 Wife
Elizabeth Sexton abt 1914 Daughter
Irving Sexton abt 1908 Son
Tom Parker abt 1886 Texas Head
Anna M Parker abt 1889 Wife
Willie M Parker abt 1915 Daughter
Elizabeth Parker abt 1916 Daughter
Tom Parker abt 1919 Son
Evelyn Parker abt 1920 Daughter
Wilson Parker abt 1925 Son
Lan Morgan abt 1846 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Henry Healan abt 1855 Georgia Head
Alice Healan abt 1868 Wife
James T Johnson abt 1880 Tennessee Cousin
Laura C Johnson abt 1926 Daughter
Perry S Morgan abt 1892 Kentucky Head
Mary Morgan abt 1891 Wife
Jeanette Morgan abt 1915 Daughter
Thomas Morgan abt 1917 Son
Charles Hardy abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Winnie Hardy abt 1906 Wife
Clyde Hardy abt 1925 Son
Edward Hardy abt 1927 Son
Ed Moore abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Cullie Moore abt 1907 Wife
Edward Moore abt 1926 Son
Walter Jacobs abt 1878 Alabama Head
Janey Jacobs abt 1890 Wife
Alberta Jacobs abt 1914 Daughter
Nettie Halt abt 1879 Georgia Head
James Doss abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Minnie S Doss abt 1871 Wife
Will Morgan abt 1880 Alabama Head
Maggie Morgan abt 1888 Wife
Maudeline Morgan abt 1909 Daughter
Willie P Morgan abt 1913 Son
Nettie Morgan abt 1915 Daughter
James Morgan abt 1917 Son
John B Morgan abt 1919 Son
Robert Lambert abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Ruth Lambert abt 1908 Wife
Willard Lambert abt 1927 Son
Jesse Jones abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Emily Jones abt 1896 Wife
Lillie G Jones abt 1919 Daughter
Mike Thomas abt 1891 Alabama Head
Mae Thomas abt 1897 Wife
Mike Thomas abt 1924 Son
Harrison Stines abt 1892 North Carolina Head
Charalette Stines abt 1895 Wife
Clifford Stines abt 1920 Son
Oletta Stines abt 1925 Daughter
Alvin Beene abt 1905 Tennessee Head
May Beene abt 1907 Wife
Alvina Beene abt 1929 Daughter
Jesse Mc Maham abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Mattie Mc Maham abt 1900 Wife
Jesse Mc Maham abt 1919 Son
Hellen R Mc Maham abt 1922 Daughter
Billie Mc Maham abt 1925 Son
Charles Morgan abt 1896 Alabama Head
Ruth Morgan abt 1894 Wife
Carl Morgan abt 1917 Son
Maggie L Morgan abt 1919 Daughter
Horace Morgan abt 1922 Son
Charlsie Morgan abt 1924 Daughter
Linberg Morgan abt 1927 Son
John Gamble abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Ivy S Gamble abt 1910 Wife
Jack Moore abt 1898 Tennessee Head
John B Nuchols abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Juanita Nuchols abt 1907 Wife
George Wright abt 1867 Tennessee Head
James Wright abt 1908 Son
Mitchel Wallace abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Joesie Wallace abt 1886 Wife
Leonard Wallace abt 1904 Son
Alice Wallace abt 1912 Daughter
George Wallace abt 1917 Son
John Wallace abt 1920 Son
Theadore Wallace abt 1922 Son
Mitchel Wallace abt 1925 Son
Armietice Wallace abt 1930 Daughter
Joe Sapp abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Mary Sapp abt 1880 Wife
Ivy Sapp abt 1905 Son
Bertha Reid abt 1892 Tennessee Head
John P Reid abt 1921 Son
Amy I Reid abt 1923 Daughter
Julia Reid abt 1926 Daughter
George Shoemake abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Shoemake abt 1893 Wife
Edward Shoemake abt 1918 Son
Almon Shoemake abt 1920 Son
Mable Shoemake abt 1924 Daughter
Fred Shoemake abt 1925 Son
James Shoemake abt 1928 Son
Leala Austin abt 1908 Tennessee Boarder
Annie Austin abt 1925 Tennessee Boarder
Laud Luders abt 1848 Tennessee Head
Hauston Luders abt 1915 Son
Charley Luders abt 1919 Son
Tom Austin abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Cantrell Austin abt 1862 Brother
Earnest Young abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Myrtle Young abt 1905 Wife
Gertrude Young abt 1922 Daughter
Orval Young abt 1924 Son
Arnold Young abt 1926 Son
Earnest Young abt 1928 Son
William Gremer abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Lorena Gremer abt 1907 Wife
Elizabeth Gremer abt 1924 Daughter
Jack Gremer abt 1929 Son
Lee Mcfalls abt 1895 North Carolina Head
Georgia Mcfalls abt 1902 Wife
Dennie Mcfalls abt 1921 Daughter
Garette Mcfalls abt 1923 Son
Elbert Mcfalls abt 1925 Son
Alvice Austin abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Buelah Austin abt 1910 Wife
Cehrick Austin Son
Calvin Alder abt 1857 Tennessee Head
Bennie Alder abt 1890 Daughter
Sam P Alder abt 1895 Son
Paul Goins abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Grace Goins abt 1899 Wife
Pauline Goins abt 1918 Daughter
Lucile Goins abt 1921 Daughter
Richard N Goins abt 1927 Son
Joe Nelson abt 1861 Georgia Head
Gallie Nelson abt 1865 Wife
Gertrude Grant abt 1904 Tennessee Daughter
Sam Lees abt 1871 England Head
Maggie Lees abt 1877 Wife
Fouzy Hale abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Willie Hale abt 1904 Wife
John Hicks abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Mildred Hicks abt 1914 Wife
Johnie R Hicks abt 1929 Son
Doc Spangler abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Nellie Spangler abt 1897 Wife
Cecil Spangler abt 1921 Son
Dorthy Spangler abt 1923 Daughter
George Spangler abt 1925 Son
Melvin Spangler abt 1928 Son
Robert Hicks abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Lon Hicks  abt 1881 Wife
Lee Hicks abt 1915 Son
Mary Hicks abt 1919 Daughter
Lawrence Hicks abt 1921 Grandson
Grover C Ballard abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Minnie V Ballard abt 1896 Wife
Cecil T Ballard abt 1913 Son
Thomas Ballard abt 1918 Son
Carl Ballard abt 1924 Son
Bonnie K Ballard abt 1928 Daughter
Jesse K Ford abt 1854 Alabama Head
Dorcia Ford abt 1858 Wife
Jim Higdon abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Martha Higdon abt 1908 Wife
James Higdon abt 1926 Son
Johnie Higdon abt 1927 Son
Oscar Higdon abt 1909 Son
Colombus Ford abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Geneva Ford abt 1899 Wife
Beatrice Ford abt 1917 Daughter
Edward Ford abt 1920 Son
Miles Ford abt 1923 Son
Lucile Ford abt 1925 Daughter
Willard Ford abt 1927 Son
Frank Ford Son
Freda Ford abt 1929 Daughter
Ben Remes abt 1873 Georgia Head
Emma Remes abt 1881 Wife
Willie Remes abt 1911 Adopted Son
Louise Remes abt 1927 Adopted Daughter
Ira Henderson abt 1877 Georgia Head
Mattie Henderson abt 1872 Wife
Ruby Henderson abt 1912 Daughter
Claude Henderson abt 1915 Son
Tom Henderson abt 1913 Georgia Head
Dorthy Henderson abt 1914 Wife
William Brown abt 1878 Georgia Head
Martha Brown abt 1884 Wife
Jesse Brown abt 1910 Son
Lucile Brown abt 1914 Daughter
Dollie Brown abt 1917 Daughter
Hattie Brown abt 1919 Daughter
Annie Brown abt 1921 Daughter
Barbera Brown abt 1925 Daughter
Oscar Brown abt 1913 Alabama Head
Maggie Brown abt 1910 Wife
George Back abt 1866 Alabama Head
Jimny Smith abt 1903 Tennessee Nephew
Maggie Smith abt 1906 Niece
George Smith abt 1907 Nephew
Clint Newsom abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Tennie Newsom abt 1902 Wife
Frank Newsom abt 1925 Son
Tom Kilgore abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Minnie Kilgore abt 1899 Wife
Hellen F Kilgore abt 1930 Daughter
Dave Greer abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Harvey Greer abt 1902 Brother
Lizzie Greer abt 1910 Sister
Natt Greer abt 1868 Father
Laura Hicks abt 1925 Tennessee Niece
Pauline Hicks abt 1928 Niece
John Patter abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Patter abt 1898 Wife
George Patter abt 1919 Son
John W Patter abt 1921 Son
Foster L Patter abt 1923 Son
Isabell Guy abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Minnie B Guy abt 1921 Daughter
Mary E Guy abt 1925 Daughter
Milford P Guy abt 1927 Son
Ray Green abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Martha Green abt 1902 Wife
Ray Green abt 1922 Son
Hayes Green abt 1923 Son
Mildred Green abt 1925 Daughter
Will Condra abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Isabell Condra abt 1900 Wife
Patricia Condra abt 1917 Daughter
Edna Condra abt 1920 Daughter
Amy Condra abt 1922 Daughter
Billie Condra abt 1925 Son
Virginia Condra abt 1926 Daughter
Boyd Anderson abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Carolina Anderson abt 1902 Wife
Pauline Anderson abt 1923 Daughter
Boyd Anderson abt 1924 Son
Richard Anderson abt 1925 Son
Billie J Anderson abt 1927 Son
James Masiero abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Dollie Masiero abt 1888 Wife
Oscar Masiero abt 1909 Son
Charles Masiero abt 1911 Son
Hubert Masiero abt 1914 Son
James T Masiero abt 1916 Son
Edna M Masiero abt 1919 Daughter
Reece Wilcox abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Linnie Wilcox abt 1897 Wife
Dorthy Wilcox abt 1914 Daughter
Georgia Wilcox abt 1916 Daughter
Richard Wilcox abt 1918 Son
Jake Wilcox abt 1920 Son
Frances Wilcox abt 1924 Son
Julia Wilcox abt 1926 Daughter
John Wilcox abt 1929 Son
Rubin Green abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Jennie Green abt 1891 Wife
Edith Green abt 1913 Daughter
Rubin Green abt 1914 Son
Martha Green abt 1917 Daughter
Mammie Green abt 1919 Daughter
James Green abt 1921 Son
Lilie Green abt 1924 Daughter
Charles Green abt 1926 Son
Elizabeth Green abt 1912 Niece
Earnest Green abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Estella Green abt 1911 Wife
John Green abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Frank Green abt 1906 Son
Nathaniel Green abt 1907 Son
Selveyna Green abt 1908 Son
William Green abt 1909 Son
Gilbert Green abt 1911 Son
John Green abt 1912 Son
Nettie Green abt 1915 Daughter
Tom Peardon abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Mary Peardon abt 1872 Wife
Estell Peardon abt 1901 Son
Bernice Peardon abt 1910 Daughter
Tom Peardon abt 1913 Son
Hallie Vicars abt 1850 Tennessee Head
George Lees abt 1874 New York Head
Robert Lees abt 1911 Son
Georgia Lees abt 1912 Daughter
Naoma Lees abt 1914 Daughter
George Lawson abt 1901 Georgia Head
Mary Lawson abt 1906 Wife
Cara M Lawson abt 1916 Sister
George Lawson abt 1924 Son
Hattie M Lawson abt 1925 Daughter
Ralph Lawson abt 1927 Brother
Earnest Lawson abt 1927 Son
Clara Lawson abt 1930 Daughter
Sarah Oliver abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Minnie M Oliver abt 1912 Daughter
John O Oliver abt 1914 Son
Jim Moreland abt 1905 Georgia Head
Louise Moreland abt 1909 Wife
Jame Moreland abt 1925 Son
Coye Moreland abt 1927 Son
Charles Moreland abt 1929 Son
Joe Pilgrim abt 1897 Georgia Head
Maggie Pilgrim abt 1900 Wife
Willie Pilgrim abt 1920 Son
Lonnie Pilgrim abt 1922 Son
Robert Pilgrim abt 1925 Son
Horace Prince abt 1878 Georgia Head
Ollie Prince abt 1874 Wife
Millard Prince abt 1907 Son
Luther Prince abt 1910 Son
Mary Prince abt 1912 Daughter
Daniel Prince abt 1916 Son
Mattie Perkins abt 1861 Georgia Head
Quillen Perkins abt 1904 Son
Tom Austin abt 1873 Georgia Head
Martha Austin abt 1877 Wife
Ella Austin abt 1912 Daughter
Arveil Austin abt 1914 Son
Melvin Austin abt 1923 Son
Jesse M Austin abt 1922 Granddaughter
Walter Hicks abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Alpha Hicks abt 1909 Wife
Henry Long abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Bertie Long abt 1903 Wife
Charles Long abt 1922 Son
Margarete Long abt 1923 Daughter
Evelyn Long abt 1926 Daughter
Henry Long abt 1928 Son
Abe Keener abt 1901 Georgia Head
Millie Keener abt 1909 Wife
John H Keener abt 1927 Son
Amise Keener abt 1928 Son
Houston Hallingsworth abt 1902 Georgia Head
Kathrine Hallingsworth abt 1903 Wife
Hermaieta Hallingsworth abt 1923 Daughter
Melvin Hallingsworth abt 1925 Son
Aubrey Hallingsworth abt 1928 Son
Tom Dykes abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Letha Dykes abt 1906 Wife
William Dykes abt 1910 Son
Helda M Dykes abt 1917 Daughter
Houston Walker abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Grace Walker abt 1911 Wife
Herbert Walker abt 1928 Son
Kathrine Walker abt 1930 Daughter
John Flatt abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Malcolm Flatt abt 1912 Son
Mary A Flatt abt 1916 Daughter
Carter Flatt abt 1918 Son
Rose M Flatt abt 1920 Daughter
Kenneth D Flatt abt 1922 Son
Willis Gravett abt 1880 Georgia Head
Roxie Gravett abt 1889 Wife
Hellen Williams abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Bice Bishop abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Maude Bishop abt 1901 Wife
Billie J Bishop abt 1926 Daughter
Mary Price abt 1871 Alabama Head
James Price abt 1908 Son
Virgle Hollingsworth abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Minnie Hollingsworth abt 1888 Wife
Anderson Hollingsworth abt 1913 Son
Duke Hollingsworth abt 1917 Son
Dan Hollingsworth abt 1922 Son
Rosco Hollingsworth abt 1927 Son
James Clause abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Nancy Clause abt 1875 Wife
Virgie Clause abt 1899 Daughter
Thomas Clause abt 1901 Son
Lesley Clause abt 1904 Son
James Clause abt 1907 Son
Thomas Mountain abt 1899 Alabama Head
Lora Mountain abt 1903 Wife
William Mountain abt 1922 Son
Philip Mountain abt 1923 Son
Fanny J Mountain abt 1927 Daughter
Tomy L Mountain abt 1930 Daughter
Edge Mountain abt 1908 Brother
Dave Mountain abt 1910 Brother
Frank Manning abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Martha Manning abt 1879 Wife
Ruby Manning abt 1905 Daughter
William Bumpers abt 1926 Arkansas Grandson
Jesse Sexton abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Eliza Foster abt 1881 Tennessee Sister
Bessie Foster abt 1905 Niece
James Foster abt 1911 Nephew
David Long abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Julia M Long abt 1890 Wife
David Long abt 1915 Son
Julia M Long abt 1919 Daughter
Martha M Long abt 1922 Daughter
Mary L Long abt 1928 Daughter
Adam Mills abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Fanny Mills abt 1897 Wife
Frank Mills abt 1913 Son
Fred Mills abt 1917 Son
Grover Mills abt 1921 Son
Harold Mills abt 1925 Son
Iris Mills abt 1927 Daughter
David Mills abt 1929 Son
Will Beddow abt 1872 Alabama Father-in-law
Sam Anderson abt 1864 Georgia Head
Gladys Anderson abt 1912 Daughter
Tom Drew abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Gertie Drew abt 1902 Wife
Earnest Drew abt 1918 Son
Mildred Drew abt 1921 Daughter
Billie Drew abt 1922 Son
Opal Drew abt 1927 Daughter
Mary Miller abt 1871 Alabama Head
Frank Miller abt 1909 Son
Elizabeth Roope abt 1854 England Head
Elizabeth Roope abt 1885 Daughter
Hannah Lees abt 1849 England Head
Casper Doyle abt 1852 Tennessee Head
Janie Doyle abt 1868 Wife
Iris Doyle abt 1896 Daughter
James R Doyle abt 1903 Son
William Smedley abt 1842 Tennessee Father-in-law
Charles Ford abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Blanche Ford abt 1895 Wife
Leon Ford abt 1915 Son
Charles Ford abt 1917 Son
Dorthy Ford abt 1919 Daughter
Mildred Ford abt 1921 Daughter
Henry Ford abt 1923 Son
Evelyn Ford abt 1925 Daughter
Mary Ford abt 1929 Daughter
James Harbin abt 1880 South Carolina Head
Milton Harbin abt 1867 Brother
James Mcglohon abt 1905 Alabama Boarder
Roseanna Halt abt 1861 Georgia Cook
Albert Smith abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Essie Smith abt 1905 Wife
Alex Smith abt 1923 Son
Arnold Smith abt 1928 Son
Marie Smith abt 1925 Daughter
Charlie Smith abt 1854 Father
Hattie Davis abt 1894 Georgia Head
Severe Davis abt 1918 Son
Erna M Davis abt 1920 Daughter
Christene Davis abt 1923 Daughter
Mary R Davis abt 1927 Daughter
Wanda Drew abt 1929 Tennessee Daughter
Albert Johnson abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Nellie Johnson abt 1908 Wife
Velma Johnson abt 1925 Daughter
Kathrine Johnson abt 1927 Daughter
William Johnson abt 1928 Son
Harlee Shrum abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Frances Shrum abt 1916 Wife
Kenny Dickerson abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Shllie Dickerson abt 1878 Wife
Albert Dickerson abt 1899 Son
Joseph Dickerson abt 1908 Son
Nellie M Dickerson abt 1915 Daughter
George Prince abt 1876 Georgia Head
Ellen Prince abt 1880 Wife
George Prince abt 1907 Son
Goldie Prince abt 1909 Daughter
Navella Prince abt 1914 Daughter
Berttie Prince abt 1917 Daughter
Barbra Prince abt 1921 Daughter
Ray Prince abt 1901 Georgia Head
Bonnie Prince abt 1907 Wife
Leo Prince abt 1925 Daughter
Bill Higdon abt 1872 Alabama Head
Nancy Higdon abt 1877 Wife
Julia Higdon abt 1897 Daughter
Riley Higdon abt 1905 Son
Raymond Higdon abt 1909 Son
Claude Higdon abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Martha Higdon abt 1901 Wife
Billie Higdon abt 1920 Son
Willard Higdon abt 1922 Son
Mary K Higdon abt 1924 Daughter
Nancy R Higdon abt 1926 Daughter
Will Wilson abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Alice Wilson abt 1895 Wife
James Wilson abt 1917 Son
Alma Wilson abt 1921 Daughter
Odella Wilson abt 1923 Daughter
Olud Wilson abt 1926 Son
Gene Wilson abt 1927 Daughter
Richard Tittle abt 1854 Georgia Head
Mae Tittle abt 1869 Wife
Clyde Tittle abt 1887 Son
Alvin Cureton abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Maude Cureton abt 1892 Wife
John Cureton abt 1920 Son
Evelyn Cureton abt 1923 Daughter
Jennie Puckett abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Clyde Puckett abt 1903 Son
Mae Puckett abt 1908 Daughter-in-law
Ethel Puckett abt 1922 Niece
Edna Puckett abt 1924 Niece
Billie Puckett abt 1927 Grandson
Clyde Puckett abt 1929 Grandson
Bessie Dickerson abt 1909 Tennessee Daughter
Salaude Dickerson abt 1926 Grandson
Edward Dickerson abt 1929 Grandson
Hershel Jones abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Grace Jones abt 1902 Wife
John L Jones abt 1924 Son
Frances Jones abt 1925 Daughter
Margurete Jones abt 1928 Daughter
Mary Lilian Jones Daughter
Charlie Rector abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Lula Rector abt 1900 Wife
Charlie Rector abt 1922 Son
Mary L Rector abt 1925 Daughter
Richard L Rector abt 1927 Son
Oscar Bailey abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Bessie Bailey abt 1902 Wife
Mildred Bailey abt 1918 Daughter
Lucile Bailey abt 1921 Daughter
Elizabeth Bailey abt 1923 Daughter
Clawrence Bailey abt 1925 Son
Harry Bailey abt 1928 Son
Harley Jones abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Essie Jones abt 1901 Wife
Ida M Jones abt 1919 Daughter
Georgia Jones abt 1925 Daughter
William Jones abt 1928 Son
Verna Kennedy abt 1887 Georgia Head
Willie Kennedy abt 1908 Daughter
Elmer Bilderback abt 1896 California Head
Mattie Bilderback abt 1892 Wife
Elmer Bilderback abt 1920 Son
William Bilderback abt 1927 Son
Robert Cargila abt 1883 Alabama Head
Lula Cargila abt 1884 Wife
Margie Cargila abt 1908 Daughter
Lilie Cargila abt 1912 Daughter
Robert Cargila abt 1918 Son
Charlie Dagnan abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Janie Dagnan abt 1880 Wife
Walter Dagnan abt 1910 Son
Genoma Dagnan abt 1921 Daughter
Walter Weddle abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Ollie Weddle abt 1892 Wife
Irene Weddle abt 1919 Daughter
Lewis Weddle abt 1927 Son
Henry Oneal abt 1880 Georgia Head
Rena Oneal abt 1880 Wife
Luther Shrum abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Ella M Shrum abt 1901 Wife
Irene Shrum abt 1922 Daughter
Josephine Shrum abt 1923 Daughter
Pauline Shrum abt 1925 Daughter
Will Drew abt 1884 Tennessee Boarder
John Gauger abt 1907 Georgia Head
Martha Gauger abt 1907 Wife
Daniel Gauger abt 1928 Son
Duthulla Gauger abt 1921 Sister
George R Lynch abt 1865 Massachusetts Head
Eula Lynch abt 1893 Wife
Lawrence Lynch abt 1892 Son
Kathrine Lynch abt 1902 Daughter
Lula Mcbee abt 1907 Tennessee Sister-in-law
Billie Mcbee abt 1928 Nephew
Joe Drew abt 1904 Georgia Head
Mattie Drew abt 1908 Wife
Aline Drew abt 1929 Daughter
Lester Griffey abt 1911 Tennessee Head
Julia Griffey abt 1906 Wife
William Rogers abt 1861 Georgia Head
Margurete Rogers abt 1859 Wife
George Rogers abt 1905 Son
Laten Rogers abt 1909 Son
Thomas Basham abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Mae Basham abt 1899 Wife
Charles Basham abt 1919 Son
Thomas Basham abt 1922 Son
Juanita Basham abt 1925 Daughter
William St Clair abt 1890 Alabama Head
Lilie St Clair abt 1892 Wife
Mary N St Clair abt 1916 Daughter
Marva J St Clair abt 1921 Daughter
James Swift abt 1886 England Head
Susie Swift abt 1885 Wife
Ed Kennedy abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Edith Kennedy abt 1902 Wife
Thomas Kennedy abt 1921 Son
Edward Kennedy abt 1922 Son
Georgia Kennedy abt 1924 Daughter
Herman Kennedy abt 1925 Son
Willard Kennedy abt 1926 Son
Doris M Kennedy abt 1928 Daughter
Elizabeth Kennedy abt 1852 Mother
Harry Keef abt 1905 Alabama Head
Cecil Keef abt 1911 Wife
Mildred Keef abt 1928 Daughter
Fred Keef abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Jo Keef abt 1903 Wife
Lucy M Keef abt 1918 Daughter
Indiasea Keef abt 1920 Daughter
Joe Keef abt 1921 Son
Sadie E Keef abt 1923 Daughter
Charles E Keef abt 1925 Son
Margurete Keef abt 1925 Daughter
Thelma L Keef abt 1928 Daughter
Louis Keef abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Harriet Keef abt 1877 Wife
Chester Keef abt 1910 Son
Ozzie Keef abt 1912 Son
John Keef abt 1914 Son
Myrtle Keef abt 1917 Daughter
Kaney Keef abt 1845 Father
Delia Moore abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Ruby Fansler abt 1898 Georgia Sister-in-law
Gurney Taylor abt 1920 Tennessee Nephew
Frank Taylor abt 1922 Nephew
Tom Dagnan abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Lula Dagnan abt 1872 Wife
Jack Dagnan abt 1907 Son
Simon Dagnan abt 1912 Son
Tomy Dagnan abt 1914 Grandson
Sallie Dagnan abt 1916 Granddaughter
Timothy Dagnan abt 1919 Grandson
William Dagnan abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Ruby Dagnan abt 1909 Wife
William Dagnan abt 1928 Son
George Mchone abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Betty Mchone abt 1878 Wife
Clawrence Mchone abt 1906 Son
Sallie M Mchone abt 1912 Daughter
Lawrence Mchone abt 1915 Son
Lawrence Sanders abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Beatrice Sanders abt 1911 Wife
Beat Cargile abt 1885 Alabama Boarder
Charles Sanders abt 1889 Georgia Head
Iva Sanders abt 1890 Wife
Harold Sanders abt 1911 Son
Duill Sanders abt 1914 Son
Enza Sanders abt 1915 Daughter
Winnie M Sanders abt 1917 Daughter
Bud Sanders abt 1922 Son
W T Sanders abt 1924 Son
Willie L Sanders abt 1924 Daughter
Genette Sanders abt 1925 Daughter
Nancy R Sanders abt 1928 Daughter
Ordell Ginn abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Gladys Ginn abt 1909 Wife
Billie Ginn abt 1926 Son
Pat Ginn abt 1927 Son
Linns Ginn abt 1929 Son
Lizzy Ginn abt 1877 Mother
George Garett abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Abba Garett abt 1891 Wife
Tabar Garett abt 1922 Son
Carl Garett abt 1925 Son
Jim Ridge abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Rebecca Ridge abt 1870 Wife
Jim Sayner abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Bessie Sayner abt 1889 Wife
Frank Sayner abt 1913 Son
Edger Sayner abt 1915 Son
Larene Sayner abt 1922 Daughter
Carl Sayner abt 1924 Son
Louise Sayner abt 1927 Daughter
Haram Ridge abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Lena Ridge abt 1910 Wife
Paul Ridge abt 1925 Son
Claude Ridge abt 1927 Son
Emma L Ridge abt 1929 Daughter
Ida Hartman abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Lawrence Hartman abt 1916 Son
Elbert Hartman abt 1917 Son
Carl Hartman abt 1918 Son
Walter Hartman abt 1920 Son
Mary E Hartman abt 1923 Daughter
Lila M Hartman abt 1928 Daughter
Joe Sexton abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Eva Sexton abt 1900 Wife
John Hartman abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Grace Hartman abt 1900 Wife
Martin Hartman abt 1921 Son
Henry Hartman abt 1923 Son
D J Hartman abt 1926 Son
Bill Ingram abt 1892 Kentucky Head
Lucy Ingram abt 1900 Wife
Thomas Ingram abt 1922 Son
Carl Ingram abt 1924 Son
Arzella Ingram abt 1929 Daughter
Oscar Anderson abt 1903 Arkansas Head
Matt Anderson abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Curry Mcnabb abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Mary Mcnabb abt 1869 Wife
Luther Mcnabb abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Addie Mcnabb abt 1904 Wife
Geneva Mcnabb abt 1927 Daughter
Effie Mcnabb abt 1929 Daughter
Arch Mcnabb abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Nellie Mcnabb abt 1886 Wife
Rena Mcnabb abt 1915 Son
Freeman Mcnabb abt 1915 Son
Estelle Mcnabb abt 1917 Daughter
Emma Mcnabb abt 1919 Daughter
Letha Mcnabb abt 1922 Daughter
Jim Mcnabb abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Abbie Mcnabb abt 1888 Wife
Annie Mcnabb abt 1914 Daughter
Edzia Mcnabb abt 1916 Son
Claude Mcnabb abt 1920 Son
Richard Mcnabb abt 1925 Son
Dane Mcnabb abt 1866 Tennessee Head
Laura Mcnabb abt 1897 Wife
Mable Mcnabb abt 1915 Daughter
Jane Mcnabb abt 1917 Daughter
Lou Mcnabb abt 1919 Daughter
Jerry Mcnabb abt 1921 Son
Almeda Mcnabb abt 1922 Daughter
Mc Donald Mcnabb abt 1925 Son
David Mcnabb abt 1926 Son
Chas Nichols abt 1883 Georgia Head
Eller Nichols abt 1892 Wife
Henry Nichols abt 1914 Son
Frances Nichols abt 1917 Daughter
Betty Nichols abt 1919 Daughter
Robert Nichols abt 1920 Son
Harrison Nichols abt 1922 Son
Lester Nichols abt 1925 Son
Mae Nichols abt 1927 Daughter
Jim Nichols abt 1885 Georgia Head
Hattie Nichols abt 1885 Wife
Floyd Nichols abt 1904 Son
Bessie Nichols abt 1906 Daughter
Earl Nichols abt 1912 Son
William Bailey abt 1864 Tennessee Head
Sarah Bailey abt 1870 Wife
John C Bailey abt 1861 Tennessee Head
Alice Bailey abt 1875 Wife
Lee Bailey abt 1906 Son
Amon Rice abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Eva Rice abt 1911 Wife
Raymond Rice abt 1926 Son
Mary B Rice abt 1928 Daughter
John Bailey abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Hazle Bailey abt 1914 Wife
Paul Bailey abt 1904 Brother Son
Mattie Bailey abt 1910 Sister Daughter-in-law
Maudie Baggett abt 1901 Tennessee Head
William Baggett abt 1919 Son
Cecil Baggett abt 1922 Daughter
Floyd L Baggett abt 1925 Son
Margruete Baggett abt 1927 Daughter
Mary K Baggett abt 1928 Daughter
William Fletcher abt 1880 Kentucky Head
Sallie Fletcher abt 1884 Wife
Mildred Fletcher abt 1925 Daughter
Earl Rankin abt 1910 Tennessee Stepson
Thelma Rankin abt 1919 Stepdaughter
Milton Rankin abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Maudie Rankin abt 1905 Wife
William Rankin abt 1924 Son
Lorene Rankin abt 1928 Daughter
Selmon Brumley abt 1851 Tennessee Head
Willie C Brumley abt 1868 Wife
John Brumley abt 1892 Son
Dewey Brumley abt 1899 Son
Rebecca Brumley abt 1883 Daughter
Harry Brumley abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Ruby E Brumley abt 1907 Wife
Selmon Ele Brumley abt 1925 Son
Bobby J Brumley abt 1928 Son
Newell D Brumley abt 1929 Son
Frank Allen abt 1863 Alabama Head
Rachel Allen abt 1850 Wife
Bob Merciers abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Sallie Merciers abt 1885 Wife
Pauline Merciers abt 1912 Daughter
Hellen Merciers abt 1915 Daughter
Frank Merciers abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Guy Merciers abt 1911 Wife
Luther Halland abt 1900 North Carolina Head
Ella M Halland abt 1912 Wife
William I Davis abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Benjiman Davis abt 1898 Son
Edary S Davis abt 1901 Son
Eddie Mcnabb abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Dessie Mcnabb abt 1910 Wife
Charles E Mcnabb abt 1928 Son
James Drew abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Margarete Drew abt 1905 Wife
Carrie Drew abt 1918 Daughter
Agnes Drew abt 1920 Daughter
Billie E Drew abt 1922 Son
Louie Drew abt 1924 Son
Iris Drew abt 1926 Daughter
Bernice Drew abt 1929 Daughter
James Evans abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Dorthy Evans abt 1911 Wife
George Brown abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Martha Brown abt 1880 Wife
Louis Brown abt 1911 Son
John Eddington abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Sallie Eddington abt 1912 Wife
John Harris abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Gladys Harris abt 1908 Wife
Betty J Harris abt 1929 Daughter
Ike Harris abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Kate Harris abt 1881 Wife
Jim Harris abt 1908 Son
Jess Harris abt 1910 Son
Dave Harris abt 1912 Son
Forrest Harris abt 1914 Son
Willie Harris abt 1916 Daughter
Mattie Harris abt 1918 Daughter
George Harris abt 1922 Son
Henry Ford abt 1879 Alabama Head
Ada Ford abt 1902 Wife
Lurley Ford abt 1918 Daughter
Mary Ford abt 1920 Daughter
John Ford abt 1922 Son
Ford abt 1925 Daughter
Ennis Francis abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Rachel Francis abt 1903 Wife
Clara Francis abt 1922 Daughter
Ora B Francis abt 1924 Daughter
Hazle Francis abt 1927 Daughter
Arthur Francis abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Mandy Francis abt 1892 Wife
Alice Francis abt 1921 Daughter
Arthur Francis abt 1925 Son
Joe Luck abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Vertie Luck abt 1910 Daughter
Gertie Luck abt 1911 Daughter
Alton Luck abt 1915 Son
Ebbie Luck abt 1918 Daughter
Louis Luck abt 1921 Son
Bessie Luck abt 1921 Daughter
Hellen Luck abt 1924 Daughter
Mable Bagget abt 1929 Tennessee Granddaughter
Minnie V Thomas abt 1927 Tennessee Granddaughter
Lawrence Massengale abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Mae Massengale abt 1911 Wife
Jim Massengale abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Vadia Massengale abt 1890 Wife
Clyde Massengale abt 1912 Son
Jim Massengale abt 1914 Son
Luther Massengale abt 1916 Son
Arnold Massengale abt 1918 Son
Virgle Massengale abt 1925 Son
Hazle Massengale abt 1926 Daughter
Clawrence Massengale abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Cora Massengale abt 1913 Wife
Kelly Massengale abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Lena Massengale abt 1899 Wife
Lecal Massengale abt 1917 Daughter
Kelly Massengale abt 1919 Son
John Massengale abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Sarah Massengale abt 1884 Wife
Theodore Massengale abt 1908 Son
William Massengale abt 1908 Son
Mary Dunn abt 1909 Tennessee Stepdaughter
George Massengale abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Ruby Massengale abt 1912 Wife
John D Massengale abt 1929 Son
Ben Durham abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Sarah Durham abt 1890 Wife
Alton Durham abt 1917 Son
Clauerence Durham abt 1920 Son
Carrey Durham abt 1923 Daughter
Edna Durham abt 1925 Daughter
Ollie Durham abt 1927 Daughter
Sallie Durham abt 1929 Daughter
Jim Durham abt 1857 Father
Bob Durham abt 1913 Brother
Malindy Frances abt 1854 Tennessee Aunt
Lawrence Essex abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Addie Essex abt 1899 Wife
Elizabeth Essex abt 1923 Daughter
Raymond Essex abt 1925 Son
Lawrence Essex abt 1926 Son
Mable Essex abt 1928 Daughter
Sam Durham abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Ethel Durham abt 1910 Wife
Loyd Durham abt 1927 Son
Arnold Durham abt 1929 Son
John Durham abt 1840 Father
Matt Ford abt 1857 Tennessee Head
Jane Ford abt 1861 Sister
Jim Ford abt 1863 Brother
Mary Ford abt 1867 Sister

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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JULY 3, 2006