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Name Birth Year Birthplace Relationship
David W Garner abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Mamie Garner abt 1889 Wife
Ruby Garner abt 1914 Daughter
Thelma Garner abt 1920 Daughter
Mamie R Garner abt 1929 Daughter
R A Smith abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Hettie C Smith abt 1911 Wife
Robert D Smith abt 1930 Son
John Sullivan abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Ollie Sullivan abt 1890 Wife
Dorthey Sullivan abt 1917 Daughter
Riley Payne abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Elsie Payne abt 1907 Wife
Dorthey Payne abt 1924 Daughter
Alvin Payne abt 1926 Son
John Mickey abt 1856 Tennessee Head
Betty G Mickey abt 1858 Wife
Ellene Carpenter abt 1914 Tennessee Granddaughter
George Cane abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Etta L Cane abt 1892 Wife
Gloria F Cane abt 1923 Daughter
George E Cane abt 1927 Son
John Henniger abt 1865 Tennessee Head
James Henniger abt 1912 Son
William Henniger abt 1914 Son
Paul L Henniger abt 1916 Son
Edger Henniger abt 1920 Son
Charles Vaughn abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Lelah Vaughn abt 1904 Wife
Joseph Vaughn abt 1921 Son
Charles Vaughn abt 1923 Son
Elizabeth Vaughn abt 1925 Daughter
Mary R Vaughn abt 1927 Daughter
Walter Nickles abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Clara Nickles abt 1909 Wife
Ella Nickles abt 1925 Daughter
J Bailey Nickles abt 1926 Son
Walter I Nickles abt 1929 Son
Jim Tant abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Josephine Tant abt 1899 Wife
Ethel Tant abt 1915 Daughter
Bertha Tant abt 1918 Daughter
Nora L Tant abt 1920 Daughter
Clara M Tant abt 1922 Daughter
James E Tant abt 1925 Son
Charles W Tant abt 1930 Son
Elmer Sanders abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Damie Sanders abt 1908 Wife
Lillian Sanders abt 1928 Daughter
Charles Sanders abt 1910 Brother
James W Patterson abt 1896 North Carolina Head
Ethel Patterson abt 1899 Wife
Beatrice Patterson abt 1920 Daughter
James W Patterson abt 1922 Son
Gladys Patterson abt 1924 Daughter
Thelma Patterson abt 1927 Daughter
Wash Adams abt 1912 Tennessee Lodger
John Payne abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Dellie Payne abt 1904 Wife
Louis Payne abt 1924 Son
Dee Payne abt 1925 Son
Mary Payne abt 1927 Daughter
Martha Curriton abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Walter Curriton abt 1902 Son
John Curriton abt 1914 Son
Frank Sullivan abt 1894 Tennessee Brother
John Troxtell abt 1867 Alabama Head
Florence Troxtell abt 1877 Wife
Helen Troxtell abt 1912 Daughter
Lucie Troxtell abt 1916 Daughter
Jashephine Troxtell abt 1920 Daughter
Charles Cannon abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Bessie Cannon abt 1908 Daughter
Jake Vittetoe abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Grace Vittetoe abt 1905 Wife
Rosella Vittetoe abt 1923 Daughter
James M Vittetoe abt 1926 Son
Jayice Vittetoe abt 1927 Daughter
Billie J Vittetoe abt 1929 Son
Will Kilgore abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Susan Kilgore abt 1891 Wife
Lillie B Kilgore abt 1915 Daughter
Oscar Kilgore abt 1917 Son
Bertha Kilgore abt 1923 Daughter
Nellie Miller abt 1893 Tennessee Cousin
Dorthey Miller abt 1927 Cousin
Will Perkins abt 1890 Illinois Head
Ida Perkins abt 1892 Wife
Vernon Perkins abt 1913 Son
Elmer Perkins abt 1917 Son
Mageline Perkins abt 1920 Daughter
Esker Perkins abt 1924 Son
Sherman Ford abt 1894 Alabama Head
Gertie Ford abt 1898 Wife
Lucile Ford abt 1915 Daughter
Lillian Ford abt 1917 Daughter
James Ford abt 1920 Son
Dorthey Ford abt 1923 Daughter
Lorrene Ford abt 1926 Daughter
Leonard Payne abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Dora Payne abt 1913 Sister
Ira Payne abt 1915 Sister
Joseph Payne abt 1918 Brother
Thomas Payne abt 1920 Brother
Everett Patterson abt 1899 North Carolina Lodger
Earl Cabe abt 1906 North Carolina Lodger
Amos Jackson abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Maud Jackson abt 1901 Wife
Ethel Jackson abt 1916 Daughter
Lowery Jackson abt 1919 Son
Pauline Jackson abt 1921 Daughter
Treva Jackson abt 1923 Daughter
Emigene Jackson abt 1925 Daughter
Megennis Jackson abt 1927 Daughter
Vera Jackson abt 1928 Daughter
Etta Jackson abt 1930 Daughter
Audie Smith abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Sallie Smith abt 1892 Wife
Cleverine Smith abt 1911 Daughter
Catherin Smith abt 1922 Daughter
Andrew Smith abt 1924 Son
Ruth Smith abt 1926 Daughter
Charles Mount abt 1871 Georgia Head
Sara Mount abt 1875 Wife
Willie Mount abt 1900 Son
Brad Mount abt 1903 Son
Thornton Mount abt 1906 Son
Bulah Mount abt 1916 Daughter
Jack C Rollins abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Milenda Rollins abt 1881 Wife
Arlen Rollins abt 1914 Son
Bulah Rollins abt 1918 Daughter
Bertha Rollins abt 1918 Daughter
Mary Thompson abt 1853 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Mace Dye abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Edna Dye abt 1913 Wife
Velma Dye abt 1930 Daughter
William Dye abt 1863 Tennessee Head
Mary Dye abt 1874 Wife
Jim Payne abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Elva Payne abt 1907 Wife
Marvin Payne abt 1928 Son
William Rich abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Margie Rich abt 1900 Wife
Sallie Rich abt 1922 Daughter
Robert C Rich abt 1924 Son
Lon Cooley abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Lelah Cooley abt 1912 Wife
Bert Moore abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Sophia Moore abt 1902 Wife
Ralph Moore abt 1921 Son
Rayma Moore abt 1922 Daughter
Wilma Moore abt 1926 Daughter
Thompson Ellen abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Delia Ellen abt 1876 Wife
Reba L Ellen abt 1912 Daughter
Harvey Young abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Ruth Young abt 1894 Wife
Darrel Young abt 1912 Daughter
Ben Young abt 1914 Son
William Young abt 1916 Son
Hilda Young abt 1920 Daughter
Hando Angel abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Emma Angel abt 1909 Wife
Evelyn Angel abt 1930 Daughter
Bulah Thurman abt 1880 Tennessee Lodger
Homer Bryant abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Monnie Bryant abt 1902 Wife
Iris Bryant abt 1924 Daughter
James A Rollins abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Bell Rollins abt 1907 Wife
Lorrene Rollins abt 1925 Daughter
Allice Rollins abt 1926 Daughter
Sara Rollins abt 1929 Daughter
John Halder abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Fannie Halder abt 1919 Daughter
Earl Martin abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Jessie Martin abt 1911 Wife
Joseph T Martin abt 1929 Son
Mary Halder abt 1889 Alabama Head
Harry Halder abt 1909 Son
Mable Halder abt 1913 Daughter
Lizzie Halder abt 1915 Daughter
Arlen Halder abt 1924 Son
George Oakley abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Alidene Oakley abt 1909 Wife
Georgia Oakley abt 1928 Daughter
Lula Teeters abt 1918 Tennessee Sister-in-law
John Teeters abt 1913 Brother-in-law
Fred Teeters abt 1924 Brother-in-law
Robert Payne abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Mary Payne abt 1905 Wife
Ellen Payne abt 1922 Daughter
Mildred Payne abt 1924 Daughter
Charles Payne abt 1926 Son
Dallis Payne abt 1929 Son
Robert Cleveland abt 1915 Tennessee Brother-in-law
Emma Sanders abt 1863 Alabama Head
Paul Sanders abt 1906 Son
Henry Powell abt 1906 Georgia Lodger
Roy Mabley abt 1887 Georgia Head
Alba Mabley abt 1897 Wife
Bessie Mabley abt 1915 Daughter
Clarence Mabley abt 1917 Son
Louise Mabley abt 1921 Daughter
Elliner Mabley abt 1923 Daughter
Dorthey Mabley abt 1925 Daughter
Juanita Mabley abt 1926 Daughter
Robert Prime abt 1905 Tennessee Lodger
James Prime abt 1913 Tennessee Lodger
George Troxtelle abt 1885 Alabama Head
Nora Troxtelle abt 1884 Wife
Merril Troxtelle abt 1915 Daughter
George Troxtelle abt 1918 Son
Martha Troxtelle abt 1920 Daughter
J L Troxtelle abt 1923 Son
Lawrence Troxtelle abt 1926 Son
John Shuberg abt 1861 Alabama Father-in-law
Sollie Partin abt 1861 Illinois Aunt
Fee Halder abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Collie Halder abt 1900 Wife
Robert L Halder abt 1919 Son
Charlsie Halder abt 1921 Daughter
Ruby Halder abt 1923 Daughter
Everett Halder abt 1925 Son
William Halder abt 1927 Son
Virginia Halder abt 1928 Daughter
Luster Officer abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Margerite Officer abt 1911 Wife
Georges Samples abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Annie Samples abt 1887 Wife
Kattie Samples abt 1914 Daughter
Charles Samples abt 1917 Son
Florida Samples abt 1922 Daughter
Virginia Samples abt 1925 Daughter
Charles Adams abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Luise Adams abt 1908 Wife
Ester Adams abt 1927 Daughter
Theordore Adams abt 1929 Son
Murphy White abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Ida White abt 1902 Wife
Viola White abt 1922 Daughter
Murphy J White abt 1923 Son
Hal White abt 1926 Son
Vergie White abt 1928 Daughter
Elbert Patterson abt 1905 Alabama Head
Beckie Patterson abt 1910 Wife
George Hughes abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Lou Hughes abt 1884 Wife
Allen Hughes abt 1913 Son
William Hughes abt 1915 Son
Isabell Hughes abt 1921 Daughter
George Hughes abt 1924 Son
Henry Godsby abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Bell Godsby abt 1888 Wife
William Godsby abt 1914 Son
James Godsby abt 1920 Son
Lillie Swofford abt 1909 Alabama Daughter
Frank Rollins abt 1861 Tennessee Head
Anna Rollins abt 1875 Wife
John Rollins abt 1908 Son
Martha Rollins abt 1910 Daughter
Willie Rollins abt 1912 Daughter
Edna Rollins abt 1914 Daughter
Mary Rollins abt 1916 Daughter
Bonita Rollins abt 1923 Daughter
Jewel Rollins abt 1927 Daughter
Brase Garner abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Ethel Garner abt 1907 Wife
Lucile Garner abt 1925 Daughter
Minnie Garner abt 1927 Daughter
Scott Blanchett abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Mattie Blanchett abt 1900 Wife
William Blanchett abt 1920 Son
Edward Blanchett abt 1922 Son
Scott J Blanchett abt 1924 Son
Jennie Blanchett abt 1929 Daughter
Taylor Dawson abt 1860 Alabama Head
Nancie Dawson abt 1863 Wife
Bettie Martin abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Mamie Martin abt 1910 Daughter
Hubert Martin abt 1913 Son
Lillie Martin abt 1918 Daughter
Earl Martin abt 1925 Son
Edward O'neal abt 1874 Alabama Head
Mary O'neal abt 1894 Wife
Andrew O'neal abt 1918 Son
Charles O'neal abt 1919 Son
Lettie O'neal abt 1921 Daughter
Lulla O'neal abt 1924 Daughter
Edna O'neal abt 1926 Daughter
Edward Dawson abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Cora Dawson abt 1900 Wife
Grace Dawson abt 1917 Daughter
Frank Dawson abt 1919 Son
Edward Dawson abt 1924 Son
Bertha Dawson abt 1926 Daughter
Issac Dawson abt 1928 Son
John Loghorn abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Maggie Loghorn abt 1892 Wife
Martha Loghorn abt 1913 Daughter
Ollie Loghorn abt 1919 Daughter
John E Loghorn abt 1923 Son
Robert Haywood abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Della Haywood abt 1900 Wife
Lora M Haywood abt 1917 Daughter
Daisy Haywood abt 1920 Daughter
Mary Haywood abt 1922 Daughter
James Haywood abt 1925 Son
Charles Haywood abt 1927 Son
Otto Haywood abt 1898 Alabama Head
Orea Haywood abt 1900 Wife
Mary Haywood abt 1921 Daughter
Vivian Haywood abt 1924 Daughter
Virginia Haywood abt 1928 Daughter
Sarah Sampley abt 1887 Arkansas Head
Aurbery Sampley abt 1916 Son
Hazel Sampley abt 1922 Daughter
Sarah Goings abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Henry Goings abt 1908 Son
Homer Goings abt 1911 Son
Anderson Goings abt 1916 Son
William Goings abt 1918 Son
Sallie Goings abt 1923 Daughter
Katherine Goings abt 1925 Daughter
James Ford abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Olla Ford abt 1908 Wife
Fannie Ford abt 1919 Daughter
William Ford abt 1921 Son
Mary E Ford abt 1923 Daughter
James W Ford abt 1926 Son
Amos Nicoles abt 1872 Alabama Head
Nervie Nicoles abt 1872 Wife
Ludella Nicoles abt 1901 Daughter
Amos J Nicoles abt 1910 Son
Edward Cirk abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Annie Cirk abt 1894 Wife
Pauline Cirk abt 1921 Daughter
Margerite Cirk abt 1924 Daughter
Buddie Cirk abt 1926 Son
Brother Cirk abt 1928 Son
Amos E Cirk abt 1930 Son
Thomas Coffelt abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Wennie Coffelt abt 1891 Wife
Morris Coffelt abt 1913 Son
Elmer Coffelt abt 1917 Son
Ruth Coffelt abt 1920 Daughter
Henry Coffelt abt 1923 Son
Carl Coffelt abt 1925 Son
Dorothy Coffelt abt 1928 Daughter
George E Jackson abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Georgia Jackson abt 1880 Wife
George J Jackson abt 1920 Son
Mary Jackson abt 1921 Daughter
Joseph R Sisk abt 1896 Alabama Head
Myrtle Sisk abt 1905 Wife
Joseph Sisk abt 1924 Son
James Sisk abt 1925 Son
Mary Sisk abt 1928 Daughter
Andrew Meadows abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Susie Meadows abt 1897 Wife
Luther Meadows abt 1916 Son
Arnold Meadows abt 1918 Son
Nellie Meadows abt 1919 Daughter
Colsie Meadows abt 1922 Son
Rosie Meadows abt 1924 Daughter
Dorothy Meadows abt 1928 Daughter
Jerre Hankins abt 1874 North Carolina Head
Mary Hankins abt 1877 Wife
Marginte Hankins abt 1907 Daughter
Jessie Hankins abt 1908 Daughter
Edley Hankins abt 1911 Son
Harry Hankins abt 1913 Son
Mable Hankins abt 1915 Daughter
James Hankins abt 1921 Grandson
James Hammit abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Sollie Hammit abt 1895 Wife
James Hammit abt 1924 Son
George Golf abt 1900 Alabama Head
Lena Golf abt 1906 Wife
Rosa Golf abt 1925 Daughter
Dorothy Golf abt 1927 Daughter
Edith Golf abt 1929 Daughter
John Payne abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Mattie Payne abt 1910 Wife
Charles Payne abt 1927 Son
Frank Bentley abt 1867 Georgia Head
Susan Bentley abt 1872 Wife
Alberta Bentley abt 1915 Daughter
Wess J Benton abt 1892 Arkansas Head
Irene Benton abt 1902 Wife
Melvin Ryon abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Johnnie Ryon abt 1911 Daughter
Roy Ryon abt 1915 Son
Frank Ryon abt 1917 Son
Marion Barnes abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Mary Barnes abt 1889 Wife
Annie Barnes abt 1924 Daughter
Elizabeth Barnes abt 1925 Daughter
Marion A Barnes abt 1928 Son
Lester Barnes abt 1909 Brother
Thurman Barnes abt 1912 Brother
David King abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Marie King abt 1907 Wife
Richard Elliot abt 1925 Tennessee Stepson
Dewitt King abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Ida King abt 1905 Wife
Homer King abt 1927 Son
William Boyd abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Lucie Boyd abt 1885 Wife
Robert Boyd abt 1919 Son
Billie Boyd abt 1923 Daughter
Omie Boyd abt 1926 Daughter
Dewitt Freeman abt 1883 North Carolina Head
Nancy Freeman abt 1884 Wife
Newton Payne abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Payne abt 1876 Wife
Evelyn Payne abt 1905 Daughter
Mary E Payne abt 1907 Daughter
John M Siles abt 1882 Alabama Head
Elizabeth Siles abt 1901 Wife
Glen L Siles abt 1918 Son
Clencie Siles abt 1920 Daughter
George Siles abt 1922 Son
Grace Siles abt 1929 Daughter
David Nunnelly abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Mary A Nunnelly abt 1877 Wife
Luther C Nunnelly abt 1914 Son
Tilman U Nunnelly abt 1917 Son
David Nunnelly abt 1917 Son
J C Nunnelly abt 1926 Son
Horace H Hibbs abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Sollie A Hibbs abt 1904 Wife
Bulah Hibbs abt 1909 Daughter
Ralph Hibbs abt 1911 Son
Oscar Hibbs abt 1914 Son
Melvin Hibbs abt 1924 Son
Gladys Hibbs abt 1926 Daughter
Pauline Hibbs abt 1927 Daughter
William B Adams abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Ollie Adams abt 1909 Wife
Georgia V Adams abt 1930 Daughter
Nathan Holder abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Cleo Holder abt 1911 Wife
Carl Holder abt 1923 Son
Chester Holder abt 1925 Son
Geneva Holder abt 1928 Daughter
Luther F Adams abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Georgia Adams abt 1909 Wife
Willie Adams abt 1927 Daughter
Virgil W Matthews abt 1910 Texas Head
Mary Matthews abt 1912 Wife
Arthur Matthews abt 1929 Son
George W Havner abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Elsie Havner abt 1907 Wife
Sarah M Havner abt 1924 Daughter
James B Havner abt 1927 Son
William Havner abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Mary Havner abt 1907 Wife
Ruby M Havner abt 1925 Daughter
Willie B Havner abt 1927 Daughter
Earl A Nunnelly abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Margerite Nunnelly abt 1907 Wife
Hettie C Nunnelly abt 1925 Daughter
Catherine Nunnelly abt 1927 Daughter
Pearl M Nunnelly abt 1929 Daughter

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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JULY 3, 2006