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South Pittsburg

Name Birth Year Birthplace Relationship
J Kent Cabaniss abt 1889 Virginia Head
Louise Cabaniss abt 1899 Wife
Jack Cabaniss abt 1922 Son
Dorothy L Cabaniss abt 1924 Daughter
Grace B Hackworth abt 1883 Tennessee Head
John B Hackworth abt 1915 Son
Martha E Hackworth abt 1918 Daughter
Arthur H Niles abt 1855 Maine Head
Mildred H Niles abt 1906 Wife
Faye E Niles Daughter
Marilyn L Niles Daughter
Fannie J Dunwody abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Ruth Crosby abt 1906 Tennessee Lodger
John H Collins abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Ruth J Collins abt 1895 Wife
Edna Collins abt 1916 Daughter
Glum Collins abt 1921 Son
Chas Collins abt 1924 Son
John J Lane abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Rebecca Lane abt 1898 Wife
Willie R Lane abt 1917 Daughter
Aryleen Lane abt 1920 Daughter
Richard Berne abt 1901 Alabama Head
Alice Berne abt 1902 Wife
William M Berne abt 1922 Son
Horace L Wynne abt 1901 Alabama Head
Lois Wynne abt 1911 Wife
Doral L Wynne abt 1925 Son
William E Wynne abt 1927 Son
George C Ray abt 1880 Alabama Head
Ida Ray abt 1887 Wife
Veda Ray abt 1914 Daughter
Edward Ray abt 1908 Son
Belle Ray abt 1917 Daughter
Ruby Ray abt 1921 Daughter
James A Rollins abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Junl Rollins abt 1912 Wife
Grace Rollins abt 1914 Sister
Willie J Rollins abt 1928 Daughter
Chas F Niles abt 1896 Maine Head
Gladys C Niles abt 1896 Wife
Chas F Niles abt 1921 Son
Janet L Niles abt 1924 Daughter
Rudolphus Smith abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Lille Smith abt 1870 Wife
Emma M Smith abt 1900 Daughter
Garnett Gifford abt 1905 Tennessee Daughter
Chas H Gifford abt 1923 Grandson
William O Gifford abt 1925 Grandson
W W Nichols abt 1889 Tennessee Lodger
Charles L Ingersol abt 1852 New York Head
Louisa H Ingersol abt 1859 Wife
James E Shelly abt 1903 Alabama Head
Cecile M Shelly abt 1909 Wife
Rose Loulace abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Nancy Waters abt 1853 Tennessee Mother
Melvin Tate abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Elsie Tate abt 1910 Wife
Martha E Dunwody abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Ernest J Rounsaville abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Evelyn L Rounsaville abt 1910 Wife
Linah E Millikan abt 1886 Kentucky Head
Frances R Millikan abt 1888 Wife
Oscar L Millikan abt 1913 Son
Garnet A Millikan abt 1916 Son
Frances L Millikan abt 1925 Daughter
Claire Patton abt 1860 France Head
Scott Patton abt 1884 Son
Pat T Burroughs abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Flora Burroughs abt 1883 Wife
Vallie L Burroughs abt 1908 Daughter
James T Burroughs abt 1911 Son
Ralph P Burroughs abt 1915 Son
Houston Bowers abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Mary L Bowers abt 1908 Wife
Frances V Bowers abt 1926 Daughter
Robert A Padgett abt 1888 Alabama Head
Chloe W Padgett abt 1892 Wife
Robert C Padgett abt 1911 Son
Margaret E Padgett abt 1913 Daughter
Mary F Padgett abt 1915 Daughter
Marine L Kelly abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Nell D Kelly abt 1908 Daughter
Clarence Blankenship abt 1899 Kentucky Head
Alice Blankenship abt 1905 Wife
Katie Lou Blankenship abt 1929 Daughter
Joe M Green abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Dorothy L Green abt 1881 Wife
Mary R Green abt 1920 Daughter
Walter E Catron abt 1879 Virginia Head
Johnnie Catron abt 1906 Wife
John O Catron abt 1927 Son
Cinthia E Catron abt 1929 Daughter
Leannah Loulace abt 1859 Alabama Head
Martha Hudson abt 1902 Tennessee Boarder
Hubert C Loulace abt 1923 Son
Robert See Tate Tennessee Son
Vincent Hackworth abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Hackworth abt 1905 Wife
Robert Hackworth Son
Joe Kirkpatrick abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Malina Kirkpatrick abt 1901 Wife
Blanche Kirkpatrick abt 1872 Mother
Carl Thanos abt 1884 Alabama Head
Ruth Thanos abt 1888 Wife
Ruth P Thanos abt 1914 Daughter
Mary R Thanos abt 1918 Daughter
Robert Thanos abt 1924 Son
Albert Raulston abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Lee Raulston abt 1896 Wife
Mary E Raulston abt 1918 Daughter
Anna L Raulston abt 1920 Daughter
Alberta Raulston abt 1921 Daughter
Emma Raulston abt 1923 Daughter
Bessie L Raulston abt 1927 Daughter
Billie T Raulston Son
Carrie Raulston abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Christine Raulston abt 1912 Sister
Anna Raulston abt 1915 Sister
George L Beene abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Martha Beene abt 1877 Wife
Owen Beene abt 1909 Son
Martha Arnold abt 1862 Tennessee Aunt
William Linster abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Orrie Linster abt 1906 Wife
John H Linster abt 1918 Son
Belle Linster abt 1919 Daughter
William Linster abt 1923 Son
Frances Linster abt 1926 Daughter
Virginia Linster abt 1930 Daughter
William L Harston abt 1864 Tennessee Head
Anna Harston abt 1868 Wife
Joe F Walters abt 1902 Alabama Boarder
Clarie Walters abt 1903 Alabama Boarder
Joe F Walters abt 1929 Alabama Boarder
Homer K Forster abt 1893 Georgia Boarder
Madeline Mcconnel abt 1902 Tennessee Boarder
Georgia Jurmch abt 1898 Alabama Boarder
Iola Crutcher abt 1897 Tennessee Cook
Herchel Ton abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Mary M Ton abt 1909 Wife
Herchel Ton abt 1926 Son
Joseph D Ton abt 1927 Son
Daisey Sheridan abt 1888 Tennessee Mother-in-law
George Sheridan abt 1913 Brother-in-law
Katherine Sheridan abt 1914 Sister-in-law
William H Cheatham abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Ora E Cheatham abt 1898 Wife
W Roger Cheatham abt 1927 Son
Evel F Cheatham abt 1916 Brother
Lattie M Pryor abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Herchel Pryor abt 1904 Son
Ollie M Pryor abt 1911 Daughter-in-law
Walter Pryor abt 1915 Son
Milo Hamill abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Adelaide Hamill abt 1892 Wife
Louise Hamill abt 1915 Daughter
Chas W Hamill abt 1921 Son
Preston M Dickerson abt 1886 Mississippi Head
Gertrude Dickerson abt 1888 Wife
Corry Dickerson abt 1911 Son
Katherine Dickerson abt 1914 Daughter
Joe P Dickerson abt 1921 Son
Ray S Reiling abt 1883 Ohio Head
Ethel A Reiling abt 1887 Wife
Alice J Reiling abt 1921 Daughter
Richard Reiling abt 1925 Son
Eliza Willis abt 1854 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Samuel Lee abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Martha L Lee abt 1877 Wife
Raymond Lee abt 1905 Adopted Son
Sena K Lee abt 1905 Daughter-in-law
Wanda C Lee abt 1928 Granddaughter
Samuel R Lee Grandson
Mary Higgins abt 1855 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Recce Patton abt 1860 Tennessee Father-in-law
Mary Patton abt 1891 Sister-in-law
Percival Norman abt 1881 England Head
Brenda A Norman abt 1884 Wife
Geoffrey P Norman abt 1916 Son
Margaret E Norman abt 1917 Daughter
Jane M Humble abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Jennie Humble abt 1889 Wife
James W Humble abt 1912 Son
Stanley Humble abt 1916 Son
George Wynne abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Nancy E Wynne abt 1862 Wife
George Wynne abt 1885 Son
Lurana Raulston abt 1868 Tennessee Sister-in-law
Herbert D Hart abt 1897 Virginia Head
Ilra Hart abt 1900 Wife
Jean Hart abt 1926 Daughter
James W Hart abt 1928 Son
Richard Gibson abt 1893 Georgia Head
Susan Gibson abt 1896 Wife
Nellie Gibson abt 1914 Daughter
Julia Gibson abt 1920 Daughter
A J Gibson abt 1923 Son
Nellie M Gibson abt 1924 Daughter
Sellie L Gibson abt 1925 Daughter
Susteer M Gibson abt 1926 Son
Earl A Padgett abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Gladys S Padgett abt 1906 Wife
Sidney C Padgett Son
Barbara B Condra abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Lurana Condra abt 1908 Daughter
Albert A Cook abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Augusta M Cook abt 1874 Wife
Worley Pullen abt 1888 Tennessee Cook
Julius Jordon abt 1906 Alabama Hareslay
Alan S Kelly abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Lena C Kelly abt 1889 Wife
Mary E Kelly abt 1920 Daughter
Molles Campbell abt 1863 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Mary Harritt abt 1871 Alabama Head
John H Avants abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Ruby Avants abt 1903 Wife
Toy Higginbotham abt 1907 Georgia Head
Eudna B Higginbotham abt 1912 Wife
Chas Collins abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Virginia Collins abt 1901 Wife
John C Scott abt 1862 Texas Head
Emma H Scott abt 1863 Wife
Pauline Scott abt 1894 Daughter
June Scott abt 1896 Daughter
Rose Ingle abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Thomas Hoge abt 1893 Tennessee Son-in-law
Ayaline Hoge abt 1896 Daughter
Ellis W North abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Ellen North abt 1875 Wife
Margaret Humble abt 1860 Tennessee Head
James S Humble abt 1887 Son
Ennie Humble abt 1894 Daughter-in-law
Hugh Braden abt 1882 Tennessee Head
May R Braden abt 1884 Wife
Paul Braden abt 1920 Son
Mel Braden abt 1924 Daughter
Waller Mcreynolds abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Lois Mcreynolds abt 1896 Wife
James Mcreynolds abt 1902 Son
Jennie R Mcreynolds abt 1904 Daughter
Fred Mcreynolds abt 1911 Son
Joseph Mcreynolds abt 1915 Son
Margise Hodge abt 1909 Tennessee Boarder
William R Irish abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Isabel Irish abt 1876 Wife
Edith A Irish abt 1912 Daughter
Betty Daniel abt 1905 Tennessee Lodger
Blanche Willer abt 1901 Tennessee Niece
James R Braden abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Ruth D Braden abt 1907 Wife
Annis Noodfin abt 1872 Georgia Head
Clara M Noodfin abt 1902 Daughter
Alma Noodfin abt 1903 Daughter
Joseph Mcdaniels abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Katherine Mcdaniels abt 1898 Wife
Mary I Mcdaniels abt 1918 Daughter
Nancy R Mcdaniels abt 1925 Daughter
Clarence F Hatfield abt 1890 Michigan Head
Grace L Hatfield abt 1894 Wife
Katherine L Hatfield abt 1915 Daughter
Harold H Hatfield abt 1919 Son
Clarice L Hatfield abt 1925 Daughter
Walter Camerer abt 1872 Alabama Head
Sallie F Camerer abt 1870 Wife
Martelia Camerer abt 1902 Daughter
Luther Sartain abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Helen K Sartain abt 1893 Wife
Dennis Sartain abt 1908 Son
Peter Sartain abt 1912 Son
Jacob Michael abt 1861 Ohio Head
Bertha Michael abt 1862 Wife
Mary J Michael abt 1891 Daughter
Gertrude I Michael abt 1899 Daughter
Jeanette R Michael abt 1901 Daughter
Horace W Minnie abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Daisy L Minnie abt 1884 Wife
Horace Minnie abt 1910 Son
Sanil C Minnie abt 1924 Son
James Dicke abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Herman Farmer abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Eva Farmer abt 1903 Wife
David C Anderson abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Allie F Anderson abt 1901 Wife
Jasper Anderson abt 1891 Brother
Virginia Anderson abt 1917 Niece
Dorothy Anderson abt 1919 Niece
Elizabeth Anderson abt 1926 Daughter
Arvey Davis abt 1905 Alabama Head
Laura Davis abt 1911 Wife
Edna M Davis abt 1928 Daughter
Rebecca Stewart abt 1869 Tennessee Head
James Stewart abt 1906 Son
Arthur Stewart abt 1908 Son
James H Christopher abt 1908 Alabama Boarder
Price E Sharp abt 1899 Tennessee Boarder
Richard H Fitzgerald abt 1856 Ireland Head
Charlotte Fitzgerald abt 1867 Wife
Melville Turner abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Flora P Turner abt 1899 Wife
Melville Turner abt 1920 Son
Marjorie Turner abt 1925 Daughter
James L Turner abt 1928 Son
Chas H Tidman abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Katherine G Tidman abt 1904 Wife
Ray R Carter abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Tannie Carter abt 1892 Wife
Frank Carter abt 1914 Son
Ray R Carter abt 1916 Son
Clyde Walker abt 1897 Alabama Head
Ova L Walker abt 1897 Wife
Elizabeth Rankin abt 1871 Virginia Mother-in-law
Thomas P Rankin abt 1914 Brother-in-law
Clayton Drinnon abt 1904 Tennessee Boarder
Elsa J Carroll abt 1894 Tennessee Head
R J Carroll abt 1917 Son
Argie L Carroll abt 1920 Daughter
Jereline Carroll abt 1923 Daughter
William R Holder abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Mildred F Holder abt 1885 Wife
Matilda Holder abt 1908 Daughter
Mary Lou Holder abt 1913 Daughter
Emma Woodfin abt 1907 Tennessee Daughter
Maurice Woodfin abt 1928 Grandson
Willis H Whitaker abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Mary J Whitaker abt 1889 Wife
William H Whitaker abt 1915 Son
Clarence E Holder abt 1889 Alabama Head
Anna L Holder abt 1896 Wife
Clarice M Holder abt 1919 Daughter
Harold B Holder abt 1921 Son
Carol Anne Holder abt 1923 Daughter
Laura Deakins abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Clyle T Deakins abt 1898 Son
William V Deakins abt 1900 Son
Gerald Deakins abt 1901 Son
Parker Ewton abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Jody Ewton abt 1910 Wife
Bettie J Ewton abt 1927 Daughter
Edna R Ewton Daughter
Rufus Decker abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Lucy Decker abt 1883 Wife
Ennie Decker abt 1907 Daughter
Glady S Decker abt 1911 Daughter
Flssie Decker abt 1915 Daughter
Owen R Beene abt 1851 Tennessee Head
Lou E Beene abt 1861 Wife
Alfred Williamson abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Ruth Williamson abt 1893 Wife
Alfred Williamson abt 1923 Son
Frank Mccravy abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Ella Mccravy abt 1909 Wife
Millie Allison abt 1911 Tennessee Boarder
Debby C Williams abt 1926 Tennessee Son
Robert Crisp abt 1888 Arkansas Head
Ennie Crisp abt 1893 Wife
Miriam Crisp abt 1915 Daughter
Roberta Crisp abt 1920 Daughter
William Crisp abt 1922 Son
George Baumgartner abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Martha Baumgartner abt 1902 Wife
Lewis Smith abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Martha Smith abt 1893 Wife
Nellie M Smith abt 1919 Daughter
Martha L Smith abt 1926 Daughter
Alexander Mcgraw abt 1860 Tennessee Head
Emma Mcgraw abt 1866 Wife
Loyd Mcgraw abt 1904 Son
Ola Mcgraw abt 1906 Daughter
Tate Mcgraw abt 1908 Son
Roy Mcgraw abt 1916 Grandson
Elma Mcgraw abt 1920 Granddaughter
Gerald Fitzgerald abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Clara L Fitzgerald abt 1896 Wife
Gerald D Fitzgerald abt 1929 Son
Louis C Hudson abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Mary Hudson abt 1886 Wife
William L Hudson abt 1911 Son
Forrest Hudson abt 1918 Son
Sona Ross abt 1871 Georgia Head
Jennie Ross abt 1900 Daughter
Walter Ross abt 1909 Son
Allie M Ross abt 1911 Daughter
Mary Peak abt 1900 Tennessee Boarder
Lucy B Culpepper abt 1888 Tennessee Head
David Culpepper abt 1910 Son
Cora C Culpepper abt 1915 Daughter
Amanda E Culpepper abt 1917 Daughter
Carl W Culpepper abt 1918 Son
Henry H Raulston abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Bula Raulston abt 1900 Wife
Hackle M Raulston abt 1925 Son
Harold Raulston abt 1927 Son
Frederick Thompson abt 1872 New Hampshire Head
Rose Thompson abt 1886 Wife
Elizabeth Thompson abt 1910 Daughter
Rose V Thompson abt 1912 Daughter
Paul R Hodge abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Carrie L Hodge abt 1905 Wife
Charlotte A Hodge abt 1926 Daughter
Lyman W Hodge abt 1928 Tennessee Son
Chas H Tidman abt 1925 Tennessee Son
Albert F Goodgame abt 1882 Alabama Head
Mary Goodgame abt 1886 Wife
Selman Goodgame abt 1910 Son
Mary L Goodgame abt 1916 Daughter
Melinda F Bratcher abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Frank Bratcher abt 1906 Son
John Bratcher abt 1909 Son
Leatha Bratcher abt 1904 Daughter
Jesse G Manning abt 1907 Georgia Head
Vilena Manning abt 1910 Wife
Mary E Manning abt 1929 Daughter
Trenton Clepper abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Ann F Clepper abt 1899 Wife
Jane F Clepper abt 1921 Daughter
Emily J Clepper abt 1925 Daughter
W August Patton abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Corrina A Patton abt 1888 Wife
Frank A Patton abt 1909 Son
Sanil H Patton abt 1913 Son
Anne Patton abt 1927 Daughter
Samuel T Anderson abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Velma G Anderson abt 1896 Wife
Margaret E Anderson abt 1922 Daughter
Robert Anderson abt 1925 Son
Fannie Holden abt 1855 Tennessee Head
John Holden abt 1883 Son
Frank Fowles abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Fowles abt 1897 Wife
Virginia Fowles abt 1918 Daughter
Joe F Fowles abt 1925 Son
Miles H Cameron abt 1885 Alabama Head
Mary Cameron abt 1889 Wife
James S Cameron abt 1909 Son
Joe M Cameron abt 1916 Son
Henry Jernigan abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Dora Jernigan abt 1880 Wife
Myrtle Jernigan abt 1898 Daughter
Henry Jernigan abt 1915 Son
Bertram Walton abt 1898 Georgia Head
Emma Walton abt 1905 Wife
Lyda Lee Miller abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Lilla Miller abt 1908 Wife
Jesse B Rogers abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Mary L Rogers abt 1898 Wife
Preston Rogers abt 1925 Son
Mary L Rogers abt 1926 Daughter
Marvin Rogers abt 1927 Son
Thomas B Rogers abt 1860 Tennessee Head
Petnay Rogers abt 1870 Wife
Walter Rommes abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Rommes abt 1888 Wife
Grace Sullivan abt 1908 Tennessee Daughter
Elizabeth Sullivan Daughter
William A Smith abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Belle Smith abt 1868 Wife
Jessie Smith abt 1897 Daughter
Claude D Smith abt 1899 Son
August Hawk abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Agnes Hawk abt 1906 Wife
William R Hawk abt 1925 Son
Marjorie Hawk abt 1929 Daughter
Ova Smith abt 1905 Tennessee Daughter-in-law
Eugene R Landstreet abt 1878 Virginia Head
Mary E Landstreet abt 1877 Wife
Dentgel S Landstreet abt 1909 Son
Chas R Landstreet abt 1918 Son
Claud Gamble abt 1908 Alabama Head
Irma Lee Gamble abt 1908 Wife
David C Clepper abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Marie L Clepper abt 1895 Wife
David C Clepper abt 1927 Son
Margaret M Clepper abt 1928 Daughter
Joseph S Clepper abt 1861 Father
Lydia Clepper abt 1860 Mother
Margaret Miller abt 1865 Tennessee Mother-in-law
John C Beene abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Alvina Beene abt 1904 Wife
Charlcie Beene abt 1922 Daughter
Winifred Beene abt 1924 Daughter
Bettie Joe Beene abt 1925 Daughter
Crit Beene abt 1927 Son
Minnie Brabandt abt 1886 Ireland Head
Margaret Brabandt abt 1910 Daughter
Josephine Brabandt abt 1914 Daughter
Laura E Brabandt abt 1917 Daughter
John C Brabandt abt 1917 Son
Edgar E Haskew abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Grace Haskew abt 1893 Wife
Carroll Haskew abt 1911 Son
William Haskew abt 1913 Son
Catherine Tate abt 1848 Scotland Head
William J Lodge abt 1856 Pennsylvania Head
Lizzie W Lodge abt 1865 Wife
Edith Kellerman abt 1882 Tennessee Head
C Richard Kellerman abt 1910 Son
Joseph L Kellerman abt 1911 Son
Francis Kellerman abt 1913 Son
Leslie Kellerman abt 1915 Son
George Wersener abt 1889 Mississippi Head
Estelle Wersener abt 1909 Wife
Jane Thompson abt 1916 Tennessee Sister-in-law
John B Jenny abt 1886 Alabama Boarder
Walter A Wheal abt 1884 Illinois Boarder
Mattie A Wheal abt 1887 Missouri Boarder
Henry C Salmond abt 1883 South Carolina Head
Louise B Salmond abt 1881 Wife
Henry C Salmond abt 1911 Son
Elizabeth B Salmond abt 1916 Daughter
Daniel A Tate abt 1860 Tennessee Head
Clara B Tate abt 1870 Wife
Frances Lank abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Minna Lank abt 1905 Wife
James Miller abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Ellen Miller abt 1871 Wife
Herchel Miller abt 1905 Son
Malcolm Rankin abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Nancy Rankin abt 1905 Wife
Margaret Rankin abt 1928 Daughter
Iran Kennedy abt 1896 Virginia Head
Effie Kennedy abt 1900 Wife
Arnold Roker abt 1905 Virginia Head
Katherine Roker abt 1906 Wife
Carrie Tidman abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Frances Tidman abt 1916 Daughter
Bell abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Robert A Hudson abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Margaret Hudson abt 1872 Wife
Roberta Hudson abt 1914 Daughter
Garland Hickey abt 1911 Missouri Head
Elise Hickey abt 1913 Wife
Mary Ellen Hickey abt 1929 Daughter
Andrew Campbell abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Campbell abt 1896 Wife
Elmer Gilliam abt 1915 Alabama Stepson
Rachel Edge abt 1914 Alabama Stepdaughter
Alma Esseline Edge Step Granddaughter
William W Smith abt 1898 Alabama Head
Catherine Smith abt 1911 Wife
William W J Smith abt 1929 Son
Ches T Williamson abt 1867 Tennessee Head
May Williamson abt 1870 Wife
Jacie Mc Daniel abt 1883 Tennessee Son
Frank Mc Daniel abt 1851 Tennessee Head
Nancy Mc Daniel abt 1862 Wife
George Mc Daniel abt 1902 Son
Ruth Mc Daniel abt 1905 Daughter-in-law
Maurice Patton abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Lillian Patton abt 1893 Wife
Harvey Hellermen abt 1918 Tennessee Son
Elizabeth Hellermen abt 1920 Daughter
Katherine Hellermen abt 1922 Daughter
Chas R Huston abt 1890 Tennessee Son
Chas R Huston abt 1916 Grandson
Minna Patton abt 1913 Tennessee Daughter
Eugene Patton abt 1926 Son
Elizabeth Williamson abt 1848 Tennessee Head
Margaret Williamson abt 1884 Daughter
Margaret Coffelt abt 1853 Missouri Head
Estelle Coffelt abt 1882 Daughter
Benjamin Braden abt 1852 Tennessee Head
Laura Braden abt 1858 Wife
Nancy Braden abt 1892 Daughter
David Braden abt 1904 Son
Louise Braden abt 1901 Daughter
Elmer R Bates abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Lois Bates abt 1910 Wife
David H Bates Son
Chester L Wynne abt 1908 Alabama Head
Lillie Belle Wynne abt 1915 Wife
Lallie Temples abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Carter W West abt 1910 Tennessee Son
Gertrude West abt 1912 Daughter-in-law
Thomas J Bloss abt 1867 Ohio Head
Eva Bloss abt 1877 Wife
Alla H Bloss abt 1907 Son
Luvinia Bloss abt 1917 Daughter
James R Phillips abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Ennice Phillips abt 1907 Wife
Helen Phillips abt 1928 Daughter
David G Conatser abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Anna D Conatser abt 1878 Wife
James T Fergason abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Clara W Fergason abt 1888 Wife
Mary M Fergason abt 1914 Daughter
James T Fergason abt 1918 Son
Chas Rice abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Cora Rice abt 1894 Wife
Iola M Rice abt 1915 Daughter
Warren Rice abt 1918 Son
Hilda Rice abt 1921 Daughter
Virginia Rice abt 1926 Daughter
Hattie Alexander abt 1896 Tennessee Sister-in-law
William E Barlow abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Lillian Barlow abt 1907 Wife
Willian J Barlow abt 1926 Son
Mary J Barlow abt 1929 Daughter
Joseph T Hoster abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Ora M Hoster abt 1884 Wife
Joseph O Hoster abt 1911 Son
Harold Duffy abt 1904 West Virginia Son-in-law
Marie Duffy abt 1906 Daughter
Harold Duffy abt 1928 Grandson
Richard L Lodge abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth R Lodge abt 1888 Wife
John R Lodge abt 1925 Son
Elizabeth M Lodge abt 1925 Daughter
Minnie Walls abt 1892 Tennessee Cook
Barbara Mccrae abt 1856 Tennessee Head
Irene Mccrae abt 1885 Daughter
William Mccrae abt 1881 Son
Walker Marcelle abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Katherine Marcelle abt 1865 Wife
Robert R Richardson abt 1872 Alabama Head
Clara L Richardson abt 1874 Wife
Erna A Floyd abt 1907 Alabama Daughter
Lara L Floyd abt 1925 Granddaughter
Pauline I Floyd abt 1927 Granddaughter
Arthur J Gibson abt 1883 Georgia Head
Willie E Gibson abt 1889 Wife
Samuel Harvey abt 1909 Alabama Stepson
Mary H Gibson abt 1918 Daughter
Nadine Gibson abt 1920 Daughter
Jack A Gibson abt 1922 Son
Thornton Gibson abt 1925 Son
Clementine Thomaston abt 1868 Alabama Mother-in-law
William Neff abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Settie Neff abt 1883 Wife
Wilma Neff abt 1907 Daughter
Eugene Neff abt 1910 Son
Clinton Neff abt 1915 Son
Willy Craze abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Alice Craze abt 1906 Wife
Lorena Craze abt 1927 Daughter
Joseph Craze abt 1929 Son
W Murray Fritts abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Jennie Fritts abt 1891 Wife
Margarite Fritts abt 1913 Daughter
Louise Fritts abt 1914 Daughter
Hendrix Fritts abt 1918 Son
Richard Fritts abt 1922 Son
Laurence B Cordell abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Emma V Cordell abt 1876 Wife
Viola Cordell abt 1908 Daughter
Dorothy Cordell abt 1913 Daughter
Harold Cordell abt 1917 Son
Waller Ellis abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Sarah Ellis abt 1901 Wife
Dorothy Ellis abt 1930 Daughter
Newton E Adcock abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Letha Adcock abt 1869 Wife
Edward J Adcock abt 1901 Son
Harold W Adcock abt 1904 Son
Albert C Condra abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Lula A Condra abt 1891 Wife
Kathleen Condra abt 1921 Daughter
Albert C Condra abt 1923 Son
Walter W Raulston abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Cora M Raulston abt 1880 Wife
Robert S Raulston abt 1916 Son
Thomas D Raulston abt 1923 Son
Annie Powell abt 1895 Tennessee Boarder
Chas A Dagger abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Emma Dagger abt 1892 Wife
Joseph Dagger abt 1921 Son
Dallas Dagger abt 1923 Son
Helen Dagger abt 1927 Daughter
Coleen Dagger abt 1929 Daughter
Earnest Lovelady abt 1905 Alabama Head
Trella M Lovelady abt 1910 Wife
Ellis Lovelady abt 1905 Brother
Chas P Troutman abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Louis T Troutman abt 1891 Wife
Christine Troutman abt 1916 Daughter
Lois Troutman abt 1922 Daughter
Nona Waters abt 1914 Tennessee Niece
Mary Byrdwell abt 1861 USA Head
Eva L Byrdwell abt 1906 Daughter
Thomas Byrdwell abt 1907 Son
Louise Byrdwell abt 1916 Daughter
Walter J Condra abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Clara Condra abt 1896 Wife
Edward Price abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Ethel Price abt 1902 Wife
Edna Price abt 1917 Daughter
Eugene Price abt 1920 Son
Birdie K Burkhalter abt 1882 Alabama Head
Mary Burkhalter abt 1885 Wife
Bonnie Burkhalter abt 1914 Daughter
William Burkhalter abt 1909 Son
William Patton abt 1884 Alabama Head
Helen Patton abt 1884 Wife
Rudolph C Patton abt 1911 Son
James M Patton abt 1918 Son
Lillie A Bruel abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Samuel Bruel abt 1909 Son
Robert Bruel abt 1912 Son
George Bruel abt 1915 Son
John H Landess abt 1879 Georgia Head
Pearlle Landess abt 1914 Daughter
Mary L Landess abt 1918 Daughter
George Fergason abt 1901 Georgia Head
Anne L Fergason abt 1909 Wife
J S Fergason abt 1926 Son
Edgar D Ross abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Mittie Ross abt 1884 Wife
Myrtle Ross abt 1912 Daughter
Edna Lee Ross abt 1914 Daughter
Glenn Ross abt 1920 Son
William Cantrell abt 1905 California Head
Ruby D Cantrell abt 1910 Wife
Jefferson Raulston abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Mattie Raulston abt 1885 Wife
Robert Young abt 1909 Tennessee Stepson
Horace T Brener abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Clara V Brener abt 1907 Wife
Bettie J Brener abt 1928 Daughter
Vanda M Brener abt 1923 Daughter
Samuel Murphey abt 1903 Alabama Head
Melanie Murphey abt 1905 Wife
Howard Clark abt 1908 Alabama Head
Lena Clark abt 1915 Wife
Chas Clark abt 1901 Alabama Head
Ellen Clark abt 1906 Wife
Nellie Clark abt 1922 Daughter
T B Mccravy abt 1903 Alabama Head
Betty Mccravy abt 1907 Wife
Luella Fanthaer abt 1877 Tennessee Head
James Patton abt 1907 Tennessee Grandson
Cullie Patton abt 1909 Granddaughter
Lena Henry abt 1880 Georgia Head
Ruby Armstrong abt 1876 Georgia Sister
Claude Brum abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Lula Brum abt 1903 Wife
Barbara Brum abt 1921 Daughter
Fronie Hampton abt 1885 Tennessee Son-in-law
James Brum abt 1882 Tennessee Boarder
Jesse Davis abt 1902 Alabama Head
Comfort Davis abt 1907 Wife
James M Davis abt 1925 Son
Viola Davis abt 1926 Daughter
Junior Davis abt 1929 Son
Clarence Landers abt 1907 Alabama Head
Rosie Landers abt 1911 Wife
Clarence W Landers abt 1928 Son
Patrick Gifford abt 1900 Alabama Head
Martha Gifford abt 1903 Wife
Thomas J Gifford abt 1922 Son
V Evelene Gifford abt 1924 Daughter
Pat Gifford abt 1928 Son
George White abt 1898 Mississippi Head
Dora M White abt 1910 Wife
Mary T White abt 1927 Daughter
Jazo Miller abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Marie Miller abt 1910 Wife
Annie Johns abt 1845 Tennessee Head
Abraham Moore abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Reta Moore abt 1909 Wife
Louise Moore abt 1927 Daughter
Elina Moore abt 1928 Daughter
Maggie England abt 1860 Tennessee Wife
Will England abt 1855 Husband
John Moore abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Susie Moore abt 1885 Wife
Lee T Thornton abt 1922 Tennessee Grandson
Lee R Thornton abt 1924 Grandson
Samuel Moore abt 1912 Son
Lewis Mims abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Ella Mims abt 1910 Wife
James C Mims abt 1922 Son
Luther Cumndys abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Maggie Cumndys abt 1895 Wife
Herbert Smith abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Wovedka Preston abt 1923 Florida Granddaughter
Tam Preston abt 1926 Granddaughter
Anderson Buchanon abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Thursa Buchanon abt 1891 Wife
Samuel Baines abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Maggie Baines abt 1875 Wife
Willie Baines abt 1891 Daughter
Luretta Baines abt 1910 Daughter
Estelle Baines abt 1913 Daughter
Mamie Williams abt 1897 Tennessee Daughter
Vennae Williams abt 1913 Son
Margaret Williams abt 1915 Daughter
Ruby Williams abt 1918 Daughter
Sauil E Williams abt 1919 Son
Edward Roberson abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Irene Roberson abt 1903 Wife
Edward Roberson abt 1922 Son
Bailey Jackson abt 1900 Alabama Head
Mamie Jackson abt 1902 Wife
Frances Jackson abt 1921 Daughter
Lemuel Jackson abt 1925 Son
Ida R Jackson abt 1926 Daughter
Joseph M Jackson abt 1928 Son
Joseph Petty abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Sida Petty abt 1895 Wife
John A Rogers abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Eliza Rogers abt 1874 Wife
John S Rogers abt 1906 Son
James Rogers abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Florence Rogers abt 1880 Wife
Alma Rogers abt 1908 Daughter
James Rogers abt 1910 Son
Pauline Rogers abt 1912 Daughter
Dallas Rogers abt 1914 Son
Avon Rogers abt 1916 Daughter
L C Rogers abt 1919 Son
Ed Hightoner abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Missie Hightoner abt 1893 Wife
Ervin Robinson abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Lula Robinson abt 1873 Wife
Eugene Robinson abt 1910 Son
Buster Robinson abt 1908 Son
Edward Robinson abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Edward J Robinson abt 1922 Son
Nannie M Swafford abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Beatrice D Swafford abt 1928 Wife
Robert E Swafford abt 1920 Son
William Swafford abt 1922 Son
Pierce Hill abt 1891 Alabama Head
Margarete Hill abt 1898 Wife
William Pellam abt 1901 Alabama Head
Ethel Pellam abt 1909 Wife
William J Pellam abt 1925 Son
James N Pellam abt 1928 Son
Edward Sargent abt 1924 Tennessee Brother-in-law
Willia Tate abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Eliza Tate abt 1890 Wife
Herman Epping abt 1917 Missouri Nephew
Gordon B Hale abt 1902 Tennessee Boarder
Aranries Kyle Patton abt 1910 Tennessee Son
John T Raulston abt 1861 Tennessee Head
Eva D Raulston abt 1888 Wife
Rose C Raulston abt 1911 Daughter
Margaretha Lavely abt 1910 Tennessee Stepdaughter
Allan Kelly abt 1904 Tennessee Boarder
William Shelton abt 1901 Tennessee Boarder
Samuel Grane abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Ada Grane abt 1912 Wife
Robert E Goodgame abt 1880 Alabama Head
Anne C Goodgame abt 1885 Wife
Ramu C Goodgame abt 1911 Son
Albert M Goodgame abt 1915 Son
Anne E Goodgame abt 1917 Daughter
Frances E Goodgame abt 1919 Daughter
John T Goodgame abt 1921 Son
Chas T Goodgame abt 1923 Son
Ellinor B Goodgame abt 1926 Daughter
J Hunter Keith abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Ether Keith abt 1909 Wife
Mary F Keith abt 1920 Daughter
Surille T Keith abt 1921 Daughter
Jack R Keith abt 1923 Son
Arthur B Jones abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Frances W Jones abt 1900 Wife
Janet P Jones abt 1927 Daughter
Richard A Jones abt 1929 Son
Melvin Holey abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Blanche Holey abt 1897 Wife
Benjamin Holey abt 1913 Son
Chaslie Holey abt 1915 Son
Williard Holey abt 1918 Son
Minnie Fergason abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Robert Fergason abt 1913 Son
Cora Fergason abt 1917 Daughter
Earnest Fergason abt 1918 Son
Frank Fergason abt 1922 Son
Harold Fergason abt 1925 Son
Delia Fergason abt 1926 Daughter
Seab Mathers abt 1894 Georgia Head
Ellen Mathers abt 1897 Wife
Nellie Mathers abt 1918 Daughter
Blenne Mathers abt 1920 Son
Cecil Mathers abt 1928 Son
Samuel Mathers abt 1928 Son
Tannie Smith abt 1871 Tennessee Head
J Oscar Ridley abt 1907 Alabama Head
Willie Ann Ridley abt 1907 Wife
James H Carleton abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Susan Carleton abt 1877 Wife
James L Carleton abt 1907 Son
John T Hall abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Mary I Hall abt 1895 Wife
A P Hall abt 1916 Son
Ula E Hall abt 1920 Daughter
Herbert C Hall abt 1923 Son
Mattie B Hall abt 1925 Daughter
Vallie G Hall abt 1926 Daughter
Raymond Hall abt 1929 Son
Nellie Johnson abt 1878 Alabama Head
Ella Saddler abt 1897 Alabama Daughter
James E Miller abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Nora M Miller abt 1896 Wife
Edna M Miller abt 1921 Daughter
James E Miller abt 1923 Son
Andrew A Miller abt 1926 Son
Bailey Dodson abt 1892 Tennessee Daughter
Carrie Dodson abt 1897 Wife
Burl Dodson abt 1915 Son
Lenora Cole abt 1913 Georgia Niece
Allen W Reeves abt 1879 Georgia Head
Rose Reeves abt 1883 Wife
Allie Sanders abt 1885 Alabama Head
Edward Sanders abt 1914 Son
Donzlas Sanders abt 1918 Son
M C Sanders abt 1920 Son
Hunter Davis abt 1901 Indiana Head
Elizabeth Davis abt 1909 Wife
Lewis La F Ewton abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Frances Ewton abt 1874 Wife
Marie Cross abt 1912 Tennessee Granddaughter
May Minton abt 1914 Alabama Niece
Samuel Dadson abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Ethel Dadson abt 1898 Wife
Warila Dadson abt 1913 Daughter
Wilma Dadson abt 1916 Daughter
Christine Dadson abt 1919 Daughter
Amanda Carter abt 1862 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Aaron Smith abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Olin M Smith abt 1908 Wife
William L Lee abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Martha Lee abt 1869 Wife
Ing Lee abt 1895 Daughter
James A Olliver abt 1874 Tennessee Head
Ethel Olliver abt 1908 Daughter
Wilson Olliver abt 1904 Son
Joseph Wynne abt 1895 Alabama Head
Leola Wynne abt 1905 Wife
Martha Harris abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Robert Harris abt 1903 Son
Aline Harris abt 1908 Daughter
Georgia Harris abt 1898 Daughter
Mary A Harris abt 1911 Daughter
Howard Harris abt 1914 Son
Martha Smith abt 1859 Tennessee Head
Luther Gamble abt 1902 Alabama Lodger
Ida Gamble abt 1900 Tennessee Lodger
Louise Otis abt 1929 Tennessee Lodger
Melvina Rhodes abt 1865 Georgia Head
May Ewton abt 1910 Tennessee Boarder
Tannie Ewton abt 1907 Tennessee Boarder
Edward W Neal abt 1909 Tennessee Head
Olis M Neal abt 1908 Wife
Claude Payne abt 1890 Alabama Head
Telia Payne abt 1893 Wife
Claude J Payne abt 1924 Son
William Miller abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Myrtha Miller abt 1897 Wife
Chas Miller abt 1919 Son
Frank Wynne abt 1900 Alabama Head
Elizabeth Wynne abt 1902 Wife
Chas D Wynne abt 1922 Son
Reuben Wynne abt 1898 Alabama Head
Ruth Wynne abt 1908 Wife
John Gibson abt 1891 Georgia Head
Etta Gibson abt 1901 Wife
John Gibson abt 1921 Son
Homer E Gibson abt 1924 Son
Virginia R Gibson abt 1926 Daughter
William E Gibson abt 1929 Son
Jannstt Rollins abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Okie Rollins abt 1877 Wife
Emmett Rollins abt 1901 Son
Jenins Rollins abt 1904 Daughter
Frank Rollins abt 1909 Son
Sarah Rollins abt 1911 Daughter
Emmett J Rollins abt 1924 Grandson
James A Rollins abt 1927 Grandson
Jack H Rollins abt 1929 Grandson
Grace Rollins abt 1914 Daughter
William Friel abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Effie Friel abt 1901 Wife
Frank Friel abt 1918 Son
Jeanette Friel abt 1921 Daughter
Christine Friel abt 1923 Daughter
Mattie P Friel abt 1924 Daughter
Ruth Hogwood abt 1903 Tennessee Sister
Edna Hogwood abt 1915 Niece
Mary T Hogwood abt 1925 Niece
Lela Frier abt 1867 Tennessee Mother
Chas Barnes abt 1922 Tennessee Nephew
Lusie Ellison abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Laura Ellison abt 1914 Niece
Ethel Ellison abt 1915 Daughter
John F Freels abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Grace Freels abt 1905 Wife
Chas M Freels abt 1924 Son
Dolla L Freels abt 1926 Daughter
Haney Jones abt 1891 Alabama Head
Myrtle Jones abt 1892 Wife
Woodson Jones abt 1913 Son
Herman Jones abt 1921 Son
Chas Jones abt 1928 Son
G Dewey Carter abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Ethel Carter abt 1901 Wife
Juanita Carter abt 1922 Daughter
Dalpha Carter abt 1924 Daughter
Joyce Carter abt 1925 Daughter
George Carter abt 1929 Son
Joseph D Carter Son
Georgia Russell abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Dand I Russell abt 1918 Son
Virginia Russell abt 1920 Daughter
Joyce Russell abt 1922 Daughter
Mary Etta Russell abt 1924 Daughter
Albert I Russell abt 1928 Son
John Haggard abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Florence Haggard abt 1912 Wife
John D Haggard abt 1927 Son
Georgia Haggard Daughter
Emma Hickey abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Margie Hickey abt 1921 Daughter
James Hickey abt 1923 Son
Frances Hickey abt 1925 Daughter
Doneilla Hickey abt 1926 Daughter
Richard Sampler abt 1911 Tennessee Boarder
James Annstrong abt 1906 Tennessee Boarder
Joseph Lodge abt 1848 Pennsylvania Head
Elizabeth H Lodge abt 1843 Wife
Lguire Miller abt 1873 Tennessee Servant
Lizzie Miller abt 1895 Canada Servant
W Ambrose Acklen abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Margarite Acklen abt 1904 Wife
Estelle Acklen abt 1910 Sister
S Newton Anderson abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Elma R Anderson abt 1894 Wife
Emily Anderson abt 1917 Daughter
Newton Anderson abt 1918 Son
Mack Holder abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Ellen Holder abt 1912 Wife
Chas R Oneal abt 1884 Georgia Head
Bertha Oneal abt 1894 Wife
Bennie Oneal abt 1914 Daughter
Clarice Oneal abt 1916 Daughter
Frank Lank abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Marjory Lank abt 1887 Wife
Bertha Lank abt 1906 Daughter
Frances Lank abt 1908 Daughter
Katherine Lank abt 1911 Daughter
William Lank abt 1913 Son
Harlen Lank abt 1915 Son
Frank Lank abt 1919 Son
Joseph Lank abt 1921 Son
John Lank abt 1925 Son
Tyre D Smith abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Annie Smith abt 1891 Wife
Hazel R Smith abt 1911 Daughter
Marh H Smith abt 1920 Son
Ruth Potter abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Ellen Potter abt 1908 Daughter
Churchell Potter abt 1912 Son
Dora Potter abt 1915 Daughter
Opal Potter abt 1920 Daughter
Amanda Pace abt 1883 Alabama Head
Tate Pace abt 1904 Son
Berith Pace abt 1910 Daughter
Alice Pace abt 1912 Daughter
Burns Pace abt 1913 Son
Violet Pace abt 1915 Daughter
Juanita Pace abt 1919 Daughter
D R Pace abt 1922 Son
Sannie Tanner abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Jessie Tanner abt 1898 Wife
Alvin Tanner abt 1921 Son
Vilma L Tanner abt 1926 Daughter
Margaret Owens abt 1864 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Amanda Mc Gee abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Dainy Garland abt 1893 Tennessee Son-in-law
Clara E Garland abt 1897 Daughter
Frantiss Garland abt 1914 Grandson
Clara E Garland abt 1920 Granddaughter
Sanna Swope abt 1895 Tennessee Head
L Mayberry abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Eva Mayberry abt 1897 Wife
Bonnie Mayberry abt 1929 Daughter
Barbara Mayberry Daughter
Chas Cooper abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Cooper abt 1904 Wife
Billie Cooper abt 1925 Daughter
Robbie Cooper abt 1927 Daughter
Dixon Tatum abt 1912 Tennessee Head
Sallie Tatum abt 1911 Wife
Dorothy D Tatum abt 1930 Daughter
Roy Sanders abt 1897 Alabama Head
Bobbie Sanders abt 1898 Wife
Kathleen Sanders abt 1917 Daughter
Roy Sanders abt 1919 Son
Rose Quarles abt 1874 Missouri Head
Calvin Quarles abt 1905 Son
Marvin Quarles abt 1907 Son
Walter Quarles abt 1910 Son
Hiram Quarles abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Allie Quarles abt 1905 Wife
Rosetta Quarles abt 1927 Daughter
Bertha M Harris abt 1916 Tennessee Helper
Bonner Farr abt 1868 Alabama Head
Evalon Farr abt 1872 Wife
Burmah Fuller abt 1907 Tennessee Daughter
J Sylvester Mc Cabe abt 1865 Ohio Head
Emma Mc Cabe abt 1874 Wife
Louisa Jane Knight abt 1888 Georgia Head
Lora Hall abt 1891 Tennessee Daughter
Opal Hall abt 1914 Granddaughter
Virginia Hall abt 1915 Granddaughter
Grady Hall abt 1918 Grandson
Mary J Hall abt 1921 Granddaughter
Mary Knight abt 1895 Daughter
Bob Hawk abt 1872 Alabama Head
Susan Hawk abt 1885 Wife
Clarence Wynne abt 1911 Alabama Head
Frances Wynne abt 1912 Wife
Reuben Wynne abt 1928 Son
Julia Canford abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Wes Lore abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Selia Lore abt 1899 Wife
John C Hill abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Aline Hill abt 1908 Wife
John C Hill abt 1926 Son
James Lore abt 1918 Tennessee Son
Geraldine Lore abt 1920 Daughter
Michael Lore abt 1922 Son
J D Lore abt 1925 Son
Horace W Raulston abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Agatha M Raulston abt 1878 Wife
Willie L Raulston abt 1909 Daughter
William L Kilgore abt 1908 Alabama Head
Matilda S Kilgore abt 1911 Wife
Martha Mc Cullough  abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Marie Mc Cullough  abt 1919 Daughter
Edna Mc Cullough  abt 1923 Daughter
Nelie Mc Cullough  abt 1913 Daughter
Hubert Mc Cullough  abt 1915 Son
Joseph Fergason abt 1892 Tennessee Brother
Linda Johnson abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Martha Johnson abt 1907 Daughter
Agusta Johnson abt 1910 Daughter
Van Rufus Johnson abt 1912 Son
Lester Johnson abt 1914 Son
Vetta Mane Johnson abt 1926 Granddaughter
William Johnson abt 1923 Grandson
Ans Johnson abt 1928 Granddaughter
Jessie M Lore abt 1890 Tennessee Head
William Lore abt 1913 Son
Katherine Lore abt 1915 Daughter
Nettie Lore abt 1917 Daughter
Margarett Lore abt 1919 Daughter
Edward Lore abt 1922 Son
Jessie M Lore abt 1924 Daughter
Thosion Nash abt 1894 Alabama Head
Rose Nash abt 1898 Wife
Leon Nash abt 1916 Son
Chas Nash abt 1917 Son
Opal Nash abt 1919 Daughter
Melvin Nash abt 1922 Son
George Nash abt 1924 Son
Ansel G Nash abt 1926 Son
Jeanetta Nash abt 1928 Daughter
James M Nash abt 1929 Son
David H Bratcher abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Annie Bratcher abt 1899 Wife
Ruby G Bratcher abt 1918 Daughter
Harrison E Bratcher abt 1920 Son
Ralph N Bratcher abt 1923 Son
Martha E Bratcher abt 1925 Daughter
Margaret J Bratcher abt 1928 Daughter
Odessa Burronges abt 1911 Tennessee Half Sister
Minta E Herron abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Louis W Herron abt 1903 Brother
Mattie Simmers abt 1861 Illinois Head
Andrey Fergason abt 1889 Illinois Daughter
Chalin Simmons abt 1892 Son
Emma Simmons abt 1905 Daughter-in-law
Chas V Hogan abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Pearl Hogan abt 1892 Wife
Geraldine Hogan abt 1922 Daughter
Joseph Hogan abt 1924 Son
Robert Hogan abt 1925 Son
John Smith abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Minnie L Smith abt 1905 Wife
Hubert Quarles abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Ethel Quarles abt 1902 Wife
J C Quarles abt 1919 Son
Hubert Quarles abt 1923 Son
Anna P Quarles abt 1925 Daughter
Willie M Quarles abt 1926 Daughter
Ethel J Quarles abt 1928 Daughter
John A Martin abt 1877 Alabama Father-in-law
Joseph W Haggard abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Eliza Jane Haggard abt 1901 Wife
Lonnie N Haggard abt 1921 Son
Thelma M Haggard abt 1923 Daughter
Christine Haggard abt 1925 Daughter
J B Haggard abt 1927 Son
Sarah Clement abt 1893 Alabama Head
Irene Clement abt 1914 Daughter
William Clement abt 1916 Son
Preston Clement abt 1919 Son
Marjorie Clements abt 1921 Tennessee Daughter
Earnest Clements abt 1923 Son
Herchel Clements abt 1924 Son
Frank Cartwright abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Ellen Cartwright abt 1912 Wife
Harvey Cartwright abt 1929 Son
Hannah Haggard abt 1867 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Dora M Robbins abt 1925 Tennessee Niece
Moses Harris abt 1860 Tennessee Head
Addie Harris abt 1864 Wife
George Keef abt 1895 Tennessee Stepson
Riley Smith abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Lillie M Smith abt 1906 Wife
Dorothy J Smith abt 1926 Daughter
Clara A Smith abt 1927 Daughter
Pearl Thompson abt 1895 Tennessee Head
James Thompson abt 1919 Son
Alvira Thompson abt 1922 Daughter
Florine Thompson abt 1921 Daughter
Vermaline Thompson abt 1924 Daughter
Roy M Woodfin abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Maggie E Woodfin abt 1894 Wife
Marian C Woodfin abt 1915 Daughter
Oran K Woodfin abt 1919 Son
Martha F Woodfin abt 1922 Daughter
Robet W Woodfin abt 1927 Son
Robert I Phillips abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Katherine F Phillips abt 1901 Wife
William M K Ables abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Iva B Ables abt 1897 Wife
William Ables abt 1926 Son
Jerome C Ables abt 1927 Son
Emma M Fedrick abt 1861 Illinois Mother-in-law
Almer Rogers abt 1909 Tennessee Nephew
Reba F Rogers abt 1912 Niece
Wesley Walker abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Walker abt 1901 Wife
Mary E Walker abt 1923 Daughter
Anna Walker abt 1928 Daughter
William Marshal abt 1863 Kentucky Head
W Parkes Marshal abt 1906 Son
Katherine Brown abt 1896 Georgia Head
William D Walker abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Letha Walker abt 1908 Wife
Bennie B Turner abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Ruby Turner abt 1906 Wife
Hugh L Griffith abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Mary Griffith abt 1890 Wife
Hugh Griffith abt 1918 Son
Jane M R Griffith abt 1925 Daughter
James A Griffith abt 1903 Cousin
Jesse C Osborne abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Katherine Osborne abt 1901 Wife
Dorothy D Osborne abt 1920 Daughter
Robert Scales abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Willie Scales abt 1886 Wife
Velma Scales abt 1918 Daughter
Hill Willis abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Ellen Willis abt 1886 Wife
James Willis abt 1908 Son
Clarence Willis abt 1918 Son
Susan Willis abt 1908 Daughter-in-law
Walter Phillips abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Bertha Phillips abt 1897 Wife
Martelia Morris abt 1909 Tennessee Daughter
Thelma James abt 1913 Tennessee Niece
Susan Clark abt 1855 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Bettie Allion abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Wyatt Waite abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Versie Waite abt 1892 Wife
Horace Young abt 1916 Tennessee Boarder
Albert Pryor abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Laura Pryor abt 1899 Wife
Curtis Pryor abt 1916 Son
Maggie S Pryor abt 1922 Daughter
William Conner Tennessee Head
Mattie Conner Wife
Macey Hollands abt 1888 Alabama Head
Eula Hollands abt 1913 Daughter
Frederick Hollands abt 1915 Son
Lilli M Hollands abt 1918 Daughter
Velma M Hollands abt 1920 Daughter
Martha Russel abt 1914 Virginia Head
Ammie Roberson abt 1878 Alabama Head
James Phillips abt 1865 Missouri Head
Martha Phillips abt 1872 Wife
John Council abt 1872 Tennessee Head
Ethel Council abt 1885 Wife
Johnnie Council abt 1907 Son
Ferdinand Council abt 1911 Son
Lila Council abt 1913 Daughter
Alberta Council abt 1911 Daughter
Fannie Sre Council abt 1918 Daughter
Geneva Council abt 1920 Daughter
Frances W Council abt 1922 Daughter
William M Council abt 1924 Son
Alice E Council abt 1926 Daughter
Margarite Council abt 1928 Daughter
Franklin Pope abt 1925 Tennessee Grandson
William Thornton abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Ethel Thornton abt 1905 Wife
Harvey Hight abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Hight abt 1886 Wife
Lucien Cordell abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Frances Cordell abt 1892 Wife
Samuel L Cordell abt 1916 Son
Chas E Cordell abt 1922 Son
Lee F Choate abt 1898 Tennessee Head
Irene B Choate abt 1903 Wife
Vernon L Choate abt 1921 Son
Darwin W Choate abt 1923 Son
Veleta A Choate abt 1927 Daughter
George W Gaines abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Mary Gaines abt 1886 Wife
Marie H Gaines abt 1913 Niece
William Murray abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Maggie Murray abt 1892 Wife
Aline Murray abt 1920 Daughter
John Donohue abt 1865 Georgia Head
Etta Donohue abt 1890 Wife
Jessie Kenney abt 1913 Alabama Nephew
Nathaniel Kenney abt 1916 Nephew
Emma Buner abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Virginia Buner abt 1924 Daughter
Linnie Collins abt 1868 Tennessee Mother
Frank Lofty abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Louise Lofty abt 1908 Wife
John L Thorpe abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Ruth Thorpe abt 1907 Wife
Earnest Merriman abt 1892 Alabama Head
Bessie Merriman abt 1898 Wife
Houston Merriman abt 1915 Son
Robert Knight abt 1912 Alabama Boarder
Marshal Lofty abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Grace Lofty abt 1898 Wife
Frances Lofty abt 1916 Daughter
Maris Lofty abt 1921 Daughter
Clyde Aycock abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Christine Aycock abt 1906 Wife
Leslie H Miller abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Edith Miller abt 1892 Wife
Naomi Miller abt 1916 Daughter
Aralyne Miller abt 1918 Daughter
Andrew J Aycock abt 1873 Georgia Head
Jane Aycock abt 1885 Wife
Wilma Aycock abt 1916 Daughter
Vince Aycock abt 1908 Son
Thelma J Aycock abt 1910 Daughter
John D Aycock abt 1912 Son
Imogene Aycock abt 1923 Daughter
A J Aycock abt 1921 Son
Theresa E Holmes abt 1845 Indiana Head
Allman Walker abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Martha Walker abt 1910 Wife
Betty Joyce Walker abt 1930 Daughter
Alfred Hinkle abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Ludia Hinkle abt 1906 Wife
Enna J Hinkle abt 1928 Daughter
Jolina Hinkle abt 1927 Daughter
Vila M Hinkle abt 1929 Daughter
Ida Mcbee abt 1887 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Chas M Kilgore abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Mamie Kilgore abt 1900 Wife
Ida M Kilgore abt 1921 Daughter
Chas Kilgore abt 1923 Son
Della L Kilgore abt 1925 Daughter
John Haley abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Emma Haley abt 1878 Wife
Mamie G Haley abt 1917 Son
May Parker abt 1898 Tennessee Stepdaughter
Carl Parker abt 1905 Stepson
Frank Parker abt 1908 Stepson
Mary Smith abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Chas Smith abt 1907 Son
Senzy Smith abt 1910 Son
Dessie Smith abt 1904 Daughter
Prince Williams abt 1880 Alabama Head
Donie Williams abt 1881 Wife
Lawrence Williams abt 1907 Son
Luna Williams abt 1914 Daughter
L B Williams abt 1915 Son
Eva Williams abt 1920 Daughter
J C Williams abt 1922 Son
Melvin Mangram abt 1901 Alabama Head
Maud E Mangram abt 1902 Wife
Hazel M Mangram abt 1923 Daughter
Dorthular Mangram abt 1926 Daughter
Herbert Smith abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Essie M Smith abt 1901 Wife
Chas H Smith abt 1921 Son
Walter Watson abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Hilda Watson abt 1903 Wife
Walter Watson abt 1923 Son
George W Hancock abt 1874 Alabama Head
A M Hancock abt 1900 Wife
Jewell Hancock abt 1927 Daughter
Fred D Nash abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Henrietta Nash abt 1910 Wife
Fred D Nash abt 1927 Son
Ellen N Rogers abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Gilbert Shoemake abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Thelma Shoemake abt 1911 Wife
Herbert Smith abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Polk Wilson abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Lillie B Wilson abt 1910 Wife
James W Wilson abt 1926 Son
Eugene Wilson abt 1927 Son
William J Astrap abt 1884 Mississippi Head
Samuel Baines abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Annie B Baines abt 1900 Wife
George Crowe abt 1882 South Carolina Head
Marry Crowe abt 1879 Wife
James K Cunningham abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Jennie Cunningham abt 1900 Wife
Fletcher Hutchinson abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Irene Hutchinson abt 1906 Wife
Matilda Hutchinson abt 1920 Daughter
Junior Hutchinson abt 1922 Son
Alina Hutchinson abt 1929 Daughter
James Williams abt 1897 Alabama Head
Bessie Lee Williams abt 1901 Wife
Margaret Williams abt 1924 Daughter
Erie Murphey abt 1903 Alabama Lodger
Will Murphey abt 1898 Alabama Lodger
Leroy Tailor abt 1898 Alabama Lodger
Cecil Griffith abt 1902 Alabama Lodger
Evans Cook abt 1906 Alabama Head
Henry R Waite abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Clara Waite abt 1902 Wife
Willie Hood abt 1914 Tennessee Niece
Ocie M Capinger abt 1909 Tennessee Cousin
Nancy Joe Capinger abt 1929 Cousin
Oscar Pitts abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Lura Pitts abt 1889 Wife
Willie M Pitts abt 1920 Daughter
Lucille Pitts abt 1920 Granddaughter
Chas Wilson abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Pearl Wilson abt 1888 Wife
Lillie Wilson abt 1908 Daughter
Georgiana Wilson abt 1914 Daughter
Leola Wilson abt 1916 Daughter
Clarence Wilson abt 1919 Son
Lucy C Wilson abt 1923 Daughter
Harrison Smith abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Gertrude Smith abt 1879 Wife
Willie Lee Smith abt 1919 Son
Mary Smith abt 1922 Daughter
Edward Donnelson abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Alma Donnelson abt 1911 Wife
Marilyn Donnelson abt 1925 Daughter
Hanella Donnelson abt 1928 Daughter
Adaline Stephen abt 1846 Tennessee Grandmother, Grandma
Dessie Wagonner abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Kancy Mastie abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Patrick Beane abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Mary Beane abt 1888 Wife
Joseph Mc Mahon abt 1860 Tennessee Head
Annie Mc Mahon abt 1880 Wife
Ella Hight abt 1888 Alabama Lodger
John Hart abt 1892 Alabama Head
Lelia M Hart abt 1896 Wife
Lucinda Fanner abt 1846 Georgia Head
Sarah Fanner abt 1854 Georgia Head
Lewis Osborne abt 1892 Alabama Head
Lillian Osborne abt 1894 Wife
Mary L Booker abt 1885 Georgia Head
Alexander Booker abt 1890 Wife
Lewis Emory abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Joanna Emory abt 1895 Wife
Celie Bonner abt 1908 Tennessee Sister-in-law
Martin Donnelson abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Fannie M Donnelson abt 1895 Wife
Gladys M Donnelson abt 1927 Daughter
Bessie L Donnelson abt 1929 Daughter
Frank Alexander abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Annie Alexander abt 1893 Wife
Lucile Hollins abt 1905 Tennessee Boarder
Thad Donnelson abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Frank Donnelson abt 1912 Son
Edward Donnelson abt 1882 Brother
Louise Donnelson abt 1858 Mother
James Johnson abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Julia Johnson abt 1904 Sister
Earnest Tate abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Lizzie Tate abt 1877 Wife
Jennie Harris abt 1856 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Jone Mccord abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Genella Mccord abt 1900 Wife
Jerry Mccord abt 1922 Son
Richard Brown abt 1878 Alabama Head
Myrtle Brown abt 1889 Wife
Cora Jack Hall abt 1863 Tennessee Head
Cora Hall abt 1880 Wife
Beck Ikard abt 1858 Tennessee Head
Jennie Ikard abt 1860 Wife
Roy Patton abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Eula Patton abt 1897 Wife
Howard Patton abt 1917 Son
Thurman Patton abt 1918 Son
Herman Patton abt 1918 Son
Daniel B Rogers abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Lillian Rogers abt 1882 Wife
Bruce Rogers abt 1918 Son
Florence Rogers abt 1921 Daughter
Cecil H Rogers abt 1923 Son
Joseph Tatum abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Lettie B Tatum abt 1879 Wife
Benjamin Byrdwell abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Caroline Byrdwell abt 1877 Wife
Anna L Byrdwell abt 1911 Daughter
Hugh Hall abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Hettie Hall abt 1884 Wife
John Hall abt 1918 Son
Frank W Parker abt 1891 Georgia Head
Reba Parker abt 1905 Wife
Frank Parker abt 1924 Son
Emma L Parker abt 1924 Daughter
Lylia H Parker abt 1926 Daughter
Winnifred M Parker abt 1928 Daughter
Katherine Tanner abt 1879 Georgia Head
Ora B Tanner abt 1909 Daughter
Howard Tanner abt 1911 Son
Bessie Tanner abt 1913 Daughter
Dewey Tanner abt 1915 Son
Catherine Tanner abt 1918 Daughter
Thomas F Gilliam abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Grace Gilliam abt 1878 Wife
Dorothy Gilliam abt 1905 Daughter
Isaac Smith abt 1852 Canada; Nova Scotia Father-in-law
William Mcghee abt 1862 Georgia Head
Louise Mcghee abt 1889 Wife
Stella Mc Clain abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Winnifred Mc Clain abt 1906 Daughter
Earnest Mc Clain abt 1908 Son
Dennis Mc Clain abt 1910 Son
Clayton Mc Clain abt 1912 Son
Estelle Mc Clain abt 1918 Daughter
Melvin Sevan abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Mary Sevan abt 1904 Wife
Iva Sevan abt 1922 Son
Elbert Sevan abt 1924 Son
Lucille Sevan abt 1927 Daughter
Opal I Sevan abt 1930 Daughter
Jessie Holder abt 1884 Tennessee Mother
Paul F Norvell abt 1886 Tennessee Head
Sarah J Norvell abt 1887 Wife
Maurice C Norvell abt 1917 Son
Dorris G Norvell abt 1917 Son
J K L Norvell abt 1926 Son
Melvin Warren abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Sarah Warren abt 1910 Wife
James Tanner abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Mabel Tanner abt 1904 Wife
James H Tanner abt 1924 Son
James T Smith abt 1856 Tennessee Head
Alice Smith abt 1873 Wife
Bernice Smith abt 1908 Daughter
Henry Simmons abt 1889 Illinois Head
Elizabeth Simmons abt 1905 Wife
Dorothy Simmons abt 1923 Daughter
Edna Simmons abt 1924 Daughter
Harold Simmons abt 1927 Son
Gordon Hartline abt 1903 Alabama Head
Jera Hartline abt 1907 Wife
Melda Hartline abt 1924 Daughter
Robert E Hartline abt 1927 Son
George Shetters abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Ellen Shetters abt 1912 Wife
Cinda Lynch abt 1882 Tennessee Head
Peggie Lynch abt 1897 Sister
Lucy Lynch abt 1902 Sister
David Lynch abt 1895 Brother
Fred Brown abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Rebecca Brown abt 1896 Wife
Fred Brown abt 1922 Son
Chas A Brown abt 1924 Son
Elizabeth Lynch abt 1896 Tennessee Cousin
Albert Mcgraw abt 1886 Arkansas Head
Jessie Mcgraw abt 1889 Wife
Alberta Mcgraw abt 1915 Daughter
Robert A Mcgraw abt 1919 Son
Stewart Mcgraw abt 1924 Son
Thurman Mcgraw abt 1926 Son
Clinton Lane abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Rita Lane abt 1893 Wife
Herchel Lane abt 1926 Son
Lucille Lane abt 1920 Daughter
Martha Londay abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Nelson Van Herner abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Lella L Van Herner abt 1910 Wife
John King abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Dora King abt 1910 Wife
James W King abt 1927 Son
John King Son
Jack Castle abt 1920 Tennessee Brother-in-law
Will Brown abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Brown abt 1882 Wife
Walter Brown abt 1909 Son
Fred Brown abt 1911 Son
James Brown abt 1914 Son
Gertrude Brown abt 1913 Daughter-in-law
John Smith abt 1857 Tennessee Head
Sarah Smith abt 1875 Wife
Inez Crawford abt 1919 Tennessee Granddaughter
Sims Georgia Boarder
Cook Alabama Boarder
Otis Wooten abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Ida Wooten abt 1905 Wife
Vivian Wooten abt 1921 Daughter
John W Wooten abt 1923 Son
Mary V Wooten abt 1925 Daughter
Harriet Wooten abt 1926 Daughter
Lora E Wooten Daughter
Roy Moore abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Esaline Moore abt 1912 Wife
Ocie Davis abt 1908 Alabama Head
S Jeffen Bailen abt 1871 Tennessee Head
Sophroina E Bailen abt 1878 Wife
Lillie M Bailen abt 1906 Daughter
Pearl Bailen abt 1914 Daughter
Homer Bailen abt 1915 Son
John D King abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Martha King abt 1881 Wife
Earl King abt 1912 Son
Beatrice King abt 1913 Daughter-in-law
W M King abt 1908 Son
Frank King abt 1922 Son
Annie King abt 1919 Daughter
Tom Webb abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Lillie Webb abt 1893 Wife
Katherine Webb abt 1923 Granddaughter
Terrell Irvin abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Mary Irvin abt 1905 Wife
Beulah M Irvin abt 1924 Daughter
Willie E Irvin abt 1925 Daughter
Mary I Greenway abt 1885 Alabama Mother-in-law
Louise Padgett abt 1912 Alabama Sister-in-law
Earl Padgett abt 1908 Brother-in-law
Paul Padgett Nephew
William E Padgett Nephew
George Hampton abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Martha Hampton abt 1887 Wife
George S Hampton abt 1920 Son
Lois M Hampton abt 1921 Daughter
Newton S Hampton abt 1923 Son
Robert M Hampton abt 1925 Son
Ollie V Hampton Daughter
Samuel Robinson abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Albert Stephen abt 1892 Alabama Head
Dolly Stephen abt 1896 Wife
Albert Stephen abt 1913 Son
Louise Stephen abt 1915 Daughter
Henery E Stephen abt 1918 Son
Beatrice Stephen abt 1920 Daughter
Dorothy Stephen abt 1922 Daughter
Carleton Jones abt 1884 Tennessee Head
Daisy Jones abt 1890 Wife
Carleton Jones abt 1913 Son
Donald Jones abt 1915 Son
Reuben D Jones abt 1918 Son
Samantha Jones abt 1922 Daughter
John Floyd abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Eula Floyd abt 1907 Wife
Minnie R Floyd abt 1926 Daughter
Huden Patton abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Rose M Patton abt 1909 Wife
Thomas Spencer abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Frances Spencer abt 1907 Wife
P J Bagley abt 1905 Alabama Brother
Roosevelt Kindricks abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Edith Kindricks abt 1908 Wife
James T Kindricks abt 1925 Son
Nancy L Kindricks abt 1926 Daughter
Lillian E Kindricks Daughter
Robert Williams abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Aline Williams abt 1908 Wife
Edward Henry abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Lillian Henry abt 1901 Wife
Hobert Williams abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Annie W Williams abt 1910 Wife
Boots Williams abt 1925 Daughter
David Gilliam abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Matilda Gilliam abt 1881 Wife
L C Gilliam abt 1919 Son
Alberta Gilliam abt 1921 Daughter
Berthel Benton abt 1913 Tennessee Daughter
Jerold Benton abt 1928 Grandson
Daniel Martin abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Nancy Martin abt 1880 Wife
Alton Martin abt 1906 Son
Bud Hammock abt 1874 Alabama Head
Leader Hammock abt 1882 Wife
Georgia Rutledge abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Dewey Rutledge abt 1918 Son
Nanna S Rutledge abt 1920 Daughter
William Rutledge abt 1925 Son
Langston Rutledge abt 1928 Son
Jennie Hill abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Clarence Hill abt 1908 Son
Louise Dyer abt 1914 Tennessee Daughter
William L Dyer abt 1909 Son-in-law
James Cowan abt 1913 Tennessee Son-in-law
Trilby Cowan abt 1916 Daughter
Aris Hill abt 1920 Daughter
Caroline Trorell abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Elgin Kilgore abt 1904 Tennessee Son
Bertha Kilgore abt 1902 Daughter
Velton Kilgore abt 1912 Son
Lillian Kilgore abt 1916 Daughter
Betty Jo Samples abt 1929 Tennessee Granddaughter
Elizabeth Downing abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Henry W D Willis abt 1901 Texas Head
Sarah E Conan abt 1909 Tennessee Sister-in-law
Josephin Hawkins abt 1873 Tennessee Head
Dero Knight abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Pearl Knight abt 1894 Wife
Lucille Knight abt 1918 Daughter
Katherin Knight abt 1920 Daughter
Helen Knight abt 1923 Daughter
Bertha V Knight abt 1925 Daughter
Vera Knight abt 1927 Daughter
Patsy R Knight abt 1928 Daughter
America Rogers abt 1865 Tennessee Head
Charles Rogers abt 1901 Son
William Proby abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Julia Proby abt 1877 Wife
Robert Frayer abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Alta Frayer abt 1907 Wife
Donald Frayer abt 1927 Son
Ralph Frayer Son
Thomas Huckabee abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Susan Huckabee abt 1902 Wife
Reed Huckabee abt 1921 Son
Nellie J Huckabee abt 1926 Daughter
Nancy Lane abt 1866 Tennessee Mother-in-law
Marion Davis abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Loraine Davis abt 1909 Wife
Ethel Tate abt 1911 Tennessee Sister-in-law
Kelly Beene abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Kate Beene abt 1903 Wife
Kenneth Beene abt 1923 Son
Hester Beene abt 1892 Sister
Henry Emil Schares abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Annie Schares abt 1880 Wife
Leonard Schares abt 1904 Son
Chas Schares abt 1908 Son
Lucille Schares abt 1912 Daughter
Mildred Schares abt 1919 Daughter
Alton Schares abt 1921 Son
Rudolph Hookey abt 1883 New York Head
Rady Hookey abt 1882 Wife
Earnest Hookey abt 1918 Son
William T Arledge abt 1889 Tennessee Head
Hazel Arledge abt 1907 Wife
Dorothy Arledge abt 1917 Daughter
Vaughn Arledge abt 1925 Son
Nila J Arledge abt 1929 Daughter
Henry Ellis abt 1899 Alabama Head
Dene Ellis abt 1899 Wife
Martha M Ellis abt 1921 Daughter
Elsie J Ellis abt 1928 Daughter
Talmadge Lovelady abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Sarah Lovelady abt 1904 Wife
Lena Conner abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Lonnie Payne abt 1913 Tennessee Son
Velma J Connor abt 1925 Daughter
Marjorie Connor abt 1927 Daughter
Glenn L Ellison abt 1896 Georgia Head
Lillie M Ellison abt 1905 Wife
Luther Ellison abt 1924 Son
Mary E Ellison abt 1928 Daughter
William Medley abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Cora Medley abt 1907 Wife
Katherine Medley abt 1924 Daughter
John B Cohens abt 1877 Pennsylvania Head
Rosalie Cohens abt 1873 Wife
Earl Ables abt 1902 Tennessee Son-in-law
Alice Ables abt 1902 Daughter
Lillian Ables abt 1922 Granddaughter
Herbert Ables abt 1924 Grandson
Bertie A Ables abt 1927 Granddaughter
Jesse Aycock abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Irene Aycock abt 1898 Wife
Venetta Aycock abt 1916 Daughter
Mary E Aycock abt 1920 Daughter
Christine Aycock abt 1921 Daughter
Virginia Aycock abt 1924 Daughter
James R Aycock abt 1925 Son
William C Aycock abt 1928 Son
Mary Aycock abt 1853 Grandmother, Grandma
Grace Jackson abt 1887 Tennessee Head
Dorothy Allen abt 1914 Tennessee Daughter
Benton Allen abt 1915 Son
George Thompson abt 1868 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Taylor abt 1907 Tennessee Daughter
Sarah J Taylor abt 1923 Granddaughter
George V Taylor abt 1925 Grandson
William Taylor Grandson
Bryce Gilliam abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Gilbert Gilliam abt 1890 Brother
Rebecca Metcalf abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Mary E Metcalf abt 1919 Daughter
William Metcalf abt 1921 Son
James Reynolds abt 1909 Alabama Brother
Winton Martin abt 1900 Tennessee Head
Beth Martin abt 1901 Wife
Katherine Martin abt 1922 Daughter
Alice B Martin abt 1926 Daughter
Gedden R Green abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Enma Green abt 1894 Wife
Joseph M Green abt 1911 Son
William C Green abt 1914 Son
Margaret E Green abt 1916 Daughter
Grace P Green abt 1918 Daughter
Ira Brown abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Irene Brown abt 1912 Wife
James H Brown Son
Lillie Brown abt 1892 Mother
Dorothy Brown abt 1918 Sister
Marjorie Brown abt 1920 Sister
Cleveland J Brown abt 1924 Brother
Frank Brown abt 1925 Brother
Frank Anderson abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Ethel Melson abt 1913 Tennessee Lodger
Clifford Melson abt 1908 Tennessee Lodger
James M Williams abt 1895 Tennessee Head
May Williams abt 1907 Wife
Silas Williams abt 1907 Brother
Rubert C Aycock abt 1878 Mississippi Head
James F Zeigler abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Effie E Zeigler abt 1890 Wife
William Zeigler abt 1912 Son
Frances Zeigler abt 1914 Daughter
Virginia Zeigler abt 1917 Daughter
Anna Ruth Zeigler abt 1921 Daughter
Roberta Lee Zeigler abt 1924 Daughter
Glenn Cofer abt 1919 Tennessee Nephew
Claude Lee abt 1897 Tennessee Head
Belle Lee abt 1901 Wife
Thelma L Troxell abt 1920 Alabama Daughter
James E Troxell abt 1923 Son
William W Troxell abt 1925 Son
Christine A Lee abt 1927 Daughter
George Hell abt 1877 Tennessee Head
Rebecca Hell abt 1880 Wife
Earnest Pruitt abt 1908 Tennessee Head
Dellie Pruitt abt 1906 Wife
Frances Pruitt abt 1920 Niece
Thomas A Pruitt abt 1861 Father
James Connally abt 1862 Tennessee Head
Robert Casford abt 1857 Tennessee Head
Jack Cox abt 1861 Georgia Head
Mollie Cox abt 1862 Wife
Lonzo Cox abt 1901 Son
Will Curington abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Evelyn Curington abt 1901 Wife
Bertha Curington abt 1916 Daughter
William Curington abt 1919 Son
Alfred Curington abt 1925 Son
Doris Curington abt 1926 Daughter
James N Curington abt 1928 Son
Virginia Young abt 1905 Louisiana Sister
Benjamin Jenkins abt 1909 Alabama Head
Mary Lee Jenkins abt 1911 Wife
Rebecca Gurley abt 1905 Alabama Head
Mary Johns abt 1885 Alabama Mother
Thomas Gurley abt 1914 Brother-in-law
Henry Hale abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Anela Hale abt 1907 Wife
Mildred Hale abt 1925 Daughter
Chas Hale abt 1927 Son
Marcelle Hale abt 1929 Son
Lelia E Ackron abt 1923 Tennessee Daughter
Lena Sledge abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Willie Williams abt 1922 Tennessee Son
Minnie L Williams abt 1924 Daughter
Nola Williams abt 1927 Daughter
Laura B Williams abt 1929 Daughter
Carris Reyburn abt 1905 Tennessee Head
Mary Reyburn abt 1906 Wife
Chas W Tatem abt 1879 Tennessee Head
Jennie Tatem abt 1895 Wife
Chas J Tatem abt 1924 Son
Sarah R Tatem abt 1927 Daughter
Mary J Tatem abt 1928 Daughter
Nancy J Tatem Daughter
Edward Johnson abt 1883 South Carolina Head
Beatrice Johnson abt 1891 Wife
Rachel Johnson abt 1924 Daughter
Jerome V Barker abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Corinne Barker abt 1895 Wife
Joseph Barker abt 1919 Son
Luther V Barker abt 1920 Son
Frances Barker abt 1922 Son
Wynetka Larrowe abt 1893 Tennessee Head
Louise Larrowe abt 1914 Daughter
Turner Larrowe abt 1915 Son
Louis Larrowe abt 1927 Son
Willian Clepper abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Effie Clepper abt 1882 Wife
Robert Lewis abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Pearl Lewis abt 1911 Wife
Alma R Lewis abt 1928 Daughter
Vernon Richardson abt 1905 Alabama Head
Beatrice Richardson abt 1911 Wife
Doyle Troutman abt 1910 Tennessee Head
Dora Troutman abt 1913 Wife
Gordon Troutman abt 1927 Son
Mary J Troutman Daughter
James Gillespie abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Gillespie abt 1889 Wife
James Gillespie abt 1910 Son
Elizabeth Gillespie abt 1912 Daughter
Milton Carrol abt 1911 Tennessee Head
Laura Carrol abt 1911 Wife
James Martin abt 1878 Alabama Head
William H Davis abt 1924 Tennessee Son Hunter
Arlina Jaynor abt 1891 Tennessee Head
George Forshee abt 1861 Tennessee Head
Callie Forshee abt 1867 Wife
William A Wynne abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Verna Wynne abt 1900 Wife
William Lee Wynne abt 1925 Son
James R Wynne abt 1926 Son
Thomas Smith abt 1858 Tennessee Head
Ruth Smith abt 1861 Wife
Laura Snipes abt 1894 Tennessee Daughter
Junior Snipes abt 1921 Son
James Snipes abt 1923 Son
Samuel Snipes abt 1925 Son
Chas Scherer abt 1891 Tennessee Head
Ruby Scherer abt 1900 Wife
Chas C Scherer abt 1926 Son
Jerry W Scherer abt 1927 Son
Alice A Scherer abt 1929 Daughter
Russel Hawkes abt 1899 Tennessee Head
Rosalla Hawkes abt 1903 Wife
Gillan Holland abt 1906 Tennessee Head
Jennie Holland abt 1908 Wife
Dorothea Holland abt 1929 Daughter
Earnest Scharer abt 1894 Tennessee Head
Nola Scharer abt 1896 Wife
James Scharer abt 1923 Son
Gilbert L Hudson abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Maud Hudson abt 1891 Wife
Doris K Hudson abt 1923 Daughter
Calvin D Hudson abt 1925 Son
Helen A Hudson abt 1925 Daughter
R Grady T Hudson abt 1913 Son
Arthur L Hudson abt 1916 Son
William K Merriman abt 1912 Tennessee Stepson
Frank Mckinsey abt 1880 Tennessee Head
Alberta Mckinsey abt 1889 Wife
John A Swafford abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Ida Swafford abt 1896 Wife
Howard S Swafford abt 1920 Son
Rosa Lee Swafford abt 1922 Daughter
Geneva R Swafford abt 1925 Daughter
Ruth Swafford abt 1927 Daughter
Ruby Swafford abt 1927 Daughter
Van W Raulston abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Rosa Raulston abt 1878 Wife
Arthur Raulston abt 1906 Son
Carl Raulston abt 1908 Son
Raymond Raulston abt 1910 Son
Rosallia Raulston abt 1915 Daughter
Sama E Raulston abt 1917 Daughter
Clara L Raulston abt 1919 Daughter
Jarrett Cummings abt 1861 Tennessee Head
Mary Cummings abt 1876 Wife
Isaac Padgett abt 1866 Illinois Head
Virgil Padgett abt 1899 Son
George Padgett abt 1907 Son
Rossie Padgett abt 1904 Daughter
John A Reynolds abt 1881 Tennessee Head
Belle Reynolds abt 1888 Wife
Dorris M Reynolds abt 1916 Daughter
Mary J Reynolds abt 1919 Daughter
Braden Hill abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Tommie Hill abt 1900 Wife
James Hill abt 1919 Son
Mary L Hill abt 1922 Daughter
Bruce H Hill abt 1923 Son
Sherman Hill abt 1925 Son
Nathaniel Hill abt 1928 Son
Pernell Rogers abt 1912 Tennessee Stepdaughter
Wilma Rogers abt 1914 Stepdaughter
John H Glenn abt 1909 Tennessee Son-in-law
William Jackson abt 1853 Virginia Head
Jennie Jackson abt 1872 Wife
Frank Starkey abt 1891 Alabama Head
Anna Starkey abt 1887 Wife
Luella Starkey abt 1923 Daughter
Mary M Starkey abt 1925 Daughter
John L Starkey abt 1927 Son
Zora Stewart abt 1912 Alabama Stepdaughter
Kate Stewart abt 1914 Stepdaughter
Evaline Stewart abt 1916 Stepdaughter
Selma Stewart abt 1918 Stepdaughter
Cupid Stewart abt 1920 Stepson
Marye Johnson abt 1856 Kentucky Head
Ruth Johnson abt 1913 Granddaughter
John H Bates abt 1876 Tennessee Head
Ida Bates abt 1870 Wife
Lon Lee abt 1868 Wife
John Lee abt 1868 Tennessee Husband
Willie Chance abt 1878 Tennessee Head
Hester Bass abt 1913 Alabama Granddaughter
Mack Price abt 1864 Tennessee Head
Mary Price abt 1867 Wife
Robert Price abt 1906 Tennessee Son
Minnie Price abt 1907 Daughter-in-law
Hester Bookart abt 1909 Alabama Son-in-law
Alice Bookart abt 1909 Daughter
Mary Elizabeth Bookart abt 1928 Granddaughter
Nadine Price abt 1925 Tennessee Granddaughter
William J Price abt 1928 Grandson
Benjamin Anderson abt 1890 Tennessee Head
Georgia Anderson abt 1891 Wife
Lucy Anderson abt 1912 Daughter
Vera M Gemeinhardt abt 1915 Tennessee Daughter
Jasper Alder abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Grace Alder abt 1907 Wife
Jasper Alder abt 1925 Son
Edward Alder abt 1927 Son
Samuel Alder Son
Richard Carroll Tennessee Head
Orrie Carroll abt 1880 Wife
Vivian Helton abt 1911 Tennessee Niece
John Dillard abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Sarah Dillard abt 1888 Wife
Edgar Brown abt 1903 Tennessee Head
Fred L Parker abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Frances Parker abt 1905 Wife
Louise Clepper abt 1910 Georgia Daughter
Robert L Clepper abt 1918 Son
Kenneth Clepper abt 1924 Son
Charles Streeter abt 1888 Tennessee Head
Margaret Streeter abt 1902 Wife
Charlotte Streeter abt 1927 Daughter
Chas Streeter Son
G Chas Jordan abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Martha Jordan abt 1902 Wife
William Turner abt 1892 Tennessee Head
Artie Turner abt 1893 Wife
Gladys Turner abt 1918 Daughter
Raymond Turner abt 1923 Son
Vernon Turner abt 1928 Son
James Mc Elroy abt 1870 Tennessee Head
Ella Mc Elroy abt 1880 Wife
Margaret Cox abt 1911 Kentucky Cousin
Lillian Cox abt 1913 Cousin
Mary E Cox abt 1925 Cousin
Albert A Cosh abt 1896 Tennessee Head
Genevieve Cosh abt 1897 Wife
Katherine N Cosh abt 1929 Daughter
Joseph N Dietzen abt 1869 Tennessee Head
Stella Dietzen abt 1877 Wife
Louise B Dietzen abt 1906 Daughter
Katherine L Dietzen abt 1908 Daughter
Joseph N Dietzen abt 1912 Son
Robert R Dietzen abt 1915 Son
Adaliza Dietzen abt 1915 Daughter-in-law
James Dietzen abt 1921 Son
Katherine Dietzen abt 1929 Granddaughter
Earnest Pierce abt 1885 Texas Head
Esther Pierce abt 1894 Wife
Earnestine Pierce abt 1921 Daughter
John W Savage abt 1885 Tennessee Head
Opie I Savage abt 1911 Wife
Clyde W Savage abt 1915 Son
Reader Savage abt 1918 Son
John W Savage abt 1921 Son
Edward M Williams abt 1927 Alabama Stepson
William R Ladd abt 1859 Alabama Head
Earnest Towles abt 1902 Tennessee Head
Lealome Howard abt 1862 Alabama Head
Mattie Howard abt 1866 Wife
Charlie Cunningham abt 1875 Tennessee Head
Ethel Cunningham abt 1891 Wife
Floyd Cunningham abt 1911 Son
Linda R Cunningham abt 1914 Daughter
Ike Acklin abt 1901 Tennessee Head
Chas Williams abt 1892 Connecticut Head
Ethel Williams abt 1904 Wife
George Warren abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Cinst H Baumgartner abt 1907 Tennessee Head
Albert Sloan abt 1904 Alabama Head
Nellie Sloan abt 1905 Wife
Roy S Sloan abt 1925 Son
William Turner abt 1904 Tennessee Head
Verna W Turner abt 1908 Wife
William J Turner abt 1927 Son
Henry G Jenkins abt 1883 Tennessee Head
Lena B Jenkins abt 1899 Wife
Martha Thompson abt 1867 Tennessee Head
Augusta Thompson abt 1901 Daughter
Mitchell B Welch abt 1895 Tennessee Head
Elizabeth Welch abt 1904 Wife
John Jordan abt 1903 Alabama Head
Mabel Jordan abt 1905 Wife
Gwendolyn Jordan abt 1928 Daughter
Jewell Jordan abt 1929 Daughter

Transcription submitted by Donna O'Brien

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JULY 3, 2006