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Cabe Cemetery
Marion Co. ,TN

Cabe Cemetery is located in Haletown (Guild), Marion County, Tennessee. The Cemetery is off Hwy. 41 on Hicks Hollow Rd. This road is located between the old Kayo Gas Station and the Apartments. Turn right between these and go up this road about 2 miles. The cemetery is located on the right as you go up the hill on a one lane gravel road. This is a very small family graveyard. There are just a few headstones. My Grandfather and Grandmother Willie Cabe and Vinnie McFalls Cabe, have personal information on this graveyard, since it is our relatives that are buried there. Willie Cabe has dug many a grave there.


Graves with Tomstones:

Marshall Lee Hicks      January 15, 1940-February 25, 1940 (Son of Beatrice & Thad Hicks.)

May Ruby Huff      no dates (her baby boy is also buried there, He was the first to be buried there
   and she was the second)
Frances Mabille Huff      April 21, 1966-July 29, 1966
Joe Allen Huff      1907-1991

Lee McFalls      March 15, 1891-March 18, 1963
Georgia McFalls      April 6, 1901-March 6, 1990
R.M. McFalls      July 2, 1931-August 13, 1965
Bobby L. McFalls Sr.      May 12, 1941-March 12, 1988
Adah V. McFalls      November 28, 1957- February 27, 1973
James E. McFalls      May 25, 1970-February 27, 1973
Elbert L. McFalls      March 25, 1925-October 1, 1990

Adah V. McFalls was Elbert's daughter and James E. McFalls was his grandson. They died in a house fire.


The following do not have a headstone, but are buried there according to Willie & Vinnie Cabe:

Samuel Earl Cabe      June 18, 1890-February 1970
Mary Cabe
Infant Child of Charlie & Christine Cabe

John Walker Hicks      December 1865-October 26, 1939
Nancy Hale Hicks      September 1862-March 11, 1935
Thaddeus "Thad" Hicks      October 9, 1886-August 5, 1937

Infant child of Charlie & Katherine Tudors

Infant child of Estille Lofty

Lucille Watkins      born about 1910

Jesse Mae Carver Rednower

Emma Mae Carver      daughter of Hazel Hicks Carver
Female Carver      daughter of Hazel Hicks Carver
Doc Carver
Wilt Carver

  Provided by Karen Hambrick.

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