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Marion County, Tennessee-Deed Book A

Transcription provided by Helen L. Smith Hoke (

Summaries of Deeds from Marion County, Tennessee, Deed Book A

p. 140 Oct 6, 1821: State of TN #16038 to George Anderson 57 A. based on part of Cert #4144 issued Oct 10, 1820 for 60 A. to Richard Horn, occ. claim #35..2nd Dist., Crow Creek, adj. John Roberts, Walter Miliham, Thomas Nicholas, Reuben Hill, Bush Creek, Proven Oct. 26,1821.

p. 142 Feb 22, ?: Sanders McMahan to William Ake quit claim, 50 A.....Crow Creek, adj. James McKinch, Bush Creek, Witnesses: Wm Stephens, John Ake. Acknowledged by McMahan Nov. 18, 1823.

p. 143 Sep 27, 1822: Absolom B. Bailey, Lawrence Co., TN to William Archer 37 A...Crow Creek, adj. Wm Archer, Ridman McMahan, Alex. Suiters. Witnesses: John Ake, Sanders McMahan. Proven by both witnesses Nov. 18,1823.

p. 144 Sep 27, 1822 Absolom B. Baily, Lawrence Co. TN, to Alex Senters, Jackson Co, AL, 30 A....Crow Creek, adj Wm Stephens, Wn Archer, Senters line. Witnesses: John Ake, Sanders McMahan. Proven by both witnesses Nov 18, 1823.

p. 145 Nov 18, 1823: James Jones, Sheriff of Marion Co, TN, to James Loyd, Bledsoe Co, TN...sold 160 A. at public auction, at the direction of the Commissioners of Marion Co "against Philip Malery and Wm Mitchell for the use of Wallace Estell"....southeast side Sequachee River, adj. John Farmer, James Mayo & Epraim Hixon. Witnesses: A. Coulter, Wm Long. Acknowledged by Jones Nov 18, 1823.

p. 147 Aug 28, 1823: William Mitchell, White Co.,TN, to James Loyd, Bledsoe Co, TN 160 A. .....Sequachee River, adj. James Mayo, said Loyd. Witnesses: Philip Kroft, John Kelly. Proven by both witnesses Nov 18, 1823.

p. 148 Oct 8, 1823: Alexander B. Bradford, Madison Co., TN, by his atty., James Standifer, to Isaac Standifer 100 A . . . . .northwest side Sequachee River, adj. William Standifer, assignee of John Milsap. Witnesses: William and Samuel W. Standifer. Proven by both witnesses Nov 17, 1823

p. 149 Jan 14, 1823: Absolom Deakens and Polly his wife, being rightful "heirs by virtue of matrimony" of John Brown, dec., late of Knox Co., TN, give Power of Attorney to William Brown, Washington Co., TN to sell our right in sd dec. father's real estate. Witnesses: John Roberts, George Stewart. Written Jan 14, 1823, proven Nov 17, 1823.

p. 150 Jan 4, 1823: John Brown and Alice his wife, "being the rightful heiress and lawful heir by virtue of matrimony" of John Brown, dec., of Knox Co., TN, give Power of Atty, to William Brown, Washington Co., TN, to sell our portion of sd dec. father's estate. Witnesses: Alex. Kelly, George Stewart. Proven by both witnesses Nov 17, 1824.

p. 151 Feb 22, 1823: William Ake to Samuel McMahan quit claim, 150 ac.......Crow Cr., adj. John Ake, John Linch, Samuel Hays, James McBurrak, Hadley's line. Witnesses: William Stephen, John Ake. Acknowledge by William Ake August 18, 1823. Marion County, Tennessee, Deed Book A

p. 152 Nov 29, 1822: Alexander Fergison to John Hickey 257 A....south side Sequachee River in Sequachee Valley, Looneys Mill Creek....same land conveyed to Hickey by Josiah Danforth. Witnesses: Roswell Hall, Samuel Harris. Acknowledged by Fergison Nov 29, 1822.

p. 153 Aug 21, 1822 Samuel Harris to Roswell Hall Jasper town Lot #65. Proven Aug 22, 1822 by Witnesses Wallis Estell, Jr., and Daniel Riggle.

p. 154 Nov 12, 1822: William Standifer to Daniel/Andrew Branson 160 A....ajd. Luke Hendrix, assignee of Polly Cox, John Branson. Witnesses: Isaac Standifer, Reuben Cacks, Acknowledged by William Standifer Nov 25, 1822.

p. 155 Feb 17, 1823: William Standifer to Luke Standifer 45 A...being art of his Grant #16093 for 180 A ...North west side Sequachee River, adj. James Standifer, No witnesses shown. Acknowleged by Standifer Feb 24, 1823.

p. 157 Feb 19, 1823: James Standifer, Bledsoe Co, TN to William Standifer, Sur, 1 1/2 A .....southeast side Sequachee River, adj. Amos Griffith. Witnesses: S. Hicks, Daniel Riggles, Acknowledged by James Standifer Mar 27, 1823

p. 158 April 2, 1823: Samuel Harris gives Power of Atty to Carter Marcum, William Wilson & John settle with Commissioners of Marion Co and town of Jasper for building their goal. Witness Charles Lewis Ack. Aug 21, 1823

p. 158 Jan 20, 1823: Samuel McBee to Obadiah Bean/Been 80 A ...waters of Battle Creek in Sweetens Cove. Proven Nov 17, 1823 by wits., Thos Maywell, Levi Warmack.

p. 159 Jan 1823: Robert Bean, Sr. to William Bean 40 A...on waters of Battle Cr in Sweetens Cove, adg. John McGowan. Proven by witnesses Obadiah Bean and Levi Warmach Nov 17, 1823.

p. 160 Jan 1823: Robert Bean, Sr. to Jesse Bean 30 A...on waters of Battle Cr in Sweetens Cove, adj. John McGowan, Wm. Bean. Proven Nov 17, 1823 by witnesses Levi Warmoch and Obadiah Bean

p. 161 July 29, 1822: State of TN #17689 to William Lawson 50 A., based on Cert. #1109 issued Aug 5, 1815 to Samuel Nicholson for 50 A., claim #6242....3rd Dist, southeast side Sequachee River, adj. George Walker. Recorded Aug 9 1823. (on my copy it is typed 1822 but I think it should be 1823)

p. 162 April 13, 1823: Will of John Cooper...being weak of body but sound of beloved wife Margaret, necessary household & kitchen furniture for her lifetime; at her decease to my daughter, Isabell Cooper, and her children (not named)...bequeath all other property not mentioned before for exclusive use of dau., Isabell & her children. Witnesses: John Mitchell, Joseph H. Francis, and Michl Burkhalter. Proven by Michell and Francis Aug 20, 1823

p. 163 Mar 27, 1823: Josiah Howe and John T. Harlin give Power of Atty to Thomas C. Clark to sell 100 A. on north side of Tennessee River. Witnesses: Phillip Strinchcomb & Benj. Allison. Proven by Allison May 20, 1823 (on my copy it is typed 1822 but I think it should be 1823) who stated that Strinchcomb was not an inhabitant of TN.

p. 164 Mar 1, 1823: William Arnett to Fred Belcher, Jasper town Lots #37 & 38, where Arnett now lives. Witnesses A. Coulter and S. Hicks

p. 165 2/19/1824: Peter Bown, son of John Brown, dec. of Knox Co, TN, gives Power of Atty to my brother, William Brown, also of Washington Co, sell my right in father's estate. Witnesses: William Farmer, Andrew McCaller. Ack. by Peter Brown 2/19/1824

p. 165 10/3/1821: Commissioners of Marion Co, TN to James Chadwin, Jasper town lost #78 & #80. Proven by Witnesses W. Hicks and Jno. Kelly 8/19/1822.

p. 166 2/10/1822: Commissioners of Marion Co to Solomon Riggle & Daniel Riggle, Jasper town lots #35 & 43. Proven by witnesses S. Hicks & Jno Kelly 8/19/1822

p. 167 2/13/1824: Mary Jones, Bledsoe Co, TN to dau Jermina Standifer, wife of William Standifer....negro girl Becky, 7 yrs old. Proven 4/5/1824 by witnesses Adam Lamb and Mark Hendrix.

p. 168 8/13/1824: Alexander B. Bradford to Daniel McLain, Knox Co, TN, 100 A....southside Sequachee River, adj. James Standifer, opposite mouth of Rains Spring Branch. Witnessed by Henry J. Varnell & William Standifer; ack 10/10/1824 by James Standifer, atty-in-fact for A. B. Bradford.

p. 169 11/16/1824: Lake Vicky gives Power of Atty to G. W. Churchwell of Knox Co, convey all his right in land due from NC for his services. Witnesses by D. Rankin. Ack 11/16/1824.

p. 170 1/4/1823: John Blakey and wife Lavina Blakey, dau of John Brown, dec. of Knox Co, TN, give Power of Atty to William Brown, Washington Co, act for them in their deceased father's real estate. Proven 11/16/1824 by witnesses John and Nancy Spring. Signed John P. Long and Amos Lodge.

p. 171 12/8/1824: Matthew L. Dixon, Franklin Co, TN to Francis M. Dulory 50 A...on Firy Gizzard Creek, a branch of Battle Creek & a branch of TN River. Proven 3/14/1825 by witnesses Henry Long and Amos Lodge.

p. 172 4/5/1824: State of TN #8933 to Benjamin Grayson 90 A...southeast side Sequachee River, adj. Joseph Grayson's survey. Reg. 8/2/1824 by Drury Armstrong.

p. 173 Date ?: Alexander Ferguson to John Hickey, Sr. 72 A...Pryor's line, John Irwin, Looney Mill Branch, inc. improvements where widow Hafley did live. Witnessed by John Rodgers & Solomon Knight. Ack by Ferguson 11/16/1824.

p. 173 12/6/1823: William Brumly to Ephrium Brannan, Jackson Co, AL 86 A...except what is inc. in Richard Hudson's survey...waters of Sequachee, south bank Looney Mill Creek, John Daniels' line. Witnessed by John Hickey & Richard Shelton. Ack. by William Brumley 3/23/1825.

p. 174 9/8/1823: C. B. H. Ake to William and Washington Wood, Jasper town lot #69. Proven 3/23/1825 by witnesses Roswell Hall and Philip Kroft.

p. 175 12/22/1824: Isaac Fawsett, Bledsoe Co, TN to Samuel W. Pryor a negro boy named Henderson, age 7 or 8. Proven 2/21/1825 by Seth Pryor, Paul W. Williams.

p. 176 2/20/1825: William Standifer to Jerima Standifer & Abraham P. Standifer, grandchildren of said Wm. P. Standifer & children of Naomi Standifer of Bledsoe Co, TN...a negro girl, Cinthy, age 5 yrs. Proven 2/21/1825 by witnesses Isaac Standifer and Samuel Standifer.

p. 177 7/17/1824: John S. Burnett, Blount Co, TN to Andrew Still 160 Teritory of Illionis..."it being the southeast 1/4 section Eight of Township Ten North in range seven east in the tract appropriated by the acts for Military Bandities in the Teritory of IL." Wits: J. E. Kennon, William Stone. Pro: by Stone 3/23/1825.

p. 177 7/17/1824: John S. Burnett, Blount Co, TN to Andrew Still 160 A. in Ter of Il......northeast 1/4 section twenty two of Twp. six north, in range three east (see above). Wits: J. E. Kennon, William Stone. proven by Stone 3/23/1825.

p. 178 8/14/1823: William Arnett to Thomas Sherly/Shirley Jasper town lots #55 & 85. Wits: James Jones, Wiley Belcher. Ack. by Arnnett 3/24/1825

p. 179 10/8/1821: Commissioners of Marion County and town of Jasper to Henry Riggle town lots #3 & 4. Proven 2/24/1825 by Witnesses S. Hicks & John Kelly.

p. 180 8/18/1823: Alexander Coulter to Jarrard Branson 54 A..., part of Grant #17687 for 160 Coulter....west side Little Sequachee, Hendrix corner, Wilkerson's line. Proven 3/25/1825 by wits: Alex H. Coulter & David Rankin.

p. 181 2/17/1824: Mathew L. Dixon, Jackson County, TN to Nathaniel Hunt & William Floyd of same county, assignees of David Martain, 49 A., being part of 486 A. grant to Dixon by State of TN.....on Fiery Gizzard, a branch of Battle Creek; east line of Susan Sawyers' reservation. Proven 5/16/1825 by witnesses Argile Campbell and Leroy May.

p. 182 5/16/1825: Stephen Pankey & Maryan Pankey give Power of Atty to John Pankey, Roan County, TN to collect all money due them from John Woods of Wilson Co, TN, admr of estate of Corotun Smith, dec., as lawful heirs of said Smith. Wit: B. Turner, Bud Farmer, Ack 5/17/1825. (does anyone know who this SMITH is?, if so, let me know.)

p. 183 5/16/1825: Nathaniel Davis gives Power of Atty to John G. Eaton of town of Jasbera, TN to sell 20 shares of stock held in Jonesboro branch of Bank of TN. Wit: John Kelly, ack by said Davis 5/16/1825

p. 184 2/18/1824: John Kelly to William Pryor 113 A...northwest side Sequachee River adj. Amos Griffith. Wit: Amos Griffith, John Mitchell. Ack: John Kelly 2/19/1825

p. 185 5/9/1825: James Standifer, Bledsoe County, TN to MIchael L. Stenson of same county 80 A....waters of Sequachee River inc. a fish trap ford on Georgia Road. Also 12 A....on north bank of Sequachee River. Wit: Isreal Standifer, William I. Standifer. Ack by James Standifer 5/16/1825.

p. 186 11/23/1824: Conrad Hulvey & Elizabeth Hulvey, his wife, to Samuel Maxwell of Guilford County, NC 209 Guilford & Rockingham Counties, NC...on Haw River, north bank of Hale River, cor. of #1 at Little H; Tatans' line; John Marks' cor, Beaver Pond. Wit: Leroy May Ack by Conrad & Elizabeth Hulvey 11/23/1825

p. 188 2/17/1824: Mather L. Dixon, Franklin Co, TN to Conrad Hulvey 150 A., part of 4867 A. TN Grant to Dixon....Fiery Gizzard Creek, head of Eight Hillers Spring. Prov 2/24/1824 by Leroy May and 5/20/1825 by Argile Campbell, wit.

p. 189 ?: James Standifer, Bledsoe Co, TN and William H. Standifer give Power of Atty to Israel Standifer of Bledsoe Co, TN to sell lands in Monroe Co, MS. Pro 11/21/1825 by wit: George W. Churchwell and William H. Melton.

p. 190 8/27/1824: George Carroll to John Burgess 8 A., being part of TN Grant #7686 to Alexander Coulter...northeast side Little Sequachee, mouth of Halls branch, Daniel Carroll. Wit: James Chadowin, John Newman. Ack by George Carroll 2/7/1826.

p. 191 2/17/1824: William Floyd & Nathaniel Hunt of Franklin Co, TN to David Martin 40/49 A....Fiery Gizzard Creek, Mathew L. Dixon's corner, Susan Lowery's reservation, Wit: Jno. Kelly, ack 4/7/1824 by Leroy May, atty-in-fact for Floyd and Hunt.

p. 193 7/6/1824: State of TN #8934 to Amos Griffith for 50 A.....northwest side Sequachee River at foot of mountain. Reg 10/8/1824.

p. 194 12/8/1824: State of TN #22853 to Amos Griffith 10 A...based on Cert #3676 issued to Thom Herbert & Thadwick B. Rice 11/24/1819 for 10 A....3rd Dist..., north west side Sequachee River, near Cedar Spring. Reg 2/16/1825.

p. 194 8/1/1824: State of TN #8917 to Amos Griffith 96 A...north side Sequachee River. Reg 11/4/1824

p. 195 2/16/1824: Thomas L/ Bean/Been, Franklin Co., TN to John Townson 99A., being part of the NC Warrant # 643 issued to Elijah Wells, 7/10/1784...Southeast side Sequachee River, adj. John Hicky. Wit: Joseph White Lan Smith Jacob Coffain John Bibb Proven Nov 20, 1824, by John Bibb & Jacob Daffard.

p. 196 8/2/1826: Roswell Hall to James Campbell, Winchester, Franklin Co., TN, a deed of Trust for $2000 on Jasper town lot #64, excluding the part covered by the old log house built by William Rains & now occupied by Philip Kroft, and four lots in town of Jasper, originally purchased by William Wetson...Hall on 12 Aug 1825 at Battinas had given his note for $2000 to Shaw Tiffany & Co. Proven at August Term 1826 court in Franklin Co, TN by Benjamin Dechard, Jr. & Thomas H/S Fletcher, witnesses.

p. 198 8/2/1826: William M. Rains, Winchester, Franklin Co, TN to Roswell Hall Jasper town Lot #64. Proven Franklin Co, TN Aug Term 1826 by John Goodman and James Campbell, wit.

p. 199 8/2/1826: Whereas William M. Rains had given to Benjamin Dechard a deed of trust for lot #64, securing a debt due to Joseph & Robert Wood and later said Lot was sold to Alford Henderson, now Dechard & Henderson for $500 relinquish interest in lot #64 to Roswell Hall. Ack in Franklin Co, TN court August 1826.

p. 199 July 18, 1824: James Standifer, Bledsoe Co, TN to Austin Hackworth 80 A. northwest side Sequachee River, adj. Henry J. Yarnell. Wit: Amos Griffith and Henry Grayson. Ack by James Standifer May 16, 1826

p. 201 2/22/1825: James Stennett to William Hendrix 38 A. being part of TN Grant #15947 for 291 A. to Jonathan Pope...Little Sequachee, adj. Jessee Stannett, Luke Hendrix, Wit: Amos Griffith & S. Hicks. Ack by James Stennett 2/22/1825

p. 214 23/3/1826: Elijah M. Hale, Blount Co, TN to David Rankin 100 A....southeast side Sequachee River, adj. Thomas Conlson/Coulson. Proven 22 Nov 1826 by Witnesses S. Hicks and James Hoy

p. 215 7 Sept 1822: George V. Briggs, Wilson Co, TN to George Alexander & Ludwell Stone 100 A... Crow Creek, William Crabtree's line. Proven 25 Mar 1825 by witnesses Thomas Alexander and John Harrison.

p. 217 11 Apr 1825: Isham Warmack to Hardin William, Jackson Co, AL 54 A., being an equal moity of 180 A. granted Warmack by State of TN...on waters of Battle Creek in Sweetens Cove; the west half of tract. Witnessed by Odadiah Bean & Abner C. Warmack. Ack by Isham Warmack 15 Aug 1825.

p. 219 1 Mar 1825: State of TN #10620 to Scott Terry & Adam Lamb 640 A...southeast side Seqachee River, adj. W. Kelly, I. Mayo, C. B. Brumley.

p. 220 1 Mar 1825: State of TN #10622 to John Bridgeman 300 A...northwest side Sequachee River, adj. T. Hopkins.

p. 221 5 Oct 1825: William Standifer, Sr. to grandsons William I., Luke C., Jessie H. Skelton C. & James M. Standifer, of Bledsoe Co, TN?....negro girl Lyle, 26 yrs old, to William I. ; negro girl Lorenda, 5 yrs old, to Luke C., Jessie H., Skelton H. & James M. Proven 20 Nov 1825 by wit Amos Griffith, Isaac Standifer.

p.222 21 Aug 1826: David Nichols to Rawlings & Hasbrig Jasper town lot #42. Wit by David Riggle & Michael Nichols; ack by said Nichols 21 Aug 1826.

p.223 11 Aug 1823: James Lloyd to John Bridgeman, both of Bledsoe Co, TN, 134 A...adj. William Kelly & James Mayo. Ack 25 Mar 1825 by James Lloyd

p. 224 28 Apr 1823: State of TN #19052 to John Cunningham 114 A., based on part of Cert. #765 issued 2 Nov 1814 to George Gordon for 500 A...3rd Dist., Battle Creek, adj. Robert C. Gorden, Mathen Barba, George Lowery's line.

p. 225 4 Aug 1823: Thomas Maxwell to Henry Gother, Franklin Co, AL 52 A., being part of two surveys originally granted Robert McDowell & Samuel M. Burnett; by them deed to George A. Brock; from Brock to Maxwell...on Sweeten Creek, waters of Battle Creek in Sweeten Cove, adj. Robert Beene, Jr., Samuel McBee's corner,, Hornbeam's corner, his son, John Maxwell's corner. Wit by Odibiah Beene and Robert McDowell. Ack by Thomas Maxwell.

p. 226 20 Jan 1824: Alexander Furgison to Howell Mitchell 87 A....north side Tenn River, line of INTEN tract. Wit, Louis Campbell & Warren Mitchell. Ack by said Furgison 24 Mar 1825.

p. 228 18 Aug 1823: James Lloyd, Bledsoe Co, TN, to Samuel H. Gott 74 A., being part of Grant #16170 for 160 A. issued to said benefit of occ. claim Lloyd purchased from John Dame...southeast side Sequachee River, adj. Houston & Ephrain Hixon. Wits: Houston & Ephrain Hixon, Jr.; ack 15 Nov 1824 by Lloyd.

p. 229 18 Sep 1823: James Jones, Sheriff of Marion Co, to James Standifer 160 A....two 80 A. tracts owned by Samuel Stennett sold at public auction 18 Feb 1822 to settle judgments obtained by Simon adj. David Nichols on Hall's branch...Standifer conveyed land to Steven A. Blevins. Witnesses Thomas Branson & Jno. Dass. Ack by Jones in May court term, 1824.

p. 231 25 Aug 1824: William Arnett & Thomas Shirley to Alexander Faucher 50 A., being part of grant # 15386 for 160 A. to William Standifer...northwest side Sequachee River; being tract whereon said Faucher now lives. Wit by Jno. Kelly and S. M. Pryor. Ack 20 Feb 1826 by said Arnett and Shirley.

p. 234 23 Nov 1826: Thomas Shirley, Sr. and Margaret Shirley, his wife, gives Power of Atty to Thomas Shirley, Jr.... 'to act in both or either of our behalf in any properties due us from any person or persons estate in counties of Guilford and Orange, NC" Proven by witnesses Thomas H. Spencer & S. Hicks 24 Nov 1826,

p. 235 15 Dec 1826: "I, John Mitchell, presiding Justice of Marion County Court of Pleas in quarter Session, certify John Kelly is acting Clerk at office for said county was at the time of said certification to full faith and credit as such." Registered 9 Jun 1827 This is the end of Deed Book A.


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