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Deeds of Marion County


Deed from:
Samuel Sitton
To:Elijah Scott
November 6th,1852

State of Tennessee, Marion County.

Samuel Sitton
Eligah Scott

    I, Samuel Sitton have this day bargained and sold and do hereby transfer and convey to Elijah Scott and his heirs forever for the consideration of Fifty Dollars to me paid a tract of land in the State of Tennessee,Marion County and District number Six containing by estimation Thirty six acres be the same more or less and bounded as follows, it being the south south east fractional quarter of Faleter Township one in range five west of the basis line Ocoe District Granted by the State of Tennessee to Joseph Hall by grant No.3262 bearing date the 9th,day of August 1881.

    To have and hold the same to the said Elijah Scott and his heirs and assigns forever I covenants with the said Elijah Scott that I am lwa ful y seized and possessed o the said land have a lawful right to convey it and that the same is unincumbered I do futher bind myself my heirs and representatives to warrant and for ever defend the title to said land and every part of it thereof to the said Elijah Scott his heirs and assigns against the lawful clamis of all persons whatever. Witness my hand and seal this 6th day of Nov. 1852 signed and acknowledged in presances of us.

Walker Mason
X H.Haggar        By his agent         Samuel Sittion  Seal
his mark

State of Tennessee
Marion County

Personally appeared before me, James S. Deakins Clerk of the County Court of the said County H. Haggard Subscribing witness to the attached deed who being first dult sworn depose and say that they are personaly acquainted with the within named Elijah Scott the bargainor, and the he acknowledged the same in their presents to be his act and used for the purposes therein contained.

Witness my hand at office, this 2nd day of Feb. 1888
James S. Deakins Clerk

Filed for record Feb. 4th, 1888 at 11 O'clock A.M.
D.F. Chaudoin

Submitted by Sharon Campbell


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