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Deeds of Marion County


Hamilton E. K. Clk.
To: Deed of Conveyance
Smith, B. F. 596 acres
[January 12, 1868]

State of Tennessee, Marion County.

This indenture made and entered into this 12th day of January A. D. 1868 between E. K. Hamilton, Clerk of the County Court of said County, of the one part and B. F. Smith of the other part.

Witnesseth that the said E. K. Hamilton, Clerk as aforesaid, pursuant to a decree of the County Court pronounced in the case of Ransom Smith Administrator of R. C. Brown, deceased, against Thomas Smith Louis Hatfield and wife Dorcas and Florence Brown at the December Term A. D. 1866 of the County Court, he was ordered to expose to public sale all the lands in said County belonging to the Estate of said R. C. Brown, deceased, and whereas in obedience to said order as Clerk as aforesaid did offer said land at public sale to the highest bidder on the [purchase] on the tenth day of January A. D. 1867 after having given thirty days notice as required by law when B. F. Smith became the ??? of one tract at the sum [??] two dollars his being the highest/and best bid and that said B. F. Smith having the request that deed be made to him for said land he having paid all the purchase money, I therefore in obedience to the decree of said Court heretofore pronounced [proxy] to make title to the said land which said land is bounded and described as follows in the 6 civil district, Marion County, Tennessee 13th 1860 containing three hundred and ninety-six acres by survey bearing date May the 8th 1860 beginning at a stake and pointers on the top cliff of Waldens Ridge next Sequachee River it being south east corner of a thousand acre survey made in the name of John A. [P]ickett and the south west corner of a two hundred acre survey made in the name of John Burnett then running with the meanders of said cliff or bluff S. 18 W. 20 poles S. 55 W. 18 poles to a stake and pointers, Josiah Burnetts north west corner of a 300 acre survey thence with his line S. 31 W. along said bluff 154 poles to a white oak near the Wolf Pen path thence S. 20 W. 123 poles to a black oak thence S. 70 E 180 poles to a small dead locust thence N. 20 E. 275 poles crossing the Wolf Pen branch to a small Sassafras in a little hollow thence with a line of a [8]2 acre survey made in the name of Elisha Par[t]on S. 40 E. 76 poles to a stake in Bridges line thence with the same S. 40 W. 136 poles to a black oak said Bridges south west corner thence S. 15 W. 170 poles to pointers Thomas Smiths corner, thence with his line west 140 poles to a chestnut oak thence south 149 poles to a small hickory and pointers Andersons line thence with the same west 80 poles two chestnut oak pointers on said bluff thence with the same as it.

Submitted by Helen L. Smith Hoke
Transcribed by Donna O'Brien-May 2003


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May 20, 2003