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Deeds of Marion County


Deed of Conveyance from:
J. E. Teague
To: J. N. Smith for 70 acres
September 21, 1868

State of Tennessee, Marion County.

This indenture made and entered into this September the twenty first, one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight by and between J. E. Teague of the State of Alabama County of DeKalb of the one part and J. N. Smith of the State of Tennessee County of Marion of the other part. In and for the consideration of Twenty two hundred and fifty dollars in hand paid the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. I, J. E. Teague, have this day bargained and sold and do convey unto J. N. Smith, his heirs and assigns, a certain tract of parcel of land lying and situated in the County of Marion and State of Tennessee in District No. 3rd containing by estimation seventy acres more or less bounded as follows to wit:

Beginning on the Bank of Sequatchee River on a stake and pointers the corner of A. M. Smith land made by said J. N. & A. M. Smith in the division of this tract of land, thence running up said river with its various meanders and [calls] of the original deed to a sweet gum corner & pointers to A. E. Griffiths line on the bank of said River thence with the conditional line made by said J. E. Teague & said A. E. Griffith a north westward direction to the original line of said tract to a stake with dogwood and [persimmon] pointers, thence down the various [calls] of the original deed to a stake and pointers where A. M. Smiths line intersects the same opposite the junction of where two ditches come together a short distance above the spring then with the conditional line South East made by said J. N. & A. M. Smith to the beginning.

To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with all singular [appurtances] thereunto I do covenant and bind myself, my heirs and representatives, to warrant and forever defend the title of said land and every part thereof to the said J. N. Smith, his heirs and assigns, against all lawful claims whatever.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and date above written.

J. E. Teague (seal)

Thomas Golston
G. W. Andes
E. A. Teague as to J. E. Teague signature
G. W. Golston as to Thom. Golston

Submitted by Helen L. Smith Hoke
Transcribed by Donna O'Brien-May 2003


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May 20, 2003