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Layton Smith

Laton (Layton) Smith

Declaration made Feb 11, 1833; he was born 1746 in Kent or Sussex Co, MD; served from Washington Co, VA.

Following is from Pension Office:
1773-He was a private under Captain Cocke, Regt of Col. Christy Fall of 1776 to Spring 1779-one year, three months, Washington Co, VA, under Col. Shelby-Captain Lewis and Shelby. February 1779-Captain Montgomery under Col. Shelby.

He married Elizabeth Roberson, a daughter of James Roberson.

On June 3, 1842-Comptroller pays to children of Laton Smith, dec'd from Sept 4, 1840 to Dec. 12, 1840.

Certifcate No 13577 says he served as Private for two years; issued May 24, 1833 to commence March 4, 1831.

This information was submitted by Helen L. Smith Hoke


He was b. 1756 Kent or Sussex Co (no state). He enlisted Washington Co VA. In 1833 in Bledsoe Co TN. He d. 12-12-1840.

On 6-3-1842 Children of Laton are paid pension in Knoxville, Tenn. They are not named.

On 2-13-1833 Bledsoe Co Tenn Laton age 77. Enlisted 1775 Washington Co VA. He was b. 1756 in Kent of Sussex, not a great way from the sea shore but does not know which state. A few yrs after war he moved to Greene Co TN for 4-5 yrs, then back to Washington Co VA for 6-7 yrs, then Knox Co Tenn which became Anderson Co for 15-16 yrs then to Bledsoe Co.

This information was submitted by Pat Hoffman

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