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Marion County, Tennessee 1820-1915

Power of Attorneys, Bill of Sales, Gifts

Discovered Among Recorded Deeds

Josiah Danforth to J S Burnett Oct 10 1820 know all men that I Josiah Danforth of the State of Tennessee and County of Blount ordained, my trusty friend Jn S Burnett and Josiah F Danforth lawful attorney for all my land in Sequachee Valley. Proven by Jesse Beene clk Blount Co by his wife Avariah? Shelton February 1820. Deed book A-14 Marion Co Tn

James Drain Sen. To James, David, and Robert Drain June 13, 1820, for love and affection to my beloved sons, James Drain Jr., David Drain and Robert Drain-personal goods-Deed of Gift Book A-10

Isaac Prater to Archibald Prater and Sallie Little 17th May 1820 daughter of said Isaac Prater for love and affection. Deed of Gift Deed book A-10

Elizabeth Pack Power of Attorney June 13, 1820 appoint John McGown of the county of Franklin state of Tennessee my attorney to lease certain land in the county of Marion and to receive said rent. Witness Anderson Lewis and Gibby Cook. Deed book A-10

Alexander Coulter to Henry Killian relinquishment of 75 acres in Bledsoe County Tennessee. Deed book A-12

Bill of Sale Thos. C Clark to John Smith I Thomas C Clark of the county and state of Tennessee do bargain and sell to John Smith of Missouri territory, cattle listed, hogs, bacon the rent corn due me by William Jue and John Cole, land where I now live, ferry boats 3 June 1820 Deed Book A-16

Bill of Sale Champless B Kersie to Mathew Barbee a Negro boy Bevery 3 April 1821 Deed Book A-23

Hugh Dunlap Power of Attorney to Wm C Dunlap I Hugh Dunlap of the county of Roane and state of Tennessee appoint Wm C Dunlap my attorney to transact all things relative to my business in the State of Tennessee 16th May 1821 Witness John A Montgomery, W Arnold Deed Book A-22

Deed of Partition and Release John Southgate to the widow and heirs of the late Landan Carter. 10 July 1821 John Southgate of the city of Norfolk in the state of Virginia by his attorney in fact John McIver and Elizabeth Carter widow and relect of Loudon county deceased Alford M Carter, William B Carter, George W Carter Duffield and Sarah is wife formerly Sarah Carter, George T Gilaspie, and Eliza his wife formerly Eliza Carter, James P Taylor and Mary C Carter heirs of the said Loudon Carter deceased all the of the state of Tennessee grant to John Sevier of the County of Knox lying on Crow Creek called by some Sequachee. Deed book A-75 witnessed Spencer Jonagin and Jno S Montgomery.

Revocation of Letters of Attorney from S Harris to John McGowan 2 April 1822, I did appoint John McGowan my lawful attorney to settle and receive from the commissioners of the town of Jasper money due for building of the Jail. I hereby revoke the said power of attorney. Deed book B-241

Power of attorney Josiah Howe and John T Harlan appoint Thomas C Clark Attorney to sell land 27 March 1821 witness Paul Strinchomb and Benj Allison A-163

Power of Attorney John McGowan to Hopkins Turney John McGowan of the state of Franklin appoints Hopkins L Turney of Marion Co Tn attorney to settle all accounts between Elizabeth Pack and myself 19 July 1822 A-111

Agusta Gunter Bill of Sale for Negro girl Silvy to Mary M Gunter 17th Nov 1822 witness Joseph Burton Wm Kings A-96

Samuel Harris power of Attorney appoints Carter Marcum, William Wilson and John McGowan to settle with the commissioners for the town of Jasper 2 April 1823 A-158 witness Charles Lewis

Power of Attorney John Roberts and wife Alice being the heiress and lawful heir by virtue of matrimony of John Brown deceased of the county of Knox appoint William Brown of the county of Washington to sell convey and to quit for us. 4 Jan 1823 witness Alexander Kelly, George Stewart A-150

Power of Attorney John P Blakey and wife Lavina being the rightful heir of John Brown deceased late of Knox Co appoint William Brown of the county of Washington to sell our rights and interest of our father’s real estate. month 1823 witnesses John Spring and Nancy Spring A-170

Luke Vickey power of Attorney to G N Churchwell of the county of Knox my lawful attorney to sell and convey my land due from N. Caroline to me for my services 16 Nov 1824 witness D Rankin A-169

Henry Box of the county of St. Clair of the state of Alabama appoint Mathew Barbee to recover certain Negroes of which I have been robbed in the Indian Nation at Lowry Ferry by George Gray, James Lewis, Richard Sharp, Esq. Sharp and others 1816. Witness John Box, Jesse C Roberts 20 March 1824 B-296

Power of Attorney Peter Brown being one of the heirs of John Brown deceased late of the county of Knox appoint William Brown, my brother lawful attorney for me 19 Feb 1824 witness William Farmer Andrew McCaller A-165

Power of Attorney Stephen Pankey and Maryan Pankey do appoint John Pankey of the county of Roan our attorney to collect all moneys due us from John Woods of Wilson Co administrator of the estate of Corotum Smith deceased as heir at law of the said Corotum Smith 17 May 1825 witnessed B Farmer, Bud Farmer A-182

Power of Attorney Nathaniel Davis appoint John G Evaton my attorney to sell remainder of 20 shrs of stock held in the branch bank of Jonesboro 16 May 1825 witness Jno Kelly A-183

Thomas Lackey Bill of Sale sell to Obediah Beene Negro boy named Hiram 11 Oct 1824 witness Isaac H Roberts, Robert Been B-350

Isaac Roberts power of attorney to Isaac H Roberts to act or demand certain legacy or estate coming to me of my wife Susan Roberts (formerly Susan Wynn) from the estate of her father Mathew Wynn of the state of South Carolina 15 November 1828 B-355

William Standifer Deed of Gift to Jemina Standifer and Abraham P Standifer grandchildren of said William P Standifer and Naomi Standifer of the county of Bledsoe a Negro girl Cinthy 20 Feb 1825 witness Isaac Standifer, Samuel Standifer A-176

Power of Attorney Thomas Shirley Sen. And Margaret Shirley appoint Thomas Shirley Jr our lawful attorney whatever is due from any person or estate in the counties of Guilford and Grange in the state of North Carolina 13 Nov 1825 witness Thomas H Spencer, S Hicks 234

Samuel S Standifer bill of Sale to Jemina Standifer two Negro boys Jefferson and Abraham 21 April 1828 witness Wm. I Standifer, Jesse Humble B-312

Erasmus Alley bill of Sale to Alexander Coulter one attachment two executions in favor of James Chaudoin one in favor of Leeper and Chambers, one in favor of Saml Seay, one in favor of Isaac Price, one in favor John Webb and one attachment in favor of William P Rice one execution in favor of Nicholas Hinds one for Smith Pankey, Negro boys Abraham and Alexander 10th day of 1828. Witness Hopkins Turney, Thos J Haslerling B-358

James Carnett of late of Virginia deceased left estate to be divided among his heirs, Nancy Basham wife of Alexander Basham and granddaughter of the said James Carnett appoint James Carnett of the county of Marion our attorney witness William I Standifer, W Arnette B-309

George Foster late of Marion now of Franklin Co appoint John McGowan of the county of Franklin power of attorney signed by George Forster, J A Forster, C T Forster, witness Henry Gotcher, Jas. Deakins 13 August 1828 B-286

Hercilus Jones give unto Thos Jones all my crops, household and kitchen furniture and my perishable property. 29 Sept 1827 witness J B Minor, Anthony W Moore B-332

Thomas Jones of the county of Marion to his bond brothers and sisters, horse, saddle boys to have 18 mos. Schooling except Abraham and he is to have 12 and the girls to have their property at 16. Keep my Father and mother in peaceable possession where they now reside during their natural lives 29 Sept 1827 witness J B Minor, Anthony Z Moore B-332

Elizabeth Trussell deed of Gift to my beloved granddaughter Elizabeth Annie Spangler dau of Bennett Spangler cow and calf and two feather beds and furniture. 21 Feb 1828 witness Joseph Rice, Stephen Marbee B-333

Thomas Kell Sr appoint Thomas Kell Jr to take and receive of and heirs of Landon Carter deceased in the counties of Green Washington and Carter all land conveyed to me. Parts I have conveyed to different persons David Stewart, Robert Kell 9 April 1829 witness James Davis, George Walker B-380

Bill of Sale Ruth Oglesby State of South Carolina, Pendleton District bargain and sell to John Morris one Negro named Peter. Rigen Sprigg Witness B-352 15 September 1815

Power of Attorney Isaac Keys and wife Elizabeth of the Cherokee nation appoint Samuel B Mead of Jasper Tennessee attorney for us to take possession of reservation of 640 acres of land in Jackson Co Alabama B-368 28 July 1829

Bill of Sale Erasmus Alley personnel property of G W Wood to Rolla Raines 3 February 1829 B-369

Bill of Sale Robert B Gann to David Oats one Negro girl name Elphy 4 June 1829 witness A Kelly Jr, Isac Mins, John Ward B-388

Power of Attorney Beny K Hudgins and Emily appoint Robert Woody to sell land in the County of Middlesex Virginia which decended from Dawson Hudgins the Father of said Benjamin K Hudgins 17 May 1830 B-398

Ferrel Belsher for love and affection toward my son Wiley I give him the following Negroes: Dubling, Lon, Charlotte, William, Cela, Dock and Lizzie, Hardy, Will, Big Cynthia and her children, Dela, Delpha and her child, Eliz and their sons, Isaac, Charlie, Betsy and Sarah, and at my and my wife’s death Cap, Cynthis Ladoo and Martha and their increase. 10 February 1829 Witness James Hall, Wm I Standifer B-403

Jane Townsend for love and affection I give my daughter Clarisa Harland Griffith four Negroes, Armsted and Vinnie his wife, Armstead Miles and Samuel Johnson and their increase being a slave for life. 29 May 1844 witness Amos Griffith, Lewis Hendrix E-6

Margaret Hardeman late of Caswell County North Carolina deceased by her last will and testament bequeath unto William Rogers Sr a legacy which John Harden of Orange County North Carolina as executor will fully appear, Jesse Rogers, Robert Rogers, Marshall Rogers, relect of William Rogers Sr deceased Dennis Gamble and his wife Sara formerly Rogers, Judith Rogers, James West and his wife Lucy formerly Rodgers, William Looney and his wife Mary daughter of Martha and William Rogers deceased, John B Rogers, Margaret Rogers appoint John Rogers of Hardeman County attorney 2 June 1844 Witness Samuel Beene, John Nelson E-7

Power of Attorney Archibald White of the county of Jackson state of Alabama appoint Henry L Merefrey attorney in the Judgement against Thompson Gardenshire and John Halaway 28 February 1840 witnesses Riley Piburn, James Howard D-239

Power of Attorney Washington Dewitt of the town of Pares Henry County Tennessee appoint Calvin Thompson attorney to sell land in Perry County Tennessee 4 June 1840 D-257

Power of Attorney James Johnson Sr appoint A Harris my Attorney to receive from Thomas Gilliam money. 28 May 1844 Johnson from Hawkins Co Tennessee E-74

Power of Attorney Lewis Fielding to Amos Lewis his attorney to sell land where Archibald Lewis late resided 3 October 1859

Power of Attorney Rebecca Kilgore to Churchwell McNew attorney monies due from Samuel Saliase and the estate of John Saliase of Virginia 6 March 1845 witness P H Cummings, Stephen K McNew

Elizabeth Pack appoints John Meuson? Of the county of Franklin, state of Tennessee to lease land 13 May 1820. Witnesses Anderson Lewis and Silbey? Cook

Power of Attorney W D Spears and Foster Brown appoint W Anderson land called the Cheek lands in Whitwell 1 January 1892 X-482

Power of Attorney A T Hilliard and Nancy E Hilliard, J K Hilliard and Pauline Hilliard of Searey County state of Arkansas and M F Hilliard and Mille W Hilliard and C S Hilliard county of Green in the state of Missouri appoint Mary Hilliard of Green County state of Missouri our attorney to sell land in the 3rd district of Marion County 7 May 1890 witnesses W M Tucker, R S Tucker and D F Jenkins T-552

Power of Attorney J M Curnutt and Jamie Menniger of Globe, Gila County Arizona, Sarah Shute of Roosevelt, Gila County Arizona, Rhoda Minter of Phoenix, Maricopa County Arizona, Verde Curnutt of Tuscon, Pima County Arizona and Addie Dame of Jasper, Marion Co. Tennessee heirs of J W Curnutt and E Curnutt appoint See/ M Dame to sell land. 31 March 1910

Deed of Gift, Ransom Smith to John Griffith, C L Smith and John M Barker land for a school 30 November 1883 witnesses E W Smith, A P Hoge N-558

Power of Attorney Addison Robbins Fitchburg county of Worcester commonwealth of Massachusetts appoint Milo Robbins of Tracy City, County of Grundy state of Tennessee attorney to sell all interest in the estate of my brother Able Robbins of Cowan, Franklin County state of Tennessee 13 December 1884 S-526

Power of Attorney Mrs J W Tenny of the city and County of Salt Lake territory of Utah appoint Milo Robbins attorney whatever due 28 January 1889-S-527

Power of Attorney Henry A Thompson and Job S Wells and wives of Nestinill County of Franklin State of Ohio appoint Dr E H Myers of Tracy City, Grundy County Tennessee to sell land 25 Jan 1887. Henry A Thompson, Harriett E Thompson, Job S Wells, Mary K Wells S-507

Power of Attorney F K Suddath and M E Suddath, C W Haley, Sue R Gibson, E P Gibson, I R Rice, Letha Rice heirs of John C Haley appoint J B King attorney to sell land 1 August 1885 Q-125-127

Power of Attorney Jennie Miller daughter of Adam Miller, an unmarried woman of the age of 21 of the county of Whittey and state of Indiana appoints J M Only of Monteagle to sell land. 17 September 1888 W-87

Power of Attorney Reuben Noble and Nancy Noble Marshall County, Alabama appoint J F King to sell land. ( this is also from John Haley’s heirs) Q84-86

Power of Attorney H W Hill appoints D F Chaudoin to release lien 16 March 1888 R-118

Power of Attorney I C Mathews, Ineen Mathews, Benton Mathews, Peter G Mathews and Rufus Hawkins appoint A J Paine to sell land 1 June 1883. They are all in county of Crawford state of Missouri N-565

Power of Attorney, Heirs of G H Pryor, Jerimah Pryor, B F Pryor, Jackson Pryor, J K Prigmore, Mary A Prigmore, Eliza J Alexander, J P Alexander, Washington Pryor, Wm Pryor, A M Pryor, D O Hale, Caroline Hale, appoint Jackson Pryor attorney to sell land. 1 September 1862 H687

Power of Attorney Jesse Cobb appoints Massy Hill attorney to receive money due him by a note account. 5 June 1857 John Talbott and John Watkins witnesses S-232 (Watkins was from Jefferson County, Tn)

Power of Attorney Soliad Mile and Simms alia Solina Willy Duttan and McLem? Dutor husband of said Soline and the Elizabeth and Sear Sims, alis Melessa Roberts and James W Roberts husbands of said Sinea Mellissa herby appoint George Tucker to sell land. All are in DeKalb Co Alabama. 24 Sept 1852 F-296

Power of Attorney Matilda Gardenhire Dade County Georgia appoints Jeremiah G Pace attorney to sell land 10 November 1873 witnesses E D Graham and J A Burnett K-146

Power of Attorney David Curtis to A J Curtis money due from Asa Campbell and from one Elijah Curtis now deceased late of the county of Rhea state of Miourie 31 January 1848 witness F M Chaudoin, Henry Polson E-269

Power of Attorney Ransom Smith to Harvey Richards, Ransom Smith administrator of the estate of Squire Hendrix deceased appoint Harvey Richards as my attorney. 3 September 1840

Power of Attorney Sarah Pierce consort (can’t read) do hereby appoint William M Pierce my attorney coming to me through my late husband William Trussell. She was from state of Mississippi Neshobt County 15 September 1860 Witness W H Childers H-253

Power of Attorney Marcellus Smith to A Lamb my attorney to collect monies due me from the death of my Father Ransom Smith 31 July 1864 Witnesses J M Anderson and Ruben Smith H-177

Power of Attorney George W Payne and Susan A Payne his wife from the state of Missouri county of Clay appoint J B Rogers attorney to recover all interests in the estate of Robert Payne deceased 4 June 1873 K-370

Power of Attorney W L Griffith to Aaron L Griffith (this is hard to read) 19 Jan 1886 P-99

Power of Attorney Daniel and Fannie Jackson to J L Beene. Daniel and Fannie are from the county of Newson and state of Arkansas appoint J L Beene to sell land 28 March 1886 D-334 witnesses W E Haines, W T Ross

Power of Attorney Metta A Dean of Onandaga County State of New York appoints Messers. Middleton and Fitzgerald to sell property. 11 May 1889 S-248

Power of Attorney Joshua O Lee of Rockford, County of Winneba, State of Illinois appoint E II Myers of the town of Tracy county of Grundy and state of Tennessee my attorney to sell land. 23 April 1889 Witnesses Chas M Harvey, George Essig S-506

Power of Attorney Alfred Craven of South Pittsburg Marion County Tennessee appoints Henry D Cooper of Nashville, Davidson County Tennessee to sell land 21 Sept 1889 S-545

Power of Attorney E Benjamin of the county of Jefferson State of Kentucky appoints Jepha Bright to release liens on Jennie Threlkett. 6 May 1889 S-226

Power of Attorney Mrs. Rose H Middleton of South Pittsburg, Tennessee appoints Middleton & Fitzgerald attorney 1 July 1889 witnesses J Lodge, S W Barnes T-83

Power of Attorney D L Orr of the town of Stephenville, County of Martin, state of Texas appoints Middleton & Fitzgerald attorney to sell land 21 January 1889 T-329

Power of Attorney Elizabeth Hagg, Aaron D Hage and Alexander Miller All of the county of Kosinsko in the state of Indiana appoint R J Only to sell land due them as heirs of Adam Miller 19 July 1890 W-87,88,89.90,91,92,93,94.

Power of Attorney Margaret Miller of White Pengin St Joseph County state of Michigan appoint R J M Only of Monteagle, state of Tennessee attorney all rights of dower claim. P-99

Power of Attorney Lucy A Taylor of Fort Payne, Alabama appoints W A Bradley of Spring City Tennessee my attorney 8 July 1890 T-587

Power of Attorney Byram Pickett of the county of Bolinger state of Missouri appoints Ed Picket of the county of Sequatchie, to collect all due me from the estate of my sister Penian Pickett deceased. 17 January 1887 witnessed by John Steunnerd Q-154

Power of Attorney Lucinca Wilkison widow of Mathew W Wilkison and Fred E Wilkison son and heir of said Mathew Wilkison deceased and Celia A Wilkison wife of Fred E Wilkison of the county of Adam state of Nebraska appoint John K Wilkison of the county of Marion state of Tennessee attorney to sell land. 21 October witnessed by John A Stato, R I Dungan P-324

Power of Attorney Eleanor F Cowden of the county of Shelby Tennessee appoint T W Bradford to sell land. 23 April 1889 S-213

Power of Attorney E. Benjamin of Louieville, Kentucky appoints J C Bright to release lien on land sold to A D Hudson and Chas. Bright. 10 May 1887 P-635

Power of Attorney Levi Miller and Margaret Miller his wife of White, County of St Joseph, State of Michigan and Nicholas J Miller appoint R J M Only of Monteagle. 11 Sept 1888 R-451

Power of Attorney Nancy Higgins and husband G W Higgins appoint James N Higgins attorney to sell a Marble Curry on our land. 10 Sept 1888 R-453

Power of Attorney Anna Davis and Adam Miller, legal heirs of the late Adam Miller of Moffat state of Tennessee or residence at this time being White Pigein, Michigan appoint R J M Only our attorney to dispose of our interest in the real estate of our father Adam Miller. 27 February 1890 W-92 Wittness Geo. Beisel

Power of Attorney Mrs. Florence A Fitzgerald formerly Florence A Miller of Maurcitune state of Michigan appoints R J M Only of Calhoun, Tennessee attorney to convey all my interests in the estate of my father Adam Miller. 5 September 1890 witnesses H B Hudson, C A Savage W-93

Power of Attorney A T Hilliard and Nancy E Hilliard his wife, K K Hilliard and Pauline Hilliard his wife, of Searcy County state of Arkansas and M F Hilliard and his wife and C S Hilliard ( a feme sole)/ County of Green state of Missouri appoint Mary Hilliard of Green County State of Missouri attorney for us. T-552 7 May 1890 T-553

Power of Attorney Eleanor F Cowden of the county of Shelby state of Tennessee appoint J W Bradford to sell land. 23 April S-213

Power of Attorney Lewis Robbins of Orange, Franklin County and commonwealth of Massachusetts appoint Milo Robbins of Tracy City state of Tennessee to collect money from the estate of Able Robbins deceased that I may have which my brother Able Robbins executed. 12 April 1889 S-529

Power of Attorney William N and Ann Brisco his wife and John S Raulston and Sarah C Raulston his wife all of the county of Newton state of Arkansas appoint John L Beene attorney to be their agent in the estate of S W Raulston deceased. 29 April 1890 witnesses Bettie Atnecy, Manda Young T-536

Power of Attorney William H Ballard of Cherokee County state of Alabama appoints M W Beene attorney to sell land known as the Ballard place. 17 December 1889 T-504

Power of Attorney John F Winger Johnson City, Kansas appoints R J M Only to act for me in the settlement of the estate of Adam Miller (my father-in-law) 21 February 1891 W-528

Power of Attorney J L Valentine and Elizabeth Manthey both of Davidson Co Nashville Tennessee appoint R M Middleton and R H Fitzgerald. 20 January 1892 Y-99

Power of Attorney Rose H Middleton of Coling London England appoints my husband Robert M Middleton Jr and my friend Joseph Lodge. 3 January 1892 Y-84 and 85

Power of Attorney M E Walker appoints Saml J Beene of Shelby Co Tenn my attorney T-165

Power of Attorney Owen R Beene appoint Samul J Beene of Shelby Co Tennessee my attorney to sell land T-166

Power of Attorney W D Spears and Foster V Brown appoint W Anderson attorney to sell land known as the Cheek lands in Whitwell 18 January 1892 F-482

Power of Attorney Wiley Gambell or Campbell? Appoints L B Headrick of the county of Hamilton state of Tennessee (this was very hard to read) to sell land October 20 1895 BB43

Power of Attorney Jean? Downing? Appoints R F Fitzgerald attorney to settle estate of George E Downing? 2 May 1890 BB 560

Power of Attorney John Smith state of Texas appoints Issac Smith to settle estate of Jim?John?Smith 15? 1895 BB430

Bill of Sale John W Salmon one Negro man Peter to John Morris 15 January 1818 B379

Article of Agreement between J F Ashburn, Issac H Ashburn, B F Ashburn, Sebine Cowan, Elizabeth Cowan, P H Grayson, M R McLane, N C McLane, W G Andes, John Condra, I H Ashburn, J T Ashburn, Wm L Andes, J W Andes, L E Andes, Sarah Price, J M Price that they will not claim any damage from Sequatchie River Mill Co. for building dam across river where P H Grayson lives 20 August 1873 L-105

Bill of Sale Wm K Vaught county of Jackson state of Alabama sold unto Charles B Raines the following slaves Nancy 27, Ann 15 months and Jessee 20 years 3 July 1840 D-271 witnesses J Pryor and William Hixon

Partition of Land and assignment of Dower John Cannon to Mary Cannon her dower of Benjamin Cannon her deceased husband (description of land) remaining between John Cannon, A J Cannon, Charlotte Cain, Malinda Stuart as heirs Mahala Coulter heirs Matilda Boyd, Mary Newman, Susan Varnell, S S Cannon the heirs at law of said Benjamin Cannon 17 March 1851 F-164

Marriage Contract William W Morris and Elisa W Burnett (states property) Signed by W W Morris, Elisa W Burnett, Wesley Y Burnett, Berry Burnett 18 June 1851 F-215

Gift Nancy Bryson for love and affection that I for my youngest son William J Bryson transfer all my right of dower to the land of my husband James Bryson deceased 20 April 1867

Commissioners of the town of Jasper William Stone, Burgess Mathews, David Oats, Alexander Kelly, William Stephens, WILLIAM King, and David Miller I Elizabeth Pack present a parcel of land containing forty acres A-134 1 July 1821 witnessesed by Walter Estell and Hopkins Turney

Power of Attorney Absolom Deakens and Polly Deakens his wife being the rightful heiress of John Brown late of County Knox state of Tennessee appoint William brown of the county of Washington state of Tennessee to sell land. Witnesses John Roberts and George Stewart A-149 14 January 1823

Power of Attorney Peter Brown one of the heirs of John Brown deceased of the county of Knox state of Tennessee appoint William Brown my brother Washington County State of Tennessee to sell land A-165 10 February 1824 witnesses William Farmer and Andrew McCaller

Bill of Sale Isacca Fawsett of Bledsoe County state of Tennessee sell unto Samuel Pryor a negro boy named Henderson between 7 and 8 years old a slave for life. 22 December 1824 witnesses Seth Pryor and Paul W Williams A-175

Power of Attorney James Standifer county of Bledsoe state of Tennessee and William H Standifer of the county of Marion state of Tennessee appoint Israel Standifter of the county of Bledsoe state of Tennessee to sell land in the county of Monroe state of Mississippi 17 November 1825 witnesses G W Churchwell and Wm H Melton A-189

Bill of Sale Samuel B Mead to Erasmus Alley a negro man named Dick about 25 years of age slave for life 14 June 1831 witnesses John Rogers and Wm Bryant C-21

Judgment against John M Campbell $167.30 February sessionErasmus Alley recovered $ 11.27 against Will L Holt Executor of the Last Will and Judgment of Elisaha M Holt. William Jones a deputy sheriff levied upon 3 Negroes for live as the property of John M Campell Negroes Dianah, Letty, and Harrett Erasmus Alley became purchaser. 14 June 1831 C-21

Bill of Sale John Pickett to John Pickett Jr a Negro boy named Jack about 11 years of and a slave for life. 10 January 1831 witness Amos Griffith and John Griffith C-28

Power of Attorney John Southgate of the Borough of Norfolk in the state of Virginia appoints Daniel W Dickinson esq. County of Rutherford state of Tennessee to recover from the executors of John McIver monies due me. 17 June 1831 witnesses John Peters and Rob E Taylor C-28

Power of Attorney from David W Dickinson attorney in fact for John Southgate to Andrew J Hoover of county of Rutherford state of Tennessee. 19 October 1831 witnesses John Chilton and B R Montgomery C-35

Gift of love and affection William Griffith of the county of Anderson state of Tennessee to Susanna Griffith of same county, daughter of said Griffith a negro girl names Juda about 5 years of age and a slave for life. 17 May 1831 witnesses Wm S Griffith Wm C Griffith C-43

Building a church and graveyard Joseph Carlock to Samuel Ealy, Archibald Lewis, Fielding Lewis, James M Mitchell, and George Mitchell trustees for Methodist Episcopal Church of Marion County gives land 27 March 1832 C-62

Division of Negroes between Edward Tatum, Henry Tatum, Alfred Street, Robert Hughs, Raphael Shelton, Nancy Tatum and Howel Tatum.Jesse Tatum died without leaving a will. This day made a division with the consent of Mary Tatum with the exception of an old woman named Rachel which remains was undecided as to where she would go. Division in the following manner. Mary Tatum Negro woman Salley 28 years of age and her boy named Eskridge between 2 and 3 years of age. Edward has Negro woman Amy about 30 years. Henry a Negro woman Ester about 26 years, also an old woman named Betsey between Henry and Edward. Polly and her husband Alfred Street have taken two girls Malenda 16 and Louisa 14. Sally and her husband Robert Hughs taken Jane about 25 years. Elizabeth and her husband Raphael Shelton two boys Silas 10 and Rufus 9. Nancy two girls Charlotte 8 and Maria 6. Howel one boy named Jackson about 14. 16 December 1831 witnesses John Kelly Amos Griffith C-63

Power of Attorney Michael L Stinson county of Marion state of Illinois. Appoints George D Foster to collect or sue. 6Sepenter 1832 witness M McConnel and Michl. L Stinson C-96

Bill of Sale from John Street (missing document) John Hicks was witness 14 February 1829 C-100

Gift of Love and Affection Amos Griffith to William S Griffith land adjoining widow Standefer 20 May 1833,also on 12 June 1833 was another gift of land C-102 and C103 witnesses Wm I Standifer and James Hoge and D Rankin and Alfred Standifer.

Power of Attorney John B Inlow appoints David Rankin to sell land 15 July 1833 witness J H Wilkinson James Rankin C-105

Bill of Sale George William to David Oats Negro boy Bob about 12 years slave for life. 4 January 1825 witnesses Benjamin Thomas O’Beene Geo Williams C-109

Gift of Good Will and Affection Henry M Rutledge of county of Davidson state of Tennessee to Henry A Rutledge of the town of Charleston state of North Carolina parcel of land in Marion County Tennessee 17 June 1829 witnesses F B Fogg G M Fogg Rolla P Raines C-110

Power of Attorney S S Henry and CO appoints John A Wilson to transact all business that may arise under a contract with S S Henry, Justin Dyer, John R Henry, and Gains Kebbee 23 September 1833 C-112

Bill of Sale John C Everett and John S Martin to Wiley Belsher all of the county of Marion state of Tennessee Negroes Molly age 38 and Lucinda 13 slaves for life this deed has the following conditions. Said Wiley Belsher has become security of said Everett and Martin in a bond of indemnity to William Marcum. Said Marcum selling as the property of Edward Pickett a Negro boy named jack by viture of four orders of sale issued by Daniel R Rawlings esq., 1 for John C Everett, 1 for Joseph Martin, and 1 for Isaac Easterly. 20 January 1831 witness Wm I Standifer, Joseph Martin C-133

Bill of Sale William C Mitchell county of Marion state of Tennessee to David Rankin 3 negro’s Rachael 23,and her two children Nancy and Amy 18 February 1832 witnesses G W Mitchell Alfred Standifer C-132

Bill of Sale William I Holt a citizen of the Cherokee Nation to David Rankin 3 negro’s Judy and her two children Sam and Isaac 26 September

Power of Attorney James Coffield Mitchell county of Rutherford state of Tennessee appoints his brother John Mitchell esq. To sell land 23 January 1834 witness Hopkins L Turney, Stephen Adams C-160

Deed of Trust William Tomson county of Marion state of Tennessee paid by James M Mitchell, and John S Martin have sold a Negro woman named Rebecca 20 years of age and her increase. 18 Dec. 1833 witnesses Samuel B Mead, Carter Marcum C-161

Bill of Sale Henry Riggle to Daniel Riggle Negro boy named Richard about 8 years 1 March 1828 witness G W Rice, Jesse Humble C-172

Bill of Sale by virtue of 1 writs of Fieri Facias issued by Joel D Mitchell a justice of the peace, dated 12 Feb 1833, one suit of Lusk and Riggs to me Charles Roark of goods of William McCoy to levy the sum of $3.00 I have sized one Negro girl Sophy a mulatto slave as property, said girl sold to Hardy Riggs. 18 April 1833 witnesses D R Rawlins, Isaac Steel C-178

Bill of Sale William White, John D Lusk, and Hardy Riggs to William Rice a Negro girl Sophy about 8 years of yellow complexion 18 April 1834 witnesses Woodson Francis, Erasmus Alley C-179

Deed of Trust Joseph Martin to Claiborn Gott a brown horse and Negro woman named Silva about 50,4 feather beds, one cloth press, one cupboard, one carryall. 9 May 1834 C-183

Power of Attorney James Graham appoints Josiah W McBee attorney to collect from the administrator of Margaret Graham deceased formerly of Maury County Tennessee she being the mother of said James Graham 9 July 1834 witnesses Jabez Jones, Matthew B Sims C-199

Power of Attorney Elijah Smith appoints James Griffith to demand and receive all monies due to me by my intermarriage with Ceziah Griffith daughter of Joseph Griffith late of Morgan County Tennessee. 17 August 1834 witness John Hoge C-220

Bill of Sale Nancy Fitchpartick alias Nancy McClanehan and Moses Fitchpartick of the county of Warren state of Tennessee to Jabez Jones and William R Shead of county of Marion state of Tennessee Negro girl Susannah slave for life. 27 June 1832 witnesses John Cunningham and Fields Morgan C-228

Power of Attorney James Griffith appoints William Belevens to demand and receive all that is coming to me from the estate of Joseph Griffith late of Morgan County Tennessee 10 September 1834 witness G W Wood C-229

Bill of Sale Wiley Belsher of county of Marion state of Tennessee to John Bowers of county of Franklin state of aforesaid one Negro woman named Celia 29 years 4 march 1834 witness James H Wilkinson and Charles Duncan C-230

Bill of Sale Erasmus Alley to John Bowers Negro boy named Isaac about 22 1 April 1835 witness David S Shelton Wiley Belsher C-291

Bill of Sale Carter Scruggs to James C Francis Negro girl called Mahulda about 8. 6 April 1835 witnesses Edw. L Woodward, Jonathan Blevins C-296

Bill of Sale James Poteet to Alfred Standifer Negro man named Robert about 22 years. 15 July 1834 witnesses D R Rawlins Ed L Woodward C-278

Bill of Sale Paletial Chilton of county of Coy state of Georgia to James C Francis Negro boy named William 9 years 21 May 1835 witnesses William Rice Edward L Woodward C-300

Bill of Sale Wiley Belsher to William Champion Negro woman named Dolly 24 years. 8 July 1834 witnesses Wm I Standefer J H Wilkinson C-300

Gift of Love and Affection Squire Hendrix to Tarlton Hendrix and Lewis Hendrix land adjoining Henry Tatum 30 May 1835 witnesses Amos Griffith Isaac Hicks C-306-307-308-309

Bill of Sale Erasmus Alley to David Rankin Negro man named George 22 years. 9 April 1835 C-309

Power of Attorney Sheldon Thompkins of county of Courttond state of New York appoints James Schoolfield of County Bledsoe state of Tennessee to sell land. 13 October 1835 witnesses David Schoolfield John H Allen C-345

Bill of Sale (blank) S Williams Negro boy named Dick C-352

Power of Attorney Armstead Jones appoints Anderson Cheek as executor of the last will and testament of John Townsend to collect all debts due. 15 February 1836 C-368

Bill of Sale Wood Moreland to John Patten Negro boy named Aleck about 12 years.18 December 1834 witnesses Obediah Beene Robert Beene C-259

Power of Attorney John Smith state of Missouri county of Washington appoints John Brown of Roan County state of Tennessee to sell land. 14 October 1835 witnesses Thos Wm F Brown C-330

Power of Attorney Juda W Fugette a fem appoints W H Pryor to sell and of my husband M Fugette now deceased. 8 March 1894 AA-343

Power of Attorney Robert E Peterson city of Philadelphia and Ann his wife, Mary M Lee of said city single woman and Sophia M Lea of the said city single woman appoint Issac Winston of Monteagle to sell land. 6 Sept 1893 AA-521

Power of Attorney P J Justin appoints E H Cravin to settle Deed of Trust. 17 Feb 1896 CC-39

Power of Attorney J P Gillen and George Hahn to E H Craven trust deed 3 March 1896 CC-75-75-76

Power of Attorney Southern Home Builders of Fulton County Ga appoint S A Dunwoody to settle note of J C Hickman and wife E C . 10 April 1896 CC-141

Power of Attorney Almus Marcel deceased, heirs vz Sallie Marcell his wife and widow, George C Moran and his wife Katherin C Moran, Frank Conway and wife Carrie Conway, Walker Marcell and wife Katie, Miles Marcell and wife Lee, George Marcell, Edward Dansbridge, husband of Bessie Dransbridge deceased who was daughter of said Almis Marcell for himself and his children Lorena, Mollie, Sallie and Bessie Dandridge being legal heirs and all being more than 21 years of age except the children of Edward Dandridge and wife Bessie in order to facilitate the settlement of the estate of Almus P Marcell appoint Mrs. Sallie Marcell the widow to sell and transfer Real Estate either in the state of Florida or Tennessee. 17 Feb 1896 CC-527-528

Power of Attorney Kate Holt city of Birmingham Alabama appoints E H Cravens to sell land Cannon County Tennessee and South Pittsburg Tennessee 6 July 1897 CC-543

Power of Attorney Jms Kate Mason appoints E H Craven to release notes of Richard Gillet and wife 26 Jan 1898 CC-197

Power of Attorney B A Heard appoints Cravens to release note of TN Bass and wife 27 Jan 1898 CC-179

Power of Attorney T H Hall appoint AR Hall to represent me in the sale of the estate of O R Beene deceased which was given to me in the final decree in the case of J C Beene et alls vs Raulie Beene 29 July 1899 FF-260

Power of Attorney Sara M Keller city of St Louis Missouri appoint Ata Williamson of South Pittsburg Tennessee to act in the release of real estate sold to Spearman Brown of Sulphur Springs Tennessee in August 1893 of property which originally belonged to my father Richard E Shelton and M E Shelton my mother 18 October 1899 FF-392

Power of Attorney A H Denham appoint M Anderson to release mortgages to me by J M Kelly and wife Dennie McKelvy 2 Dec 1899 FF-500

Power of Attorney Ann Egan administrator of Michael Egan deceased city of Sing Sing county of Westchester New York and residing in the city of Brooklyn New York appoint R H Fitsgerald to release, make or execute in my name. 7 May 1900 GG-485

Power of Attorney J K Polk appoints R H Fitsgerald to sell land 30 June 1899 FF-410

Power of Attorney John Jenkins and others appoint M E Pryor to sell land. (Signed) Elisabeth Jenkins, John Jenkins, Rhoda Jane Murray, Adam Murray, Samuel H Byrne, Eliz A Byrne, William Anderson Keith, James Keith, Jennie Keith Garrigan, Ruth Keith Birlen. 1899 GG-368-369

Power of Attorney J B H Kelly appoints AR Hall attorney to sell land. 22 Feb 1901 GG-485

Power of Attorney Charles Foster attorney in fact for the heirs of Patterson B West sell to James Anderson land. 12 March 1873 L-117

Power of Attorney Charles Foster attorney in fact for the heirs of Patterson B West sell land to William R Anderson. (signed by the heirs) John B West, HH Norvell, A C Norvell, J J S Fall, Alexr Bryant, Ellen T Cowden, Franklin Bryant, J W Bradfield, T R Bowree, Andrella P Bryant, Jane Wood, Szmulla Winchester, Sarah Fall, Ellen K Norvell, Sarah R Wood, Mary H Burr, A B Burr. November 1872 L-117

Power of Attorney W D Spears and Foster V Brown appoint M W Anderson land. 18 Jan 1892 F-482

Power of Attorney John Jenkins and others appoint M C Bryar attorney to sell land in Victoria. ( signed by) Elizabeth Jenkins, John Jenkins, Rhoda Jane Murry, Adam Murry, Samuel H Pryor, Eliza A Pryor, William Anderson Keith, James Keith, Jennie Keith Garrigus, Ruth Keith Birlon. 1899 GG-368-369

Power of Attorney J H Mabry and wife appoint D M Tate to sell land for Georgia Mabry being an heir of S M Tate deceased. 8 January 1905 LL-146 (signed in Frio County Texas)

Power of Attorney G W Davenport Trigg Dobbs & CO by J N Trigg appoint J E Dyer attorney to release deed by Sam and Nancy Hall 2 June 1905 LL-270 (signed in Hamilton County Tennessee)

Power of Attorney D T Wynn of the county of Grant in New Mexico appoints S B Wynn attorney to represent me in the estate of S M Tate 14 March 1905 LL-134

Power of Attorney Mrs. B R Bryant of Hartford Alabama widow of the late B R Bryant appoint W J Jenkins attorney. 8 January 1905 NN-482

S B Wynn and others appoint T W Anderson attorney to sell land descended to us by our ancestor S M Tate 2 February 1905 LL-135

B F Wilson Jr appoints C A Quarles attorney to clear records 17 August 1907 OO-393

Power of Attorney Mrs. S E Wilkinson appoints R D Raulston attorney to clear records. 1 March 1907 ( signed in Elfan County Colorado)

Bill of Sale Carter Scruggs sells unto James C Francis a Negro girl called Mahulda about 8 years old 6 April 1835 C-296

Power of Attorney Milley Francis widow of Josiah Frances deceased appoints her trustey friend Samuel McBee trustee for her orphan children Kreasa Francis, Jermiah Francis, Mames M Francis, Delila Francis, Elizabeth Francis, Emily Francis, and Josiah Francis. 22July 1839 D-172

Power of Attorney John Rogers and wife Malinda Rogers former Malinda Ferguson, Milan Ferguson, Pleasant Ferguson, Carter B King and wife Caroline King formerly Caroline Ferguson, heirs of Alexander Ferguson deceased appoint Daniel R Rawlings attorney to institute suit for recovery of 300 acres of land of which Alexander Ferguson died seized and possessed in the county of Fayette and state aforesaid. 28 April 1838 witnesses D E Shelton Andrew Barnes D-64

Power of Attorney J W Gilliam appoints Owen Payne attorney to ask and demand, recover and receive all lands belonging to me. 7 Sept 1880 XX-97-98

Power of Attorney Jefferson Barbe, Jeptha Barbe, John Vance, and John Stewart appoint Isaac Roberts attorney. They were privates in the Franklin Company commanded by Isaac Roberts in the Creek and Seminole campaign. To obtain services rendered by them. 15 June 1836 C-474

Bill of Sale John Kelly to James Whiteside mulatto boy named Ned about 28 years. 19 July 1836 C-408

Bill of Sale Jefferson Barbe to John Wynn Negro boy named Ben about 24. 20 Feb 1836 D-408

Bill of Sale Edward Panky to John Wynn Negro boy named Alfred 3 or 4 years. 19 March 1842 D-495

Power of Attorney Jefferson Barbe and Jackson Lee intermarried with Polly Barbe, da of Mathew Barbe deceased heirs of said Mathew Barbe deceased of the Co of Newson state of Missouri appoint Calvin Barbe attorney to sell to Harrison Woodlee negro girl named Sarah. 25 April 1845 E-282

Power of Attorney John Lea of Bledsoe state of Tennessee appoint Benj H Throap of city, county, state of New York my attorney. 10 Sept 1839 D-234

County of Providence state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations I Samuel Warner of Wentham in the county of Norfolk and commonwealth of Mass appoint Samuel Warner of Providence in the co and state of Rhode Island my attorney 3 July 1839

Power of Attorney Georgia Brokaw of Franklin County and state of New Jersey appoint Foster Brown and W D Spears my attorney 16 Nov 1889

Power of Attorney Addie Rhea and husband W A Rhea appoint D M Tate attorney to sell land 22 march 1907 PP-273

Power of Attorney Daetie A C Griffith of the county of ST Clair in the state of Alabama do hereby appoint my father Amos L Griffith to sell land. 16 Jan 1908 PP-374-375

Power of Attorney W J Dunn of Hamilton Co Tennessee appoint T F Shelton also of Hamilton Co Tennessee my attorney in the matter I have against Campbell & Son being injured Campbell on 27 day of April 1907 May 1907 PP-518

Power of Attorney I John M Lewis find myself unable to attend properly to my business owing to my physical condition appoint Leon Rogers my son in law to be my attorney. 19 July 1908 PP-580

Power of Attorney A D Thomson of Colbert County Alabama appoint C A Quarles my attorney 8 Jan 1909 QQ-239

Attorney in fact I George M Dame for the heirs of J H and E Curnutt sell to Sam Chaudoin land. Heirs Janie Henniger, Sarah Shulte, Rhoda Minter, Verdie Curnutt, Addie Dame 29 Aug 1910 RR-567

Power of Attorney Addie Rhea and husband W A Rhea appoint D M Tate attorney to convey interest of G W Tucker, being the same tract of land of which S M Tate died seized and possessed of. We are the only heirs of said G W Tucker who was brother to Mrs Addie Rhea 3 Feb 1912 TT-369

Power of Attorney I Mary Adelene Moffat unmarried of Boston Mass appoint my sister Lillian Robert Moffat Gilfillan of Memphis my attorney to sell land 27 June 1911 TT-525

Power of Attorney Mrs T W Johnston appoint Allan S Kelly attorney to release land 30 Oct 1913 VV-178

Power of Attorney James O Banks of town of Eutaw Green Co Alabama appoints J H Bowers Tracy City Tennessee to collect money 30 Oct 1913 VV-283

Power of Attorney Russell O Beene and wife Alice of Washington DC, Joe C Beene and wife Fannie Cowan Beene of Nashville Tennessee, Claude T Beene and wife Lula Beene of Shelbyville Tennessee, Laen Beene Berndt South Pittsburg Tennessee, Jone C Beene and wife Frank Beene of Chattanooga Tennessee and Harry S Olmstead and wife Avis Olmsted of Chattanooga Tennessee appoint Ida Lee Beene of St Marys. Our attorney to sell our interest in real estate owned by our father the late Jones C Beene of South Pittsburg TN Oct 1914 WW-362-363

Power of Attorney Elizabeth A Hackworth appoints my son M A Hackworth my attorney to transact all my business in Marion County Tennessee and in the state of Alabama of which I am no citizen. Jackson County Alabama 24 Jun 1915 XX-162

John H Graham because of her faithful service gives Laura Harris the herein described land 19 June 1907 witness W E Donaldson S Gilliam OO-315


Extracted by Euline Harris


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