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Long Cemetery

Marion Co. ,TN

Long Cemetery is located in Mullins Cove, Marion Co., Tennesse, on the banks of the Tennessee River.
This cemetery is very overgrown and the woods have just about taken over what is left of the graves that can be seen.

There are only 6 graves that we could read from the old cemetery.

LONG, JAMES Born in Mullins Cove on February 11, 1855 and died April 15, 1907 in Marion Co., TN.
(information from James Long's marker)
LONG, WEOR s/o JAMES & RHODA LONG b. March 10, 1892 d. January 4, 1909
LONG, ZILPHA M. b. March 22, 1820 d. February 17, 1895

SMITH, HENRY b. May 17, 1862 d. December 16, 1913
SMITH, M. F. w/o ROBERT SMITH b. November 9, 1831 d. October 8, 1892

 Note: I have been told by a family member that they believe this M. F. SMITH to be 
Missalee Finetta Smith but do not have any documentation to support it. There is a
sunken place in the ground next to M. F. Smith and it is not marked. This could
possibly be the grave of ROBERT SMITH.

SMITH, MAUDE M. d/o JAMES & LAURA LONG b. October 23, 1882, d. September 21, 1898

Chattanooga Citizen's Cemetery
Incomplete List
Buried in this Cemetery
June 2002

Large monument in the center of the family plot:
JOHN POMFRET LONG was born on November 25, 1807, in Knoxville, Tennessee. He died in Chattanooga, Tennessee on January 30, 1889. He moved to Ross's Landing 1836, became it's first Postmaster 1837 - 1845, at his suggestion the name of Ross's Landing was changed to Chattanooga in 1838 and was one of the leading merchants 1836 - 1860.

There were only markers with the names on them around the John Long monument.
There were no dates or information on these small markers.
These are the names: Eliza S. Long, Jane B. Long, Milo S. Long, Baby of J. C. & E. ?. Long, Elizabeth Long, William P. Long, Amy E. Long, Phebe Alger, and Clary ex-slave.

Note: Eliza S. Long is believed to be a Eliza Smith Long, born January 25, 1813, died March 30, 1900.

Compiled By Barry and Glenda Schroeder
September 2001

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