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Date unknown but see followup letter to the editor after this article:


Disgracefully Mark Box Supper in Aid of M. E. Church, South

The box supper at the hall Saturday night was not a great success, only $19.70 being the result of sale of boxes and cream and voting for bracelet. The non success of the affair, which was intended to aid the M.E. Church, South, of this place in paying salary of it's pastor, was due to the disgraceful conduct of a number of parties who should have had more respect for themselves and the objective of the supper.

Prayer was offered by Rev. Dew, the pastor, after which Mr. Thomas proceeded to auction off the few boxes presented. He had great difficulty in disposing of them and low prices prevailed. One box was sold three times before a bidder was secured who would claim it, as some individual persisted in bidding from the outside of the building through the window, thus creating the impression that it was from the inside. The boxes aggregated $4.10, the highest price at 85c.

A bracelet was then offered to be voted for as a prize to the "most beautiful and popular young lady present" and here more trouble arose, which ended in a couple of brawls, disgraceful in the extreme, and right here we wish to say that it is high time these voting contests were debarred for they only cause trouble, which may at some time result seriously. The contest broke up in a row after $5.05 had been voted on the bracelet, which was offered to be returned to the champions of the candidates but which we understand, they declined to take.

Ice cream was also sold, imported from Chattanooga, to the amount of $10.00.

Thus an affair that opened with prayer, closed with threats of violence and ill-will, a poor commentary on the civilization of the place. Whiskey is alleged to have caused a considerable protion of this undue baseness.



Whitwell Tenn, Sept 16, 1908

Editor News:
Last Saturday night there was a box supper held at the old Masonic Hall under the auspices of the Methodist church. My son Geo. Condra, attended said box supper and purchased some one or more boxes and later in the sales purchased one box that contained one ear of green corn, green okra, raw chicken neck, two moulded biscuits, one piece of corn bread that had been baked about a month, two pieces of soda crackers and a white rose, which brought 85c, with no name on the box. When my son took this box up to the auctioneer and demanded his money, this is when he was pounced on and arrested. I don't think this is a legitimate way of collecting money and paying the church dues for memebers who are delinquent. Some of the non-union men have accused Ed Walker and Low Smith of backing my son up on a former occasion in demanding $3.00 for a box prepared by a girl who refused to eat with my son. I want to clear these two gentlemen of this charge for I think they are both nice men. I don't uphold my boy in any rude or improper conduct, but there are wolves in sheep's clothing that the public would do well to observe.....J. E. CONDRA




Robt McIntyre Travels Six Miles Dressed Mainly In Welts

SOUTH PITTSBURG Tenn-Robert McIntyre, a white man, came to town early this morning from the Cloverdale district, about 6 miles north of here, coatless: in fact almost destitute of clothing, claiming that he had been forciably taken from his bed and brutally whipped by neighbors for some unknown reason and presented a most pitiable spectacle. The officers went out to investigate.

It is alleged that McIntyre is an indolent man, and does not provide for his family, and is a general nuisance to the community, and that he has been notified to go to work and failing to do so, the whipping resulted.


Articles from the book Murder, Mayhem and More by permission of Euline Harris


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