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Rawlings/Hargis/Tate Families

This comes from a book written by a cousin of my GG-Grandfather. James L. Rollings b. 7/3/1879. He died in the 1960's I believe.

He mentions some genealogy:

Benjamin Franklin Rawlings (father of author) was the son of James Lewis Rawlings and Mary Hargis

James Lewis Rawlings b. abt. 1812 was the son of Benjamin Rawlings b. abt. 1780 and Matha Powell b. abt. 1785

Mary Hargis b. 1810 was the daughter of Abraham Hargis b. abt. 1780 in NC and Rebecca Floyd b. abt. 1784 in SC.

Louisa A. Tate (mother of author) was the daughter of John K. Tate b. 1792 and Rachel Carmichael b. 1796.

"The Tates lived at the head of Battle Creek on land that was ceded by the Indian Chief Cromocker about 1790. Battle Creek was named such because it was on the famous Nickojack Trail and the Indians had fought a battle here. The old Nickojack Trail led up the mountain by way of what is now Monteagle, then known as Poplar Springs, and down Battle Creek to the Indian town at Chattanooga."

Battle Creek Christmas of 1885: "We had a big dance at our house. All of the furniture was removed from the open rooms and a big supper for over a hundred people was provided in the house. This was really an old fashioned breakdown. Ben Tharp, a neighbor, courted his future wife, Caroline Hargis on this occasion and they afterwards married. It was on this night that I made my first acquaintance with the beverage known as lemonade. When I found it in a water bucket, I thought it was one of the finest drinks I ever tasted."

"I attended my first school in 1886 at Oak Grove to Samantha Aiken as teacher. This school was taught in the same stick and dirt house that my father attended as his first school in 1844. Schools were only 3-months long. In the summer of 1892, my father sold his farm and moved to South Pittsburg, where I attended school to my Uncle Dan Tate, who was County Superintendent of Schools and a superior teacher."

"My sister Lydia contracted TB and died on November 23, 1892. My father had been compelled to hire inexperienced cooks and they used river water from the Tennessee River. Lydia was carried up near our old home on Battle Creek for burial" [We believe that she is buried in Martin Cemetery]

"There were many sturdy characters in our valley with whom I came in contact and helped to mold my character. Uncle Lish Tate, a brother of my grandfather, was a Confederate soldier and a giant in stature. Uncle Dunk Tate, his twin brother, was a Union soldier and very industrious. Uncle Sam Tate was another brother of my grandfather, John K. Tate. Grandpa John Tate was the son of a Revolutionary War soldier and he himself had fought in the war of 1812."

"A great pal of my father's was Balis Ladd. He and another of our neighbors, Lewis Thorpe, were both Confederate soldiers. Another of my favorites was Uncle Abner Hargis, the brother of my grandmother. He was one of the most remarkable men I have ever known. Although uneducated, he could solve problems mentally that other couldn't even with a pencil. My Uncle Dave Hargis, Abner's brother, was the Justice of the Peace for many years."

This information was submitted by Donna O'Brien

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October 16, 2004