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Location of Rollings Relatives in 1880

I wanted a visual image as to where Judge James Lewis Rollings and some of his neighbors and relatives might have lived back in 1880 in the Martin Springs area. I made a map of the Martin Springs area and took information from the 1880 census and information from Judge Rollings' book and came up with the following: We know who was neighbor to whom by looking at the dwelling numbers on the census but the census does not indicate how far apart they were. The census does give some indication as to which direction they lived from each other due to the fact that the dwelling numbers run consecetively from low to high. The census taker started at one end of a community and worked his way to the other end. In his book "Life and Views of J. L. Rollings", judge Rollings left us with a valuable piece of information when he said that he was born "about one half mile above where Martin Springs now stands." The word "above" is the key word here because it usually meant either "farther on down the road, farther north, or farther away from something." In this particular case he says that he was born farther on down the road from Martin Springs. If you follow Martin Springs road in a northwesterly direction, you can see that it runs paralell to I24. Just before I24 forks, Caves Cove Road turns right off Martin Springs Road. Caves Cove Road runs north for about a mile and makes a loop, and ends there. It probably ends there because there are no more houses beyond that point. I believe we can safely assume that the people built their houses close to a road because the only modes of travel were horse and wagon, horseback, or walking. Since Cave Cove Road runs about 5280 feet north, I believe we can place J. L. Rollings' birthplace, within a few feet, somewhere along that road. J. L. Rollings was born in dwelling #244. Mary Rollings lived in dwelling #245. Since her dwelling was one number higher, she would have lived just north of J. L. J. L.'s mother died when he was 10 months old. His aunt took him from the cemetery to the Clepper place, which was 3 miles away. Thomas Clepper lived in dwelling #243 which would have been in a southeasterly direction on the Martin Springs road, back towards Jasper and close to the creek. This would have been about 13 miles from Jasper. In 1884, when J. L. was about 5 years old, his family moved out of the Clepper home and back to dwelling #244 near Martin Springs. Judge Rollings said that his grandfather, John K. Tate, lived near the headwaters of Battle Creek. That would have placed him about 10 miles northwest of Martin Springs. He lived in dwelling #263. The following all lived southeast of J.L. Rollings back towards Jasper and along Battle Creek. #215-John Jefferson and Margaret Rollins, #214-Benjamin Franklin and Lydia Rollings, #188-James Lewis and Betsy Rollins. I do not say all of this is 100% accurate but it was fun and challenging to do and it gives a good visual image on the map as to where these folks lived in relation to one another. (Compiled on 12 February 2005 by Jim Rollins).

This information was submitted by Jim Rollins

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Februray 13, 2005