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Obituary of William Alba (Bill) Burk

Few deaths have occurred in our town that have created such a deep and general sorrow as that of Mr. W. A. Burk last Wednesday, June 17, 1891. He had been indisposed for several weeks but not taken down until Saturday preceding his death. The immediate cause of his death was cholera morbus (?).

Mr. Burk was forty-seven years and some five or six months old at the time of his death, thirty-two years of which he had spent in his master’s work in the missionary Baptist Church. Death could not have laid his icy hands on one in our town whose every day walk testified more fully the unbounded confidence of his friends and fellow men.,

He leaves a wife and four children – two boys and two girls -who have the deep and unfeigned sympathy of friends in their heavy sorrow, and many hearts at prayer that god may sanctify the deep affliction. He was visited upon them for something yet unseen and sweeter than they can give.

Resolution of Respect

We, the committee appointed by the Baptist church at Jasper, Tenn., to draft resolutions in memory of our deceased brother, W. A. Burk, submit the following.

Whereas God in his infinite wisdom has (on the 17th day of June, 1891) removed from our midst, W. A. Burk, our brother in Christ and co-worker in his cause, there be it resolved.

That the Church has lost one of its most consecrated and useful officers and members.

That the bereaved wife and four children have our warmest sympathy and prayers in their sad and seemingly irreparable affliction.

That the life and work of our deceased brother were such as to assure us of his entering upon the inheritance prepared for the redeemed of god.

That while we feel and mourn the loss of our deceased brother in Christ, yet to our hearts is a sense of joy that he left for our reflection and initiation a life that faithfully and cheerfully bore the burdens of His master and the cross.

That we commend his life and experience to consolation of the bereaved family.

That a copy of these resolutions be furnished the local paper for publications and that a copy be furnished the family of the deceased.

R. H. Wood, J.T. Tailant (?), J. Anderson ----Committee

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November 27, 2005