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Maury County, Tennessee
Confederate Soldiers Buried in Maury County Cemeterys

Confederate Soldiers Buried in Wilkes Camp Ground Cemetery at Culleoka, Tennessee

ABERNATHY, Cornelius Beverly
AMIS, John Erastus, 48th Tennessee Infantry
AMIS, McCoy Campbell, captured at Ft. Donelson, d. in prison 12 March 1862

CALVERT, Lewis Nelson "Nils"
CAMPBELL, Alexander Thomas "Dick"
COCHRAN, James A., 1st Lt., Co. F, 1st Tennessee Cavalry (Wheeler's)
COVEY, William Russell, Co. G, 1st Tennessee Volunteers, H.Fields' Co.
CRAIG, Samuel Scott

FLEMING, Elijah Coleman "Brud"

HENDERSON, William A. "Billy"
HOLDING, James G., Co. F, 3rd Tennessee Infantry
HOWLETT, Isaac James, Captain, Co. F, 48th Tennessee Infantry
HOWLETT, James S., Dr., 2nd Lt., Co. E, 3rd Tennessee
HUBBARD, W.A., Capt., Cavalry
HUGHES, Archelus Brice, Co. F, 3rd Tennessee, d. Bowling Green, KY, 5 Oct 1861
HUGHES, James A., Dr., Surgeon, 2nd Tennessee Cavalry
HUNT, James Turner


JONES, George W., Maj., Capt., Co. F, 3rd Tennessee

KENNEDY, William H.

LOVE, Joseph, Capt., 2nd Lt., Co. C, 48th Tennessee

MOORE, Frank J.

PRIDE, John S.

RAMSEY, Green E., Co. F, 3rd Tennessee, d. Russellville, KY, Feb. 14, 1862
RAMSEY, James Albert

SMITH, William B.

TOMLINSON, Joe Brown, Co. H, 1st Tennessee Cavalry (Wheeler's)
TOMLINSON, Merritt Booker, Capt., Co. F, 3rd Tennessee, P.M.Q.M

WILKES, John Love, Co. E, 11th Tennessee Cavalry
WILKES, Richard Sparks
WILLIAMSON, Charles S., Q.M., 11th Tennessee Cavalry

Also buried in Wilkes Camp Ground Cemetery:
MARSHALL, L.O., Federal soldier of the Civil War

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Confederate Soldiers Buried at St. John's Church Cemetery

BECKHAM, Robert F., Colonel, 6 May 1837 - 5 Dec 1864, wounded and died at Columbia
BROWN, Campbell, 27 Nov 1840 - 30 Aug 1893, General on Ewell's Staff

DUBOSE, Joel, d. 29 Nov 1864; wounded Battle of Columbia

GRANBERRY, Joseph J., 1838 - 2 Jan 1882, 3rd TN Inf

HARPER, John, Lt., d. 9 Nov 1864 at St. John's, Co. K, 30th AL Regmt
HOWARD, John William, 27 Apr 1847 - 14 Oct 1921, Forrest's Cavalry

JOHNSON, Isom Andrew, 18 Dec 1840 - 31 Jul 1913, Co. D, 19th Cavalry

LITTLEFIELD, William, Lt., 1 Feb 1845 - 15 Sep 1899, Co. C, 19th TN CAV; wounded at Resaca

MARSH, J. H., Lt. (Hardeman County, TN), Aide to Gen. Strahl, no dates
MARTIN, Thomas Granville, 27 Sep 1831 - 10 Aug 1912, Co. A, 9th TN Cavalry
McMURRAY, Welborn, 24 Nov 1843 - 25 Mar 1864

POLK, Rufus K., 31 Oct 1843 - 27 Aug 1902, 10th Infantry
POLK, Lucius Eugene, Brigadier General, 10 Jul 1833 - 1 Dec 1893, b. Salisbury, NC
POLK, William, 1 Feb 1839 - 5 Apr 1906, 48th TN Regmt

SEYMORE, J..A. 17 Feb 1837 - 21 Nov 1864, Barker's Co., Forrest's Old Regmt, d. Fayette Co.

YEATMAN, Henry C., 22 Sep 1831 - 1 Aug 1910, d. at Hamilton Place
YOUNG, _____, Colonel, from Texas, killed at Franklin, TN, 30 Nov 1864

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Bishops Buried at St. John's Church Cemetery

BARTH, Theodore Nott, D.D., 11 Jul 1898 - 22 Aug 1961. "Bishop of Tennessee, b. Mt. Savage, Md., d. Memphis, Tennessee."

GATES, Rev. W. Fred, Jr., 1912-1987 (Rector of St. Peter's Parrish, 1943-1966; Bishop Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee)

MAXON, James Matthew (1 Jan) 1875 - (8 Nov) 1948. (Fourth Bishop of Tenn., Coadjutor Bishop, 1922-1935; Bishop, 1935-1947)

OTEY, James Harvey, 27 Jan 1800 - 23 Apr 1863. "First Bishop of the Holy Catholic Church in Tennessee."

VANDER HORST, John, 10 Jan 1912 - 19 Apr 1980. "7th Bishop of the Diocese of Tennessee."

Note: One of the most famous Bishops, co-founder and first rector of St. John's Church, Lt.Gen. Leonidas Polk, CSA, is not buried here, but in Christ Cathedral in New Orleans. His body was taken there after he was killed in the Battle of Kennesaw Moutain in Georgia. He had been appointed Bishop of Louisiana.

Sources: Gravestone inscriptions, St. John's Church Cemetery
Historical notes from Maury County, Tennessee Cemeteries, by Fred Hawkins
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Confederate Soldiers Buried in Greenwood Cemetery

ALFORD, Monroe, 25 May 1837 - 14 Dec 1904

BYNUM, Joseph Wingfield, 24 Apr 1839 - 9 Dec 1861, Co. H, 1st TN Inf, killed at Old Milboro, VA

CHERRY, James P., 2 Jan 1830 - 22 May 1862

CHERRY, Thomas S., 9 Jan 1838 - 30 Mar 1884, Co. B, 2nd TN Inf

DILLON, John M., 8 Apr 1838 - 22 Nov 1904, Co. B, 2nd TN Inf, d. in Old Soldiers Home

POLK, William Hawkins, 24 May 1815 - 16 Dec 1862, 1st TN Cav (Also served as Major in Mexican War; brother of President James K. Polk)

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