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Maury County, Tennessee
Confederate Information

Confederate Information from Maury County, Tennessee

  • Roster of Company "H," Maury Grays, Maury County, Tennessee

  • Surgeon's Discharge of Pvt. William A. Derryberry

    Roster of Company "H," Maury Grays, Maury County, Tennessee, Confederate States of America

    First Regiment, Tennessee (Maney’s) Volunteer Infantry, C.S.A. Organized April 1861, at Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee. Surrendered at Bentonville, N. C. April 1865. Following is a list of those who, at the organization or afterwards, enlisted in Company H, Maury Grays (supplied to Leonidas Polk Bivouac, October 5, 1903).

    * Officers
    First Captain A.M. LOONEY, promoted
    Second Captain W.R. JOHNSTON
    First Lieutenant James A. MOORE
    Second Lieutenant POLK, promoted Colonel
    Third Lieutenant Thomas H. McKINNEY, promoted Adjutant
    First Sergeant Henry J. WEBSTER, promoted Captain
    Second Sergeant J.K.P. McFALL, promoted
    Third Sergeant J.P. LEE, promoted
    Fourth Sergeant W. Kenan HILL
    Second Corporal George S. MARTIN, promoted
    Third Corporal A.O.P. NICHOLSON, promoted
    Fourth Corporal William GRAHAM, killed July 4, 1864
    Fifth Corporal William J. WHITTHORNE, promoted

    * Privates
    ADKISSON, J. Cal
    ADKISSON, W. Josh
    ALEXANDER, S. Reese
    ALLEN, Augustus
    ALLEN, J. Wash, killed at Perryville, October 8, 1862
    ALLEN, W. A.

    BABBITT, Henry
    BANK, Robert H.
    BAUGHIN, William
    BOOKER, M. W.
    BOOKER, Presly
    BRADFORD, Elisha
    BRANDON, Alex W.
    BRANDON, Edward
    BRANDON, James
    BROWN, Sam
    BYNUM, Joe W.

    CAMPBELL, Sam M., killed at Perryville, Kentucky
    CANNON, George M.
    CARR, William T., killed at Nashville, December 1864
    COLQUITT, William T.
    CRAIG, W.D.
    CRAIG, W. L.

    DALE, James A.
    DALE, William J. Jr., promoted
    DEPRIEST, Clint, Virginia - under age and discharged 1864
    DERRYBERRY, William A., discharged by Surgeon at Hunterville, VA, later enlisted in 9th TN Cav and Co. “E,” 48th TN Inf
    DONAHUE, James
    DORING, R. C. Y.
    DORING, R. E.

    ERWIN, Joseph
    ERWIN, J. Rowan
    ERWIN, William
    ESTES, A. Hunter
    ESTES, Henry H.

    FARNEY, William B.
    FERGUSON, Sam A.
    FORGEY, James, promoted
    FOSTER, Joseph

    GILMORE, Ben F.

    HADLEY, Pat
    HAND, James
    HARDISON, W. Humphrey
    HARDY, Thomas
    HARRIS, Harvey
    HARRIS, Thomas
    HARRIS, W. Luther
    HELM, George W.
    HELM, Thomas G.
    HOOD, Walter, killed at Dead Angle, IN 1864
    HOLMES, Robert G.
    HOOPER, Dr., promoted, killed in 1864
    HORSLEY, Alfred S.
    HUBBARD, Jubilee
    HUGHES, A.
    HUGHES, William A., mortally wounded, Dead Angle

    IRVINE, Crawford, W.

    JOHNSON, John H.

    KELLY, Don D.
    KELLY, Hicks
    KING, E., killed at Chickamauga
    KING, W.

    LANDSDOWNE, Edward L., promoted
    LEE, John G.
    LUNN, Felix
    LUSK, James

    McEWEN, James F.
    McKNIGHT, W. E.

    MARTIN, William J.
    MOORE, John B.
    MURPHY, William

    NICHOLS, Francis M.
    NOTGRASS, ______

    OAKLEY, William

    PADGETT, Hugh B., discharged in 1861
    PHILLIPS, William J.
    PICKARD, John A., promoted
    POWELL, J. K. P.

    RAINS, Andrew J.
    REAVES, George W.
    REED, J. L.
    REIVES, E. N. B.
    REIVES, N. Green
    RICHARDSON, Byron, killed at Perryville, October 8, 1962

    SEALEY, Sam
    SCOTT, W. D.
    SMITH, L. O.
    SOWELL, J. Monroe
    SPEED, Theodore S.
    STEPHENS, Scott
    STRAYHORN, Jesse
    STRONG, George D. (Pete)

    THOMAS, Abednego S., promoted
    THOMPSON, Joe C., killed at Perryville, October 8, 1982
    TUCKER, James M.
    TUCKER, John T., promoted to First Sergeant
    TUCKER, June

    VAUGHT, Charles N.
    VOSS, Edward W.

    Watkins, Sam R.
    WEBSTER, A. Blair
    WEBSTER, James J.
    WEBSTER, William H., killed at Chickmauga, September 1863
    WHITE, J. Beverly
    WHITTAKER, John A., promoted, killed at Jonesboro, GA 1864
    WILSON, Andrew J.
    WILSON, R. A.
    WRIGHT, J. E.

    YORK, J. Oliver

    ZELLNER, Arnold

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    Surgeon's Discharge of Pvt. William A. Derryberry Co. "H," Maury Greys/Grays, at Hunterville, VA, Dec. 1861

    William Alexander Derryberry of the Lasea community of Maury County, was discharged for illness from Co. "H" of the 1st Tennessee Infantry, was wounded while serving with the 9th Tennessee Cavalry, and wounded again while with Co. "E" of the 48th Tennessee Infantry. While with Co. "H," on that long, cold Virginia campaign in the winter of 1861, William took measles, as many Southern farm boys did during that conflict, not having been exposed to such before. (Many of his comrades died). According to notes in his CSA Pension Application, the measles "settled in his lungs," and he was dangerously ill for three or four months before recovering enough to return to service.

    Following is a transcription of papers discharging him from Confederate service on 3 December 1861 and returning him to his home near Columbia, TN. (After his return to service, he would continue to serve until the surrender of his unit in May 1865):

    "I CERTIFY That the within named WILLIAM A. DEREBERRY, a Private 1 Regiment of Tennessee, born in Maury co. in the State of Tennessee, aged eighteen years, five feet, eight inches high, fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair, and by occupation a Farmer was enlisted by CAPT. WM. R. JOHNSTON at Columbia, Tennessee on the 9th day of May 1861 to serve one year, and is now entitled to discharge by reason of Surgeon's Certificate of disability.
    "The said WM. A. DEREBERRY was last paid by MAJ. REESE to include the 22nd day of July 1861, and has pay due from that date to the present date.
    "There is due to him ________ Dollars traveling allowance from _______ the place of discharge to _________ the place of enrolment, transportation not being furnished in kind. "There is due him for clothing not drawn twenty-five dollars.
    "He is indebted to the Confederate States Six dollars & \00 Dollars on account of 2 caps, 1 pr. Shoes & Wollen shirt drawn in Tenn.
    "Given in duplicate at Hunterville, Va this 3 day of December 1861."

    (Signed) Commanding Company
    " For pay from 22nd of July 1861 to 2nd December 1861, being four months and ten days, at (11) Eleven Dollars per month,
    For pay for subsistence traveling from in Going from Hunterville, Va to Columbia, Tenn eight - being days @40 c. a day miles at ten cents per mile.
    For clothing25.00
    Deduct for clothing
    drawn in Tennessee
    Balance paid,$67.38
    Received of ____________ CS Army, this 3 day of December 1861 Sixty -seven Dollars and thirty-eight Cents, in full of the above account."
    (Signed duplicate) WILLIAM A. DERRYBERRY
    Witness (blank) (Signature)

    Note: My great-grandfather was short-changed by two dollars in pay received above!
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    Frank D. "Denny" Thomas, Volunteer for Maury County
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