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Hembree Family

The Hembree family re-entered McMinn County in the late 1930's.  They originally entered this country in the 1740's and became established in several cultures...the British, (they were from England), the Scottish (by marriage), the Cherokee, (in numerous ways) and our African American culture (also in numerous ways). 

Probably the top Hembree (Emory) researcher of this day is Mr. Larry Petrisky.  The data he has compiled in several different projects have done more to advance research in this family than any in recent years. 

His work is presented via these links.  It is given freely for the use of Hembree researchers but credit must be given to Mr. Petrisky.

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The Abraham Hembree Data Project


The Abraham Hembree Data Project Index


This 175 page document goes back generations from the 1757 birth date of Abraham.  It speaks at length of his father, William Emory...his mother Mary Grant.  Mary's parents Ludovic Grant and Eugihooti & their involvement with the Cherokee culture.   It also speaks of the Emory/Amory involvement with the pre-Revolution colonies of the Carolina's and Georgia. 

This document goes far beyond the reach of Abraham Hembree.  It also deals with the myriad of other Hembree families throughout Virginia and the Carolinas.   It is an amazing document and well worth your search.

The Mysterious Death of Edward Hembree

This document covers the mysterious death of the son of "Old" John Hembree.  John was the half brother of William Emory and son of John Amory.  Old John being the son of a Cherokee woman suspected to be Mary Eyers (Ayers) and John Amory.  Edward's death and property left the hands of the family under dubious circumstances and this document is well worth the reading.

The Vann-Hembree Connection

The Vann family with its deep roots within the Cherokee culture is widely known.  This document examines the relationships between the Hembree's, Vann's &  several affiliated families.


The John Hembree Data Project

Index of John Hembree Data Project

aka Old John Hembree

Revised March 2004

This project deals with the ascendency and descendents of John the brother of William, uncle to Abraham and Drewey and son of John Amory.  This is in depth data on this family and fully indexed!.






Some generalized Hembree/Emery/Emory information.

Dekalb County Tennessee Tax Books 1891-1897

1891 Emery, Wm.  Poll 200 Total 200
        Emory, David Poll 200 Total 200

1893 Emery, C.F.  Poll 200  Total 200
        Emery, Wm.        200          200
        Emery, David       200          200
        Emery, Wm.        200          200 15th District

1894 Emery, C.F.   Poll 200  Total 200
        Emery, Wm.         200          200
        Emery, David        200          200 District 11
        Emery, Wm.         200          200

1895 Emery, William Poll 200 Total 200

1897 No Emery's


Early Middle Tennessee Marriages:

Hembree, Andrew J. to Leale Elizabeth Jacobs 8-8-1844 (White Co.)
Hembree, John L. to Mary Speck 5-21-1854 (White Co.)
Hembree (Henly?), Joseph to Elizabeth Robinson 3-10-1840 (Williamson Co.)
Embry, W.S. to Victoria Hollins 9-11-1866 (Coffee)
Emery, David to D.E.T. Dinnes 9-1-1865 (Dekalb)
Emery, Wm. to Milly England 8-21-1865 (White)
Emery, Wm. to Stacy Earles 1-18-1861 (White)
Emory, Andrew to Sarah Hicks 2-10-1850 (Dekalb)
Emory, Francis to Elizabeth Blades 5-30-1864 (Wilson)
Embry, Edmund to Martha Rouse 9-14-1855 (Rutherford)
Emry, James to Aley Jane England 11-15-1866 (White)


Dekalb County Tennessee Marriages

Emery, David mentioned above
Emery, M.J. (f) to Bethal Tittle
Emery, Nancy R. to I.D. Cantrell 24 Nov. 1878
Emory, Andrew mentioned above
Emory, Voney E. to Shadrick Clemmons
Embre, Thomas to Julia Ann Watson 26 Jun. 1853
Emery, John to Josie Butram 20 Jan. 1880
Emery, C.W. to Bettie Gilbert 18  Dec. 1884
Emery, Frank to Delia Holley 31 Jan. 1885
Emry, Wm. to Francis Emeline Hall 9 Jan. 1889
Emry, Thos. to Sis Waginer 19 Sep. 1886
Emery, Martha to R.H. Dale 4 Aug. 1898
Early East Tennessee Marriages
Hembre, William to Tabbitha D. Nichols 11-21-1866 (11-22-1866) (Sevier Co.?)
Hembree, Abraham To Rhoda Mallacote 1-2-1836 (Roane Co.)
Hembree, Alvis to Matilda Goodman 1-5-1879 (3-20-1879) (S?)
Hembree, Benjamin to Peggy Lyles 2-6-1812 (Roane)
Hembree, Eli to Nancy M. Balew 12-2-1841 (12-2-1841) (Roane)
Hembree, Eli to Sarah C. Hart 6-27-1857 (6-28-1857) (Roane)
Hembree, Elihu L. to Louisa J. Powell 11-16-1867 (11-17-1867) (Roane)
Hembree, Ezekiel to Barzilla Bunch ?-15-1865 (3-19-1865) (S?)
Hembree, G.W. to Teresa P. Chrisenberry 7-7-1869 (Roane)
Hembree, Hugh to Nancy Jane Hughett 11-17-1855 (11-19-1855)  (S?)
Hembree, Isaac to Sally Ledgerwood 8-6-1818 (Knox?)
Hembree, Isaac L. to Mary Blake 11-12-1823 (Roane)
Hembree, Isaac N. to Manerva Carter 3-4-1858 (Roane)
Hembree, J.C. to S.J. Pickel 1-4-1875 (Roane)
Hembree, J.H. to Rebecca J. Low 4-1-1874 (4-9-1874) (S?)
Hembree, James to Eliza Powell 5-26-1847 (5-26-1847) (Roane)
Hembree, James to Mary Kirkland 9-1-1860 (Roane)
Hembree, Jasper to Mary Ann Green 11-22-1856 (no return) (Jefferson?)
Hembree, Joel B. to Sally Wilhite 1-26-1830 (1-28-1830) (Roane)
Hembree, Joel D. to Delilah C. Staples 4-22-1868 (4-23-1868) (Roane)
Hembree, Joel T. to Nancy Caroline Hembree 2-25-1850 (2-28-1850) (Roane)
Hembree, John to Mary Nooncaster? 3-6-1870 (Sevier ?)
 Hembree, Joseph J. to Ella A. Hanley 12-15-1874 (12-17-1874) (Roane)
Hembree, William to Jane Lawoser 10-19-1872 (no return) (Sevier ?)
Hembree, William O. to Emely Shoopman 7-23-1859 (7-24-1859) (S ?)
Hembree, Wm. to Sarah E. Melton 11-9-1864 (Roane)
Hembree, Wm. R. to Elizabeth Lowery 3-7-1868 (3-8-1868) (Roane)
Hembree, Jonathan H. to Lina Kelley 1-25-1849 (1-26-1849) McMinn?)
Henbry, Jasper Marion to Manerva Tipton 8-19-1867 (Sevier ?)


Embrey, Cannon 23, B, S, TN, Jul., field hand, pneumonia, Maury co.
Embrey, Vic 30, (f), M, birthplace omitted, house wife, May, consumption, Franklin co.
Emerie, O.D. 13, (m), TN, Jun., rheumatism, Montgomery co.
Emery, Eliza 55, B, M, TN, Jul., heart disease, Davidson co.
Emery, Ella 23, M, TN, Jul., phthisis pulmonatis, Davidson co.
Emery, Josiah 5, TN, Dec., burn, Hardin co.? (Hn)
Emery, Nancy 4/12, TN, Jan., St. Anthony fire, Franklin co.
Emory, Jessee 15, NC, Apr., inf. lungs, Dickson co.
Emory, John 1, TN, Mar., scarlet fever, Humphreys co.
Emory, Lucy 6, TN, Jan., diabetes mellitus, Franklin co.
Emory, Timothy 2/30, TN, May, unknown, Sevier co.

B- black or indian (dark skinned), S- Single, M-Married, TN or NC-place born, abreviated month-month died,



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