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The Journal of Cherokee Studies is a publication of the Cherokee Nation.  It is probably one of the best resources for learning of Cherokee history and those people involved.  Some copies are still in print and can be purchased via  Ms. Frances Sequoyah

This is an index of these publications.


YEAR           Date           VOLUME        NUMBER

1976        SUMMER      I          1

1976           FALL        I             2

1977        SPRING        II           2


1978  WINTER  III   1

1979  SPRING  II   4

1979  SUMMER  IV   3

1979  WINTER  IV   1

1980  SPRING  V   1
 1980  FALL   V   2
 1981  SPRING  VI   1
 1981  FALL   VI   2
1982  SPRING  VII   1
 1982  FALL   VII   2
 1983  SPRING  VIII   1
        1983  FALL   VII   2
          1984  SPRING  IX   1
          1984  FALL   IX   2
          1985  SPRING  X   1
         1985  FALL   X   2
          1987     XII
 1988 XIII
1990 XV
1991 XIV
1991     XVI
1996 XVII

Volume I, No. 1, Summer, 1976

 The Death of John Walker, Jr:  Political Assassination or Personal Vengeance?
By Duane H. King and E. Raymond Evans    page 4
The Cherokee Cause,
by John Howard Payne     page 17

A Powder Horn Commemorating the Grant Expedition Against the Cherokees
By Duane H. King        page 23

Notable Persons in Cherokee History:  Ostenaco,
by Raymond Evans    page 41

The Cherokee Story-Teller:  The Ustahli Myth,
by Laura King       page 55

"On the Shortness of Human Life"
 by John Ridge        Page 59

History of the Museum of the Cherokee Indian
 by Duane H. King      page 60

Credits for Figures       page 65


Volume 1, number 2, Fall, 1976

Creek Path Mission,
by Mary Alves Higginbotham   page 72
A Pre-Citizenship Certificate of Educational Competency
by Dawnena Walkingstick      page 87

Cherokee Bows
 by Duane H. King    page 107

Notable Persons in Cherokee History:  Bob Benge
by E. Raymond Evans   page 98

Benge's Axe
by Duane H. King      page 107

The Cherokee Story-Teller:  The Trickster Turtle
by Laura H. King          page 110

Long Island of the Holston:  Scared Cherokee Ground
 by Duane H. King    page 113

  Cherokee Reply to the Commissioners of North Carolina and Virginia, 1777 By Corn Tassel  (Translation by William Tatum)      page 128

Volume II, Number 2, Spring, 1977

 Captivity Narrative
by Joseph Brown        page 208

Lessons in Cherokee Ethnology from the Captivity of Joseph Brown, 1788 - 1789
By Duane H. King    page 219

Notable Persons in Cherokee History:  Stephen Foreman
by E. Raymond Evan    page 230

The Merger of Apaches with Eastern Cherokees:  Qualla in 1893
By Walter L. Williams      page 240

The Cherokee Story-Teller:  The Red and Green Crayfish
By Laura H. King        page 146

Cherokee Indian Use of Potherbs
By John Witthoft     page 250

Fort Marr Blockhouse;  Last Evidence of America's first concentration camp
By E. Raymond Evans        page 256


 Special Issue

 "Memoirs of the Grant Expedition Against the Cherokees in 1761"
 (edited by Duane H. King and E. Raymond Evans)

 Volume II, No 3, Summer, 1977

 Historic Documentation of the Grant Expedition Against the Cherokees, 1761
 By E. Raymond Evans and Duane H. King  page 272

 Journal of an Expedition to South Carolina
by Captain Christopher French   page 275

Order Book of the Grant Expedition by Major Alexander Monypenny    page 302

Diary of March 20 - May 31, 1761
by Major Alexander Monypenny        page 320
Sowing Tares of Hate

 by Lieutenant Francis Marion       page 332

 Volume II, Number 4,  Fall, 1977
 The Councils at Red Clay Council Ground Bradley County, Tennesee,  1832-1837
 By William R. Snell         page 344
 The Trial of Samuel Austin Worcester
By John Hutchins        page 356
 Cherokee Rhetoric:  A Forceful Weapon
William Strickland       page 375

 Notable Persons in Cherokee History:  Sequoyah or George Gist
By Major George Lowery
With introduction and transcription by John Howard Payne      page 385

Highways to Progress:  Nineteenth Century Roads in the Cherokee Nation
By E. Raymond Evans        page 394
Who Really Discovered the Cherokee-Iroquis Linguistic Relationship
By Duane H. King         page 401

Volume III, Number 1, Winter, 1978

Notable Persons in Cherokee History:  Attakullakulla

 By James C. Kelley   page 2

Conscience of Duty:  General John E. Wool's Delemma With Cherokee Removal
By James F. Corn          page 35

Cherokee Classificatory Verbs
 By Duane H. King              page 40

The Cherokee Sotryteller:  The Deer;s Blunt Teeth
By Laura H. King         page 45

The Battle of Lookout Mountain:  An Eyewitness Account
By George Christian       (edited by H. Raymond Evans)        page 49

The Counsel of Caleb Starr
By Jim Stokley         page 54

Volume II, number 4, Spring, 1979
Special Issue

History in the Making:  Cherokee Events as Reported in Contemporary Newspapers
By Duane King and E. Raymond Evans     page 53

Speeches From the Treaty of Hopewell
Gazette of the United States, July 25, 1789  page 54

Cherokee Delegation to England
The Salem Gazette, Feb 15, 1791            page 56

Cherokee Declaration of War
The Connecticut Courant, October 29, and December 3, 1792   page 57

Washington Attempts to Bring Justice to the Cherokees
The Connecticut Courant, January 7, 1793  page 59

Death on the Frontier
Gazette of the United States, December 20, 1794  page 60

Cherokees Assist Their Former Enemies
The Connecticut Gaette, March 12, 1795  page 63
Thomas Jefferson's Advice to the Cherokees
The National Intelligencer, March 10, 1809  page 64

Cherokee War With the Osage
Franklin Gazette, March 7, 1821  page 67
 Cherokee Education
 The New York Spectator, November 23, 1821  page 68
 The Cherokee Settlement of Rocky Bayou
 The Commonwealth, March 7, 1823  page 69

 Cherokee Treaty Rights
 The New York American, September 15, 1829  page 71
 Cherokees Refuse to Sell Additional Land
 The Woodstock Observer, October 20, 1830  page 76

 Cherokees Oppressed in Georgia
 The Saturday Bulletin, June 19, 1830  page 78

 Volume IV, number 3, Summer, 1979

 Stylistic Similarities in Cherokee and Iroquois Music
 By Charlotte Heth  page 128

 Candy's Creek Mission Station
 By William Snell  page 136

  Volume IV, number 1, Winter 1979
 Letters from Brainerd
 By Theda Perdue  page 4

 Sketches of Cherokee Characteristics
 By J.P. Evans  page 10
 A Legal Digest of the North Carolina Cherokees
 By Ben Oshel Bridgers page 21

 Volume V, No. 1, Spring, 1980

The MacIntosh Family Among the Cherokees
 By Janet and David G. Campbell  page 4

 The North Carolina Cherokees, 1838-1866:  Traditionalism, Progressivism and the Affirmation of State Citizenship
 By John R. Finger  page 17
 Was the Last Battle of the American Revolution Fought on Lookout Mountain?
 By E. Raymond Evans  page 30
 Rebecca Youngbird:  An Independent Cherokee Potter
 By Thomas J. Blumer   page 41

Volume V, Number 2, Fall, 1980

 The Conjuror in Eastern Cherokee Society
 By Raymond D. Fogelson  page 60

 Self and Other in Cherokee Booger Masks
 By Raymond D. Fogelson and Amelia B. Walker   page 88

 Volume VI, No. 1, Spring, 1981
David Owl:  Eastern Cherokee Among the New York Iroquois
By Elizabeth Duran  page 4

Two Early Boundary Lines with the Cherokee Nation
By Ron Petersen     page 14

Sam Houston:  The Raven
By Col. James F. Corn  page 35

Volume VI, number 2, Fall, 1981

Jedidiah Morse's Report to the Secretary of War on Cherokee Indian Affairs in 1822
Edited by E. Raymond Evans   page 60
 John Ridge on Cherokee Civilization in 1826
Edited by William C. Sturetevant  page 79

 Cherokee Participation in the Political Impact of the North American Indian
 By Janet and David G. Campbell  page 92
 Volume VII, Number 1, Spring, 1982
 James Mooney, Ethnologist
 By Duane H. King    page 4
 The Cherokee Ball Play
 By James Mooney   page 10
 Cherokee Theory and Practice of Medicine
 By James Mooney  page 25

The Cherokee River Cult
 By James Mooney  page 30

Cherokee Plant Lore
By James Mooney  page 37

Improved Cherokee Alphabets
 By James Mooney  page 40

 Evolution in Cherokee Names
 By James Mooney  page 41
 Letters From the Field
 By James Mooney  page 41

The Cherokee Sacred Formulas

 By Mrs. James Mooney page 47
 James Mooney
 By J. N. B. Hewitt  page 49

 Volume VII, Number 2, Fall, 1982

Remarks of Mr. Thomas, of Jackson
By George E. Frizzell  page 64

 Remembering Removal, 1867
 By Theda Perdue  page 69
 Stature of Adult Cherokee Indians During the Eighteenth Centure
 By Douglas W. Owsley and Helen L. o'Brien  page 74
 Cranial Deformation-A Cultural Practice of the Eighteenth Century Overhill Cherokees
 By Douglas W. Owsley and Bryan L. Guevin  page 79

 Culturally Induced Dental Alterations in a Historic Cherokee Skeletal Sample
 By Douglas W. Owsley and David T. Bellande  page 82

 The Wolf Clan
 By Janet and David G. Campbell  page 85
 Cherokee Little People Reconsidered
 By Raymond D. Fogelson  page 92

 A Western Cherokee Decoration Day Song
 By Willard Walker  page 99

 Volume VIII, number 1, Spring, 1983

 Elias Boudinot, Elisha Bates and Poor Sarah:  Frontier Protestantism and the Emergence of the First Native American Fiction
 By Andrew Wiget   page 4

 Redbird Smith and the Nighthawk Keetoowahs
By Janey B. Hendrix  page 22
The "Harmony Ethic" og the Conservative Eastern Cherokees:  A Religious Interpretation
 By John D. Loftin  page 40
 The Green Corn Ceremony of the Eastern Cherokee
 By Ruth Y. Wetmore  page 46

 Volume VIII, number 2, Fall, 1983
 Cherokee Beliefs Concerning Death
 By John Witthoft  page 68
 Redbird Smith and the Nighthawk Keetoowahs
 By Janey Hendrix  page 73

 Symbolic Structure and Political Change in Cherokee Society
 By Duane Champagne  page 87

Christian Priber-Prime Minister to the Cherokee Indians
By M. Foster Farley  page 97

Volume IX, Number 1, Spring 1984

Palisot de Beauvois and Cherokee Snakebite Remedies
By William L. Anderson  page 4

Williams Island:  A Source of Significant Material in the Collections of the Museum of the Cherokee Indian
By E. Raymond Evans and Vicky Karhu  page 10

The Mexican Cherokees and the Kickapoo of Nacimiento, Mexico:  A Previously Unreported Relationship
By William Pulte and Kathy Altom  page 35

Adoption of Whites by 18th Century Cherokees
By William E. McGoun  page 37


 Volume IX, Number 2, Fall, 1984
 Literacy Among the Cherokee in the Early Nineteenth Century
 By Carmeleta L. Monteith  page 56
 The Sequoyah Indian Weavers Association
 By Cinda K.R. Baldwin  page 76
 The Story of My Life as Far Back as I Can Remember
 As written by Aggie Ross Lossiah (edited by Joan Greene)  page 89
 Humor and the Cherokee Spirit
 By Janey B. Hendrix  page 100

 Volume X, Number 1, Spring, 1985
 "An Illustrated Souvenir Catalog of the Cherokee National Female Seminary, Tahlequah, Indian Territory,

1850 to 1906"
 Volume X, Number 2, Fall, 1985
 Civilize the Indian:  Government Policies, Quakers, and Cherokee Education
 By Joan Greene  page 192
 The Five Civilized Tribes and the Beginning of the Civil War
 By William H. Graves  page 205
 Removal:  A Foundation for the Formation of Federalized Indian Policy
 By James R. Christianson  page 215
 Volume XII, 1987
 John Ross Memorial

 Volume XIII, 1988
 Honor the Elders:  Symbolic Associations with Old Age in Traditional Eastern Cherokee Culture
 By Cesare Marion  page 3
 Traditional Adult Cherokee Games
 By Catherine Cochran  page 20
 The Day Tahlequah Burned
 By Duane H. King  page 45
 Who Civilized the Cherokees?
 By William G. McLoughlin  page 54

 Volume XIV, 1991
 "Fading Voices"
 A Special Edition

 Fading Voices Project Introduction  page 5
 Alfred Welch Family Gospel Songs  page 7
 Solomon Bird Interview   page 10
 Ed and Ella Jackson Interview  page 17
 Bessie Jumper Interview   page 24
 Iva Rattler Interview    page 36
 Amanda Smoker Interview   page 41
 Caroline Teesateskie Interview  page 43
 Maggie Wachacha Interview   page 46

Martha Wachacha Interview   page 51
Mose and Callie Wachacha Interview page 58

Game and Bessie Walker Interview  page 63

Fading Voices Day    page 68


Volume XV, 1990
Institutional and Cultural Order in Early Cherokee Society:  A Sociological Interpretation
By Duane Champagne  page 3
Nativistic Movements Among th eCherokees in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
By Katja May    {A paper read at the Eighth Annual Mid-America Conference on History in Fayetteville, Arkansas, September 10-13,
1986}  page 27

The Cherokee Gold Lottery and Georgia's Gubernatorial Campaign of 1831
By David Williams  page 41

 Volume XVI, 1991
The Journal of George Pawley's 1746 Agency to the Cherokee
By T.F. Brewer and J. Baillie  page3
Sophia Sawyer, Native American Advocate:  A Case Study in Nineteenth Century Cherokee Education
By Kimberly C. Macenczak  page 23
 Mountain Politics:  What Happens If the Wrong Party Wins?
 By Linda Parramore Culpepper  page 38


 Volume XVII

(no date or edition number)
'concerns Fort Loudon'

The High Price of Trade:  Anglo-Indian Trade Mistakes and the Fort Loudoun Disaster
by Michael Morris Page 3

 Notable Persons in Cherokee History:  Charles Hicks       page 16
 Silas Dinsmoor and The Cherokees:  An Examination of One Agent of Change
 By Cletus F. Fortwendel, Jr.         Page 28

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