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Thus are listed the eight generations of the Sheltons in America from James(8) of McMinn County, Tennessee, born 1791, who died in 1879, back to James(1) of Jamestown, Virginia, born 1580, who died in 1668.

Following are some miscellaneous notes from Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Connecticut, and Georgia from various sources on early Sheltons and other more or less pertinent information.

Nathan Shelton wed Mary Shelton in Henry County, Virginia on September 16, 1794.

The Virginia-North Carolina line was established in 1728.

James Shelton was Captain in Henry County, Virginia militia in 1777, resigned in 1780.

Mildred Clark married Shelton White in Elbert County, Georgia in 1794.

Isle of Wight and James City Counties were two of the original shires of Virginia under Royal government.  Jamestown is in James City County.

Some Virginia counties were derived as follows:

Surry was taken from James City County in 1652.

Brunswick from Isle of Wight and Surry in 1720.

Lunenburg from Brunswick in 1748.

Halifax from Lunenburg in 1752.

Pittsylvania from Halifax in 1767.

Henry from Pittsylvania in 1776.

Patrick from Henry in 1791.


James Shelton wed Winifred Peebles September 28, 1786, Thomas Shelton, Securer.  William Adkins wed Winifred Clark, James Shelton, Securer.  John Clark consents to daughter’s marriage, Goochland County, Virginia.

Abstract of Will, Pittsylvania County: Mary Clark, Parish of Nottaway, Amelia County, wrote her will on June 30, 1750.  Will was probated August 29, 1770.  Witness Crispin Shelton; John Shelton, legatee; sons, Ralph Shelton, John Shelton, Crispin Shelton, Benjamin Shelton, James Shelton, Daniel Shelton; grandchildren, Reuben Shelton and Patience Blakey.  Daughter, Elizabeth Davis.

Mary Carter wed James Shelton.

Plate of James Shelton, the Immigrant.

John Rucker married Nancy Shelton, daughter of Colonel Richard Shelton.  John Rucker died in Amherst County, Virginia.  Nancy Shelton, born 1767, died 1860.

David Shelton, born 1736, who died about 1801, married first Elizabeth Matlock and second Susan Vaughn, Montross, Westmoreland County, Virginia.


Armistead Shelton wed Susannah Shelton in Pittsylvania County on September 1, 1774, daughter of Daniel Shelton.  Securer, Joseph Aiken; Pittsylvania County marriage bond.

Mourning Shelton married Archibald Wood.

From Middlesex County, Virginia, Christ Church Register:

Peter and Susannah Shelton, a son Peter, born 1687.

Ralph who died in 1733 and Mary Shelton had Thomas born 1707; Ralph, born 1709; Crispin, born 1713; Reuben, born 1715; Catherine, born 1719; John, born 1722; Benjamin, born 1724; James, born 1726; and Daniel, born 1729.  (See page 298-334.)

Thomas Shelton who died in 1742 and Mary Shelton had: Reuben, born 1733; Mary, born 1737, who died in 1742; Thomas, born 1740; and Micajah, born 1742.  Ralph Shelton married Mary Daniel in 1731.  In 1745 Ralph purchased 400 acres on north side of Nottaway River, Amelia County.  (See page 249.)

Crispin and Letitia Shelton had son William, born 1735.  (See page 302.)

Crispin, Daniel, and Gabriel Shelton were members of the Pittsylvania County Committee of Safety in 1775, they being also vestrymen in Camden Parish with Abram Shelton.  (See page 327.)

Elizabeth Shelton married William Davis in 1728.  Mary Shelton died in 1719.

Following are York County, Virginia records:

William Shelton on jury in 1706, in 1716 was Executor with Lawrence Smith of estate of John Moss.

James Shelton and Thomas Cole sued church wardens of Charles Parish, York County, for debt in 1716.

Arms of James Shelton, the Immigrant, mentioned in William and Mary Quarterly, Volume 1.

Ralph Shelton in 1703 was mentioned as a minor, and his mother reportedly was about to marry Joseph Bickley of King and Queen County, Virginia, in William and Mary Quarterly, Volume 124.  One Ralph Shelton was son of Sarah Shelton and Richard Grissage of New Kent, and he for some reason retained his mother’s name.  Tradition has it that Sarah Shelton and Richard Shelton were the immigrant children of a ship’s Captain who was drowned in the English Channel in 1691.  After the death of her husband, Richard Grissage, Sarah Shelton Grissage married Joseph Bickley of King William County, first sheriff of Louisa County, in 1703, Ralph then being a minor.  This Ralph married in 1720.  (See page 349.)

William Shelton married Elizabeth Rogers, daughter of Robert Rogers of Goochland County, Virginia, whose will was probated in 1740; and Elizabeth’s sister, Ann Rogers, married William Segar (possibly Stegar; see Hans Stegar, page 333) before 1740.

William Shelton of York County married Hannah Armistead, daughter

of Captain Anthony Armistead (William 2, Anthony 1), reported in





William and Mary; Quarterly VII. (See page 350.)

Jesse Shelton lived in Lancaster County in l784 opposite Urbana on Rapp River. Wed Florinda Ball and had John Gilmore Shelton, born March 1, 1802.

Samuel Shelton, vestry of St. Anne’s Parish, Albemarle County, after 1775.

Rd. Shelton, vestry of Lexington Parish, Amherst County, after 1779. Also William Shelton and later Ralph C., and still later William and Edwin Shelton.

John Shelton of Hanover County wed Eleanor Parks, daughter of William Parks, Editor of The Virginia Gazette whose will, pro­bated in 1750, had as Executors wife Eleanor Parks Shelton and son-in-law John Shelton. John and William Parks Shelton, his sons, advertised 2, 464 acres in Augusta County in 1771. This they sold in Hanover county by subscription.

John Shelton of Cumberland County advertised a stray horse in The Virginia Gazette.

Clough Shelton of Amherst County was Captain in the Revolution and member of Order of Cincinnatus in 1783.

Sarah Shelton, born 1738, daughter of Captain John Shelton, wed Patrick Henry in 1754 at l6. He was only 18. They were going home from a party. It was winter time. A justice of the peace was roused. Wrapped in a quilt, he married them standing on the front porch. They had several children among whom was a daughter, Eliz­abeth Henry, born in 1769. She married Phillip Aylett, born 176l. Elizabeth Henry Aylett was the granddaughter of John and Eleanor Parks Shelton of Hanover County. Sarah became mentally ill in the late years of her life. Patrick Henry, famous for having said: “Give me liberty or give me death,” is said to have confined Sar­ah in a basement room below a trap door during the last years of her life. As a bride she was jolly and sweet tempered. Her father gave the newlyweds a 300-acre tobacco farm, six slaves and a loan. Patrick studied for the Bar and by the early 1760’s had a success­ful law practice. In this he cultivated his oratorical skills that helped him to become one of the great leaders of the American Rev­olution. Sarah had married for love, but nearly 20 years and six children later, she is said to have developed a keen hatred for her family. Although she was cared for tenderly her condition worsened. When her behavior became uncontrollable, she was locked in the basement. This may have been a kind alternative to placing her in the nearby mental hospital. In those days the insane were considered sinners or criminals. Or perhaps Henry, later a lead­ing proponent of the Bill of Rights, was concerned for the family reputation. Sarah’s death in 1775 at 37 greatly affected Henry. He gave up all reminders of her and never again spoke her name.

Thomas Shelton was in Captain Taylor’s Company In 1777, 2nd Virginia Battalion.

David Shelton was Captain in the Virginia Militia in the Revo­lution.




The Shelton and White families:

Thomas Shelton had five children: Henry Shelton, who married a Ray and had among others Sarah Shelton, the eldest daughter, who wed Thomas White; Peter Shelton; William Shelton, who married a Harris; David Shelton; and Nelly Shelton, who married Charles Stratham.

The White family:

Conyers White and wife Mary of Leicestershire, England, had a son John White who came to Virginia and married Ann Wisdom of King and Queen County, Virginia. They had ten children: Mary who wed Cornelius Rucker; Theodora, who married John Early; John who wed a Miss Grumm; Cornelius, who married Rosa Dearing; Frances who married Zachariah Philips; Thomas, who married Sarah Shelton (See above paragraph); Ann, who married Epaphroditus Rhodes; Joseph, who died sans progeny; Elizabeth, who married William Davis; and Sarah, who married John Leathers.

Thomas and Sarah Shelton White had eleven children: Shelton White, who married Mildred Clark of Filbert County, Georgia on December 11, 1794; John White, who married Rachael Carter; Nancy White, who married Caleb Oliver; Joseph White, who married Avarilla Harper of a Middlesex County, Virginia family; William White of Elbert County, Georgia who married Concord Hamilton Brown, daughter of Fredrick Brown of Columbia County, Georgia.

William and Concord Hamilton Brown White had five children: Elizabeth Louisa, who wed James F. Frazer of Abbeville, South Carolina and had Tallulah who married Dr. Joseph Presley of South Carolina, and Sally Concord Frazer who married David T. Oliver; Victoria Antoinette, who died unmarried; Sarah Ann White who wed James S. Oliver who died in 1882, having been from Desoto, Florida; Fredrick, who died sans progeny; Colonel Thomas White of Hernando, Florida who died in 1890, having married Mina Barbara Meriwether and had Mildred Concord, Barbara Mina, Thomas, Louisa Toombs, Concord Hamilton, Nellie, Fredrick B. and Corinne Meriwether.

Shelton and Mildred Clark White of Elbert County, Georgia had eleven children: Christopher Clark White; Sarah T. White, who wed Hugh McGehee, ninth son of Micajah McGehee of Oglethorpe County, Broad River, Georgia, having later resided below Webb’s Ferry in Elbert County, Georgia, after which he moved to Mississ­ippi; Mildred Terrell White, who married Simeon Oliver; Thomas I. White, who died sans progeny; John H. White who married Mildred T. Satterwhite; Mary S. White, who wed Welborn A. Herring; David S. White, who wed (1) Catherine C. Rucker and (2) Mrs. Martha A. Price; Christopher Clark White, who wed (1) Barbara Williams and (2) Mary Withers; Shelton R. White, who married Sandy Walker; Childs T. White, who died at age 20 unwed; William W. White, who wed (l)Lucinda S. McGehee and(2) Ann Pegues.

Richard Shelton and Joshua Shelton petitioned the courts for a permit for a ferry in Amherst County, Virginia in 1775.

Peter Shelton and Joseph Shelton were among the freeholders of



Louisa County, Virginia in 1775.

Augusta County, Virginia records, page 555 — Land Grant:

George the Second by the grace of God, King of Great Britain,

France and Ireland to John Shelton.

Date August l6, 1756.

Cons: 10 pounds l5 sterling, good and lawful money 94O acres.

In Augusta County in the middle fork of Indian River,

Note: 1 shilling to be paid each 50 acres, said rental to be         

paid on the Feast of St. Nicholas the Archangel, 3 acres out

of each 50 to be improved and cultivated in three years — if

not done will revert to King

The Commonwealth land office of the state of Virginia certified

on May 31, 1792 that this is truly recorded. (The privileges of

Hunting, Hawking, Fishing, Fowling, included.)

In 1767 John Shelton mortgaged this and other property (5,135

acres) to Patrick Henry. (Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and

Thomas Madison were witnesses.)

In the census of Pittsylvania County, Virginia one Letitia Shelton, daughter of Martin M. Shelton, was listed August 21, 1850. (See will of Armistead Shelton, page 297.)

In a booklet entitled The Name and Family of Shelton compiled by The Media Research Bureau, Washington, D. C., not dated, gives considerable data on the Sheltons of England and up to the Revolutionary war in America:

The name of Shelton is of local origin and is derived from the residence of its first bearers in the parishes of that name, in the Counties of Norfolk, Nottingham, and Bedford, England. Of these, the Norfolk line appears to have been the parent stock of the greater number of Sheltons of Great Britain. The name is found on ancient English and early American records in the various forms of Shellton, Shelltone, Shelten, Sheltan, Shelton, Shelltun, Shelton and others, of which the spelling last mentioned is that form most generally in use in America today.

Family bearing this name were to be found at early dates, not only in the Counties of Norfolk, Nottingham and Bedford, but also in the English Counties of Suffolk, Cambridge, Warwick, York, Worces­ter, Stafford, Cornwall, and Leicester. They were also seated in the city and vicinity of London, England, and in Dublin and other parts of Ireland. These families were, for the most part, of the landed gentry and yeomanry of the British Isles.

Among the earliest records of the family in England are those of John de Shelton, of County Norfolk, in the latter eleventh century, who was the father of a son named John; those of Nicholas de Shel­ton of Norfolk in 1215; those of Thomas Shelton of Leicestershire, in 1327; those of Ralph de Shelton of County Norfolk, who was knighted in 1346 and married Joan, daughter of John de Plais; those of Thomas Shelton of County Cornwall about 1413; and those of Sir John Shelton, Knight of the Bath and High Sheriff of Norfolk in 1504.

This Sir John Shelton married Ann, daughter of Sir William Boleyn,



Earl of Wiltshire, and Lady Margaret Butler, and had issue by her of Sir John, Gabriel, Amy, Elizabeth, Thomas, Ralph, Margaret, and Mary, of whom the first married Margaret, daughter of Sir Henry Parker (Lord Morley), and had issue by her of Sir Ralph Shelton, High Sheriff of Norfolk, in l571. This Sir Ralph wed first, Mary, daughter of Sir William Wodehouse, of whom no issue. He was the father by his second wife, Ann Barrow, whom he wed in 1558 (although some historians contend that the first two were by his first wife), of Thomas, Sir Ralph and Henry. Of these, the first married Elizabeth Flowerdew and was the father of Sir Ralph and others; and the youngest, Henry, married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Jermyn, and had a son named Maurice, who re­sided in the County of Norfolk and married Martha Appleton, who gave him at least three children, John (left only female issue), Martha and Henry. The son Henry was the father in the latter seventeenth century by his wife, Hester  Churchman of Maurice and Henry, of whom the first married Arabella Duke and was the fath­er by her of Maurice, Henry, Charles, Edward and Arabella.

Other early records of the family in the British Isles are those of John Shelton, Mayor of Dublin in 1537, who was the father of two sons, John and Henry; those of Richard Shelton, who married Jane Hollingworth in London in 156l; those of Francis Shelton of Worcestershire, in l584; and those of Edward Shelton of Worces­tershire, in the year 1621.

About the end of the l6th century a Henry Shelton was living at Birmingham in Warwickshire, England. He married Elianor Simonds, by whom he was the father of a son named John who married Barbara daughter of Walter Stanley of Staffordshire and had issue by her of Robert and Sir Richard. Of these, Sir Richard was Solicitor General to King Charles, the First, but died in l647, leaving no issue by his wife Lettice, daughter of Sir Robert Fisher. Robert, the first son of John Shelton of Warwickshire, married Mary, daughter of Edmund Temple, and had at least one son, named John, who had no issue by his first wife, Elizabeth Holland. (By his second wife, mother) of John, Mary, Phoebe, Anne, Catherine and Barbara.

Although it is not definitely known from which of many lines of the family in Great Britain the first immigrants of the name to America were descended, it is recorded that the Sheltons were among the earliest English colonists in the New World.

According to some family historians, the first of the name to come to America was Sir Ralph Shelton, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (nee Flowerdew) Shelton, of County Norfolk. It is more probable, how-ever, that Sir Ralph never came to this country, although he was undoubtedly a member of the London Company to which a charter of lands in Virginia was granted in l6l1. Sir Ralph is believed to have been the father of a son named James, who came to America some time before l624 and settled in Virginia. (This would be James(1).

This James Shelton of Virginia is said by family historians to have been the father of John, James and others.

James Shelton, who was living in Hanover and York Counties, Vir-



in 1663 is the grandson of the first James (James-l) in this country, being the son of Thomas who was born about l6l2. Thomas’ son James, born about 1630, reportedly had six sons: Daniel, Reuben, Richard, Peter, William and John. This John, son of James, born about l648, resided at Rural plains at what is now Hanover County, Virginia. By wife, Jane, he had six children: John, Mary, Sarah, William. Elizabeth and Thomas. The John of Rural Plains died about 1708.

Of the older sons of the James Shelton born about 1630, of

Hanover County, Virginia, Reuben had a wife named Elizabeth, but is believed to have left no issue.

One James Shelton, likely a descendant of the James of Hanover County born about 1630, resided in Essex County, Virginia where one of the name left issue by wife Mary Bathurst of at least one son, he being Bathurst Shelton.

Peter Shelton above, son of James of Hanover County, is not to be confused with Peter(3), son of Ralph(2) of Middlesex County, Virginia, who in l684 married Susannah Jaxon or Jackson, by whom he was the father of Peter, Ralph and Susannah.

Ralph Shelton, said by some to be the son of James of Hanover and York Counties and to be identical with the Ralph Shelton who resided in Middlesex County, Virginia before 1707 and father by wife Mary of Thomas, Ralph, Crispin, Reuben, Catherine, John, Benjamin, James and Daniel, while it is also interesting to note that some historians believe this Ralph to be the first of his line in America. This writer believes that neither is true. The Ralph who was the father of the above named was Ralph(4), born 1685, son of Peter (3).

William Shelton, son of James of Hanover and York Counties, is not to be confused with the William Shelton, born 1676, son of John and Jane of Rural Plains, Virginia, whose son William married Hannah Armistead and had several children. (See page 335).

Daniel Shelton, son of James of Hanover and York Counties, is said by some to have been identified by some writers with the Daniel Shelton who settled in Connecticut, but this is not certain.

A Richard Shelton who may have been this son of James of Hanover and York Counties, although this is purely conjectural, was resident in Fauquier County, Virginia and left there a daughter named Jane, as well as other children whose names are unknown.

Other records of the family in the South include those of Fr. (probably Francis) Shelton who settled in Charles River County, Vir­ginia in 1638; those of Richard who settled in Charles River County in 1638; and those who were in Westmoreland County in l654. The records of these immigrants are, however, only fragmentary.

In l680 two brothers, Daniel and Richard Shelton, came to New England, possibly from Yorkshire, England, settling in Connecticut, whence Richard moved to Virginia. It is possible that these two were of the aforementioned Virginia line but is not certain.

Daniel of the New England settlers made his home at Stratford,



Connecticut and was married in 1692 to Elizabeth Wells by whom he was the father of Elizabeth, Sarah, Joseph, Daniel, Thaddeus, Sam-uel, James, John and Josiah, from whom most if not all of the New England families of the name descended.

Joseph, eldest son of the immigrant Daniel, was the father by his wife, Mary Hollister, whom he married in 1726, of Joseph, Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, William and Esther.

Daniel, second son of the immigrant Daniel, had issue by his wife Mary Hubbell, whom he married in 1727, of John, Nathan, Abijiah, Ebenezer, Abigail, Sarah, Mehitable, Phoebe, Mary and Anna.

Thaddeus, third son of the immigrant Daniel, was married in 1733 to Esther Hollister and had issue by her of an only son, named Daniel, who, however, left numerous issue.

Samuel, fourth son of the immigrant Daniel, resided at Huntington, Connecticut, and had issue by his wife, Abigail Nichols, whom he married in 1735, of Mary, Daniel, Samuel, Elizabeth, David, Abi­gail, Joseph, Andrew, Sarah, Ann, Josiah, Philo, Isaac and Agur.

James, fifth son of the immigrant Daniel, also made his home at Huntington. He married Anna Wheeler, and their children were Hannah, Anna, Elisha, Elizabeth and two other daughters who prob­ably died in childhood.

Josiah, seventh and youngest son of the immigrant Daniel, married Eunice Nichols in 1737 and their progeny, were Charity and Eunice.

Later representatives of these and other branches of the family in America have removed to practically every part of the Union and have contributed as much to the rise and development of the nation as their forebears did to its founding.

Among those of the name who fought in the War of the Revolution were Captains David, Eliphaz, James and Clough Shelton of Virgin­ia; Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Shelton of Virginia; Armistead, Andrew, Jesse, Henry, Joel, John, Medley, Joseph, Samuel, Peter, Stephen, Wilson and Corporal Thomas Shelton, also of Virginia.

Some of the Christian names favored by the family for its male progeny are John, Ralph, Henry, Thomas, William, Richard, Daniel, Joseph, Samuel, David, Edward, Peter, Francis, Andrew and James.

A letter at hand of October 2, 1982 from Andrew B. Van Hooser who is descended from Cuthbert Shelton, born about 1770 probably in Henry County, Virginia, who died about 1834 in Muhlenberg, Ken- tucky, who married before 1788 in Henry County to Sarah Leak Terry daughter of James and Eliz Leak Terry, expressed Mr. Van Hooser’s need to know the parents of Cuthbert Shelton. He wrote that James Terry died in 1788 and that his wife Eliz and son-in-law Cuthbert were Executors of his will, that Ralph Shelton was a witness. He wrote that James Terry had bought land from this Ralph Shelton and that Ralph had sold other holdings to the widow Eliz Shelton in 1788 and moved to Knox County, Tennessee, by way of Grainger County, Tennessee, having sold land here to Cuthbert Shelton in July, 1798. Cuthbert was in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky as early as 1817. Mr. Van Hooser thinks it likely that this Ralph Shelton was Cuthbert’s father but wants proof. This is the Ralph Shelton,



born about 1738 who died after 1798. (See pages 256 thru 261.)

Mr. Van Hooser wrote further that Hall Shelton, born in

Grainger County, Tennessee in about 1789 was the son of Cuthbert.

Hall married Elizabeth Mabry on January 15, 1811 in Knox County,

Tennessee. He died August 31, 1860 in Nashville, Washington

County, Illinois. The Cuthbert Shelton shown in the census of

Bradley County, Tennessee for 1850, who was born in Kentucky in

1813, is possibly the son of Hall, grandson of Cuthbert. The

census shows his wife Margaret at age 35 and 8 children from age

15 down to 1 month. (See page 128). Mr. Van Hooser gives the date

of this Cuthbert’s birth as March 21, 1813 and the date of his

death was about 1880. He married Margaret Bessie Messimer, born

August 10, 1815, on August 31, 1834, she having died October 21,

1883. They had a total of 13 children. Cuthbert’s granddaughter,

one Laura Clauside, has a family Bible listing the names of the

13 children. Mr. Van Hooser does not know who the father of this

Cuthbert is.



Christian Name          Poll   Slaves    County


David Shelton             2      28      Louisa

Eliphaz Shelton           1              Henry

George Shelton            1              Culpeper

Henry Shelton             1       2      Louisa

James Shelton             1       4      Henry

John Shelton              1      16      Spotsylvania

John Shelton (Hanover)    1       8      Goochland

John Shelton              1      17         “

Joseph Shelton (Louisa)   1      14         “

Joseph Shelton (Louisa)   1      25         “

Joseph Shelton            2      40      Louisa

Joseph Shelton, Jr.                         “

Joseph Shelton                              “

Medley Shelton                           Culpeper

Palatiah Shelton          1       2      Henry

Peter Shelton             1      16      Louisa

Ralph Shelton, Sr.        1              Henry

Ralph Shelton, Jr.        1                 “

Roger Shelton             1                 “

Samuel Shelton            1       6         “

Sil Shelton               1       1      Brunswick

Thomas Shelton            2       8      Louisa

William Shelton           1              Henry

William Shelton           1                 “

William Shelton           3              Louisa









Sheltons in the Census of 1790 in Virginia

Christian Name   Page  Whites  Blacks       County    Census Year


Abraham Shelton    40     12           6      Pittsylvania         1782

Abraham Shelton   100    12                                           “                         1785

Alice Shelton      95                                       Norfolk                   1785

Armstead Shelton   42                                        Pittsylvania         1782

Armstead Shelton   99                                                    “                         1785

Beaverly Shelton   40        8            4                  “                         1782

Beaverly Shelton  100       7                                            “                         1785

Ben Shelton         40         7                                            “                         1782

Ben Shelton        100        5                                            “                         1785

Ben Shelton        100        8                                            “                         1785

Clough Shelton    47                                             Amherst           1783

Clough Shelton    84                                                       “                         1785

Crispen Shelton               40         3                                Pittsylvania         1782

Crispen Shelton              100        3                                            “                         1785

Daniel Shelton     40        11           9                  “                         1782

Daniel Shelton    100       10                                           “                         1785

David Shelton      84                                             Amherst           1785

David Shelton      47                                                       “                         1783

Frances Shelton               24         4                                  Halifax              1782

Frances Shelton               88                                                       “                         1785

Gabriel Shelton    40        13           6      Pittsylvania         1782

Gabriel Shelton   100       12                                          “                         1785

George Shelton    99                                                       “                         1785

George Shelton   108                                            Stafford            1783 & 1786

Henry Shelton      80                                             Albemarle         1785

James Shelton      12                                               Amelia            1782

James Shelton      83         4                                            “                         1785

(Also one dwelling and one other building.)

Joel Shelton         13         2                                            “                         1782

Joel Shelton        100        2                                 Pittsylvania        1785

John Shelton        40        10                                           “                         1782

John Shelton       100        8                                            “                         1785

Joseph Shelton    29                                              Hanover          1782

Joshua Shelton     48                                              Amherst          1783

Josiah Shelton      85                                                      “                         1785

Josiah Shelton      14                                             Charlotte          1782

Mark Shelton      99                                            Pittsylvania        1785

Richard Shelton               99                                              Amherst          1785

Samuel Shelton    84                                                        “                        1785

Samuel Shelton Sr  81                          Probably Albemarle          1785

Spencer Shelton              42                                            Pittsylvania        1782

Spencer Shelton             100                                                       “                        1785

Thomas Shelton               55        11                                Greensville         1783

Vincent Shelton              100        6                                 Pittsylvania        1785

Vincent Shelton               40         5       2                        “                        1782

William Shelton    41                                                        “                        1782

William Shelton    13         1                                          Amelia      1782

William Shelton    84                                              Amherst          1785

William Shelton   107        6                                   Stafford           1785

William Shelton   108                                                       “                        1785

Wm Shelton, Jr.               80                                             Albemarle         1785

Wm Shelton, Sr.             108                                                    Stafford                1785

Wilson Shelton   107                                                       “                        1785






Shelton, Connecticut, William Roderick Shelton, Sr. “... the name Roderick has been a middle name in my family as far back as I have been able to trace (remember). I am a descendant of David who was a son of old Daniel who was the first Shelton in these parts. (This David Shelton is likely a grandson; no David listed in Daniel’s children)

There are two stories about Daniel’s coming to America. One that he came here from Virginia with his brother and the other that he came direct from England. Now I haven’t made any study of family history, don’t know how to go about it, but I have a lot of papers at home that were given to my daughter and I have read those. (The daughter had been given the papers by a doctor there in Shelton who, having just purchased an old homestead found the material in a trunk in the barn. Knowing the daughter had a maiden name of Shelton he passed them to her. She having no interest passed them over to her father.)”

Mr William Roderick Shelton cites a Connecticut authority in giv­ing the birthplace of Daniel and Richard Shelton as Kent County, Eng­land, with a boyhood home of Deptford. The authority cites a seagoing life with trips to the New World but essentially credits Daniel as having arrived in Connecticut from England. This is opposed to other sources which give Virginia as their birthplace. This difference stems from the fact that this source cites an entirely different lineage going back to the 1550 time period. But in the Connecticut record it is stated that the ancestor of Daniel and Richard are given as the children of Ralph Shelton, born about l5l4, and Ann Barrows (his sec­ond wife), while other sources give the descent through him and his first wife, Mary, daughter of William Wodehouse, concluding with the l6lO James in Virginia, these children being Margaret, Thomas, John, Sir Ralph and Edward, the descendancy from Sir John, born about 1492, being Sir Ralph, born about 1514; Thomas, born about 1536; Sir Ralph, born about 1558; James(1), born about 1580; Thomas, born about l6l2; James, born about 1630; and Daniel, born 1668. By his first wife, Mary Wodehouse, the other sources list his children as Andrew, William and Henry. The descendancy here then being Sir Ralph, born about I5l4; William, born 1573; William, born 1594; John, born about 1620; and Daniel, born l668.

William, born 1573, lived l5 miles east of Farmington, England. He wed first Joan Ferne and second Matty Emory, daughter of Thomas Emory, Gentleman. They had two children, William and Mary. William, born 1594, wed Isabella Suhan. They had sons John, William and Humphrey. John, born about 1620, wed first Marian Wooster in l646 who died in l653, second Margery Wyatt, daughter of neighbor Thomas Wyatt of Kent County, England. They had Henry, born l647; John, born l65l; Mary, born 1652; Eliza, born l655; Richard, born l66O; Sarah, born 1663; Daniel, born 1668; and probably others. These children were said to be the 17th generation from Nicholas de Shelton, born England about 1180, Lord of Stradbrooke. In 1685 these Shelton boys are said to have come to Amer­ica, bringing with them passengers and freight.

Later Daniel is said to have made trips to Virginia, South America, Connecticut and Massachusetts. His ship was named Sarah. He acquired many acres of land in Connecticut, was an influential citizen. He wed Elizabeth Wells, born 1670, daughter of Samuel Wells and granddaughter of Governor Thomas Wells of Connecticut, on April 4, 1692. He died in




1728, his estate being divided at his wife’s death in 1747. They had 9 children:

Elizabeth, born January 2, 1693, who wed Nicholas Masters, died

July 12, 1758.

Sarah, born March 6, 1694, who wed James Wakelee.

Joseph, born June 24, 1696, who wed Mary Hollister, ancestor of

historian Ada Shelton of Derby, Connecticut, died Aug. 10, 1782. Daniel, Jr., born July 1, 1700, who wed Mary Hubbell, died 1773. Thaddeus, born 1702, who wed Esther Hollister, died November, 1781. *Samuel, born February 10, 1705, in Stratford, wed Abigail Nichols

on October 2, 1735, died at Huntington on November 12, 1772,

Abigail having died at 80 on February 2, 1794, the daughter of

Joseph and Mary.

James, born 1710, married Anna Wheeler, died March 21, 1802. John, born 1712, died unwed in 1733.

Josiah, born 17l4, wed Eunice Nichols, died April 2, 1782.

*Samuel and Abigail had the following 14 children:

Mary, born February 13, 1736, married.

Daniel, born April 26, 1737, married his first cousin Mehit-

able Shelton, daughter of his Uncle Daniel, Jr. and wife

Mary Hubbell Shelton.

Samuel, Jr., born August 23, 1738, wed Tabitha Booth. Elizabeth, born February 13, 1740, married Nathan Clark. David, born June l6, 174l, wed Elizabeth Masters.

Abigail, born December 29, 1742.

Joseph, born February 12, 1744.

Andrew, born November 5, 1746, wed Sarah Booth.

Sarah, born July 18, 1748, wed Samuel Booth.

Ann, born February 7, 1750, wed Josiah Tomlinson.

Josiah, born December 30, 1751. Said to have served in the

Revolution. Died in the smallpox epidemic March 19, 1777,

is buried at Southford, near Southbury.

Philo, born March 5, 1754, wed Lucy Nichols, graduate of 

Yale, an Episcopalian minister.

Agur, born August 11, 1758, wed Abigail Newton in 1779, a

Tory who died June 24, 1845. Abigail having also died in


Samuel Shelton, Jr., second son of Samuel and Abigail Nichols Shelton and grandson of Daniel, was born August 24, 1738, wed Tabitha Booth, born September 22, 174?, who died October 20, 1813.

They had the following ten children:

Zacharia, born June 6, 1767 Chloe, born December 6, 1768 Anna, born December 18, 1769 Eli, born August 23, 1771

Abby, born July 17, 1773

Silas, born December 24, 1774 Tabitha, born April 7, 1778 Samuel, born March 1, 1780 Sally, born December 19, 1782 Nancy, born August 22, 1735


David Shelton, third son of Samuel and Abigail Nichols Shelton, was born on June l6, l74l. He wed Elizabeth Masters (one record shows his wife to be Miss Waters). They are report­ed to have had 6 children: Ransom, born about 1760; Chloe, born about 1762; Joseph, born about 1764; Polly, born about 1766; Stephen, born about 1768; Selden, born about 1770, who wed Julia Ann Welton, and had William, born about 1790, and Joseph, born about 1792.

Agur and Abigail Newton Shelton had 6 children:

Polly Emelia, born September 8, 1780, wed Philo Wakelee, the son of James Shelton Wakelee, who in turn was probably the son of Sara Shelton and James Wakelee, in August 1813. They had two children: Abigail, born about 1815, who wed William Nettleton, and James Shelton, born about 1817, who wed Abby Gilbert.

Charles, born July l6, 1782, who married Lucinda Cornwall,

daughter of Dr. Thomas Tryon Cornwall, soldier in War of 1812, and wife, Lucinda Foote. Charles and Lucinda had 3 children: Charles Beers, born about 1805, who wed Caroline M. Cassilear of New York; Grace, born about 1807, who wed Edward H. Budding-ton of Milford, Connecticut; and William, born about 1809, who wed Annie Lou Cassilear of New York.

Avis, born in Huntington, Connecticut, October 19, 1786, who wed Isaac Judson of New York on April 7, 1805. Avis died December 3, 1859. David Newton Judson, a kinsman, possibly a son, wed Sarah Folsom Hale of Georgia.

Abigail, April 9, 1792, died unwed.

Christopher Newton Shelton, born April l6, 1795, wed Catherine Shelton, daughter of Dr. William Shelton and his wife Caty Tomlinson, born 1798, who died in 1855. Christopher died on November 21, 1782. They had three children: Caroline, born about 1820, William, born about 1822; and Charles born about


David, born September 17, 1799, wed Jane Perry in 1830, had one

child, Mary Jane, born 1832.

Eli Shelton, second son of Samuel, Jr., and Tabitha Booth Shelton, grandson of Samuel, and great-grandson of Daniel, born August 23, 1771, wed Hepsy Nichols March 22, 1798 of Booth Hill. They had five children:

Minerva, born December 4, 1798, wed Arnold Hurd of Monroe on May 7, 1818. Had Samuel Shelton Hurd and three others.




Jennette, born September 24, 1800, married David Curtiss of Newtown November 27, 1823, moved to Painted Post, New York.

Ambrose, born May 27, 1802, wed Helen M. Curtiss, daughter of Silas Curtiss and Avis Newton Shelton, on December 23, l824, the daughter of Little Daniel.

John C., born September 19, 1804, wed first Mary Gregory, December 23, 1824; second Sally Mallett of Trumbull. He died January, 1871.

Phebe M., born May 1, l8l3, wed Ephriam Curtiss September 22,

1824, resided in Bridgeport.

Minerva, eldest child of Eli and Hepsy Nichols Shelton, born December 4, 1798, great granddaughter of Samuel 4th son of Daniel, wed Arnold Hurd of Monroe on May 7, l8l8, son of Samuel Leavenworth and Elizabeth Clark Hurd, born July 17, 1796, who died September 19, 1870. Minerva died November 7, 1856. They had 4 children; Samuel Shelton Hurd, born August 21, 1820, who married Amelia Smith and had Mary Elizabeth Hurd who wed John Huntington Brewster; Fredrick N. Hurd, born January 28, 1823; Edwin C. Hurd, born July 4, l825; and Caroline, December 4, l827.

Thus end the data at hand on the descendants of Daniel’s son Samuel and Samuel’s wife Abigail. Shown next, though not considered to be as significant for this writer’s purposes as that of Samuel is the lineage of Daniel’s son Joseph and Joseph’s wife Mary Hollister, being Daniel’s eldest son. Joseph, born June 24, 1696 wed Mary May 11, 1726. Mary was born August 23, 1704. They lived at Long Hill. He died there August 10, 1782. They had 6 children:

Joseph, born April 2, 1727, died 1741. Ann, born 1728, wed William Wells.

Elizabeth, born 1733, wed Ebenezer Plummer.

Mary, born 1735, wed Andrew Hurd, son of Ebenezer Hurd.

*William, born July 26, 1739, wed Susannah Strong, born February 1, 1743, daughter of Thomas Strong of Brookhaven, Long Island, and his wife Sus­annah Thompson. William died January 7, 1812, Susannah April 12, l8l6. They had 8 children.

Esther, born 1746, wed George Thomson.

William and Susannah had the following 8 children:

*Joseph, born August 27, 1765, wed Charity Lewis, born March 7, 1769, who died May 27, 1874, daughter of Stephen Lewis and Jerusha Curtiss. They lived in the house at Long Hill that had belonged to

his grandfather, Joseph Shelton, born 1696. They had 8 children.

William, Jr., born March 3, 1767, wed Caty Tomlinson.

Selah, born January 4, 1770, wed Phebe French.

Nancy, born April 20, 1773, wed Calvin Bateman.

Elizabeth, born May 25, 1776, wed John White.

Philo, born 1778, died unwed in l804.

Thomas Strong, born May 15, 1782, wed Mary Ann Beardsley.




George, born November 6, 1785, wed Bessie Wooster.

The eight children of Joseph and Charity were:

Delia, born November 30, 1792, died unwed.

Henry, born April 13, 1795, wed Helen King of New York.

Stephen Lewis, born September 2, 1797, died unwed.

Nancy Bateman, born June 3, l800, wed the Hon. Nehemiah Curtiss Sanford.

Joseph Augustus, born March 19, 1803, died unwed.

Philo Strong, born December 15, l805, wed Georgianna A. Homer.

Elizabeth White, born August 8, 1808, died unwed.

Edward Nelson, born Huntington, Connecticut on September 4, 1812, wed Mary Jane DeForest, daughter of Linson de Forest and his wife Jane Hewley of New York, on July 14, l84O. They moved to Birming­ham, Connecticut where Edward became an influential citizen. They had the following three daughters:

Jane de Forest Shelton, author of The Salt Box House and Genealogy of the Shelton Family.

Marianna, who wed Victor S. Allien of New York on October 29, 1873. They had three daughters, live in Derby, Connecticut.

Ada Stewart Shelton, who lived at the old homestead. Greystone, at Derby, Connecticut, active in D. A. R.

On June l4, l877, a reunion of the descendants of Daniel Shelton was held at Birmingham, Connecticut. At this meeting a monument erected to his memory was unveiled by Ada Shelton, great-great-granddaughter, the daughter of Edward N. Shelton.

This page and the four preceding pages on the Connecticut Sheltons are included to show a possible connection of Daniel Shelton with Roder­ick(7). Daniel’s son Samuel, born 1705, had a son David, born 1741 and a son Daniel, born 1737, along with 12 other children. David, who wed Elizabeth Masters, may be the David Shelton who appears in North Caro­lina deed records, having been granted on December 10, 1801 1OO acres on Bald Mountain Creek in the area now known as Shelton Laurel in pres­ent Madison County, then Buncombe County. This land was in turn granted to Roderick Shelton by David, Roderick being shown as assignee to this David, the land having been entered on September 3, 1790. In view of the fact that Roderick is a name common in the Connecticut Sheltons, there having been a Roderic Sheldon in the census of 1790 in Hartford Township with family comparable to that shown in Buncombe County, North Carolina for 1800; that there is no Virginia record found on Roderick prior to 1790; that he fought in the Continental Army under General George Washington (as stated by a number of Roderick’s descendants in letters copied earlier herein), he likely having enlisted as William Roderick, James Roderick or such and the first name under which he registered having been dropped since the writer found no record in the archives of a Roderick Shelton in the Revolution but a number of Williams and James’; that deed records indicate a close relationship between David and Roderick: A possible descendancy from the original Daniel is indicated. Further, there are deed records in Virginia which show Elizabeth as wife of David, and the census of 1800 for Buncombe County shows Elizabeth Shelton as the head of the family of which David was formerly the head. It is not likely that David was the father of Roderick, as David is said to have been born in 1741 while Roderick was born no later than 1754, but it is conceivable that Roderick was his



nephew, the son of David’s brother Daniel, born 1737, or another brother. This writer’s American lineage would then have been:

James Shelton(l), born in England in about 1580.

Thomas Shelton, born in England about 1606.

James Shelton, born in Virginia about 1630.

Daniel Shelton, born in England or Virginia in 1668

Samuel Shelton, born in Connecticut in 1705.

Daniel Shelton, born in Connecticut in 1737.

Roderick Shelton(7), born in Connecticut about 1754.

James Shelton(8), born Patrick County, Virginia in 1791.

Samuel White Shelton, born McMinn County, Tennessee in 1854.

James Shelton, born about 1580 in England, son of Sir Ralph, Lord of Shelton, came to America in l6lO. He was residing in James­town, Virginia in 1620. He moved to Bermuda in 1630, died on Barba­dos Island in 1668.

Thomas Shelton, born in England about 1606, son of James(1) and Anne Shelton, went first to Bermuda, thence to Virginia on The Hopewell in 1628. He married Hannah Wood and settled in Norfolk County. He died in l684 while residing in Cecil County. Maryland on the Bohemia River. He wrote his will on October 24, 1763.

James Shelton, born about 1630 in Norfolk County, Virginia, was County Court Clerk of York County, Virginia 17l4-17l6.

Daniel Shelton, born 1668 in York County, Virginia, was report­ed shipwrecked off Connecticut and cut off from Virginia by the Indians, presumed dead. He wed Elizabeth Wells, granddaughter of Governor Thomas Wells of Connecticut on April l4, 1692, made his home in Stratford, Connecticut, died there in 1728.

Samuel Shelton, 4th son of Daniel and Elizabeth, was born February 10, 1705, married Abigail Nichols in 1735, resided in Huntington, Connecticut.

Daniel Shelton, born April 26, 1737, married his first cousin, Mehitable Shelton, daughter of his Uncle Daniel, Jr. and wife, Mary Hubbell Shelton. David, his brother, who was another of Samuel’s l4 children, born June 16, 174l, wed Elizabeth Masters. They are report­ed to have had 6 children: Ransom, born about 1762; Chloe, born about 1765; Joseph, born about 1768; Polly, born about 1775; Stephen, born about 1777; Seldon, born about 1779, who wed Julia Ann Welton and had William, born about 1800, and Joseph, born about 1802.

Roderick Shelton(7), born abt 1754, perhaps in Connecticut, said to have served under General George Washington in the Continental Army. He moved to Buncombe County, North Carolina, to what is now Shelton Laurel in Madison County in about 1790. He died there in about l816, leaving a large family, there being at least 10, 7 of whom were sons and 3 daughters. The sons were Martin, David, Armistead, Lewis, John, James, William. There was a daughter named Nancy.

James Shelton(8), born in Patrick County, Virginia, on March 1, 1791, moved with his father’s family to Buncombe County, North Caro­lina about 1795. He enlisted at nearby Greenville, Tennessee for service in the War of 1812. He moved to McMinn County, Tennessee in 1819. Here he lived out his life, having raised a large family.

































































Charles Lane           Mary Shelton        Stratford-Huntington   5/1790 

David Shelton                Elizabeth Walker       Northside                       11/24/90

Lewis Shelton               Charity Edwards                                  “                                  10/1790

(Na)than Nicolls Walkir______Shelton                         “                                 

David Wells                  Ruth Shelton                            “                                  12/21/74

Elisha Shelton               Abigail Hawley                                    “                                  6/22/75

Lt. Jabez Lake              Mrs. Abigail Shelton     “                                  11/21/82

James Bruce                 Mrs. Elizabeth Shelton Harwinton                    8/11/55

William Shelton, Jr,AB Caty Tomlinson                         “                                  5/20/90

Beach Edwards                        Hannah Shelton                                   “                                  9/30/90

David Wells                  Nabby Shelton                        New Stratford             9/10/97

Calvin Bateman                        Nancy Shelton                Southbury                  12/25/98

Samuel Shelton             Abigail Nickolls     Ripton-Unity                       10/2/35

Josiah Shelton               Eunice Nickolls                          “             “                               5/17/36

Elnathan Kogs              Sally Sheldon        Hartford-Salisbury     1787

Benjamin Shelton                      Abigail Green                                                              8/22/39

Henry Skilton               Tabitha Avery       So.-No. Kinston                  7/9/41

Isaac Bennett, Jr.          Elizabeth Shelton                                                         3/29/57

John Wells                                Mary Sheldon                                                              3/27/66

Joseph Shelden, Jr.       Mary May                                   Hartford                   11/3/87

Henry Sheldon              Anne May                                             “                                 10/16/96

Robert Shelton             Elizabeth Marsh                                                                         5/7/78

Fredan Wright              Jerusha Shelton                           Winchester                10/31/93

James Beebee              Catherine Sheldon                                                         10/6/97

Asher Shelton               Hannah Rogers                                                                          3/25/78

Daniel Shelton              Charlotte Judson                                                            7/6/77

Samuel Rockwell                      Sarah Shelton                                                                2/16/75


                           Some Revolutionary War Soldiers from Litchfield Co.


Sheldon, Elisha, Colonel                       Shelton, Charles

Sheldon, Job, Sergt.                             Sheldon, Daniel, Surgeon’s Mate

Sheldon, Epaphras

James B. Shelton from Wears Cove in the Smoky Mountains of East

Tennessee was a track foreman in the early days of this century with

the railroad serving the Little River Lumber Company, a logging firm

set up to bring timber out of the Smokies.  This was in the 1920’s.


The connection of Uncle Jim (as he was known by most everyone in

Wears Cove) to this writer’s line, if any, is not known.  He gained a

measure of fame for the photographs he took in the mountains.  Using

the most primitive equipment, he made and developed his own prints.

There being no electricity, his printing light burned kerosene.  A

trough brought water into his dark room in which he washed his prints.

One very interesting photograph is a swinging bridge on the railroad

track bringing logs out of the mountains. Supports for the bridge

were cable suspended across the river and guy wires to the side.


Jim had several children.  His wife was Caroline Walker, one of

the famous Walker sisters.  Among his children were daughters Effie

Phipps, Hazel Hembree, Leona Cotter and son, John Shelton.

One James Shelton, born about 1871, married Nora Crismon, and lived at Briarton, Oklahoma.



In May, 1983 Mrs. Gus Rivalto (nee Mary Elizabeth Miller) wrote

giving her lineage back for 28 generations on both her Shelton and West descent. Interested in having the Sheltons in the Jamestown Society, she was not able to prove James Shelton(l), born England about 1580 and his descendancy for the next four generations. She  lists Shelton lineage as follows, beginning with herself:

Mary Elizabeth Miller, born March 7, 19l6 in Memphis, Tennessee
Wed Gus Rivalto, born August 21, 1908 in Newellton, Louisiana, on
June 12, 1932.        

Robert Oliver Miller, born May 10, 1883, who died July 19, 1936 both in Clarksville, Tennessee. Wed Dora Lou Sangster, born November 5, 1893 in Tennessee, in Memphis, Tennessee on June 8, 1909, who died on October 2, 1974 in Mobile, Alabama.

Franklin Marion Sangster, born November 13, 1870 in Tennessee, who died April 27, 1909 in Oceola, Arkansas, wed Mary Cole Crunk, born September l4, 1870 in Tennessee on December 26, 1891 in Covington, Tennessee, who died on November 26, 1915.

William Castleberry Crunk, born January 8, 1837 in Tennessee, died November 23, 1895 also in Tennessee. Wed Eudora Elizabeth Shel­ton, born August 9, 1847 in Tennessee on July 25,   _ , who died February 1, 1922 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Coleman Jessie Shelton, born March 25, l805 in Tennessee, who died May 17, 1872 also in Tennessee. Wed Dorcas Masengale Stone, born 1812, in about 1830, who died October 27, 1890 in Tennessee.

William Shelton, born August 10, 1767, who died December 4, l857 in Dickson County, Tennessee. Wed Pricilla Mustain, born June 6, 1779 on December 4, 1798 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, who died on June 24, l850.

John Shelton, born July l4, 1722 in Middlesex County, Virginia, who died in 1804 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Wed Elizabeth (Lawson, born about 1740, on July 30, l760 in Goochland County, Vir­ginia, who died prior to l804.)

Ralph Shelton(4), born l685 in Middlesex County, Virginia, who died in Middlesex County on March 13, 1733. Wed Mary Crispin about 1706 in Middlesex County, Virginia, who was born (about 1687), who died July 30, 1770 or.’ 1771...

Peter Shelton(3), born 1664 in Bermuda or Virginia, who died in Middlesex County, Virginia on October 1, 1718. Wed Susannah Jackson (Jaxon), born about 1666, on March 2, l685 who died Apr 29, 1733.

James Shelton, born about 1630 in Norfolk County, Virginia died in about 1720, was vestryman at St. Paul’s Church, was County Court Clerk of York County 17l4-17l6. A descendant wed Mary Bathurst, b. abt. 1707, in abt. 1723, dau of _Sir Edward Bathurst of Gloucester.

Thomas Shelton, born abt 1606 in England, who died in 1684 in Cecil County, Maryland on the Bohemia River. Wed Hannah Wood, dau.



of Henry Wood, born about l6ll in about 1630, who died about 1680.

James Shelton(l), b. abt. 1580 in England, who died on Barba­dos Island May 20, l668. Wed Anne  _  , b. abt. 1582 in abt 1600.

Sir Ralph Shelton, Lord of Shelton, born Nov. 1, 1560, who was killed at Isle of Rhe July 22, 1628. Wed Jane West, b. abt. 1558, dau of First Lord de LaWarr, brother of Thomas West, Lord Delaware.

Sir Thomas Shelton, son of Sir Ralph and Ann Barrow, born about  1537, wed Elizabeth Flowerdew in about 1557.

Sir Ralph Shelton, born about 15l4, who died in October, 1580. Wed Mary Amy Wodehouse, born about 1520, who died in 1568, dau of Wm. & Elizabeth Cathrop Wodehouse, no issue. Then wed Ann Barrow.

Sir John Shelton, born about l492, who died in November, 1558, knighted in l546, became Knight of the Bath, wed Margaret Parker, b. abt 1500, dau. of Sir Henry Parker (Lord Morley) and Alice St. John.

Sir John Shelton, born about 1470, who died Dec. 21, 1339, wed Anne Boleyn, b. abt. l475, in 1509 (from Magna Carta), whose will was proved Jan. 8, 1566, dau of Sir William Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire, and Lady Margaret Butler. Sir John was Sheriff of Nottingham.

Sir John Shelton, born abt l442 who died about 1500, Sheriff of Norfolk, who wed Margaret _   , born about 1444 who died In 1500.

Sir Ralph Shelton, b. abt l420, who died abt l490, was knight­ed in l485, Knight of the Garter in l488, wed Margaret Clere, b. abt l430, who died Jan. 1, l499, buried in Bury Abbey, Suffolk, England.

Sir John Shelton, born about 1390, who died in l431. After his death, his widow married Robert Allington.

Sir Ralph Shelton, born about 1365, died April 25, l424, is buried at Great Snoring church, Suffolk, England.

Sir Ralph Shelton, born about 1340, who died about 1424, attended John of Gaunt 1385. Wed Alice Uvalde. Both are buried at St. Mary’s Church, Great Snoring, Norfolk.

Sir Ralph Shelton, born 1315, who died November 17, 1738, wed Ann Burgulion, born abt. 1318, who died before 1346. Both are buried in St. Mary’s church, Shelton Village, Norfolk County, England.

Sir John Shelton, b. abt. 1280, who died abt 1334, was of Skelton Castle, Cumberland, was Knight of Shire. His wife died in 1334.

Ralph Shelton, born about 1250.

Ralph de Shelton, second son of John de Shelton, born about 1215, wed Katherine de Elleigh (Illeye).

John de Shelton, born about 1176.

John de Shelton, born about 1137.

John de Shelton, born about 1099. Tied his Manor of Stradbrooke. (There was an old free chapel founded at Shelton Manor in Strad-



brooke endowed with many lands.) Suffolk to the Priory of Butlery in Norfolk. This was confirmed by his son.

Mrs. Rivalto (Mary Elizabeth Miller) gave also her ascendancy of the West family which is as above through Sir Ralph Shelton, born 1560, and wife Jane West, born about 1558, daughter of First Lord Delaware. This line, not shown here, will be kept on file.

In the interest of developing the ancestry of Mrs. Ruth Bock

of Midland, Texas through the Shelton and Watkins lines, the files         at hand have been researched. I find that there was a Shelton-Watkins marriage listed in Zollicofter Shelton’s book, The Sheltons. On March

21, 1832 one Peter Shelton, born November 12, 1798, wed Magdalene Dupuy Watkins in Henry County, Virginia. They reportedly had 12 children:

William Henderson Shelton, who wed Nancy Jane Hylton.

Sarah Martin Shelton, who wed Joseph Pannill.

John Watkins Shelton, who wed Rhoda E. Howard.

Annie Wilson Shelton, who wed James S. Martin.

Virginia Magdalene Shelton, who wed Dr. R. R. Robertson.

Peter Fowler Shelton, who wed Laura Howard.

Mary Elizabeth Shelton, who did not marry.

Ruth Stovall Shelton, who wed Joseph G. Penn.

Susan Louisa Shelton, who wed John Hill Mathews.

Thomas Meade Shelton, who wed Fannie Clopton.

George Hunt Shelton, who died unmarried.

James Buchanan Shelton, who wed Miss Price.

One of the above is likely the ancestor of Mrs. Ruth Bock.

In tracing the above Peterfs ancestry back to his earliest antecedent in America as listed in Zollicofter’s book, the following lineage is determined:

Peter Shelton, born 1798, wed Magdalene Dupuy Watkins March 21,


William Shelton, born about 1778, married Pattie Dillard. Robert Shelton, born about 176O, inherited Red House, died in


William Shelton, born about 174O, died in 1800.

James Shelton, born about 1717, wed Jane Bathurst Meriwether. Captain John Shelton, born about l699. wed Eleanor Park.

William Shelton, born 1676, died 1734, who wed Hannah Armistead

December 10, 1698.

John Shelton, born about l648 in Westmoreland County, Virginia,

wed Jane      .

James Shelton, born about 1628, of York County.
Thomas Shelton, born about l606 in England, wed Hannah Wood.
James Shelton(l), Gent, born England about 1580, wed Anne
_______________________ .

Another son of the Robert Shelton and brother of William above was Captain James Shelton, born about 1780. The lineage on this route up to Robert, beginning with one James Lamar Shelton is as follows:

James Lamar Shelton, b. about 1900, of Kansas City, Missouri. George James Shelton b. about l850, wed Ann Bailey Allen April

26, 1889 at Wentzville, Missouri. Served in Confederacy.

Pines Henderson Shelton, born about 1805, was State Senator from

St Charles Missouri.



Captain James Shelton, born about 1780, died about 1814, wed Frances Allen.

Robert Shelton, born about 1?60, inherited Red House, died 1800.

Z. P. Shelton suggests that the Pines Henderson Shelton preceding page could be a brother of the James Shelton born in Patrick Coun­ty in 1791. But the two lines parallel and do not cross until the first generation in America, headed by James Shelton(l).

Mrs. Henry Shelton Surface elaborated on her husband’s lineage as shown pages 331-332 from William Shelton forward:

William, born about 1770, died about 1825. He wed Elizabeth Chaney Johnston in Pittsylvania County, Virginia on May 3, 1791. She was born February 7, 1772, died about 1820.

Langston Chaney Shelton, born March 6 1810, died November 21, 1841. His wife, born October 11, 1820, who died March 29, 1889 was Elizabeth Haven Bane whom he wed in Pittsylvania County on January 21, 1841.

Ann Elizabeth Shelton, born June 12, 1842, died January 1, 1920. She married George Riley Surface on December 31, 1868 in Giles County. He was born August 5, l846, died September 17, 1918.

Henry Shelton Surface, Sr., born September 29, 1871, died in April in 1959. He wed Eleanor (Nellie) Davidson Hufford in Taze-well County, Tennessee on November 10, 1898. She was born March 2, 1879, died November 24, 1965.

Henry Shelton Surface, Jr. was born June 5, 1915. He wed Patric­ia Ann Williams in Tazewell County May 29, 1951. She was born August 24, 1925. They have Laura Eleanor, born May 26, 1954; Julia Karen, born October 2, 1955, who wed David E. Fox August 15, 1977; and Jennifer Lynn Surface, born April 5, 1957.

Mrs. Surface gives the children of William and Elizabeth Shelton:

1.  Lettie Shepard Shelton, born October 12, 1795, wed Vincent H.
Shelton on June 22, l8l4, died 1876. (This Vincent Shelton may be
the one shown page 297, son of Armistead Shelton.)

William Johnston Shelton, born December 6, 1799, wed Anne R    .

2.  Ann (Nancy) Robertson, born February 13, 1803, married pleasant’
Murphy on November l6, l8l8.

4.     George W. Shelton.

5. James Fullerton Shelton, born December 19, 1807, wed      Hogan.

6.  Richard I. Shelton.

7.  Langston Chaney Shelton, born March 6, 1810, married Elizabeth
Haven Bane on June 2, l84l, died November 21, 1882.

Charles Griffith of Agora, California In a letter in May, 1984, re­quested information concerning his antecedents. He was particularly desirous in knowing the names of the parents of Blane Shelton, born in Georgia or Tennessee on January 6, 18l8, and of Blane’s wife, Mary Johnson Shelton, born in Georgia about the same time. He wrote that Blane’s father and mother were both born in North Carolina. Blane had a son William Redding Shelton, born in Tupelo, Mississip


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i March 1, l849, who died in Little Rock, Arkansas November 30,
1922. Blane showed in the 1880 census as being in Izard County,
Arkansas. It could be that the Blane Shelton above was the son of
William and Elizabeth Chaney Johnson Shelton who wed in Pittsyl-
vania County, Virginia May 3, 1791. There was a Thomas Shelton in
Jefferson County, Tennessee who wed Rebecca Daniel there on Sept-­
ember 15, 1813, he likely having come there from Buncombe County,
North Carolina. Charles listed 10 children of his possible ances-­
tor, Thomas: Thomas, born about l8l7 in Georgia; Blaney, born
18l8 in Georgia; Howell, born about 1819 in Georgia; John, born  about 1823 in Alabama;

White, born about 1826 in Mississippi;       

Doctor, born about 1828 in Alabama; Patrick, born about 1830 in Alabama; Rebecca, born about 1833 in Alabama; William, born about 1844 in Alabama; and Martha Harris, born 1849 in Mississippi.

Reference the Battle of Utoy Creek near Atlanta (page 30), among those killed in this battle was Private Rese B. Ingle of Meigs County, Tennessee, great-grandfather of S. Perry Legg. Private Ingle had told his Captain, William C. Shelton, that he had a pre­monition that he would be killed. The captain told him that he might take a position in the rear, but he declined, saying he didn’t wish to be thought a coward by his comrades. Ingle had been with Captain from their  induction, both being from the same area in Tennessee. They buried him where he fell there at Utoy Creek. But he was later moved to the National Cemetery at Marietta where he now reposes.




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 Pages 384, 385 & 386 have been omitted.  These were current day maps that were impossible to scan and present in a feasible way.










Spencer L. Shelton, son of Spencer, born in Virginia in 1795, wed Sallie Lockman, born 1806, in 1823, in Lincoln County, North Caro­lina, he having been brought there as a baby by his father, his mother having died. He and Sallie had 13 children, viz: John N., David Wesley, Levi Malcolm (Mack), Freeman McKendree, Susan, Meacon Jackson, Charles, Albert, Spencer, Isabel (Synie), Marcus A., Adolphus Floyd, Elihu Lockman. The record shows that all 13 were born in Lincoln County, North Carolina.

John N. Shelton, son of Spencer and Sallie Lockman Shelton, was born January 1, l825. He wed Lucy E. Edwards, born December 23, 1823. They had 5 boys, Viz: Julius Powell, John Tate, Sally W., Alfred B. and Walter A.

Julius Powell Shelton, son of John N. and Lusy E. Edwards Shelton, born July 12, l849, wed his cousin, Frances Mundy, daughter of Spencer and Susan Shelton Mundy, on July 25, 1869, Spencer a son of Chloe Shelton Mundy and Susan a daughter of Temple Shelton. They had 6 children, viz: Willie, Lucy, Freddie Jackson, John, Alfred Julius, and Rosa Eugenia.

Willie Shelton, son of Julius Powell and Frances Mundy Shelton, born January 7, l870, died 3 months later.

Lucy Shelton, daughter of Julius Powell and Frances Mundy Shelton, born August 7, 1871. The record shows that she wed a Cloninger. She may have wed a second time. They had daughter Iva Jean Cloninger.

Iva Jean Cloninger, daughter of Lucy Shelton Cloninger, born about 1892, wed Clarence Jenkins Abernathy, Decem­ber 21, 19l4. They had 6 children, Viz: Mary Louise, Clarence Jenkins Jr., Robert Maynardie, Charles Pascal, Thomas Dean and Caroline Page.

Mary Louise Abernathy, daughter of Clarence Jenkins and Iva Jean Cloninger Abernathy, was born February 23, 19l6, wed James F. Jones.

Clarence Jenkins Abernathy, Jr., son of Clarence Jenkins and Iva Jean Cloninger Abernathy, was born March 25, 1918, wed Hazel E. Russell.

Robert Maynardie Abernathy, son of Clarence Jenkins and Iva Jean Cloninger Abernathy, was born July 9, 1920, wed Beatrice Fiddler.

Charles Pascal Abernathy, son of Clarence Jenkins and Iva Jean Cloninger Abernathy, was born November 7, 1923, wed Frances Ann Dodd.

Thomas Dean Abernathy, son of Clarence Jenkins and Iva Jean Cloninger Abernathy, was born July 26, 1927, wed Joyce Childress.

Caroline Page Abernathy, daughter of Clarence Jenkins and Iva Jean Cloninger Abernathy, was born June 22, 1931, wed Joe. T. Kannon.


Freddie Jackson Shelton, son of Julius Powell and Frances Mundy Shelton, was born October 3, l873, died at age 9.

John Shelton, son of Julius Powell and Frances Mundy Shel­ton, was born September 6, l875, wed Vera Thompson.

Alfred Julius Shelton, son of Julius Powell and Frances Mundy Shelton, was born September 24, l878, wed Leckie Goodson. They had 9 children, Viz: Spencer Mundy, Laura Gertrude, Lucy Byrd, Cloe, John Hudson, William Powell, Sara Mae, Lois Elizabeth and Wren,

Spencer Mundy Shelton, son of Alfred Julius and Leckie Goodson Shelton, born June 20, 1903, wed Lucy Mae Smith, born January 27, 1906 on August 22, 1905. They had three children, Viz: Spencer Mundy, Jr.; Peggy Jean; and Kay Lucille.

Spencer Mundy Shelton, Jr., son of Spencer Mundy and Lucy Mae Smith Shelton, born June 26, 1926, wed Barbara Von Lunen Davis, born June 15, 1928 on Janu­ary 4, 1948.

Peggy Jean Shelton, daughter of Spencer Mundy and Lucy Mae Smith Shelton, born January 5, 1929, wed Miller Garrison February 11, 1948.

Kay Lucille Shelton, daughter of Spencer Mundy and Lucy   Mae   Smith  Shelton, was Born September

28, 1936.

Laura Gertrude Shelton, daughter of Alfred Julius and Leckie Goodson Shelton, born April 11, 1905, wed Walter Dellinger, had Mildred Hazeleen Dellinger.

Mildred Hazeleen Dellinger, daughter of Walter and Laura Gertrude Shelton Dellinger, born August 30, 1923, wed Marlowe Weil.

Lucy Byrd Shelton, daughter of Alfred Julius and Leckie Goodson Shelton, born November 8, 1907, wed Harris Ful­ler McKay of Anniston, Alabama in 1932. They had three children, Viz: Sallie McKay, Jack McKay and Muriel Jess­ica McKay.

Sally McKay, daughter of Harris Fuller and Lucy Byrd Shelton McKay, was born October 6, 1935.

Jack McKay, son of Harris Fuller and Lucy Byrd Shel­ton McKay, was born March 9, 1941.

Muriel Jessica McKay, daughter of Harris Fuller and Lucy Byrd Shelton McKay, was born September 23, 1946.

Cloe Shelton, daughter of Alfred Julius and Leckie Good-son Shelton, born December 29, 1910, wed James Outen, had 3 children, viz: Binnie Joe, Alfred Julius and James Franklin.



Alfred Julius Outen, son of James and Cloe Shelton Outen, was born December 4, 1932.

Binnie Jo Outen, daughter of James and Cloe Shelton Outen, was born June 13, 1935.

James Franklin Outen, son of James and Cloe Shelton Outen, was born April 7, 1937.

John Hudson Shelton, son of Alfred Julius and Leckie Goodson Shelton, born August 29, 1912, wed Leone Hodges, had 2 children, Ronald Dean and Sylvia Ann­ette.

Ronald Dean Shelton, son of John Hudson and Leone Hodges Shelton, was born February 2, 1934.

Sylvia Annette Shelton, daughter of Hudson and Leone Hodges Shelton, was born February 7, 1936.

William Powell Shelton, son of Alfred Julius and Leckie Goodson Shelton, born December 15, 1914, wed Mary Lou Habecker. They reportedly had 3 children, viz: David, and Lynn and Leslie (twins).

David Shelton, son of William Powell and Mary Lou Habecker Shelton, was born July 2, 1944 or 1945.

Lynn Shelton (twin of Leslie) daughter of William Powell and Mary Lou Habecker, was born about Feb­ruary 14, 1948.

Leslie Shelton (twin of Lynn), son of William Powell and Mary Lou Habecker, was born about Feb­ruary 14, 1948.

Sarah Mae Shelton, daughter of Alfred Julius and Leckie Goodson Shelton, born September 19, 1917, wed Otis Lee Kallum, born about 1937. They had 2 children, viz: Mike and Jane Elizabeth.  

Mike Kallum, son of Otis Lee and Sarah Mae Shelton Kallum, was born May 20, 1948.

Jane Elizabeth Kallum, daughter of Otis Lee and Sarah Mae Shelton Kallum, was born August 11, 1950.

Lois Elizabeth Shelton, daughter of Alfred Julius and Leckie Goodson Shelton, born March 26, 1920, wed Wm. W. Cox in January, 1942. They had 3 children, Viz: Elizabeth Blair, Shirley and Danny.

Elizabeth Blair Cox, daughter of William W. and Lois Elizabeth Shelton, was born February 20, 1944.

Shirley Cox, daughter of William W. and Lois Eliza­beth Shelton Cox, was born June 17, 1949.


Danny Cox, son of William W. and Lois Elizabeth Shelton Cox, was born June 6, 1954.

Wren Shelton, daughter of Alfred Julius and Leckie Goodson Shelton, born April 26. 1925, wed Reedy A. Chronister on September 18, 1947, had 2 children, Gertrude and Kathy.

Gertrude Chronister, daughter of Reedy A. and Wren Shelton Chronister, was born July 19, 1950.

Kathy Chronister, daughter of Reedy A. and Wren Shelton Chronister, was born June 6, 1954.

Rosa Eugenia Shelton, daughter of Julius Powell and Frances Mundy Shelton, was born November 1, 1881, wed Olin Goode Moore December 26, 1900, who was born June 24, 1875. They had 7 children, viz: Frances Margaret, Pascal de Wayne, Henry Clyde, Samuel Wilkins, Muriel Shelton, Mary Eugenia and Olin George.

Frances Margaret Moore, daughter of Olin Goode and Rosa Eugenia Shelton Moore, born November 11, 1901, wed Reid E. Abernathy, born February 26, 1898, May 19, 1921. They had 2 children, Frances Reid and Donald Ernest.

Frances Reid Abernathy, daughter of Reid E. and Frances Margaret Moore Abernathy, was born July

1, 1925.


Donald Ernest Abernathy, son of Reid E. and Frances Margaret Moore Abernathy, was born Jan­uary 30, 1933.

Pascal de Wayne Moore, a son of Olin Goode and Rosa Eugenia Shelton Moore, born October 7, 1903, wed Wilma Thompson, born February 22, 1910 on April 5, 1927.

Harry Clyde Moore, son of Olin Goode and Rosa Eugenia Shelton Moore, born December 26, 1906, wed Daphne Allen, born October 21, 1909, on December 9, 1930. They had 4 children, viz: Patricia Daphne, Harry Clyde, Jr., and Mary Jane and Martha Jean, twins.

Patricia Daphne Moore, daughter of Harry Clyde and Daphne Allen Moore, born February 4, 1932, wed Luther Hope on December 9, 1952.

Harry Clyde Moore, Jr., son of Harry Clyde and Daphne Allen Moore, was born April 10, 1933.

Mary Jane Moore (twin of Martha Jean), daughter of Harry Clyde and Daphne Allen Moore, was born June 11, 1945.

Martha Jean Moore (twin of Mary Jane), daughter


of Harry Clyde and Daphne Allen Moore, was born June 11, 1945.

Samuel Wilkins Moore, son of Olin Goode and Rosa Eugenia Shelton Moore, born April 17, 1911, wed Georgia Angeline Goodson, born August 2, 1913, on March 24, 1934. They had 3 children, Viz: Terry Wilkins, Victoria Angeline and Muriel Abbie.

Terry Wilkins Moore, son of Samuel Wilkins and Georgia Angeline Goodson Moore, was born June 30, 1935.

Victoria Angeline Moore, daughter of Samuel Wilkins and Georgia Angeline Goodson Moore, was born August 2, 1937.

Muriel Abbie Moore, daughter of Samuel Wilkins and Georgia Angeline Goodson Moore, was born November 25, 1942.

Muriel Shelton Moore, daughter of Olin Goode and Rosa Eugenia Shelton Moore, born June 21, 1916, wed James Arthur Rhyne, born September 10, 1910, on January 5, 1935. They had daughter Muriel Ann.

Muriel Ann Rhyne, daughter of James Arthur and  Muriel Shelton Moore Rhyne, was born August 13, 1944.

Mary Eugenia Moore, daughter of Olin Goode and Rosa Eugenia Shelton Moore, was born February 25, 1923.

Olin George Moore, son of Olin Goode and Rosa Eugen­ia Shelton Moore, born October 18, 1924, wed Faye Helms, born August 22, 1931 in 1948, had 2 children, George Michael Moore and Faye Jacqueline Moore.

George Michael Moore, son of Olin George and Faye Helms Moore, was born December 12, 1948.

Faye Jacqueline Moore, daughter of George Olin and Faye Helms Moore, was born November 26, 1950.

George Shelton, son of Julius Powell and Frances Mundy
Shelton, born Sept 24, 1883, was Mayor of Matthews,
North Carolina.  

John Tate Shelton, son of John N. and Lucy E. Edwards Shelton, born November 2, 1851, wed       Abernathy, had daughter Lula and other children not named.

Lula Shelton, daughter of John Tate and ____ Abernathy Shelton, was born about l875.

Sully Shelton, son of John N. and Lucy E. Edwards Shelton, born January 1, 1853, wed and had large family, but the name of only one child, a son, James Marlin, is at hand.


James Marlin Shelton, son of Sully W. Shelton. born Oct­ober 10, 1910, wed Eva Pearl Lackey, born September 29, 1911, in about 1932, lives at High Shoals, North Carolina. They had 5 children, viz: Rachael Faye, Merle Ruth, Mar­garet Janice, Judith Ann and Michael David.

Rachael Faye Shelton, daughter of James Marlin and Eva Pearl Lackey Shelton, was born November 11, 1933.

Merle Ruth Shelton, daughter of James Marlin and Eva Pearl Lackey Shelton, was born May 28, 1935.

Margaret Janice Shelton, daughter of James Marlin and Eva Pearl Lackey Shelton, was born September 18, 1937.

Judith Ann Shelton, daughter of James Marlin and Eva Pearl Lackey Shelton, was born August 17, 1942.

Michael David Shelton, son of James Marlin and Eva Pearl Lackey Shelton, was born May 28, 1945.

Alfred B. Shelton, son of John N. and Lucy E. Edwards Shel­ton, born November 8, l855, wed and had children, including son Bruce and daughter Lettie.

Bruce Shelton, son of Alfred B. Shelton, born about 1876. Lettie Shelton, daughter of Alfred B., was born abt 1878.

Walter A. Shelton, son of John N. and Lucy E. Edwards Shel­ton, born December 21, 1857, died October 19, 1908, unwed.

David Wesley Shelton, son of Spencer and Sallie Lockman Shelton, born 1827, wed Nancy Paulina _   , born 1825, in about 1845, had 7 children, viz: Ann, Ellen, Emma, Julia, Thomas McKendree, Robert William and Zeb.

Ann Shelton, daughter of David Wesley and Nancy Paulina _ , born about l849, wed a Caldwell and had 13 children, the name of only one of these being at hand, Bertie.

Bertie Caldwell, daughter of _    and Ann Shelton Cald­well, was born about 1868.

Ellen Shelton, daughter of David Wesley and Nancy Paulina   

       Shelton, born about 1850, wed a Stroupe, had several children of which there are no names at hand.

Emma Shelton, daughter of David Wesley and Nancy Paulina _

      Shelton, born about i860, wed Frank Sherrill, had 4 children of which there are no names at hand.

Julia Shelton, daughter of David Wesley and Nancy Paulina

      Shelton, born about l86l, wed John Rutledge, had sever­al children of which there are no names at hand.

 Thomas McKendree Shelton, son of David Wesley and Nancy   

 Paulina       Shelton, born about 1862, wed Julia Craig, had   

 several children, the name of only one of whom is at hand,


Thomas McKendree Shelton, Jr.

Thomas McKendree Shelton, Jr., son of Thomas McKendree and Julia Craig Shelton, born about 1900, was President of Bank of Charlotte, North Carolina. He wed and had several children among whom were: Thomas McKendree Shel­ton III, Catherine Morrell Shelton and Lois Holt Shelton.

Thomas McKendree Shelton III, son of Thomas McKendree Shelton, Jr., was born about 1936.

Catherine Morrell Shelton, daughter of Thomas McKend­-

ree Shelton, Jr., was born about 1938.

Lois Holt Shelton, daughter of Thomas McKendree Shel­ton, Jr., was born about 1940. She wed Eric Lane Wil­son in New Jersey in December 1962.

Robert William Shelton, son of David Wesley and Nancy Paul­ina _     Shelton, born about 1863, wed Minnie Johnson and had several children. Among their children there is only one whose name is at hand, Johnsie Shelton.

Johnsie Shelton, daughter of Robert William and Minnie Johnson Shelton, was born about 1900.

Zeb Shelton, son of David Wesley and Nancy Paulina _____ Shelton, born January 5, 1864, died June 1, 1948, there being no further record at hand.

Levi Malcolm (Mack) Shelton, son of Spencer and Sallie Lockman Shelton, born 1829, was mentioned in will of his uncle, Meacon Shelton in l846. He wed his cousin, Elizabeth (Betsy) Shelton Munday, widow of Monroe Mundy and daughter of Temple Shelton. Levi and Betsy had 3 children, the name of only one of them being at hand, Annie.

Annie Shelton, daughter of Levi Malcolm and Elizabeth Shel­ton Munday Shelton, born about l850, wed John Pratt, had daughter Annie.

Annie Pratt, daughter of John and Annie Shelton Pratt, born about 1875, wed John Troutman, resided in Troutman, North Carolina,

Freeman McKendree Shelton, son of Spencer and Sallie Lockman Shelton, born about 1831, wed Martha Elizabeth Pollard or Kist-ler. In his will, dated July 15, 1902, he names adopted daugh­ter Ferrie Gertrude Beatty and his brother Adolphus Floyd Shel­ton. Freeman and Martha had no children of their marriage.

Ferrie Gertrude Beatty, adopted daughter of Freeman McKend­ree and Martha Elizabeth     _Shelton, was born about 1855.

Susan Shelton, daughter of Spencer and Sallie Lockman Shelton, born about l833, wed her cousin,  Spencer Munday,  son of Cloe Shelton Munday.  They had no children.  Spencer Munday had wed previously, his first wife reportedly being also named Susan Shelton, daughter of Temple Shelton.


Meacon Jackson Shelton, son of Spencer and Sallie Lockman Shel­ton, born about 1835, was named in the will of his uncle, Meacon Shelton In 1846. He wed twice, first to Susan Mays and second to Mary Purifoy. Supposedly there were no children.  

Charles Shelton, son of Spencer and Sallie Lockman Shelton, born about 1837, died at age 4, stung to death by bees.

Albert Shelton, son of Spencer and Sallie Lockman Shelton, born about 1839, was killed at Gettysburg in the Civil War, did not marry, was mentioned in the will of his uncle, Meacon Shelton in 1846.

Spencer Shelton, son of Spencer and Sallie Lockman Shelton, born about 1841, died of fever during the Civil War, did not marry, was mentioned in will of his uncle, Meacon Shelton, in l846.

Isabel (Synie) Shelton, daughter of Spencer and Sallie Lockman, born about l843, wed Richard Proctor and had several children, was named in the will of her uncle, Meacon Shelton, in l846. Among his children were Ollie, Dwight, Charles, Blair, Sallie and probably others.

Ollie Proctor, son of Richard and Isabel Shelton Proctor, was born about l864.

Dwight Proctor, son of Richard and Isabel Shelton Proctor, born about l866, wed and had son, Howard Proctor.

Howard Proctor, son of Dwight Proctor and wife, born about 1890, lived near Mooresville, North Carolina.

Charles Proctor, son of Richard and Isabel Shelton Proctor, was born about l868.

Blair Proctor, son of Richard and Isabel Shelton Proctor, was born about 1870.

Sallie Proctor, daughter of Richard and Isabel Shelton
Proctor, born about 1872, wed _  Howard.

Marcus A. Shelton, son of Spencer and Sallie Lockman Shelton, March 20, 1865, died the following month.

Adolphus Floyd Shelton, son of Spencer and Sallie Lockman Shelton, born May 4, 1850, wed Martha Caldwell, born October 31, 1854. They had 9 children, Viz: Lelia Elizabeth, Carrie Emma, John Floyd, Jerome Powell, Nora Alico, Nellie Reid, Mary Virginia, Carl Franklin and Jessie Mays.

Lelia Elizabeth Shelton, daughter of Adolphus Floyd and Martha Caldwell Shelton, born June 23, 1877, wed Wilson E. Snell, lived at Charlotte, North Carolina.

Carrie Emma Shelton, daughter of Adolphus Floyd and Martha Caldwell Shelton, was born April 6, 1879.

John Floyd Shelton, son of Adolphus Floyd and Martha Cald-


well Shelton, born August 4, l88l, lived at Denver, North Carolina.

Jerome Powell Shelton, son of Adolphus Floyd and Martha Caldwell Shelton, was born March 10, 1884.

Nora Alice Shelton, daughter of Adolphus Floyd and Martha Caldwell Shelton, born July 6, 1886, died in infancy.

Nellie Reid Shelton, daughter of Adolphus Floyd and Martha Caldwell Shelton, was born August 26, 1888.

Mary Virginia Shelton, daughter of Adolphus Floyd and Martha Caldwell Shelton, was born January 7, 1891.

Carl Franklin Shelton, son of Adolphus Floyd and Martha Caldwell Shelton, born October 7, 1893, lived at Denver,

North Carolina. He wed Floy _  and had 2 children whose

names are not at hand.

Jessie Mayes Shelton, son of Adolphus Floyd and Martha Caldwell Shelton, was born September 7, 1897.

Elihu Lockman Shelton, son of Spencer and Sallie Lockman Shel­ton, born January 29, 1855, wed first Anne Eliza Cranford, October 4 1874. By her he had 5 children, viz: E. Lomax, Susan Eulalia, Charles G., Mary Rose, and Eunice Martha Ann. His second wife, whom he wed August 28, 1887, was his cousin, Laura Ann Munday, born June 15, 1869, daughter of Fletcher Munday, who was a son of Cloe Shelton Munday. They had eight children: Mattie Boone, Vada Munday, Jannie Reed, Infant son, Lattice Brown, James Russell, Ralph Lockman and carol Jenkins.

E. Lomax Shelton, son of Elihu Lockman and Anne Eliza cran­ford Shelton, was born August 15, 1875.

Susan Eulalia Shelton, daughter of Elihu Lockman and Eliza Cranford Shelton, was born February 14, 1878.

Charles G. Shelton, son of Elihu Lockman and Anne Eliza Cranford Shelton, was born July 25, 1880.

Mary Rose Shelton, daughter of Elihu Lockman and Anne Eliza Cranford Shelton, was born February 17, 1883.

Eunice Martha Ann Shelton, daughter of Elihu Lockman and Anne Eliza Cranford Shelton, was born May 7, 1886.

Martha Boone Shelton, daughter of Elihu Lockman and Laura Ann Munday Shelton, was born July 9, 1888.

Vada Munday Shelton, daughter of Elihu Lockman and Laura Ann Munday Shelton, was born May 8, 1890.

Janie Reed Shelton, daughter of Elihu Lockman and Laura Ann Munday, was born September 11, 1892.

Infant son of Elihu and Laura Ann, was born Sept. 11, 1892.


Lattice Brown Shelton, daughter of Elihu Lockman and Laura Ann Munday Shelton, was born May 12, 1897.

James Russell Shelton, son of Elihu Lockman and Laura Ann Munday Shelton, was born August 8, 1899.

Ralph Lockman Shelton, son of Elihu Lockman and Laura Ann Munday Shelton, was born September l6, 1903.

Carol Jenkins Shelton, daughter of Elihu Lockman and Laura Ann Munday Shelton, was born September 15, 1905.



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Other children of Nelson and Frances Sadler Shelton:

Dr. Henry Shelton, born 1808, married twice — first prances M. Lowe by whom he had 11 children: Martha, born 1831, who wed a Dr. Black and had 5 children; Thomas Nelson Shelton, born 1834, in Civil War, wed thrice, Casandra McShan, 6 children, Lucinda Me Adams-Fields — 2 children, and Martha Cunningham — 3 children; Dr. Leroy Frank Shelton, born 1836, Captain in Civil War, wed 1st Cousin Julia Propst, no issue; William J. Shelton, born 1839, died in war; Rufus H. Shelton, born 1842, Lieutenant in Civil War, wed Alice Roseman; prances J. Shelton (Fanny), born l844» never wed; Josephine Lucinda Shelton, born 1846, wed James Richard Bell, had 3 children; Arabella a. Shelton, born 1848, never wed; Isabella R. Shelton, born 1850, wed Abel A. Walden, no issue; Levoishur Bascom Shelton, b 1852, wed 3mma Florence Burris, had 5 children; one child unnamed died at birth. Dr Henry Shelton'S 2nd wife was Jane Catheryn Morrow by whom he had 6 children: James Leon Shelton, born 1872, wed Minnie Lee Glazier, had 2 sons; Earl Morrow Shelton, born l875, wed Minnie Brown, had 2 children; Marvin Hill Shelton, born 1878, wed Mary Robertson, no issue; Olin Wirt Shelton, born 1881. wed Rosemary Johnson, had 3 children; John Dean Shelton, born 1885, wed Rosiland Pulford, had a daughter; and Henry Dale Shelton, born 1885 (twin of Dean), wed Lillie Cross, had 2 children.

Rebecca Shelton, born 1809, wed Archibald Cathy White first, had 5 children: Jane Smith White, born 1827, wed Michael V. Propes, had 10 children; John Shelton White, born 1828, wed Nancy C. Lowe, died in Civil War, having had 3 children; William Henry White, born 1831, wed Jerusha Pox, in Civil War, had 8 children; Leroy Nelson White, born 1834, wed Elizabeth Lowe, had 6 children. Rebecca Shelton White wed 2nd time —: to William Propst — had 6 more children: Daniel Edney propst, born 1839 * died in Civil War; Allen Hamby Propst, born 1842, wed twice, first to Prances Eraoline Brent by whom he had one child, then to Martha a Russell, by whom he had 5 children; Minerva propst. born and died 1845; Julia Lou Cynthia Elizabeth Propst, born l846, wed first Captain L. Frank Shelton, and The Rev. James E. Bell, no issue; Wincy Lucinda p. Propst, born 1849, wed John Thomas Brent, had 8 children; Jacob Wilson Propst, born 1852, wed Leona Cornelia Coons, had 5 children.

Leroy Meacon Shelton, born l8l4, wed Martha Isabella Lowe, had 9 children: Frances Susannah Shelton, born 1845, wed James Lewis Stuckey, had 4 children; Ann Louvenia Shelton, born 1847, wed Wm. Thrasher, had 3 children: Nancy Lucinda Shelton, born 1849, wed John Nabors Grubbs, had 11 children, 3 of whom died in infancy; Martha Jane Shelton (Jennie), born 1852, wed James Cork, had 1 child; Nelson Alexander (Bud) Shelton, born 1854, wed thrice — Drury Fisher, by whom he had 1 child, second to Emma Fisher, by whom he had no children, and to May price by whom he had 4; Belzerine Virginia Shelton, born 1859, wed Chas. Wesley Reynolds, had 1 child, an adopted son; Alice Geneva Shelton, born 1800, wed William Louis Stuckey, had 5 children; Henrietta Shelton, born 1862, didn’t marry; Stella Shelton, born 1865, wed Belton Byars, had 1 child.

Annie Shelton, born I8l6, wed Daniel propst, had 12 children: John Nelson propst, born 1836, wed cousin Lucy Ann E. Shelton, first, had 6 children, then wed Alice M. Schoolar and had 6 more: Wm. Wesley propst, born 1838, wed sarah Garrison, 7 children;


Louisa propst, born l844 wed Merrill Gentry, had 2 children; Jennie Luclndy Propst, born l845, wed Thomas Jefferson Gentry, had 10 children; Belzona (Belle) Elizabeth Propst, born l849, wed Richard Edward Sanders, 2 children; Mary Rebecca Propst, born 1851 didn't marry; Henry Belton Propst, born 1854, wed Carrie Wal­ters cannon, had 3 children; Thomas M. Propst, born 1855 didn’t wed; Daniel Freeman Propst, born 1859, wed Susie Emily Hyde, had 6 children; Toby Propst, born l86l, died age 2 ; there were two other children, not named.

Spencer shelton, born l8l8, moved to Texas, wed Sarah Ann Morris, had 2 children, sarah Ann having died at. 21: William Wesley Shelton, born l841, wounded in Civil War, wed Mary E. Blanton, had 8 children; Benjamin F. Shelton, born l844, died during Civil War, Spencer Shelton wed 2nd time — Catherine Morris, sister to Sarah Ann, had 9 more children; Amos Mack Shelton, born 1850, wed first to Sarah Blankan, had 2 children, second to Ellen Callaway, had 5 more children; James Henry Shelton, born 1852, said to have wed Ellen     , had at least 6 children; Asbury Mood Shelton, born 1851, wed Lura Estelle Reed, had 7 children; George Rademy Shelton born 1856, wed Zoe Maxvilla Rankin, had 7 children; Margaret Anna Shelton, born 1858, wed Ples Womack, one child, adopted daughter; Buddy Shelton, born i860, died at 2; Jefferson Davis Shelton, born 1863, wed yodena Reed, sister of Lura, had 4 children; Charlie s. Shelton, born 1865, didn't wed; Sarah Jane Shelton, born 1868, died at 3.

Jeremiah Freeman Shelton, born 1821, wed Wincey Ann Johnson, had 4 children: Dr. Julius Caesar Shelton, born 1853, wed Ethel Ada Brotherton, had 13 children; Cornelia Jane Shelton, born 1855, wed John Wm. Hammond, had 8 children; sarah Frances Shelton, born 1858 didn't wed; Jeremiah Freeman Shelton, Jr., born l86l, wed Dora Lee Gregg, had 7 children; Ella Ann Shelton, born l864, didn't wed; Zuela J. Shelton, born 1868, railway employee, didn't" wed, died in railway accident 1889.

Wesley Armistead Shelton, born about 1823, wed Martha Jane Johnson, had 5 children: Thomas Nelson Shelton, born 1851, died first year; Landon Schooler Shelton, born 1856, wed Martha Ann Smith, had four children; Cynthia Ann Adlena Shelton, born 1857, wed David Andrew Smith, had l4 children; Martha Jane Rebecca (jencia) Shelton, born 1959* wed Thomas Jefferson Wharton, had 6 children; Mary Frances Shelton, born 1862, died a year later,

Cynthia Shelton, born 1826, wed Wesley James Me Adams, had 7 child­ren: Mary Jane Me Adams, born 1848, wed Wm Francis prater, had six children; Sarah Frances McAdams, born 1850, wed Marion Bascom Glover, had 4 children; Lucinda McAdams, born about 1852, wed Wm. Ellis Fields, had 2 sons; Cynthia Ann McAdams, born about 1853, wed Ezra Ruffin, had 1 child; William Kennedy McAdams. born l854., wed Mary Lela Coons, had 5 children; James Henry Shelton McAdams, born 1856, Wed Rozarma Ragalns, had 5 children; John Wesley (Wess) McAdams, born about 1858, wed Isabella smith, had 7 children, viz: John Wesley McAdams, born about 1828, wed Isabella Smith, had 7 children: Henry McAdams, born about 1850, wed and had children; Mattie McAdams, born about 1852, wed a Wilson and had children;



Tommy McAdams, born about l85. wed and had 3 children; Lewis McAdams, born about 1856, married a Godfrey; a daughter, born about 1858, wed a Fowler; Letcher McAdams, born about 1860, a Methodist minister, wed; a daughter, born about 1862, no further record.

jencia J. Shelton, Daughter of Nelson and Prances Sadler Shelton, was born In l8ll. she wed David J. pryor, had no children of her own but raised her nephews, John Shelton White and Jacob propst.

Lucinda Shelton, daughter of Nelson and Prances Sadler Shelton, was born in 1827. She wed Whit W. Lowe, had one child, a daughter, Lucinda p, Lowe, born 1852, who wed John W. Dollard, had 8 children.