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Photo Gallery
Moments of Beauty Page

These photos are simply for your enjoyment.  All you hard-working family historians need a break every once in a while, and we wanted to give you a few peaceful scenes to look at.  Quality photos take time to load, so please be patient.  Average load time for one of these photos is 1 min.

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"Tropic Cascade"--photo by Vanessa Slea

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"Raggedy Autumn"--photo by Stan Magnesen

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"Walk Through Time"--photo by Vanessa Slea

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"Rite of Passage"--photo by Stan Magnesen

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"His Majesty"--photo by Vanessa Slea

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"Mystic Morning"--photo by Stan Magnesen

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"Wolf Stalking Prey"--photo by Vanessa Slea

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"Window in Time"--photo by Stan Magnesen

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"County Store"--photo by Vanessa Slea


"Fishing Fantasy"--photo by Stan Magnesen

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2000 Vanessa Slea