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Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery Page

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Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery Listing--Montgomery County, TN

Directions:  Coming from Clarksville, at the Hwy. 13/48 split, take Hwy. 13 west toward Erin.  Go 5.6 miles.   Bethel Baptist Church is on the right.  The cemetery is to the left of the church.

Recorded and Transcribed by Stan Magnesen and Vanessa Slea on 4/1/1999.

Note: See conditions for use at end of listing.

Below is a list of names in this cemetery in alphabetic order.  Use the marker # from the list of names to look the person up in the numeric listing which follows.

BAGGETT Sarah Mai 005
BAGGETT Steward L. 005
DENTON Bethany Marie 002
MIXON J. Louise 003
MIXON William H. 003
RIGGINS Freely A. 004
RIGGINS Joe Sam 004
SUMNER (blank) 001
SUMNER Ricky N. 001
WARD James 006

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Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery--numeric listing


001 SUMNER Ricky N. 3/13/1963 12/5/1992  
(blank) none none  
Epitaph: Precious Memories
002 DENTON Bethany Marie none 6/30/1997  
Epitaph:   Luke 18 : 16   Let Heaven and Nature Sing
Other Info: (appears to be a child's grave)
003 MIXON William H. 5/11/1930 11/15/1995  
J. Louise 5/2/1935 none  
Other Info: Married 7/5/1952     
Other Info for William: Dad    Other Info for J. Louise: Mom
004 RIGGINS Freely A. 2/6/1919 12/22/1996  
Joe Sam 6/22/1928 none  
Epitaph: In Loving Memory    
Other Info for Freely: Mema   (yes with an "e")            Other Info for Joe Sam: Papa
005 BAGGETT Steward L. 5/13/1935 none  
Sarah Mai 4/29/1939 4/16/1997  
Epitaph: In My Father's House Are Many Mansions
Other Info for Steward: Papaw          Other Info for Sarah Mai: Mamaw
006 WARD James 2/3/1918 5/3/1990  
Epitaph: Forever At Peace         Other Info: (Masonic symbol)


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2000 Vanessa Slea